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Mobile Analytics


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A loook at how analytics can be used to better understand your mobile users.

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Mobile Analytics

  1. 1. Mobile Analytics
  2. 2. Rise in Device Owners
  3. 3. Growth of Mobile Phone User Base - 2012
  4. 4. What is Mobile Analytics?
  5. 5. Mobile Analytics = Mobile Web + Mobile Apps
  6. 6. Mobile Web Analytics • • • • Studies the behavior of mobile website visitors just like traditional web analytics. Refers to the use of data collected as visitors access a website from a mobile phone. Helps us determine which aspects of the website work best for the mobile traffic. Helps us understand which mobile campaigns work best for the business. Mobile App Analytics • Discover which parts of the app people are using. • Which parts of the app drive valuable conversions. • If people actually use the app. • Detect the mobile device from which the app is used.
  7. 7. Growth in Browser and App Users
  8. 8. Available Data for Mobile Web Analytics • Page views • Visits • Visitors • Countries • Information related to Mobile Devices (Screen Resolution, Mobile Operator, etc.)
  9. 9. Mobile Web Analytics
  10. 10. Mobile Web Analytics Mobile Devices Data
  11. 11. Mobile Web Analytics Mobile Device Branding
  12. 12. Mobile Web Analytics Operating System
  13. 13. Mobile Web Analytics Mobile Input Selector
  14. 14. Mobile Web Analytics Screen Resolution
  15. 15. Available Data for Mobile App Analytics • • • • • • Screen Views instead of Page Views. Can measure more than what appears on the screen. Unique Users identified via User Ids instead of Cookies. Shorter Session Timeout. Offline Interactions. Users Spread across different versions.
  16. 16. How is Mobile & Web Analytics Similar? • Engagement • Event Tracking • Conversions • Campaign Tracking
  17. 17. How Mobile Analytics is Different from Web Analytics • Data Connection Speeds • Reporting • GPS Location of Visitors • Screen Size Resolution
  18. 18. Other Mobile Analytics Tools • Visitors Identification • All Standard web metrics • Mobile device reporting • • Mobile-specific collection enhancement Filters out PC browser that accidentally Access your mobile site. • Handset capability analysis including brand, Model and screen resolution. • Unique user ID for all your visitors delivers 8x greater accuracy • Independently measures all mobile advertising and marketing • Accurate date in real time for the fastest reaction
  19. 19. Thank You