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Long Tail Marketing


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A look at how the long tail can be leveraged to reach your audience

Published in: Marketing, Business, Technology
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Long Tail Marketing

  1. 1. Long Tail Marketing From niches to riches
  2. 2. Long Tail Marketing Concept Sales Head Long Tail Mass Market 20% Niche Market 80% Popularity Ranking
  3. 3. Long Tail Marketing - Case Study Top 10 Albums of the month High Production Cost High Distribution Cost High Marketing Cost Sales • • • Regional Albums Global Market 20 % Regional Market 80% Albums • • • Low Production Cost Low Distribution Cost Low Marketing Cost
  4. 4. Implementation of the “Long Tail”  Long Tail Marketing – Organic Search  Long Tail Marketing – Paid Search  Long Tail Marketing – Social Media
  5. 5. Long Tail Marketing – Organic Search
  6. 6. Importance of queries in the long tail  Intent based  Better CTR  Higher ROI
  7. 7. Long Tail in Organic Search
  8. 8. CTR with regards to Ranking Potential
  9. 9. CTR Rate
  10. 10. Case Study – Car Parts
  11. 11. Long Tail Marketing – Paid Search
  12. 12. Importance of long tail in Paid Search Long tail keywords are more specific than generic keywords  Campaign Ads can be better tailored to match the searcher’s needs  People making long-tail searches are often further along in the buying cycle and more willing to buy than people making generic searches 
  13. 13. Importance of long tail in Paid Search (cont.)  Leading to  These lower CPCs, higher CTRs and higher conversion rates mean long-tail keywords can be extremely profitable (lower cost per acquisition (CPA)) lower cost per click (CPC) higher click-through rate (CTR) higher quality score less wastage from irrelevant searches higher conversion rate
  14. 14. Long tail in Paid Search – Case Study
  15. 15. Other Side Of The Long Tail Story While long-tail keywords comprise most of the searches entered into Google and other search engines. The "long tail of queries" offers some inherent inefficiencies when it comes to search marketing:  Too Many Keywords  Too Much Junk
  16. 16. Long Tail Marketing Approach in Social Media
  17. 17. Traditional Media Vs. Social Media
  18. 18. Eyeballs vs. Interactions
  19. 19. Money vs. Time
  20. 20. Transactions Vs. Relationships
  21. 21. Corporate vs. Crowd
  22. 22. Broadcasting vs. Listening
  23. 23. Thank You