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Assignment on observation; crash course on creativity by Tina Seelig (Venture-lab online course)

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  1. 1. DETAILShopping for Insights, Not Merchandise
  2. 2. Six Shops•Went ninja because security didn’t allow taking pictures•All homegrown Philippines stores•All 6 shops are inside SM Megamall
  3. 3. bench•clothing store•has celebrity endorsers (see Adam Levine)•Philippine original, branched outsideNotes:• Massive collection of clothes and everything else• Center cashier - haven’t seen anything like this• Only found two big mirrors inside that are not in fitting room• Unpacked items in large plastic bags in plain sight at the back• Saw bicycle parts - rims and tires as decorInsights:• Despite big space, there is hardly room to maneuver especiallywhen plenty of customers• Staff everywhere.• Plenty of good stuff but too much of everything• “chaotic” and “overwhelming”• Store highlight is ‘no highlight’ which seems to say that all itemsare great - except kid’s stuff placed at back
  4. 4. penshoppe•clothing store - followed ‘bench’ lead•has international celebrity endorsers•Philippine original, tooNotes:• Red isle separates men and women section• Sophisticated LED display at back of cashier• Color -coordinated display• Everything is tidy and clean.• Sells ‘carrot-fit’ pants?•Couple of mother-son pairs shopping insideInsights:• Differentiating from ‘bench’ by being ‘neat’• Store tries to look and feel like UK’s ‘topshop’• ‘Muted’ and has museum-feel that you don’t want tomake mistake of messing things up.
  5. 5. oxygen•clothing store - for the ‘hip’ crowd•Same owners as ‘penshoppe’Notes:• Gray is the look and feel of the store - metallic• Mirror-filled fitting room- walls covered with mirrors• Smaller line of items• Star-decors hanging from ceiling and spotlights• 3-staffed storeInsights:• Not for the late 30s and above• Truly sticks to ‘hip’ tag - casuals you can wear toparties• Evokes ‘disco’ feel
  6. 6. wade•Hip shoe store•Local brand - items are China importsNotes:• Store at 2nd floor is a bit out of the way of foottraffic• Out of place building column is masked by mirrors• Bags placed on top shelves• Leather couch for 3 at center of room• Techno music on playlist• Eco-bags for sold items• Sale items placed at back shelvesInsights:• Shoe line is copied from fashion magazines asbranded alternative• Niche target, staff knows and engages the fewcustomers - even heard ‘facebook’ page like• Comfortable with place in market, not over-reaching
  7. 7. bakeshop•SM grocery store bakeshop, generic•Mall’s own bread storeNotes:• Open area near grocery store offering quick bites• Bread, cookies and other items at eye level• There’s ciabatta and pita but no french bread!• Traditional Filipino ‘‘pan-de-sal’ seems the fastestbecause these are displayed in great supply• Small corner space for oven and bread table• ‘Baker’ uniform for staffInsights:• Neighborhood bakery inside mall• Trying to integrate local bread items with pastriesand foreign baked goods• Sells itself as the ‘affordable’ alternative to otherbakeshops found in the mall• Filipinos love eating bread (not just rice anymore)
  8. 8. Surplus shop•Brand names, export over-runs•Known for selling jackets - odd because we’re in atropical country• Always on ‘sale’Notes:• Only one with small ‘grocery cart’ inside• Playing ‘Christmas’ songs in the background• Crates as display! Rummage if you want!• Sweaters, jackets and winter clothes• Cloth tags are cut as mark that these are over-runs• Yellow shirts for staff• There is an actual security guard inside storeInsights:• Screams ‘USA’ - Images and Items but made withlocal labor• Not only over-runs but over-sized items, too. (plussizes)• Great deals for those looking for clothes and leavingfor US or Europe
  9. 9. More surplus shop photos! (while guard was busy)