Honda Civic fun drive brand campaign presentation


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Prepared by Frey Wan

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Honda Civic fun drive brand campaign presentation

  1. 1. HONDA CIVIC“Fun Drive”Brand CampaignFrey Wan2012.2
  2. 2. AGENDA• Background• Objectives• Recommendations• Creative Execution• Budget• Rationale
  3. 3. History of Civic AdvertisingOriginality and Integrity.Rediscover passionMore than just looksOne car, A MillionStories, and greencredibility.
  4. 4. SWOTSTRENGTHS WEAKNESSES Best selling car in Canada High customer satisfaction Global Civic branding Rated high on safety Present only in the middle andupper segment Interior designOPPORTUNITIES THREATS High purchasing power of people High fuel standards Technological innovation Bad economy Cannot be perceived to be a brandfor the rich Threat from competitors
  5. 5. Environmental Scan• Political factors:1964 “Auto Pact”• Economical factorsRecession• Legal factorsEmission Standards
  6. 6. Perceptual Maps
  7. 7. COMPETITIVE ANALYSISHyundai ElantraOriginSouth KoreaTaglineHello ImpossiblePromotionalSand boarding StuntMazda 3OriginJapanTaglineZoom ZoomPromotionalSupports racing events in Canada
  8. 8. Target Market ProfileStressedConfident andproud25-34 Years oldCity slickerAffordablecompact ormidsize cars.Adventurist andCareer drivenGreen MindedJapanese cars.Source: PMB 2011
  9. 9. Media Habits• Firmly in the next generation, our target has modern media tastes.Source: PMB 2011Average Weekly Media Consumption UsageIndex toAdults18+Daily Newspapers3 Issues 75Magazines (Monthly)4 Issues 100Television20 Hours 88Radio13 Hours 77Internet18 Hours 143In Town Travel199 Km 146Mall Visits2 Times 100
  10. 10. MEDIA OBJECTIVERemind Honda Civic is still the most fun car to drive.MEDIA STRATEGYBy encouraging participation
  11. 11. • Positioning Statement• Brand Promise• Key Benefit• Reason to BelieveCREATIVE BRIEF
  13. 13. THE BIG IDEA• Treasure Hunt• Time-Speed-Distance• Mobile App, acts as a map• Check in each level with QR code tounveil the next level• Real-time updates on Social media• Perform tasks
  14. 14. EXECUTION DETAILS• Register online• Fill in a form• 30 participants• Cars provided by Civic• Winner gets a Honda Civic
  15. 15. HONDA Fun Drive•Urban Centres•Destinations selectedto make the drive fun.•Honda Civic themeddestinations.• Possible Partnershipswith local businessespromotes city.• Gamification• Brand Insight + Consumer Insight
  16. 16. SelectionUsersRegisteron theContestWebsiteWebsitegeneratesunique linksto HondaFacebookPageUsersShare theiruniquelinks totheirfriends /followersParticipantswith mostnumber ofredirectsinvited to theFun-Drive
  17. 17. Creative
  18. 18. Media RecommendationsMEDIA REASONTV • Expensive• Caters to broad demographic• Commercial avoidanceRadio • Audience fragment• In the BackgroundNewspaper • Competitive Clutter• Caters to broad demographic• Poor photo reproduction• limits creativitySource: PMB 2011
  19. 19. MEDIA REASONMagazine • Target market selectivity• Geographic flexibilityInternet • Target oriented• Cost effective• Quick conversion• Highly informative• Easy to useOOH • High visibility• Attention gettersSocial Media • High consumer engagement• Rapid response• Real timeMobile • Consumer engagement• Fun & easy to useMedia RecommendationsSource: PMB 2011
  20. 20. Promotion Schedule020406080100120140160180Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
  21. 21. Media Tactics: Digital• High target index and reachamong target.• Entertainment, News, Careerand General interestwebsites• Budget of $325,000 and anestimated CPM of $20, willgenerate 16 Millionimpressions!• Mix of leader board, Big boxand expandable Flash adsSource: PMB 2011
  22. 22. Big BoxLeaderboardMedia Tactics: Digital
  23. 23. Media Tactics: Branded Content• Production crew will be part of the event• Aesthetic appeal to Target group• Sneak peak at videos posted online asthe events happen• More narratives on participants onYouTube channel• Focus on the characters evolving, backstories and emotional response toadventure and excitement
  24. 24. Media Tactics: Social• Facebook –main anchor @hondafundrive• Integrated across multiple channelsincluding Twitter #hondafundrive• Branded content on YouTube.• Supported by engagement on Instagram• Social media across all phases of thecampaign• Optimization for organic reach• Active amplification spend• Platform for mobile ads• Creates content for promotion• Database for prospective & repeatconsumers.
  25. 25. Media Tactics: Mobile• Mobile in all phases of the campaign• Drive traffic to online• Custom built Mobile app to enhancegamification• Mobile Application to use inherentmobile functions: GPS, Camera &Social Media Integration.• Interactive element (maps) point tothe next challenge• Social Media on Mobile
  26. 26. Media Tactics: OOHAds on Car• Apr 01-Jun 01, 2013• Civic will be driven around each city(Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver)• Significant ROI• CPM of less than $1• Thousands of impressions
  27. 27. Media Tactics: MagazineFull Page AdFirst Phase: To get participation• High index rating.• Cultured• Entertainment• What’s new in the city• Current events• Lifestyle• Young• Simply CoolSource: PMB 2011
  28. 28. Blocking Chart
  29. 29. BudgetDigital, 325Mobile, 20OOH, 50Magazine, 30Social, 75Event, 500DigitalMobileOOHMagazineSocialEventCost (000)
  30. 30. CONCLUSION• Full of fun and adventure• Experiential• Advertising on the move• Database• Positive word-of-mouth• Civic Nation Day• Real Fun !
  31. 31. THANK YOU.