Graduate syllabus kit summer 2014


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Graduate syllabus kit summer 2014

  1. 1. Syllabus Kit Digital Clinical Experience - Undergraduate
  2. 2. DCE Setup Guide  Watch Faculty Training Overview Video  Activate your instructor account  Practice these skills on an example course  Set assignment open and due dates  Provide feedback to an example student  Review example “class stats”  Try an assignment as a student  Consider the strategic integration questions  If you are the lead instructor, check in with the Shadow Health Instructional Design team to create an Integration Plan and confirm course setup  Set assignment open and due dates
  3. 3. Syllabus Language The Shadow Health™ Digital Clinical Experience™ (DCE) provides a dynamic, immersive experience designed to improve your skills and clinical reasoning through the examination of a digital standardized patient, Tina Jones. Tina Jones, your digital standardized patient™, is a 28-year-old woman who has come to receive treatment for an infected foot wound, fever, and decreased appetite. Although a digital patient, Tina Jones breathes, speaks, and has a complex medical and psychosocial history. We will be accessing and completing Shadow Health assignments throughout the course. Each assignment represents one piece of Tina’s comprehensive assessment within the same 8am hour at Shadow General. By breaking Tina’s assessment into individual assignments, you are able to apply your knowledge and practice your skills to each system in greater depth. If at any time you have any questions or encounter any technical issues, Shadow Health has a dedicated team of helpful and knowledgeable Learner Support specialists who will patiently assist you. Please visit the Learner Support page at for contact information and hours. You may email the Learner Support team directly at at any time.
  4. 4. Useful Links  Shadow Health Course Access -  Student Account Setup Guide -  Link to Shadow Health Technical Support -  Technical Requirements -  Course PIN: [insert PIN here]  Shadow Health Website –
  5. 5. If your students are purchasing access through the university bookstore… 1. Shadow Health reaches out to your bookstore manager 2. Students purchase access to Undergraduate DCE  ISBN: 978-0-9897888-1-6 3. Bookstore collects identifying info from students (email address, name, etc) 4. Shadow Health creates student accounts 5. Students receive confirmation email within 72 hours **Note: your students can still purchase access through if they would prefer not to purchase access through the bookstore**
  6. 6. List of Assignments On average, students spend between ten and fifteen hours completing assignments in the Digital Clinical Experience. The following assignment times represent the time students typically spend interacting with Tina and do not include post-exam activities. i. Shadow Health Undergraduate Introduction Video (10 minutes) ii. Digital Clinical Experience Orientation (15 minutes) 1.History (60-95 minutes) 2. Skills (30-50 minutes) 3. HEENT (50-70 minutes) 4. Respiratory (40-60 minutes) 5. Cardiovascular (40-60 minutes) 6. Abdominal (25-40 minutes) 7. Musculoskeletal (25-40 minutes) 8. Neurological (60-95 minutes) 9. Skin, Hair, & Nails (25-40 minutes) 10. Discharge (no patient interaction)
  7. 7. Example Student Feedback Survey Please feel free to copy and paste these questions into your own survey tool(s). If you have a premium Survey Monkey account, we can send you these surveys directly. Please let us know if you have any questions or ideas for customization! Pre-term Student Survey: Post-term Student Feedback Survey: