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The Great Hunt Book Review


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The Great Hunt Book Review

  1. 1. Name: Robert Jordan Hobbies: Playing Chess, Fishing, Writing Started writing in: 1977 Wife’s name: Harriet McdougalInteresting fact: He started to read Jules Verne and Mark Twain by the time he was 5. “I started writing in 1977 My name and will used to be James continue till Rigney! they nail shut my coffin.”
  2. 2. What I liked about the book: Robert Jordan did a Really good job It would have been Of describing settings In his book. good if he considered his audience, (kids) He made you think of a Totally different and didn’t add to World and made much description of You actually Picture it! sad parts and killing. He sometimes went His fantasy world had Everything to make overboard with the You believe it, a map, the description. People, the animals, the dangers, The happiness and the sorrow.
  3. 3. I disliked how the authormade the book hard toread for people whohaven’t read the first book.
  4. 4. The great hunt is thesecond book in the seriescalled the wheel of time. I read The series has 10 books. this one Here are the covers in order.
  5. 5.  These books have been translated into Japanese!
  6. 6. My Favorite person from the book was a woman named Moraine because she was really smart and brave for one of the last aes sedai people. I also liked her because she was a good person and not part of the dark hearts. I am planning to read more from this series. If I canread more of them, then I will be looking forward to the parts with the trollocs.
  7. 7. While I was reading this book, I couldn’t help but think that it wasactually aiming at people who dislike fantasy. I know that I don’t like fantasy that much, but I loved this fantasy book! Even though it was filled with romance and fantasy, (which I HATE!!) I still found the book really cool and I strongly recommend you read it!!
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