Ancient Yoruba culture


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this is about the ancient yorubas

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Ancient Yoruba culture

  1. 1. Religion and ArtYoruba Empire The people of Ancient Nigeria and Benin
  2. 2. Quick Facts Country: Nigeria and Benin Language: Kwa Obsessions: Devianation Location
  3. 3.
  4. 4. The Orishas were basically the Yoruba version of angels and they were the guardians of nature and the rainforestsWhat were they defended the Yorubas. There are and Orishas? over 1700 Orishas (Which Yoruba priests had to memorize completely) but the most popular were Babalu-Aye, Elegua, Obtala, Ochosi, Ogun, Oya, Shango, Yemaya. The Orishas were sometimes part human. The next few slides will tell you about the Orishas in deatail.
  5. 5. Babalu Aye looks like an injured man with crutches. Hewears purple because its his favorite colour because its Elegua is a very fun loving and kindThe colour of bruises. He usually has dogs following Orisha. He likes to gamble and ishim everywhere so that they could sniff out disease The Orisha that gives second chances.for him. He cures disease and heals people. Yorubas He likes to deliver messages too.worshipped him by giving him presents of white wineand popcorn. This is Ochosa. The Orisha that created bannanas who isn’t very friendly and tried to poison Shokpona (a very dangerous God) Shokpona and this angel hate each other.
  6. 6. Pictures of the Orishas Babalu-Aye Elegua Here are 2 recreations of the highest Orishas.
  7. 7. The Yorubas Believed that their Gods and Goddesses were always dissatisfied with what they had created and that’s why they always were creating things. Compared To other Gods in other civilizations, the Yoruba belief of Gods is similar to the Christian belief even though they had more than 1 God. Why? Because they had ‘angels’ like you’ve learned and ‘demons’ too, like you will learn at the end. TheGods were humble and Optimistic. They rewarded and punished people as needed. In the next few slides, you will learn about the coolest Goddesses and Gods.
  8. 8. Believe it or not, Bayanni was the Yoruba Goddess of Hats and headwear. She was extremely important and very strongly worshipped because she lived inside the Yoruba crown. Bayanni’s brother was an Orisha named Shango. Bayanni was pictured as a queen with a golden headdress. But this headress wasn’t the Yoruba crown. The headress was actually just a headress that looked like a crown. The real crown is a white, beaded crown. Yoruba crown >>>>>>>
  9. 9. MawuMawu was the Yoruba Goddess of the Moon. She made the first woman that ever existed whowas called Gbadu. She protects travellers and women that are brave. She created the moon so travellers would have a light, even at night time. Her personality is nice.
  10. 10. Olokun ruled the sea. This Yoruba God Was highly respected and evenfeared. It was said that if the Yoruba empire failed to please Olokun, he would send floods. He looked like a mermaid according to a Yoruba description, but I couldn’t find a picture so here is a fail drawing:
  11. 11. Very briefly, this slide will tell you about the Abiku who were black wolf-like monsters that liked to eat kids at night. They were basically the Yorubaequivelent of a demon and their eyes were on the bottom of their feet. Imagine me with eyes on my feet.
  12. 12. How did their art look like? Did it change over time? WhatMaterial did they use? How did they create it?
  13. 13. The Yorubas were amazing carvers and sculpturs. They sculpted for religeous purposes because theyusually sculpted Gods. After sclupting, they would decorate the God sculpture with feathers, preciousstones, or shells. Certain sculptures were so precious that lower class people would be fined or killed if caught looking at them. Yoruba art had evolved and changed a lot over time.
  14. 14. 700 AD 760 AD Tiny terra-cotta Larger, decorative 780 ADclay figures were 800 AD figures of Gods Shells and made to Bronze began to were being wood wererecreate stories. be used on created starting to be used sculptures instead of jewelry
  15. 15. The Yorubas made really realistic bronze statues using a long process. Then the sculpture would be Then they would After that they would heated over a fire until the middleFirst a basic shape would cover it with random cover it with more clay layer of beeswax melted. The fase be created out of clay beeswax until they would have a would usually be carved onto the brown moldy thingy. sculpture now Then the artist would pour bronze onto the thing and finish it
  16. 16. Head of a Yoruba ruler Duplicate and his wife Bronze of a figure sculpure of Shango
  17. 17.  What country did they live in? What language did they speak? What is the difference between an Abiku and and an Orisha?
  18. 18. The Sources that made this andYoruba show were: an%20Yoruba/African_Art_Yoruba_Ibeji.html project/
  19. 19. THE END 4 NOW