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Digitize and manage your business content with frevvo + Google Apps


Published on | frevvo and Google Apps combine mobile business forms, workflows, electronic signatures, and cloud technology to provide complete process automation opportunities for businesses.

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Digitize and manage your business content with frevvo + Google Apps

  1. 1. Digitize and manage your business content with frevvo + Google Apps Customers use frevvo to digitize day-to-day approval workflows in the Cloud such as expense reports, purchase requisitions and employee on-boarding. These workflows generate documents that must be securely stored and managed somewhere – typically some sort of ECM (Enterprise Content Management) system. Organizations (including frevvo Inc.) use Google Drive as a Cloud-based system to store and manage enterprise content and to collaborate on that content including both unstructured content such as videos, images, spreadsheets, & presentations and structured content such as invoices, sales orders, & expense reports. The fit is obvious and natural. If your organization uses Google Apps, you can combine frevvo + Google Apps to solve real business problems, improve productivity and efficiency and allow employees to focus on customers, students and patients instead of being bogged down in paperwork. Adding frevvo to Google Apps Consider some of the business problems the combination can solve: Electronic Signatures – Getting a signature on a form is a common requirement from sales orders to permission slips to absence records. Getting a signature on paper is tedious and labor intensive. By using frevvo in conjunction with Google Apps, these documents can be shared digitally, keeping businesses from having to mail or deliver a paper form. Customers can sign these documents on a tablet or mobile phone, thanks to frevvo’s electronic signature options. Once signed, they can easily be routed back to the business and saved as PDFs into Google Drive. Dynamic forms – Dynamic content is also extremely common e.g. number of available vacation days for the current user, pick a car model that depends on the car brand etc. You can combine online forms with Google Sheets to easily create these dynamic pick lists and even update the underlying Google Sheet (e.g. reduce the number of available vacation days after approval). Simple Content Repository – Sometimes you just want to save submission data in an easy format like a spreadsheet. frevvo web forms and approval workflows can write data directly into a Google Sheet. With the data in the Google Sheet, you can perform all the usual operations like creating charts to analyze it. Approval workflows – These are at the core of many companies’ day-to-day operations. They’re routed between people internal to the organization (Manager, VP, HR department etc.) as well as external entities (Customers, Contractors, Applicants etc.) for comments, and signatures. Examples abound in all organizations from patient referrals to
  2. 2. student registrations to purchase requisitions and leave approvals. Digitizing these is a key strategic initiative at many organizations and frevvo + Google Apps is a powerful combination to meet real-world business requirements. The combination of frevvo working with Google Sheets, Maps, Drive and other APIs, customers can easily create their own unique online forms and digital workflows that meet real-world business requirements (dynamic content, calculations etc.), work automatically on mobile, are cloud-based and securely save the documents to Google Drive. Once in Drive, the documents can be managed, shared and searched with ease.