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Quickie foreign language_ebooks.html

  1. 1. Quickie Foreign Language Ebooks I had written this article a while back for my other InternetAdvertising weblog, but really feel it is an even much better Quickie now then it was, and anuncomplicated way to creating residual money online. This 1 can give you an additional coupleof hundred dollars every month, and once its set up, runs entirely on auto-pilot... RepeatRevenues From Foreign Language Ebooks Step 1 - Go through your Freebies folder and openup every single ebook or pdf, and read through the licensing rights. * (If you dont already have1, you must produce a "Freebies" folder on your desktop. Keep all the Private Label Rights(PLR) and Resale Rights bonuses and give-aways you get - use them for your own bonusesor opt-in give-aways) Step 2 - Set aside each one that grants you full PLR rights. Do this stepcautiously, and DO NOT use any that do not explicitly give you the rights to modify and re-sell the ebook! Step three - Post an ad on Craigslist below "gigs / writing" section: "Will needSpanish language translation for a manuscript..." (Of course, "Spanish" can be any language).Step 4 - Translate the ebook(s). Although you can also go through Rentacoder or Elance, youwill in all probability pay a lot more than Craigslist. Of course you require to cautiously screenyour translator, and insure they read the ebook and will understand it well adequate to do anpowerful translation. The common going rate for translation on a site like Elance is $.05/word,which can be high priced, though for a 25-50 page ebook you ought to negotiate for half that.On the other hand, if you go by way of Craigslist, you need to be able to uncover a person totranslate the ebook for $50-$150. Have your translator also translate your landing page fromStep 5, and a "Thank You" page. Step 5 - Create a landing page. You can so this however youlike, but an effortless, fast, and low-cost (and perfectly powerful) indicates would be to make ano cost Blogger or WordPress blog. Step 6 - Create a Publisher account on Clickbank. This willexpense you $50. Submit your new ebook. It can take a few days until it is approved. Step 7 -Do some analysis and create a campaign around your ebook. You really should be able to getreally low CPCs and fine uncrowded opportunities. Step 8 - Post to some IM forums mentioningthat you have Spanish-language ebooks on Clickbank. You will come across World-wide-webMarketers who are fluent or native in Spanish but do not have, or havent considered promotingSpanish language items. Step 9 - Lather. Rinse. Repeat... Easy. Effective. Can be applied tonumerous diverse ebooks, and distinct languages. If you develop a few, you can now set up amini-site for Spanish language ebooks as well. Oh, and make sure you have an opt-in set up onyour page to capture email addresses! This is one thing that lends itself especially properly toPublic Domain material there are literally thousands upon thousands of excellent books, in eachand every conceivable niche and subject, that you can use. kindle gadget