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Presentation mc qs


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Window App Development

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Presentation mc qs

  1. 1. Presentation Topic: Window App Development Group members: BCSF13A036 BCSF13A046 BCSF13A011 Presentation Tutorial video link:
  2. 2. Question AboutWindow App development(XAML and concepts) What does DTD stand for? Options - Direct Type Definition - Document Type Definition - Dynamic Tool Description - Dynamic Type Definition The DTD includes the specifications about the markup that can be used within the document, the specifications consists of all except Options - the browser name - the size of element name - entity declarations - element declarations Which of the following are well formed XML fragments? Options - < myElement myAttribute="someValue’/> - < myElement myAttribute=someValue/> - < myElement myAttribute=’someValue’> - < myElement myAttribute="someValue"/>
  3. 3. How to specify the attributes with multiple values? Options - < myElement myAttribute="value1" myAttribute="value2"/> - < myElement myAttribute="value1 value2"/> - attributes cannot have multiple values - < myElement myAttribute="value1, value2"/> The need of using a DTD in developing XML document is Options - required when validating XML documents - no longer necessary after the XML editor has been customized - used to direct conversion using an XSLT processor - a good guide to populating a templates to be filled in when generating an XML document automatically In terms of performance, which of the following parsers are more suitable? Options - DOM - SAX In XML, what is identified by a URI reference? Options - XML namespace - XSLT - Schema - DLT ____________ was designed to display data, with focus on how data looks Options - XML - HTML - XHTML - DTD XML tags are case sensitive
  4. 4. Options - True - False Can we use CSS in XML? Options - No - Yes What can be used to transform XML into HTML? Options - XLT - DTD - DOM - XSLT ____________ is a term used about text data that will be parsed by the XML parser. Options - CDATA - PCDATA XML preserves white spaces Options - true - false Any XML must have:- Options - Closing tag - Root element - Nested child - both a and b
  5. 5. Which of the following statements are true? Options - Cannot be used to comment an XML line - XML elements names cannot contain spaces - XML element names cannot start with a number - All of the above are true References : and youtube link 