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Why should IT have all the fun? Service catalogue for non-IT functions


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Girish's Mathrubootham's talk on why the service catalog shouldn't be restricted to just the IT department in the organization. Why should IT have all the fun, after all?

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Why should IT have all the fun? Service catalogue for non-IT functions

  1. 1. Why should IT have ALL THE FUN? Service catalogue for non-IT functions
  2. 2. Girish Mathrubootham CEO Freshdesk
  3. 3. Founded  in  2010   400+  employees   45,000+  customers  in  140  countries launched  in  2013
  4. 4. Rise of the IT service catalogue
  5. 5. Understanding the dynamics of the IT team Nobody notices what we do until we don’t do it
  6. 6. The problem with Email
  7. 7. 7 Users understand the range of services offered by IT and respect IT
  8. 8. The Service Catalogue Marketing of IT Services
  9. 9. The Service Catalogue Marketing of IT Services vs
  10. 10. The Service Catalogue – Benefits Improve  Customer  Satisfaction  with  better     expectation  management   Accurate  information  capture   Increase  Efficiency  with  automated  workflows   Better  Reporting   vs
  11. 11. Understanding the service catalog ecosystem Service request catalogue & self-service Workflow & Automation Service Portfolio Management Reporting & Financial Management
  12. 12. Making the case of extending the Service Catalogue beyond IT
  13. 13. Business Support Services Security Marketing Cust. Support DevOps HR Facilities Finance Legal Sales-ops
  14. 14. Dynamics of Business Services team is similar to IT Small Team Stretched thin Working Hard Thankless job, Not appreciated
  15. 15. Using Email for Business Services is TERRIBLE
  16. 16. New  Hire • Payroll   • HR   • IT   • Admin Travel • Admin   • Accounts   • IT Employee   leaving • Payroll   • HR   • IT   • Admin New  Asset • IT   • Purchase   • Accounts Request Management crosses IT boundaries Increase  in  Service  Requests  which  involves  multiple  departments
  17. 17. “The consumerization of IT is really about   societal change”   “The consumerization of IT” - The next-generation CIO, PwC, 2011
  18. 18. The Consumerization of IT is not just a new device or an app, but the CX Searching  on    Google Shopping  on     Amazon Tracking  via   FedEx Always  on    mobile #hashtags   @mentions
  19. 19. Enterprise Apps need to redefine the CX
  20. 20. Service Catalogue is the killer tool for Business Support Services Focus  on  User  experience  &  Self  Service   Mobile   Automated  workflows     Better  Reporting  &  Metrics
  21. 21. Best Practices to consider when implementing a Service Catalogue Start  Small  &  iterate   Get  buy-­‐in  from  people   Focus  on  getting  one  critical  business  process   right   Get  Customer  Feedback
  22. 22. ”Really puts self service and power in our users hands to request what they want and automate the process completely. They don't have to spend a lot of time putting in a ticket and explaining what they want. It's a system that we can replicate over and over and that makes it really easy.” Service catalogue for employees to request training.
  23. 23.