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Freshservice Overview


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Freshservice is an ITIL ready IT service management software on the cloud. With modules like incident management, problem management, change management, release management, asset management, CMDB, knowedgebase, service catalog and with features like powerful automation and gamification, Freshservice is one of the most user friendly and intuitive IT service desk softwares around.

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Freshservice Overview

  1. 1. An online IT service desk Designed for ITIL v3 Powerful asset management Extensive automation Integrated game mechanics Get started in 2 minutes
  2. 2. Manage Incidents, like a boss. Sort, filter, automate, reply. Move on.
  3. 3. Manage Incidents, like a boss. Run powerful ticketing rules
  4. 4. Manage Incidents, like a boss. Every single detail. In one screen.
  5. 5. Manage Incidents, like a boss. Keep users happy. Canned response Add solution articles in replies in just one click Find out impacted assets and priority Automate tickets Round robin assignment of tickets
  6. 6. Manage Problems, Proactively Maintain a known error database. Not post it notes.
  7. 7. Manage Problems, Proactively Maintain a known error database. Not post it notes.
  8. 8. Manage Problems, Proactively Help users first. Solve problems next.
  9. 9. Manage Problems, Proactively Focus on problem solving, not the software. Known error database Link problems to incidents, assets Add workaround/solution in less than 2 clicks Learn impact from within the Problem screen
  10. 10. Plan changes to a tee “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Benjamin Franklin
  11. 11. Change planning Plan your changes, get them approved.
  12. 12. Change planning Less bureaucracy, more efficiency Add rollout plan, backout plan Study impact of change Easy CAB approval
  13. 13. Know Your Releases Execute best laid plans
  14. 14. Know your releases Execute best laid plans. No nasty surprises.
  15. 15. Powerful Asset Management Learn impact before a change. Not after.
  16. 16. Powerful Asset Management Track, manage and control assets
  17. 17. Powerful Asset Management Control and manage the way assets are tied
  18. 18. Powerful Asset Management Discovery probe that scans network View activities per asset Financial management Vendor management
  19. 19. Custom user portal Don’t confuse your users.! Empower them.
  20. 20. Custom user portal Designed to encourage users to solve issues on their own
  21. 21. Custom user portal Reduce ticket load on L1 agents Fully customisable portal Smart search Auto suggest solution articles as users type Service catalog
  22. 22. Gamify your service desk Win points for meeting SLAs. Your day job just got funner and better.
  23. 23. Gamify your service desk Motivate your team. Increase efficiency.
  24. 24. And much more… +1 (866) 832-3090