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Social media case study: Virgin Media


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Virgin Media social media case study. Social media agency FreshNetworks show how they created an online community for gaining customer feedback and insight.

Social media case study: Virgin Media

  1. 1. Virgin MediaInsight, education andinnovation
  2. 2. We helped Virgin Media use social media to learn moreabout their customers and to educate them about their products and services.
  3. 3. We seeded, grew and managed The Virgin Media Sofa - aclosed online customer community made up of Virgin Media super advocates.
  4. 4. New blog posts were written every week to inform thecommunity about new developments and to seek their input as part of the product development process.
  5. 5. Virgin Media staff also contributed to and interacted with community members to ensure that the community remained at the forefront of the product development process.
  6. 6. By giving community members direct access to Virgin Mediastaff, The Sofa turned into a community of superadvocates, spreading positive word of mouth about Virgin Media’s products and services.
  7. 7. While The Virgin Media Sofa was live, one new customer-driven product or service idea was submitted every day (on average). .
  8. 8. As a result, FreshNetworks is now Telefónica Europe’sretained social media agency for all group-sponsored social media projects and programmes. FreshNetworks are a real find. They are the first organisation I’ve found to really be able to articulate the role of social media and online communities. We’re excited to be working with them... Director of Customer Experience, Virgin Media
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