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Fresh ID's Social ID methodology is a phased approach of listening and gathering data to determine where you are right now, formulating a plan of action with your key stakeholders for improvement or involvement with your audience, and then (usually) as a monthly retainer we execute activities that we planned to help your business grow by becoming more approachable, sociable and interacting online. Learn more at and see examples in our portfolio of social channel design.

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Social ID - Improve Your Social Presence

  1. 1. liste > lear > improvimprove your social presence
  2. 2. OK EBO FAC IE WS S ITE OG S H EV UR BL A RC R ER YOSE W ITT TWhat does your online identity & social presencelook like to customers, prospects & employees?
  3. 3. Companies usingTwitter average 2x Are you making good use of more leads than online tools? They can help you: those that don’t 67% of B2C tweet & engage! companies increase lead opportunities & revenue have acquired a new customer respond to brand mentions via Facebook reach more people with your marketing 57% of people talk more online 52% of consumers than in real life say blogs impacted purchase decisions 41% of B2B 42% of Twitter companies users use it to have acquired learn about or a new customer research products via Facebook and services
  4. 4. article posting 79% social media 74% 2 blogging 65% PLAN 3 ACT email newsletters 63% case studies 58%9 out of 10 organizations communi- in person events 56%cate their messages with content of videos 52%some type. Some of the most popular whitepapers 51%methods invite engagement with the webcasts 42%audience for a two-way dialogue and print magazines 42%enhanced experience for prospects & promotion in 31%customers. traditional media microsites 30% print newsletters 25% research reports 23% ebooks 16% podcasts 16% digital magazines 15% mobile 13% virtual conferences 13%
  5. 5. We make use of multiple social Twitterchannels to help you market,respond to leads, develop natural Faceboocommunities around your brand Yo Tuband provide phenomenal customerservice. Linke I
  6. 6. SOCIAL ID SOCIAL ID SOCIAL IDASSESSMENT STRATEGY ACTIONaudit of presence, strategy and execution ofdata analysis and actionable plans & strategy observations insights with reports
  7. 7. 2 3ASSESSMENT PLAN ACTW star b listenin 1 ASSESSTo find out what’s working, what’s not, and what thestate of your brand is online, we leave no digital stoneunturned to discover what your existing presence lookslike. You might be surprised by what we find! STRATEGY ACTION W us wha w lear t creat pla W improv your onlin presenc Working with key stakeholders, we use our Turning Strategy into reality, and your connections Assessment findings to lay out a plan of into wild, crazy advocates is the fun part of our job. action and approach that reflects your needs, From new social media channel designs to live online your business goals and is a fit for your time, events, contests and more, we animate and socialize resources and budget. your brand online to help you grow your business!
  8. 8. ASSESSMENT 2 W star b listenin & anal in your curren presenc PLAN 3 ACT 1 ASSESS landscape reputation findabilityaccessibility objectives resources fans/foes employees experience
  9. 9. STRATEGY 2 W us wha w lear t creat pla of actio PLAN 3 ACT 1 ASSESSchannels messaging engagement assets content integrationpolicies resources analytics
  10. 10. ACTION 2 W improv your onlin presenc wit PLAN 3 ACT creativ asset & communit engagemen 1 ASSESScampaigns design+dev outreach content live events marketing contests interacting monitoring
  11. 11. Price & Plan 2 PLAN 3 ACT 1 One-time fee based on company size, Monthly retainer ASSESS resources and scope of change Packages of 12, 20 One-time fee 32 or more hours, (starts at $2000) based on based on amount company size of activity desired (starts at $4000) (starts at $1500/month) All 3 steps available individually or as part of a full Social ID package
  12. 12. Since 2002, Fresh ID has helped companies of all sizes navigate the online waters and extend their brand into new channels. Call us at 816.359.3554 Visit our site to see examples Download our framework Sources | Marketo, Junta42, Content Marketing Institute & MarketingProfs