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         Integrate. Amplify. Interact. Magnify.
         Intefy is perfect for live events and...
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Intefy Factsheet


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This is a one-page factsheet about Intefy, which offers real-time integrated media from multiple social platforms, creating a central point of conversation around your brand.

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Intefy Factsheet

  1. 1. integrated real-time media Integrate. Amplify. Interact. Magnify. Intefy is perfect for live events and social campaigns with mixed media. live or recorded video from from Ustream, LiveStream, YouTube, Vimeo, Viddler & more multiple columns with auto-refreshing makes it easy to keep up with real-time conversations switch videos easily at any time during the event... or offer multiple pages of different videos for the ultimate experience (for different rooms at a conference, or different camera angles) remote event management to ensure smooth, continuous experience for virtual attendees branded page design to extend the brand experience to the virtual audience (which you donʼt get by viewing Ustream or other platforms directly) ability to charge for attending events online… extending your revenue and audience beyond physical space limitations! seamless integration with your website, event site or blog so people donʼt have to visit another site to attend the event ability to bring in content from other sources: • Blog feeds (perfect for live blogging coverage) • Flickr (great for flickr photo pools if attendees upload images) • Tumblr/Wordpress feeds • YouTube feeds • Twitter favorites (great for highlighting the best tweets) • just about anything we can obtain an RSS feed for! optional features to embed a Slideshare presentation, text & graphics box or open Chat box Intefy is also a web-based, multi-account Twitter client. Access anywhere. follow/unfollow/block people without leaving the page (click an avatar and take action) send a tweet via email, with subject and a note to alert others or assign tasks can be used as an enterprise-level, branded customer care platform direct message friends and save tweets as favorites tweet songs from Grooveshark upload pictures and video with integrated yfrog use the link shortener to shorten links before or during tweeting use the fast Retweet button to make communicating more convenient easily monitor conversations to and about your company provide a branded community for your audience that offers more than your Twitter profile does... more design options, multi-panes and real links to other sites Fresh ID, LLC tweet @intefy 1815 Walnut Street Kansas City, MO 64108 call us email 877.785.3737 see it in action at