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Fresh ID for Sports Teams


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We can provide many different types of services to help you market your sports organization and connect with fans in fun ways on your site, on a new community site, on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or wherever your fans like to gather! Our specialty is live online events!

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Fresh ID for Sports Teams

  1. 1. STADIUM SITE: LIVESTRONG SPORTING PARKWordPress CMS site forstadium/concert venue Over 1 million results for stadium nameIncludes Twitter & in GoogleFacebook integration,event booking integrationand feature slider with built- Twitter/Facebookin ticket buttons for follows arepurchasing immediately increasing by 5-10% monthlyDesigned social presencefor Twitter, Facebook &YouTube 45,000 visitors In less thanUsers can select from 2 monthsdifferent large-scalebackgrounds to choosetheir own “skin” – manydesign elements aretransparent sobackgrounds are semi-visible Livestrong Sporting Park Site – Launched May 9, 2011
  2. 2. Stadium site: go arrowheadWordPress CMS site forstadium/concert venueLike the LSP stadium site,the Arrowhead site includesevent booking integrationand feature slider with built-in ticket buttons forpurchasing immediatelyIt was important toArrowhead staff that thevenue site be unique fromthe rest of the Kansas CityChiefs branding, to reflectthe upscale, corporatespaces they also rent forconferences, receptions,meetings and other eventsWe are mimicking some ofthe elements used in thespace online, like carpetingand wall textures, to bringthe ambiance into the site Arrowhead Stadium Site – Launched August, 2011
  3. 3. LIVE LANDING PAGE: LSP ANNOUNCEMENTReal-time mini-applicationfor a stadium namingannouncement Over 500 new email subscribersIncluded mailchimp emailaddress integration, amixed Twitter/Facebook Increased Twittercomments stream, Twitter/ and FacebookFacebook commenting Followers bycapability, and multi- over 7%search, keyword-drivenTwitter stream plus livevideo integration and a 1500 Twitterflash presentation all on mentions duringone page eventDesigned social presencefor Twitter, Facebook & Nearly 20,000YouTube unique page views with 1Real-time analytics & hour noticemultiple Twitter analyticsManaged the page duringlive announcement Live Reveal of Stadium Naming Announcement – March 9, 2011
  4. 4. we enable fans to have a voiceKansas City Chiefs choosea recipient of their “ChiefsCharity Game” each year toearn proceeds from variousevents for their charity forone yearUsually the owner’s familyselects the charity… in2011, they decided toopen it up to public votingafter selecting the four bestnomineesThis voting site was up forabout 3-4 weeks, andpeople could vote via anemail confirmation, or byauthorizing a Twitter orFacebook accountAt the time of placing theirvote, users shared withtheir social networks toencourage others to votetoo – we tracked votes on Chiefs Charity Public Voting Site
  5. 5. Mini-app microsites with your brandThis voting site for the HighSchool Coach of the Yearprogram, a joint initiative ofthe Kansas City Chiefs andthe NFL. used the sametechnology as the CharityGame, so it cost less thesecond timeThis site was up for 2weeks, and people couldvote via an emailconfirmation, or byauthorizing a Twitter orFacebook accountAt the time of placing theirvote, users shared withtheir social networks toencourage others to votetoo – we tracked votes ona backend Chiefs High School Coach of the Year Voting Site
  6. 6. LIVE LANDING PAGE: SPORTING 85We quickly produced a LiveLanding page for Chad Over 23,000Ochocinco’s unexpected emails collectedsoccer tryout & managed to see live/the page during the tryout recorded tryoutFirst day of tryout was alive online event so fans 18,000 uniquearound the world could viewerswatch the tryout watched first day live onlineThe remaining days weshowed highlight videos 8000+ Twitterfrom that day’s trial mentions the first day ofThe week ended with a live Chad’s tryoutscrimmage between SKCand a local amateur team 1,400,000Chad Ochocinco was articles can benamed an Honorary found in search resultsReserve Team member atthe end of his trial, andinvited to work out with theteam anytime Recap videos on Ochocinco Soccer Tryout – Week of March 23, 2011 YouTube viewed a collective half million times
  7. 7. We help make your brand socialWe added a Chiefs “The KansasWelcome tab for their City Chiefs’existing Facebook page fans are passionate and we want toThey had no branding make sure weoutside the profile picture leverage everybefore hiring us – we will be opportunity todoing more for them on engage andFacebook & Twitter during excite them.the season, including Fresh ID bringscontests and special creative ideaspromotions for sponsors to connect with our fans utilizing the best in user experience and digital solutions today.” Lance Brown Manager of Internet and Digital Media for the Kansas City Chiefs
  8. 8. COMMUNITY site: SPORTING MEMBERSHIPSporting Membership portalfor Sporting Club’s newcommunity & affinity program 10k+ Members in First MonthCMS-based applicationdesign that utilizesWordPress and Buddypress,but takes out-of-the-box Other pro teamsfeatures much further have expressed interest in the platformInteractive design not foundin majority of Wordpress sites(with javascript, php and css)Development was initiallydone by another firm but wehave taken over developmentof the portal going forwardNew features and functionsare being designed - this is along-term project, andintegration with mobile andkiosk applications is part ofour work Sporting Club Membership Portal – Launched June 8, 2011
  9. 9. we generate ideas for sponsorshipFresh ID has createdvarious social mediacampaign ideas for KansasCity Chiefs sponsors andprospective partners toutilize during the seasonUsing already establishedstrong online influencersthat the Chiefs have,sponsors can partner withthe Chiefs and gain accessto those advocates andfans through social mediaand interactive campaignsWe have developed ideasfor Gatorade, Toyota,Motorola, Hy-Vee, MetcalfBank and many others –once proposals areaccepted we will work withthe sponsor and the Chiefsto execute the varioustypes of campaigns,contests and events Types of ideas we come up with on monthly retainer for the Chiefs
  10. 10. Digital Strategies for a Connected MarketplaceOur clients need digital strategies that work with existing business and marketing goals and also need help envisioning how to implement & integrate new ideas & channels. mobile social customers and prospects are increasingly using more than just marketing or customer mobile devices and we find ways to address the service, business is getting done via social needs of people who are always online networks and connected communities search content being included in trusted sources of managing an influx of content internally and from information and being discovered online is a user-generated mentions can be challenging, but critical component of your digital footprint elevates the value of your digital assets platforms & tools analysis YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Yelp and conversations, seo work and time spent on more can be leveraged to engage with people mobile apps are great and all, but there’s no wherever they are talking about your brand ROI without measuring and analyzing results
  11. 11. Unforgettable online entertainment Intefy makes live events easy & affordable…Intefy is the emergingmust-have tool forsocial media integratedlive event broadcasts.You have to see this inaction. Michael Kristof TweetReports Founder
  12. 12. INTEFY PLATFORM: SKC SNOWDAYSpontaneous event that letus show SKC what wecould do for theirorganizationIdea began on Twitter, pagedesigned, photographerand videographer foundand event happened in lessthan 12 hoursChat was packed with 75+people for 2 hours prior tolive event taking placeVideo online was done viaan iPhone – a highlight reelwas professionallyproduced by SKCbroadcasters who cameChipotle donated 23 meals #KCSnowmageddon – Snowball Fight – January 21, 2011(Kamara’s number & hisfavorite place & he paid forthe rest of lunch for fans 300+ unique 189,000 links Chipotle viewers from on Google donated 23 90+ global covering the meals for fans/ regions snowball fight players
  13. 13. Perfect for niche topicsIntefy without video can display up to 6 columns of search terms & profile updates brandedlike you want it – this isn’t your ordinary Twitter client – it’s built for brands & fans!
  14. 14. analyticsreal-time conversations live/recorded video AGGREGATED CONTENT REAL-TIME MEDIA COMMUNITY ENABLEMENT LIVE INTERACTION INCLUSION OF links to sites & sponsors VIRTUAL PARTICIPANTS… photo galleries ALL INSIDE YOUR BRAND
  15. 15. KANSAS CITY400 E. 18th StKansas City, MO 64108Telephone 816-359-3554DALLAS401 E. Corporate Drive, Ste. 109Lewisville,Texas 75057Telephone 214-736-3563ONLINETwitter @freshidEmail info@freshid.comVisit