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About Fresh ID 2012


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About Fresh ID 2012

  1. 1. how to win andbuyers influence with your friends own delightful brand! and
  2. 2. people want... Great Experiences Online, in the store, at the counter, in your bar or restaurant, at the cash register, on your website, in your apps, on the phone and at events... you have to plan the experience you want people to leave with and share with friends! Sources of Entertainment Fun and informative events, online and in person, and easy-to-navigate websites with interesting content, videos & images to look at and share, amusing posts, all serve to entertain people so they have reason to return. Knowledge to Look Smarter The more value you bring, the more return visits you’ll get... to a store, website, blog, print publication or digital application. Inclusion in Circles of Coolness People want to be with others they find cool, whether a brand, celebrity or awesome cause... include them to create brand advocates for life! Acknowledgment of Contributions When customers and prospects give you unsolicited feedback or leave a message in response to something you asked, they seek to be recognized. Don’t ignore them! Appeal by Association Appealing brands are represented with clever/smart/awesome aspects and fans like to feel appealing by association, which then prompts them to share about the brand. Interactions with People, Products & Devices Why do people spend all day on social networks or playing games? They want something to do! Give it to them with a mobile site, games & contests online, with competitions, by asking for reviews & ratings and with live online entertainment! To Feel Successful At the end of the day, we all want to just feel like we’re succeeding in life. Enable success with the people who purchase from you or use your products. what’s your user experience?
  3. 3. tools we use to shapeyour users experiencesDesign & DevelopmentWebsites & MicrositesCorporate WordPress SitesBuddyPress CommunitiesEmail Design & Landing PagesEcommerce SitesMobile Sites & AppsCustom Tumblr DevelopmentAssessments & OptimizationSocial ID™ AssessmentSocial Media OptimizationBuying Assessment (Retail/Virtual)Visual Merchandising (Retail/Virtual)User Experience AssessmentField Studies & Usability TestingBrand Presence & EntertainmentBrand Identity or ImprovementProduct Line IdentityTwitter Events & PromotionsFacebook Pages & ContestsLive Online Events!Commercial PhotographyPrint Design for Signage, Menus,Marketing Collateral, Tradeshows,Packaging, Merchandise & More
  4. 4. find us facts tweet us @freshidFOUNDED BYCEO Kristi Colvin in Houston, Texas in April 2003 named Fresh Pages, from 1997-2001) + CONTRACTORS6 Staff, 4-6 regular contractors FRESH ID ID is a woman-owned micro-business with 6 full& part-time people on staff and contractors/partnersused to scale projects or to provide speciality services email us at info@freshid.comsuch as commercial photography, video production,ecommerce & mobile solutions. see what we do at freshid.comOFFICESFresh ID relocated to the Crossroads downtown inKansas City in 2010 and you can find us at 18th & Oak:Fresh ID, LLC Tweet @freshid400 E 18th Street Call 816-359-3554Kansas City, MO 64108 Email info@freshid.comKEY SERVICESFresh ID serves clients around the world with creativedesign, development, social media promotion and liveevent technology & promotion. Our goal is to expandyour brand. (Or your client’s brands – we are someagencies best-kept secret for project execution.) expand your brandSOME OF OUR CLIENTSKansas City Chiefs Sporting Kansas CityJohn Deere United Bakery EquipmentHeartland Foodworks Colby & Megan Garrelts 8183Quickie Chick LifeTilesUncommon Relics Pandolfi’s DeliAirport Life MERILRed Chair Group LikeMinds ConferencePublisher’s Clearing House Visual CV 400 E 18THlearn more at