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Part One - A Conversation about Twitter


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A Conversation about Twitter is a 5-part educational series that rolls through a dialogue between Twitter Tina (Twitter fan) and Tom (Twitter skeptic) in blurbs of 140 characters or less. The first part of the dialogue focuses on an introduction to Twitter. Feel free to contact us (Fresh Consulting) for your business use at

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Part One - A Conversation about Twitter

  1. A Conversation about Twitter in 140 characters or less to tweet or not to tweet Part One: What is Twitter?
  2. Twitter! Twitter! Twitter! Twitter!
  3. Hello, is this thing on? Meet Tom
  4. Let’s Tweet! Meet Twitter Tina
  5. “Tweet”? “Twitter”? What is the craze all about? Tom has heard a lot about Twitter, but he still doesn’t get the point
  6. I can help Tom Twitter Tina is an avid Tweeter, who wants to help Tom
  7. Twitter is this totally incredible tool that changes people’s lives read more
  8. No seriously - what is it?
  9. It’s a way to communicate with friends, family, & co-workers in short messages of 140 characters or less (aka microblogging) read more
  10. What’s the big deal? How is that different from text messaging, Facebook, or blogs?
  11. It’s like texting but to a wider global audience read more
  12. It’s like Facebook but it connects you to more than “friends” read more
  13. It’s like blogs but in a micro format or easy to digest bite sized chunks read more
  14. I already use e-mail, text messaging, blogs & facebook. Do I need to add yet another technology?
  15. It’s not meant to complicate your life, but to simplify it using micro messages
  16. For example, Twitter is used by thousands of other applications to help synchronize your life read more
  17. Twitter can be a source of news, research, communication, & fun! read more
  18. Because of this people are adapting to the Twittosphere at an astonishing rate. Faster than Facebook, LinkedIn, or Myspace read more
  19. Why do you often add links with the things you say?
  20. That’s what Tweeple do. They add value to their micro messages by adding a link at the end where people can read more
  21. Who are all these “people”or “tweeple” anyways?
  22. All types from students to CEOs! Athletes, politicians, doctors, musicians, retail & service companies… you name it! read more
  23. And what exactly are they all sharing on Twitter?
  24. Twitter is often used for sharing the little stuff that happens in real life between phone calls or emails
  25. By sharing what they are doing, they are opening their minds & activity to those that care
  26. Some people call it mindcasting read more
  27. So is Twitter just a place where all these people share random information? …like what they ate for breakfast? (heh)
  28. They tweet about that & much more. There are tweets about the best coffee shops in town to the latest marketing strategies to breaking news
  29. Some people relate it to a game of golf where people chat about life, news, & more while playing, but they also get business done between holes
  30. So the conversations can be about anything or nothing for that matter? Wait, how is it even a conversation?
  31. You can start or join a conversation with anyone on anything by starting a message with the @ symbol
  32. @Tina @Tom Yeah, Twitter allows you to have open conversations connecting you to others that can share their insights
  33. Right! This is a great example. Twitter- Ted was able to contribute to our conversation in real time with his thoughts
  34.’s confusing though. You make it sound like its conversations about EVERYTHING with EVERYONE
  35. It kind of is about EVERYTHING because it’s a communication platform for conversing about anything
  36. Yeah, it is even one of the largest search engines for conversations about anything
  37. So my “tweets” would go out to EVERYONE?
  38. Everyone who follows you would see your tweet on their Twitter account
  39. Those who aren’t following you would be able to find your tweet by searching for topics of interest that match your conversation
  40. For example you can type something of interest in Twitter’s search box to explore topics try here
  41. Let’s say I’m interested in cheese...
  42. If you are interested in cheese, there are hundreds of tweets on that topic that you can see in real time see here
  43. People who read the tweets & have similar interests will tend to follow each other...much like how birds of a feather flock together!
  44. This sounds like Twitter can end up just being a BIG waste of time… “tweeple” following a whole bunch of little conversations
  45. Good point. Not all communication will be value add to you, but Twitter can connect you to valuable conversations, information, and people you are interested in read more
  46. Well I’m interested in lots of stuff, but you have said so many different things…can you summarize?
  47. Twitter is the online water cooler where people can connect and share about what’s going on in their life and in the world!
  48. OK, yeah, I get it…but I’m not convinced!
  49. At least you understand it Tom. Let me explain more of the benefits in our next discussion
  50. Sure, in the mean time, what if I have more questions for you?
  51. You can reach our team on Twitter @freshconsulting or feel free to email us at before our next discussion
  52. 5 PART Twitter educational series by the team at: ALL RIGHTS RESERVED contact us for your business use Authors @jeffdance @syamaguchi | 206.801.0961