Part Three - A Conversation About Twitter


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A Conversation about Twitter is a 5-part educational series that rolls through a dialogue between Twitter Tina (Twitter fan) and Tom (Twitter skeptic) in blurbs of 140 characters or less. The third part "What's in it for business?" focuses on the benefits of a business Twitter account. Feel free to contact us (Fresh Consulting) for your business use at

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Part Three - A Conversation About Twitter

  1. 1. A Conversation about Twitter in 140 characters or less to tweet or not to tweet Part Three: What’s in it for business?
  2. 2. I have a Twitter account, but does my company need one too? Meet Twitter Tom
  3. 3. Yes, your company can benefit from using Twitter Meet Twitter Tina
  4. 4. Twitter not only helps you manage your personal brand but also your business
  5. 5. Yeah, but what if I want to keep business separate from personal?
  6. 6. No problem,Twitter tends to be a blend of both, but you can have a separate company account and a personal account
  7. 7. Business on Twitter makes me nervous because I’ve heard of corporate brands as well as people’s identities getting hijacked on Twitter e.g., Dalai Lama read more
  8. 8. Although it doesn’t happen often, it reaffirms why it’s important to get on Twitter now. Getting the right Twitter name helps protect your online identify
  9. 9. From small neighborhood coffee shops to big established global corporations, businesses realize the importance of being in this space
  10. 10. But how can a businesses really benefit from being in this space?
  11. 11. Monitor real-time conversations about your brand, resolve issues in lightning speed, share viral news, and do it all for free on Twitter
  12. 12. Whoa!
  13. 13. Yeah, it’s powerful ... but to simplify, I believe there are three primary ways a business could utilize Twitter in the way they do business
  14. 14. 1) For one, it can be used to promote and develop your brand
  15. 15. Twitter is a great place to monitor your brand. Monitoring real conversations is like being exposed to the inner thoughts of your customers
  16. 16. OK, I know many companies have a Twitter presence, but is anybody really benefiting from all this?
  17. 17. Good question. I was skeptical myself earlier, so let’s dive into some business case examples and business benefits
  18. 18. Dell has made more than $2M connecting with customers and advertising discounts on Twitter read more
  19. 19. A mobile burrito chain has had a lot of success twittering their location and thereby increasing sales read more
  20. 20. Zappos reinforces its brand by having hundreds of its employees on Twitter; increasing culture, communication, and customer connections read more
  21. 21. Why not just promote your brand traditionally and advertise on TV, in Magazines or through Tele-marketing, etc?
  22. 22. It’s just not as effective anymore, in particular with tech-savvy folks, but especially with the net generation read more
  23. 23. And Twitter has a lot of early adopters and influencers that can quickly spread word of mouth (WOM) messages read more
  24. 24. Wow, with all those messages being spread so quickly, it sounds like you really have to care for your customers or bad news can spread
  25. 25. 2) Exactly, because of Twitter’s free- flowing and real-time capabilities it can be used to enable an entirely new level of customer service
  26. 26. Comcast @comcastcares uses Twitter to help improve customer service by staying on top of issues before they spread read more
  27. 27. So do @Starbucks, @AlaskaAir, @SouthwestAir, and Ford @FordCustService
  28. 28. You can get feedback & suggestions from your customers or potential customers anywhere
  29. 29. Twitter can even be used for instant live feedback at events because participants share feedback and talk to each other read more
  30. 30. That kind of instant live feedback is also great for market research and improving customer interaction read more
  31. 31. Hmm, I like the idea of observing conversations of interest, such as what my competitors are doing and what my customers care about
  32. 32. Furthermore, to the benefit of your customers, Twitter turns Q&A into a digital archive of searchable answers
  33. 33. I could see how transparency provides benefits, such as avoiding redundant answers and keeping customers apprised
  34. 34. Absolutely. Consider how Obama was able to connect with the entire nation and serve his “customers” throughout his presidential campaign read more
  35. 35. 3) Which brings me to my final point, the importance and power of connecting with individuals
  36. 36. Twitter for business is about developing relationships with past, current, and potential customers
  37. 37. But what about all that other stuff you were talking about?
  38. 38. Developing and promoting your brand and engaging in great customer service happens as a result of connecting with real people
  39. 39. @Tina @Tom Great point! #sweetpresentation
  40. 40. Just as with our previous conversation on using Twitter for personal use, the real power comes from making real connections
  41. 41. Seems hard to make real connections with 140 characters or less, but if businesses are, who is making those connections?
  42. 42. All levels of staff, even CEO’s. Take a look at how executives are lowering barriers of communication using Twitter read more
  43. 43. And in addition to the other companies we have discussed, I know there are others...
  44. 44. Like who?
  45. 45. Whole Foods, Best Buy, Home Depot, Sprint Nextel, the Financial Times, Nordstrom, all use Twitter!
  46. 46. Thanks again @Ted
  47. 47. Why get started now though?
  48. 48. Social networks are organic. They are growing always. Getting in early can help you be part of the early growth
  49. 49. Okay so I’ll consider getting a Twitter business account, but once I’m on, do you have more tips on how to actually use it?
  50. 50. Of course! Let’s talk strategy and tactics at our next tweetup!
  51. 51. 5 PART Twitter educational series by the team at: ALL RIGHTS RESERVED contact us for your business use Authors @jeffdance @syamaguchi @brentdance @joshdance | 206.801.0961