Part Five - A Conversation About Twitter


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A Conversation about Twitter is a 5-part educational series that rolls through a dialogue between Twitter Tina (Twitter fan) and Tom (Twitter skeptic) in blurbs of 140 characters or less. The fifth and final part "Twitter Tools" focuses on the available applications to make the most of Twitter. Feel free to contact us (Fresh Consulting) for your business use at or visit us at

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  • Part Five - A Conversation About Twitter

    1. 1. A Conversation about Twitter in 140 characters or less to tweet or not to tweet Part Five: Twitter Tools
    2. 2. I’ve finally tested Twitter, but it seems pretty basic and unorganized Meet Twitter Tom
    3. 3. There are some useful tools to simplify & enrich your Twitter experience! Meet Twitter Tina
    4. 4. I’ve heard about some of these Twitter tools, but I’ve always wondered, do we really need more tools?
    5. 5. Well, because Twitter is such a raw communication platform, additional tools have been developed as extensions to meet your specific needs
    6. 6. By selecting the right tools for your strategy, Twitter becomes more user- friendly for you!
    7. 7. How so, and what sort of needs are you talking about?
    8. 8. For example, filter incoming tweets, shorten URLs, attach rich media, schedule tweets, and manage users and accounts ...
    9. 9. @Tina @Tom ... integrate with your other social media channels, search for businesses and influencers, update via your mobile device
    10. 10. Whoa!
    11. 11. But let’s simplify all this by reviewing key types of tools & providing examples that almost everyone can use and benefit from
    12. 12. First and foremost, get a Twitter client that simplifies and manages your Twitter interactions!
    13. 13. Wait, how does adding another Twitter client app simplify interactions?
    14. 14. Depending on the quantity and activity of followers, you could drown in an unorganized stream of hundreds of messages on the Twitter web app
    15. 15. Many of the Twitter clients can help you manage your tweets by organizing, filtering, and categorizing your messages
    16. 16. Hmmm, give me an example...
    17. 17. TweetDeck lets you divide your tweets into easy-to-see groups, and keep a running stream of a Twitter search term find more
    18. 18. It also allows you to easily embed images, shorten URLs, send direct messages and much more
    19. 19. There are other Twitter clients that have additional functionality to help you add relevant and rich content to your tweets
    20. 20. What if I just want to do some basic stuff, like share links to cool articles and web apps?
    21. 21. You can use URL shorteners like bitly or tinyurl that make it really easy to share short links find more
    22. 22. If you want to do even more, there are also clients like TwitPic that allow you to easily add rich media find more
    23. 23. Makes sense. You also mentioned integrating Twitter with my website, blogs, etc. How do I do that?
    24. 24. @Tina @Tom Twitterfeed can help with that
    25. 25. Integration is important and tools such as twitterfeed automatically tweet updates about your other online activity find more
    26. 26. Yeah, I wouldn’t have time to sit at my desk and duplicate everything I do on other social media channels, so automating sounds useful!
    27. 27. It can help but do not overdo it and remember to maintain a personal and authentic touch in all that you do
    28. 28. You don’t want people feeling like they are talking to a robot!
    29. 29. But scheduling your tweets, or thoughts, with applications such as TweetLater and CoTweet is much like scheduling blog posts find more
    30. 30. I like that. I can see how scheduling thoughtful tweets could save time while not overwhelming my contacts with all my thoughts at once
    31. 31. That’s right!
    32. 32. An automated approach to tweeting makes it seem easier... Now if you could only make it automatically identify and follow interesting people
    33. 33. There’s a tool for that, but be careful with automation & scheduling. Being present & responsive in real-time is what makes Twitter unique
    34. 34. And, instead of automating who you follow, you can be more selective by using a Twitter directory
    35. 35. A directory? Like Twitter yellow pages?
    36. 36. Yes, you can use Twitter directories like Twellow to help find the people you are looking for find more
    37. 37. But once you find people of interest, are there ways to distinguish among them to know who I really want to follow?
    38. 38. Using tools such as TwitScan and Twinfluence can provide statistics that might help you decide find more
    39. 39. You can even use these applications to take a look at how you and your tweets are being received in the twittersphere
    40. 40. I can see how using these tools makes Twitter an even more powerful social media channel
    41. 41. @Tina @Tom Tools have certainly improved the effectiveness of my Twitter usage!
    42. 42. Me too! Now, if I remember correctly, you were concerned about sitting at your desk all day monitoring Twitter?
    43. 43. Yeah, I’m on the go all the time so it’s tough to set aside time for something new like this
    44. 44. Well, don’t feel confined to your desk just because you want to stay connected on the twittersphere. Take Twitter with you instead!
    45. 45. You can use Twitterberry or Tweetstack or Twitterfon... or hundreds of other apps to make Twitter mobile and connect anytime, anywhere! find more
    46. 46. It sounds like there’s a tool for everything...and maybe even too many tools!
    47. 47. Open platforms bring a lot of players. If you can think of a tool, it’s probably already out there
    48. 48. So how do I figure out which Twitter tools are going to work for me?
    49. 49. Check out application review sites like or ask the twittersphere for their input See Big List of Tools
    50. 50. You know what, I actually have learned a lot through our five conversations
    51. 51. I have learned what Twitter is, why I should join, what’s in it for business, 7 strategies, and the scoop on Twitter tools
    52. 52. Questions and conversations are the basis for knowledge! Hence the value in Twitter conversations and searching Twitter for answers
    53. 53. This has been a valuable 2-way conversation... but I’m not 100% convinced...
    54. 54. There is still one major thing I don’t understand...
    55. 55. When I look at other Twitter streams, I only see one-way conversations and it makes everything seem out of context!
    56. 56. Yeah, sometimes a Twitter page may make someone look self-centered since conversations occur across published Twitter accounts
    57. 57. Exactly, that’s what makes it seem so out of context!
    58. 58. That’s why it’s so important to try Twitter yourself since you are the only one who can easily read your own 2-way conversations
    59. 59. By observation alone, it’s hard to see the value of a 1-way conversation; you need to engage in 2-way conversations to fully understand
    60. 60. OK, well, thanks for validating one of the problems and clarifying my understanding
    61. 61. Sure, a lot can happen in a conversation of 140 characters or less, even our educational conversation
    62. 62. Now that I am educated, I can no longer deny its purpose and use, but I am still entertaining whether it’s right for me
    63. 63. I can definitely see how Twitter is not simply a technology fad, rather it is about the power of the people & networks I can discover
    64. 64. You do understand and I look forward to following your tweets when you give it a try
    65. 65. @ Tina, Thanks for the continued reminder
    66. 66. No problem. If you ever have more questions, we are never more than just a tweet away @freshconsulting
    67. 67. 5 PART Twitter educational series by the team at: ALL RIGHTS RESERVED contact us for your business use Authors @jeffdance @syamaguchi @brentdance @joshdance 1.877.56 FRESH