Fresh 2008/2009


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Fresh 2008/2009

  1. 1. Fresh Slide show Meet our Fresh trainees
  2. 2. Andrèz Coco Female 20-08-1981, Amsterdam MSc. Marketing-Communication Science Enjoys life! Consumer & Enterprise Marketing 1st project - SME marketing Function: Segment Marketeer (Event Strategy, G2Ms, Customer Delight) 2nd project - Program Management Function: Junior Program Manager (Communicationplan Solution Delivery, Life Rhythm cases and website)
  3. 3. PROJECTS - Department eCare Channel Management: • Self Service Benchmark & Customer Service Research • Feasibility Study eForum • Implementation & Coaching Entry Team Prepaid 26 years old HEAO, Bachelor Commerciële Economie Universiteit Maastricht, Master International Business – Marketing
  4. 4. Anne Jochems Trainee Online Services Unit Ir. Industrial Design Engineering Projects 1> Improve homepage based on web analytics 2> Research the online awareness of Vodafone 3> Next Best Activity optimization Passion: user experience
  5. 5. To: All From: Robert Zalmé ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: Young talent Online Service Unit Attachment: pasfoto_robert.jpg ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Education: HBO Communications First project: Development Vodafone Mobile Application Manager Second project: Redesign Fresh Program web pages and advise on widgets strategy
  6. 6. I´ve found him… My first choice employer!!! Yes, they fit well together… She: ambitious, international focus, is entrepreneurial, driven and passionate about people. Oh... and fresh as! He? Dynamic and exciting. Sterre Ferf (27) | Young Talent HRM Inspiring, challenging and takes MSc Organizational Psychology (Utrecht) good care of her, but above all… MSc Human Resource Management (Sydney) He stimulates her to make the most of her career! 1st Project | Resourcing Focus: the next generation employees. Developed ‘The Fresh Challenge’: An innovative way to attract and select Young Talent, utilizing digital social networks. 2nd Project | Learning & Development Analyzing internal and external needs and opportunities in order to optimally tailor the L&D portfolio to the organization, exploiting new technologies.
  7. 7. Mark van Mourik Young Talent Finance I 27 I Msc. Financial Management 1st project: Financial analysis of Business Cases 2nd project: Review of Financial Policies 3rd project: Competitor analysis on Sales Retention Costs
  8. 8. Fleur Sijbrands Young Talent – Consumer & Enterprise Marketing Bachelor Leisure Management Master General Management 1st project: Channel Marketeer SoHo: Develop new sales channel via telesales in a role of Telesales marketeer, design quality plan, start mobile email campaign, keeping track on market trends/competitive analysis for input Segment / Channel marketeers 2nd project: Corporate Marketing: Content Coordinator Solution Delivery, co-develop an opportunity configurator, Solution Delivery SPOC for external companies and internal business units, supporting role in the consultancy portal, supporting role in the changes of the sales tools
  9. 9. Stefan Terpstra Vodafone Fresh Trainee CM Consumer Unit Education: Education: Bachelor in HR Overall Project: People Capability Subprojects: Subprojects: Optimizing of onboarding program for Consumer Unit - agents Implementation of Competency management - Optimizing of Consumer Unit Workculture - Development of career paths for Consumer Unit agents -
  10. 10. Willem van Zwieten Young Talent Consumer & Enterprise Marketing Msc. International Business, Msc. Marketing Management 1st Project •Visualize information systems for internal communication 2nd Project •Develop distributor partnering program for Small & Medium enterprises segment •Develop a cross-functional Go-to-Market methodology
  11. 11. Red Rock Solid Restless Wencke de Niet Project 1: Financial analysis of operational performance of Young Talent Finance Vodafone shops. Master International Economics and Business Project 2: Preparing the construction of a presentation tool by defining the information requirements. The tool will present financial data and will be used for analysis by the Finance department.
  12. 12. Making The Most of NOW! @ Vodafone Marije Wustman Young Talent Consumer & Enterprise Marketing MscBA in Marketing Management 1st & 2nd project: Marketing Communications Department Brand activation & Development of various communication devices for (in)direct sales channels 3rd project: EBU Base Marketing Optimization and implementation of the communication strategy in customer lifecycle process
  13. 13. Maarten Kadiks Young Talent Online Services Unit // 27 // Msc. Business Administration // Interest in online marketing & new media 1st project: Taking affiliate marketing to the next level 2nd Project: Widget development strategy for the up & coming Vodafone Widget Platform 2009/2010