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Nhs property campaignmanual-aug-12-2010-1

  1. 1. A Resident’s Guide to Property Resources for Neighborhood Improvement
  2. 2. AboutNeighborhood Housing ServicesInitially founded to serve a single neighborhood, Neighborhood The work we do empowers individuals and families. We help peopleHousing Services (NHS) has since expanded services region-wide, make informed choices that will increase their long-term wealth;offering one-stop-shopping for comprehensive home-ownership enhance their positive civic participation; and become leaders inservices. Since 1976, we have worked to revitalize communities by their community. We invest in individuals, in neighborhoods, and inincreasing the number of homeowners and transforming vacant children – to create vibrant communities of choice, and to advanceor substandard properties into sustainable home-ownership the evolution of the Greater New Orleans region. opportunities. We improve quality of life through informed community development initiatives, leadership development,education, outreach & collaboration.NHS provides a holistic approach to community redevelopment,offering an array of services to impact neighborhoods and individualhouseholds and develop resident leadership. We offer classes todeliver basic personal finance management information and home-ownership education; one-on-one counseling to help people clean uptheir credit, avoid foreclosure, and learn sound financial managementskills; and community building initiatives to foster leadershipdevelopment and organize neighborhood capacity.We also offer construction management: a tremendous resourcefor anyone undergoing a home renovation or rebuild project, at anylevel of income. It’s a great tool for anyone who doesn’t considerhim/herself “construction savvy,” and doesn’t want the burden ofmonitoring their own home renovations. 4528 Freret Street New Orleans, Louisiana 70115 (504) 899-5900 Property Campaign Manual | About
  3. 3. Table of ContentsPurpose Table of ContentsThere are a lot of resources that can be useful when looking for A Resident’s Guide to Propertyinformation about properties and processes, but some are also Introduction 1confusing or hard to find. The purpose of this guide is to help Outcomes for a Distressed Property 2residents be more involved in the process of turning a distressed Improving Property in Your Neighborhood: First Steps 3property into a positive asset for the community. This guide will help Steps You Can Take in Code Enforcement you figure out where to learn about a property, how to participate in How do you report a problem? 4a public hearing, and help make New Orleans and its neighborhoods a Once a property is reported/At a hearing 5great place to live. The Code Enforcement Process 6 How do I attend a hearing? 7 Attending a reset hearing 8 Sheriff’s Sales/Tax Sales 9 Demolition 10 Looking Up Tax Information 12 Other Useful Information/Resources 13 Glossary 14 Neighborhood Housing Services | Table of Contents
  4. 4. IntroductionWe all love New Orleans and take pride in our neighborhoods. Yet, many areas have suffered from a great deal of stress environmentally,economically, and from population loss. When a property is abandoned or vacant, the residents who live nearby can suffer. Neglected propertyfosters unsafe and illegal activities, harbors health and environmental hazards, lowers property values, and jeopardizes community pride.After identifying neglected property as a major concern of residents, Neighborhood Housing Services (NHS) embarked on a campaign to addressthis problem. The campaign includes surveying properties, working with residents to contact property owners, as well as coordinating with otherpublic agencies to enforce housing codes and report violations.NHS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that has been providing education and assistance to homeowners for over 30 years. The goal of NHS is to revitalizecommunities by increasing the number of homeowners and transforming vacant or substandard properties into sustainable homeownership. Theyalso work to improve quality of life through informed community building initiatives, leadership development, education, outreach, andcollaboration. Property Campaign Manual | Introduction 1
  5. 5. Outcomes for a Distressed Property Outcomes for a Distressed Property Title Owner Renovates Owner Keeps Property Owner Demolishes New Owner Renovates Owner Sells Property New Owner Demolishes If Blighted Expropriation Owner Fixes Violations Sheriff Sale Property Guilty of Owner Does Not Fix Distressed Property Code Violations Violations If Public Nuisance Property Seizure Government Abatement Owner Pays and Redeems Property (Must be done within 3 What is distressed? years or 18 months if the property is declared A distressed property is on that could Property has Unpaid blighted) be in poor condition or may be violating Sold in Tax Sale Taxes a housing or health code or has unpaid Owner does not pay taxes. and Property Belongs to Purchaser Distressed Property: A distressed property is one that could be in poor condition or may be violating a housing or health code or has unpaid taxes.2 Neighborhood Housing Services | Overall Process
  6. 6. Improving Property in Your NeighborhoodFirst Steps Residents Can Take1) Try Contacting your Neighbor What characterizes a public nuisance?If you know who owns the property, consider reaching out to Large amount of trash on lotthem to find out what their intentions are for the future. If he Plants are taller than 18 inchesor she is in need of assistance, perhaps you know of some Abandoned automobiles, appliances, furniture, etc.resources that would be helpful to them. Unsafe conditions for children, unstable foundation, uncovered holes and unsecured building materials Rats and other small animals can find food and shelter easily on the2) Look into Possible Code Enforcement Violations siteThe property may be in violation of the city’s housing standards which Objects on the site that can hold standing watermay make it either a public nuisance or a blighted property.It might be a fire hazard, not have the facilities or equipment requiredby the housing code, have a negative impact on the What characterizes blight?neighborhood (health, safety, or economic strength), be abandoned Unsafe, unsanitary, or unhealthy living conditionsor have an infestation of rodents. Constitutes fire hazard Lacks facilities or equipment required by the housing code Forms a negative impact on the neighborhood in terms of public health, safety, or economic liveliness An abandoned property An infestation of rodents The biggest difference between blight and a public nuisance is the outcome. For additional information, see chart on page 7. Property Campaign Manual | Code Enforcement 3
  7. 7. Steps You Can Take in Code EnforcementHow Do You Report a Problem?Report the problem online.ONLINE STEPSThe best way to report a violation is online at On the left, there will be a button that says, “Find or Report.”2) In that list, click on “report a code violation.” You can ask to remain anonymous. Types of Problems You Can Report Drug Activity Open/Unsecured Windows & Doors Vagrants Rodents High Weeds Partial Collapse/Structural Problems Trash/Debris orCALL (504) 658-2299 Tip Make sure to record the violation number when you file a report.4 Neighborhood Housing Services | Reporting Violations
  8. 8. Steps You Can Take in Code EnforcementWhat Happens When a Property is Reported? What happens at a hearing?The City will send an inspector to the property. At a hearing, it’s determined if the property is guilty or not guilty of a violation.The inspector will identify whether or not the site is breaking theCity’s housing code. If the property owner can show that he or she fixed the problems, then they are innocent and the case is dropped. If the propertyIf the property is in violation of the code, the property owner will owner has not fixed the problems, he or she is found guilty.receive a letter. If they are found guilty a couple things occur:The property owner will be expected to go to a hearing about the 1) The owner has to pay fines until it is 30 days later. 2) The property owner has 30 days to fix the problem. 3) A second hearing (also called a reset hearing) will take place toDuring these 30 days the property owner can fix the problem. make sure the property has been fixed. Residents can also attend this meeting.Neighbors can gather information, prepare for the hearing, and canplan to attend the hearing. If the problem still isn’t fixed: 1) Liens can be placed on the property 2) Then the nuisance may be removed or the property demol ished by the city at the owner’s expense. Helpful information about attending a code enforcement hearing as 3) The property may undergo expropriation or Sheriff Sale a neighbor: • On hearing days, multiple properties are scheduled to begin at 9:15 am or 1:15 pm. What is expropriation? • It can take several hours before a property is called for it’s official If a property is declared blighted and the owner does not fix it up, hearing. the New Orleans Redevelopment Authority will then take owner- • If the property owner does not appear, the hearing will not take ship of the property and eventually put it back into circulation. place. If the condition of the property has not improved, the judgement is guilty. Property Campaign Manual |After Reporting a Violation 5
  9. 9. The Code Enforcement Process Report Filed/ Property Administrative Sweep Inspection has been Case Hearing brought into Conducted Closed compliance Guilty Owner demostrates progress on property; Owner compliance agreement created. -Judgment signed & Public Nuisance recorded and/or Blight -Daily fine issued -Notice of 30 day appeal Reset -Liens issued & recorded Hearing Scheduled Eligible for City Abatement of Public Nuisance Transfer to NORA Enforce Lien Types of Violations for Expropriation Building code violations refer mainly to unoccupied structures. Enforce Foreclosure Health code violations refer mainly to occupied Fines Sale structures6 Neighborhood Housing Services | Code Enforcement
  10. 10. Steps You Can Take in Code EnforcementHow do I Attend a Hearing?If you have determined that the property you have been researchingalready has a violation on file and a scheduled code enforcementhearing, it may be valuable to attend the hearing in person. You canfind out about attending upcoming hearings in several ways.ONLINE STEPS1) A schedule of code enforcement hearings is listed on the website: go to and click on “Departments andAgencies” and select “Code Enforcement”2) Once on the code enforcement website, you can scroll down to thesection “Schedule of Code Enforcement Hearings” and select “clickhere to view a list of these properties”3) This will show you a list of dates. For each date, you can select“download” and a document will open that will show you a scheduleof properties and property owners as well as the date, time, and The Bureau of Administrative Adjudication in the Office of Community Development, City of New Orleans, is scheduled to hear the following cases at St. Marialocation for the code enforcement hearing. Goretti Church, 7300 Crowder Blvd., New Orleans LA, 70127. The purpose of these hearings is to determine if the properties at the locations listed below should be declared blighted pursuant to the provisions of Section 28-38 of the City Code or a public nuisance pursuant to the provisions of Section 28-37, et seq., of the City Code. If the property is declared blighted, it is eligible for expropriation and if the property is declared a public nuisance, it is eligible for demolition.If you cannot go online, you can find out about upcoming codeenforcement hearings in the Times-Picayune newspaper. Property Address Contact Address on Contact City, State and Case Hearing Hearing Number Dir. Street Name Suffix Contact Name on Record Record Zip Code on Record Number Date Time 3940 3rd St. Wilfred J. Vosberg Jr. P.O. Box 925 Boutte, LA 70039 10-00375 3/18/10 1:15 PM 1321 Annette St. William L. Byrd 1321 Annette Street New Orleans, LA 70116 10-00376 3/18/10 1:15 PMYou can also call the Office of Code Enforcement to find out about 6470 Argonne Blvd. Jerry Mar, LLC. 1522 Athis, LLC C/O 8705 W. Metairie Avenue Metairie, LA 70003 10-00377 3/18/10 1:15 PM 1522 Athis St. Gerard Metzger 829 Baronne Street New Orleans, LA. 70113 10-00337 3/18/10 9:15 AMupcoming hearings. The phone number is (504) 658-4300. 2215 2524 Caffin Dauphine Ave. St. Mandy G. Kirk James M. Thorrick 5447 Dauphine Street P.O. Box 70172 New Orleans, LA 70116 New Orleans, LA 70172 10-00378 10-00379 3/18/10 3/18/10 1:15 PM 1:15 PM 2600 General Collins 2218 Desire St. Columbus Smith Jr. Avenue New Orleans, LA. 70114 10-00338 3/18/10 9:15 AM 2224 Desire St. Alcus Williams Jr. 2224 Desire Street New Orleans, LA. 70117 10-00339 3/18/10 9:15 AM St. (Accessory 2224 Desire Bldg) Alcus Williams Jr. 2224 Desire Street New Orleans, LA. 70117 10-00340 3/18/10 9:15 AM 2300 Desire St. Marijojuana Dukes ET AL 6001 Downman Road New Orleans, LA. 70126 10-00341 3/18/10 9:15 AM 2308 Desire St. Deborah D. Jones 5204 Forest Park Lane Algiers, LA. 70131 10-00342 3/18/10 9:15 AM St. (Accessory 2308 Desire Bldg) Deborah D. Jones 5204 Forest Park Lane Algiers, LA. 70131 10-00343 3/18/10 9:15 AM Property Campaign Manual |Attending Hearings 7
  11. 11. Steps You Can Take After the HearingAttend a Reset Hearing Where Do I find a Hearing For a Specific Property?Look to see if there is going to be a second hearing or reset hearing If you are looking for one specific property and don’t want to checkto make sure code violations have been fixed. the internet/ city hall every day there is an easier way.After a property has had its hearing, the owner may have the Online Stepsopportunity to make the necessary repairs according to an agreement On the City of New Orleans website,, the top rightmade with the court. Then a reset hearing will be set to evaluate if corner has a section called “My CNO.”the repairs have been made. 1) Click on “register here” the first time, and “log in” every time thereafter. This is a free account that gives you better access.Online Steps 2) Once you’ve set up your account, you can search in the top rightTo check for reset hearings, you can check on the code corner. If you type in the street name, all related hearings show up asenforcement website. events. If a hearing has passed, you can read the result on this same page. NOTE: All information about a property may not be updated on1) Scroll down to “Upcoming Reset Dates” and click on “Upcoming the website.Reset Dates”. A document will open with a list of properties and theirreset dates. The Bureau of Administrative Adjudication for the Health Department also holds hearings every Tuesday and Wednesday starting at 9:00am. To go to one of those hearings, go to the City Hall on 1300 Perdido St, Suite 8E18.8 Neighborhood Housing Services | Reset Hearings
  12. 12. Steps You Can Take After the HearingWhat are Sheriff’s Sales? Does the property have unpaid taxes or is it going to be sold in a tax sale?A Sheriff’s Sale occurs when the government sells real estate or otherproperty for a variety of reasons including foreclosure or other legal What is a Tax Sale?issues. In New Orleans, the sale is conducted by the Orleans Parish A tax sale occurs when a property has delinquent taxes andCivil Sheriff’s Office. Sales are made through a public auction and the city sells the property to recover these taxes. This is doneawarded to the highest bidder. through a public sale. The sale price of the property is theWhat makes a property eligible for Sheriff’s Sales (lien foreclosure)? amount of the owned taxes plus any accrued interest, costs, anda. No homestead exemption other statutory impositions.b. Must not have been thru tax sale in the previous 3 yearsc. Must have a blight judgment rendered against it If the property is sold, the original owner has three years to redeemNeighborhoods can take initiative in selecting the properties that the property from the purchaser. In New Orleans, if the property iswill be addressed through Sheriff Sales. Selected properties should blighted or abandoned, then the amount of time the owner has tobe monitored as they go through the code enforcement process. redeem the property is reduced to 18 months. An original owner of aNeighborhoods can contact their councilperson on a monthly basis property redeems it from a purchaser by paying that person the salewith properties they would like to see enter this process. price plus a 5% penalty and 1% interest per month from the date of the sale until the date it is redeemed. If the original owner does notWhat items need to be in the file that the neighborhood presents to make this payment, then the purchaser gets full ownership of thethe councilmember to initiate a Sheriff’s Sale? property. If no one bids on the property, then it is adjudicated to thea. Photo and copy of current tax bill. city or municipality. If you buy the property and make investmentsb. Judgment of blight certified by the Notorial Archives. ($32) during the 3-year or 18 month redemption period and the property is reclaimed by the original owner, those investments can not beHow can I find out about upcoming Sheriff’s Sales? recovered.Sheriff’s sales occur every Thursday at noon unless otherwiseadvertised. Each piece of property and the auction date is advertised Bidding on tax sale properties is done exclusively online atin the Times- Picayune newspaper 30 days beforehand and again on Monday. They are also advertised in a second publication suchas the Louisiana Weekly. Upcoming lists of properties for sale arealso available three weeks before the auction in two places: in theReal Estate Division of the Sheriff’s Office and on the Sheriff’s Officewebsite at Property Campaign Manual | Sheriff’s Sale and Tax Sale 9
  13. 13. Steps You Can Take After the HearingWill The Property be Demolished?Once a property is adjudicated and declared a public nuisance, the The Neighborhood Conservation District Committee (NCDC) is theproperty may be up for demolition. If the owner is against the committee responsible for reviewing demolition applications. Itdemolition, s/he has 20 days from receiving a notice of demolition to publicizes its upcoming meetings and decisions on property.write an official objection to the Department of Code Enforcement:Office of Housing Code Enforcement Online StepsAttn Mr. Hillary Carrere 1) Go to the City of New Orleans website,, click1340 Poydras St. Suite 1100 on “Demolition”New Orleans, LA 70112 2) At the bottom, “View NCDC website.” 3) Once there you can see when the meetings are, click toIf the owner shows serious intent to bring the property back up to download the agenda, or click to download how each personcode, or the property is in the historic register, New Orleans might voted. The disposition chart shows what the outcome was withtake the property off the demolition list. the property: approved for demolition or not and why.Online StepsIf you want to know if the property you are learning about is on thedemolition list, you can write to the above address or1) go to www.cityofno.com2) Click in the center of the page on the tab “demolition” and then “Click here to view a list of these properties.”3) To learn which properties are historic or the owner showed serious effort, click on “Click here to view a list of properties removed from the demolition process.”10 Neighborhood Housing Services | Demolition
  14. 14. Other Title Useful InformationHow do I Find Out if The Property Has a BuildingPermit?ONLINE STEPSTo find out if the property has acquired a building permit from theCity, follow these steps:1) Go to the Office of Safety and Permits website at Click on “Permit Access Database” on the right-hand side of thescreen3) Once you have entered the permit database, click on the“Permits” tab.4) Under the General Search toolbar, select “Search by Address”5) The search will produce a list of similar addresses that link topermit records, if a permit has been issued to the property, you canclick on the record number and view the details of the permit including a project description,If there are no permits associated with the property, think addresslink will produce no results Property Campaign Manual | Building Permits 11
  15. 15. Other Title Useful InformationHow do I Look Up Tax Information?1) You Can Get Information From The Tax Assessor’s Office. 2) You Can Also Get Information From The Treasury Bureau.Online Steps You can also look up what taxes the property might owe through theA site that will give you information on the property is the assessor’s treasury’s This site will show you exactly what taxes were paid, when theproperty was purchased, but remember- the information might not be Online Stepsthe most up to date. 1) Start at the city’s website, On the left, click on1) You can go to “pay real estate taxes” or “pay taxes.”2)Click on “search records” in the top blue bar, agree to use thedata for information only, and then choose a search with the data 2) On the next page, you’ll be asked to choose real estate or businessyou have. If you have the owner’s name, click on “search by owner personal property tax and put in the tax bill number. You have the taxname. Similarly, if you have the address, click on “search by location bill number from the other site. Click on “find my taxes.”address.” If the property owes taxes you might have a stronger case for why it’sThe tax bill number is important to have. This information is useful to a public nuisance. Similarly, if you are trying to prove your property isshow if the owner paid his/her taxes and how much the property is not a nuisance, showing that you’ve paid all your taxes can help.worth as you try to build the case showing the property is or is not apublic nuisance.12 Neighborhood Housing Services | Tax Information
  16. 16. Other Useful Information Code Enforcement in Your NeighborhoodWhat if I Don’t Have Access To a Computer? What Are Additional Resources?If you don’t have a computer at home, or can’t get to the library, there Legal Resourcesare some non-internet resources you can use. Southeast Louisiana Legal Services Southeast Louisiana Legal Services is a non-profit free legal program forIf there is a neighborhood association, you may be able to ask them low-income individuals.about what is happening with the property and who owns it. 1010 Common St., Annex Bld., Suite 1400AYou can also request tax bills and details from the Bureau of the New Orleans, LA 70112Treasury by calling (504) 658 2299 , or visiting/ sending a letter to: Phone: (504) 529-1000 or (504) 520-1008 or (877) 521-6242 Fax: (504) 529-1009City of New Orleans, Bureau of the Treasury1300 Perdido St For help with Succession/Title Clearing Issues, Contact Jovandra LarksRm 1W38 at the New Orleans office at (504) 529-1000 Ext. 274New Orleans, LA, 70112 Community Resources The Neighborhood Partnership Network is a non-profit organization consisting of a citywide network of organizations that was established after Hurricane Katrina to facilitate neighborhood collaboration, increase access to government information, and strengthen the voices of individuals and communities across New Orleans. Neighborhood Partnership Network (NPN) 4902 Canal St, Rm 301 New Orleans, LA 70119 504-940-2207 Property Campaign Manual | Resources 13
  17. 17. Glossary Title311 or (504) 658-2299 - Information/ Connection to City Clean-and-Lien Program – The Clean-and-Lien program applies onlyDepartments, this is the number to report a violation or ask for to structures in Housing Opportunity Zones (HOZs). After aninformation on a hearing. administrative enforcement hearing determines that a code violation exists for a property and the Administrative Hearing Officer issues aAbatement – If a property has been abated, a violation or public final order, a private contractor will secure the blighted property bynuisance has been fixed or removed. boarding windows, gutting, cutting the grass, filling holes, terminating utilities, draining and filling pools, and resolving and capping sewerAdministrative Adjudication – Administrative Adjudication is the lines. To pay the costs of this securing and maintenance, the City willprocess by which an administrative agency issues an order. For then place a lien on the property for that amount.example, during a Code Enforcement hearing, the hearing process Website: decides if a property is innocent of guilty of a violation is a progress-projects-Clean-and-Lien-Program.aspxprocess of administrative adjudication. Chapter 28 of the City Code – Chapter 28 of the City Code is whereAdministrative Hearing – Administrative hearings are held to to find the building code requirements for unoccupied housing. Thedetermine if a property is innocent or guilty of a code violation. complete City Code can be found at default-test/home.htm?infobase=10040&doc_action=whatsnew.Appeal – If a judgment has been made on a property declaring ita public nuisance or blighted, the property owner has 30 days to Code Enforcement – Code Enforcement is responsible for determiningchallenge the decision (appeal). An appeal is filed with the Civil if buildings are in violation of the City’s building codes. Inspectors areDistricts Court at (504) 592-9250. sent to examine properties in question and if violations exist a hearing is set.Assessor – The office responsible for determining the value and taxes Phone Number: (504) 658-4300on all properties. The office also has public information on addresses, To report a property: Dial 3-1-1 or (504) 658-2299property owners, market values, and assessed values. Orleans Parish Assessor’s OfficeCity Hall - Room 4E011300 Perdido St.New Orleans, LA 70112Phone: (504)-658-1300Fax: (504)-658-1303Website: www.nolaassessor.com14 Neighborhood Housing Services | Glossary
  18. 18. Glossary Code Enforcement in Your NeighborhoodExpropriation – Expropriation occurs when a property is declared Homestead Exemption – A Homestead Exemption, when appliedblighted and the owner does not fix it up. The New Orleans for, allows tax appraisal on a primary residence to be reduced. ThisRedevelopment Authority will then take ownership of the property results in lower property taxes.and eventually put it back into circulation. Housing Opportunity Zone (HOZ) –This is an area of focus the CityHistoric District Landmark Commission (HDLC) - The HDLC is in charge (through the “Clean and Lien” project) identified because of the largeof ten of New Orleans’s designated historic districts and properties. number of blighted/ public nuisance properties. Homeowners in theMuch of what they do is helping homeowners of historic buildings designated HOZs are often eligible for “soft” second mortgages. make appropriate repairs. Historic District Landmark Commission Interim Nuisance Abatement Program (INAP) – The INAP works the 1340 Poydras St. Suite 1152 same as the Clean-and-Lien Program but is for vacant lots in Housing Phone: (504) 658-7040 Opportunity Zones. Fax: (504) 658-3802 Website: Inspection – An inspection occurs when a building code violation has been reported. Code Enforcement sends an inspector to determine ifHealth Department –Works to improve the health and safety of the property is in fact breaking one of the codes. If it is, the propertyresidents. It is also involved with code enforcement issues that deal is cited and a hearing is scheduled.with unhealthy or dangerous properties. Health Department Lien – When someone or an agency has a legal claim to someone’s 1300 Perdido Street, Suite 8W03, New Orleans, LA 70112 property in order to recover debt or another obligation. An example Wesley P. Taylor, Director is a tax lien when someone has a legal claim to someone’s property if he or she does not pay the property taxes owed. 504-658-2596 Connie Daniels, Division Administrator Lot Next Door Program –The Lot Next Door program allows residents who live directly to the right or to the left of a property owned by 504-658-2608 NORA the first opportunity to purchase that property. Website: Code Enforcement – A property or an environment thatdoes not meet the city’s health and safety standards will face codeenforcement hearings. Property Campaign Manual | Glossary 15
  19. 19. Glossary TitleNCDC (Neighborhood Conservation District Committee) – The NCDC Reset Hearing – A reset hearing is a follow-up to the first hearing. Itis the committee responsible for reviewing all applications for building reviews whether or not a property owner has fixed the problems withdemolition. the property. If the owner can demonstrate that the property is inconservation-district-committee-meetings.aspx the process of being brought up to code, the property is considered a ‘work in progress’ (WIP) and future hearings are scheduled until theNew Orleans Redevelopment Authority (NORA) – NORA is property is brought into compliance with Chapter 28 of the City Coderesponsible for city redevelopment and revitalization. Its powers for occupied housing.include acquiring property through negotiation, gift, or expropriation,selling or leasing the property, issuing bonds, and providing security Soft Second Mortgage—The Soft Second Mortgage program isto support neighborhood development. meant to fill in the gap between what a home purchaser can afford New Orleans Redevelopment Authority and the actual cost of the home. Funding for the mortgage comes 1340 Poydras St. Suite 600 from three different programs: The First Time Home-Buyer Fund, Phone: (504) 658-4400 Fax: (504) 658-4551 The Homeowner Opportunity Fund, and the Welcome Back Fund. Website: Eligibility is determined based on need, household income, and whether or not the home with within a Housing Opportunity Zone.Notice of Violation – A Notice of Violation is the letter a property The Finance Authority of New Orleans is in charge of the Soft Secondowner receives after an inspector determines the property is Mortgage violation of the building code. It discusses the hearing and Finance Authority of New Orleanscompliance. 618 Barronne St. New Orleans, LA 70113Office of Recovery and Development Administration (ORDA) Phone: (504) 524-5533 or (877) 524-5533– The ORDA is responsible for managing and coordinating all Website: www.financeauthority.orgrecovery efforts in New Orleans including long-term communityredevelopment, infrastructure modernization, and equitable and Sweep – The Code Enforcement Department focuses on a particularcontinual growth for the city. area and puts every property in violation of a code through thePhone: (504) 658-4200 enforcement process. The idea behind a sweep is to address oneWebsite: neighborhood at a time and stabilize it. By fixing the blight, current and future residents will invest in the community.Public Nuisance Property – Whether or not a property is a publicnuisance is determined during a Code Enforcement hearing. A public Unsecured - means open or unsealed doors, windows, or other accessnuisance occurs when a property has significant negative impacts on points into a property.the surrounding properties and residents.16 Neighborhood Housing Services | Glossary
  20. 20. Glossary Title What is Code Enforcement?Other Useful Phone NumbersCity Hall Switchboard(504) 658-4000Code Enforcement Department(504) 658-4300Department of Environmental Affairs(504) 658-4070Department of Public Works(504) 658-4000Health Department(504) 658-2500Historic District Landmark Commission(504) 658-7040Housing Department(504) 658-4200Mayor’s Office(504) 658-4900Mayor’s Office of Public Advocacy(504) 658-4000New Orleans Redevelopment Authority (NORA)(504) 658-4400Rodent, Mosquito and Termite Control(504) 658-2400Safety and Permits Department(504) 658-7130 Property Campaign Manual | Glossary 17
  21. 21. Neighbhorhood Housing ServicesConstruction Management ServicesNHS believes that in addition to building new homes it is also critically The NHS Design/Build Center’s team utilizes a comprehensiveimportant to assist existing homeowners improve and maintain their process that assists in protecting the interests of homeowners. Ourhomes. Construction Specialists act as technical advisers to customers and coordinate the construction process from the initial feasibility study and the development of a scope of work, throughout the competitive bidding and contract process, and provide oversight until construction completion. Our process significantly reduces the risk of contractor fraud and increases the likelihood that that the job is done on time and according to specification because our Construction Specialists will not authorize any payments to the contractor without our professional inspection and the home-owner’s approval. These easy-to-use services are available to all homeowners and home- buyers throughout the New Orleans area. Contact Neighborhood Housing Services at 504.899.5900 or for more information. Our Construction Management Services do exactly that: support andassist homeowners seeking to repair or renovate their home. Ourconstruction specialists perform a feasibility study, put the job outto bid to trusted contractors, and monitor the job on a weekly basis.Because our oversight process is so thorough, jobs are regularlycompleted on time and on budget. This service, which bears a fee of3 - 6% of the project cost, is charged on a sliding scale based on theincome of the homeowner.18 Neighborhood Housing Services | Construction Managment Services
  22. 22. About Neighborhood Housing Services and NeighborWorksNeighborWorks America is a national nonprofit organization created byCongress to provide financial support, technical assistance, and trainingfor community-based revitalization efforts. Together, with national andlocal partners, such as NHS, NeighborWorks creates new opportunitiesfor residents while improving communities. Property Campaign Manual © (Pending) 2010 Neighborhood Housing Services