Lts iop pres 8 june 2011


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Ian Menzies of the Developing Global Citizens Team at Learning and Teaching Scotland gave this presentation on interdisciplinary learning to the Institute of Physics Scotland teacher meeting in June 2011

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Lts iop pres 8 june 2011

  1. 1. Ian Menzies Development Officer Developing Global Citizens Physics - connecting us to the world
  2. 2. Millbrae Crescent Physics - transforming society
  3. 3. Typical cross section through control structure Vortex flow control Culvert Embankment dam Spillway protection Water level sensors
  4. 4. Vortex flow control
  5. 5. Sciences and technology Conservation Environmental sciences Geography and planning Consultation and communication Website and video>> Download from Glow at
  6. 6. Global citizens - transforming society biodiversity Peace and conflict Sustainable lifestyles Climate change Cultural exchange Holocaust education Children’s rights Equality and diversity Social justice International development Identity Scotland’s culture and heritage Racism and sectarianism Intergenerational understanding Poverty and exclusion Stereotypes and bias Low carbon future Learners must be scientifically literate global citizens contexts
  7. 7. Call to reopen powerline public enquiry Climategate whitewashers squirm like maggots Climate camp protestors to target RBS Science, media and society Science enables learners to develop informed views
  8. 8. Tech fixes to climate change Because we can, does that mean we should? science technology society Nano-technology Mega dams GM crops Cloning Beauly to Denny Powerline Controversy, values and ethics Energy security
  9. 9. Standard Grade Controversy, values and ethics Applications-led Credits: Beige Alert & James Cridland/Flickr Creative Commons Curriculum for Excellence Was the TV report accurate? What do you think? Making learning relevant, challenging and fun
  10. 10.
  11. 11. Interdisciplinary learning
  12. 12. Task How has your department been involved in interdisciplinary learning activities? What was the theme/focus of these activities? Which departments were involved?
  13. 13. About interdisciplinary learning <ul><li>To allow children and young people to make genuine and relevant connections across learning. </li></ul><ul><li>To give them the opportunity to experience breadth, depth, challenge and application in their study of particular topics. </li></ul>Find out more about interdisciplinary learning >>
  14. 14. Sustainable design & technology Global footprinting Renewable energy Engineering challenges Climate change Global citizenship & IDL Low carbon future Global citizenship issues offer rich and complex themes for learning across many curriculum areas
  15. 15. Investment specialists The world of work Scientists Hydraulics engineers Flow dynamics researchers Computer modellers Ecologists Applied mathematicians Materials specialists Deep sea welders Interdisciplinary approaches are an essential feature of workplace environments
  16. 16. Green careers Image credit: Ocean Power Delivery Ltd There will be an estimated 130,000 green jobs created in the next 10 - 15 yrs as Scotland makes the transformation to a low carbon economy. STEM skills will be in the greatest demand. The Path is Green >> Glow meet video
  17. 17. Develop informed, ethical views of complex issues Working collaboratively Evaluate environmental, scientific and technological issues Solve problems Research, handle & process information Analyse, think critically & logically Skills Investigate and explore Interdisciplinary activities help develop essential skills
  18. 18. Oban High Wind Farm S1 Interdisciplinary Challenge Geography/Physics/PSE/SDS Download from Glow at
  19. 19. Campbeltown Grammar S2 - Using storyline approach English (and literacy) Geography (Social studies) Sciences ICT (Technologies) Drama (Expressive Arts) Download from Glow at
  20. 20. Citizenship Individual Term 1 Local/Community Term 2 National Term 3 Global Term 4 SMT provided a broad theme to each term Monifieth High
  21. 21. The planning wall provided space for all of the outcomes across all curricular areas
  22. 22. Monifieth High Science, Geography and RME A Channel 4 documentary &quot;The Great Global Warming Swindle&quot; claims that man-made global warming is &quot;a lie&quot; and &quot;the biggest scam of modern times.&quot; The documentary says the Earth has warmed and cooled throughout history . The recent climate changes are natural , it claims. Download from Glow at
  23. 23. Getting closer to real-life energy conservation (P7- S2) Millburn Academy Download from Glow at
  24. 24. Deans Community High S1 Excellence Awards in Sciences >> Climate change Energy Engineering Topical Science Rating Exercise ** Collect 10 newspaper articles about current scientific news. Write a brief summary of what they say. *** Make a 3D model of how the UK might look if global warming makes the sea levels rise by 1meter. ** What are ethics? Find out and give an example of where ethics are important in science. ** Make a presentation about global warming and explain what scientists can do to stop it. Include carbon capture/sequestering in your presentation.
  25. 25.
  26. 26. Resources
  27. 27. STEM Central
  28. 28. Download this resource >>
  29. 29. SDE resources Link to LTS SDE resources >>
  30. 30. Weather & Climate Change
  31. 31. Schools Global Footprint
  32. 32. Exploring Climate Change
  33. 33. Partnership with Keir Bloomer, Roger Talbot and Jim Goodall To use the theme of Low carbon futures to develop high order thinking skills and promote a deep approach to interdisciplinary learning Low Carbon Future - Pilot Interested in becoming a pilot school? Download from Glow at
  34. 34. Aims: To engage young people in measuring environmental data To develop understanding about flooding and adaptation to climate change To use local rivers as a focus to promote interdisciplinary learning and skills development Eight pilot schools – Glasgow and Peebles Citizen Science - Pilot OPAL website >>
  35. 35. Scottish Learning Festival - 21 st – 22 nd Sept 2011 Deep learning in an IDL context – Keir Bloomer Richard Milne, University of Edinburgh Climate Change: Truth, Controversy and Evidence (Watch video on Glow at ) Oban High: Interdisciplinary approach to renewables Coming up... View SLF Programme >>
  36. 36. Scottish Learning Festival - 21 st – 22 nd Sept 2011 STEM Central Global citizenship at Grange Academy Renewable energy education: Western Isles and Glasgow Climate change and forests: Royal Highland Edn. Trust Coming up... View SLF Programme >>
  37. 37. National SDE Glow group at Twitter - SusDevEd Read the global citizenship blog Keeping you in the loop SIGN UP to our ebulletin
  38. 38. Ian Menzies Development Officer Developing global citizens Email: [email_address] Please share your ideas with us Download this presentation from Glow at http://