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Thesocialbureau sxsw 2012 wrapup for frenchweb slideshare 1

  1. 1. South by Southwest 2012
  2. 2. Whatis SXSW?South by Southwest: annual music, film and interactive conferences and festival9th -18th of March in Austin, Texas3 events in 1: music, film, interactive
  3. 3. Amazingatmosphere Uberpedicab A towncriere for yourtweetsHootsuite Party Bus
  4. 4. Whatis SXSW Interactive?The 19th South by Southwest Interactive festivalFrom the 9th to the 13th of March in Austin, TexasRecognised as one of the majorannualeventsdedicated to the future digital usage.Gatheredaround 17 000 participants, 5000 startupsand 200 conferences.
  5. 5. Best KeynotesRay Kurzweil, the legendaryvisionary has made an impressivekeynote in front of a hugecrowd about « expandingourintelligence withoutlimits ». He sharedwith the audience hisvision of the future. « Whatweseetodayis the democratisation of Innovation » « You are whatyoueat but youalso are whatyouthink »
  6. 6. Best KeynotesRay Kurzweil
  7. 7. Best Keynotes Danah Boyd, researcherat Microsoft, made a fabulouspresentation about the power of fear in networked publics. Shecovered the culture of fear and the consequences of visibility.Conclusion of herkeynote: Replace fear of theunknownwithcuriosity. « Fearisusedconsciously to control public and encourage them to do things. »
  8. 8. Danah Boyd
  9. 9. Keynotes The viewfrominsideRainnWilson’sbrainstemwas the mosthilariouskeynote of SXSW festival. He spoke about bringingaltruism to the web and allowing spiritual conversations.« Sharing photos and art is the future of theweb »
  10. 10. BestKeynotesRainnWilson’s
  11. 11. Best Keynotes Tim O’Reillyis the founder and CEO of O’Reilly Media. Hiskeynotecreate more value thanyou capture. Build a sustainable business and a sustainableeconomy.Hisadvice for young entrepreneur was towork on stuffthatmatters, beproud of it andfind people that are just as passionateabout whatyou do as you are.« create value for the society and make the world a better place to fill in the needs. »
  12. 12. The future trends was the application thateverybodywasspeaking about and itcouldbe the nextbigthing. This application allowsyou to know if one of yourfriend, a friend of yourfriends or someonewhosharesaffinitywithyouisnearby.Highlightrelies on Facebook and the GPS of yoursmartphone.Last year, Robert ScoblepeggedHighlight as the next “hottestthingatSXSW,” and severalotherbloggers have sincecrowneditsuch.
  13. 13. The future trendsInterviews with Christian Sutherland-WongfromHIGHLIGHT andMC SIEGLER fromCRUNCHFUND
  14. 14. The future trendsLocal Mind et Forecast applications werealso the big trends of the festival.Local Mindconsists in asking people already in a location what dotheythink about it and whatis the atmosphere.Forecastallowspublishingwhatyouwill do tonight/tomorrow andyourfriendscanchoosewhether to accompanyyou by clicking on me too.
  15. 15. The future trendsThe « what if » experience: Pepsico has initiatedthisproject by providing participantsa digital pen and a notebook. Anythingwritten in the small book isembed by the penand itistranscribed as data whichwillthenbeexploited by Pepsico.
  16. 16. The winner of Start-up Bus, winner of start-up Bus 2012 is a startup thatoffers the ability tocustomize the ingredients in itscereal boxes for breakfast. Thepersonalizationisorchestrated by a highlyvisual interface andeverythingisdelivereddirectlyat home.
  17. 17. InstagramannouncementInterview of Kevin Systrom, CEO of Instagramwhoannouncedat SXSWthe launch of the application on Android.
  18. 18. SXSW 2012, the year of infectiousoptimism- This year the biggest trend iswhatcanbedescribed as passive location-basedapps andservices. Tellingusers about relevant people. (based on mutualfriends andmutualinterests) in the vicinity of offering a way to connectwiththoseusers: Highlight,Sonar, Glancee, Forecast , Banjo.- Photo frenzyisn’tjust a passing phase. We’reseeing a consumer movementtoward a more visual culture brought on by technology and media. In age of Pinterest , Instagram, Brands need an image strategy- Social TV whoowns social TV, how to bring brands to the party and how differentdepartmentsattelevision networks are becoming more integrated to make social more successful.- Content curation ishere to stay: We’re living in an era of content abundance and curation isnow part of the content equation. Check out scoopit special SXSW 2012
  19. 19. Best moments video
  20. 20. Contactsthe social bureau : Delphine Remy-Boutang: @delphineRBOrange: Web: