Présentation Atelier "Apponomics 2012" chez FrenchWeb par Yann Lechelle


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[Atelier FrenchWeb] Apponomics 2012, tout savoir sur l'économie des applications mobiles

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Présentation Atelier "Apponomics 2012" chez FrenchWeb par Yann Lechelle

  1. 1. APPSFIRE Yann Lechelle co-founder Twitter @ylechelle
  2. 2. Appsfire Corporate Background ‣  Founded in 2009‣  Raised $4.6m in total‣  Seed investment by top private investors in Europe and US (Marc Simoncini, Xavier Niel, Jacques Antoine Granjon, Jean David Blanc, Lerer Ventures, Fabrice Grinda)‣  Series A with a leading european VC (IDinvest) in 2011‣  13 employees: HQ in Paris, France, with office in Tel Aviv, Israel‣  Innovation and R&D label granted in France (JEI, OSEO)‣  Nominated as Top 100 European Startup by the Telegraph
  3. 3. A Market-Leading Discovery and PromotionalPlatform for Mobile AppsFOR CONSUMERSA personalized, mobile app discovery platform, combiningalgorithmic, contextual and social recommendations Ø  4.5 million users to dateFOR DEVELOPERS & OPERATORSAn end-to-end marketing platform enabling mobile app developersand store operators to acquire and retain users. Ø  hundreds of satisfied clients, operator deals
  4. 4. Marketing Apps:It’s hard, it’s necessary
  5. 5. Over 1 million apps to choose from… iOS: 590K Android Android: 435K 42% And then… Windows Phone: 50K iOS Blackberry 58% hard facts brought to you by
  6. 6. Getting to the top… for what? Not all acquired users are born equals: Real, incentivized, bots Incentivized & bots only help to reach top of the charts, artificially.You need well over 50K download to be in the To 25 US. Being in the Top25 US at most adds 15k real users/day! A lot less in other geographies.
  7. 7. Discovery via Charts/Rankings ➜ discovery is broken iTunes App Store 99.95% of all apps Top25 or Top50 are not discovered Free or Paid iPhone or iPad US, UK or FR over 99.95% of all apps are NOT discovered 50 to 350 unique apps featured per month in the Top25 or Top50 in surveyed geographies (US, UK, FR) hard facts brought to you by
  8. 8. Cost of acquiring usersNaïve/raw cost $1.8/user in the US (free apps) Source: Fiksu - December 2012 True acquisition cost = Cost of marketing campaigns / ( real users * attrition rate *virality factor * hard work * appsfire ;-)
  9. 9. Everything Else Matters!•  Ramp-up momentum •  Building up expectations “Coming Soon” ✓ •  Professional, targeted, simultaneous/multiple campaigns ✓•  Retention •  Analytics, cohort understanding •  Customer relationship management (CRM) ✓ •  Listening, iterating, improving •  Contextualization, localization•  Virality •  Social media integration (Facebook COG) •  Sharing incentives •  Gamification