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Participation at the Hubforum Moscou - Mobile market in Russia


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Participation at the Hubforum Moscou - Mobile market in Russia

  1. 1. Current trends in the Russianmobile marketMarc SommerMTS, Director for Products & Innovation15th April 2012
  2. 2. Local app store with local applications is main success factors in Russia Shares of players on Russian apps market, mln. Key success factors for MNO USD in Russia 04/10/12  Leading position in the market Quickly creation of App store with large 04/10/12 number of applications and largest 04/10/12 04/10/12 MTS revenue breakdown base of App store clients on the market 04/10/12 04/10/12  promotion among subscribers 04/10/12 04/10/12 04/10/12 Branded  promotion among developers (28%*) apps 04/10/12  Operator billing 04/10/12 strategic 04/10/12 goal  Local content and applications 04/10/12  Sales intelligence of shop 04/10/12 (33%*) 04/10/12  Ability to push apps to the base 04/10/12  Smart pricing** 04/10/12 04/10/12 (30%*) Large number of free applications, 04/10/12 04/10/12 income due to traffic and advertising 04/10/12 04/10/12 (34%*) (40%*)  Collaboration with providers of the 04/10/12 04/10/12 most popular services (social 04/10/12 (36%*) 04/10/12* networks, search and LBS services)  Brand of outsource applications 04/1 04/1 04/1 04/1 «MTS verified app» label for the best 0/12 0/12 0/12 0/12 applications * Market shares are shown only for Big3 playersSource: AC&M, Json & Partners Consulting ** Forecast that share from advertising will grow from 5% in 2009 to 25% in 2013; number of free applications will grow from 79% to 87% _________________________________ (Please stamp Confidence) *** Carrier billing 2 Mobile TeleSystems OJSC, 4, Marksistskaya str., Moscow, Russia
  3. 3. Smartphones penetration growth stimulates interest in applications and growth of consumer trafficSmartphone penetration in Russia, mln.Fact Forecast 04/10/12  Growth of smartphones penetration will lead to 04/10/12 new opportunities for Texte MNOs, e.g. increase of 04/10/12 04/10/12 application usage due to 04/10/12 04/10/12 snowball effect 04/10/1204/10/122010 2011 2012 2013 2014 04/10/12 04/10/12_________________________________(Please stamp Confidence) 3Mobile TeleSystems OJSC, 4, Marksistskaya str., Moscow, Russia
  4. 4. Average speed of the network evolution and influence on applications usageAverage speed of the network evolution in Russia up to 100 Mbit/s 3,14 Mbit/s 256 kbit/s LTE 128 kbit/s HSDPA UMTS 2014 40-60 kbit/s EDGE 2009 Launch of LTE in 2008 2012 in Russia 9,6-14,4 kbit/s GPRS 2005 CSD 2001 Aggressive MTS Internet Traffic forecast, mln.Tb. 1994 04/10/12 04/10/12 04/10/12 04/10/12 04/10/12 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015_________________________________(Please stamp Confidence) 4Mobile TeleSystems OJSC, 4, Marksistskaya str., Moscow, Russia
  5. 5. Segmentation of customer base allows targeted marketing of product and services Status  Tariff plan  ARPU Social- Calls demographic  Call behavior  Age  Roaming (countries)  Gender Criterions of segmentation Devices Geografic  Type  Macroregion  Vendor  Region  Model Other services  Internet  Content  etc._________________________________(Please stamp Confidence) 5Mobile TeleSystems OJSC, 4, Marksistskaya str., Moscow, Russia
  6. 6. App Store, Opera Mini and customized handsets are the main channels for MTS branded apps distribution at 2011 Shop windows and MTS toolbar (new) Shop windows and channels of sale channels of sale WEB Apps Portal 2,5 mln Branded Opera Mini 6,7 mln 1,5 mln Personal cabinet (new) MTS CRM programs branded 2,5 mln apps 10,2 mln Customization App stores (OVI, Apple) 0,8 mln early 2,7 mln XX mln – Target potential customer base reach by the end of 2011_________________________________(Please stamp Confidence) 6Mobile TeleSystems OJSC, 4, Marksistskaya str., Moscow, Russia
  7. 7. WEB catalogue of MTS applications creates cross- sell opportunitiesWEB catalogue of MTS applications on MTS site Comments PDA catalogue of MTS  Promo site MTS with applications in mobile mobile application as part internet of site MTS  Automatic recognizing the model of subscribers phone and recommend suitable applications  Promo site presented in WEB and mobile Internet  MTS recommendations works for partner program applications ? ? ?_________________________________(Please stamp Confidence) 7Mobile TeleSystems OJSC, 4, Marksistskaya str., Moscow, Russia
  8. 8. MTS Toolbar represents a new communication channel to subscribers Comments  Toolbar is the new canal to provide operator and content services to subscribers  Deep integration to the Personal cabinet, self- care services of MTS, search and social networks  Advertising of partner services like Omlet, applications  Toolbar will be activated on all type of users on iPhone and Android devices_________________________________(Please stamp Confidence) 8Mobile TeleSystems OJSC, 4, Marksistskaya str., Moscow, Russia
  9. 9. Branded Opera Mini highlights MTS identity and creates additional touchpoint Comments  MTS logo on the splash screen and 2 toolbar links to MTS services  3 speed dial links to MTS services  Billing integration (MSISDN-forwarding)  Zero/premium rating support  Yandex search  Games and applications could be promoted on portal or toolbar games_________________________________(Please stamp Confidence) 9Mobile TeleSystems OJSC, 4, Marksistskaya str., Moscow, Russia
  10. 10. CRM programs exist to strengthen customer relationship and promote services Comments  Segmentation is the first step of promotion for applications and other content services based on devices and data usage  Text of promotion should be always clear for subscribers – this helps for good response  A lot of sms do not help to have good responses, only segmentation and texts_________________________________(Please stamp Confidence) 10Mobile TeleSystems OJSC, 4, Marksistskaya str., Moscow, Russia
  11. 11. Branded MTS store was launched in March 2011 Comments  MTS have the same AppShop as Vodafone  Application can be published on all 9 countries  AppShop works only on Android devices  MTS think not only about own AppStore, but about partnership with other AppStores like the operators_________________________________(Please stamp Confidence) 11Mobile TeleSystems OJSC, 4, Marksistskaya str., Moscow, Russia
  12. 12. In 2012 MTS plans to customize 1-1,5 mln. devices Comments  MTS plans customize more than 1,5 mln. devices at 2012  Android devices are the biggest part of customizations plans  MTS have own updater to auto embedded right application on devise  Partner program applications can be presented at updater on customized devices_________________________________(Please stamp Confidence) 12Mobile TeleSystems OJSC, 4, Marksistskaya str., Moscow, Russia
  13. 13. Personal cabinet will be integrated in social networks Comments Common API for ANY 3rd party services, which provides:  Authorization, using WebSSO  Charging, using Easy payment and other mechanics  Access to extended CRM information  Secured customer confirmation for transactions_________________________________(Please stamp Confidence) 13Mobile TeleSystems OJSC, 4, Marksistskaya str., Moscow, Russia
  14. 14. New applications of MTS 2011: launch of new interfaces to the current MTS services and launch of partner program App GOOD’ok – melody sales App Locator – LBS services of MTS poisk at the App BR AN D Apps «now meal» and «iReader» - to order food, read books and promotion MTS data services PA RT NE RS_________________________________(Please stamp Confidence) 14Mobile TeleSystems OJSC, 4, Marksistskaya str., Moscow, Russia