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Cic Allservices


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Cic Allservices

  1. 1. Technical Services K eeping up with the latest technologies can be a full time job, in fact at Communication Infrastructure Corporation it is. As our clients’ businesses grow, they turn to CIC to keep them on top of the latest in technically reliable, cost-effective and scalable solutions. CIC provides a wide array of technical services for network operators and enterprise customers. Working with all aspects of the telecommunications voice and data spectrum, whatever your network configuration needs, CIC engineers are experts in current technologies. We help operators address many different technical services without having to stress their current operations staff. Operators trust in CIC’s expert staff to transition them quickly and efficiently into new technologies. s GSM, CDMA, EDGE, GPRS, IDEN, OFDM s DWDM, Sonet, ATM, SS7 s Wi-Fi (802.11) s WANs, MANs, VPNs s Microwave, LMDS, MMDS, Satellite Core Network As operators migrate to next generation technologies and high-speed data services, the core network becomes an increasingly critical component. New switching platforms are being introduced to handle multiple protocols and platforms. Multiple transport methods such as fiber, wireless and cable are being integrated into hybrid networks. CIC personnel are among the most experienced professionals in the industry, trained in Alcatel, Lucent, Nortel, Ericsson, Siemens, Cisco and many other vendor’s equipment to provide an unbiased approach to implementing services that are matched to a client’s needs. s Technology Planning (fixed and wireless networks) s Equipment Engineering s Power Systems Engineering & Deployment s Circuit to Packet Design Engineering
  2. 2. Technical services Transmission, Interconnect FCC Deadlines Circuit to Packet Design and Capacity Planning Carriers today operate networks with limited and Implementation workforce. Meeting FCC deadlines for special Wireless carriers connecting cell sites to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Voice requirements can hamper your team’s ability mobile switching centers and enterprises over ATM (VoATM) and Voice over Packet to manage the network. You don’t need to let connecting multiple offices to a network, technologies present unique challenges in a special project interrupt your core team’s understand the costs associated with planning and integration to Network operational responsibilities. CIC staff interconnection. CIC looks for the most Operators strategies. CIC provides expertise specialize in key areas such as 911 and LNP. A economical ways to provide and support for the convergence of CIC professional whose attention is focused interconnection between facilities because packet-based networks with the PSTN on your special project can give you peace of every dollar saved in this critical link through development and implementation mind that your deadlines and FCC represents dollars to the bottom line of of solutions in the carrier environment to requirements are met without service your business. CIC understands the support circuit-to-packet telephony interruptions. importance of mission critical connections migrations. and can find the least cost route without s Network Dimensioning & Optimization s VoIP planning and integration sacrificing network downtime. s E911 Engineering, Installation & Testing strategies, Real-time Gateway s Least-Cost Analysis s PSAP Integration Control Protocols and Implementation s Specifications for TDM voice s SS7 Engineering & Deployment s Carrier Interconnect trunking access functions, SS7 & s Number Portability Agreement Negotiation call control logic s Retrofit Transition & Cutovers s Network Capacity Design Engineering s AIN architectures and services, s Transport Facilities Engineering SS7 & SCP databases required for s Carrier, Vendor, Departmental RF Engineering enhanced services Coordination From initial design to implementation, radio- s Expertise in development and frequency (RF) engineering is the foundation integration of call associated service of any reliable wireless communications logic creation environments. Outside Plant system. CIC offers complete RF engineering s Convergence solutions to and from If your project calls for long-range solutions for your wireless communications ATM, FRAME, or VoIP for network planning, engineering, drafting or network. Our engineers work with you to bearer transport. recording services, put our CIC engineers to develop or upgrade the wireless system that s SS7/CLEC Access to Dial IP Networks work for you. Our expertise in long-range meets the needs of your business. Our RF planning, improving services, use of fiber engineering department is staffed with s Architecture development to optics, cable, copper or hybrid networks experienced professionals that are ready to support highly available & fault will take the quess work out of the project handle all your needs from cellular and PCS tolerant systems while completing it on time. design through the latest 3G and 4G technologies for a better performing network s Fiber and Copper Design resulting in increased customer satisfaction. s Verification Audits s Design and Site Selection s Buried and Aerial Plant Design s Interference Analysis & s Records Screening Frequency Planning s Propagation Analysis s Drive Testing, Field Measurements & Analysis s Equipment Installation & Maintenance s Microwave Backhaul Design & Installation 5385 Hollister Avenue, Suite 110 s Network Testing & Benchmarking Santa Barbara, CA 93111 s Network Optimization tel 805.681.5050 toll free 877.558.9257 fax 805.683.9467
  3. 3. Microwave Engineering W ith hundreds of years of combined experience in designing and installing Microwave Systems, Communication 200 years experience in an industry only decades old Infrastructure Corporation (CIC) has Preliminary Design Our preliminary design service helped Fortune 100 companies get the helps to determine the most from low cost, high and medium feasibility of a microwave network. Preliminary design capacity networks. CIC offers the incorporates validating path complete spectrum of turnkey profiles and path feasibility as well as analyzing site Microwave design, installation and inventory to locate potential project management services. Our sites in GIS format. The preliminary design typically experience allows us to draw from involves mapping all site multiple technologies and equipment options and determining potential microwave paths vendors to tailor a Microwave solution using Pathloss 4 software to view path profiles. that best fits your needs. CIC uses one arc second terrain data whenever it is available and owns most available data throughout North and South America. Unlike three arc second terrain data used by other companies, one arc second data reflects data points used by the USGS 7.5 Topographic mapping department. With higher resolution, path profiles are much more reliable, eliminating rework in the engineering phase. The preliminary design can help us determine the most efficient use of all feasible paths using the customer’s sites or any available site in the region. Microwave RF Engineering When it comes to RF Engineering, precision is key. Our field path surveying teams employ the use of Differential GPS data-collecting equipment, with centimeter accuracy -- the most accurate in the world -- to ensure system design. CIC Transmission engineers have performed thousands of path surveys throughout North and South America. CIC will analyze the microwave path and identify all ranges of MW beam propagation characteristics, multipath, refractions, diffraction, and reflections. Antenna configurations and optimum placement are analyzed to ensure minimal propagation losses. When CIC conducts microwave path engineering and installation, the microwave reliability is guaranteed to pass performance specifications. Our customers have peace of mind that their system is performing reliably year in and year out.
  4. 4. Microwave Engineering services Regulatory Installation Maintenance CIC personnel know the ins and outs of CIC personnel provide a complete installation CIC personnel are available for scheduled FCC and regulatory issues. Capturing package. Any given installation may require preventive maintenance or for on-demand difficult spectrum and securing it for multiple components from multiple problem resolution. We can train your future growth can be an advantage to equipment vendors. Whether it’s power personnel, provide a contract staff of meeting future capacity requirements for equipment, multiplexing, radio or cutting personnel or simply be your outsourced any carrier. CIC provides spectrum edge IP equipment, CIC personnel have the resource when the need arises. Our management beyond the license experience to conduct the installation, experience enables us to anticipate application. integration and provide a full complement of maintenance requirements, forecast spare testing to manufacturers’ and customers’ inventory levels and design personnel and specifications. CIC personnel carry capital budgets. Site Preparation certifications with all major equipment CIC provides a full complement of site manufacturers. preparation services that may be necessary Documentation for any microwave installation so that the During the project and when installation is customer can maintain a single point of VENDOR complete, CIC provides full documentation contact and keep peace of mind that all EQUIPMENT: CERTIFICATIONS: of our customer’s microwave system in the details are being addressed. Among s Radio Equipment s ADC both electronic and hard copy formats. Our those services are: s Switching s Alcatel methods ensure our customers have up to s Lease Negotiations s DACS s Ericsson date records in usable format for easy s Routing s Harris access to critical information any time it is s Permit Applications and s s Power Systems Lucent needed. CIC also maintains backup Land Use Planning s s Multiplexing MNI documentation available online to the s Structural Analysis s Cabling s NEC customer for the life of their system, s Pressurization s Nokia ensuring that answers are always at our s Antennas s Nortel customer’s fingertips. Procurement & Asset s Proxim Management Project Management In keeping with our EF&I strategy, the CIC provides project management services customer need not look elsewhere for Testing for every project they undertake. We make another source of equipment and CIC engineering staff prepares comprehensive an extra effort to work with the client’s warehousing. CIC can provide all materials test plans for new networks to assure full team and other vendors to ensure each necessary to complete any project. Our functionality and specification compliance of project’s success. CIC uses a unique and resource tracking system ensures that all all equipment involved. We offer this as a proprietary WEB accessible management materials are ordered, shipped and stored part of our EF&I range of service or as a tool, accessed from any WEB browser to as necessary to support any project. CIC is separate, a la carte offering to provide enable our customers and other vendors to also capable of storage and tracking of independent review of other 3rd party work together no matter where they are customer furnished equipment with live installers. Additionally, CIC certified field located. CIC project management services reports showing customers where any piece personnel will conduct the tests utilizing our eliminates the pitfalls that can impair any of equipment is at any given time. CIC own test equipment, or in concert with your project schedule. equipment pricing is extremely competitive personnel utilizing your equipment and because CIC is a channel partner with training your personnel. Similarly, our many major manufacturers. engineers are available to prepare a plan for Avoiding the “Unknowns” troubleshooting and remedy of design faults, Our combined experience is more than just equipment failures and path anomalies. Our a number of years – it the ability of our expertise and objectivity provides strength team to avoid the unknowns of Microwave and credibility in resolving disputes with or Services. We’ve seen nearly every type of among your vendors. system. We’ve deployed nearly every type 5385 Hollister Avenue, Suite 110 of configuration. We’ve encountered – and Santa Barbara, CA 93111 solved – nearly every type of unknown scenario. While in many ways this is our tel 805.681.5050 toll free 877.558.9257 competitive advantage, it is also your fax 805.683.9467 peace of mind.
  5. 5. Network Deployment W hile it is known that not all wireless networks are the same, neither are the companies that deploy those CIC’s site development professionals have been trained alongside our engineering team, which gives our personnel a complete understanding of the networks. Headquartered in Southern relationships between functional groups. Whether California, where network deployment used in conjunction with CIC’s is arguably the most complicated in engineering team in a turnkey scenario or individually the United States, CIC has worked alongside your own engineers, our under the most stringent conditions team has the expertise to meet your build objectives. to get systems up and running from scratch. CIC’s deployment Project Management professionals have worked throughout CIC's comprehensive project the United States with many varieties management services are designed to promote a positive team atmosphere, a clear set of objectives for of wireless technology. With offices staff and proven methods to track progress and encourage common sense throughout the United States, CIC and effective production. Our customer’s never waste time; they have the facts they need in simple and meaningful terms. Delays and costs are deployment teams have the minimized by eliminating time spent on wasted activities. comprehensive understanding to s We provide a fully web enabled tracking system for all team members conceive, design and build your and customers s Project Schedule Management network under aggressive time s Quality Management constraints. s Risk Management s Cost Management Using CIC’s unique Web Based management reporting and property management application, our customer’s have online access to all progress and site information. This online software is available to all CIC customers for site management, property management, documentation management, asset management and configuration control. Site Acquisition Wireless site acquisition has undergone changes over the last decade. CIC's site acquisition team has changed with the industry to provide a service that meets the needs of carriers today. While approaching a rural land owner for site placement still occurs, the majority of site acquisition activities involves negotiating with landlords who own tower facilities, rooftop owners who
  6. 6. Network Deployment services have dealt with carriers in the past or Our Planners are sensitive to the fact that control of cable, connector and radio coordinating leases under a master they are often the most publicly identifiable installations. CIC Construction Managers agreement. CIC staff have developed person associated with a project, and they are also trained in performing third party streamlined procedures to maximize help create and maintain a positive image for sweep test analysis, ground testing and site efficiency in the site acquisition of wireless the applicant. Researching the trends, audits for configuration management. facilities and still focus on negotiating the political and social history of the jurisdiction, Construction Managers ensure final best deals for their customers. We still and establishing personal contacts with staff delivery of the product and services excel in performing the traditional members and decision-makers, our planners through close coordination with customer activities, but have developed new work with the community to ensure positive and project staff. These services benefit techniques for working in the new outcomes for both the community and clients by reducing coordination and landscape. carrier. communication problems associated with s Site Identification In coordination with the scientific community hiring multiple contractors. Our (New raw land, tower properties, and state health departments, we provide a Construction Managers work with the friendly landowners, municipal comprehensive presentation program that teams to ensure consistent project districts, rooftops, public lands) provides the latest research in health effects management and a seamless transition. s Site Identification Packages of radio frequency radiation (RFR) and s Constructability Reviews electromagnetic radiation (EMF). This s Title Reports s Site Design comprehensive presentation, designed for s Legal Review public hearings and community meetings, s Engineering Management (structural, s Lease Negotiation helps illustrate the current science of these architectural, soils, environmental) issues, and debunk common myths and s Power and Telco Coordination s Drive Test Coordination sensationalism regarding health effects s Utility Easements and Right of Ways s Outside Plant prevalent in our society. s Entrance Facility Agreements s Material Procurement s Jurisdictional Analysis s Procuring existing drawings and s Competitive Bidding s Land Use Planning property documents s Construction s Permit Applications s Tower Company Coordination s Sweep Testing s Permit Expediting s Site Auditing s Public Hearings Planning/Zoning s Community Meetings s Job Closeout CIC planners are skilled in securing land use s Expert Testimony and zoning approvals for any network- s Preferred Sitting Architectural related real estate through research, CIC provides complete architectural relationship-building and presentation s Site Design drawing services for wireless site skills. CIC staff have worked in more than s NEPA development. Our services are based on 500 different jurisdictions, including some short timelines and quick turn around time of the most sensitive within the United of redline corrections. We can manage the States to procure land use permits for Construction Management redline process for drawing corrections wireless facilities. CIC Construction Managers are trained to through the web so that managers and manage all aspects of the site development users alike can conduct redline reviews and construction process. CIC Construction remotely. Managers are highly experienced in wireless s A&E Walks construction and provide initial constructability review, site design, s Zoning Drawings management of engineering services and the s Redline Management Procedures competitive bidding process. Each manager is s Construction Drawings equipped with the tools necessary to manage contractors on site and provide quality s Photo Simulations 5385 Hollister Avenue, Suite 110 s Building Permits Santa Barbara, CA 93111 tel 805.681.5050 toll free 877.558.9257 fax 805.683.9467
  7. 7. Installation Services P lug and play. At Communication Infrastructure Corporation (CIC), our goal is to make our clients feel as if their installation Installation Whatever your telecommunications infrastructure need is, CIC personnel have the experience and certifications to handle is as simple as plugging a phone into your installation needs. an outlet. And while we know it is s Microware Radio much more complicated than that, s Base Stations our complete line of services is s Switches s Fiber Nodes matched by our 200 years of s DACS experience to deliver peace of mind s MUX with every installation. s Routers s WiFi s Power Systems s Integration s Testing Documentation You want the information now and available to your entire team on the web; standard procedures for CIC installation personnel: s MOPS s Online web accessible asset management for your installed infrastructure s Close Out Documentation s Redline Drawings s Project Photos s Update Reports
  8. 8. Installation services Project Management: Installation and Standard with CIC installations Field Engineering Services s Project Controls CIC understands a client’s need to get a s Procurement and Supply Chain product to market quickly, efficiently and Management reliably. CIC mobilizes field engineers throughout North, Central and South s Cost Controls America to conduct installation and testing s Schedule Reports of wireless and fixed network components. s Vendor Coordination CIC employs bi-lingual (English and Spanish) personnel to meet the needs of deployments s Real Time Information in Central and South America. Choose turnkey or select from our menu of services CIC provides project management for all to complete any aspect of your job with projects ensuring the proper flow of qualified industry experts. information and scheduling allowing projects to run smoothly. All projects are MICROWAVE staffed with a single point of contact to interface with the customer to ensure s Alcatel project personnel are performing safely and s NEC in a manner fitting to the expectations of s Harris Corp. our client. s Microwave Networks, Inc. s Proxim s Ericsson WIRELESS BASE STATION (BTS) s Lucent s Nortel s Nokia s Ericsson s Motorola SWITCH AND FIBER s Lucent s Nortel Networks s Alcatel / Newbridge s Ericsson s Tellabs 5385 Hollister Avenue, Suite 110 Santa Barbara, CA 93111 tel 805.681.5050 toll free 877.558.9257 fax 805.683.9467