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Conference eTail Latin America 2012

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  1. 1. Register now: Tel: +55 (11) 3468-0100 Email: etaillatinamerica@wbresearch.com Web: www.etaillatinamerica.com May 9-11, 2012 Trump International Beach Resort Miami, United States The only Latin American exclusive meetingETAIL LATIN AMERICA 2012 for the multichannel retail Join the leaders of Latin American retail and US e-commerce experts in an opportunity to share best practices, network and learn Access the insights of 36 the latest market trends leading players from the market: Workshop Day: understand • Abril Mídia, Brazil • Inova, Mexico alternative solutions to deal with the • Argentinean Chamber • LAN, Chile three most mentioned challenges by of E-commerce • Livraria Cultura, Brazil electronic retailers and be familiar • Baby.com, Brazil • Lenovo, Argentina with the North American industry • Brazilian Chamber of • Lojas Marisa, Brazil through a site visit to a major player E-commerce • Netshoes, Brazil in this market • Colombian Chamber of • Nova Pontocom, Brazil Workshop 1 Social Media: perceive E-commerce • Officenet, Argentina how this tool can be applied as a new • Cencosud, Chile • Peixe Urbano, Brazil strategy for your company • Certona, US • PlazaVip.com, Mexico • Copa Airlines, • Privalia, Mexico Workshop 2 Develop an integrated and Colombia • RCI Wyndham efficient logistics that meets your online • Dafiti, Brazil Worldwide, Mexico retail demands • Daslu, Brazil • Sodimac, Chile • E-mailvision, US • Systemax-TigerDirect, Workshop 3 Mobile commerce: • Forrester Research, US US understand how the portable devices • Falabella, Chile • TAM Airlines, Brazil can revolutionize your e-business • Gelbee, Chile • The Latin Products, US Site Visit Glimpse into the Future of • Groupon, Argentina • V-coins & V-auctions, Connected Retail: visit the company • Grupo Estado de São Argentina Systemax-TigerDirect Paulo, Brazil • Walaclub, Mexico • InBrands, Brazil • Wal-Mart, MexicoSPONSORS: ORGANIZED BY:: Personalize Anytime, Anywhere SM
  2. 2. “Great Conference. Very relevant subjects discussed and an appropriate combination of the high-level trends in electronic commerce and tactical knowledge to drive business. A perfect place to connect with industry leaders.” Miguel AlMeidA, Vice President of online MArketing And oPerAtions, WAlgreens.coM Dear professional, It is with great pleasure that we present the second edition of eTail Latin America, the only regional event on multi- Our special thanks to the channel retail. The Conference is part of WBR’s eTail global Advisory Board of eTail Latin series. With more than 10 years, the series’ goal is to create an environment where electronic retailers can prepare to America 2012. Your contribution act successfully in e-commerce, dealing with the most recent was essential for the development challenges of this industry. of the conference agenda. The agenda was built from the conversation with more than 70 e-commerce related companies, including online retailers and solution providers, from USA and at least ten countries in Latin America. Therefore, the conference addresses the Ana Grace Global Web Property Manager main pressing issues for these companies, offering alternative Best Buy US solutions and discussing the trends in e-commerce. If you want to know how your peers are dealing with the tremendous growth of this market in a regional scale, eTail Arturo Betancourt E-commerce Specialist Latin America provides the ideal environment for the Wal-Mart Mexico exchange of experiences and benchmarking. Committed to the development of electronic commerce in Latin America, the conference promotes a meeting point for Marcos Pueyrredon President the major companies in the sector to discuss the strategies ILCE – Latin American E-commerce Institute and actions for improvement. All this for you to have access to valuable insights into: the use of new tools such as the mobile devices, tablets and social media; new trends in payment methods; smart logistic alternatives; improvements Ricardo Alonso Regional E.V.P. Falabella.com over your e-commerce platform with new technologies; Falabella Chile impacts of the introduction of new categories for online sale; and the perspective and next steps for this market. Join us in eTail Latin America 2012 and interact with the prominent executives in e-commerce through case studies, discussion panels and workshops. Index Register now and take advantage of the early booking discounts. Workshop Day 03 We count on your presence! Conference Day One 05 Conference Day Two 07 Best regards, About our Sponsors 08 About our Partners 09 Diogo Galvao Conference Director Conference Prices and Discount for Groups 10 eTail Latin America Application Form 12SPONSORS: Personalize Anytime, Anywhere SM
  3. 3. A G ENWorkshop Day D AWednesday, May 9, 2012Understand alternative solutions to deal with the three most mentioned challenges by electronicretailers and be familiar with the North American industry through a site visit to a major player in this market 08h15 Workshop Day Registration & Breakfast 13h30 Workshop 3 Mobile Commerce: Understanding The Growth And Impact Of Mobile Devices And 09h00 Workshop 1 Social Media: Developing Strategies To Use This Emerging Tablets On Commerce Experiences Channel To Support Your E-Commerce Programs The goal of this workshop is to present alternatives on how to enable your online store on the use An exclusive workshop on social media that will allow you to develop strategies on how to of mobile devices aligned to the marketing strategy of your company. Furthermore, you will find use this tool to benefit your online store, understanding the multichannel experience issues, out alternatives to provide a positive experience for your client integrated with the other existing available technologies and the investment required. channels. Understanding the use of social media as a tool to achieve the goals of your business Evaluating the impact on retail in terms of technology development and consumer shopping How are you dedicating resources in your company and how much investment is required to behavior incorporate social media programs? Delivering optimal mobile commerce experiences within multiple devices Promoting a multichannel shopping experience using social media: finding out ways to Integrating the mobile experience offline: ensuring consistent messaging and shopping integrate this new channel with your other customer points of contact experiences cross-channel Including social media as a means of effective customer communication Mobile marketing: maintaining personalized marketing across multiple devices Accessing available technologies that optimize social commerce Mobile payments: technologies already available in the Latin American market and reviewing Evaluating the return on investment of your social programs best practices developed by US companies Ronaldo Bueno, Marketing Director, Netshoes, Brasil Francisco Tovar, CEO, The Latin Products, US Renato Mendes, Communication Manager, Netshoes, Brasil 15h00 End of Workshops 3 & Refreshment Break and Networking 10h30 End of Workshop 1 - Morning Refreshment Break & Networking Opportunity 15h30 Site Visit Glimpse into the Future of Connected Retail: visit the company Systemax-TigerDirect 11h00 Workshop 2 Build Efficient Logistics Solutions To Provide A Great Customer ETail offers you the unique opportunity to visit the American company Sistemax-TigerDirect, a Experience recognized by Fortune 1000 and the New York Times as one of the top 25 online retail companies. Logistics represents one of the major challenges for retailers, whether outsourced or not. Here Have a remarkable experience feeling the difference between this market and Latin America and you will have the opportunity to exchange experiences and understand how to address the sneak a peak into what currently happens in the US. communication with the carrier, prepare for an increase on demand and ensure effective logistics to attend the expectations of your consumer. Lonny Paul, VP of Marketing and Stategic Initiatives, Systemax, US What is the impact of logistics on the online consumer experience? Establishing processes to deliver products efficiently both national or international 18h00 Workshops Day Concludes Relationship with shipping companies: strategies to select partners that meet your high standards of quality Developing clear communication between your online store and the carrier to meet “My expectation from this conference is to share customer expectations my experiences in mobile technology with others in Evaluating and forecasting demand and setting up partnerships that manage that demand Identify technologies to facilitate delivery of products and provide transparency in your the e-commerce business world. I hope to inform logistics program others on how to optimize their current e-commerce Free shipping: how to guarantee the sale when offering free shipping to your consumer? website for mobile devices, and better prepare others Reverse logistics: this trend will become reality in the short term? for the future of mobile technology. The future of Patricio Rojas, Development Manager, Cencosud, Chile e-commerce rests upon devices such as smartphones and tablets, as well social media platforms. I feel 12h30 End of Workshop 2 & Lunch that my expertise with my own businesses can help guide others through the process of making their own websites more mobile compatible for a future that will absolutely require careful attention to the mobile market.”frAncisco toVAr, ceo, the lAtin Products us Register now: Tel +55 (11) 3468-0100 Email etaillatinamerica@wbresearch.com Web www.etaillatinamerica.com 3
  4. 4. A D EN GA Main Conference Day One 1o Thursday, May 10, 2012 08h15 Conference Registration & Breakfast in the Solutions Zone 11h00 Discussion Panel Understanding Your Target Audience: Profiling Consumers Accurately And Personalizing Your 08h45 Opening Remarks Marketing Programs To Make Them More Effective Diogo Galvão, Conference Director, eTail Latin America 2012 Customization has always been one of the greatest challenges for the virtual retailer. In this discussion panel you will have the opportunity to access best practices on how to address your 08h50 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks website effectively to each e-consumer profile, using the latest techniques and technologies for tracking and analyzing behaviors. 09h00 Opening Session Determining whether your marketing program is sophisticated enough to invest in An Overview Of The Latin American E-Commerce Market: Trends And Challenges In The personalization Industry Tracking the behavior of potential consumers and mapping their behaviors on your Get to know in depth the Latin American e-commerce market and its main representatives, website and access its trends from a recent analysis, of the most recent facts from this dynamic and Sustainable management of your database: collecting behavioral data and generating fast-growing market. accurate profiles of your customers How is e-commerce developing in different Latin American countries? What are some of Learning the latest tools and technologies available in the market for customization of the commonalities and differences between countries? your website To what degree are Latin American e-commerce players following their US counterparts Making your personalization marketing programs as efficient and effective as possible vs. finding their own e-commerce path? How will the arrival of US and other global companies to the region change the dynamic Fernando Cirne, E-business Director, Abril Mídia, Brasil of the e-commerce market? How will increased broadband penetration and growing adoption of smartphones and 12h20 How to use Customer Intelligence technology to boost your email marketing tablets drive online transactions? Learn how to use the concept of Customer Inteligence to develop an e-mail marketing strategy that meets the interests and expectations of consumers Zia Wigder, Principal Analyst, Research Director, Forrester Research, US What is Customer Intelligence (CI)? Exploring customer behavior data to identify new segments and sales strategies 09h40 Discussion Panel Using CI to increase sales via email, mobile and social campaigns. Improving Your Digital Strategy: Accessing Insights From Leading Retailers Into The Competitive Landscape, Increasing Traffic To Your Site And E-Commerce Innovation Nick Heys, CEO, Emailvision, US Discuss with leading industry players new solutions for your company’s digital campaign and promote a rewarding online experience for your customer. Discover ways to structure your 11h40 Discussion Panel online store and release the necessary information to conquer your client’s trust. Multi-channel Retail Strategies: Enhancing The Web Experience And Increasing Comparing online retail strategies in Latin America and the US and evaluating the Access To Your Website successes and mishaps in each market The multi-channel issue is entirely and deeply addressed in this panel that you will learn Differentiating your online retail experience no matter the market and delivering on new ways to integrate the various existing channels in your company and how to provide consumer expectations information on each one. Increasing and converting traffic on your website: reaching consumers before your Gathering customer information cross-channel competitors Determining whether cross-channel strategies will be lucrative for your customers vs. Providing an amazing commerce experience that guarantee ease of shopping, increases maintaining siloes between the channels customer loyalty and keeps customers returning time and time again Interactivity between channels: identifying how each channel can represent your brand to Taking advantage of personalization schemes to enhance the customer experience consumers, and create a multichannel identity Ensuring your back-end systems and infrastructure can support traffic increases Discussing pricing, discounts, offers and shipping within the multichannel strategy on your site Integrating mobile devices into your channel mix Arturo Betancourt, E-commerce Specialist, Wal-Mart, Mexico Ricardo Alonso, Regional E.V.P. Falabella.com, Falabella, Chile 10h20 Morning Coffee Break & Networking 13h00 Lunch “I expect to find out new tools for the maintenance of websites. Furthermore, know the way which other companies work with the risks, mainly those related to payment methods. Keep up with customer service tools and understand the experience that other professionals have on this issue. I also hope to know more about flexible platforms: buy one or develop it`s own? I am eager to meet the other professionals and share knowledge”Arturo BetAncourt, e-coMMerce sPeciAlist, WAl-MArt, MexicoSPONSORS: Personalize Anytime, Anywhere SM
  5. 5. Track A - Enhancing Your Website Through New Technologies Track B - Achieving A ROI Using E-commerce InnovationAnd Processes14h15 Chairperson’s Remarks 14h15 Chairperson’s Remarks14h20 New Technologies In E-Commerce: Understand How They Can Contribute To The 14h20 Building The Case With Senior Management: Ensuring Investment In NewSecurity And Overall Performance Of Your Website E-Commerce InitiativesStay in touch with the latest advances on e-commerce technologies and have insights in how to apply Understand the importance of the buy in from of top executives and decision makers to boost onlinethem to your business maintaining quality and security. sales effort from increased investment and innovation.è Analyzing new tools available today and integrating them with your existing programs è Reviewing past attitudes toward e-commerce investment by Latin American retail executivesè Sharing insight into the management of a portfolio of products using different types of è Strategies to increase the support of these players in introducing new technologies and pursuing technology available today e-commerce innovationè Identify technologies that enhance the online experience while providing security for your è Establishing open channels of communication with senior management customers è Aligning yourself internally in terms of management of your e-commerce businessè Utilizing analytics to transform customer behavioral information into actionable insights for your è Evaluating required investments to take Latin American e-commerce to the next level business In Hsieh, Founder & COO, Baby.com, Brasil Rodrigo Lopez, VP, Sodimac, Chile15h00 Platform Selection: Analyzing The Potential Benefits And Pitfalls Of Building In-House 15h00 Unlocking Strategies To Increase Your Conversion Ratesvs. Outsourcing Analyze the variables influencing conversion rates and find alternatives, most used by the major playersChoosing the ideal platform to your store is vital to successful business. In this exhibition you will have to increase it.the unique opportunity to discuss the pros and cons of developing the own platform or incorporating an è Find out the factors that influence conversion rateexiting one. è Understanding the functionality needed to guarantee conversion of your trafficè Determining the criteria used to decide between building capabilities in-house vs. outsourcing è Facilitating the shopping experience using functionality that is best suited for your business andè Understanding the resource outlay needed for each option your customersè Accessing the cost-benefit analysis of each option è Learning about technologies that have been successful in increasing conversion ratesè Choosing the right platform for your company è Why conversion rates are significantly higher in the U.S. vs. Latin Americaè Understanding when and how much to invest in order to differentiate your web presence from the competition Simon Smeke, CEO, Walaclub, Mexicoè Learning the capabilities of the platforms available in Latin America in order to make an informed decision Humberto Zugasti, Latin America eCommerce Manager, RCI Wyndham Worldwide, Mexico Luiz Pavão, E-commerce Director, Daslu, Brasil15h40 Coffee Break & Networking in the Solutions Zone16h20 Fraud Prevention: Minimizing Risk Through Effective Team Planning Approach With 16h20 Digital Marketing: figure out its key trends to differentiate the e-business in a highlyYour IT Department competitive marketLearn the importance of investing on fraud prevention and verify its development within Latin American Differentiate your business using an innovative marketing strategy and create an effective digitalmarket, as to how it has been caused and best practices to avoid it. campaign learning from the contributions made by the North American market.è Exploring the impact of fraud in Latin America è The evolution of digital marketing: examine the latest strategies applied by the major Latinè Reviewing prevention strategies and best practices to combat fraud American players and evaluate which are interesting for their realityè Staying prepared and avoiding financial losses è Analyze the US digital marketing trends and discuss what could be incorporate by the Latinè Understanding risks that websites are taking when they are not focusing on fraud prevention American marketè Finding the best technology to combat fraud è Which metrics are being used by Latin American and US companies? è E-mail marketing: identify successful strategies of this tool Alex Bastos, Back-Office Systems Manager, Dafiti, Brasil è Marketing attribution: how applying this concept effectively to have a better assistance in building new digital campaigns João Cabral, Director of Digital Products Development, Grupo Estado de São Paulo, Brasil17h00 Payment methods: analyze solutions to deal with this hot topic, considering the needs 17h00 Evaluating Successful Strategies To Expand Your Online Business Into Other Countriesof American consumers In an increasingly complex and integrated market, internationalization is highlighted. Access trends onAs another great challenge for e-commerce, this session will discuss payment methods thoroughly, the movements of US and Latin American companies, and discuss how to enter a new market.including the international options, presenting new solutions and alternatives to incorporate them in è Determining the trends of US companies entrance into the Latin America market and evaluatefavor of the good experience of your e-consumer. the impact on your businessè Access the main payments alternatives available in the Latin American market è Learning strategies for North American companies that are entering this marketè How to select payment platforms that meet the needs of different consumer profiles? è Staying up-to-date with international growth of Latin American retailersè Attending consumer expectations in online shop: how to embody new payment strategies, è Developing an effective entrance strategy into foreign markets improving the existing ones and combining them all? è Discussing the importance of having a local partner and comprehending customs and differencesè Discuss strategies of payment management and the creation of a simple checkout with new marketsè International payments: what are the best practices that facilitate this operationè Banks: understand the importance of these actors and see their latest efforts to make easier the online shopping Federico Malek, CEO Groupon South America, Groupon, Argentinaè Examine how North American companies have dealt with virtual payment methods and analyze what can be incorporated by Latin American players Rodrigo Trevizan, E-commerce and New Business Manager, TAM Airlines, Brazil Enrique Nogales Piñas, Operations Responsible, Privalia, Mexico17h40 Conclusion Of Conference Day One Register now: Tel +55 (11) 3468-0100 Email etaillatinamerica@wbresearch.com Web www.etaillatinamerica.com 5
  6. 6. A D EN GA Main Conference Day Two 2o Friday, May 11, 2012 08h15 Breakfast in the Solutions Zone 11h00 Discussion Panel The Entrance Of Mobile Commerce In The Latin Market: Ensuring You Are Equipped 08h45 Opening Remarks To Take Advantage Of This Growth Channel Diogo Galvão, Conference Director, eTail Latin America 2012 Join this panel and debate the introduction of mobile commerce in the Latin American market. Understand the necessary investments, find out strategies for the introduction of 08h50 Chairperson’s Opening Remarks mobility and explore the new capabilities that this tool provides to your store. Evaluating how the US Market is successfully applying this tool 09h00 Opening Session Introducing m-commerce into the Latin America market: are online customers prepared An Overview Of The Brazilian Online Retail Market: Understand Trends And for this new reality? Evaluating Business Opportunities Assessing the investment and infrastructure required to incorporate mobile tools into Enjoy the exclusive opportunity to get to know the Brazilian e-commerce market from an your marketing programs and website updated analysis of its current position within the Latin American framework, its current Integrating mobile commerce into your service offerings, without causing major changes stage of development and applied technologies, as well as its next steps. to your existing platform Identifying the current state of technology development and e-commerce within the Exploring the use of mobile for real-time localization of customers; ie. sending offers, Brazilian market geolocation, discounts and service scheduling Knowing the players: who are the largest retail companies and websites who have began operations recently in this market Eli Senerman, VP Lan.com, LAN Airlines, Chile Trends & Perspectives: discussing next steps in this fast growing market Determining how Brazilian retail companies have been dealing with an increase in Alberto Pardo, President, Colombian Chamber of E-commerce, Colombia competition locally How has foreign expansion into the Brazilian market impacted local e-commerce and 11h40 Discussion Panel how will this trend continue in the future? Thinking Through Latin American Logistics Challenge: Solving This Issue Expanding into new markets: how are Brazilian companies going international? (Considering Possible Regional And Local Limitations) Through this panel you will have the chance to evaluate the current stage of logistics in the German Quiroga, CEO, Nova Pontocom, Brasil Latin American e-commerce market, comprehending how companies are addressing this challenge and developing new solutions to achieve a complete and intelligent logistics. 09h40 Case Study Concerning the current Latin American infrastructure, is it possible to provide delivery Using Social Networks To Promote Your Brand And Increase Customer Engagement processes both nationally and internationally that minimize time, improve quality and Understand from a recent and very successful case study how the social media can reduce shipment costs? strengthen your brand and conquer new customers, and have insights on how to use Regional and international logistics: how to plan and offer an efficient delivery method successfully this new tool. cross-border? Applying social media programs to support growth in your e-commerce channel Supplier overview: how Latin American companies are facing the challenge of finding Using social media to build new customer relationships and enhance current ones partners to serve their logistical needs? Evaluating the creative use of social networks to optimize the consumer experience What lessons e learned can be derived from US companies for successful adaptation into Using social media to analyze the behavior of your target customers the Latin American Market? Identifying social marketing strategies and reviewing the results of these programs Bruno Mercenari, Partner, Inova, Mexico Diego Quesada, E-Business Director Commercial VP, Copa Airlines, Colombia Juan Diaz, Internet Business Developer, Inova, Mexico 10h20 Morning Coffee Break & Networking 12h20 Combining the Art and Science of Personalized Merchandising and Recommendation Strategies to Drive More Revenue Per Visit Be in touch with an efficient technology solution to improve the results of merchandising and the recommendation of products of your online store Learn best practices for harnessing the power of data-driven technology solutions with the tried and proven merchandising strategies. Discover new methods for measuring, testing and optimizing product recommendations with an automated approach that maximizes revenue and conversion. Mark Loucks, VP of Channel Development, Certona US 13h00 LunchSPONSORS: Personalize Anytime, Anywhere SM
  7. 7. Track A - Improve The Operational Efficiencies Of Your Website Track B - Be aware of the Latest E-commerce Trends and BuildTo Capture Market Share Your Positioning Through Privileged Information14h15 Chairperson’s Remarks 14h15 Chairperson’s Remarks14h20 Stimulating And Encouraging Credit Card Adoption In Latin America 14h20 The New Emerging Class And The E-Commerce: Identifying The Potential PopulationLearn how you can encourage the use of credit cards for online operations, attending the expectations of more To Capitalize On E-Commerce Opportunitiesconsumers for a safety procedure. With the expansion of internet access within Latin America, it is introduced a new demand for this a newè Alternatives to increase credit card security for consumers demand for this market is introduced and it requires your store to be prepared to incorporate and supply theseè How technology and marketing can add to the expansion of credit cards use? new e-consumers.è Actions to communicate the safety of using credit cards to consumers for e-commerce è What are potential main consequences of the low-income population on e-commerce adoption?è Establishing a partnership with banks and credit cards to optimize the efficiency of this payment è Discuss the virtual opportunities brought by this new class of consumers method è Identify the profile of these new web consumers è What strategies can impact the adoption of online shopping by this new emerging class? Patricia Jebsen, E-commerce Manager Falabella, Argentina / President Cámara Argentina è Becoming ready to meet this increased demand in without sacrificing your current customer de Comercio Electrónico relationships? Thiago Pereira, E-commerce Manager, Lojas Marisa, Brasil15h00 Creating A World-Class Customer Service Department That Enhances Customer 15h00 Differentiating In A Growing Competitive E-Commerce MarketRelationships And Your Brand In this highly competitive market, discover how to be prepared to the entry of new companies, national orEvaluate your Consumer Service and enhance this service through new effective solutions that attend the international, identifying potential campaigns to differentiate from the market.several requests of your customers, enabling a good shop experience. è Retaining brand relevance in a highly competitive marketè How is customer service servicing online consumers? è Generating competitive advantage in this marketè Discussing efficient methods to deal with online requests è What are some successful perspectives from new online retailers in Latin American market?è How to develop a close relationship between the website, customer service and logistic partners, Which segments are still growing? keeping customer interests at the heart of your strategy è How are you preparing for competition on a global basis?è Analyzing strategies to prevent or solve problems caused by outsourced customer service è Foreign products: competing with products that arrive into the local market withè Evaluating potential costs v. benefits with outsourcing your customer service dept a lower price point Juan Garcia, CEO/Founder, PlazaVip.com, Mexico Diego Darriba, Manager, e-commerce and web for Latin America, Lenovo, Argentina15h40 Coffee Break & Networking in the Solutions Zone16h20 Complaints And Exchanges: How To Address These Issues While Maintaining 16h20 E-Commerce Diversification: Examining The Introduction Of New Product CategoriesConsumer Trust In The Latin American Online MarketUnderstand the importance of this issue to ensure the loyalty of your customer and verify efficient Follow the evolution of e-commerce in Latin America and notice the new categories that enter into thissolutions for managing a good exchange and responding to a complaint, turning it into a positive experience segment and the impacts they may cause on your business.for the consumer. è How can new categories introduce a new dynamic for e-commerce and foster technologicalè How to deal with customer dissatisfaction and exchanges developmentsè Creating an efficient exchange service that satisfies consumer´s demand è What new categories are entering into the Latin American market and how do they compareè Turning customer frustration with the store or product into a positive experience with the US commerce experience?è Interpreting customer complaints: understanding what is causing customer dissatisfaction and è Fashion: what new challenges are facing this category? managing this information effectively è Tourism: what are the results of the transformation of offline to online agencies?è Transactions with intermediaries: how to treat complaints received through intermediary partners è Food sector: how restaurants and supermarkets are entering into the e-commerce space? è Intangible goods and services: how is this sector revolutionizing the e-commerce experience? Santiago Bilinkis, Founder, Officenet, Argentina Flávio Nijs, Partner - Marketing and Internet Director, InBrands, Brasil Mariano Cardoner, CEO, VCoins – Vauctions, Argentina17h00 Achieving Sustainable Growth In E-Commerce 17h00 The Growth Trend Of Collective Buying Sites: Applying This Model To Your Business ToAccess strategies for achieving sustainability of your e-business, identify the variables and understand the Increase Growth And Market Awarenessimportance of this subject for the long term planning of your store. Join this unique session about the collective buying sites and note the opportunities and limitations that thisè Examples of sustainable development in Latin American and North American innovation provides to your online store. e-commerce markets è What does the entry of these websites mean to the e-commerce business?è What are the main differences between those markets in terms of sustainable growth? è How do collective buying sites boost conversions of your website?è How can your customer-facing and branding strategies encourage sustainable growth? è Discussing the advantages and disadvantages in offering your products on these sitesè Creating criteria for the selection of vendors that support your growth goals è Building strategies to integrate this model into your current marketing and sales modelè Understanding the importance of investments in safety and innovation to promote a regional è Determining the appropriate investment level for collective buying sitesDefining the e-commerce culture relationship: how to establish partnerships between discount websites and traditional websitesè Encouraging sustainable growth within your company culture: communicating è Ensuring proper representation of your brand by these new partners this concept to employees è Understanding how these sites have been developing payment and logistical platforms for retailers Sergio Herz, CEO, Livraria Cultura, Brasil Agustín Pallocci, CEO, Geelbe, Argentina Ludovino Lopes, President, Brazilian Chamber of E-commerce, Brasil Leticia Leite, Communication Director, Peixe Urbano, Brasil17h40 Conference Conclusion Register now: Tel +55 (11) 3468-0100 Email etaillatinamerica@wbresearch.com Web www.etaillatinamerica.com 7
  8. 8. Who will you meet at eTail Latin America 2012? eTail Latin America is an Why eTail Latin opportunity for pure networking and benchmarking for the e-commerce market. America is a must You will discuss how to create the ideal attend event? strategy for multichannel retailers to attend 8 reasons that justify the growing and increasingly sophisticated your registration: Latin American market.The executives attending the conference are responsible for the e-commerce strategies of the major 1. Attend the only retail event in Latin America that is committed to boost the companies in Latin America.You will also development of regional e-commerce meet the biggest US players. Besides retail professionals, solutions providers will be 2. Access insights from experts and understand how to take advantage attending, exposing their latest products for of new business opportunities with e-commerce. the region`s growth Industries Books, magazines, subscriptions, films, discount, 3. Learn how to optimize results with the use of new tools and technologies available, specialty, appliances, beauty, health, personal care, such as Social Media and Mobile Commerce consumer electronics, computer, automotive, travel, food, supermarket, home, furnishings, gifts, department stores, floral, stationaries, sporting goods, 4. Unveil the main e-commerce trends in music, tourism, airline companies, arts, luxury goods Latin American and North American markets and even more! and be prepared with privileged information to face the challenges of the sector Job titles: You will meet at eTail Latin America 2012 CEOs, 5. Participate in the Workshop Day and have Presidents, SVPs,VPs and directors responsible for: a close contact with key companies Marketing CRM è è Retail è è Operators 6. Evaluate actions to increase customer è M-commerce e è Social Medias satisfaction and offer a good customer E-commerce/ è Consumer experience Electronic Mobile Strategy Commerce è è Customer 7. Benchmarking and networking: share the è Online, Web, Internet Experience best practices and successful experiences of è Multi-Canal è Mobile Marketing the biggest players in the e-commerce market Information & Loyalty Marketing/ è Technology - IT è Customer Retention 8. At the exclusive Solutions Zone, è Merchandising è Customer Service/ access the latest technology available for è Digital CRM e-commerce and learn how they can help the è SEO è Branding e-tailer achieve his goals è SEMSPONSORS: Personalize Anytime, Anywhere SM
  9. 9. For biographical information on the eTail Latin America speakers and more details on each session, please visit: www.etaillatinamerica.com PR IC QUALIFIED BEFORE BEFORE AFTER IN RETAILERS* MARCh 9Th APRIL 6Th APRIL 6Th G 3 day Conference $ 1077.30 USD $ 1231.20 USD 1,539.00 USD SOLUTION PROvIDERS AND OThERS $2999 USD CONSULT OUR SALES TEAM FOR MORE INFORMATION ON GROUP DISCOUNTS! * Please note a qualified retailer is not: Any service provider to retail organizations - Includingsoftware vendors, internet developers, technology vendors, solution providers, third party logistics providers, consultants or companies with primary revenues resulting from commissions, subscriptions and/or advertising. Worldwide Business Research reserves the right to enforce the rate for non-retailers. WBR CANCELLATION, POSTPONEMENT AND SUBSTITUTION POLICY: Payment must be made before the event and includes lunch, refreshments and detailed conference materials. If payment is not received until two weeks before the event, the same should be done on site, using check or cash. Participants may be substituted at any time and at no extra cost. WBR/ IQPC does not provide refunds for cancellations. For cancellations received seven (7) days before the event, you will receive 100% credit to be used at another WBR/ IQPC event for one year from the date of cancellation. For cancellations received less than seven (7) days before the event, no credits. In the case of WBR/IQPC cancel the event, all payments will be converted into credits for future events from IQPC/ WBR. The credit will be available for up to one year from the date of cancellation. In the case of WBR/ IQPC postpone the event, payments will be transferred to the new date. If you can not attend the event in this new date will receive 100% credit to be used at another WBR/ IQPC event for one year from the date of cancellation. There will be no refunds for cancellations or postponements. WBR/ IQPC is not responsible f or loss or damage caused by the replacement, modification, date change, cancellation or postponement of an event. WBR/ IQPC will not take any responsibility if the event is changed, rescheduled, postponed or canceled due to force majeure not covered or any other event that makes their achievement imprudent, illegal, impracticable or impossible. These reasons include, but are not limited to: governmental restrictions and / or regulatory, war or threat of war, terrorism or threat of terrorism, disasters, civil unrest, rioting and / or strikes, restrictions, suspensions and / or restrictions on public transport or any other emergency. Please note that speakers and topics were confirmed at the time of publishing, however, circumstances beyond the control of the organizers may necessitate substitutions, alterations or cancellations of speakers and topics. If necessary, WBR/ IQPC reserves the right to change or modify the speakers and / or topics announced. Any substitutions or alterations will be updated on our website as soon as possible. “eTail Latin America is a great event where the latest trends in e-commerce are addressed and the expectations of the most preeminent regional players. Really recommendable” ricArdo Alonso, ceo ecoMMerce, fAlABellA chileSPONSORS: Personalize Anytime, Anywhere SM
  10. 10. Be part of eTail Latin America’s exclusive Solutions Zone eTail Latin America is the ideal meeting point between solutions providers and leading e-commerce companies from Latin America and US.Thus, if your business is related to this Market, eTail is a unique opportunity for you! Our Solutions Zone is intended to present technology and services that facilitate the day to day activities for the e-tailer. The solutions include: e-commerce technology platforms, payment methods, currier and logistics, warehousing, data management, online operation, digital marketing and much more! For more information on our exclusive and limited sponsorship and exhibition opportunities, please contact Fabricio: +55 11 3468 0093 or fabricio.santos@wbresearch.com “I’m excited for this event given the growing number of brands and retailers that areanxious to understand eCommerce opportunities in Latin America. At eTail Latin America,I’m looking forward to speaking with companies from different markets in the region to hearmore about how they’re building successful, sustainable eCommerce businesses. I’m alsoeager to hear more about the digital technologies being deployed by retailers in Latin Americato meet shoppers’ rapidly changing expectations.“ZiA Wigder, PrinciPAl AnAlyst, reseArch director, forrester reseArch us Register now: Tel +55 (11) 3468-0100 Email etaillatinamerica@wbresearch.com Web www.etaillatinamerica.com 11
  11. 11. WBR Brazil Av. Eng. Luis Carlos Berrini, 550 – 11º Andar – Cj. 51 Cep 04571-000 | São Paulo - SP | BrasilMay 9-11, 2012Trump International Beach ResortMiami, EUAwww.etaillatinamerica.comName ______________________________________________________________________________Office ______________________________________________________________________________Department _________________________________________________________________________ Register now calling +55 11 3468 0100,E-Mail ______________________________________________________________________________ e-mail: etaillatinamerica@wbresearch.com( ) Send me information about other related eventsCompany Name (Fantasy) ______________________________________________________________ online: www.etaillatinamerica.comSectors _____________________________________________________________________________Company name ______________________________________________________________________Branch of activity ___________________________________________________________________CNPJ _______________________________________________________________________________ Payment must be made before the event and includes lunch, refreshments and detailed conferenceState Registration ____________________________________________________________________ materials. If payment is not received until two weeks before the event, the same should be done on site,Number of employees ( )1-99 ( )100-199 ( )200-499 ( )500-999 ( )1000-1999 ( )2000-4999 ( )5000 + using check or cash. Participants may be substituted at any time and at no extra cost. WBR/ IQPC doesAddress ____________________________________________________________________________ not provide refunds for cancellations. For cancellations received seven (7) days before the event, you willCity _____________________________________ UF ____________CEP_________________________ receive 100% credit to be used at another WBR/ IQPC event for one year from the date of cancellation.Phone (____)_____________________________________ Fax (____)__________________________ For cancellations received less than seven (7) days before the event, no credits. In the case of WBR/IQPCContact _____________________________________________________________________________ cancel the event, all payments will be converted into credits for future events from IQPC/ WBR.The credit( ) Credit Cards Amex N°: ________________________ Validade: ____________________ will be available for up to one year from the date of cancellation. In the case of WBR/ IQPC postpone the event, payments will be transferred to the new date. If you can not attend the event in this new date will Visa N°: __________________________ Validade: ____________________ receive 100% credit to be used at another WBR/ IQPC event for one year from the date of cancellation. Mastercard N°: ____________________ Validade: ____________________ There will be no refunds for cancellations or postponements. WBR/ IQPC is not responsible f or loss or Diners N°: ________________________ Validade: ____________________ damage caused by the replacement, modification, date change, cancellation or postponement of an event. ( ) Billet Bank WBR/ IQPC will not take any responsibility if the event is changed, rescheduled, postponed or canceled( ) Bank Transfer: Please inform our customer service due to force majeure not covered or any other event that makes their achievement imprudent, illegal,Data for Billing / Shipping Invoice impracticable or impossible.These reasons include, but are not limited to: governmental restrictions and /Name ______________________________________________________________________________ or regulatory, war or threat of war, terrorism or threat of terrorism, disasters, civil unrest, rioting and / or strikes, restrictions, suspensions and / or restrictions on public transport or any other emergency. PleaseOffice ______________________________________________________________________________ note that speakers and topics were confirmed at the time of publishing, however, circumstances beyond E-Mail ______________________________________________________________________________ the control of the organizers may necessitate substitutions, alterations or cancellations of speakers andTelephone (____)_____________________________________ Fax (____)_______________________ topics. If necessary, WBR/ IQPC reserves the right to change or modify the speakers and / or topicsAdress _____________________________________________________________________________ announced. Any substitutions or alterations will be updated on our website as soon as possible. May 9-11, 2012 Trump International Beach Resort Miami, United States The only Latin American meeting exclusive ETAIL LATIN AMERICA 2012 to the multichannel retail! Join the leaders of Latin American retail and US e-commerce experts in an opportunity to share best practices, network and learn about the latest market trendsSPONSORS: Register now: Tel: +55 (11) 3468-0100 Email: etaillatinamerica@wbresearch.com Personalize Anytime, Anywhere Web: www.etaillatinamerica.com SM