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Europe 2020


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Published in: Technology
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Europe 2020

  1. 1. Europe 2020 t sus ar t ain sm abl e a ecoe and m nom inc o y lusiv b ec e to EU h e tt an ty w uc tivi we d pro t en m oy pl so m o fe ci a s lc vel oh le es g h iohi n
  2. 2. The Union has set five ambitious objectivesreducing greenhouse gas emissions by 20% 20% increase in energy efficiency efficient smart electricity grids protecting the environment employment improving the business environment innovation productivity education competitiveness more competitive low-carbon economy social inclusion climate/energy innovativeness new green technologies information/communication technologies to be reached by 2020
  3. 3. Flagship initiativesSmart growth•Digital agenda for Europe•Innovation Union•Youth on the move Sustainable growth •Resource efficient Europe •An industrial policy for the globalisation era Inclusive growth •An agenda for new skills and jobs •European platform against poverty
  4. 4. Smart growth• Smart growth means improving the EUs performance in:• education (encouraging people to learn, study and update their skills)• research/innovation (creating new products/services that generate growth and jobs and help address social challenges)• digital society (using information and communication technologies)
  5. 5. Sustainable growth• more competitive low-carbon economy protecting the environment,• new green technologies• efficient smart electricity grids• harnessing EU-scale networks• improving the business environment, in particular for SMEs• helping consumers make well-informed choices.
  6. 6. Inclusive growth• more and better jobs• investment in skills & training• modernising labour markets• benefits of growth reach all
  7. 7. The approach of the Virtuelle Cluster Initiative attempts to assist Targets set by the Europe 2020 Strategy. The approach of the Virtuelle Cluster Initiative attempts to assist Targets set by the Europe 2020 Strategy. The features included in the Virtual Exhibition booth sets an Innovative Framework for SMEs, allowing them, via VOIP and Webinars, to be more Productive – for example: Video Conferencing to collaborate with Customers and Suppliers – result - Travel time is reduced, CO2 is reduced, productivity increases, process time is reduced, the financial aspect is immense.
  8. 8. Education (encouraging people to learn, study and update their skills) Smarter Learning Innovative Future oriented Sessions can be recorded to attend when it is convenient for the Student. In Combination with the Virtual Conference Room and VOIP you can give classes to Students from anywhere in the world, to anyone in the world, allowing you to reach a wider audience
  9. 9. Research / Innovation (creating new products/services that generate growth and jobs and help address social challenges)Digital Society (using information and communication technologies)• The typical Cluster by definition:• A business cluster is a geographic concentration of interconnected businesses, suppliers, and associated institutions in a particular field. Clusters are considered to increase the productivity with which companies can compete, nationally and globally.
  10. 10. The approach of the Virtuelle Cluster Initiative is to take this definition to the next level with the use of modern and future-oriented Technology.• Eliminating the geographical barrier,• Connectivity Scorecard is a global ICT index• deployment of ICT infrastructure but also to measure the extent to which governments, businesses and consumers make use of connectivity technologies to enhance social and economic prosperity, so called “useful connectivity”.• The Virtuelle Cluster Initiative applies a wide variety of Tools which allows SMEs to generate grow• VOIP Conferences, reaching meetings, Seminars……• outside their normal operating boundaries, as well as, setting the Framework to participate in the Global economy. With this new product /service offered by the Virtuelle Cluster Initiative