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Why Groupon Is Not The Right Choice For Your Budget David Reid


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Published in: Economy & Finance, Technology
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Why Groupon Is Not The Right Choice For Your Budget David Reid

  1. 1. Why Groupon Is Not The Right Choice For Your Budget It seems everywhere you turn the name Groupon pops up. In theory, the idea appears sound. In reality, when you choose "coupons" you are not getting your full moneys worth. Truth be told,Groupon does very little other than to save you a bit of moneyhere and there.Groupon Big WhoopMost likely you signed up for Groupon with the thought that youcould save 50 percent off something. Or maybe, just maybe, geta larger discount. But what good are discounts? You still have toshell out for the remainder, right? Sure you save a little, but thepoint is... you are not getting it for free.Free Is Better Than GrouponFrankly, if you have money to spare and only like to save a littleversus saving a lot, then you mine as well stop reading right hereand continue on your way. If keeping your wallet closed andgetting free stuff isnt appealing to you, then I dont know whatelse to tell you. But, if you really want stuff for free, Groupon isnot going to cut it for you.Why Free Wins Out Over Groupon Any Day
  2. 2. Think about it... For every dollar that stays in your pocket,havent you, in essence, made money today? For every dinnerout you do not pay for, isnt that instant savings? Maybe, sadly,you just plain do not go out to dinner anymore because youcannot afford what might now be considered a "luxury." Life doesnot have to be that way. There are tons of absolutely free thingsavailable just for the asking and taking. And, lets not stop atdining out; how about free clothes, free food, free education, freetravel, free mobile, free movies, and yes, even free home items?Will Groupon give you those? Of course not. You might be able toprint out a coupon for a percentage off any of those namedabove, but you sure are not going to get away scot free.Todays Economy Demands More Than GrouponsThere has never been a time like todays economy where theword "free" is more near and dear to the heart than just aboutany other word (okay jobs comes to mind, but lets stay focused).Each time you do not have to spend your own hard-earnedpaycheck on staples or luxuries, arent you making money? Hereis a true life scenario: "Ive had a free Chinese dinner, two fancyice cream desserts, ordered samples of one of my meds, andcosmetic samples for my wife. I gave away several coupons for[free] bagel and cream cheese sandwiches to my friends, and, ohyes, ordered custom luggage tags with a picture of my grandson."Ive been too lazy to take a Chrysler test drive to get a $5 giftcard, didnt need one of 10,000 pair of free eye glasses offeredtoday, and didnt qualify by age or income for a free 10 year$50,000 term life insurance policy for my kids education."However, the freebie list had 350 items when I signed up. Its upto 500 now, and expected to go to the 1000s."
  3. 3. Drop Groupon Coupons and Go For the Real DealBasically it is not selfish of you to want or think that you deserveto get things for free. Retailers make billions of dollars a year,through the use of our hard-earned money. Getting items youneed, want or desire - for free - must become part of yourmindset. The fact that you deserve your fair share of whats outthere - for nothing - does not make you a bad person. Far fromit. So change your mindset, drop the Groupon coupon mentality,and go for the gusto - free! For More Information, Visit our website: Or Call Us at: (541) 255-2305