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Groupon Or Not


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Groupon Or Not

  1. 1. Call Today (541) 255-2305 Visit Our
  2. 2. Why Groupon Is Not The Right Choice For Your BudgetCall Today (541) 255-2305
  3. 3. It seems everywhere youturn the name Groupon pops up. In theory, the idea appears sound. In reality, when you choose "coupons" you are not getting your full moneys worth.Call Today (541) 255-2305
  4. 4. Most likely you signed up for Groupon with the thought that you could save 50 percent off something. Or maybe, just maybe, get a larger discount.Call Today (541) 255-2305
  5. 5. Frankly, if you have money to spare and only like to save a little versus saving a lot, then youmine as well stop readingright here and continue on your way.Call Today (541) 255-2305
  6. 6. Think about it...For every dollar that stays in your pocket, havent you, in essence, made money today? For every dinner out you do not pay for, isnt that instant savings?Call Today (541) 255-2305
  7. 7. There has never been atime like todays economy where the word "free" ismore near and dear to the heart than just about any other word.Call Today (541) 255-2305
  8. 8. Basically, it is not selfish of you to want or think that you deserve to get things for free.Call Today (541) 255-2305
  9. 9. The fact that you deserve yourfair share of whats out there, for nothing, does not make you a bad person. Far from it. So change your mindset, drop the Groupon coupon mentality, and go for the gusto - free!Call Today (541) 255-2305
  10. 10. Call Today (541) 255-2305 Visit Our