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Bait And Switch Advertising


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Bait And Switch Advertising

  1. 1. Call Today (541) 255-2305 Visit Our
  2. 2. Are You A Victimof Bait and Switch Advertising?
  3. 3. A short piece of the message from theFTC tells us that thistactic is "an alluring but insincere offer." There is more, ofcourse, but the point is clear.
  4. 4. Some internetmarketers are infamousfor their use of bait and switch advertising. They use it because they paint that pretty,nay glamorous, picture of the pot of gold just waiting for you.
  5. 5. Their message, the one youread, tells you it can all happen without you spending a penny.
  6. 6. How manytimes have you read about ways to get totally free things, only to find that they arent?
  7. 7. Well, personally I believe free should mean free. Nostrings, no bait and switch advertising.Just give me what Iasked for... that freething you promised.
  8. 8. Be informed.Understand first what your options aregoing to be; the right web site setup willclearly outline these details for you.
  9. 9. Be smart, bethorough. Do get free things and have fun getting them. Also temper your actionswith reason and read.Avoid bait and switchadvertising whenever possible!
  10. 10. Call Today (541) 255-2305 Visit Our