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A message from james g. beirne

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  1. 1. |Balita Media Anthony Allen
  2. 2. A Message from James G. Beirne
  3. 3. Thank You why am I Well, as yousee in the advertisements, the Allensare moving me out now, and movingin the young atty allen to be thefigurehead instead. came along Iwas going to have to work for a fewmore years while the young atty allenimage was created and the Allensmoved me out to pasture. But nowwith all the flaws of the Beirne lawoffice exposed I get to retire earlierthan Anthony and Luchie planned forme. What a deal!
  4. 4. All thanks to hot heads have done me a greatfavor. Without those annoyingExposes I would have to work a fewmore years. Don’t worry about me. Iget to retire.And don’t worry about thosebankruptcy petitions. How muchcan the young atty allen screw up?Heck, he has been a lawyer for aboutsix months, and now in charge ofthree offices. Wag Mag-alala. (Loveacting like I am speaking Tagalog).
  5. 5. Now, to keep the record straight —I do review files and makecomments, and go to court whenthey tell me to. They also hire otherattorneys to appear for me so I donot have to work so hard.Sometimes files are forgottenbecause a system to monitor filesis …well, bad. Oh well, no one isperfect. I have never advertised Iam perfect. Maybe I have, hmm.
  6. 6. So I have lied in my advertising. So what?So I advertised I had hundreds of successfulimmigration removal defense cases and donot really handle them at all. So I said Ihad thousands of loan modificationssuccesses and I have no proof. Come on. Weare all allowed to lie a little. And a lot oflittles is a lot.I am sure is not soperfect. Thanks to PWD, but to be honest —you guys are a little irritating. Can’t youhave more entertainment news? Pictures ofpretty girls in swim suits are always nice.Just a suggestion.
  7. 7. And the young atty allen is a nicekid, to the extent the Allens evenlet me, or anyone else, see him.So don’t worry. Just keep oncoming to Anthony and Luchie’slaw firm, whoever is the figure ina business suit attorney out front,the young atty allen, or me, orwhoever.You do not need a lawyer incharge.