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image of Fran doesnt it? That makes her sound much more like someone being able to command $33,000.Which sounds like a bet...
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Importance of Executive Classic (format) Resumes


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Importance of Executive Classic (format) Resumes

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Importance of Executive Classic (format) Resumes

  1. 1. Executive Classic Resume Writing HOMEWhy Are Executive Classic Resumes Required? Roughly 70% of all firms in the US only accept a resume in executive-classic format. Executives in higher income brackets face a unique set of problems in correctly constructing their work resume portfolio. First, positions in this higher income range are not widely advertised in newspapers or trade journals in comparison to lower level positions. When they are advertised, such as when an ad is placed in the Wall Street Journal, ads can pull from 100 up to 600 responses. This means that resumes submitted for advertised positions must highlight and market top skills which qualify the executive-and this must be done in a moments glance.Second, a majority of executive positions are placed and filled through executive recruiting agencies-those agencies retained or paid a fee to recruit,screen and forward highly qualified applicants to employers. A recent survey conducted by CareerBuilder estimates that up to 64% of all executivepositions are filled through executive recruiting firms. Executive recruiters can receive hundreds to thousands of resumes each month which meansthat when applying through such a firm, an executive resume must stand out from the pack!Third, executives are often busy and may travel extensively which limits the time they have available to network and hunt for potential jobopenings or spend the time to customize their resumes. This means the resumes and contacts they do make need to be maximized and no effortcan be wasted in cultivating and pursuing top job contacts.Since executive recruiters and employers receive hundreds to thousands of executive resumes they may only spend seconds glancing at eachresume before deciding to discard and file it, or put it in a stack to be looked at further.Keeping these factors in mind, well begin the process of illustrating how an executive can turn a weak resume that goes overlooked to one thatmarkets top skills in seconds, and motivates both recruiters and employers to call!What Level Does Your Resume Cover Letter Market You At?If you are curious to see what level your resume is marketing you at … then be sure to read and use the graphing techniques in my first workshop. By graphing the job titles used in Frans resume its easy to see why her resume failed … and once you understand this … you will understand whythe majority of resumes fail. Youll then understand how to analyze your job titles and see if you are better off using them or replacing them withskill headings that market you more effectively.Most People Have Job Titles that Weaken Their ImageI estimate that at least 85% of all job seekers have job titles unrelated to their current career goals … and that they are much better off using skillheadings rather than job titles to land higher salaries and double and triple their interview rates.For example, Fran had been a Directory Operator but in most peoples minds that doesnt sound like shes at the level of a Corporate CustomerRepresentative making $33,000 … thats because most people dont view directory operators as providing true customer service. Most people saythat Directory Operator sounds like someone making only $20,000. However, by using the 12 Questions in my Proven Resumes Series, Fran wrotea new description of her duties as a Directory Operator that described her being selected out of 100 Directory Operators to provide specializedCustomer Service to the Governors Office and Political Dignitaries in the Washington State Capitol … now that information begins to change our converted by
  2. 2. image of Fran doesnt it? That makes her sound much more like someone being able to command $33,000.Which sounds like a better match for the $33,000 Corporate Customer Service Representative goal… her old job title of Directory Operator … or askill heading like Customer Service Representative to State of Washington Account. In Frans actual resume we used the heading of CustomerService Representative but you can see how you can play with skill headings to control and elevate your image … this is one strategy I explain indetail with examples throughout my book, Proven Resumes: Strategies That Have Increased Salaries, and one of the strongest things I can offeryou as a resume writer … just in case you dont have the time or patience to write your own.Going from 0% to 100% Interview RateBy using skill headings that matched her goal, Fran went from a 0% interview rate to a 100% interview rate -- meaning none of her prior resumeshad landed an interview but her new resume landed an interview for each position she applied for.It is always recommended to use a cheap resume builder that services executive classic formatted resumes, for examplecharges only $1.00 for their professional servicing of all formats. Create a free website with converted by