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Adhd coaching works


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Published in: Education
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Adhd coaching works

  1. 1. ADHD Coaching Works…. Coaching for an edge. ….but don’t take our word for it Testimonials for Edge coaching.
  2. 2. All it took was a 30 minute call once a week – just 30 minutes! I truly can’t attribute my recent success to anyone but my coach (except maybe my parents who have put up with me for 16 years.) Coaching for an edge.
  3. 3. Yes, there were the days when I felt like I didn’t need to call my coach… …but with every call, my study skills improved, my organization was practically flawless, and my self confidence and ability to motivate myself became fine tuned. I truly can’t attribute my recent success to anyone but my coach (except maybe my parents who have put up with me for 16 years.) Coaching for an edge.
  4. 4. Meeting with my coach helped me keep motivated. I was extremely unorganized in high school. I started falling behind, especially in math classes. Then I got a coach. Knowing I would have to meet with my coach every week motivated me to stay organized. I went from constantly missing homework assignments to missing no homework assignments my senior year. Coaching for an edge.
  5. 5. My coach helped me get organized. The study and organization skills I learned with my coach have helped immensely in my first semester of college. I now feel more in control of my schoolwork and grades. Coaching for an edge.
  6. 6. I credit my success to the skills my coach taught me! Working with Ann has allowed me to achieve my highest potential. She provided me with the skills and technique’s I needed to succeed in a rigorous and demanding academic environment. Coaching for an edge.
  7. 7. Our son’s coach, without exaggeration, changed his life! The coaching techniques taught him to structure his activities and get them done. He is now a successful associate at a private equity fund in New York City. In our experience with helping our son cope with Attention Deficit Disorder, we found that the coaching component was an absolutely essential element. Coaching for an edge.
  8. 8. My coach helped me focus on what I needed to do. When I break down what I need to do each week with my coach, it makes it easier to think about each task and get it done quicker. Coaching for an edge.
  9. 9. My coach held me accountable to myself. Recently my coach and I had a talk about my personal life and really being truthful about what it came down to. I made a goal for school because my attendance was bad. So we made up this thing where I would text my coach when I came to school. And, so, I’ve been texting her, letting her know. It gave me this push to start improving. Coaching for an edge.
  10. 10. Coaches are there to support YOU! I loved seeing how my priorities all fell together, so while I was improving on one priority; it makes all the other priorities better too. I loved the support and direction coaching gives me. You see, all of these goals kinda come down to my self- image… they reflect how I feel about myself. Coaching for an edge.
  11. 11. A coach helps you find your own answers. Jaymi didn’t give me answers. She made me ask questions. She made me get my own answers. Coaching for an edge.
  12. 12. Coaching taught me that you have to take ownership of your work. I couldn’t just tell my coach that I didn’t get something done. She would then ask me, “why didn’t you get it done?” and then I would have to think about the ways that I think about myself. Coaching for an edge.
  13. 13. My coach helped me develop personal qualities that help me get things accomplished. She showed me that I’m well-equipped to get the things done that I need to get done. But it’s the personal qualities -- time management, caring about myself -- that allowed me to get done what I needed to get done. Coaching for an edge.
  14. 14. My coach helped me figure out my priorities. Each week, we make lists of tasks and named the positives and negatives of each task. That helped me figure out what was important to me. I love coaching! Coaching for an edge.
  15. 15. My coach helped me organize my academic schedule. Before I took coaching I was very disorganized and had no motivation. But my coach helped me gain confidence and helped me to become a better student who works harder and more focused than I did before. Coaching for an edge.
  16. 16. My son’s coach made a huge difference in his college success! In the summer he had dropped out of his freshman required writing class twice. After working with his coach, he completed the class and got his first “A” of his college career. He had never earned an “A” before. Coaching for an edge.
  17. 17. I will be the only person in my family on track to graduate. My siblings and parents all had trouble graduating. Coaching and the support I get from it is what gives me confidence I can make it through. Coaching for an edge.
  18. 18. Coaching provides an alternative to ADD meds. Coaching has been instrumental in beginning my transition to higher education! My coach and I address my problems in a way that embraces my unique learning style. Together we create achievable goals. Then the following week we discuss which strategies were effective. I am learning the tools to cope with my ADD. Coaching for an edge.
  19. 19. Edge Coaching is a voyage from which I will continue to grow! From working with my coach, I understand dealing with ADHD is a process. It is not something that will *get* better. Instead, I can *be*better! Coaching for an edge.
  20. 20. Find out how coaching can help change your approach to life. Call 1-888-718-8886 today! Coaching for an edge.