Paperless office software


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A paperless office software solution should have the following features. It is helpful to know what to look for before going paperless in your office

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Paperless office software

  1. 1. Paperless Office SoftwareA guide on features Going Paperless in the Office
  2. 2. Paperless Office SoftwareAn introductionThe options with paperless office software are many, and not all of them are thesame. Various configurations and software features encompass all of what isknown as paperless office software systems, and finding the right one can be adaunting task. We are going to look at some basic options and features thatshould be included in your document management software. Without knowingwhat is capable from your paperless solution, you may be leaving options on thetable that you would benefit from. 
  3. 3. Some Paperless Officesoftware tools and features
  4. 4. Scanning a Document Into PaperlessFormScanning a document that is paper, into its paperlessform, then into the paperless software system.Electronic forms created from regular paper forms.This might include PDF forms created in Adobe thatcan now be integrated with your paperless software.
  5. 5. Automatic Form Filling  You can quickly and automatically fill out recordsin your paperless office software by way ofelectronic forms. These forms can be changedand information added right in the paperlesssystem. They can also be sent via email, or filledout on the web. Once that information is in thesystem, it can be reproduced in other forms youhave or create in the future.
  6. 6. Advanced CaptureA good paperless document solution for your office will beable to scan paper documents then automatically filethem. This is known as advanced capturing. The scannercan use OCR, which is optical character recognition. It willthen read portions of the scanned document, and then fileit accordingly. So, for instance, it can read an invoicenumber or customer number, and automatically file thatcopy into the paperless office software. Therefore, you willnot have to hand file scanned copies of paperlessdocuments into their correct folder or data storagestructure. This saves you time and money by doing itautomatically when you begin to go paperless in the office.
  7. 7. Paperless Security With paperless, document security can be achieved to thegranular level. You can set users to have read permissions only.You can set them to not even see a certain document, or types ofdocuments. Also, you can file documents in folder where onlycertain users or users belonging to a group can access. This willassist users or staff members only seeing the paperlessdocuments relevant to their job function.
  8. 8. Paperless Office Software AuditingPaperless office software is great for HIPAA compliance. It canleave an audit trail of any viewing or modification of documents.You can also go back in time and see how the document waschanged, by whom it was changed, and if it was deleted. Alldocument histories are tracked and time stamped.
  9. 9. Paperless Integration Software Paperless office systems can often be integrated with many othersystems. This is great for businesses that keep a system ofrecord in some other database. It also helps to grab a data dumpof existing data, and import it into the new paperless officesoftware. This can be done automatically by querying adatabase. It can also be read from CSV or excel files. Inaddition, the paperless software can be synced with a database,so that database always maintains itself as the system of record.
  10. 10. Workflow of the Paperless OfficeWork-flow is one of the key advantages of a good paperless office softwaresystem. Since each user will have his or her own login to the paperlesssystem, they can be passed documents. When they are done with adocument, and have completed the associated tasks on it, it canautomatically flow to the next person. A user or group of users can alsomonitor a certain filing cabinet. When new documents come in, then takeon the task of that document. This way, you will never not know where adocument is that has been “sitting on someone’s desk.”
  11. 11. Paperless E-Signatures Many digital paperless documents need to be signed. You caneasily integrate a pen signature tab with your documentmanagement system. The signature can even be saved. Oncesaved, a user can authorize that signature to be printed on a formby entering a personal pin code they establish. In addition,customers can come into the office, and sign a signature tab tohave their signature produced onto a paperless document form.
  12. 12. Paperless Office Software BenefitsSince a paperless office offers many benefits, it is important to know whatfeatures are out there. Paperless office software can help you serve yourcustomers better, and take the pain out of dealing with vast amounts ofpaper documents. There is no more looking for a document when you needit. It is always at your fingertips and can be searched for by typing a simplyquery just like a Google search.