What Every Event Should Be Doing with Social Media Right Now​


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Presentation by David Haas at Freeman's October 2012 Thinking Thursday

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What Every Event Should Be Doing with Social Media Right Now​

  1. 1. —  Light bulb background for Prezi The Ten Things That Every Event Should Be Doing with Social Media … David Haas Freeman
  2. 2. Create A Social Media Game Plan — You have plenty to do. Why are you spending time/energy on social media? — How do you know if you are doing a good job? What are your measurable objectives? — How do you Stack Up? How do you compare to other events in your space? Freeman Social Media Survey- Sept. 2012 1
  3. 3. Fun Fact: Social Matters Source: http://www.hypebot.com/.a/6a00d83451b36c69e201761744b5ac970c-popup
  4. 4. Measure Their Social Activity —  What are your attendees using? —  What are your exhibitors using? —  How often? Freeman Social Media Survey - Sept. 2012 55% Daily 55% Weekly 56% Weekly 2
  5. 5. Question: What is the Fastest Growing Social Network? •  Hint: Dominated by Women" •  Hint: Needle in a Haystack" •  Hint: That’s Interesting" •  Should You Use It?
  6. 6. How to Grow with Pinterest —  What To Pin —  Pin original, interesting pictures —  Pin your blogs —  Pin content from others —  Create Catalog boards —  Pin Offers —  What To Do —  Sign in through an existing social network —  Enable others to Pin —  Create Contests Put a Pin On It http://content.yudu.com/A1x47h/ ConveneJune2012/resources/52.htm
  7. 7. Use Facebook to Get the Word Out Facebook Likes: 21.1M Website Visits: 1.8M Source: Forbes | Throw that slide rule away! Use Facebook, iPhone, iPad, Groupon tools! Facebook Likes: 20.5M Website Visits: 0.3M Facebook Likes: 10.1M Website Visits: 0.3M 3
  8. 8. Objective: Get Them to You —  Get your audience to LIKE you and show up on their Pages —  Post Quality versus Quantity —  Have some fun with it
  9. 9. Objective: Get Them to You
  10. 10. Question: What Is Instagram All About?
  11. 11. Secure Relevant Followers on Twitter —  Who cares how many followers you have It's not about FOLLOWERS, it's about RELEVANCE “Former Twitter CEO Says Network Needs a Better Metric Than Follower Count” -- Mashable, Sept. 2012 4
  12. 12. More About #Hashtags —  #Hashtags rule Create your Event #Hashtag Leverage existing, high performance #Hashtags
  13. 13. More About #Hashtags —  Your best Tweets have a high volume #hashtag and link back to your site or blog My Page Good #Hashtag
  14. 14. Reach Your Professional Network with LinkedIn —  LinkedIn has changed significantly over the past few months Thought leaders Facebook-like timeline Easy recommendations —  Create a LinkedIn Event and promote it to attendees When LinkedIn members confirm their attendance to the LinkedIn Event, it helps promote the event to their connections 5
  15. 15. Reach Your Professional Network —  Create a LinkedIn Discussion Group Members receive email summary’s when opted-in Useful for what’s interesting to your audience
  16. 16. The Most Popular Social Sites •  Over 800 million unique users visit YouTube each month •  Over 4 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube •  72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute •  70% of YouTube traffic comes from outside the US
  17. 17. Post Event YouTube Take Away •  Qualcomm Developer Conference
 " •  Social Media Playground
 " •  Wanted a fun, no demo environment with a take- away for attendees" http://uplinq2012.com/?uv=hHgzDu-tLwY
  18. 18. Use Tools That Save You Time6 http://www.ifttt.com If I post a LinkedIn update, send it to Twitter as well IFTTT.com Hootsuite Post to multiple networks and Analytics
  19. 19. Sidebar: Foursquare During the show, Play Happens players also earn points on a virtual game board by checking-in via their smartphones at different locations throughout New York City. —  Fun, mobile geo- location app that let’s you earn “Mayorships” for Check-Ins
  20. 20. Create | Find Great Content —  Why Blog? SEO and Thought Leadership —  Blogging alone isn’t the answer Leverage the great content that is out there already 7
  21. 21. Finding Great Content | AttendeeSocial Fully Automated Social Engagement Platform " Finds interesting, relevant content that is of value to your audience
 1 ! Creates ready-to-send social posts that can be automatically be sent – 24x7 2 Drives click-through activity to a site with your call to action 3
  22. 22. Finding Great Content | Review Your Posts Each post links back to my page Post to LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook Special #hashtags increase my reach
  23. 23. Give Your Attendees Content to Post
  24. 24. Growing Your Audience’s Audience Started on 2/5 with 129 followers 5/15 – 845 Followers on Twitter (655% Growth in 3 months)
  25. 25. Empowering Your Audience —  Give your attendees a reason to engage Online communities that leverage your most valuable asset – content —  Give your exhibitors access to your attendees early Meetings, Visibility and Leads —  What do your members want? 8
  26. 26. Give Your Audience A Place to Connect
  27. 27. Give Your Exhibitors Content to Post
  28. 28. Measure Your Success9
  29. 29. Connect to Your Event —  Integrate Social Media at your event —  Sponsorship Opportunities —  Make It Fun 10
  30. 30. Increasing Awareness | Leverage Your Event’s Social Wall
  31. 31. Bonus: Make Money Social Wall / Lounge Sponsors Social Content Sponsors Social Content Sponsors
  32. 32. How Can We Help You?
  33. 33. Thank You Twitter: www.twitter.com/cavoom Facebook: www.facebook.com/freemanfans Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/davidhaas Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/davidhaas David Haas David.Haas@Freemanco.com