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Introduction Of Leapingpoint V3 En


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Introduction Of Leapingpoint V3 En

  1. 1. Leaping  Point  Consul7ng 逸点咨询 L E A P IN G P O IN TBeyond  Excellence  TM   CE  v6.3  
  2. 2. Agenda   Our  Value  Proposi2on  Our  Approach  and  Capabili2es  Our  Experience  Our  Team  Contact  Us        2
  3. 3. Our  Value  Proposi2on We  are  able  to  provide  a  solu0on  from  strategy  to  execu0on  and  help  our  client  achieve  a  quantum  leap  in  business  performance   We  focus  on  performance  improvement   We  commit  ourselves  to  the  domain   with  strong  capability  in  execu7on  and   where  our  team  has  extensive   proven  effec7veness  in  turnaround     experience,  knowledge  and  resources   to  provide  or  add  immediate  value    Leaping  Point   Consul2ng   We,  together  with  our  client,  ini7ate   We  compete  with  and  win  against  7er   and  enforce  changes  in  the   one  global  consul7ng  firms  in  terms  of     organiza7on  by  ac7ng  as  CFO,  CRO   price,  quality  and  efficiency  of  service   (restructure),  PMO  or  COO  in  the   delivery  as  a  result  of  our  efficient   transi7on  period   opera7ng  model  and  seasoned   professionals   3
  4. 4. Agenda Our  Value  Proposi2on  Our  Approach  and  Capabili2es  Our  Experience  Our  Team  Contact  Us        4
  5. 5. Our  Approach  and  Capabili2es We  help  our  clients  to  achieve  the  quantum-­‐leaping  growth  through  a  staged  capability  building  plan  within  a  four-­‐year  horizon  Quantum  Leap  M&A/IPO  3  Value  Chain  Phase  3  Innova2ve  Growth  Strategy  2  Phase  2  Lean  Opera2on  Excellence  1  Phase  1  Year  1  Year  2  Year  3  Year  4 
  6. 6. Our  Approach  and  Capabili2es Our  “Beyond  Excellence  ”approach  helps  our  clients  to  achieve  maximum  growth  poten0al  •  IPO   Improvement  Poten2al  •  Due  Diligence   •  Merger  and  Acquisi7on   •  Interim  Management   •  Growth  Strategy   3  •  Value  Innova7on   •  Business  Model  Design   •  Cash/financial  Management   •  VC/PE  Investment  Advisory   •  CRM   •  Order  to  Pay   2  •  Value  Chain  Management   Strategy  •  Sales  and  Opera7on  Planning   Growth   Innova2ve   •  Strategic  Sourcing   •  Kaizen  Breakthrough   e  •  Time  based  Compe77on   Lean  Opera2on  Excellenc 1  •  Lean  Business  System   AS  IS   Founda2on:Lean  Leadership  and  Change  Mgmt   •  Policy  Design   •  Balance  Scorecard  /KPI   年   1 2 3 4 5 •  Lean  Leadership  Training   6
  7. 7. Our  Approach  and  Capabili2es We  have  specific  service  offerings  for  our  clients  during  their  various  stages  of  growth  including  IPO  and  M&A  transac0ons  Market  DD  and  Growth     1  Lean  Opera2on  Excellence  2  3  Merger  and  Acquisi2on/IPO  Strategy  Market  Due  Diligence  Pre  M&A/IPO  Due  Diligence  Lean    Value    Chain   • Market  size  and  driver  analysis   • Business  plan  evalua7on  and   • Lean  supply  chain   adjustment   synchroniza7on  • Compe77on  landscape  study   • Evalua7on  on  cost  structure   • Improvement  of  customer  and   • Industry  key  success  factors   product  unit  profitability   • Business,  opera7on  and  financial  risk   analysis   evalua7on  • Sales  forecast  and  planning  • Business  model  intelligence  Turn  Around  • KPIs  enhancement  Growth  Strategy  • Cash  flow  op7miza7on  Lean  Produc2on   • Innova7on  strategy  design  • Debt  restructure   • Kaizen  breakthrough   • Global  strategy   • Ac7on  plan  for  100  days    • Value  chain   • Partnership  and  outsourcing   strategy   Mgmt  of  Proprietary  Company   • Business  process  re-­‐ engineering   • Cash/financial  management  and   • Establishment  of  opera7onal  and   customer  first  program   financial  processes  and  repor7ng   System  Simula2on   management     • New  governance  system  set-­‐up  • Op7miza7on  through  business   modeling   • VC/PE  investment  advisory  • Coaching  to  management    7
  8. 8. Agenda Our  Value  Proposi2on  Our  Approach  and  Capabili2es  Our  Experience  Our  Team  Contact  Us      8
  9. 9. Our  Experience Our team members have experience in strategy development,performance improvement, M&A etc. in a variety of companiesacross different industries 9
  10. 10. Our  Experience Some  of  our  past  success  stories  include  projects  for  the  largest  sports  apparel  chain  in  Russia,  US  electronic  appliance  giant  and  state-­‐owned  oil  field  service  company.  Project  Scope  Project  Outcome  ○  Market  due  diligence   ○  Time  to  market  reduced  from   ○  Benchmarking  on  the  leading   70  Weeks  to  50  Weeks   Market  Entry  and  Supply   prac7ces  in  supply  chain   ○  Set  up  the  APAC  HQ  in   Chain  Op2miza2on  ○  China  market  entry  strategy  Singapore  to  op7mize  tax   and  improve  efficiency  ○  The  business  integra7on     ○  The  100-­‐day  plan  for  the   ader  its  acquisi7on  of  a   acquisi7on  and  integra7on   Chinese  electronic  appliance   ○  Supply  chain  strategy   Supply  Chain  Strategy   chain  business   ○  Re-­‐design  of  sales  store   and  Post  M&A   ○  Supply  chain  integra7on  ader   opera7on  process  Integra2on  M&A    ○  Overseas  business  strategy   ○  Designed  the  roadmap  for   ader  acquisi7on   the  integra7on  of  business   ○  APAC  organiza7on  and  legal   ○  Selected  the  APAC  HQ   Overseas  Strategy  and   structure  design   loca7on  in  Singapore   Post  M&A  Integra2on  ○  Process  re-­‐engineering  ader   ○  Clarified  business  focuses  for   M&A     future  growth  10
  11. 11. Agenda Our  Value  Proposi2on  Our  Approach  and  Capabili2es  Our  Experiences  Our  Team  Contact  Us      11
  12. 12. Our  Team  We  are  part  of  interna0onal  consul0ng  network  and  deliver  services  from  strategy  design  to  its  implementa0on  within  and  across  borders.  MaYhew  Ma,  Leaping  Point  (CAN)   Maihew  has  14  years  consul7ng  and  industrial  experiences  on  overseas   business  strategies,  M&A  and  BPR  for  various  Chinese  companies.  Maihew   also  specializes  in  supply  chain  transforma7on  and  lean  value  chain   management  for  several  SMEs  with  fast  growth.  Maihew  used  to  work  in   Roland  Berger  Strategy  Consultants  and  Accenture  Consul7ng.    He  obtained   the  Master  of  Manufacturing  Management  from  McGill  University  in  Canada   and  is  a  holder  of  Six  Sigma  Black  Belt.   Claire  Li,  Leaping  Point  (CAN)   Claire  has  14  years’  experience  in  accoun7ng,  audi7ng,  PE/IPO  and  company   restructuring  in  China  and  Canada.    She  used  to  work  as  independent   consultant  in  TD  bank  and  Ontario  government,  ac7ng  CFO  of  a  pre-­‐IPO   company,  manager  in  AGF  and  CIBC  in  Canada  and  senior  auditor  in  PWC  in   China.  She  graduated  from  McGill  University  with  MBA  degree.  She    is  also  a   CPA  of  China  and  USA  and  CFA  chart-­‐holder.   Donald  Liang,  Leaping  Point  (PRC)   Donald  has  over  15  years’  experience  in  opera7on  excellence,  supply  chain   integra7on  and  system  implementa7on.  .  He  also  specializes  in  e-­‐commerce   strategy  and  business  model  design  for  SMEs.  Donald  used  to  be  the  senior   manager  in  Accenture.   12
  13. 13. Agenda Our  Value  Proposi2on  Our  Approach  and  Capabili2es  Our  Experience  Our  Team  Contact  Us        13
  14. 14. Contact  Us   MaYhew  Ma  Office:  32th  Floor  Suite  I,  Pufa  Tower   86.136.6166.6044  (M)  Pudong  South  Road  #588,    Pudong,  Shanghai  200120,  PRC    86.21.6176.2023  (T)   Claire  Li  86.21.6176.2026  (F)    86.18616616387  (M)     1.416.727.9395  (M)   14