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Fortunate Sun Mining Fact Sheet


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Fortunate Sun Mining Company Ltd. is a mineral exploration company based in Vancouver BC, Canada, and listed on the TSX Venture Exchange (TSX-V). The company is engaged in the acquisition and exploration of Precious Metals projects with a primary focus on Mexico. Our aim is to create wealth for our shareholders in the Precious Metals Sector by identifying high quality exploration/ development projects that possess world class potential.

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Fortunate Sun Mining Fact Sheet

  1. 1. tsx-v: FSMFortunate Sun Mining Company Ltd. is a Vancouver-based mineral exploration company. The company is engagedin the acquisition and exploration of Precious Metals projects with a primary focus on Mexico. We aim to generateshareholder value in the Precious Metals Sector by identifying high quality exploration and development targets thathave world class potential, and to mitigate risk where possible by working with strategic partners in our industryto help fund exploration and development costs.MexicoMining-friendly, pro business, with a skilled labour force and existing infrastructure; currently 13th in the world ingold production, and 2nd in world silver production. CoahuilaFortunate Sun Belt Cedros go Concepcion del Oro ran Camacho Du125,000 ha. in Zacatecas State, Mexico. San TiburcioWorld Class neighbours: Rio Grande Fortunate Sun Belt si oto • Peñasquito – Goldcorp: 17.8 mill. oz. Au, with. Ag, Pb, Zn. (24M oz Au eq). is P n Lu Sa • Camino Rojo – Goldcorp acquisition of Canplats: Recent Significant Au–Ag- ZACATECAS Pb-Zn discovery. Indicated Res. 3.2 m/oz. Au (4.5m oz Au eq). anval R. Agu ZACATECAS CITYCrossed with regional and utility roads; access to rail, water and electricitythroughout. Jalisco tes en ali uasc AgCamacho1120 ha. 100% owned by Fortunate SunVein system in Pre-tertiary rock that lead to pipes, skarns and mantos holdingpotentially large deposits of precious and base metals (NI 43-101, 2010).Phase I 2010: Airborne magnetic survey of Camacho, extensive rock and soil mapping andsampling program, 2900m DD program in 8 holes focused on confirming and expanding themineralization; completed in Q4 2010. Phase II 2011: Airborne magnetic survey results and soil geochem analysis to generate new exploration targets; execute the second drilling campaign consisting of 2,000 meters of RC drilling in 10 holes. Completed Nov.2011. • US$1,953,500 spent to Dec 2011
  2. 2. Pirelli112,000 ha. located in the Northeast corner of the State of Zacatecas Mexico,100% owned by Fortunate SunUnderlain by Cretaceous sediment covered by thin soil and “caliche”.Int-breccia-sediment hosted Au-Ag-ZN-Pb deposit.Phase I Q2 2010: surface sampling and Airborne magnetic surveys focused on Managementconfirming and expanding the knowledge of mineralization. Reg Advocaat President & CEOPhase II Q3 2011: IP survey to determine anomalous and prospective drill Peter Chen CFO & Secretarytargets completed. 1000m RC drilling in 5 holes completed Q4.• US$830,000 spent to Dec 2011. Directors and Officers Reg Advocaat Director & OfficerMichellin (I, II, III) Peter Chen Director & OfficerApproximately 12,000 ha. 100% owned by Fortunate Sun Mining. Terrence Owen DirectorGrassroots exploration. Scott Young Director Gary Nordin DirectorInitial analysis suggests altered Tertiary flow dome complexes that host high-sulfidation gold mineralization. Present Share StructureWork scheduled for Q3 2011: permitting, mapping and sampling. Total Pre IPO 17,477,500Sonora, Mexico IPO 7,500,000 Total Out. 24,977,500 (Post IPO)Golconda (listing property) *Fully Diluted 32,252,500 (Post IPO)6410 ha. in SW Sonora , on western boundary of the Sierra Madre epithermal *Includes warrants, optionsgold-silver belt. Proceeds of FinancingOption to purchase 100% from Minera Coplau IPO $1,500,000S.A DE C.V.Precambrian gneisses Targeted Listingand schists hosting low TSX Venture (TSX-V)sulphidation, gold-rich, Puerto Peñasco GU LFepithermal vein system. (NI OF Transfer Agent CA SONORA LI F43-101 2011). OR Olympia Trust Company N IAPotential for lateral and vertical Chihuahua ISLA DEL TIBURONextensions makes it a good HERMOSILLO R. Yaqui Contact Information:exploration target. GuyamasVein mapping and sampling to generate Reg Advocaat CD Obregónpossible drill targets. Navahoa Alamos Suite 1502 – 1166 Alberni Street Golconda Vancouver, BC, V6E 3Z3 a15 Hole, 2000 m drill program planned for Q4 Sin alo Ph: 778-945-21392011 Phase II. reg@fortunatesunmining.comBudget: US$400,00.