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Sales Force Development


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We live in times where people can claim many things ,I wanted to offer some detailed back up to add credibility to my involvement. The Power Point was prepared for Senior Management at Indymac Bank as they looked to have me expand out of a total Recruitment role into the long term development of the 1500 + national sales force. You will note that the testimonials come from a very broad spectrum of people including the Head of Mergers and Acquisitions , Presidents of outside companies as well as the ground level team members.

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Sales Force Development

  1. 1. Sales Force Development p Successful Recruitment ,Sales Training and Market Share Growth Systems Dixon Judd Partner Performance Resource Group p “ Decide to Compete at Your Highest Level” Knowledge is Power ,only when APPLIED only
  2. 2. Our Name Say’s it all: “Performance” Resource Group 1.USP : If there were a way for you to have 143 Realtors in front of your Sales Force that would provide you with 25 loans and 62 new referral partner, relationships in one day, would you want to know about it? 2.The Reason for asking is; that there just may be a way for you to do this. In order for us to determine how well this idea might work for you, Call 507-PRG-0007. 3.143 Realtors at your private tables 4. 3 hours of rapport building together 5. 25 loans that day 6. 62 new referral partner relationships 7. $ $78,124.00 average in new revenue, for a one time investment of $81.00 per Realtor 8. You pick the day and block out your calendar for 4 hours that day …. then Dial 507-PRG-0007 507 PRG 0007 9. Ask about our Money Back guarantee
  3. 3. Experience ,when it matters most: Proven Leadership with an emphasis on Recruitment ,Training and sustained Market S a e Growth. Share G o t Very unique background that provides in - depth working knowledge of top 10 Mortgage Companies with emphasis in Recruitment, Training and Sales Management Tremendous network that enhances competitive advantages. Our website averages over 30,000 hits per month with more than 7,300 active members in 4 countries. Considered by many to be “Th S l ti “The Solution “ to high impact positive results. The unbeatable combination of Street Credibility and Senior Management experience.
  4. 4. Sustained Results among the Top Sales Professionals Chris Morris Senior Vice President , Bank of America Retail Mortgage 310-944-9416 Dear Dixon, I wanted to take a minute and tell you how incredible your coaching, training and systems are. I have been in the Mortgage industry for many years and have been fortunate to work for Bank Of America for 15 years now. It is hard to find real tangible ways to motivate and produce substantial results when leading a sales force. As you know, my office is consistently one of the top producing offices in our company, so finding something that would really move our team up to the company next level is always a challenge. Let me say that you DELIVERED!! The results have been more than I could have hoped for and have actually changed people’s lives. Since starting to work with you last year, we have consistently have had a huge increase in attitude, new higher goals, better and better sales opportunities with the top Realtors in our market, recruiting opportunities and list goes on. We are making our mark and people inside and outside of Bank Of America are really asking, “How have you done it? ”Every time we tell them it started with Dixon Judd and his Every time, training! You have a very complete system that will drive anyone’s business to the top, it’s real and it is current to today’s market. We are very anxious to continue to work with you to really set a blazing trail that will be hard for any competitor to match. You are the catalyst making this happen for Thank you!
  5. 5. Indymac Legacy Experience • Worked closely with Senior Management teams to lay the foundation for growth that is now being leveraged. • Team Player! • Rapport and High Trust across Departments and Divisions. • Driven to Succeed. • I love my Job !
  6. 6. High level knowledge of the industry From: Garrabrants, Greg To: Judd, Dixon Sent: Mon Oct 01, 2007 Subject: RE: National Mergers and Acquisitions Dixon: I have appreciated your partnership on finding retail lending acquisition opportunities. Your industry network was superb and proved very useful in finding acquisition targets. Regards Greg
  7. 7. Working Together creates Success : From: Judd, Dixon F J dd Di Sent: Friday, June 29, 2007 12:24 PM To: Garrabrants, Greg Cc: Majerus, Steve Subject: RE: Top 100 Retailers Thanks, I agree with your thoughts and desired optimal flow. I have a very tenured reputation as a high trust ,open access individual. As time goes by you will see that I will never compromise the integrity of any competitor, IMB or myself. That is not for sale and it has never been necessary to more effectively p , y y y accomplish projects. I can still go back to any of these contacts as a result and that is where I do create value. Rapport takes years to build and a moment to destroy. My approach is to offer potential solutions that serve the best interests of all. I am excited over the potential that IMB brings to a dynamic market and appreciate the opportunity in working on this together. Raise your expectations.® Dixon Judd Vice President - National Recruitment Retail Lending Group 3465 East Foothill Blvd Blvd. Pasadena, Ca. 91107 ' (626) 660-4513 7 (626) 432-6292 fax
  8. 8. Working Together creates Success : From: G F Garrabrants, Greg b t G Sent: Friday, June 29, 2007 9:50 AM To: Judd, Dixon Subject: Top 100 Retailers Dixon Here is an updated list of the top 100 retailers per NMN as we discussed. This list is wholly incomplete as I find bigger players than these top 100 almost every week. One significantly value that someone with your proximity to the market adds is the identification of targets not on this list as I have been working to pry loose th l these bi guys f a while. big for hil That being said, times and strategic priorities change quickly and I appreciate your insight into loan officer chatter on National City and First Horizon because they could be a precursor to a shift in their willingness to part with their retail franchise at a reasonable price. However, given that I am often having senior dialogues with top management or their financial advisors at these large companies that could be damaged b th perception or reality th t someone i i th fi ld undermining th i f d d by the ti lit that is in the field d i i their franchise, my office hi ffi must continue to coordinate any discussions that are senior to key field management and producers. Look forward to working together to build a great retail franchise together and look forward to the First Magnus call. Your help on that is greatly appreciated. Have a great holiday. Regards, Greg
  9. 9. Success Leaves Clues: From: Fischer, Geoff Sent: Thursday, February 22, 2007 6:58 AM To: Judd, Dixon Judd Subject: FW: Good job From: Mike Israel Sent: Thu 02/22/2007 4:13 AM To: Fischer, Geoff , Cc: Majerus, Steve; Polly Wasdin; Jason Brzycki; Meg Hynes; Katie Kloepfer; Doug Anderson Subject: RE: Good job Geoff, Thank you so much for the kind words The credit goes to my team for the great job they are doing I also words. doing. want to say that Dixon is the best partner we have ever worked with. We look forward to further building our partnership. Mike Mike Israel 904-224-1390 office 904-234-8721 mobile Sent from my GoodLink synchronized handheld ( ) ……………….. Orginal Message………………… From: Fischer, Geoff [] Sent: Thursday, February 22, 2007 12:37 AM Eastern Standard Time To: Mike Israel Cc: Majerus, Steve Subject: Good job Mike- we are off to a nice start... We are totally focused on closing these big guys with your support. This is hitting the mark for us.
  10. 10. Clues lead to the Answers : From: Tony Dely [ ] Sent: Thursday, July 19, 2007 3:03 PM To: Judd, Dixon Judd Subject: FW: INDY MAC FYI.... You made a believer out of Dale. Obviously you made a real impression on her and justifiably so. You did an excellent job, thank you for all your assistance. I'm confident that both her and her team are going to do an outstanding job f Indymac in the Phoenix market. for From: [ Sent: Thursday, July 19, 2007 3:41 PM To: Tony Dely Subject: INDY MAC Just to update you- i've been in deep conversations with dixon all morning-we hammered out a comp agreeement- he is preparing it and he will secure approval by steve and present it to me by tomorrow close of business- he is very no nonsense- He said at this point- he'll deal directly with me- meaning he didn't need you to hand hold me or micro manage the process- (whatever that means) he said once we have a signed agreement- he'll forward it to you- the chain of events will be- a. me reviewing the comp agreement (contingency offer) b. phone interview with steve between the 20th and 23rd c Dixon will come to phoenix on 7/25 to meet with me onboarding 8/13 i have to get the applications/background checks on at least 4 producers to him before the end of july july. (I've never encountered an internal recruiter like this before- Dixon is very very good at what he does- and he lets you know it is a golden opportunity and they are turning down many many candidates...) thanks again Tony!
  11. 11. Knowledge is POWER: Highly Effective Training that accelerates growth: • Paul "Bear" Bryant: Quote It's not the will to win, but the will to prepare to win that makes the difference. • Working to continuously to improve outcome and process. • Maximize results and cost control. • The key between ideal sourcing and successful sales management is Training
  12. 12. The Ability to Empower Others to Succeed : • Gary J. Stotko, Director of Business Development, Home Savings Mortgage Dixon, Home Savings Mortgage lacked qualified industry experience in developing a Marketing/Business Development Department. Your focused, high energy, time-tested systematic approach supported by a transparent all-inclusive management style is shockingly refreshing. • While setting in place the foundation for explosive growth you’ve shared the capability to nurture, grow growth, you ve nurture and mine for talent, develop a team, all while maintaining and attaining our strategic intent. We are now prepared to successfully fulfill our recruiting efforts utilizing; area specific tactics, web tools, database management and multiple drip marketing campaigns (electronic and print media). • Whil setting iin place th f d ti f explosive growth, you’ve shared th capability t nurture, grow While tti l the foundation for l i th ’ h d the bilit to t and mine for talent, develop a team, all while maintaining and attaining our strategic intent. We are now prepared to successfully fulfill our recruiting efforts utilizing; area specific tactics, web tools, database management and multiple drip marketing campaigns (electronic and print media). • Y “S l S t ” iis f t professionals ready t embrace and iimplement a program th t practiced Your “Sales System” for true f i l d to b d l t that ti d consistently is guaranteed to win. Any loan officer [sales person] overlooking this opportunity for personal and professional growth should strongly consider an alternate career. • Ultimately the ability to raise the level of those performing around you ensures your future successes. You’ve rallied this with integrity, honor, decency, competitive spirit, good humor and strong leadership…the finest attributes of a mentor. Dixon you’re a true Mentor!
  13. 13. Providing High Impact Resources Internally Culture, Cohesiveness and Results • Cathy Becker, President of Mortgage Bankers Association/Northern Nevada • Last week I was approached by a local business coach to come to his introductory meeting, he said he would kick my business to the next level. I drug Nancy Jasso along and we sat through the hour and a half presentation and there was nothing that he said that we are not covering in Dixon Judd’s weekly meetings. By the end of the meeting the business coach was getting tired of Nancy and I answering his questions. When we left we both felt the same way, that there was nothing in his presentation that we hadn’t covered with Dixon. The business coach charges $1800/month for 1 hour a week on the phone hadn t similar to what we are already doing, but with Dixon the cost is an hour a week, follow through and commitment. What an opportunity. Thank you!
  14. 14. Powerful Presentations to Qualified referral Partners: • WALTER SANFORD LIVE – Presented by Dixon Judd as an event for Mortgage Professionals and Real Estate Agents. Corporate Sponsors were: Wells Fargo Mortgage and LSI, A Fidelity National Financial Company, Bank of America. • "Last night turn out to be a great event, out of 100 Realtors, 80 showed up. Let's keep running with this event, the President of The Glendale board of Realtors was very excited that we were out servicing the realtors. They want to be a part of our team, so let's get started on following up with your realtors and doing the presentations. Realtors are excited about the benefits we have to offer; Dixon Judd presentation, Realtors Boards, banks and all of us being a part of the community. Next move to drive t ti our bank business, each account executive is responsible for their bank branch realtor® mixer. You guys are veterans now, meet with your bank center manager and PB's to set up a day for their mixer. Thank you, Team! This works because you make it happen. • Great Job! My Realtors were very impressed with the whole thing: they LOVED the signs and the Dixon Judd presentation. They are looking forward to our next mixer! Thanks again!!"
  15. 15. Create in other’s, a desire to succeed : From: Neely, Glenn Sent: Friday September 28 2007 12:23 PM Friday, 28, To: Judd, Dixon Subject: RE: Dixon Judd Since joining Indymac's Retail Lending Group in April, I've been privileged to work with Dixon Judd in his capacity of National Recruiting Manager Dixon was instrumental in recruiting me to Indymac as well Manager. Indymac, as, assisting in the recruitment of any number of the loan officers in my group. Dixon developed a comprehensive "informational business opportunity" presentation which was a powerful tool in "closing" the loan officer candidates. Dixon also orchestrated the growth and refinement of the RLG recruiting area with a limited amount of resources. Dixon's group definitely enhanced the on boarding experience f our new l i for loan officers. Di ffi Dixon was i immediately able t gain th t t and di t l bl to i the trust d confidence of my experienced loan officer candidates due to his "real world" experience in the mortgage origination process-he speaks their language. Many of my loan officers were extremely impressed that Dixon, although not currently originating, had the high level knowledge of the origination process as a recruiting manager. He was able to build a quick rapport in communicating with potential candidates, as well as, our existing l ll i ti loan officers Di ffi Dixon has exhibited a high level knowledge of the mortgage b i h hibit d hi h l lk l d f th t business and the "who's who" of the business. I have found Dixon to be highly energetic, comprehensive and very helpful in assisting in the growth of the RLG team...In fact, it wouldn't have happened without his ongoing commitment and assistance to the success of the recruitment and on boarding p g process. Glenn Neely Area Sales Manager-RLG West 805-231-8501 21550 OOxnard Street, 3rd Floor, Woodland Hills, CA 91367 S C Office Fax (818) 274-3028 Website:
  16. 16. Lead by Example , with Passion for Excellence and others will notice : September 28, 2007 p , Ladies and Gentlemen • I would like to take this opportunity to express my experiences working with Dixon Judd during my transition process from AHM. When originally approached with the opportunity of coming to work with IndyMac Bank I was very skeptical about the opportunity. I was very happy with my experience at AHM y y p pp y y ppy y p and was not really looking for a change. I have to say that Dixon played a very large part in my decision to come and join the IndyMac Bank team. From the first time I met him until today, Dixon has maintained a level of professionalism and knowledge that is everything I have come to know about IndyMac • What I found most impressive about Dixon Judd is that he was not all about “selling” IndyMac. He listened to my co ce s, from p oducts to co t act deta s, a d got me a s e s His knowledge o ou ste ed y concerns, o products contract details, and e answers. s o edge of our process and company was impressive and the attention he paid to the details was more impressive. I always felt that he was giving me the information I was seeking and not trying to force information I wasn’t. By the time I had met with Dixon it was apparent that there was no other viable option but to come to IndyMac. His belief in the Retail Lending Group and his dedication to bringing in qualified mortgage originators who were as hungry as he was to build a “force” in the mortgage industry had a major impact on me and my decision. I knew that if these were the types of people that IndyMac had working for them then I needed to be here. • Dixon’s dedication to success was apparent from the very first time I met him. I have been a part of a lot of teams in my life and it was easy to recognize Dixon’s belief in the success of his team and his dedication to helping all the members of the team succeed. It is this attitude and character that makes a team stronger. stronger Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely, Jeff Wucinich Branch Sales Manager Retail Lending Group West Phone: 702.459.7057 Fax: 626.583.1324 Cell: 702.348.7573 Blackberry: 702.540.1214
  17. 17. Working with the Top 10 % of Elite Mortgage Professionals : To Whom It May Concern: y 10/03/2007 • This letter is my personal and professional recommendation for Dixon Judd. Over the past 6 months, I have been lucky enough to call upon Dixon in a support capacity within RLG West for recruiting new Loan Consultants to our organization. I manage an area in the San Jose Region for RLG West and Dixon has been a valuable source during my time here at Indymac as I learned new systems and processes of managing a recruiting pipeline. I found his work ethic incomparable, tackling all assignments with dedication and purpose. Honestly, I would say Dixon’s attitude toward recruiting was a source of motivation in approaching new candidates that I was not familiar with. • Besides being a great recruiter, Di iis a t k h Dixon take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits of any initiative to a Sales Team with great result. He is knowledgeable regarding all things Mortgage and has earned the respect of others for his dedication to the organization. • I highly recommend Dixon for any position that works to motivate a Sales Team and/or increase any g y yp y desired result within a business unit. He is a strong player within our industry and will be a great asset to any organization or group he works within. Sincerely, Si l J. Andrew Shea, Area Manager Indymac Bank, Retail Lending Group 408-621-3264 Dixon, you will be sorely missed as a recruiter. You are the most aggressive and determined I have ever met .
  18. 18. Integrating the entire Management Team ensures positive Results : September 30, 2007 • Since 2006 when Indymac Bank announced the national launch of a traditional retail division/ RLG, there were a few key people involved. One of them being, Dixon Judd as the Head of Recruitment, for the country. In the quest to source , hire and integrate 5,000+ seasoned mortgage professionals in a 2 -3 year period, Dixon’s experience , insight and pro active approach have been a tremendous boost in laying the foundation for long term growth. As an integral member of the Retail Lending Group for IMB, I witnessed first hand the dedication d team work th t Di fi t h d th d di ti and t k that Dixon b brought t thi endeavor. A we close i on th ht to this d As l in the successful acquisition of over 1,500 people to the RLG division here at IMB, I would like to echo what many of our Senior Management team has said in reference to Dixon Judd,” A true results driven, professional that loves what he does. Dixon brings a positive ,Let’s Win Attitude, everyday.” Kind Regards, Regards Jen Seely Senior Manager – RLG START TEAM 925-519-4083
  19. 19. A Successful Leader is respected from all Perspectives : From: Clark, Mike Sent: Tuesday, October 16, 2007 12:54 PM To: Judd, Dixon Subject: RE: Thank you Thank you Dixon, you will be missed You were by far one of the best managers I have ever had. Thank you for all you did for me and your support. I would not be here if it was not for you. Keep in touch, and good luck Michael C Clark Direct: 949-341-7231 Toll Free: 866-398-3209 Fax: (866) 901-6556
  20. 20. The ability to listen, yields Results : From: Lopez, Cathy Sent: Sat Oct 06 12:36:42 2007 Subject: My S bj t M personal experience l i T o Whom it May Concern, Re: Dixon Judd I’m writing this letter to talk about my experience in working with Dixon Judd. I am now an Indymac Bank Retail Lending Group, Branch Manager. I was first contacted and pursued relentlessly by an outside recruiting firm. When I finally agreed to speak to someone, I was put on a conference call with Dixon. I was not looking to relocate and believe the grass is greener where you water it, and have always succeeded where ever I chose to work. However, the conversation peaked my interest and I agreed to take the next step and meet with an area manager. Dixon set me up with Glenn Neely and it ended with my employment at Indymac During the process I had a meeting in person with both Dixon and Glenn, Dixon had the rare ability to remain extremely professional and at the same time make the interview feel like friends talking over a cup of coffee instead of an interrogation as many people do I agreed to apply for a do. position. During the on boarding process, I worked with Dixon and his staff for both myself and the start up team I was bringing with me. Everyone was helpful and accommodating to some of the unusual and sometimes difficult requests of the team I was bringing on board. They made everyone feel special and their needs important and all needs were met. During the on boarding process, I worked with Dixon and his staff for both myself and the start up team I was bringing After completing training, our office was not ready yet and my team did not have a place to work. Dixon welcomed my team into his West Covina office with open arms and supported us through our first month. While there, I found out that their were 3 area manager who’s territory all came together at the area my office was to be located. I also found out who the other 2 were, I met one of them and already knew the other. If Dixon had not had the instinct and the ability to match me with Glenn Neely my decision to come to work for Indymac would probably have been different. Although the other 2 area managers are g g great p p and an asset to the company, they were not a g people p y y good p personality match for me. y This business is about relationships if you truly want great success. Dixon understands and possesses those skills at the highest level. I am here because of Dixon and excited to be on the ground floor of something that I know will be great. I hope and would be honored to work with him again in the future. Cathy Lopez Branch Manager Indymac Bank Cell:(562) 544-7289
  21. 21. Integrity is not For Sale : September 28, 2007 T o Whom it May Concern, y , I want to take a moment to relate my observations in dealing with Dixon Judd during and after my hiring process with IndyMac Bank. I have found him to be one of the most honest individuals I have dealt with in any recruiting situation. I had been contacted by another recruiter to consider a change to IndyMac Bank in the latter part of 2006. I did not feel comfortable during the initial conversations and swayed away from any further dealings. After New Century/Home 123 went out of business Dixon contacted me. I felt I already had heard all I needed and was not very open minded during our first conversation. He asked several questions about my concerns and dealt with each and every concern. During our telephone conversation I realized I needed to know more. I felt he was just telling me the truth and showing me a tremendous opportunity for more a long term career with IndyMac Bank. At a later date I met with Dixon and soon discovered he truly did answer questions regardless of whether it might be a negative with me. I will relate one such as I was very into doing FHA loans. I was informed by Dixon IndyMac Bank was not set up to complete these types of loans. It was being worked on and he looked me directly in the eye and said it would take at least 8 weeks and maybe longer. Knowing this allowed me to deal with it on solid ground and make an intelligent decision. g g I have found this to be true with any topic we were on, he never told me what I wanted to hear but what was the truth. No matter how it might fall. I appreciated that. With someone like this, who gives you the real truth, you can make real decisions. Upon being hired and starting to build my group I found him to be even more of an asset. When it came to recruiting he helped with quick responses in dealing with candidates, his ideas were always above reproach and thought out. I watched him deal with many people and he always dealt with them in a professional and business manner. Whenever I needed to bounce an idea around he was a great source to do so, as he always gave an honest evaluation and quality suggestions to help. All I know is that Dixon Judd is actually the type of person I want to work with and be around. He is honest and hard working. I saw his dedication to IndyMac Bank and the quality of people he was attempting to put together and knew I wanted to be part of it. If I was starting something new he would be the first person I would call because I know he would do it right and grow the vision. If you should have any questions or need anything further please feel free to contact me. Sincerely; Tom Seccombe Area Sales M A S l Manager Retail Lending Group West IndyMac Bank 7201 W. Lake Mead Blvd, suite 590 Las Vegas, NV 89128 702-491-7440
  22. 22. Start with the Top Professionals : From: Tidalgo, Patrick Sent: Monday October 01 2007 11:28 AM Monday, 01, To: Judd, Dixon Subject: Thank You! Dixon, I was disappointed to hear that you will not be recruiting for my group. Your passion and determination was a factor in my decision making progress when I was deciding which employer’s offer to accept. You are hard nose negotiator and as I told you when I accepted IMB’s offer, “I am glad we are now on the same side.” Thank you for all you have done for me in assisting to build my group, which in the future will prove to be one of IMB’s most successful retail groups and I can say you had a major part in its origins. I believe your have been a great asset to me and IMB. Thank You. Sincerely; Patrick Raise your expectations.® ® Patrick Tidalgo Area Sales Manager Retail Lending Group 1 Banting Irvine, CA 92618 ' (949) 932-4592 7 (949) 789-5869 fax *
  23. 23. Eagles fly with Eagles : From: Meyerson, Dolph Sent: Monday, October 01, 2007 10:53 AM y, , To: Judd, Dixon Subject: Endorsement Writing a note to someone or creating a testimonial is far too often a very difficult task. Most of the time the words just don’t seem to flow or they come off hollow or lacking depth. Over the past ten months I’ve had the pleasure to work with Dixon as we grew the Retail Lending Group. When you are in a start up mode, you get to see exactly how a person start-up works and their level of commitment. Unlike a mature organization where people can hide, start-ups expose all of your strengths and every weakness. This is where Dixon shines! His recruiting and coaching skills are at the major league level. Simply put, I have never worked with a better recruiter than Dixon. This is not to say that his skills are limited to recruiting… point here is that not only can he draw out a recruits desires, but work with them to identify their goals, values and motivation and then to make sure that they map well to our opportunity. Dolph Meyerson D l hM Area Sales Manager Retail Lending Group Direct: 925-543-3885 Fax: 626-432-9262 626 432 9262 Cell: 650-465-5069
  24. 24. Creating High Trust is an Essential Ingredient: To:IndyMac Bank Senior Management Team Fr:Dale Turner- Branch manager –Chandler, Arizona g , Subj:Choosing and on boarding at IMB Sirs: I wanted to share with you my personal experience and journey “to” IMB and my interaction with Dixon Juddn. Due to unforeseen changes in the industry, I found myself looking for a new employment opportunity for both myself and the g y, y g p y pp y y high performing retail sales team that I currently led at WellsFargo Home Mortgage Jul/2007. Having worked for Citigroup for 8 years, then Wells Fargo for the past two years- I had to do a great deal of research and comparison shopping to ensure I found a quality company with a committement to future growth and assets and resources to ‘weather the storm”. Making a change with four originators all of whom were highly successful with Wells Fargo meant taking on a great deal of responsibility for their future and those of their f ili F t t ki td l f ibilit f th i f t d th f th i families. I was fortunate enough to work with a recruiter who profiled IndyMac bank to me. He also arranged for a personal interview with the Senior Recruiter of their newly formed retail division- Dixon Judd. During my first interview with Dixon Judd, we spoke for nearly 45 minutes and I was immediately impressed. Unlike most human resource specialists or internal recruiters (I had worked with several during my 20 year stint in consumer finance) Dixon spoke to me more finance)- like an “operator” than a support or admin person. He clearly knew the retail mortgage business inside and out and spoke first hand and from experience about what the companies needs and direction were. He was thorough and concise and had very high standards. I believe my first impressions were “very no nonsense” and very “motivating”. I was eager to share the vision with my team. Dixon p g y provided me with an excellent p power p point p presentation outlining the g company objectives.I interviewed with several local companies here in Arizona and two other large mortgage companies during this period (GMAC and American Home Mortgage). I had offers from both other companies but I was sold on IMB. Dixon personally flew to Arizona to meet with myself and my team to give us a tour of the operations center in Arizona- and respond to any q p y questions and/or needs of my loan officers. After meeting with Dixon, they too were sold on IMB. y g , y I subsequently phone interviewed with Steve Majerus and I was very impressed by his leadership skills, vision of the business and his obvious trust in Dixon.
  25. 25. Creating High Trust is an Essential Ingredient: I had never before dealt with a recruiter that was more knowledgeable or empowered to the level that Dixon was (it made g p ( it very easy for me to have one point person that exuded so much confidence). The transition to IMB was smooth and professional. Dixon was always accessible to me and thorough in helping us make this very exciting transition. I look forward to y g p g y g continued interaction with him in the future. Thank you.