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Vita journal v0709

  1. 1. VITAVITAJuly 2009 TriviTa.comNOPALEA™drink it and thrive!1999  2009Trivita’s 10-year journeyNOPALEA™SPECIALANNIVERSARYCELEBRATIONSave up to $30 on your order!
  2. 2. trivita.comJuly is a month of celebrations!by michael r. ellison, ceo & founder of Trivita, inc.Happy anniversary to our TriVita® family in North America!July is the month we celebrate freedom both in the U.S. andCanada: Independence Day on July 4 and Canada Day on July 1.I consider freedom to be one of the greatest privileges we have ashuman beings. Many people have paid the ultimate sacrifice inorder to protect our freedoms and the opportunities we have as freepeople to live out our potential. I am extremely grateful for thosewho have given so much that we may be free.President Franklin D. Roosevelt said: “In the truest sense, freedom cannot be bestowed, it must beachieved.” Another great quote from Thomas Paine says: “Those who expect to reap the blessingsof freedom must like men undergo the fatigue of supporting it.”It is the same with our health and wellness. It is freedom of choice that allows us to pursueand achieve greater wellness. We can choose the things that support wellness or we can chooseto indulge in activities with short-term, unhealthy payoffs. We can live in the moment, freefrom the past, by simply choosing to forgive. We can embrace all the blessings of life by simplychoosing to practice gratitude. All of these things are achieved through our freedom of choice.You may not realize this, but there are countries all over the world today that have proposedlaws that would take away people’s right to choose healthy living. At TriVita, we celebrate ourfreedom to market nutritional wellness products.This July, we are also celebrating our 10-year anniversary – it is a festive time here at TriVita!We are thrilled that we now have so many fabulous product choices to help people withtheir wellness. The new Nopalea™ product is delivering incredible experiences of better healthby lowering inflammation and helping detoxify the body. On our North American Nopaleatour, hundreds of people shared with me their personal stories of near miraculous relief fromuncomfortable symptoms. What an exciting way to celebrate our 10-year anniversary: bytaking such a wonderful product to the world. Learn more about Nopalea on pages 6-9.I would encourage each of you to consider becoming an Affiliate Member; help us shareNopalea with your friends and family members. We pay our Affiliates the same way we payradio, television and print advertising vendors to help us get the word out about the wonderfulbenefits of our products. By joining the Affiliate program, you could be earning enough topay for all your favorite TriVita products – with just a few referrals.I hope you enjoy this 10-year anniversary edition. We think the achievements of the past10 years are something to celebrate: In that time, we have laid a great foundation of researchand product development programs that ensure highly effective products are created to helpyou meet your health goals. But we have no plans to stop now; we have even greater plans forthe future! We have much to offer each of you so you may enjoy greater wellness.Please celebrate with us the many aspects of our anniversaries this month of July.Let Freedom Ring!We celebrate our freedom to inform you of waysyou can enhance your health and well-being10Essentialsfor health and wellnessJoin with TriVita as we begin our seconddecade of health and wellness for all. Weencourage you to experience wellness™through these 10 Essentials, created toenhance life in wonderful ways.Physical1. Breathe DeeplyInhale life fully, cleanse your body oftoxins and feel calm.2. Drink WaterAs you quench your thirst for water, youalso boost your energy.3. Sleep PeacefullyRest, repair, rejuvenate: a regular sleeproutine lets your body do its work.4. Eat NutritiouslyChoose healthy, wholesome foods tofuel a healthy body and mind.5. Enjoy ActivityMove it to improve it! Your whole beingbenefits from an active lifestyle.Emotional6. Give and Receive LoveFeel the power of positive emotions whileyou strengthen your immune system.7. Be ForgivingTo be at peace, unburden yourself ofhostility and resentment towards others.8. Practice GratitudeGratitude brings gratification: less stress,more joy, greater well-being.9. Develop AcceptanceReleasing what you can’t change freesyou from worry and enriches your life.Spiritual2 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and WellnessEnjoyActivitySee page 2610. Develop a Relationship with GodNourish your spirituality to nourishpersonal growth and happiness.
  3. 3. Editor’s Note continued on page 21...4 Celebrating 10 Great Yearsof Health and WellnessIt all started with MichaelEllison’s incredible passion.6 Sonoran Bloom™ Nopalea™for Today’s Unhealthy WorldTop 10 reasons to love thiswellness breakthrough!11 Excess Weight andChildren’s WellnessFood choices: When to say“GO, SLOW and WHOA.”12 Are You B-12 Deficient?The top 10 ways to know –and what you can do to protectagainst it.16 Gillian & Terry’s 10-YearJourney with TriVitaA business relationship thatdeveloped with a mutualpassion for wellness.Learn how Nopaleacan help your body.9JULY2009Inside20 MemorableLeanology StoriesHere are some inspiring,enlightening Leanology storiesfrom the past few years.25 Hello Nopalea, Good-ByeMuscle SorenessSue’s unbelievableexperience with thisamazing wellness drink.29 Superior IngredientsMake Better ProductsTriVita’s unwaveringcommitment to quality.It seems like not so long ago that I sat inthe office of our CEO, Michael Ellison, ashe shared his dream of starting TriVita.You see, while TriVita marks its 10th anniversarythis month, I began my association withMichael almost 13 years ago at Ellison Media– TriVita’s sister company. Many of you haveheard Michael share his story, but I think it’simportant to hear it from someone who wasthere from the beginning.When I came on board as Michael’s assistant in1996, he was traveling every week, and most ofour contact was by phone while he was betweenmedia clients. Often, when he was on the road,he would call to check in and would tell me howhe sat in the parking lot of a hospital emergencyroom the night before contemplating whetherhe should go in or not. He wasn’t sure whatwas happening to his body, but we all knew itwasn’t good. It wasn’t long after a few of theseincidences that Mayo Clinic told him that if hedidn’t change his health patterns, he would diea young man.I hadn’t been there long enough to figure himout, but I did know this much – he was a veryintense man, and when he made a decision to dosomething, he did it! The news from Mayo hithome. Michael soon began a wellness journey todiscover the essentials for wellness (now TriVita’s10 Essentials for Health & Wellness – see page 2).He began to apply these principles in his lifeand discovered that these simple, yet profoundessentials were a revelation to help him find hisown wellness.A couple of years later, I found myself sittingin his office listening to him pour his heart outwith such passion about starting a company thatwould make an impact on changing the waypeople thought about their health. He dreamedof a company that would share these 10 Essentialsand have great nutritional products that wouldproduce wellness experiences so powerful thatpeople would want to share them with others. Itwas three years into Michael’s wellness journeythat he then formed TriVita.The rest is history, and I moved from EllisonMedia to join the Marketing Department ofTriVita in 2000. When I think about howJuly 2009 l 3Special Anniversary CelebrationSAVE $10when your ordertotals $100SAVE $20when your ordertotals $150SAVE $30when your ordertotals $200SAVE UPTO $30on your orderOffer good through 7-31-09Offer good through 7-31-09. Savings offer applies to products only; does not apply to Gifts of Health or Gift Cardpurchases, taxes or shipping fees. These savings do not apply to web orders.ON MY MINDEDITOR’S NOTE
  4. 4. trivita.com4 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and Wellness1999Michael Ellisonand Barry Borthistleco-found TriVita®2000Dr. Libbyjoined TriVitato formulatethe first lineof products2000Original SublingualB-12 infomercial airsfor the first time200010 Essentials forHealth & Wellnessare created2000First corporatebrochure developed2001Inaugural issuesof the VitaJournaland product catalogare sent to Members2003Chief Science OfficerBrazos Minshew isbrought on board1999 – 2009 Celebrating 10An unlimited passion for wellnessstarted with one man’s journeyThirteen years ago, Michael Ellison lost hishealth and went on a journey to find wellness.After discovering the keys to health, Michael’smission and passion became sharing thatinformation with others, and encouragingthem to begin their own wellness journey. Heinvited people to embrace the 10 Essentialsfor Health and Wellness; these cornerstonesof good health can make the difference betweena life of passion and purpose and a life of illnessand disability.Co-founder Barry Borthistle joined Michael in thismission and together they launched TriVita withjust a few products, a caring doctor (Dr. AlfredLibby) and an unlimited passion for wellness. Asmomentum began to build, more products wereadded and the TriVita community kept growing.Today, more people than ever are finding greaterhealth and well-being – and sharing theirexperiences with others. To date, over 1,800,000people have ordered TriVita products!TriVita is continuing to grow, and offer productsthat help people stay vibrant and healthy in afast-paced, stressful – and often toxic – world.The future of wellness is bloomingExcitement is in the air! With the launch ofSonoran Bloom™ Nopalea™, TriVita is poised totake the message and mission of wellness aroundthe world. People all across North America aregetting excited about Nopalea – and gettingexcited about sharing it with others.With the new Share and Earn Program,Members can help others discover thisextraordinary new wellness drink – and berewarded for it. (For more information aboutNopalea, please see pages 6–9 and from the Nopal cactus of the SonoranDesert, Nopalea has already helped hundredsof people – in many different ways. Stories arepouring in of reduced pain and inflammation:everything from joint and foot pain todecreased allergy and asthma symptoms. Thisproduct is truly a phenomenon. Read whatexcited Members are saying on pages 7-8.But TriVita has no plans to stop here. Nopaleais just the first product in the Sonoran Bloomline. As an innovator in the nutraceuticalindustry, TriVita is always looking for newways to promote health. The TriVita ProductTeam is tirelessly working on several other newproducts, including a children’s multi-vitamin.Watch upcoming catalogs and the VitaJournalfor the launch of other exciting productsdesigned to provide wellness solutions for ourvalued Members.Your health = our passionAfter 10 years, we are as committed as everto your personal wellness; we measure oursuccess by the health and well-being ofour Members. To ensure that you get thescientifically-validated, physician-approvedproducts you need, we partner with prestig-ious medical institutions and healthcareprofessionals of the highest caliber, includingour medical advisory board.We remain committed to providing youwith the latest health news and informationthrough catalogs, the VitaJournal, WeeklyWellness Reports and other materials. Ourhighly trained Wellness Consultants arestanding by to answer your questions andprovide any assistance you may need.Our 10 Foundational Values drive everydecision we make and ensure you get thehighest quality supplements and healthinformation available today – see page 31.Thank you for making usyour wellness partner for10 fabulous years; we lookforward to many more!
  5. 5. 1-800-991-7116 July 2009 l 52004HCY Guard®introduced2006Adaptogen10 Plus®formulated2007Leanology®product lineis launched2007TriVita® recognizesfirst PresidentialDirectors andfirst Million DollarClub Awards200811 millionthbox of SublingualB-12 sold (that’s330,000,000B-12 tablets!)2008Super SublingualB-12 introduced2009Sonoran Bloom™Tour kicks off;Nopalea™ launchedacross NorthAmericaYears of Health & Wellness!Many thanks to TriVita’s sister companiesfor helping make the vision of sharingwellness a reality:• Ellison Media Company – EMC helpsspread the message of health andwellness through TriVita infomercials;these infomercials have aired over200,000 times.• Ellison Research – This highly skilledgroup of professionals conducts focusgroups to determine the desires andneeds of TriVita Members to furtherimprove product offerings.• GDF – GDF (Global Duplication andFulfillment) has shipped over 6,500,000TriVita orders. Their commitmentto quality control is unparalleled,ensuring you get your order in a timelyand accurate manner.We would also like to thankJames and Betty Robison whohave joined us in our wellnessmission – in addition to theirgreat work with Life OutreachInternational, which helps bringfood and water to those inneed around the world.Partners in wellnessWalking the talk:TriVita employees and wellnessWe asked TriVita employees how theirperception of health and wellness has changedsince they started working here...“I’ve always been conscientious aboutmy health, but after coming to TriVitaI learned it really is a lifestyle. CEOMichael Ellison challenges us to reachhigher if we want to obtain success.It requires saying ‘no’ to things that aren’t goodfor me. I run on the treadmill every morning and Iknow with every step I’m leading my body to a lifeof health and wellness. I am healthy and I thankGod for it. In a race, all the runners run, but onlyone gets the prize. I am running this race in such away to win the prize.”Sheryl W. – Legal and Compliance“I remember how small the companywas when I first started. It has grownso much and so fast. I always tellfriends and family about our products.I am a breast cancer survivor andTriVita Nerve Formula really helped me afterchemotherapy. I enjoy reading all the WellnessReports and the health articles in the VitaJournal.”Linda B. – Member Ordering“I’ve been with TriVita for nine years,and I have to say that my perspectiveon health is notably different. I don’tthink you can work here very longwithout talking to someone whoselife has been impacted by our products. Even withall of the exposure I’ve had in other jobs regardinghealth, I assumed health would be something I’dhave to do without, eventually. TriVita has gonea long way in changing and even reversing thatthought for me.”Jess H. – Resolution Management“When I first started working at TriVita10 years ago, I had just overcome heartsurgery. This was my first job after myprocedure, and TriVita helped makeme aware of taking better care ofmyself. Every day, I take VitaDaily AM/PM, CoQ-10,OmegaPrime and drink a Leanology Shake.”Marty G. – Finance“Since working with TriVita, myperception of health and wellness haschanged quite dramatically. Back in2005, I was rushed to the emergencyroom. After various lung tests, CTscans, chest x-rays, lung biopsy and plenty of bloodwork, they discovered I had valley fever. This wasa difficult time for me but with prayer, supportfrom my TriVita family and with proper nutritionand supplements, I overcame it. I will never forgethow my TriVita family was there for me and hasleft an impression on my heart. I am thankful thatI work in a company that embraces God. I havewatched TriVita grow in the last few years, and myperception of health and wellness has grown morewithin myself because of being here.”Mercy C. – Resolution Management
  6. 6. trivita.com6 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and WellnessYou’ve heard it by now...Nopalea™ is the latest andgreatest breakthrough inwellness drinks! But how muchdo you know about it? And moreimportantly, what can it do for you?Others are reaping the benefits ofthis astonishing product. Find outhow it can change your life forthe better.Here are the top 10 reasonsto love nopalea:Helps your body with inflammation.If inflammation is the problem, Nopaleais the solution. Let’s face it, whetheryou can feel it or not, your body fightsinflammation on a daily basis. This isbecause the human body is constantlyunder the assault of toxins. These toxinsexist in the air we breathe, the food weeat, even the water we drink. And whentoxins penetrate the body, inflammationoccurs in response. Too much inflam-mation is dangerous and can lead todebilitating illnesses. Nopalea helpsyour body reduce this inflammationand helps detoxify your system.Helps your body relieve pain.Testimonials for Nopalea have beenpouring in, and people are raving aboutthis product’s amazing pain-reductionbenefits. As Nopalea works to help yourbody reduce inflammation, it also helpsyour body relieve the pain associatedwith swelling.The incredible antioxidant power.Betalains are powerful antioxidantsthat help to reduce inflammation inthe body. There are a total of 24Betalains in nature that help the bodyin various ways; each one completesa particular health need by supplyingspecific structure and function tohuman cells. A few Betalains can befound in limited vegetables and desertfruit, but the Nopal cactus fruit of theSonoran Desert is the only fruit tocontain all 24 Betalains. Each bottleof Nopalea brims with the healthbenefits of these Betalains.Helps your body relieve breathingdifficulties. Many breathing difficultiesassociated with allergies or asthma arethe result of inflammation around thebronchial tubes. Nopalea can help yourbody reduce this inflammation, allowingthe bronchial tubes to stay mucus-free.The taste. A drink that is great for youoftentimes tastes awful. But Nopalea hasan incredibly delicious and unique taste.It’s hard to believe something this tastyis actually great for added sugar. Nopalea is sweetenedwith a natural form of sugar. It containsAgave nectar, which is 40% sweeterthan sugar. This lends a nice honey-liketaste and makes this wellness drinkideal for diabetics, or those who aretrying to lose weight.Energizes your life. When you get rid ofthe toxins in your body and you take careof yourself, you begin to feel a sense ofenergy and vitality coming back into yourlife. Nopalea can give you a sensationalfeeling of health and energy as it worksto help your body reduce inflammation,detoxify and protect your cells.Protects against premature aging.There are many things that contributeto premature aging, including excessexposure to the sun, a poor diet, stressand inactivity. The most commoncontributors, however, are inflamma-tion, muscle and joint pain and poorcirculation. Since Nopalea targetsinflammation, aids detoxification andoptimizes cellular health, it can help slowdown the process of premature aging.Exclusivity. Nopalea – there’s reallynothing on the market like it. Withthe benefits of the Nopal cactus fruit ofthe Sonoran Desert, no other wellnessdrink compares to its incredible powerand taste.The opportunity. Nopalea bringswith it an incredible Share and Earnopportunity that can help you pursueyour most desired life purposes.When you share Nopalea, you havethe opportunity to spread wellness toothers. If others purchase Nopalea, youwill enjoy generous financial rewards.Sharing Nopalea can create a steadystream of income for you and yourfamily that can help you reach yourshort-term or long-term goals.Top 10 reasons to drink it and ThriveLove yourself,Love your life,Love Nopalea12345689107
  7. 7. So many astonishing benefits in a bottleNopalea, the latest breakthrough in wellness drinksTry this delicious wellness drink, with an exclusive blendof rare antioxidants called Betalains and other healthfulnutrients. A daily dose of Nopalea can help your body:Nopalea™#30710Non-Member $49.99Member $39.99Nopalea™4 bottle pack#33400Non-Member $199.96Member $139.99special – 4 Pack savings!Drink it and thrive!Call toll-free to order 1-800-991-7116.• Lessen inflammationwhich causes pain• Cleanse your bodyof daily toxins• Promote optimal healthright down to your cells• Protect againstpremature agingThere are plenty of reasons to love Nopalea,but don’t just take our word for it.if you haven’t yet tried this delicious wellness drink, read on to find out what alife-changing experience it has been for so many people.“Since I began taking Nopalea, my allergies and sinusissues have cleared up. I am so jazzed about Nopalea.This was just after two weeks of taking it. WOW! I feeleveryone will benefit.”JaCKie m. – St. louiS, mo“After about 10 days of Nopalea I began to feel better, and was able toget out and about. The off-and-on pains have disappeared, my swelling hasgone down, and I just feel alive again! It’s great-tasting and great stuff.”loiS V. – independenCe, mo“I began taking three ounces of Nopalea a day and less thana month later, I am pain-free! Never before have I achievedsuch a dramatic result from using a nutritional product.I am so grateful to have access to Nopalea – I am sold!”SaBrina g. – Federal Way, Wa“My aches, pains and swelling have almost vanished. Life has begun tobe so good. I am an 81-year-old great-grandmother, beginning to feel likea real person again. I’m here to tell you to give Nopalea a chance! It will bea life-changing experience.”ileene e. – Bonham, tX“My body feels a sense of greater energy and I feel muchbetter. I can now lift weights again without pain. I justknow this product is wonderful and the science behindit backs it up.”tina g. – Charlotte, nC“You can’t imagine how wonderful it feels to sleep withoutpain, to not have to take Ibuprofen all day long and to beable to work at my computer without horrible pain. I canonly attribute my success to Nopalea.”ViCtoria S. – SCottSdale, aZ“I did not know any of the science behind the product until I went to thelaunch event, and I’m sure it will be another winner. I am very excited topromote this product!”dr. eVa W. – Blandon, pa“After using Sonoran Bloom Nopalea for only one week, I noticeda significant reduction in the back pain I had for a long time. Icontinued to use the Nopalea product for another few weeksand all of my back pain is gone. I feel like I am 20 years younger.”miKe r. – linColn, ne“My wife consistently fights inflammation. Her wedding ring hasn’t fit forfour years but after taking Nopalea, her ring can now slide on easily. Thisstuff really works!”Jon B. – FlagStaFF, aZ“I have never been so excited about a product and acompany! I’m so glad I found TriVita and Sonoran Bloom!”Jamie B. – gilBert, aZFREE DVDAsk for yourSonoran BloomOpportunity DVDFREEwithyourpurchaseofNopalea.Whilesupplieslast.
  8. 8. trivita.com8 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and WellnessMelody was sick and tiredof being sick and tired.She had numeroushealth problems and surgery, andmedications and other therapies justweren’t helping. After over five yearsof excruciating pain, she was at theend of her rope and praying for help.Then, along came a new productwhich has been nothing less than agodsend... Sonoran Bloom™ Nopalea™.“I was walking with pain eight months agoand now, thanks to Nopalea and reducedinflammation, I’ve been pain-free for the firsttime in a long time,” Melody exclaims. “Nopaleahelped my body with the debilitating pain in myjoints, and now I feel just wonderful!”Melody’s health problems began back in 2002when she had to have surgery for three vertebraein her neck that suddenly collapsed. Surgeonsneeded to take bone out of her hips, whichcaused arthritis in her hip, knees and ankles.They also put a plate and six screws in her neck.Over a year later the plate shifted and twoscrews broke, resulting in severe inflammationthat caused headaches and migraines.she couldn’t walk for days afterhorseback riding without severe pain“I was in complete agony,” Melody recalls.“I was taking all sorts of prescription medicinesto ease the pain, but nothing seemed to work.”In 2008 her son started taking barrelracing lessons. Melody wanted to ridewith him, but definitely suffered theconsequences... she couldn’t walk fortwo to three days after horseback ridingwithout severe pain. Now she and herson are taking barrel racing lessonstogether weekly and having a great time.When Melody first heard about Nopalea, shewas a little skeptical. But the alternative – beingin constant pain – was even worse. So shedecided to try Nopalea – and the results weredramatic. “I’m no longer in pain,” she says. “Youwon’t see me walking with a limp and I haven’thad a headache in weeks.” There have beenmany other pleasant post-Nopalea surprises,including being able to run up the stairs for thefirst time in a long time. She also remembersthe time at her son’s school when she had to runuphill to get to the car. When Melody got home,there were messages on her cell phone frompeople who saw her running and wanted to findout more about her “miraculous” recovery.Most importantly, she can now enjoy pain-freehorseback riding with her son. Since takingNopalea, Melody has eased off the manymedications that were helping with pain. Herblood sugar levels are also far better. She lovesthe taste of Nopalea and finds it hard not totake a little extra “nip.”sharing the goodness with othersNow other family members are getting in ona good thing. Her husband has osteoarthritisand is already seeing results after three weeksof Nopalea. After her friend saw Melody’sastonishing recovery, she has started takingit herself and began seeing a difference inone week.Melody has also gotten tremendous results fromother TriVita products, including SublingualB-12. “At age 39 I was already forgetting thingsand not as sharp as I should be,” she remembers.“I noticed a big improvement in my clarity onceI started taking Sublingual B-12 and an evenbigger difference when I moved up to SuperSublingual B-12.” She decided to try out otherbrands of B-12 products, but soon discoveredthat “there is a big difference. TriVita’s brandis so much better.” Her son has been takingSublingual B-12 too, along with an ounceof Nopalea. Melody says, “His teacher is justecstatic over his improved school work.”She also notices that she sleeps much betterat night when she takes VitaDaily AM/PM™and no longer needs sleeping pills. Melody hasalso seen great results from OmegaPrime®; ithas helped normalize her cholesterol levels.“Now that I’m pain-free and riding with my sonand having a great time, I’d just like to thankyou so much for this product. I will never stoptaking Nopalea.”Read more about the wellness benefits ofNopalea on pages 6-7.*Do not stop taking any medications until youconsult with your healthcare provider.From “complete agony” to aglorious pain-free lifemelody is feeling wonderful since she startedtaking nopaleaMember Spotlighttogether weekly and having a great time.“Iwaswalkingwithpaineightmonthsagoandnow,thankstoNopaleaandreducedinflammation,I’vebeenpain-freeforthefirsttimeinalongtime...”– Melody“Nopaleahelpedmybodywiththedebilitatingpaininmyjoints,andnowIfeeljustwonderful!”“...thankyousomuchforthisproduct.IwillneverstoptakingNopalea.”
  9. 9. Healthy cell Cell attackedby toxins &inflammationBetalains in Nopaleahelp the bodyreduce inflammation& detoxifyCell returnsto normalhealthy state1-800-991-7116 July 2009 l 9As more people like Melodyexperience the astonishingbenefits of Nopalea™ (story atleft), the word is spreading fast: Thiswellness drink is truly a breakthrough.That’s because Nopalea helps thebody experience an optimal state ofwellness in these important ways:• Relieving pain• Improving breathing• Reducing swelling in joints,muscles and organs• Normalizing highblood pressureAs a direct result, Nopalea may also help yourbody feel more energized.Inflammation: a danger to healthInflammation is much more than a swollenankle or a painful toe: it’s becoming more andmore recognized as a factor in serious healthconditions. As noted in a TIME magazine coverfeature, inflammation is linked with heart attacks,Alzheimer’s disease and other major health issues.While our bodies use inflammation as a naturaldefense against toxins in our everyday world,too much inflammation can clearly causeproblems. In the illustration at right, you cansee some of the many places in the body thatcan be affected.How inflammation and Nopaleacan affect your cellular healthDelicious Nopalea is rich in antioxidants calledBetalains, which have been scientifically-provento help the body achieve these benefits:• Reduce inflammation• Detoxify• Achieve optimal cellular health• Protect against premature agingThe diagram below illustrates how Nopaleahelps cells.Share the great news,Earn extra incomeAs you can read in this issue of the VitaJournal,people everywhere are experiencing the wellnessbenefits of Nopalea (see pages 7-8, 14-15, 25).Why not join them and have your ownNopalea experience?You can share not only the wellness, but alsothe income opportunity of Nopalea through theShare and Earn Program. It’s TriVita’s pioneeringbusiness model that rewards you for sharingNopalea with others. You get the chance toshare products you believe in, and at the sametime work with a mission-driven organizationthat’s now celebrating 10 years of wellness.For more details on how Nopalea can help you,visit How can Nopalea help you?The breakthrough in wellness – and income potential –that has everyone talking!Visit andput “THE SECRETKILLER” in theirsearch box on thehome page tofind and read thearchived articlefrom 2004. Seewhat they weresaying five yearsago about thesurprising links between inflammation anddiseases. Plus, what you can do to help fight it!
  10. 10. trivita.com10 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and WellnessThis month the VitaJournallaunches a regular featureon family health, offering tips,news and advice to help everyoneexperience wellness.If there’s a child in your life who weighs toomuch, don’t just write it off as “baby fat.”Growing numbers of children are being puton drugs for diabetes and high blood pressure,and the culprit is usually excess weight.You probably know that healthy eatingand physical activity are important forchildren’s health – but do you know howto encourage positive habits? Try these tipsfor living healthier.Be a healthy eating “enabler”Encourage better eating habits by adoptingthese expert suggestions:• Buy and serve more fruits andvegetables. Whether fresh, frozen,canned or dried, let your child choosehis or her own.• steer clear of soft drinks and high-fat/high-calorie snack foods. Chips,cookies and candy are strictly “sometimes”munchies – not everyday food.• Begin with breakfast. Skipping it canleave a child tired, hungry and filling uplater on unhealthy foods.• slow down on fast food. When you dochoose fast food, urge youngsters to enjoysalads with low-fat dressing, or sandwichesminus cheese or mayo.• Don’t pour on the juice. One hundredpercent fruit juice, though healthy, is highin calories. Water, low-fat milk and milkproducts are important for growth.• Focus on fats. Instead of saturated andtrans fats in the family’s food, try to getmost fats from fish, vegetable oils,nuts (beware of food allergies) and seeds.• Beware of food “rewards.” If eatingvegetables “earns” a child dessert, helearns that vegetables are less desirable,and sweets are a prize.• Be your own healthy foods marketer.When did you last see a noisy, happy TVcommercial for carrots or whole wheatbread? Kids are bombarded with marketingmessages about unhealthy foods, oftenlinked with cartoon characters and toys.It’s up to you to talk up yummy fruits,crunchy vegetables and their importanceto growing bodies.Moving is fun!You can encourage a child to be physically activein these commonsense ways:• set an example. To make a child want tomove around and have fun with it, walkthe walk yourself. A child seeing you enjoyphysical activity is more likely to be activethroughout life.• Go, team! Encourage your child tojoin a sports team or group activity likedancing or gymnastics at school or a localcommunity center.• life beyond sports. If your child isembarrassed by taking part in sports,encourage less organized activities: playingtag with friends, dancing to music orriding a bicycle.A general exercise guideline for pre-adolescentchildren is 60 minutes per day, but it doesn’thave to be concentrated time. Periods of just10 minutes’ activity throughout the day workjust as well.There are lots of commonly-available foodsthat are great for kids of all sizes and ages.Here are 10 that should be more than justfood for thought:Beets. Loaded with minerals andantioxidants.Cabbage. May help fight cancer.Cinnamon. Sprinkle it on to help controlblood sugar.Prunes. A tasty, portable snack packedwith antioxidants.Pumpkin seeds. High in magnesium,they’re super-nutritious.Swiss chard. Vision may be aided by thisleafy green vegetable.Sardines. Sometimes called “health foodin a can,” they offer “good” fats, calciumand more.Turmeric. This spice “superstar” mayreduce inflammation.Blueberries. Some studies indicate thatfrozen or fresh, they boost memory.Canned pumpkin. Here’s that orangedelight again: low in calories, high in fiber.THE 10 BEST FOODSkids (and you, too) probably don’t eat12345678910Family HealthFocus onChildren’s healthencouraging youngsters to eat healthy, be healthyChildren’s health
  11. 11. 1-800-991-7116 July 2009 l 11GO, SLOW and WHOA foodsFood GroupGO(Almost Anytime Foods)SLOW(Sometimes Foods)WHOA(Once in a While Foods)Nutrient-Dense Calorie-DenseVegetables Almost all fresh, frozenand canned vegetableswithout added fat and saucesAll vegetables with addedfat and sauces; oven-bakedFrench fries; avocadoFried potatoes, like Frenchfries or hash browns; otherdeep-fried vegetablesFruits All fresh, frozen,canned in juice100% fruit juice; fruits cannedin light syrup; dried fruitsFruits canned in heavy syrupBreads and Cereals Whole-grain breads, includingpita bread; tortillas andwhole-grain pasta; brown rice;hot and cold unsweetenedwhole-grain breakfast cerealsWhite refined flour bread, rice,and pasta. French toast; tacoshells; cornbread; biscuits;granola; waffles and pancakesCroissants; muffins;doughnuts; sweet rolls;crackers made with trans fats;sweetened breakfast cerealsMilk and Milk Products Fat-free or 1% low-fat milk;fat-free or low-fat yogurt;part-skim, reduced fat andfat-free cheese; low-fator fat-free cottage cheese2% low-fat milk; processedcheese spreadWhole milk; full-fat American,cheddar, Colby, Swiss, creamcheese; whole-milk yogurtMeats, Poultry, Fish,Eggs, Beans and NutsTrimmed beef and pork; extralean ground beef; chickenand turkey without skin;tuna canned in water; baked,broiled, steamed, grilled fishand shellfish; beans, split peas,lentils, tofu; egg whites andegg substitutesLean ground beef,broiled hamburgers; ham,Canadian bacon; chickenand turkey with skin; low-fathot dogs; tuna canned inoil; peanut butter; nuts;whole eggs cooked withoutadded fatUntrimmed beef and pork;regular ground beef; friedhamburgers; ribs; bacon; friedchicken, chicken nuggets; hotdogs, lunch meats, pepperoni,sausage; fried fish andshellfish; whole eggs cookedwith fatSweets and Snacks* Ice milk bars; frozen fruitjuice bars; low-fat or fat-freefrozen yogurt and ice cream;fig bars, ginger snaps, bakedchips; low-fat microwavepopcorn; pretzelsCookies and cakes; pies;cheese cake; ice cream;chocolate; candy; chips;buttered microwave popcornFats/Condiments Vinegar; ketchup; mustard;fat-free creamy salad dressing;fat-free mayonnaise; fat-freesour creamVegetable oil, olive oil,and oil-based salad dressing;soft margarine; low-fatcreamy salad dressing;low-fat mayonnaise;low-fat sour cream**Butter, stick margarine; lard;salt pork; gravy; regularcreamy salad dressing;mayonnaise; tartar sauce; sourcream; cheese sauce; creamsauce; cream cheese dipsBeverages Water, fat-free milk,or 1% low-fat milk2% low-fat milk; 100% fruitjuice; sports drinksWhole milk; regular soda;calorically sweetened iced teasand lemonade; fruit drinkswith less than 100% fruit juice*Thoughsomeofthefoodsinthisrowarelowerinfatandcalories,allsweetsandsnacksneedtobelimitedsoasnottoexceedone’sdailycalorierequirements.**Vegetableandoliveoilscontainnosaturatedortransfatsandcanbeconsumeddaily,butinlimitedportions,tomeetdailycalorieneeds.Just as with adults, weight matters to children’swellness – and it’s a growing concern. Over thepast two decades, the number of obese children andteens has increased at an alarming rate. At the sametime, the threats to youngsters’ health have beenmounting, too.Childhood obesity can lead to serious healthissues, including:• Heart disease • Asthma• Type 2 diabetes • Sleep apneaWhat’s more, overweight children and teens facesocial and psychological problems. And, they aremore likely to carry the burdens of excess weightinto adulthood. So what can you do to help theyoungsters in your life? In addition to the tips onpage 10, you can share some very specific food advicethat may serve as a guide to healthier choices andbetter health.when to enjoy which groups of foodsGenerally, experts advise that in order to lose weightand keep it off, we all need to eat foods lower in fatand calories. What does this mean in everyday life?As a guideline, The National Heart, Lung and BloodInstitute (NHLBI) offers a handy chart (right) ofwhat it calls “GO, SLOW and WHOA foods,” withthese definitions:• “GO” foods: These are lower in fat, sugarand calories, and can be enjoyed almostanytime. Foods in this grouping are “nutrientdense,” meaning rich in vitamins, mineralsand other nutrients.• “slOw” foods: These choices have morefat, added sugar and calories. Choose themless often than “GO” foods.• “wHOA” foods: Calorie-dense (highin calories), these choices are often lowin nutrients. For eating only once in a while,or on special occasions; keep portions small.why not clip and save this chart to helpyou help youngsters make smartereveryday food choices?why weight matters to children’s wellnessmake smart choices among “go, slow and whoa foods”why weight matters to children’s wellnesswhy weight matters to children’s wellnessmake smart choices among “go, slow and whoa foods”make smart choices among “go, slow and whoa foods”
  12. 12. trivita.com12 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and WellnessScott Conard, M.D., is the founder of TienaHealth,an organization of medical doctors in primarycare practice who emphasize healthy lifestylesto maintain wellness. Dr. Conard is considereda national expert on disease prevention.TienaHealth also conducts clinical trials.Scott Conard, M.D.Founder, TienaHealthDo you drag through yourday? Does feeling weak orlistless keep you from gettingthe most out of life? Have you (orothers) noticed that you’re moodyor forgetful? Frequently, patients whocome to me with these symptomsdon’t need a medicine, a certainkind of food or some elaborate test.What so many need is simply apowerful vitamin: B-12.Unfortunately, many people don’t get enoughVitamin B-12 in their daily diets. Or theycan’t absorb the Vitamin B-12 in food due todigestive issues like gastric reflux or colitis. Andsometimes, it’s just a matter of time: The body’sability to absorb B vitamins starts to declinearound age 40, and continues to decline witheach passing year.Check the symptomsSince this month marks TriVita’s 10thanniversary of spreading the wellness message,I thought it would be a good time tofocus on another important kind of “10”:the 10 most common conditions thatsuggest a B-12 deficiency.Do you or someone you care about haveany of these symptoms?1. Fatigue2. Weakness3. Depression4. Confusion5. Poor memory6. Anemia (lack of healthy red blood cells;fatigue is one common result)7. Loss of appetite8. Weight loss9. Numbness/tingling in the hands and feet10. Trouble keeping balanceWhile these symptoms don’t automaticallysignal a B-12 deficiency, they do bear lookinginto. And I can tell you from my own medicalexperience that in many cases, B-12 deficiencyis precisely the problem. The solution?Supplementing with a quality B-12 productfrom TriVita®.Get all the benefits of quality B-12You may have heard of B-12 shots, whichcan be painful and expensive. And you mayhave seen other formulations of B-12 in themarketplace. But it’s important to rememberthat only TriVita’s Sublingual B-12 gives youthese benefits:• Dr. Alfred Libby’s original, patentedsublingual (under-the-tongue) deliverysystem for maximum absorption• Nutrient-based, with no stimulants• Pharmaceutical-grade quality• Clinically-tested for purityand effectivenessB-12 Updateby Dr. Scott ConardAre you B-12 deficient? Top 10 ways toknow – and what you can do about it
  13. 13. 1-800-991-7116Faster-acting, longer-lastingand more potent than ever beforewith three times the Vitamin B-12TriVita Super Sublingual B-12 helps you achieve:• Sustained mental energy, stamina and alertness• Improved mood with a more positive outlook on life• Greater mental focus, clarity and concentration• Sharper memory with less forgetfulnessPlus, Super Sublingual B-12 gives your brainand nerves the essential nutrients they need tohelp replenish brain fuel and help repair damaged nerves.And all this is yours with a convenient, once-a-day tablet.Alfred Libby, M.D. – Inventor of TriVita Sublingual B-12, B-6 & Folic AcidDr. Libby, a renowned nutraceutical pioneer, worked to help hundreds of patients feel betterevery day. An associate of Dr. Linus Pauling (Nobel Prize Laureate), Dr. Libby developed thisunique, sublingual delivery system for his own patients. It was known to give similarmental energy results as B-12 shots, but without the shots’ added pain and expense. Alfred Libby, M.D.SUPER SUBLINGUALB-12AVAILABLEEXCLUSIVELY FROMTRIVITATriVita SuperSublingual B-12#33356Non-Member $28.99Member $22.99Redeem with 230 VitaPointsTriVita SuperSPECIALPRICEFor maximum sustainedmental energy takeTriVita SuperSublingual B-12Call toll-free to order 1-800-991-7116or visit us at trivita.comDr. Libby, as you may know, was a pioneerin nutrients and health, and an associateof two-time Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling,Ph.D. It was Dr. Libby who created the uniquesublingual delivery system for B-12, so thatthe tablets could dissolve and get quickly intothe bloodstream. This is crucial to maximumabsorption and maximum benefits.It’s been my privilege to carry on Dr. Libby’simportant work through TriVita, and to speakup whenever I can about the crucial role playedby B-12 in all our lives. So if you don’t alreadyenjoy the benefits of TriVita’s B-12, check that“Top 10” symptom list again. If you see yourselfthere, I strongly urge you to try the B-12product that makes a big difference for so manypeople, every day.As TriVita begins another 10 years of helpingpeople experience wellness, I’m proud tocontinue to do my part.SUCCESS STORIES“I knew it was the Super B-12that made the difference.”“I was diagnosed withmultiple sclerosis about17 years ago. Over thepast couple of years, myneurologist had me takea cognitive test whichmeasures my ability to focusand have clarity of mind. I did well on the firstfew tests. I only lost my focus a couple timesand got about 3-4 questions wrong. A fewmonths ago, I found out about TriVita’s newSuper Sublingual B-12 and began taking it tosee how it would work for me. I was hopeful Iwould see positive results. Well, I went to myneurologist yesterday and, as usual, he hadme take the cognitive test again. This time Idid great... I had a PERFECT score and neverlost my focus.The woman who administered the test wasamazed and very impressed; she said theydon’t normally see a perfect score, especiallywith someone in my condition. Also, beforeI started on Super B-12, I went on a minordetox diet and cut out caffeine. I found myselfextremely tired all the time and wanting mycaffeine. After a few weeks, I started drinkingcaffeine again. I also started taking SuperB-12. Recently I decided to do another minordetox diet and went off caffeine again. Neveronce did I lack any energy from not havingcaffeine; I knew it was the Super B-12 thatmade the difference. Thanks so much!”angelyn F. – largo, Fl
  14. 14. Experiencingwellnesstrivita.com14 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and WellnessIt’s been very gratifyingto see the effect thatTrivita has had on thelives of so many during thelast 10 years. our privilegeis to continue the traditionof high quality, innovativewellness products that willset the standard for manyyears to come.“super sublingualB-12 proved to be agreat choice!”“I am 42 years old, very activeand have been involved in thehealth and fitness industryfor about 19 years. I am notone of those people that drink coffee in themorning for a boost, so super sublingualB-12 was appealing to me. My days are verylong, which tend to leave me feeling lethargicand bottomed out. I neededsomething other than an ‘energydrink’ and the Super SublingualB-12 proved to be a great choice!I noticed the increased energythe first day. When I runout, I want more – so, I’ll bestocking up! I have alreadystarted telling clients, friendsand family about it.”Joe g. – milpitaS, Ca“... i constantly need to stay ontop of my game.”“Thanks to my son who recommended yourline of products to me. I began taking thesuper sublingual B-12 and told him I reallywas not sure if I felt much of a difference. ThenI ran out and stopped taking Super B-12. Rightaway, I noticed my memory was less sharp andI was having my usual brain fog again. This wasnot acceptable as I constantly need to stay ontop of my game – yes, even at the age of 71.”Kathy S. – parKer, aZ“i won’t go anywherewithout sublingual B-12.”“I have multiple sclerosis. I couldonly work for one hour and thenwould lay on the couch, totallyexhausted. I started takingthe sublingual B-12 and cannow work 5-6 hours a day. I’m self-employedand have my own business renting cabinsout during the summer. I have to clean themevery week. It’s a lot of scrubbing when I haveall seven to do! I won’t go anywhere withoutSublingual B-12. My husband once turnedaround and went back to get it! He also takesthe B-12 and never leaves home without it inthe morning. I now have energy to ride myhorse. Before starting to take Sublingual B-12,I was too tired to ride. We now take long rides,sometimes for as long as four hours.”deBorah W. – miFFlintoWn, pa“we both started takingsublingual B-12 and noticeda change immediately.”“My husband and I received thesublingual B-12 as a Gift of Health fromour Bible teacher. We both started takingSublingual B-12 and noticed a changeimmediately. My husband has beendiagnosed with Alzheimer’s and suffersfrom dementia. We had several lab testsdone and one measured hisB-12 level – he was severely anemic. We showedour doctor information on the Sublingual B-12and asked if we could try this because inthe past it has made a big difference in myhusband’s mood swing, energy and cognitivefunction. He said we could try it for one monthand then retest my husband. Well, the nextblood test showed a B-12 level of almost 700!With this improvement he decided not totake the B-12 shots, which are painful andvery expensive.”dody a. – CroWley, tX“i started taking nopaleaand noticed less pain inmy arm and elbow.”“I have been in chronic pain inmy right elbow and arm for overa month due to hitting it on thetile counter when vacuuming...the pain was excruciating. I started takingnopalea and noticed less pain in my arm andelbow. Just one day later I hardly felt any painin my right arm.CEO Michael Ellison is on a mission to bringthis product to the world; his passion willdefinitely help people with their health andwellness because Nopalea works.”ann d. – granite FallS, nC“... i feel this productwill revolutionize mybusiness opportunity.”“Attending the nopalea launchwas my first TriVita event andwas very exciting. I was blownaway by the new product.I’ve been an Affiliate Member sinceSeptember 2008 and I feel this productwill revolutionize my business opportunity.The taste is also incredible.”miKe t. – hampton, Vaand bottomed out. I neededsomething other than an ‘energydrink’ and the Super SublingualB-12 proved to be a great choice!I noticed the increased energythe first day. When I run
  15. 15. “it seems to keepme on an even keelall day long!”“Adaptogen 10 Plus is reallymaking a difference in theway I handle things, both atwork and in my personal life.Now I don’t go a day without taking my ounceof Adaptogen 10 Plus as it seems to keep meon an even keel all day long!”tiFFany h. – loS angeleS, Ca“i don’t have that pain!”“About a month and a halfago I started taking the BoneBuilder. Every two years Iget a bone density test. Thelast one showed that I haveosteopenia, the state rightbefore osteoporosis. After just one trip aroundthe grocery store, my hip used to really hurt.Now I don’t have that pain! I’m anxious to seewhat the next test shows.”nanCy B. – loWell, mi“After my very firsttwo pills, i noticedthe difference!”“I was feeling lazy andexhausted. I decided totake TriVita’s Energy now!and after my very first two pills,I noticed a difference! I have a desire to dothings now that weren’t there before. I evenfeel a little stronger.”peggy h. – Santa moniCa, Ca“i have noticed how much moreenergy i have...”“My sister is the person who convinced meto give TriVita’s Energy now! a try. I wasalready taking the sublingual B-12, B-6 &Folic Acid. I suffer from fibromyalgia and itis very exhausting. Since I added the EnergyNow! to my daily routine, I have noticed howmuch more energy I have and I can handledaily stresses much better. My overall outlookis better, too. My aches and pains are betterthan before. I now recommend this productto everyone.”Carolyn m. – BroadWay, Va“My abs are back andi feel like i’m in mytwenties again.”“I’m behind a desk all day andwith not much time to train,I had a fatty belly, where myabs were no longer visible.Thanks to leanology I lost 25 pounds and4 inches at my waist in 4 months.”roBert d. – montreal, QC“The results from my first bottleof nopalea were amazing.”“I’m a 62-year-old retired firefighter whoalways stayed fit by working out and jogging.I even competed in bodybuilding shows forseven years. Now, my body was feeling theeffects. My left knee hurt most of the timeand I had pain in my right shoulder and hip.The results from my first bottle of Nopaleawere amazing. I took one to two ounces inthe morning and after three weeks, theshoulder and hip pain went away. Now Iplan to compete in a bodybuilding show.”John l. – JaCKSonVille BeaCh, Fl“... the essential fatty acids itcontains are good for everyone.”“OmegaPrime is another great product that Ihave used for some time; the essential fatty acidsit contains are good for everyone.It is well balanced, helps with my allergies, keepsmy brain working the way it should, helps keepmy skin looking good and I have absolutely noproblem with my circulation. Just as a side note– I am a very healthy 71-year-old!”Sarah m. – Sorrento, BC“TriVita has a clearmission and goal tohelp people; this fits inperfectly with my ownlife’s purpose.”“TriVita is a godsend becauseit’s a company that offers integrity. I was trulyimpressed by the quality of the managementand their visionary quest for health andwellness. I know that TriVita is not a ‘flash inthe pan’ – but a company that will be therefor a long time. TriVita has a clear mission andgoal to help people; this fits in perfectly withmy own life’s purpose. I believe that TriVitais a ‘hidden secret’ and I want to share thiswith others. This company is geared towardshelping people and it has exceeded myexpectations in every way.”godWin u. – london, onYou should consult with a healthcareprovider before starting any diet, exerciseor supplementation program, beforetaking any medication, or if yoususpect you might have a heartproblem. You should not stoptaking any medication without firstconsulting your healthcare provider.1-800-991-7116s hasmadeallthedifferenceprovider before starting any diet, exerciseJuly 2009 l 15
  16. 16. trivita.com16 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and WellnessNow that TriVita® is celebratingits 10-year anniversary, it’sfitting that we spotlight twoMembers who have enjoyed TriVitaproducts since the very beginning ofthe company. Gillian and Terry areas thrilled and motivated by TriVita’smission of health and wellness todayas they were a decade ago. “I admireMichael Ellison’s unwavering missionand conviction of a healthier world,”Gillian says. “We also feel thatTriVita nutritional supplements havedramatically improved our own health.”A unique companywith exceptional productsThis seasoned and very successful coupleowned a British Columbia food brokeragefirm when they first heard about TriVita.Gillian had some previous experience withnutritional supplements. “There was alwaysa little something missing with the missionof the company,” she recalls. “When I firstheard about TriVita, I finally found what I waslooking for... a company that also embraced theemotional and spiritual elements of wellness.”Gillian’s quest to help othersGillian can relate to people who are goingthrough their own health crisis. From age18 to 32 she had an undiagnosed medicalcondition that caused her to be constantlyexhausted. A caring friend eventuallyintroduced Gillian to a naturopathic doctorwho helped turn her health around. “Dueto his excellent care and TriVita’s incredibleproducts,” she says, “I now have thatwonderful feeling of energy that I thoughtwas limited to lucky people.”In fact, Gillian is so committed to wellnessthat she studied for two years at the AliveAcademy of Natural Health and earneddiplomas in both advanced nutritionand nutrition for sports and fitness and isdesignated as a Certified Holistic Nutritionist.“I now use this knowledge to help family andfriends better manage their own health.”An impressive dailynutritional regimenGillian says that VitaDaily AM/PM™is atthe absolute top of her list. “I’ve been takingthis wonderful vitamin ever since I canremember,” she says, “And I know I’m gettingall the vitamins and minerals I need tosupplement my diet.” Another big favorite isOmegaPrime®, which provides her body withessential fatty acids which support her body’shealth in so many ways. Because she’s small-boned and concerned about bone health,Gillian takes VitaCal-Mag D™. She’s happyto report marked improvement ever since shestarted taking the product. Her doctor is intotal agreement and told her, “It’s working sokeep taking it.”Other “musts” on her list include SublingualB-12 and TriVita’s Vital C. She recently felt acold coming on but stopped it in its tracks byloading up on this essential vitamin.Terry is an equally big fan of TriVita products.His daily nutritional regimen includesVitaDaily AM/PM, Sublingual B-12 andhow they’ve enjoyed tremendous health and wellness from day oneGillian and Terry’sincredible 10-year TriVitaproduct experience
  17. 17. 1-800-991-7116 July 2009 l 17OmegaPrime®. He uses Leanology® capsuleswhenever he needs to lose a few pounds. Sincehe started taking Prostate Formula, his PSAlevels have shown marked improvement. Theyboth enjoy the 10 Essentials for Health andWellness that are the cornerstone of TriVita®.Big health benefits from the newsonoran Bloom™ nopalea™Gillian and Terry are very excited by therecent debut of Nopalea. “Everything about itis first class,” remarks Gillian. “The packagingis outstanding, the flavor is absolutelydelicious and this wellness drink helpswith inflammation. Nopalea has benefitedus in so many ways... and we think it’s avitally important health solution for today’sunhealthy world.”Terry has had major foot pain for over a yearwhich hinders one of his favorite activities –golfing. He tried orthotics, which relieved painin one foot, but they didn’t help with seriouspain in the other foot. Terry started takingNopalea three times a day and in six weekshas noticed a remarkable decrease in pain. Infact, he took the product to his Naturopathicdoctor who was so impressed that he boughtnine bottles for himself.“Just imagine how Nopalea can help so manypeople,” Gillian emphasizes. “This delicious-tasting wellness drink has had a major impacton our wellness... and we’re sure it will benefitthe health of many more people.”Products the whole familycan enjoyGillian and Terry have enthusiasticallyrecommended TriVita products to familymembers. For example, Gillian’s 91-year-old dad takes Vital C Powdered Crystalsand Terry’s 95-year-old dad who has visionproblems appreciates the VisionGuard™.Terry and Gillian’s son travels a lot and hemaintains his illness resistance and energywith VitaDaily AM/PM™and Sublingual B-12,as does his wife. Their daughter, her husbandand their grandchildren also benefit fromSublingual B-12 and TriVita’s Vital C. “Withthese genes we need to be taking care ofourselves,” they both say.“We feel so fortunate to have our health, our family andfriends, and TriVita in our lives... we feel blessed to begetting our products from a company that’s helping tomake the world such a better place.”High quality that’s reassuringGetting the highest quality nutrients isimportant to both Gillian and Terry. Theyalso appreciate TriVita’s commitment tophysician-approved formulas, pure naturalingredients and pharmaceutical-grade quality.“I know that what’s on the label of eachTriVita product is in the bottle,” Gilliancomments. “Ordering TriVita products is soeasy and I love the fact that vitamins aredelivered right to our front door.”“We feel so fortunate to have our health,our family and friends, and TriVita in ourlives,” Gillian continues. “We feel blessedto be getting our products from a companythat’s helping to make the world such abetter place.”“I know that what’s on the label of eachTriVita product is in the bottle.Ordering TriVita products is so easy andI love the fact that vitamins aredelivered right to our front door.”Gillian and Terry haveenthusiastically recommended TriVitaproducts to family members.
  18. 18. The journeytowardemotionalfreedom can some-times be painful anddifficult, but therewards are well worththe effort. When youcan master your emotions, the worldbecomes a much friendlier place.Imagine what life would be like if you werestuck in traffic and you were utterly calm, orwhen your boss loses his temper, you arerelaxed and unmoved by his emotionaloutburst. This is what it feels like when youhave achieved emotional freedom. You choosehow to respond to life’s circumstances.Emotional freedom is your ability to cultivatepositive emotions and transform negative ones.By liberating yourself from the destructiveenergy of unmanaged anger and fear, you willfind more happiness and serenity. But if werefuse to face the fear and anger in ourselves,it is very likely to be projected onto others.Living authenticallyMany times the root cause of uncontrolled fearand anger develops out of the loss of authen-ticity. This can lead to frustration, depression,anxiety and worry.We are born with a freedom of expression.Children from ages two to five live authenti-cally, seldom afraid to speak their minds,or seek out what they want. They have anoptimism that if something doesn’t work outfor them something else will. They are alwayson an adventure of discovery and delight.Unfortunately, children learn very early inlife that expressing their personal opinionsand feelings has consequences. As childrengrow older, adults tend to instruct children toadapt to what is considered acceptable andnormal. It is emphasized that to get along inthe world, sometimes we need to withhold ouropinions, listen to our elders and deny whatwe think or feel.When children lose their authentic selves,they begin to lose their inner control. Insteadof the spirit of adventure they were born with,over time they begin to live lives of frustration,anger and fear – afraid to speak their mindand do what they want to do.One of the most important and meaningfulaspects in life is to honor your authentic self –your true nature – and express it in the world.Living your truthHow would it feel to be completely trueto yourself – to feel completely aliveand empowered?Living authentically is living your truth.Personal truth is an inner knowing; itresonates deep within and brings a feeling ofbeing fully alive. When you know the truth,“the truth will set you free” (John 8:32).Knowing your true and authentic self requiresa time of deep introspection, a willingness tobe still and listen within. You have to have thecourage to get to know your true self and alignyour important inner world with what you aredoing in the outer world.When you are guided each and every day bythe still, small voice – to be your true self andfulfill your authentic work in the world – youwill live joyfully, fulfilling your highest purpose.No matter how stressed out, discouraged oroverwhelmed you currently feel, you can turnaway from negativity, react constructively andtake command of any situation. Completeemotional mastery is within your grasp. It’sinside of you. The time for positive changeis now. Emotional freedom:embrace yourauthentic self andlive your truthby Dr. JudyJudy Ellison, Ph.D., is a success coach, author, motivationalspeaker and psychologist. She has inspired people aroundthe world to reach within and find their passionate purposeto live a more meaningful life.Judy Ellison, Ph.D.One of the most important andmeaningful aspects in life is tohonor your authentic self...trivita.com18 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and WellnessYou have to have the courageto get to know your true self...
  19. 19. “Now the Lordis the Spirit, andwhere the Spiritof the Lord is,there is freedom.”– 2 Cor. 3:17Millions of North Americans markJuly as a special time of unity andfreedom. In the U.S., we observeIndependence Day; in Canada, theoccasion is the day on which Canadabecame a single, united country.While political freedoms come andgo, the spiritual freedom we enjoyhas never wavered: God gives us thefreedom to choose.Will we choose the right path or the wrong?Will we promote good or evil? Will we use ourfreedom to glorify Him and His love or give into base impulses? In my view, this freedom tochoose, to exercise our free will in beliefs andactions, is both a blessing and a curse.Because we’re free to choose, we’re free to trulylove God or to reject Him. In sharing thebounty of the Lord’s love, we receive a blessingof surpassing joy. If we choose to reject His love,we ultimately curse our own lives with sorrowand pain.Faith without options:no faith at allSo why, in the Creator’s infinite wisdom, didn’the just make sure that we all would love andobey Him, all the time? Because He is infinitelywise. Of course, we could have been spiritually“programmed” to choose only the way ofgoodness, all the time. But if you believe becauseyou have no other option, where is the faith?And where is the genuine love for the Creator?By giving us a blank check of choice, Godensured that His love would be returned only bythose who truly wanted fellowship with Him.your body, His Temple – 1 Cor. 6:19-20Spiritual independence,spiritual choiceby Chaplain Gene HendersonFree to choose good or evil, when we chooseGod’s love and to love him wholly, we lovevoluntarily and truly.Over the years, I’ve encountered many peoplewho look at this choice from a very strict,“hellfire and damnation” perspective. If I maygeneralize, I see this attitude as very negative.This view holds that God is punitive and harsh,and woe unto the sinful humans who don’tmeasure up at every turn.I take a different approach. Instead of simpli-fying our choices as good or bad ones, why notview our spiritual freedom as the choice of ourown experiences and influences every day? Wemight choose to embrace God’s spiritual freedomby taking the time to have lunch with someonein need of company, or visiting someone in thehospital, or just phoning a friend to see howthey are.Here’s another example of choice. Say yourchild has a flair for both art and science, andyou want her to go to medical school. However,she dreams of being an artist. Because God hasgiven her gifts and talents that can be expressedin many ways, she might become a medicalillustrator and that way, help teach peopleto help others heal.Freedom to embraceour gifts and shareI preach about spiritual freedom that springsfrom God’s true spiritual freedom: the desire forus to embrace our gifts and talents and sharethem with others. God desires us to be healthy,to be productive, to enjoy abundance and thewonders of His world.What a glorious thing it is to have the freedomto make the choices to be healthy, happy andgrateful for all the gifts and blessings we have.It puts me in mind of my granddaughter, age 6,when my son and his wife found a wrappedChristmas gift in July that had been misplacedduring the holidays. “Grandpa!” she exclaimedexcitedly. “Is it Christmas?! It’s hot outside!”Her eyes sparkled; joy shone from her face.Every day is that surprise box that you open.It really can be Christmas in July! Can weembrace that as God’s child? What has Hegot in the box today for you?... if you believe because you have no other option, where is the faith?1-800-991-7116 July 2009 l 19Gene HendersonWill we choose theright path or the wrong?
  20. 20. trivita.comLose the Weight YouWant – in 3 Easy Steps!STEP 1:Fat burning capsulesfor “losing the bulge”Leanology®WeightLoss Capsules (180 ct.)#30615Non-Member $74.99Member $59.99Redeem with 600 VitaPointsSTEP 2:Tasty chews forsnack replacementand appetite controlLeanology®Appetite ControlChews (60 soft chews)Flavor: Chocolate Mocha#30690Non-Member $37.99Member $29.99Redeem with 300 VitaPointsSTEP 3:Delicious shakesfor low caloriemeal substitutionLeanology®Nutritional Shake(2 lbs – 30 servings)Flavors: Chocolate and VanillaNon-Member $68.99Member $54.99Redeem with 550 VitaPointsVALUE PACKThe Value Pack includes:•1bottleofWeightLossCapsules•1container(30servings)ofNutritionalShake(chooseflavor)•2bags(1FREE)ofAppetiteControlChewsLeanology®3-Step Value PackMember $139.99Redeem with 1400 VitaPointsSAVE $34.97!OneFREEBag ofChewsIMPROVEDFormula!“i’ve already lost 20 pounds thanksto leanology and i’m halfway to myweight loss goal.”“Leanology perfectly fits into myvery busy lifestyle. A typical daycan sometimes stretch from sixin the morning to midnight.I’m also an active TriVita AffiliateMember. I need a weight losssystem that is convenient and provides mewith all the nutrients I need for greater energy.Leanology’s unique capsules are really effec-tive. When I started, I weighed 276 poundsand now I’m down to 256 pounds. I’m well onmy way of reaching my ultimate goal of 220pounds. Leanology capsules help increase mymetabolism so the pounds peel away.The bottom line is with Leanology being animportant part of my diet my hunger is satisfiedfor hours and I feel completely energized!I’m completely satisfied with Leanologybecause it does so much more than just helpme lose weight. It also gives me importantvitamins and minerals and Essential FattyAcids. This stuff really works!”SteVe B. – SeBaStian, Fl“walt lost 22 pounds in threemonths and i lost 13 pounds.”“We started Leanology becausewe both wanted to lose extraweight and feel more energetic.Walt lost 22 pounds in threemonths, and I lost 13 pounds.Walt feels really proud for losingthe weight, and his cholesterolhas gone down. We used the shakes and thecapsules. The shakes were easy to make anddrink! We learned that it’s important to keepthe goal in mind to help us keep focused onthe positive outcome.”Cynthia and Walt S. – ColleyVille, tX“i have lost a lot of body fat and feelmore energetic.”“I decided to try Leanologyafter attempting diets whichdidn’t work for me. I found thatLeanology shakes keep me fullysatisfied for 3½ to 4 hours. I alsolike the taste of the Leanologyshakes and spice them up withfrozen strawberries and other fruits. I take theLeanology capsules along with my meal orsnack. My body shape is more defined and myclothes fit better. I have lost a lot of body fatand feel more energetic.”norF F. – pointe Claire, QC“There’s no crash and burn sensationlike you’d get from other shakes.”“I started Leanology because Iwas about 25 pounds over myideal body weight. I couldn’twear the clothes that I wantedto wear, which was becomingdiscouraging. So far I’ve lost 15pounds in about three months.I take the capsules in the morning and at night.I drink the shake for lunch. I like the fact thatI can get through an afternoon on the shake– it keeps me full for three hours and also helpsme from overeating at dinner. I like how there’sno crash and burn sensation like you’d getfrom other shakes.I’ve always been a walker and try to go 30minutes a day, three to four times a week.Also, since I started Leanology, I’ve noticedthat I actually crave more fruits and vege-tables, especially for snacks. It also made mewant to drink more water. Seeing my bodychange, noticing a difference in my shape,really kept me motivated. My advice to othersis: follow the program, but make it work foryou, in your schedule. Drink the shakes whenyou need them. Also, eat healthy snacks anddrink lots of water!”liSa g. – leXington, KyJust a few leanology success stories from the pastseveral yearsMemorablestories
  21. 21. 1-800-991-7116Editor’s Note continued from page 3...we started with a handful of employees, one WellnessConsultant, and an empty building with folding tablesinstead of desks, I am amazed at where we are today.Being a part of the TriVita family for these 10 years has taughtme so much about health and wellness. I find myself offeringwellness solutions to not only friends and family, but also tostrangers when the topic of health comes up (which it almostalways does).Every time my daughters hear me in conversations and someonebrings up a health issue, they’ll laughingly say, “Oh, boy, hereit comes – I’m sure TriVita has a solution for that, right Mom?”They told me recently that when I die, they’re going to havemy headstone say, “She was the biggest advocate for TriVita!”My daughters may tease me about it, but all three of themtake many of our products daily. The reality is, when you areequipped with wellness information and you experience greatproducts, it becomes second nature to tell others about it.I am honored to see Michael’s dream come to fruition andwith the launch of Nopalea, his passion for wellness has onlyincreased! I see an even brighter future than ever for TriVitaas we are hearing countless stories of how Nopalea is changingthe lives of our Members. It gives me great pride to beassociated with a company with such quality products andpeople of integrity.I hope you enjoy this month’s anniversary edition as wefeature many stories from you, our valued Members. We alsohope you will take advantage of our Anniversary Savings bytrying a product you haven’t tried before. This is an excitingtime for TriVita and for you, and we thank you for being aninstrumental part of the God-given dream that was instilledin Michael Ellison over 10 years ago.Pam Knox, Editor of PublicationsWe value your feedback. Please send yourcomments to: or mail toEditor, c/o TriVita, Inc., 16100 N. Greenway HaydenLoop, Suite 950, Scottsdale, AZ 85260TriVita’s House of Giving and Life Outreach International have part-nered to provide pure, fresh water for children and their families:• Over 1 billion people throughout the world do not haveaccess to pure, fresh water• Waterborne illnesses run rampant in these areas• Just a $4.80 donation can save one person’s life• With your donation, you can leave a legacy by givingthe gift of lifeYour tax-deductible gift can be combined with others to create newwells – providing water to thousands of people for a lifetime! Lastyear, we saved 21,000 lives. This year, our goal is to save even more!want to make a difference?Call 1-800-991-7116 and a Wellness Consultant will be happyto take your tax-deductible donation along with your order.You can mail your donation to:House of Giving16100 N. Greenway Hayden LoopSte. 950Scottsdale, AZ 85260You can make alAsTinG DiFFEREnCEYour contribution will touch countless livesJuly 2009 l 21“i had more energy and i felt better about myself.”“I’ve tried different weight loss products for so long.They would work for a week or so and then quit. I hadbypass surgery and started Leanology right after I gotout of the hospital. I also needed both of my kneesreplaced, so I had good reasons to get the weight off. Ididn’t realize before how lethargic I felt until after I lost34 pounds in three months. I found I had more energyand I felt better about myself.The weight loss shakes really helped me. I enjoyed the taste andwasn’t hungry after drinking one. Sometimes I’d even drink two a day.It was just easier! Chocolate is my favorite flavor. I didn’t hit a plateauwith my weight loss. It really went smoothly; I was very impressed!”Jean S. – raytoWn, moI see an even brighter future than ever for TriVitaas we are hearing countless stories of howNopalea is changing the lives of our Members.
  22. 22. trivita.com22 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and Wellnessshirley Canfield,member“Good health is my onepassion and focus, therefore,at 84 years young, I’m ‘fit-as-a-fiddle.’ I believe TriVitaproducts should have creditfor giving me the boost I needeach day in doing my job well. I am a caregiverfor clients with dementia and Alzheimer’sdisease. Caring for my ‘ladies’ presents uniquechallenges requiring a great deal of patience,compassion and being supportive.I consider myself lucky to have the opportunityto positively impact the lives of these seniors.My work is rewarding when I see the results.A family member introduced me to TriVitaproducts. I faithfully use the Two-Step EnergySystem: TriVita Super Sublingual B-12 and TriVitaEnergy Now! These taken daily give me the quickphysical energy and long-lasting nourishment formaintaining a healthy, active brain.Thank you, TriVita, for your impact on my life!”laura Matsuda,affiliate member“TriVita has given me life,health and joy! Eight yearsago, I was slowly recoveringafter several infections fromimmune system weakness,and suffered through monthswhere I barely felt like living. Then a friend gaveme some Sublingual B-12, and I used it to beginmy health journey.After two months, I thought I was coming backto life somewhere inside of me. At three monthsI was so improved – stronger, clearer in my mindand generally happier. I promised myself I’dnever be without that product.Now, Nopalea is even more exciting andI’m telling everyone about it. I’ve had highblood pressure for years, and when it hit a highof 200/118, my doctor put me on heavy-dutymedication. After that, a ‘good day’ for myblood pressure was 160/96. Ten days after I startedtaking Nopalea, my blood pressure was 120/75.My doctor reduced my medication, and he hadto admit he’s quite impressed.* I’m thrilled andrelieved! As an Affiliate Member, I’m building astrong business which is financially and personallyrewarding. The products and the business havebeen one of the most positive things in my life.”Mark Preudhomme,Trivita executive“I’ve had the tremendousexperience of being amember of the TriVitateam during all of its 10years. It is quite easy nowto look back and see theenormous impact TriVitahas had on me. Far more than a job, TriVitahas meant a way of life to me. It has taught mecountless lessons, but the one that stands out is‘Wellness is a journey – not a destination.’I’ve applied this principle not only to myphysical wellness but to other areas of my lifeas well. Truly, the moment you feel that youhave ‘arrived’ in anything – career, relationships,pursuits or even wellness – is the moment youstart to die. ‘Where there is no vision, the peopleperish’ – Proverbs 29:18. Each goal you reachshould be a platform for climbing to a new one. Ithas been an extraordinary blessing to see TriVita’simpact on our Members and their loved ones.Every ounce of effort is rewarded by hearing thetouching stories of those who are experiencingwellness on their own life journeys.”*You should not stop taking any medicationwithout first consulting your physician.Each month a Member,Affiliate Member andTriVita employee sharetheir insights on health,wellness and moreThis monthly feature creates anopen forum for Members, AffiliateMembers and TriVita staff to respondto a variety of provocative questionsabout a wide range of subjects. Join thediscussion! Your response could earnyou a $25 TriVitaGift Card; seedetails at the endof this article.As TriVita marks its10th anniversary, it’s a time toreflect on all the gifts of wellnessthat have been shared over theyears. It’s a time, too, to share howthe lives of people inside and outsidethe company have been affected byTriVita, its mission and its products.What is the biggest impact TriVita has made on your life?GiftCard$25We invite you to answerour upcoming question:“If you could give advice to ayounger woman regarding herhealth, what would it be?”Yourresponsecouldearnyoua$25TriVitaGiftCard!Just email your response to, orwrite to: VitaJournal, 16100 N. Greenway Hayden Loop,Ste. 950, Scottsdale, AZ 85260. Please include yourMember ID, your address and daytime phone number(along with email address, if you have one).Note:Whenyousubmitaletteroremail,youarealsogivingTriVitafullrightstoit,includingtherighttopublishitinfuturepublicationsandtoedititasneeded.This month’s question:EmbracingWELLNESS
  23. 23. 1-800-991-7116 July 2009 l 23Summerpleasures:Top 10 healthy foodsof the season!By Christa Orecchio, Certified Clinical Nutritionist,Holistic Health CounselorSummer is atime to loadup on nature’sbounty and to enjoyfresh produce inseason... especiallythese top 10 healthyfoods. These areitems you’ll want to buy, eat, keepin your pantry or fridge and makesure you return to often. Take timeto eat mindfully, enjoying your food,nature, the weather and the peoplearound you. Here’s to your healthiestsummer ever!1. Cherries:Cherries arebursting withVitamins A, Cand E, as well asphytochemicalsthat help your bodyblock the formation of breast, lung, liver,stomach and skin cancers. Tart cherriesincrease production of melatonin to assistdeeper sleep; what’s more, they have medicinalproperties that help fight gout. A bagful ofcherries belongs in every picnic basket!2. Cantaloupe:Full of potassium,Vitamin C and betacarotene. This deliciousmelon hasillness-fightingproperties thathelp your bodynormalize bloodpressure, protect against cancer and loweryour cholesterol. Half a cantaloupe filledwith low-fat plain yogurt or cottage cheeseand cinnamon is a great way to get your daystarted or a terrific mid-day snack.3. watermelon:Summer’s renownedsweet treat, packedwith flavor andlots of water tokeep you hydrated.Watermelon is anincredibly alkalizingfood to keep your pH incheck for the summertime.4. Peaches: Great source of carotenes,potassium and flavonoids. Peaches also providelutein and lycopene, which have beneficialproperties against heart disease, maculardegeneration and cancer.5. Grilled veggies: Cooking outdoors isone of the greatest pleasures of the season.Zucchini, squash and red peppers are fantasticon the grill when drizzled with a little oliveoil, salt and pepper. Always make double theamount so you can make sandwiches for lunchat the beach or in the park the next day!6. Chilled soups: Chilled soups likegazpacho or cucumber-dill that contain lots ofchunky vegetables are a great, nutrient-denseway to cool off and start a meal.7. Beets: They’re at their peak in summermonths and both the greens and the bulbcan be eaten. Beets clean up our blood andcan help your body stave off cancer. They arerich in folate, an essential nutrient for fightingbirth defects. Grate the purplish part into yoursalad and chop the tops, sauté in olive oil orcoconut oil and garlic for a satisfying side dish.Or roast the beets, then drizzle with balsamicvinegar and add some goat cheese and mintfor a nice summer side dish.8. Basil: In addition to being a fabuloussummer flavor, basil also helps your bodycombat cancerous changes in cells. Add tothat the digestive benefit of helping to quellgaseous spasms, and you have one of nature’smost powerful herbs.9. Avocados: The monounsaturated fatsin avocados help improve triglyceride levelsand bring down cholesterol. I make my ownguacamole with minced red onion, choppedcilantro, lime juice, a pinch of sea salt and aclove of garlic. Tip: To keep it fresher longer,leave the pit in the guacamole to slow downthe oxidation process.10. Tomatoes:Fresh tomatoesalways make thesummertimelist. This is thebest time of yearto get homegrowntomatoes of all varieties,including cherry and grape.Tomatoes are known for helping your bodyreduce the risk of cancer and protecting againstcataracts. The Vitamin A and C content,potassium and iron, make it one big nutritionalmega food that should not be missed, especiallyin the summer when they are in their prime.Pair them with avocados and basil with a lightdrizzle of olive oil for a taste of pure freshness.If you’re concerned about getting enoughfruits and veggies in your daily diet, try TriVitaNutraFruits™. Ask a Wellness Consultant aboutit at 1-800-991-7116.Christa Orecchiosummer ever!and E, as well asthat help your body2. Cantaloupe:Full of potassium,Vitamin C and betacarotene. This deliciousfood to keep your pH incheck for the summertime.the oxidation process.10. Tomatoes:to get homegrowntomatoes of all varieties,including cherry and grape.
  24. 24. trivita.com24 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and WellnessBlueberries reduce abdominal fat, risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetesAnn Arbor, MichiganBlueberries are already known as nature’s health food, and recent research points to even more benefits. A studyat the University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center showed that blueberries helped reduce abdominal fat andreduced risk factors for cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome. (Metabolic syndrome is a group of riskfactors which together increase the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.)The study involved three groups of laboratory rats: two groups had powdered blueberries added to either a low-or high-fat diet and one group received a regular diet. After 90 days, rats that had received the powder had lessabdominal fat, lower triglycerides and cholesterol, and had improved fasting glucose and insulin sensitivity.Those that were given a low-fat/blueberry powder diet exhibited even greater health benefits than those on thehigh-fat/blueberry diet, including lower body weight, lower total fat mass and reduced liver mass.Researchers believe the beneficial effects of blueberries are due to their high levels of antioxidants. Their findingswere presented at the Experimental Biology 2009 convention in New Orleans.Anticipating a good laugh may reduce stress hormonesSan Diego, CaliforniaJust looking forward to a good laugh can reduce three stress hormones, researchers from Loma Linda Universityreported at the 2008 Annual Meeting of the American Physiological Society.Earlier studies by the same researchers showed that anticipating laughter increased health-protective hormones:beta-endorphins by 27 percent and human growth hormone by 87 percent.In the current study, 16 males were divided into two groups: a control group and a group that was anticipating ahumorous event such as watching a comedy. Blood was taken from participants before the event, four times duringthe event and three times after the event. Results showed a reduction in three stress hormones – cortisol, epinephrineand dopac – for those in the anticipation group. Stress hormone levels progressively decreased through the event.According to lead researcher, Dr. Lee Berk, “Our findings lead us to believe that by seeking out positive experiencesthat make us laugh, we can do a lot with our physiology to stay well.”Larger waist size linked to heart failureDallas, TexasA larger waist in middle-aged adults is linked to heart failure, according to researchers in the April 2009 journalCirculation: Heart Failure. Researchers examined data from two large studies, the Swedish Mammography Cohortand the Cohort of Swedish Men; participants had been asked to report height, weight and waist circumferenceand were followed for seven years.Of the 36,873 women (aged 48-83), there were 382 incidents of heart failure during the study period; among the43,487 men (aged 45-79), there were 718 incidents of heart failure.Researchers discovered that in women, waist size was associated with heart failure regardless of BMI (body massindex), whereas in men, both waist size and BMI were predictors of heart failure. TheResearch DeskNew findings in health and wellness
  25. 25. 1-800-991-7116 July 2009 l 25When TriVita® supplementshave helped you for 10years to ease some serioushealth conditions, you might bevery grateful for that alone – and Suecertainly is. But now that Nopalea™is on the scene, this veteran Memberhas even more joyful entries in her“gratitude journal.”“Before I started taking Nopalea, I’d feel soreafter exercise. So, I wasn’t active as often as Iwanted to be, and my fitness was becoming achallenge,” says this 50+ resident of a Baltimore,MD suburb. Sue was among the first to starttaking TriVita’s blockbuster wellness innovation(one to three ounces daily), and her results havebeen eye-opening.“now that i take nopalea,i don’t feel sore after a workout!”“I can exercise again and keep my fitness intact,because now that I take Nopalea, I don’t feelsore the next day!” she enthuses. “Nopaleaenables me to workout daily without pain... I ammore fit today than I have been in a long time!”Sue’s own “recipe” for improved healthand vitality calls for mixing Nopalea withAdaptogen 10 Plus®, along with Sublingual B-12(now she’s on Super B), Energy Now!®, DigestiveComplex™, CoEnzyme Q-10 and Dr. Libby’sVital C. She credits these products – and nowNopalea – with her super health today. On arecent visit to her doctor, her levels of C-reactiveprotein and homocysteine, two important“markers” for inflammation and hearthealth, weren’t merely good: “They wereperfect!” she exclaims.Her personal health history was whatfirst drew her to TriVita. Over the decades,she has battled Lyme disease, an infectionof her nervous system, insomnia and otherailments; she was often told by healthcareprofessionals that stress was the problem,and drugs the solution.She began her own journey to wellness witha program of healthy eating and exercise. Atthat point she heard an address by Dr. Libbyhimself, and was inspired to take her journeyto a higher level.“The Digestive Complex made a world ofdifference in my overall well-being,” Sue recalls.“The Sublingual B-12 helped my memory andgave me energy... these two supplements helpedme more than anything else I had tried.”“i owe... my health toTriVita’s superior nutrients.”Today, after struggling to find her way to healthand arriving there with TriVita, Sue is quickto give credit: “I owe regaining my health toTriVita’s superior nutrients. My memory is soimproved, my sleep is improved (I went 20 yearswithout sleeping through the night), and now Isleep restfully.”Based on her own experience, Sue firmlybelieves that the 10 Essentials and TriVita’s 10Foundational Values are key to living in robustjoy and vitality. “Deep breathing, exercise,healthy eating – all these things are necessaryfor genuine health,” she says. “TriVita is abouthelping others... it is also about nourishingyour own body with the proper nutrients so itcan heal itself, and nourishing yourself daily,emotionally and spiritually.”Tell everyone about TriVitaSince “Practice Gratitude” is one of the 10Essentials, it isn’t surprising that Sue keeps agratitude journal to “recognize my blessings,”and begins each day with a spiritual reading.“Everybody likes to complain, nobody likesto exclaim. I feel very grateful for everything,including TriVita.”What’s ahead for Sue and her journey? As anardent TriVita advocate, she is so committedto spreading the mission of wellness that she’saiming high: “I really hope that Nopalea helpsTriVita reach the whole world,” she says.“I want TriVita’s name to become internation-ally recognized so that everyone can achievetheir wellness goals and share the vision,”she adds. “Now is the time to tell anyone andeveryone about TriVita and what this companyhas to offer.”Sue’s 10-year TriVita historyis peaking with abundantwellness and gratitudenopalea eases her sore muscles so she’sexercising againMember Spotlight“NowisthetimetotellanyoneandeveryoneaboutTriVitaandwhatthiscompanyhastooffer.” – Sue“Nopaleaenablesmetoworkoutdailywithoutpain...IammorefittodaythanIhavebeeninalongtime!”“IwantTriVita’snametobecomeinternationallyrecognizedsothateveryonecanachievetheirwellnessgoalsandsharethevision...”
  26. 26. trivita.comEnjoy a big boost foryour summertimeactivitiessublingual B-12The B vitamins in TriVita Sublingual B-12,B-6 & Folic Acid provide nutrients essentialto a healthy brain and nervous system, whichproduce “feel-good” energy. SublingualB-12’s original, patented sublingual deliverysystem ensures maximum absorption of thehighest quality natural ingredients that helpproduce lasting energy.Energy now!®The nutrients in scientifically-formulatedEnergy Now! help your body generate a burstof natural, non-jittery energy within minutes.Note: If you have PKU or are taking MAO inhibitors, do not take Energy Now.TRY IT TODAY!Call 1-800-991-7116or visit trivita.comBUY BOTHAND SAVETwo-StepEnergy System™Energy Now! (1 box) and Sublingual B-12 (1 box)Non-Member $56.98Member $39.99Redeem with 400 VitaPointsSubstitute Original B-12 withSuper B-12 and add $3.00 #32943Non-Member $60.98Member $42.99Redeem with 430 VitaPointsSubstitute Original B-12 withHCY Guard® and add $4.00 #32690.02Non-Member $61.98Member $43.99Redeem with 440 VitaPointsWhen I was young, playtimemeant activity and fun.I rode my bicycle, playedfootball and kickballwith my brothers andjust ran around. I took uptennis in high school andthen learned more about“exercise.” To be competitive,you had to increase staminaand agility. This required more concentrateddrills – it was exercise. Did I enjoy it? No. Did Iunderstand its purpose? Yes.Moving beyond our youth, we often somehowforget the pleasure of “enjoying activity.” Instead,we equate moving the body with “exercise,”which stirs up negative thoughts. When I askmy patients about exercise, they may squirm intheir chair and grimace. “Bad knees.” “No time.”“Don’t like it,” and so on.i don’t like exercise;here’s why i do it anywayHonestly, I don’t like exercise either. So,how do I convince myself to do it? Here arethe facts that motivate me to follow TriVita’sEssential #5 (see page 2):• Exercise may keep DnA young.In a study involving twins, researchers atKing’s College London collected DNAsamples from twin participants. Theyfound the most active subjects appeared tohave DNA characteristics on average 10years younger than the sedentary subjects.• Exercise may reduce riskfor cancer, diabetes and heartdisease. A review of studies concerningphysical activity and reduction of chronicmajor diseases found that the riskreductions were: 75% for breast cancer,49% for cardiovascular and heart diseases,35% for diabetes, 22% for colorectal cancer.• Exercise may reduce the risk of aheart attack and sudden death.Active people have half the incidence ofcoronary artery disease comparedto sedentary people, according to a2009 study.• Even 30 minutes a day ofwalking may reduce the riskof chronic disease. Spend your30 minutes walking, or playing sports,or doing housework or yard work: allthese kinds of physical activity bringclinically significant health benefits,according to a major health review.• Diabetes and inflammatorymarkers improve with exercise.Moving definitely counts! A 2007 studylooked at sedentary type 2 diabetics whotook part in 16 weeks of mild to moderateaerobic exercise, four days a week. Theresults: improved sugar control, lowerblood pressure and decreased cholesteroland inflammatory markers.• Exercise may be calming andenhance mood. Several studies haveshown that exercise can reduce symptomsof depression and panic disorder.• The benefits of exercise arenot age dependent. From childrento the elderly, studies have shown thatexercise even in the form of yoga andtai chi could improve physical fitnessand mood.With all the clinical evidence in favor ofexercise, the question is, how can you getmotivated? Go back to the childhood notion,“play is fun.” Find something that involves“movement” that you enjoy: a walk aroundthe block, bowling, dancing, gardening, wateraerobics, chair exercise... you get the idea.I have some patients who eat the right food andtake great supplements but they still do not feelwell. They are missing a key aspect of wellnessthat we call essential: “enjoy activity.”Tammy Pon, M.D.Tammy Pon, M.D. is a functional medicine physician. Shereceived her medical degree from the University of Texas inHouston, and completed specialty training in Healthy Aging.Get OutandPlay!Trivita’s essential #5: enjoy activity By Dr. Tammy Pon