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Vita journal v0308

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Vita journal v0308

  2. 2. trivita.com2 l March 200810 Essentialsfor health and wellnessThe 10 Essentials were created to suitevery Wellness Seeker. Taking even smallsteps in each one will improve your life andwellness in wonderful ways.PHYSICAL1. Breathe DeeplyDeep breathing expels body toxinsfaster than any other means.2. Drink WaterGetting enough water provides an instantenergy boost – and you may even eat less.3. Sleep PeacefullyEstablishing a bedtime routine will helpyou sleep longer and more soundly.4. Eat NutritiouslyChoosing healthy, whole foods minimizesblood sugar swings.5. Enjoy ActivityAn active lifestyle enables everysystem in your body to work better.EMOTIONAL6. Give and Receive LoveHeart-focused, sincere and positivefeelings boost the immune system.7. Be ForgivingAs you let go of negative feelings towardothers, you will find greater peace and optimism.8. Practice GratitudeGratitude brings instant joy, buildsphysical defenses and reduces stress.9. Develop AcceptancePracticing acceptance clears your mind ofneedless anxiety, freeing you to enjoy life.SPIRITUAL10. Develop a Relationship with GodAs your relationship grows, you will enjoyall the blessings of unconditional love.2 l March 2008P.S. I’m interested in your opinions and concerns. Email your feedback to ceocareteam@trivita.comor mail TriVita, PO Box 13565, Scottsdale, AZ 85267, attention: CEO Care Team.Letter from TriVita’s CEOTHE AGING PROCESS IS A MATTER OF CHOICE!From your body’s point of view, the way you age is largely determined bythe choices you make. Biologically your body is in a constant renewingprocess of making trillions of cells that make up your bones, organs andyour entire physical being. Your choices each day determine the healthof those new cells being created.While you are obviously a very complex being, surprisingly simple influences contribute to yourhealth, well-being and aging process. Nutrients, nurturing and physical activities are the mostimportant decisions you can make! That is why you will find the 10 Essentials listed in everyVitaJournal and catalog; they are the foundations for good health. They are simple but profoundlifestyle choices!In a study conducted by Dr. Ravussin of the Arizona Pima Indians and the Pima Indians ofthe Sierra Madre Mountains in Mexico, it was discovered that their ancestors were geneticallythe same, experienced the same living conditions and had very similar health conditions. Butsomething in the last 100 years has made a significant and troubling difference in the health oftoday’s Arizona Pima Indians.Over the years, the Arizona Pima Indians have become more sedentary and have seen their fat intakerise to 40%. Much of the fiber has been removed from their diet as processed starches have replacedthe high fiber foods their ancestors ate. Over 50% of the Arizona Pima Indians have Diabetes and95% of those diagnosed with Diabetes are obese and have other related diseases. Conversely, thediet of the Pima Indians of Mexico includes many of the same foods their ancestors ate, and theirlifestyle still demands daily physical activity. Less than 10% of the Pima Indians of Mexico havebeen diagnosed with Diabetes and live a much healthier quality of life.This study clearly demonstrates the power of lifestyle choices. The good news I want to bring youtoday is that your body is biologically structured in a renewal cycle just like many trees and plants.During the fall and winter the leaves die and fall off – only to be replaced in the spring with newleaves. As long as the tree receives the quality and quantity of nutrients and nurturing it needsfrom the earth, water and sun, it lives healthy to its expected life span.For you, it may seem that aging has brought on health conditions and symptoms that are gettingprogressively worse. Please take courage in the fact that your body has a renewal process and thatthe decisions you make today and tomorrow can contribute to your better health. Spring is God’sreminder to us of the importance of the choices we make in the renewal and aging process.At TriVita, our deepest desire and purpose is to offer inspiration, information and the highestquality of supplements that can help contribute to a better quality of life. As you read thisVitaJournal, my prayer is that you would be inspired to an aging process that consists of thebest choices you can make each day for your health and well-being.Pursue them with passion and purpose.Michael R. Ellison“Spring is God’s reminder to us of the importance ofthe choices we make in the renewal and aging process.”
  3. 3. VITAJOURNAL l 310 FoundationalValues10 FoundationalValues1. Physician-Formulated SupplementsOur physicians use their extensive health and nutritionknowledge to create proprietary TriVita supplementsbased on the latest scientific research and the healthand wellness concerns of our Members.2. Patented Absorption SystemsUnlike other supplements that can be difficult toabsorb, TriVita supplements are developed formaximum absorption and effect.3. Controlled Laboratory StudiesSignature products from TriVita undergo medicalstudies and trials at accredited universities andmedical centers to ensure their effectiveness.4. Purest Natural IngredientsTriVita uses the highest-quality essential nutrientsavailable to create effective, body-friendly formulaswithout mood altering stimulantsor harmful chemicals.5. Pharmaceutical-Grade QualityWe voluntarily adhere to the strict manufacturingguidelines of the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).6. Third-Party Testing and CertificationIn addition to our own quality control, wecommission third-party testing and research toguarantee that our products are full potency andmeet all regulatory standards.7. Quality-ControlledPackaging and ProductionSafety is a top priority in our packaging and manufacturing;we inspect each product at least 10 times and use twosafety seals per package on all ingestible products toguarantee safety, freshness and product potency.8. Dedicated to Product InnovationTriVita’s commitment to science is a driving forcebehind our superior quality products, from formulationto production. Led by our Chief Science Officer andrenowned nutraceutical pioneers, we put the utmostcare into creating products that deliver positive andlifelong wellness experiences for our Members.9. Medical Advisory BoardTriVita’s advisory panel of Board Certified physiciansprovide us with the latest information on scientificdevelopments and testing methods.10. Complete CustomerSatisfaction GuaranteeWe promise to provide the best customer experiencepossible and offer a 60-Day Money BackGuarantee on all of our products.Ournaturalproductsarefoodbased.Ifyouhaveanyfoodbasedallergies,pleasereadthelabels.Discoverwaystoreduceallergysymtoms. 2412 Tips to Downsize YourPortion SizeTime to downsize, lose weight and feelgreat every day.16 Refer TriVita Productsand Earn Great RewardsReceive $25 Gift Cards and cash rewards,its so easy!18 The Value of YouEverything has a price tag – or does it?21 Keep Your Eye On “Low” VisionLearn how you can keep this life-changingcondition from dimming your joys in life.22 Put a Little “Spring” IntoYour Step and Golf SwingFabulous ways to ease into activityafter a long winter layoff4 Rejuvenate Yourself this Spring!Healthy tips to cleanse your own body.6 B-12 Update with Dr. ConardExciting news! – Learn about B-12’s allergyfighting success.10 How To Get a Good Night’s RestEight tips to ensure a sound sleep.In thisissueFindanswerstoyoursleepproblemsandwakeupfeelingrefreshedeverymorning.10Justbecausethere’ssomuchonyourplatedoesn’tmeanyouhavetoeatit.12Bananas–thisamazing,tastywonderfruitisanaturalremedyformanyhealthconditions. 14
  4. 4. trivita.com4 l March 2008TriVita’sNon-Acidic Vitamin CPowerful immune system support and muchmore! It helps:• Fight free radicals that contribute to illness• Assist in normalizing blood pressureand cholesterol• Speed wound recovery and aid in healing• Support production and use of antibodiesthat fight illness• Detoxify alcohol, pesticides, smokeand pollution.Vitamin C Crystals#30170Non-Member $24.99Member $19.99Redeem with 200 VitaPointsVitamin C Time-ReleaseTablets #30230Non-member $18.99Member $14.99Redeem with 150 VitaPointsVitamin C Pack #326611 bottle Crystals1 bottle TabletsNon-member $43.98Member $29.98Redeem with 300 VitaPointsIt’s time for spring cleaning! But before youreach for the dust rags and disinfectants, thinkabout this: the most important thing you can“clean” is your own body. This doesn’t mean anextra long shower, but a spring cleaning from theinside out. It’s easier than it sounds; plus, nobuckets or scrub brushes required.Breathe deeplyDeep breathing is one of the best ways to“clean” your body; up to 75% of all bodytoxins are released through your lungs. Deepbreathing also helps stimulate your immunesystem by supporting the lymphatic system.What exactly is the lymph system? It’s animportant part of your immune system thatis made up of vessels, organs, nodes and ducts.When toxins build up in the lymph system,it can lead to conditions such as allergies andautoimmune disorders.So it makes sense to put deep breathing nearthe top of your “spring cleaning” to-do list. Takea few minutes each day to consciously breathedeeply. Not only will it help you detoxify andstimulate your immune system, but it can alsohelp relieve stress. Here’s a deep breathingexercise to get you started:• Lie flat on your back with your knees up, orsit comfortably in a chair. Place one hand onyour abdomen just above your navel and theother hand on your chest. Breathe inthrough your nose and out through yourmouth. Focus on expanding your abdomenas you inhale. Your chest should rise only alittle and only at the top of your breath.• Slowly count up to four as you inhaleand again as you exhale. Fill your lungs,hold your breath for a moment and thenexhale. Repeat this as you count up to sixwhile inhaling, and again as you exhale.• Continue breathing deeply. When youfeel comfortable, extend your breath count:Eight counts as you inhale through yournose and eight counts as you exhale.This year, give your body a spring cleaning –from the inside outThis can help get rid of buildups in your lymphsystem. For details, visit, click on“Health Articles” and select the January 2008VitaJournal. People who have done the VitaminC flush report more energy and a better senseof well-being.Spring CleanYour Way to HealthNEWLOWER PRICEVitamin C Flush
  5. 5. VITAJOURNAL l 51-800-991-7116VitaDaily™AM/PM#32232Non-Member $37.99Member $29.99Redeem with 300 VitaPointsEvery day your body needs natural essentials to maintain optimal health:• VITAMINS • ANTIOXIDANTS • MACRO MINERALS• ENZYMES • TRACE MINERALS • AMINO ACIDSTriVita VitaDaily AM/PM contains all of these nutrients in a physician-formulated base of 25 fruit and vegetable concentrates to ensure maximumabsorption. And with two separate formulas – AM for morning, PM for evening.TriVita’s premium daily supplement for complete nutritionVitaDaily provides a true day and night nutritional foundation:• AM Formula provides the vitamins andamino acids for all-day energy and stamina• PM Formula provides minerals, aminoacids and enzymes you need to supportrejuvenating sleep and body repair.20%OFFNO LIMITthrough4-15-08Feel the air leave your body and imagineall of the toxins going with it. Try to spendat least five minutes a day breathing deeply.Drink up!Water is essential for everything your bodydoes including nutrient absorption, blood flowand breathing. And, it’s absolutely critical forcleaning your body: water is used by your colonand kidneys as part of the detoxification anddigestive processes. Use the simple formula belowto find out how much water you should drink:Try to drink water early in the day and rememberto drink extra water when you’re exercising andif you’re outdoors during warmer months.Eat a balanced, high-fiber dietIn order for your body to properly cleanse itself ofpollutants, you need to eat a balanced, healthfuldiet. It’s especially important to eat a diet high infiber (at least 30 grams per day), as fiber helps withthe digestive and cleansing process. Impuritiesattach to fiber and are expelled from the body.The good news is that a healthful diet, completewith plenty of fruits and vegetables, not onlyprovides the fiber you need, but it also includesmany essential nutrients. Get started today withthese fiber-rich foods:• Bran cereal• Pinto beans• Lima beans• Navy beans• Kidney beans• Black beans• Lentils• Peas• Brussels sprouts• Apples• Blackberries• Pears• Garbanzo beans• Black-eyed peas• Split peas.Important note: Sometimes it can be difficult toget all the nutrients you need from your food.That’s where adding high-quality supplementsto your daily routine can help. Many supplementson the market aren’t even absorbed by your body;they simply pass through. High-quality supple-ments like TriVita’s VitaDaily AM/PM, DailyMen and Daily Women are made with wholefood concentrates that your body recognizes asfood – which means they are easily absorbed, andyour body can make good use of the nutrients.Give your emotions a little“elbow grease”Emotional “cleansing” is just as important asphysical cleansing to a healthy and happy life. Ifyou’re holding a grudge, refusing to forgive some-one for something they did in the past, you couldbe harming your health. Studies have shown thatpeople who learn to forgive have healthier,happier lives. Grudge-holding has been linked topoor immune system health, depression, anxietyand physical pain. As part of your cleaning, try toforgive those who have offended you. If you findforgiveness difficult, just acknowledging thatyou’re holding a grudge can be a good first step.Rejuvenate yourself this spring with someinternal spring cleaning; there’s no better way tothrow off Old Man Winter and experienceincreased health and wellness!2 =Your weightin poundsOunces of waterper dayExample:A150-poundpersonwouldneedtodrinkabout75ouncesofwaterperday.150÷2=75ouncesHave some good “clean” funWe all know that exercise is a critical partof good health. What you may not know isthat exercise is one of the best ways to getyour lymph system moving – and that helpsstimulate the immune system.The President’s Council on Physical Fitnessand Sports recommends that adults get 30minutes of activity five or more days a week.If your schedule doesn’t allow for 30 minutesof exercise, you can break up your activityinto three 10-minute segments throughoutthe day. To make exercise more fun, find aworkout “buddy.” You’ll get to socialize andexercise at the same time – both of whichcontribute to good health. Change up yourroutine to help keep exercise fun – and tokeep yourself motivated:• Brisk walking• Hiking• Water aerobics• Swimming• Bike riding• Dancing•$23.99
  6. 6. trivita.com6 l March 2008Scott Conard, M.D., is the founder of TienaHealth,an organization of medical doctors in primarycare practice who emphasize healthy lifestylesto maintain wellness. Dr. Conard is considereda national expert on disease prevention.TienaHealth also conducts clinical trials.Scott Conard, M.D.Founder, TienaHealthB-12 updateExciting news about B-12’s naturalallergy-fighting successRecent studies show that Vitamin B-12 can help with allergiesIn past “B-12 Updates,” I’ve talkedabout how well TriVita SublingualB-12, B-6 & Folic Acid works for manydifferent purposes: everything fromweight loss to stress reduction, diges-tive and immune system health, moodenhancement and long-term energy.Now, just in time for the springseason, I want to talk about B-12’ssuccess with seasonal allergies. I’msure many of you are starting tosniffle, sneeze and suffer from itchy,watery eyes. It’s sad that so many ofyou are suffering through this glori-ous spring season filled with renewedgrowth and warmer temperatures.Sure, the drug stores are filled with over-the-counter and prescription allergy medicines.However, many of them aren’t really effective,because they don’t get to the root of manyallergies. Plus, the side effects for many ofthese medications can be pretty serious. Whilepollen, mold, dust and animal dander arecommon triggers for allergies, I’d like to discussa hidden cause for allergies: stress. Yes, stress.People who are under intense stress tend to havemore allergy problems. A recent study confirmsthat. Children who had severe allergies weretemporarily moved from their own homes to agroup home setting where they had the oppor-tunity to “de-stress.” They were then exposed todust and many substances that would normallycause a strong allergic reaction. Researchersobserved a minimal allergic reaction.Several other studies have not only madethe connection between B-12 and stress, buthave suggested that Vitamin B-12 could helpreduce seasonal allergies. For example in a recentclinical study, a group of seasonal allergy suffer-ers spent up to six weeks taking massive amountsof B-12 through sublingual delivery, just likeTriVita’s Sublingual B-12, B-6 & Folic Acid.The results were impressiveMany of the worse symptoms – sneezing,congestion and itchy, runny nose – were halfas severe in the B-12 group as in the placebogroup. Researchers stated, “The effects werecomparible to Claritin. B-12 is also much safer.”Better yet, people who were taking B-12 didn’thave the tired, draggy feeling so common withantihistamine allergy medications. Anotherstudy found that B-12 taken at an increaseddose can help protect against asthmatics fromreacting to food with sulfites.The secret to Vitamin B-12’s allergy fightingsuccess seems to be in its ability to re-tune theimmune system. That’s what allergies are –immune malfunctions – and the problemseems to be getting worse and worse. In fact,allergies are now twice as common as theywere a generation ago, afflicting more than50 million North Americans.If you’d like to test the effectiveness of VitaminB-12 with your own allergies, I suggest you takeone TriVita Sublingual B-12 tablet, twice orthree times daily throughout allergy season. Ithink you’ll be breathing easier in no Dr. Scott Conard, M.D.B-12can reduceallergy symptomsby as much as50%
  7. 7. By placing our B-12, B-6 & Folic Acid supplement under yourtongue, TriVita Sublingual B-12 is directly absorbed into yourbloodstream where it can be used quickly.• Sublingual B-12, B-6 & Folic Acid absorbs through theveins under your tongue for fast B vitamin delivery.• After age 40, your ability to absorb B vitamins beginsto diminish.• Your brain needs B vitamins to function properly.• If you are deficient in B vitamins, you could be agingprematurely and become more susceptible to disease.Sublingual B-12, B-6 & Folic AcidB-12 Flavors: Original Berry,Cinnamon, Strawberry, Variety PackNon-Member $24.99Member $19.99Redeem with 200 VitaPointsNomorePainfulandExpensiveB-12shots.Why have satisfied customers purchased over10 million boxes of Dr. Alfred Libby’s original,patented formula – Sublingual B-12?Results show – it works!Dr. Libby’s OriginalPatented FormulaSTRAWBERRYCINNAMONORIGINALBERRYVARIETYPACKCall TOLL-FREE to order 1-800-991-7116or visit us at trivita.comNote:Wesuggest3tabletsadayfor10to14days.Fromday11(or15)to30,takeatleastonetotwotabletsdaily.Mostpeopletakeoneinthemorningandoneintheafternoontomaintainandenjoythatfeelingofendlessenergyeveryday!TriVita’s original, patented Sublingual B-12, B-6 & Folic Acid is absorbedunder your tongue, allowing B vitamins to be absorbed quickly and directlyinto your bloodstream for MAXIMUM ABSORPTION.How one TriVita Member and her husbandlearned about the value and effectivenessof Sublingual B-12, B-6 & Folic Acid...the hard way!Betty and her husband are long-time TriVitaSublingual B-12 fans. She started taking TriVita’sB-12 in 2002 to help with generalized anxiety andchronic pain. Her husband suffered from the bluesand heart palpitations and was unhappy with theanti-depressants he was taking. “B-12 helped me feel much better and gavemy husband a greater sense of well-being,” Betty said.They live on a fixed income and like so many of us were looking for ways tocut costs. So, they decided to buy a cheaper sublingual B-12 product from ageneral health store. “We thought this B-12 supplement would work just aswell as TriVita’s formula,” Betty said. “Boy, were we wrong! After taking thestore-bought B-12 formula for several months I was starting to get my oldrestless blue mood back, and my husband’s heart palpitations returned. Wethen realized that the cheaper B-12 brand just wasn’t working.”“We found out that two products that claim to be thesame aren’t always equal.”Betty and her husband are now back on TriVita’s Sublingual B-12 andthey are happy to report that they’re both feeling fine. “Now I’m sureTriVita’s B-12 works,” Betty remarks. “We found out that two productsthat claim to be the same aren’t always equal.”What makes TriVita’sSublingual B-12, B-6 &Folic Acid so unique?MINIMUMABSORPTIONOther inferior B-12supplements arepoorly absorbedthrough the diges-tive system, providinglittle value and minimalhealth benefits.MAXIMUMABSORPTIONTriVita’s original,patented SublingualB-12, B-6 & Folic Acidmelts under yourtongue, allowing Bvitamins to be absorbedquickly and directly intoyour bloodstream.Dr. Conard responds:We have heard this story many times. You see, it isn’t just about ingredientson a product label. The nutrients in TriVita’s Sublingual B-12, B-6 & FolicAcid are perfectly balanced so they help each other create more energy.The sublingual tablet is crafted to give you maximum absorption. Thebiotin and other supporting nutrients help detoxify the system and clear theway for B-12 to create energy. Don’t be fooled by inferior B-12 brands.TriVita’s Sublingual B-12 may not be the cheapest product on the market, butit is certainly the best. TriVita manufactures to pharmaceutical standards togive you the most effective sublingual tablets available. Betty and her husbandfound out the hard way about the difference in quality between TriVita’sSublingual B-12 and the “pretenders.” Don’t learn the hard way; stay with theone that works: TriVita’s original, patented Sublingual B-12, B-6 & Folic Acid.
  8. 8. 8 l March 2008Now that springtime is here, days aregetting longer and warmer. What agreat time for a spring clean-out. Andwe’re not just talking about your home.If your house is filled with clutter, thenwhat is your mind filled with? Chancesare, you’re not feeling too serene.• Do you have large amounts of objects,documents or possessions lying aroundyour house?• Do you have a hard time parting withthings and letting go?• Do you tend to be easily distracted,lose concentration or have poor timemanagement skills?If you’re nodding “yes,” you can put yourselfin the “chronically disorganized” category.Getting organized is important for both mindand body. An organized house reduces risks forfalls, helps get rid of germs and makes it easerto find important things like your health supple-ments, exercise gear or tools. Many of us areblind to house clutter when we’re home by our-selves, but panic whenever company is expected.What do many of us end up doing? We go out andbuy a carload of bins and organizers that merelyrearrange the mess.Most experts agree that disorganization isn’tjust a house problem, it’s a people problem. Insimple terms, messy people need to change theirbehavior. Excessive clutter and disorganizationmay also be a symptom of a larger health problem.People who have suffered an emotional traumaor brain injury often find housecleaning to bea difficult task. Depression, attention deficitdisorder, chronic pain and grief can also preventpeople from getting organized. The most extremeform of disorganization is called hoarding, whichsome experts believe is a mental illness. Compul-sive hoarding is when clutter overtakes living,dining and sleeping spaces and actually harmsthe person’s quality of life.Here are a few spring cleaning tipsthat will help you get started on theright foot:• Before you start, gather up all thecleaning supplies and tools you’ll need.• Make a list – write down everything youwant to accomplish.• Are you the type of person who likes to cleanyour home one room at a time? Then don’tleave until you’re done with that room. Thesatisfaction of seeing one room sparkle will bewell worth the effort.• Start at the top of your house or individualroom and work your way down.• Dust before vacuuming or cleaning the floor.Try feather or lamb’s wool dusters, especiallyextendable ones for reaching above windowand door casings.• Don’t be afraid to “chuck it” and donateunused items to your favorite charity.• Play some upbeat music to stay de-stress yourspring home cleaningSIMPLESTRATEGIESSIMPLESTRATEGIESIt’s the perfect time to unclutter your mind and make your home shineNow’s the timeto organize fortax time.Let’s face it – dealingwith taxes is a chore. Ifyou add disorganization tothe mix then you’ll be facedwith a serious headache. Here aresimple suggestions to get organized and spareyou some stress before filing your 2007 return.• Create files for all your tax-related papers;use well-labeled folders or accordion files.• Once you get your filing system in place,use it! Make sure you file any new paper-work you receive as soon as you get it.That way you won’t lose it and all yourdocuments will be in one spot when it’sfiling time.• If you itemize expenses or charitablecontributions, make sure you keepreceipts organized and stored accordingto category.• Archive your past tax returns with allthe supporting documents for the pastseven years in one place. That will makeit easy to refer back if you need it. Andwho knows, you might even be rewardedwith a sizeable refund!Keeping your tax-related papers organized willhelp reduce stress, decrease chances of errors onyour return and maybe even save you money.Just a little simple organizing and preparationwill make the whole process much easier.
  9. 9. VITAJOURNAL l 91-800-991-7116DeliciousBERRYFlavorReduce the damaging effects of stress • Promote mental calmness • Improve physical staminaThe only way to know how wonderful you’ll feel is to try itDISCOVER THE AMAZING EFFECTS OFADAPTOGEN 10 PLUSAdaptogen™ 10 Plus16 oz ea #30550Non-Member $31.99Member $24.99Redeem with 250 VitaPointsAdaptogen 10 Plus™3 oz 10 pack #33116Non-Member $59.99Member $49.99Redeem with 500 VitaPointsAdaptogen 10 Plus™ 3 oz(3 servings) Travel Bottle#30555Non-Member $5.99Member $4.99Redeem with 50 VitaPointsHow mentallyorganized are you?Cluttered living areasStorage areas filled to capacityDo not use household calendarsStressful household environmentMissing importanthousehold documentsOften late, leaving household forwork or errands due to misplaceditems or distractionsHave a difficult time completinghousehold tasks such as laundry,housecleaning and yard workMultiple projects begun butnot finishedInability to find thingsHave to rent additional storagespace for excess possessionsIf you checked three or more statements;congratulations. You’re aware that you havean organization problem and you’re ready todo something about it. Just be patient. Noone becomes organized overnight.See page 8 for helpful ways to organizeyour home.SUCCESS STORIES“I love how it protects my immune system.”“I first heard about Adaptogen 10 Plus from a girlfriend. I went to visit her. On the way, I got lost,I locked my keys in the car... When I arrived I was stressed out. She gave me some Adaptogen 10 Plusto try and it calmed me down right away. I could feel it working. Now I tell everyone about it! I lovehow it protects my immune system, too. I used to get a cold every three months but since using theAdaptogen 10 Plus, I haven’t had a cold in 1 ½ years. I recently had a plane ride next to a coughing,sneezing 10-year-old. I thought for sure I’d get sick, but I didn’t! I swear by Adaptogen 10 Plus!”– RENEE G. ORLANDO, FLIt takes time to learn new skills and strategies to becomemore mentally organized. Hopefully this quiz will help!Check the items that apply to you.( Call 1-800-991-7116 today
  10. 10. trivita.com10 l March 2008When was the last time you had a goodnight’s sleep? If you need to searchyour memory for the answer, it maybe time to find answers to your sleep problem.Research continues to show that sleep does a lotmore than relieve tiredness. It can go a long waytoward keeping us healthy, energized and free ofillness. The more we learn about sleep, the morewe recognize how important it is to the qualityof our lives.Time changes all – including yoursleep needsAs we age and go through different life stages,our sleep needs also change. Babies need about16 hours of sleep daily, while teenagers requirean average of about 9 hours. For most adults,between 7-9 hours does the trick.While older adults tend to need as much sleepas when they were younger, they also tend tosleep more lightly and for shorter periods. Oneestimate is that about half of everyone over age65 often has sleeping problems. We don’t knowif this is a normal part of aging, or whether itstems from health issues.One thing is clear: not getting enough sleepis dangerous. Studies show that drivers whoare sleep-deprived perform as badly on theroad as those who are intoxicated – in somecases, worse!Sleep, Diabetes and other diseasesA new study from the University of ChicagoMedical Center surprised sleep scientists. Itfound that when people didn’t get enough “deepsleep” for three nights in a row, it had the sameeffect on their blood sugar as gaining 20-30pounds. Their risk of getting Type 2 Diabeteswas raised. Before this, it was thought that justthe hours spent sleeping – not the quality ofsleep – affected the risk of developing Diabetes.This could be a “wake-up call” for the 40million people who have constant, on-goingsleep disorders, and for the other 20 millionwho have trouble sleeping from time to time.There are so many other health problemsconnected to sleep troubles that the old saying“You snooze, you lose” could be turned around:“If you don’t snooze, you lose.” Sleep plays a bigrole in all these conditions and diseases:• Heart disease• Stroke• Asthma• Epilepsy• Depression• Schizophrenia• Alzheimer’s Disease• Flu• InfectionsDisorders that disrupt sleepSometimes, sleep itself is the root of disorders.Doctors have tallied up over 70 differentPromote a zestful healthy bodyRegain the joy of sleepHow well are you sleeping?• It should take between five and 15 minutesto fall asleep. If you fall asleep faster, you’reprobably sleep deprived.• If it takes between 15 and 30 minutes to fallasleep you’re probably over-stimulated andunder too much stress.• More than 30 minutes to fall asleep? Con-sider seeing your health care professional.• If you wake once during the night and goback to sleep quickly, that’s okay.• If you wake up and stay awake, it could be asign that your blood sugar is unbalanced.• Sleep is supposed to be refreshing. If youwake up feeling hungry, you probably hada good night’s sleep.• If it takes longer than 30 minutes to startthinking about breakfast, you may not besleeping well. If hours pass after wakingbefore you feel hungry, your sleep qualityis very poor.
  11. 11. 1-800-991-7116 VITAJOURNAL l 11Eight tips for sound sleepWhen counting sheep just doesn’t cut it, expertssuggest these eight steps to help you get a goodnight’s sleep:1. Set your sleep schedule. Try to go tobed at the same time each night, and riseat the same time each morning. Tinkeringwith this schedule can bring on insomnia.Even sleeping late on weekends can disruptyour sleep during the week, making it harderto wake up on time and stay alert duringyour day.2. Exercise. So vital to all-around health,physical activity also helps promote restfulsleep. Be careful not to work out close tobedtime, though; try to exercise severalhours before bedtime.3. Downplay drugs. Caffeine, nicotine andalcohol can all harm sleep. So watch yourconsumption of coffee, chocolate, softdrinks, caffeinated teas and some painrelievers. Nicotine withdrawal tends towake smokers up in the early morning,and alcohol robs you of deep sleep.4. Wind down. Before going to bed, asoothing ritual – like reading, taking awarm bath or listening to calming music –can be a signal to your brain and body thatsleep time is almost here.5. Get in sync with sunlight. If possible, wakeup around the time the sun does (or close toit). This helps your internal body clock resetitself every day. Alternately, use very brightlights when you wake.6. Can’t sleep? Don’t. If sleep won’t come,don’t try to force it by lying in bed awake.Pick up a book, go watch TV, do some-thing else until you feel tired. Sleepless-ness can feed on itself, so don’t worry: godo something.7. Get comfy. Room temperature that’s toohot or too cold can interrupt sleep or makeit tough to fall asleep, so keep your bedroomat a comfortable setting.8. Still stuck? Get help. If you have persis-tent problems sleeping, or you always feeltired during the day, then it may be timeto see a health care professional. Withso many health issues connected to sleep,it’s important not to ignore continuingslumber troubles.sleeping problems, and estimate that they costa whopping $16 billion in medical treatmenteach year. While many of these disordersare rare, there are four that affect millionsof people:Insomnia. Can’t get to sleep or stay asleep?It happens to almost everyone from time totime. When it goes on for long periods of time,though, insomnia can pose a serious healththreat. Sleeping pills may work for a fewweeks, but in the long run they can actuallydisrupt natural sleep. And, prescription pillscan create dependency.Sleep apnea. Often, loud snoring, obesity anddaytime sleepiness are the symptoms of thisdisorder. It commonly occurs because of excessfat bearing down on the windpipe. The result:breathing is interrupted during sleep; thesufferer frequently snorts or gasps. Long-term,it can lead to heart attacks and stroke.Restless Legs Syndrome. Older people espe-cially tend to have the unpleasant feelings ofcrawling or tingling in their legs and feet thatcome with this disorder. It runs in families: theurge to move can be constant, even at night,resulting in insomnia.Narcolepsy. It’s serious: people with thisdisorder can suddenly, frequently fall right tosleep, even while working or driving, for upto 30 minutes or longer. Even with enoughnighttime sleep, sufferers can have these “sleepattacks,” which tend to be inherited, or some-times occur after brain damage from injuryor disease.Snoring could indicate serioushealth issuesSnoring may be caused by structural defectsin the sinus cavity, allergies or even nasalpolyps. However, snoring is usually causedby obesity.According to many sleep experts, snoringis related to the problem of insulin resistance.Insulin resistance is an early warning signof Type 2 Diabetes. Therefore, snoring maybe the first sign of movement toward Type2 Diabetes.A frightening aspect of snoring is that youget much less oxygen in your bloodstream.Less available oxygen means that your brainis being deprived of oxygen. People who snorelose I.Q. points every year until the problemis corrected. So, if you feel unable to concen-trate, or if your memory is failing, check tosee if you are snoring. If you are, then by allmeans find out why! Treat the cause of thisproblem immediately. If snoring is caused byobesity, reduce your body fat.Snoring may also be a sign of sleep apnea –discussed previously in this article. Sleepapnea can seriously disrupt the quality ofsleep. People with chronic untreated sleepapnea may also develop hypertension andheart disease.Call on TriVita for helpYou can count on TriVita’s quality naturalsupplements to enhance and promotewellness in so many ways – make restfulsleep one of them!Call a Wellness Consultant todayat 1-800-991-7116 to find out whichTriVita product is right for you in helpingprovide a solution to your sleep concerns.
  12. 12. trivita.comA lot has changed in the last 20 years. In1988, CDs out-sold vinyl records for the firsttime... the Dodgers crunched the Oakland A’sin the World Series... and the blueberry muffinyou ate one morning was less than one-thirdthe size of today’s version.There’s no question that portion sizes havegrown in recent years, and along with them,our waistlines and the health problems thatexcess weight brings. Since March is NationalNutrition Month, it’s a good time to lookback at some dramatic examples of just howdistorted our portions have become:Clearly, what we think of as a “normal”portion has gotten bigger and bigger, andit’s one reason so many of us are overweightor obese. When a main dish in a restaurantfeeds two or three people, or a “single” snackbag of chips actually holds several servings,no wonder we drag around extra pounds.Dietitians offer these handy cues for realisticserving sizes of popular foods. Remember,each of these food items is one serving:• ½ cup of cooked rice or spaghetti =½ baseball• 1 baked potato = a fist• 3 ounces of meat, chicken or fish =a deck of cards• 3 ounces of grilled/baked fish =a checkbookClassic solutions with a provennew twistIf the food comparisons above seem likelittle appetizer sizes, you may be one of themany struggling with excess weight. In thisseason of renewal and rejuvenation, it’s hardto feel energized and alive when pounds weighyou down.The solution is classic: eat lots of fruits andvegetables, watch portion sizes and enjoyexercise. Add in daily supplementation withthe nutrients you need from quality TriVitaproducts, and you’ll be doing a lot to achieveoptimal wellness.Weight loss success sheet: makeyour date with healthy weightThinking about spring? Looking forward tobeing more active? Or dreading the arrival ofwarm weather and more revealing clothes? Ifyou’ve been struggling with weight, use thefollowing charts to see where you are andwhere you want to be.Find your Body Mass IndexUse the formula in the chart above to figureout your Body Mass Index (BMI). This measuresbody fat, and shows you whether you’re under-weight, normal, overweight or obese.Set your ideal weightUsing the “normal” range of the BMI chart,and the height scale on the right, target yourideal weight. This number will be a range – say,from 125-158 pounds for a person 68” tall, or5’8”. You pick your own best target number.20 Years AgoPortion CaloriesBagel 3”diameter 140Cheeseburger 1 333Spaghetti w/meatballs1 cup sauce3 small meatballs500Soda 6.5 ounces 85Blueberry muffin 1.5 ounces 210TodayPortion CaloriesBagel 6”diameter 350Cheeseburger 1 590Spaghetti w/meatballs2 cups sauce3 large meatballs1,020Soda 20 ounces 250Blueberry muffin 5 ounces 500How“portion distortion”overfills our plates;tips to downsize, lose weight, feel greatPortionSizeIncreasingYour Size?IsNATIONAL NUTRITION MONTH:If your weight puts you in the overweight or obese category,it’s time for some lifestyle changes.÷÷Your Weight (pounds)Your Height (inches)Your Height (inches)Your BMI112 l March 2008Muffin 20 Years Ago:1.5 ounces, 210 caloriesMuffin Today:5 ounces,500 calories
  13. 13. * Ideal Body Weight is based on mathematics and may vary for individuals based onmuscle mass and/or other factors.1-800-991-7116Only TriVita’s Leanology hasConverta™, clinically proven toburn fat and build muscle!Save money while you get the lean, trim body you’ve always wanted!You’ll receive:• Leanology Weight Loss Capsules (2 bottles)• Leanology Nutritional Shakes (2 bags)• Leanology Coach Success Guide• Leanology Coach Audiobook• Leanology Shaker Cup.Make the smart move to reach yourhealthy weight. Leanology is natural andstimulant-free... easy to follow... and itworks! Start losing weight today withLeanology™, The Smart WeightLoss System!Leanology™Starter KitChoose any two shakes from thefollowing: Dutch Chocolate,Creamy Vanilla, Mixed BerryMember $149.99Redeem with 1500 VitaPointsLeanology™Nutritional ShakeFlavors: Dutch Chocolate #30620,Creamy Vanilla #30630,Mixed Berry #30640Non-Member $56.99(15 shakes per 2 lb bag)Member $44.99Redeem with 450 VitaPointsLeanology™Weight Loss Capsules #30610Non-Member $37.99Member $29.99Redeem with 300 VitaPoints• Leanology Weight Loss Capsules (2 bottles)• Leanology Nutritional Shakes (2 bags)healthy weight. Leanology is natural and™T H E S M A R T W E I G H T LO SS SYST E MNatural &Stimulant-FreeIngredients!For ingredient information, please visit your success dateHere’s the fun part: figure out when you’ll reach your ideal weight. At ahealthy rate of between .5 and 2 pounds per week, the chart above (Figure2) will show you how many weeks it will take to reach your goal. Countup the weeks from your start date, and you’ll have a concrete success dateto look forward to.You’ll find the charts on this page (and much, much more) in yourexclusive Leanology Coach Success Guide, included with the StarterKit (see ad this page).2Your Current Weight Your Ideal Body Weight÷Your Current Weight Your Ideal Body Weight÷Your Current Weight Your Ideal Body Weight÷Your Current Weight Your Ideal Body Weight÷3((((P.S. Have you heard about Terry Newsome’s amazing weight loss success withLeanology? He has shed 191 pounds – and counting! For the latest news abouthis inspiring wellness journey, visit l 13÷
  14. 14. trivita.comIt’s time togo bananas!This amazing, tasty wonder-fruit is a natural remedy for many health conditionsDid you know that bananas are the world’s favorite fruit? It’s because they’re naturally fat-free, loaded with vitamins andfiber, taste good and are a great source of energy. It’s no wonder that the average North American eats 27 pounds of themevery year!In fact, bananas contain three natural sugars – sucrose, fructose and glucose – that give you a quick, sustained boost of energy for a lengthy workout.Bananas are rich in potassium and one of the best value foods around. Bananas are also a must for the diet because they help overcome or protect againsta large number of illnesses and conditions, including:DepressionStudies show that many people suffering from depression feel much better after eating abanana. They contain tryptophan, a type of protein that your body converts to serotonin,which helps improve your mood.AnemiaBecause bananas are high in iron they can help with anemia.Blood pressure and StrokesBananas are extremely high in potassium, yet low in salt, which helps curbhigh blood pressure. In fact, the US Food and Drug Administration hasallowed the banana industry to officially claim that bananas help reducethe risk of high blood pressure and Stroke. Recent research in The NewEngland Journal of Medicine says that eating bananas regularly can helplower the risk of death by Stroke.Brain PowerResearch has shown that this potassium-packed fruit can help makepeople more alert.HeartburnBananas have a natural antacid effect, so try eating a banana if yousuffer from heartburn.Stress and NervesWhen we are stressed, our metabolic rate rises, reducing potassiumlevels. These levels can be rebalanced with the help of a high potassiumbanana. Bananas are also high in B vitamins that can help calm thenervous system.UlcersBananas can help protect against stomach problems because of their soft textureand smoothness. They also neutralize acids and reduce irritation by coating thelining of the stomach.Bananas are available year round, they’re inexpensive and they help you meet yourdaily requirement of fruits and vegetables. So, grab a bunch the next time you’re at thegrocery store.Season’s PickDepressionStudies show that many people suffering from depression feel much better after eating abanana. They contain tryptophan, a type of protein that your body converts to serotonin,which helps improve your mood.AnemiaBecause bananas are high in iron they can help with anemia.Blood pressure and StrokesBananas are extremely high in potassium, yet low in salt, which helps curbhigh blood pressure. In fact, the US Food and Drug Administration hasbanana. Bananas are also high in B vitamins that can help calm thenervous system.UlcersBananas can help protect against stomach problems because of their soft textureand smoothness. They also neutralize acids and reduce irritation by coating thelining of the stomach.Bananas are available year round, they’re inexpensive and they help you meet yourdaily requirement of fruits and vegetables. So, grab a bunch the next time you’re at thegrocery store.14 l March 2008
  15. 15. It’s easier than you maythink to get in your dailyrecommended servingsDid your mom always tell you to “eat yourveggies” or “an apple a day keeps the doctoraway?” Whether you heard it from your motheror read it in a magazine, these familiar wordsactually may have some scientific backing.There’s a growing body of research thatshows how important fruits and vegetablesare to promoting good health. They are richin vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber.They’re also low in calories and fat. Wonderinghow many servings of fruits and vegetables youneed each day? Follow these suggestions:Active men and teen boys, who typicallyneed about 2,880 calories to reach or maintaina healthy weight:9 servings – 4 fruits, 5 vegetablesActive women, teen girls, older children andmost men who typically need 2,200 caloriesto reach or maintain a healthy weight:7 servings – 3 fruits, 4 vegetablesWomen, children 2-6 yrs. and others whotypically need about 1,600 calories to reachor maintain a healthy weight:5 servings – 2 fruits, 3 vegetablesYou might think that eating that many fruitsand vegetables every day looks like a lot ofhard work. However, if you realize how smallone serving really is, you’ll see how simple itis to eat the recommended amount.Single-serving examples:• 1 medium piece of fruit• ½ cup cooked or raw fruit or vegetable• ¼ cup (6 ounces) juice• 1 cup leafy greens• ¼ cup dried fruit• ½ cup cooked beans or peas (such aslentils, pinto beans, kidney beans)Here are some great mealtime suggestionsto help you get your 5-9 daily servings:Breakfast• Fresh or dried fruit mixed with cerealor oatmeal• Bagel or English muffin topped withavocado and tomato or cucumber andcream cheese• Glass of tomato juice with a spear of celeryFor lunch and snacks:• Bake a sweet potato (microwave on highfor 5-8 minutes) and top with black beans• Stir fresh fruit into yogurt• Open up a can of mandarin oranges• Dip carrot, celery, red pepper and zucchinisticks into hummus, yogurt or low-fat dipDinner:• Roast vegetables – onion, squash, peppersand eggplant – and spread on a pizza crustwith tomato sauce and cheese• Top baked potatoes with steamed broccoli,beans and salsa• Include dried fruit in your rice or stuffing• Grate carrots and zucchini into pasta sauceDessert:• Top frozen yogurt with sautéed apples,fresh peaches or canned pineapple• Choose a fruity dessert, such as cobbler,instead of a heavier cakeWhile we all havegood intentionswhen it comes tofruits and vegeta-bles, sometimes wefall short. TriVita’s VitaDaily AM/PM contains25 whole food concentrates for super nourish-ment and easy absorption. These whole foodsare organic fruits and vegetables that add extraantioxidant protection. For more informationabout VitaDaily AM/PM see page 5.Have you eaten yourfruits and vegetables today?
  16. 16. 16 l March 2008 trivita.comAmount of cash rewards earned is based upon the cash amount of products purchased by the referrals. Testimonials or incomes presented are applicable onlyto the particular individual depicted, not representative of everyone’s cash rewards, and not typical. Any projections of cash reward representations are strictlydemonstrative. There are no guarantees regarding cash rewards.“Five of my friends now useTriVita products which lets meget a year’s supply of SublingualB-12. And, all I have to do is placeone order a month.”“Having referred 15 people, I cannow afford to try other TriVitaproducts and still have extra cashin my pocket.”“With the cash rewards from my25 referrals, I have been able totry different products. I still haveenough left over to spend on funactivities, and I only have to placeone product order a month!”ReferringgreatproductshasitsHere’s how:(1) EXPERIENCE the TriVitadifference yourself.(2) SHARE the experience byrecommending it to others.(3) EARN Gift Cards andCash Rewards!Just imagine:*You earn cash rewards for the lifetime product purchases made by your referrals as long as you are an active TriVitaMember. To be an active Member you just need to make a minimum of one TriVita product purchase per month.EARNING POTENTIAL FOR REFERRING TRIVITA PRODUCTSNumber of Referrals Gift Card Credits Cash Rewards Total $5 $125 $89 $22110 $250 $179 $42915 $375 $268 $64320 $500 $357 $85725 $625 $447 $1,072Your rewards*:Sign-up today 1-800-991-7116!
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  18. 18. trivita.com18 l March 2008We have only one body, one spirit andone soul. Nurturing each of theseareas allows us to experience a lifethat promotes balanced wellness. Recognizingyourself as three-dimensional is a concept thatTriVita was founded upon. The founders knewthey wanted to change the way people thoughtabout their health – teaching you to make wisehealth choices, giving you simple yet profoundsteps to get there, as well as providing qualitynutritional supplements.Origin of the TriVita nameOnce the founders knew what they wantedto achieve through this wellness company, aname had to be selected that would identifywith this purpose. Thus, the name Tri-Vitawas established in 1999 – Tri (meaning three)and Vita (meaning life). Many of you mayhave thought that “Vita” in our name referredto vitamins! While nutritional supplements arekey to experiencing wellness, they are not all ittakes to live a healthy, balanced life. TriVita’s10 Essentials for Health and Wellness are 10simple ways to nurture every part of you – thephysical, spiritual and emotional. (See pg. 2 forlist of 10 Essentials.)Your body is God’s TempleIf you had a pet, would you simply feed itwhenever you felt like it? Would you neglect it –never playing with it, petting it, grooming it oreven speaking to it? You might say, “I wouldnever do that to my pet!” So then, how muchmore should you value yourself? God createdus in His image, and He’s even told us thatour bodies are His temple!God has given us the means to nurture each ofour three parts. If God loved us enough to createus in His own image, we owe it not only to Him,but to ourselves to honor Him by taking care ofthe intricately detailed body He has blessed uswith. You may say, “Well I don’t feel so blessed inmy body!” It’s never too late to make positivechanges in your life for your body, spirit andsoul. Whether it is quality supplements added toyour regimen, forgiving someone you’ve held agrudge against for years, or renewing yourrelationship with God, these are all part ofvaluing your three-dimensional self. Are youworth it? God thinks you are!The valueof YouEverything has a price tag – or does it?I Corinthians 6:19Or do you not know that yourbody is the temple of the HolySpirit who is in you, whomyou have from God, and youare not your own.Many of us go through life placing value on “things.” We’ve all heard itbefore – everything has a price tag. But does this statement apply to yourlife or your health? Absolutely not! There is no price that can be put onhuman life. Many of us place more value on possessions, taking more timewith them, nurturing them and in extreme cases even idolizing them!Valuing yourself includes placing value on all of you. All of our needsmust be met in order to live the quality of life we all long for.
  19. 19. VITAJOURNAL l 191-800-991-7116What if we celebrated Easterevery morning by starting outthe day with joy in our heartsand minds? I remember cele-brating Easter growing up asa child, but not knowing theprofound truth of Easter. Iwas not raised in a spiritualhome, but I was always part of the scoutingprogram. As a Cub Scout and later as a BoyScout, our troop would serve people through-out the year, and at Easter time we helped witha huge sunrise service. It was a big deal withseveral months of training. On Good Friday, wewould set up camp at the foot of a high hill insouthern California. We camped two nights anddrilled the specific duties that we had beenassigned. On Easter morning around 3 a.m. wewould rise to take our station on the mountaintrail that led to the top where the Easter messagewas given as the sun started to rise.Each of us would have a candle to light thepathway for those going up the hill to celebrate.When the last person passed, the first Scout atthe bottom of the path would start their trip tothe top, inviting each boy to join along the way.We were excited and talked all the way up.As each boy joined the group, we shared hisstory of ensuring that no one fell on the trail.Finally, when we arrived at the top, the wholetroop came together joining the others. A holysilence covered the crowd as we all listened tothe message and watched the sunrise.God desires us to be a light on a hillThe excitement I felt helping those people everyyear get to the top of that hill stayed with me. Itwas many years later that I came to under-standthe profound truth of the message of Easter andthe sacrifice that was made for me. Since then,I have tried to start each day with the attitudethat this day is to be celebrated with joy, loveand service. God really does desire us to be alight on the hill helping others to know thelove and acceptance of the sacrifice He madejust for us.When you first get up in the morning, light yourown candle by reading the Bible and ask God touse you as a light to others. You will be amazedat the joy you will receive as you put God in firstplace and celebrate the victory and freedom thatHe bought just for you.Peace and blessings be among youAs families and friends gather to enjoy thisEaster season, we celebrate God’s gift of freedomand His love that conquers death. As part ofhis 2004 Easter greeting to the nation, GeorgeW. Bush said, “For those who observe EasterSeason, our faith brings confidence that goodwill overcome evil and that joy is everlasting.Today we give thanks for God’s many blessingsand pray for His peace in the affairs of men.”Enjoy the season of rebirth by establishing arelationship with God, or if you already haveone, I urge you to renew it. The strength youwill get by doing so will contribute greatly toyour overall spiritual, emotional and physicalhealth. From all of us at TriVita, we wish youand your families a blessed Easter season.your body, His Temple1 Cor. 6:19-20Start each day empowered to make a differenceThis Easter, experience faithand everlasting joyby Chaplain Gene HendersonLuke 24:34The Lord is risen indeed...Luke 24:34The Lord is risen indeed...
  20. 20. trivita.com20 l March 2008HCY Guard helps lower high homocysteine levelsin as little as 45 days• Help fight sickness linked with HCY, such as Alzheimer’s Disease.• Get energy, mental clarity and a mood boost.• Speed nutrients to the bloodstream throughsublingual delivery.• Combat illness risk from stress and aging.HCY Guard #30460Non-Member $29.99Member $23.99Redeem with 240 VitaPointsCall toll-free today to order 1-800-991-7116Low homocysteine reduces yourrisk for deadly illnessHCY updateELEVATEDHOMOCYSTEINEcan lead to destructive eye inflammationIt’s allergy season again. For many people thatwill mean:This year when you see red, think HCY.Elevated Homocysteine (HCY) is directlylinked to inflammation of your eyes. Conditionsthat can cause this problem include allergies,macular degeneration and autoimmune diseases.(Autoimmune diseases occur when your immunesystem mistakenly identifies healthy tissue asdiseased or infected. Immune cells attack andkill healthy cells). Any condition that createsinflammation may unleash massive amounts ofdamaging homocysteine.Every cell contains homocysteine. Inflammationfrom allergy, injury, disease or infection releasesHCY from the cell. The HCY itself then causesfurther inflammation and the cascade of damagespreads to surrounding cells.In 2001 it was discovered that elevated homocys-teine causes macular damage and vision loss. Thisdiscovery ignited a flurry of interest in homocys-teine and vision. A dozen published studies sincethen have linked HCY to eye damage fromalmost every cause: vascular disease, autoimmunedisorders, near-sightedness and even allergies.What’s more, almost all studies conducted in thepast six years have come to the same conclusion:reduce homocysteine in the blood to improvehealth in the eyes.Now, I started this article talking about the eyeinflammation caused by allergies. This inflamma-tion releases damaging levels of homocysteine.That’s one reason your eyes turn red and becomesore and painful. This is more than a mereannoyance; inflammation in your eyes maydamage them. You simply must protect your eyes.HCY Guard from TriVita is the perfect productfor elevated homocysteine. A study conductedby Professor Mark Mattie, MD, PhD of YaleUniversity concluded that HCY Guard loweredhomocysteine levels by 35% in just 42 days.So, we know that HCY Guard will relievethe inflammation caused by elevated levels ofhomocysteine. But what will reduce allergies?On page 6 of this VitaJournal you will find anarticle on B-12 and allergies by my friend andcolleague, Dr. Scott Conard. It details a new wayto help reduce allergies at the root cause withTriVita’s Sublingual B-12 formula. The results aretruly amazing: allergy symptoms were reduced by50% – a healthier result than you get from mostmedications for allergies.Not only does HCY Guard help with allergies,but it also helps protect against heart attacks andStrokes. HCY Guard helps reduce the destructiveinflammation caused by allergies and TriVita’sSublingual B-12 addresses the immune malfunc-tion that causes allergies in the first Dr. Brazos MinshewYou can fight off allergies that aggravateinflammation with TriVita’s HCY GuardDr. Minshew’s experience as TriVita’s chiefformulator along with his Cancer research, makeshim uniquely suited to not only advise VitaJournalreaders on the dangers of homocysteine, but howthe B vitamins can lower HCY. Dr. Minshew joinedthe TriVita team after many years of specializingin nutritional solutions to health challenges andfollowing his desire to reach and help more peoplethan he could before. He is now heavily involved ineducation for TriVita Members, as well as being theformulator for many of TriVita’s best-selling products.Dr. Brazos MinshewChief Science Officer• Sneezing• Itching in thenose, eyes,throat and ears• Watery eyes• Sinus pressure• Runny nose andnasal congestion• Postnasal drip• HeadachesTWO CONDITIONS
  21. 21. 1-800-991-7116Do you or someone you know have ahard time doing everyday tasks – evenwith glasses, contact lenses, medicineor surgery? The problem may be whatthe National Eye Institute describes as“low vision.”Low vision can be caused by birth defects or injury,or result from eye disorders and conditions such asMacular Degeneration, Glaucoma, Cataracts andDiabetes. It’s important that these eye conditionsbe identified early; finding them early can meanthe difference between successful treatment andlost vision.Signs of Low VisionIf you or someone you know experiences any ofthe following, it could be a sign of low vision:• Trouble reading street signs • Trouble doing things at home or workbecause the lights seem dimmer• Trouble recognizing the faces of friendsand family• Trouble with close work such as reading,sewing or picking out matching clothesIf any of these problems occur, it’s time to makean appointment with an eye care professional.Encourage friends and family with these symptomsto do the same.Protect your eye health nowEven if you don’t have low vision, you cannever be too careful when it comes to visionhealth; don’t wait for blurry or impaired visionbefore taking steps to protect your eyesight.When was the last time you had your eyeschecked? Now’s the perfect time! March is SaveYour Vision month, and that’s a great reminderto schedule your eye exam. The AmericanOptometric Association recommends you getyour eyes checked according to the followingschedule (those who wear glasses or contactsshould schedule an exam every year):Good eats for good eyesAnother way to help protect your eyesight is witha healthy diet. Studies have shown that nutrientsfound in colorful fruits and vegetables may helpreduce your risk of eye problems.o Vitamin C & E – These antioxidants helpreduce the risk of Cataracts.• Vitamin C is found in: oranges,grapefruit, green peppers, strawberries,tomatoes, broccoli, papaya• Vitamin E is found in: almonds,hazelnuts, pecans, olives, wheatgerm, sunflower seedso Lutein & Zeaxanthin – These carotenoids(pigments that give vegetables their colorand that also act as antioxidants) helpprotect against Cataracts and help reducethe risk of age-related Macular Degeneration(AMD). AMD affects between 13 and 15million Americans.• Lutein is found in: spinach, broccoli,corn, green peas• Zeaxanthin is found in: kale, collardgreens, spinach, turnip greensDespite our best efforts, it can be hard to getall the nutrients we need from our food. Andthe way food is grown – sometimes even the waywe cook it – can strip food of its nutrients. That’swhy supplementation is so important. TriVita’sVisionGuard was formulated with importantnutrients that have been shown to nourish theeyes and help keep eyesight strong. This month,take steps to Save Your Vision!AN EYE ONLow VisionWatch for the signs of thislife-changing conditionVisionGuard #30570Non-Member $34.99Member $27.99Redeem with 280 VitaPointsCall today 1-800-991-7116or visit us at trivita.comTriVita’sVisionGuard has lutein, the mostimportant nutrient for healthy eyesight.VisionGuard has 20 milligrams of lutein perserving. Plus, we’ve added other eye-specificantioxidants like Alpha Lipoic-Acid and Zeaxanthinto help your eyes defend themselves against timeand damaging pollutants.You askedfor visionprotection!VisionGuard is formulatedusing the latest scienceAge Group: Exam Frequency:6 months – 18 years At six months,3 years old, beforestarting school, thenevery two years18 years – 60 years Every 2 years –more often if youhave eye concerns61+ years Every yearSource: American Optometric Associationsuccess stories“My vision is actually getting better... my doctorcouldn’t believe it”“I’ve been a diabetic since 1953. I have diabetic reti-nopathy and macular edema. I’ve tried eye vitamins,which didn’t help. Then I tried TriVita VisionGuard.With prayer and VisionGuard, my vision is actuallygetting better. My doctor couldn’t believe it – hethought my eyesight would just get worse. I havecompared other vitamins to VisionGuard and TriVita’sproduct is more potent than the others. I’m sharingmy story so that it can help others!”– Mary M. Oak Creek, WITWO SOLUTIONS
  22. 22. 22 l March 2008For many of us, the short winter days and chilliertemperatures are an easy excuse for inactivity.But now that the days are getting warmer – andlonger – we’d like to inspire you to get movingagain. But take it easy at first! You should alwaysstretch to condition your muscles after a periodof inactivity.Stretching exerciseStretching exercise gives you more freedomof movement to do the things you need to doand like to do. Here are some simple tips tokeep in mind when you begin to stretch afteran exercise “hibernation.”• Always warm up before doing any stretching.Start out by doing a little bit of easy walkingand arm-pumping first. If you stretch coldmuscles, you could hurt yourself.• Stretching should never cause pain, especiallyjoint pain. If it does, you are stretching toofar, and you need to reduce the stretch so thatit doesn’t hurt.• Never “bounce” into a stretch: make slow,steady movements instead.• Avoid “locking” your joints into place whenyou straighten them during stretches. Yourarms and legs should be straight when youstretch them, but not locked tightly.• If you’ve had problems with your hips, checkwith your health care provider before doingany lower body exercises. You should alsoconsult with your health care provider ifyou have any concerns about your ability tohandle exercise.Great spring activitiesNow that you’re warmed up and feeling limberagain, here are several suggestions to get back intothe swing of things. Some are tried-and-true favor-ites, and some may be new additions to your routine.PilatesPilates is an innovative system of mind-bodyexercises that can dramatically transform theway your body looks, feels and performs. Pilatesteaches body awareness, good posture and easygraceful movement. It can improve flexibilityand agility. Pilates may even help ease back pain.Many local community centers, health clubs andYMCAs offer Pilates classes. You can also doPilates exercises at home.YogaYoga exercises improve circulation, stimulatethe abdominal organs and improve glandfunction. Yoga stretching helps tone yourmuscles and exercises your spine and entireskeletal system. It’s also a great way to combinethe benefits of breathing, muscle relaxationand meditation while toning and stretchingthe muscles. Health benefits include stressreduction, improved balance and increasedflexibility. A bonus: yoga doesn’t require anyspecial equipment or clothing.GardeningGardening is a great way to enjoy the pleas-ant spring days at a leisurely pace. Every timeyou turn a trowel or reach to pull a weed, you’restretching. Why not add healthy, homegrowneating to this activity? Plant your own saladwith leaf lettuce, oregano, tomatoes, parsleyand chives.FishingFishing continues to be a favorite NorthAmerican pastime. Now that ice has meltedon most lakes and streams find out just howrelaxing it is. Enjoy being outside on a sunnyspring day, drinking a refreshing beveragefrom the cooler and getting a fishing line wet.Whether or not you catch anything, fishing isa great stress reliever.The Joys of golfWhy are so many golfers passionate abouttheir sport? Golf is a game that requires skill,mental alertness and etiquette. Golf is also asocial sport... just think about some of the greatconversations you’ve had with friends on the golfcourse. Golf is as much a mental sport as a physi-cal game. Above all, golf is a great excuse to visitsome of the most beautiful places in your owncommunity... or throughout the world.With all the joys that golfing can bring, it’sno wonder so many people love the sport. Ifyou haven’t tried golfing before, consider givingit a shot. Golf lessons are available at most golfcourses – or friends or family can help get youstarted. If you’re an experienced golfer, now isthe time to work on that handicap and takeyour game to a new level.Read on to find some golf-specific stretchingtips – especially useful if you haven’t been activefor a while.After a long layoff, easy ways to ease back into activityILIT Confrom the winter monthsILITILITIL Confrom the winter monthsShake off the rust
  23. 23. VITAJOURNAL l 231-800-991-7116Stretching - A year-long investmentin your golf gameAs you get older, the need to retain flexibility inorder to play good golf becomes more and moreimportant. Here are a few exercises that will helpyou accomplish that.• Begin by raising a golf club above your head.Gently lean over to the left as far as you cango. Repeat to the other side. Do these four orfive times, gently.• If holding the club on your shouldersis too difficult for you, put the golfclub into the small of your back andhook your arms around the club.• Then take the golf shaftacross your shoulders. Getinto your golf posture andgently twist until you havemade a full shoulder turn.Repeat to the other side.Remember to always maintainyour spine angle throughout.• For another exercise, take thepalm of your right hand andput it on the elbow of your left arm which isstretched out in front of you. Gently pull theright hand toward the right shoulder untilyou feel a gentle stretch. Do the same withthe other arm. Repeat this four or five times.• Finally sit on the ground with your right legcrossed over your outstretched left leg. Gentlypush the back of your left arm against theright knee until you feel a gentle stretch inyour lower back. Do this three or four times.Repeat this exercise with the other leg.Do not do any of these exercises if you haveserious back or health problems. If in doubt,please ask your health care provider.Feelyounger,bemoreactiveandincreaseflexibilitywithOptimaFlexCALL 1-800-991-7116 and help fight joint pain with OptimaFlex!• Helps your body reduceinflammation & pain• Helps increase jointhydration• Helps your body repairconnective tissueOptimaFlex –30ct Box #30580Non-Member $87.99Member $69.99Redeem with 700 VitaPointsOptimaFlex – 30 1-ScoopServing Tub #30590Non-Member $74.99Member $59.99Redeem with 600 VitaPointsFor more information on Optima products, go to optima4golf.comSUCCESS STORIES“I’ve been able to cut 4 or 5 strokes offmy game.”“I’ve been taking TriVita’s OptimaFlex and Optima4 beforeeach round of golf. One of my biggest challenges in the gamewas that I was inconsistent. I had trouble focusing – it waseasy to get distracted on the course. Optima4 really helps mefocus on my swing, and I’ve been able to cut 4 or 5 strokes offmy game. I take OptimaFlex because I’m 62 years old, havesome Arthritis, a stiff back and a stiff shoulder. I take a servingof OptimaFlex before each round to help loosen me up.”– DON V. PHOENIX, AZ“I can do more of the things I love to do.”“For years now I have been living with stiffness in my lower back, shoulders and knees.I love to garden and work on things around the house, so this has been a real challengefor me. My daughter introduced me to TriVita’s OptimaFlex about three months ago. WhenI take it, I find I can do more of the things I love to do. I even started an exercise program!”– ELAINE M. TEMPE, AZ“It helps me maintain my active schedulewith little or no pain.”“I am a very active 61-year-old man. During the wintermonths I work out five days a week, both with aerobicsand weights. I also help coach a girls’ varsity basketballteam and do all of my own snow clearing. During the othermonths I’m a groundskeeper at a golf course. I also coachsummer basketball and fall soccer. I have Arthritis, andtake OptimaFlex regularly... it helps me maintain my activeschedule with little or no pain. OptimaFlex is the mostsuccessful product I have used. Thanks TriVita!”– NEWMAN D. NEWBURY, NH
  24. 24. trivita.com24 l March 2008SeasonalAllergies:nothing to sneeze atLearn how simple lifestyle changescan reduce your allergy symptomsSpringtime is here! Flowers are blooming,the sun is shining and it’s great to be alive.But then... it begins.The sniffling.The sneezing.The itchy, watery eyes.The congestion.That’s right: allergy season is back! This year,don’t let allergies get the best of you; bymaking some simple lifestyle adjustments,spring can be something you look forward to,instead of something you dread.What are allergies?Allergies are your body’s response to a particu-lar allergen, or any substance that your bodyis sensitive to. When your body encountersthese allergens, it treats them like invaders andyour immune system kicks into gear. Your bodydevelops antibodies to fight them, which triggersthe release of histamines; histamines work towash out the allergen, causing the troublesomesymptoms you may be familiar with:• Sneezing• Runny nose• Itchy throat, eyes and nose• Congestion• Sinus pressure• Red, watery eyes• Dark circles under the eyes.Over time, these irritating symptoms canlead to inflammation and a higher risk forinfection. People who suffer from respiratoryallergies have an increased tendency for earinfections, sinus infections, sore throats,lung infections and bronchitis.Common allergensSome of the common allergens are seasonal,while others are present year round.• Pollen• Mold• Dust• Animal danderThe problem with pollenDuring different seasons of the year, plantsrelease pollen. Pollen is what plants use to repro-duce. It floats on the air and can travel longdistances. Pollen is responsible for many people’sallergies. Springtime allergies are often causedby tree pollen. Summer allergies can be causedby grass and weed pollen, and fall allergies areoften due to ragweed pollen.How to minimize your exposureNo matter how careful you are, you will stillnot be able to avoid all the pollen and otherallergens in the air. But don’t be discouraged!There are ways you can minimize your exposureto keep your symptoms in check:• During allergy season, many local newsstations will give pollen level reports. If thelevels are high, try to avoid going outdoorsif at all possible. If you do go out, wear apollen-filtering mask.• Use air conditioning in your house andcar; close doors and windows when pollencounts are high• Avoid going outdoors in the early morning;this is when pollen counts are highest• Take a shower before bed to wash offany pollen you may have picked upduring the day• Don’t line dry clothes or sheets; pollencan stick to them• Regularly replace airconditioner/heater filters.Year-round allergiesMany people suffer from more than seasonalallergies; they may be allergic to mold, dust,animal dander or any number of other things.While some of these allergens may be hardto avoid, there are steps you can take tohelp cut down on your exposure and theresulting symptoms.Mold – Mold is a fungusthat releases spores toreproduce. Like pollen,spores travel in theair. When inhaled,they can cause al-lergic reactions incertain people. Moldgrows in damp places such asbathrooms and basements and can also grow onrotting logs and in leaf and compost piles. Eventhough mold growth is sometimes out of yourcontrol, there are ways to help keep it undercontrol in your home:Some pollen-producing grassesSome pollen-producing trees• Timothy grass• Kentucky bluegrass• Johnson grass• Bermuda grass• Redtop grass• Orchard grass• Sweet vernal grass• Oak• Ash• Elm• Hickory• Pecan• Box elder• Mountain cedarSource: National Institute of Allergy andInfectious Diseases
  25. 25. continued on page 31Help Reduce Harmful InflammationCall 1-800-991-7116or visit us at trivita.comCall 1-800-991-7116or visit us at trivita.comand help nourish your heart, brain, skin, glands and joints• Reduces inflammation – helps clean upsinuses and reduce infection• Protect circulation – promote HDL(good cholesterol), and help lowertriglycerides and bad cholesterol• Help reduce pain – in joints andinflammation while increasing flexibilityTriVita uses only the highestquality essential fatty acidsfrom natural sourcesOmegaPrime™#30520Non-Member $22.99Member $17.99Redeem with 180 VitaPoints• Regularly clean your sinks andbathtubs with a bleach solution• Run your bathroom fan afterbathing to dry the air• Keep the humidity in your houselower than 50 percent; use adehumidifier if necessary• Keep windows closed at night whenthe concentration of spores is highest• Watch local newscasts for mold count; avoidoutdoor activity on high mold count days.• Don’t go outside after a rainstormor during damp weather• Immediately fix leaky pipesand groundwater.Dust – Many peopleare allergic to dust;dust contains manyallergens including dustmites – tiny creaturesthat live on dead skincells and other thingsfound in dust. Dust mites livein mattresses, carpeting and furniture.Here are some ways to help reduce yourexposure to dust:• Replace carpeting with an alternativefloor covering• Remove drapes and feather pillows• Wash bedding once a week in hotwater (at least 130°F)• Vacuum carpets and furniture regularly;make sure your vacuum has a HEPA(high-efficiency particulate air) filter• Use allergy proof covers on yourmattresses and pillows• Dust and mop frequently.Animal dander –Dog and catallergies can be prob-lematic when you havea much-loved pet.Take these steps tolimit animal dander inyour house:• Bathe your pets weekly• Don’t allow pets in your bedroom• Vacuum frequently with a HEPA filter-equipped vacuum• Replace carpeting and upholstered furniture.Pollen –During differentseasons of the year,plants such as trees,weeds and grassesrelease pollen grains:• Pollen is what plantsuse to reproduce; some use their own pollenwhile other plants must be cross-pollinated.• This means the pollen from one plant mustbe transferred to another.• This is done in two ways: it is carried byinsects or it travels on the wind. This wind-carried pollen can travel long distances –and can cause big problems when it getsinto human noses and throats.• It is responsible for many people’s allergies:springtime allergies are often caused by treepollen; summer allergies can be caused bygrass and weed pollen; and fall allergies areoften due to ragweed pollen.By reducing your exposure to allergens, you canhelp reduce allergy symptoms – and enjoy everyseason of the year! Please see page 6 to learnhow TriVita Sublingual B-12 can also help.VITAJOURNAL l 251-800-991-7116Many people turn to decongestantsand antihistamines during allergyseason. But these often have sideeffects such as sleepiness, whichcan make their use impractical.There are some natural aids thatyou can use to help minimize yoursymptoms without the unpleasantside effects. One of these is Perillaseed oil.Perilla seed oil is an essentialfatty acid (EFA) that helps reduceinflammation in your airways anddigestive tract. People with asthmaand allergies find that their symp-toms are less frequent and intensewith Perilla EFA. Sinus inflamma-tion is reduced and even stomachbloating common with allergies isreduced. Perilla seed oil is foundin TriVita OmegaPrime alongwith other healthy EFAs.Perilla seed oiland allergiesContainsPerillaseed oil
  26. 26. trivita.com26 l March 2008Allergies can hit your pocketbook hardDallas, TXRecent research indicated that the per patient cost to treat allergy conditions accounted for more than 10% oftotal yearly medical spending. Researchers did a retrospective claim analysis of 301,000 patients in a large managedcare database. They looked at one-year data for new patients who started treatment during 2004 and 2005. Allergicrhinitis accounted for approximately 12.6% of the total cost per patient. The study confirms that in terms of medi-cal care, “the burden of allergic rhinitis is high – and treatment costs can be significant.” Researchers also notedthat the condition is often not given the attention it deserves. It isn’t a top priority for many health care providers.Potbellies may indicate heart riskSan Diego, CAA new study finds that potbellies may be a big indicator of future heart disease. Researchers found a strongassociation between the potbelly, apple shape among a relatively young group of people and the buildup ofplaque in arteries. These findings were published in the August 21, 2007 issue of the Journal of the AmericanCollege of Cardiology.The American Heart Association has stated that more than 870,000 North Americans die from heart disease eachyear, making it the leading killer of men and women. Study results indicated that for both men and women, evensmall increases in waist-to-hip ratio translated into small but steady increases in calcium deposits. According toresearchers, abdominal fat also can trigger a chain of inflammatory activities that can cause plaque buildup andultimately heart disease.Researchers concluded that, “even small improvements in your body shape are going to benefit you, with theultimate goal of having the smallest waist relative to your hips.” They also suggested that health care advisorsfocus on central weight distribution rather than weight alone as a more precise way to identify at-risk patients.Too much computer time can lead to vision problemsCharlottesville, VAThere are very few households that don’t consider the family computer an essential appliance. More people arespending increasing amounts of time on the computer each day. Now, experts warn that all those hours spentonline can take a toll on your eyes.Studies have shown that eyestrain and other vision problems can occur in as many as nine out of 10 peoplewho use video display terminals at work. The most common problems are eyestrain, blurred vision, double vision,excessive tears, dry eyes and excessive blinking or squinting.Experts recommend taking frequent short breaks from the computer. During those breaks you should fix your eyeson a distant object to help refresh your vision. Other suggestions include:• Adjusting the brightness of the monitor to create an intensity that’s comfortable to the eyes.• Adjust the contrast between the characters on the monitor and the background.• Minimize reflected glare on the monitor by using window shades or curtains and dimmer switches on lights.You may also want to buy an anti-glare screen for the monitor.If you continue to have eye trouble during or after computer use, you should have a health care professionalexamine your eyes.The latest Scientific research that affects you, your health and your life.Research and focus
  27. 27. VITAJOURNAL l 27Stress Protection PackCombining nature’s most powerful stress-fighting nutrientsDon’t let stress rob you of your quality of life – protect yourself fromthe damages of stress with the Stress Protection Pack.Adaptogen 10 Plus helps your body balance itself when it’s understress. It’s antioxidant-rich and helps to neutralize damaging freeradicals that can hurt your immune system.Sublingual B-12, B-6 & Folic Acid supports brainand nervous system health; its sublingual deliverysystem ensures fast B vitamin absorption.Healthy Aging PackNutrients to strengthen your body’s ability to combat illnessTriVita’s Healthy Aging Pack gives you the essential nutrients youwill need to help combat changes that occur with age, like increasedinflammation and a weakened immune system.The B vitamins in Sublingual B-12, B-6 & Folic Acid help keepyour brain and nervous system healthy. Avoid becoming nutrientdeficient and low in energy with VitaDaily AM/PM. Non-AcidicVitamin C Tablets provide powerful immune protection.Help reduceinflammation inyour joints andthroughout our bodywith OmegaPrime.TriVita has bundled your favoritenutrient-rich products at fantastic savingsCONVENIENT1 MONTHSUPPLY!B-12 Flavors:• Original Berry• Cinnamon• Strawberry• Variety PackCONVENIENT1 MONTHSUPPLY!FREE CDFREE CDGet a FREE Healthy Aging Audiobook CDwhen you order the Healthy Aging Pack!(A $9.99 value!)FREE CDGet a FREE Stress Audiobook CD whenyou order the Stress Protection Pack!(A $9.99 value!)Stress Protection Pack™Non-Member $88.97Member $59.99Substitute HCY Guardfor B-12 and add $4.00#33161 Non-Member $93.97Member $63.99Healthy Aging Pack™Non-Member $104.96Member $72.99Substitute HCY Guardfor B-12 and add $4.00#32273 Non-Member $109.96Member $76.99Sublingual B-12, B-6 & Folic Acid supports brainand nervous system health; its sublingual deliverysystem ensures fast B vitamin absorption.B-12 Flavors:• Original Berry• Cinnamon• Strawberry• Variety PackBest ValueSAVE30%*Best ValueSAVE30%** Over individual non-member pricing* Over individual non-member pricing
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He offeredme some medication, but I didn’t even need it.Sublingual B-12 even helps with panic attacks.When I feel the anxiety coming on, I put a coupleof tablets under my tongue and it calms mywhole body down. I also use TriVita’s DigestiveComplex. I take the capsules three times a day.They really help combat bloating and gassiness!”– Georgia A. Belden, MS“I’ve been happy with everything I’vetried from TriVita.”“I’ve been taking TriVita’s VitaCal-Mag D forawhile. My latest bone density scan showed thatmy bone density is in the normal range. TriVita’sVitaCal-Mag D has definitely helped! I also thinkit has helped with my Restless Legs Syndrome, soI sleep easier at night.I have had chronic, constant pain, every day, so it’shard to keep going all day. I also tried TriVita’sTwo-Step Energy System and love it. With theEnergy System I can get up, do housework and goshopping... I can go, go, go! I can definitely feel itworking. 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It’s important that people know youmay not see results right away, but keep using itbecause it will work (that, plus prayers and faith).Sometimes it takes more time depending on howweak you are and what other medical issues youmight have. But it’s important that people takeaction. I love TriVita’s B-12!”– Melita S. New York, NYReal Stories from real peopleSee what Members just like you have to say about TriVita products!Go to page 16 to find outhow you can earn free productsby sharing your wellnessexperience with others.“ triglycerides were cut in half. I was thrilledwith the results, and so was my doctor.”“When I saw my doctor he said my cholesterol wasa little high and that he wanted me to take Lipitor.I did, and after 30-40 days I went in for a follow-uptest. My total cholesterol did go down, but so did thegood cholesterol, and my triglycerides didn’t changeat all. 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I take two ofthe weight loss capsules both in the morning andat night. I drink the shake for lunch. It keeps me fullfor three hours and helps me avoid overeating. I likehow there’s no ‘crash and burn’ experience, like you’dget from other shakes. I also like how my body ischanging... noticing a difference in my shape reallykeeps me motivated. My advice to others is: follow thesystem, but make it work for you, in your schedule.Drink the shakes when you need them. Also, eathealthy snacks and drink lots of water! I’m excited tohave reached my goal – my college weight!”– Lisa G. Lexington, KY
  29. 29. VITAJOURNAL l 291-800-991-7116What an eventful – and joyful – life Evelyn andDave have had! Although they’ve had manycrises in their lives, their strong religious convic-tions and devotion to each other have helpedthem along the way. They are also quick to creditTriVita, and their products, for helping themthrough some difficult times.Evelyn first heard about TriVita when she tunedinto an infomercial featuring her favorite minister– James Robison and his wife, Betty. The timingwas perfect. “I was starting to get real draggy andI needed energy. I believe strongly in the obisonsso I decided to give TriVita Sublingual B-12, B-6& Folic Acid a try,” says Evelyn. “I quickly noticeda difference in my mood and energy and I gotDave started on B-12. We’ve been taking TriVitaSublingual B-12 for many years and love what it’sdoing for us; I’m also taking Bone Builder. Ibelieve in taking good care of my body.”Yet, this couple’s story goes far beyond theirTriVita product experience. Their strong commit-ment to each other and their faith have helpedthem in the many times they have been tested…yet their Lord was always there to help themovercome those difficulties that could havedefeated other people.Evelyn met Dave in high school, and aftermarrying, they raised two children and fourfoster children. They also began a ministrytogether, Jubilee Living Word Ministries. Atfirst, they used their basement as a sanctuaryand in the summer had church out under thepine tress surrounding their home. After a shorttime, they purchased and renovated a buildingon 63 acres of land. Evelyn and Dave ministeredthere for 28 years until last year when tragedystruck and a malfunctioning heater causedthe church to burn down. They lost every-thing except their faith. No one should under-estimate Evelyn and Dave’s fortitude in theface of adversity.Unfortunately, the bad news didn’t end there.Just a month before the church fire, Dave wentfor a physical and his doctors discovered a verylarge hole in his heart. They were amazed thathe hadn’t suffered a Stroke, Heart Attack orbeen an invalid all his life.After observation, they sent him home to restto get ready for his surgery. The Lord again wasthere for him as that night Dave stood andwatched the church burn down. He knew thebuilding was not the church; the people were.“Our lives have come full circle,” Evelynnotes. They are once again using their houseas a church sanctuary, but Evelyn and Daveare moving ahead full-speed with plans torebuild their church on the site where theirold church burned. “It’s been really great howthe church has come together,” says Evelyn.“The new church will be the fulfillment ofGod’s vision and our dreams for Jubilee – anew beginning. I look forward to inviting allthe members of our community to thankthem for their support. We give credit to Jesusfor giving us the strength and faith to go on,”says Evelyn. At their age (Evelyn is 67 andDave is 70) many people would be planningfor their retirement. But not them. “We won’tretire when so many people need help. Godhas many plans for our acres!”Evelyn and Dave enjoynatural energy fromSublingual B-12Their strong faith and devotion to each other, alongwith Sublingual B-12, have helped them through manyups and downsMember Spotlightpine tress surrounding their home. After a shortMember SpotlightEvelyn&DaveYour TriVita purchase is backed by our 60-daymoney-back guarantee, no-questions-asked.T R I V I T A P R O M I S EGiftCard$25You could earn a $25 Gift Card when you share your TriVita success story!Would you like to shareyour story to help others?Send your success story or call us at1-800-693-4083. If we use yoursuccess story, we will send you a$25 GIFT CARD as a thank you.ThisGiftCardisgoodforanyTriVitaproductorservice.ThisGiftCardisnon-refundableandnotredeemableforcash.Thevalueofthiscardwillnotbereplacedifthecardislostorstolen.ThisGiftCardissubjecttolocal,governmentalandTriVitacurrentterms.