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Vita journal v0210


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Vita journal v0210

  2. 2. 10Essentialsfor health and wellnessGood health is a gift to be treasured andnurtured every day. TriVita joyfully sharesthese keys to helping you experiencewellness™: the 10 Essentials of physical,emotional and spiritual health. Physical 1. Breathe Deeply Let your lungs fill deep down, hold,then exhale toxins and stress. 2. Drink Water Nature’s best beverage not only answersthirst, but also enhances energy. 3. Sleep Peacefully Every body needs the rest and repairthat comes with a regular sleep routine. 4. Eat Nutritiously Feed both body and mind withhealthy, nourishing food for life. 5. Enjoy Activity Let an active lifestyle move you toimproved health and wellness in all ways.Emotional 6. Give and Receive Love Offer and accept the greatest gift, andyou can enhance your immune system. 7. Be Forgiving When you let go of old grudges, yourhands are open to accept feelings of peace. 8. Practice Gratitude A thankful heart releases stress, makingroom for greater happiness and health. 9. Develop Acceptance If you can’t change it, accept it and moveon. Worry will shrink, serenity will grow.Spiritual10. Develop a Relationship with God Nurture the spiritual aspect of your lifeto achieve complete well-being.Article from Michael Ellison continued on page 21...A healthy heart, a healthy lifeby Michael R. Ellison, CEO & Founder of TriVita, Inc.A healthy heart is the reflection of a healthy life. Many times when wethink of a healthy life we rightfully think of a lifestyle that is balancedwith a good diet, exercise and sleep. But seldom do you hear about therole relationships play in a healthy life. Medical science is learningmore and more about the link between relationships and heart health.In his new book, Love and Survival, the Scientific Basis for the Healing Power of Intimacy, Dr. DeanOrnish M.D. has much to say about the importance of relationships and their profound effectson our health.Mounting evidence suggests people without close, durable ties to family and friends are at high riskof everything from cancer and heart disease to ulcers and infections. In one California study, 4,700people were followed for 10 years and the people with the least amount of social contact died atthree times the rate as the others.Heart attack victims living alone die at twice the rate as those who live with others who care abouttheir well-being. We know behavior and attitude are greatly influenced by the community of peoplewe interact with, and without community, we are subject to depression and lack of motivation.When people are lonely, they are much more inclined to depression, which leads to lack of exerciseand poor eating habits. It also creates an environment of stress and worry.When stress hormones (adrenaline and cortisol) are released, they actually turn on the redemergency light in the body, equipping it to fight or flee. In most modern individuals, neither of theevents happen, and the excess of strong stress hormones creates a chemical imbalance and weakensthe organs, especially the heart.A relationship each of us can have is a spiritual relationship with God. He is a friend that stayscloser than a brother. That is why in our wellness essentials, we encourage everyone to developa relationship with God.There are other ways to create a companion relationship if a person is alone or lonely much of thetime. One of them is to live with a pet. My wife, Susan and I have been empty nesters for manyyears since our sons became adults, so we added a pet to our household. I travel frequently, so Susannow has a constant home companion. The joy a dog can bring is almost indescribable. It makeslittle sense, but we know that anytime we enter our home – whether away for a day or an hour –Pepper will greet us with whimpers of joy and a wagging tail. There are many ways to enhancethe relationships in life, and I encourage you to do so as it is good for your heart and your life.We print the 10 Essentials in every VitaJournal and catalog not because we need to fill space, butto remind us that wellness is not a destination you arrive at by treatment; it is a journey to beembraced and enhanced through practicing the 10 Essentials for Health and Wellness. They mayseem simple and basic, but when practiced daily, they are profound in their importance and impact.Obviously we know that diet and proper nutrients play a significant role in our heart health andalso a healthy life. I have found a very simple rule to help me when I think about food – as foodis a powerful force for good or for bad. Scott Conard, M.D., teaches that the power of food is like aThere are many ways to enhance the relationships in life, andI encourage you to do so as it is good for your heart and your life.  l  VITAJOURNAL
  3. 3. 4 C-Reactive Protein: the FinalAlarm for Heart DiseaseStop fanning the firesof inflammation.8 Take up the Torch of Wellnesswith the Nopalea™ WellnessChallengeA championship opportunityto be pain-free.9 More Incredible NopaleaWellness Challenge StoriesTake the Challenge andinspire others.11 Pump Up Your KnowledgeAbout CirculationHow your heart and bloodvessels help keep you healthy.13 Healthy Weight =Healthy HeartJust losing a few poundscan make a big difference.FEBRUARY2010Inside16 One Fuchsia BottleDramatically ChangedMelissa’s LifeThanks to Nopalea,her chronic skin conditionis finally under control.25 Christine’s C-ReactiveProtein Levels HaveNosedivedShe credits Nopalea for thisdramatic turnaround.30 It’s Easier than Everto Become an AffiliateMemberShare your productexperience for big rewards.ON MY MINDEDITOR’S NOTEEverywhere you look this month,you’ve probably seen red hearts,red roses and candy – actually youmay even have started seeing Valentine’s Dayparaphernalia as early as December! It alsowon’t take you long to figure out that hearthealth is the focus of this month’s VitaJournal.That’s why you’ll want to take advantage of thefeatured heart healthy products this month.Look for the heart icon for special savings.We are fortunate to have Dr. FaroukMookadam, a diagnostic cardiologistfrom Mayo Clinic to help educate us onC-Reactive Protein and the importance ofmeasuring the levels to determine how muchrunaway inflammation is in the body. Youcan read his informative article on pages 4-5.There are so many things we can do toprotect our hearts through our lifestyle, diet,exercise and supplementation. Just beforewe launched our breakthrough wellnessdrink, Sonoran Bloom™Nopalea™, therewere several employees who had blood workdone that tested for C-Reactive Proteinlevels. They did this BEFORE and thenagain AFTER taking high loading doses ofNopalea. The results were phenomenal, andseveral employees saw their inflammatorymarkers (CRP levels) go down significantlyand their kidney function improve.As Editor of TriVita publications, I hearcountless stories daily from our valuedMembers and Affiliate Members about howNopalea has improved the quality of theirlives and why they can’t wait to share theiramazing experiences and get others to takethe Nopalea Wellness Challenge. Pleasecontinue to share those stories, as yours couldbe the one that helps change someone else’slife! (Send your story to as important as the physical side of hearthealth is securing emotional and spiritualheart health. You’ve probably heard thephrase “guard your heart” in the spiritualOn My Mind is continued on page 21...The information in this VitaJournal may contain errors or inaccuracies. We reserve the rightto change prices, selections, update information and limit quantities without prior notice.Get your heart pumping10February 2010  l  3TheconnectionbetweenCoQ-10 and Statins19
  4. 4. Stop fanning the fires of inflammation starting todayBy Farouk Mookadam, M.D., M.B., Ch.BAcommoncause of deathduring thehurricane season isthat many peopleignore advancehurricane warnings.The same goes for people who ignorea building fire alarm when it goes off.A common cause of death amongpeople in North America is that theyignore the disease alarms our bodysends us until it is too late. What arethe warning signs a body uses tocommunicate its distress? They arevery common… and you may beexperiencing them right now.The dangers of high CRPOften, the “final straw” in the process ofheart disease leading to death is runawayinflammation. We measure inflammation in theblood vessels by a simple test called Cardio-CRPor High Sensitivity CRP. C-Reactive Protein is amarker for inflammation in our body – especiallyin our blood vessels. We always have a littleCRP in our bloodstream because we always havea little inflammation.A high level of C-Reactive Protein tells us thatthe fire in the arteries is blazing out of control. Italso lets us know that we are in danger of losingour lives if we do not take immediate action.We must not ignore high CRP in our blood testbecause it means we are in imminent danger.If we want to live, we simply must take steps toreduce our level of inflammation.Don’t ignore early warningsMany people ignore the warning signsof inflammation for many years before aheart attack or stroke. It often begins withincreased body weight and reduced HDL“good” cholesterol. These are both ominoussigns because they indicate that we are in alosing battle with inflammation. Further, thetriglyceride levels in our blood may increasealong with higher amounts of glucose (bloodsugar). Cholesterol and blood pressure oftenrise together, and our stomach keeps gettingbigger and bigger.Obesity is an inflammatory process. It maybegin with simply eating too much – especiallytoo much sugar. Overeating causes blood sugarlevels to spike; high blood sugar demands highlevels of insulin in response. This occurs over aperiod of time and not just as a result of a singlemeal. High levels of insulin trigger inflammationwhich in turn causes damage and your bodyreleases CRP. This is the final warning that yourbody is unable to cope any longer. What oftenresults is a heart attack or stroke. It’s a highprice to pay for ignoring the early warning signsof inflammation: higher body weight andlower HDL.Metabolic syndromeThe process I just described is a simplified lookinto a disorder called metabolic syndrome. Wehave been gathering knowledge of this emergingpattern of symptoms for decades now. Metabolicsyndrome ends in heart attack, stroke, cancerand other deadly disorders of inflammation. Butit begins in simply making bad choices and thenpracticing bad habits until they destroy us.One cause of metabolic syndrome is stress.This is the process where our energy reservesdo not meet our energy demands. The energydeficit triggers an emergency fight-or-flightresponse and adrenaline is released. The rushDr. Farouk MookadamC-REACTIVEPROTEIN (CRP):OFTEN THE“FINAL ALARM”FOR HEARTDISEASEVitaJournal Exclusive!4  l  VITAJOURNAL
  5. 5. of adrenaline requires the liver to release sugarsand the pancreas to release insulin. High levelsof insulin trigger inflammation, which causesdamage and your body releases CRP.Another trigger for metabolic syndrome is toolittle sleep. During sleep, your body releasesimportant hormones that help you heal fromthe wear and tear of the day. Two importanthormones released when we sleep are leptinand ghrelin. Leptin reduces our appetite andincreases our metabolism. Ghrelin increases ourappetite and reduces our metabolism.Leptin is released when we sleep. Ghrelin isreleased when we are awake. Both are governedby sleep; but only Leptin is released duringsleep. More sleep equals more Leptin which canresult in higher metabolism and lower appetite.Less sleep equals more ghrelin, which resultsin increased appetite, reduced metabolism andhigher CRP.exercise helpsAnother preventable cause of inflammationfrom the metabolic syndrome is a sedentarylifestyle. Our body is made to move. Medicalscience tells us that people with good exercisehabits have lower levels of CRP and lowerdisease risk. Most experts recommend 30minutes of aerobic activity every day. Culturesthat move more weigh less and have a lowerrisk of disease.For example, the Pima people of the SonoranDesert spend more than two hours daily insome form of activity requiring movement:walking, running, lifting and carrying heavyweight. They have a very low incidence ofinflammatory disease and a very long,healthy life.easy methods to lower CRPBenjamin Franklin once said that “an ounceof prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Withtwo-thirds of the people in North Americabeing overweight or obese, it is now timefor both protection and wellness. Obesityis an early warning sign of inflammation.Inflammation damages our blood vessels andthey release CRP in response. High levels ofCRP in the blood mean that we’ve been giventhe final warning: If we are to survive we musttake steps to help reduce inflammation now!Eating an abundance of fresh fruits andvegetables can significantly reduce CRP. Thebioflavonoids Quercetin and Kaempferol fromapples, onions and prickly pear fruits from theNopal cactus also reduce CRP. Prickly pearfruits reduce inflammation and stickiness in theblood vessels as well. Omega-3 essential fattyacids, Co-Enzyme Q-10 and dark chocolateall contribute to increased HDL “good”cholesterol and reduced CRP.Heed the warning: Keep strict watch on yourweight, blood pressure, HDL and blood glucoselevels. These are the early warning signs.Practice one or more of the proven strategies tokeep your CRP low. By reducing inflammationyou will reduce your chances for disease andincrease your chances for a long, healthy life.Dr. Mookadam is currently a diagnostic cardiologist andAssociate Professor of Medicine at the Mayo Clinic inScottsdale, Arizona. He is a fellow of the American Collegeof Cardiology and has made many professional cardiaccare presentations throughout the world.Nopalea,abreakthroughinwellnessdrinksTry this delicious wellness drink, with an exclusive blend of rareantioxidants called Betalains and other healthful nutrients.A daily dose of Nopalea can help your body:Nopalea™#30710Non-Member $49.99Member $39.99Nopalea™4 bottle pack#33400Non-Member $199.96Member $139.99• Lessen inflammationwhich causes pain• Cleanse itselfof daily toxins• Promote optimal healthright down to your cells• Protect againstpremature agingDrink it and thrive!Call toll-free to order 1-800-991-7116.
  6. 6. 6  l  VITAJOURNAL trivita.comHow to lower homocysteine –and your disease riskBrazos MinshewTriVita’s Chief Science Offi  cerHomocysteine (HCY) has beenstudied in medicine “behindthe scenes” for more than 40years. Here is what we have found:Excessive levels of HCY have beenlinked to many serious conditions,from heart attacks and stroke, toosteoporosis and Alzheimer’s disease.We know that low homocysteineequals a low risk of disease. We alsoknow that TriVita’s HCY Guard mayhelp your body reduce homocysteine35% in just six weeks for most people.How does this affect you?Prevention is the keyFirst, I’d like for you to think about the Titanic,a cruise liner that sank after hitting an icebergin 1912. Imagine what would have happenedif the captain of that ship changed his coursethe day before the icebergs appeared in theirpath. Would the outcome have been different?Imagine if he had changed his course two daysbefore the disaster. Would the outcome havebeen even better?My point is this: The earlier you change yourcourse with respect to your health, the betteryour chances for a healthy life! If you reduceyour HCY levels earlier in life you also mayreduce your chances of getting a homocysteine-related disease.According to a very famous medical studycalled “NHANES,” the risk of disease went upas the HCY levels went up. Diet and lifestyleefforts were able to keep HCY and disease risklow in most people.Another very famous study of HCY called“VISP” added the nutrients found in TriVita’sHCY Guard to a lifestyle program and foundthat nutrient supplements could help peopleavoid illness if they started taking them earlyin life and consistently over time.Other studies have shown, however, that if youadhere to a healthy lifestyle, even after a heartattack or stroke you may improve your condition.However, long-term health benefits accrue onlyto those who start a healthy life-course earlyand remain consistent. Sadly, many people withadvanced heart disease wait until they are “tooclose to the iceberg.” For them, it is often toolittle, too late.Still, 40 years of medical research tells us thatchanging the course of our health journeyearlier (before a serious health crisis occurs)will result in a healthier life.How HCy killsHomocysteine is a fraction of protein like asliver of broken glass. When it gets into yourbloodstream in high concentrations it slicesthe delicate lining of your blood vessels.When the tissues supplied by these bloodvessels lose circulation, they will die. If thishappens in your heart it is called a heart attack.If it happens in your brain it is called astroke – some doctors even prefer the term“brain attack.”By Brazos MinshewHCY Guard Update“We know that low homocysteineequals a low risk of disease. We alsoknow that TriVita’s HCY Guard mayhelp your body reduce homocysteine.”
  7. 7. Call toll-free to order1-800-991-7116.• HCY Guard has been clinicallyproven to lower dangeroushomocysteine levels 30-40%in just 42 days.• Taken daily, HCY Guard ensuresthat you continue to maintainhealthy homocysteine levels.• HCY Guard has an exclusive blendof nutrients, specifically chosenfor their ability to protect againsthomocysteine escaping into yourbloodstream.HCY Guard®#30460Non-Member $29.99Member $3.99Redeem with 240 VitaPointsBuy oneHCY Guardget second one50% OFFgood through 2-28-10“I have done very well on the HCY Guard and like the way it makes me feel.”“I first started taking B-12 in the 1980s but switched to TriVita’s Sublingual B-12. However, due toa genetic condition which causes me to have holes in my heart, I decided to switch over to TriVita’sHCY Guard. I had whiplash from two car accidents, I have arthritis and I really want to do all I can tohelp protect against a stroke, so that is why I felt this product was right for me. Heart problems runin my family, and my husband also has heart problems. I take one every morning and a second onein the afternoon. I have done very well on the HCY Guard and like the way it makes me feel.In addition, I’m also taking Adaptogen 10 Plus which really helps with stress; both products combinedseem to calm down my heartbeat and give me a good night’s sleep. I’m 79 years old and do nottake any prescription medications; I only take supplements. I just signed up to be an Affiliate Memberin order to help others. In fact, my son and daughter are taking TriVita supplements, and I just senta variety of TriVita products to my granddaughter and her husband.”NORMA S., affiliate MeMBer – cheroKee Village, gaArteries damaged by homocysteine may spasmunder stress. This happens even without highcholesterol. In fact, fully half of all men andwomen who suffer strokes and heart attackshave normal cholesterol levels!How TriVita’s HCy Guard helpsBasic nutrients from a healthy diet improveHCY levels in the bloodstream. TriVita’sHCY Guard contains specific nutrients, such asVitamin B-12, B-6, folic acid and biotin, whichfurther help to reduce HCY levels and thedestruction HCY causes to your bones, bloodvessels and heart, as well as your delicatebrain cells.Additional nutrients in HCY Guard suchas Choline, Inositol, CoEnzyme Q-10 andDimethylglycine keep the HCY levels downover time. The protein Methionine promotesa healthy HCY cycle, and other proteinssuch as Lysine, Taurine and Cysteine removeroadblocks to healthy HCY elimination.These roadblocks may include lead, mercuryand other toxins.In 2004 we undertook a study of HCY Guard,a supplement for aggressively reducinghomocysteine. Our research partner in thisstudy was Mark Mattie, MD, PhD of BridgeportUniversity and Yale University. The resultsof our study demonstrated that the completeingredients found in HCY Guard helped thebody reduce homocysteine an incredible 35%!Imagine what this means for your health.A 35% reduction in high homocysteine isunprecedented in medical literature. Withthis kind of reduction in HCY, we hope to seemany people saved from the devastation ofstroke, cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis andAlzheimer’s disease.What is the ideal HCy level?The importance of healthy livingBut remember, HCY Guard is protection, nottreatment. Health only comes from healthyliving. As captain of your ship, you simplycannot afford to wait until you “see icebergs”to change the course of your health.Have your homocysteine levels testedfrequently. If they are low, keep them low withTriVita’s Sublingual B-12 (see back cover). Ifthey are too high, help reduce them by takingHCY Guard, the only supplement proven inuniversity studies to help reduce HCYby 35%!SUCCESS STORIESHeart HealthySavings!HelpreducetheriskofdegenerativediseasesbytakingHCYGuarddaily1-800-991-7116 February 2010  l  7
  8. 8. 8  l  VITAJOURNAL trivita.comTake up the torch of wellness withthe Nopalea™ Wellness ChallengeWhile the Olympic torchblazes over the Vancouver2010 Winter Games thismonth, you can take up your owntorch of wellness with the NopaleaWellness Challenge.Nopalea is the astonishing wellnessdrink that has helped so many getrelief from the damaging effectsof chronic inflammation. If youhaven’t tried it yet, consider theseimportant questions:• Do you deal with pain on a constant basis?• Does anyone in your family or groupof friends complain of chronic pain?• Do you, or anyone you know, have allergy-related breathing problems?• Are you concerned about premature aging?• Are daily toxins wreaking havoc on your body?These symptoms can all be linked to chronicinflammation – precisely the problem thatNopalea was developed to help address.Put out the “fire”of inflammationIf you haven’t yet tried Nopalea for yourself,now is the perfect time. The Nopalea WellnessChallenge was created to show the power ofNopalea in helping the body reduce chronicinflammation quickly. One of the most excitingingredients in Nopalea is Betalains, a rare andpotent class of natural antioxidants. They’refound in only a few of the world’s plants,including the Nopal cactus. The Nopal fruit,from which Nopalea is made, contains one of thehighest amounts of Betalains in all of nature.That’s why taking a “Nopalea Loading Dose”can help put out the “fire” of inflammation inour bodies. Here’s how the Challenge works:• Take 3-6 ounces of Nopalea everyday, until your bottle is empty.• Fill out the Nopalea ChallengeForm, which will be included inyour order, to track your progressduring the Challenge.• Read The Secret Killer HealthAlert, which will be includedin your shipment.• Experience wellness®for yourself.That’s it! In just four easy steps, you could takeadvantage of a championship opportunity toenjoy better health. BONUS: After you’ve takenthe Challenge, you can receive a free $25 TriVitaGift Card plus a Nopalea T-shirt (a $14.99value), just for sharing your success story withTriVita. Just call 1-800-693-4083 to tell us yourstory or email us at The Secret Killerfor a reasonWhen you start your Challenge, be sure toread The Secret Killer Health Alert. You’llfind out about chronic inflammation – whathappens when our bodies get “stuck” indefense mode against injury or infection– and how this kind of inflammation is onthe increase. The Secret Killer details the sadresults: chronic pain, discomfort and poorhealth that may lead to serious disease.If you’re not sure whether Nopalea couldimprove the quality of your life, just reviewthese questions, and see if you recognizeyour own health issues, or those of familyor friends:Does this sound like you?• Do you suffer from chronic pain anywherein your body? Has it been going on for weeks,months or even years?• Do you routinely get low on energy duringany part of the day?• Do you have trouble sleeping at night?• Do you have allergy-relatedbreathing problems?• Do you fear not doing enough to protectyour body against all the toxins in today’sworld (air, food, water, etc.)?If you answered “yes” to any of thesequestions, you need to take the NopaleaWellness Challenge, and give yourself thebenefits that have helped so many others.To order Nopalea, see page 5.Achampionshipopportunitytobepain-freeOne MillionNopalea WellnessChallengeHelp one million people takeup the torch of wellness!That’s TriVita’s goal and we needyour help. Take the Nopalea WellnessChallenge yourself… and encourageothers to do so, too. Imagine what animpact we’ll have together, touchingthe lives of one million people! We’re soconfident in what we’re hearing frompeople who have taken the Challengethat we’re raising the bar: we want totouch not just hundreds of thousandsof lives, but one million! We believethat we can achieve this importantgoal together.Stories pour in to TriVita daily of thosewho have taken the Challenge andare now pain-free or experiencingother wonderful benefits from thislife-changing product. Please continueto share these stories. Send them or call1-800-693-4083.
  9. 9. 1-800-991-7116 February 2010  l  “Since Nopalea my C-ReactiveProtein level has gone down to justbarely over zero – one full point.”“I am in my late 40s and amtrying to take better careof my health. I had a verystiff neck that caused a lotof pain and affected myrange of motion. Within fivedays of starting the NopaleaChallenge, I noticed thatmy range of motion was improving. I also sufferfrom seasonal allergies, which cause puffinessaround my eyes and my face. After a short time onNopalea, people commented on how healthy myskin looked. This delicious drink also helped withmy allergy symptoms. I had blood work done aspart of my regular physical and, as usual, I alwaysget a C-Reactive Protein (CRP) test. Last time itwas 1.3, but since Nopalea my CRP level has gonedown to just barely over zero – one full point.By drinking Nopalea, I know I am helping mybody reduce inflammation.”Paige C., Affiliate Member – Belleair Bluffs, FL“Thanks to Nopalea for thesefantastic results.”“After taking Nopalea, I got my cholesterol testback. My doctor was thrilled by the results. It’s alldue to Nopalea because I haven’t done anythingdifferent but take 3-4 ounces of Nopalea per day.My HDL (good cholesterol) went from 88 to 126.My LDL (bad cholesterol) went down from 166 to138. My ratio improved from 1.9 to 1.1. Also, myblood pressure is down from 125 over 85 to 115over 70. Again, thanks to TriVita and Nopalea forthese fantastic results.”Linda W., Affiliate Member – Charlotte, NC“I am over 80 years old, and I feelgood and have lots of energythanks to Nopalea.”“After a lifetime of normal blood pressure, it startedgoing crazy around April 2008. My doctor tookmy blood pressure and sent me directly to theEmergency Room. I was shocked by this suddendevelopment. They kept me overnight and tooktests but couldn’t find anything specifically wrong. Iwent to a specialist who put me on lots of differentblood pressure medications. They did nothingbut make me sick. My doctor put me on anothermedication that didn’t make me sick, but alsodidn’t help with my blood pressure. Then, in June2009 I started taking Nopalea. The last time I visitedmy doctor he took my blood pressure and he saidit looked real good. All I’ve done differently is takethe Nopalea. I am over 80 years old, and I feel goodand have lots of energy thanks to Nopalea.*”Catherine J., Affiliate Member – Phoenix, AZ“Better yet, her high blood pressurecame down significantly.”“My mom has chronic painand arthritis and I told hershe should try Nopalea. Shehas had two surgeries on herspine and a plate put in herneck. My mom’s conditionwas so severe that she wastaking morphine and othervery strong pain killers. After drinking Nopalea fora couple of weeks, I asked my mom how she wasdoing. She said she was feeling good and the painhad gone from her legs, enabling her to sleep allnight long. A few weeks later she told me that shehad a boost in energy and felt great because shewas sleeping all night long. She also noticed thatNopalea helped her body reduce inflammationand pain. Better yet, her high blood pressure camedown significantly. She was also excited to tell methat the age spots on her face were fading, whichwas very important to her. So now mom has beendrinking Nopalea for about three months and hassignificantly reduced her pain medication. Herenergy level is the best it has been in 15 years.*”James S., Affiliate Member – Des Moines, IAMoreincrediblesuccessstoriesfromtheNopaleaWellnessChallengeWe invite you to take the Challenge –and write your own story to inspire others*You should not stop taking any medication withoutfirst consulting with your healthcare provider.TriVita retains exclusive rights to submitted stories,including the right to edit as needed.Send your own NopaleaWellness Challenge story tostory@trivita.comorcall 1-800-693-4083.
  10. 10. 10  l  VITAJOURNAL trivita.comGet your heart pumping!Aerobic exercise for a healthy heartAerobic exercise is defined as any activity thatincreases your need for oxygen. It strengthensyour heart by increasing your heart rate andforcing your body to breathe harder (whichoxygenates the blood being pumped out ofyour heart). Aerobic exercise can also help:• The heart work more efficiently• Lower blood pressure• Reduce triglyceride levels• Boost healthy cholesterol• Reduce resting heart rate• Improve circulation• Build enduranceAdditionally, it can help lower your risk of:• Early death• Heart disease• Stroke• Type 2 diabetes• High blood pressure• Metabolic syndromeHow much should you do?The U.S. Department of Health andHuman Services’ 2008 Physical ActivityGuidelines for Americans lists the followingrecommendations for adults:• If you choose activities at a moderatelevel, do at least 2.5 hours a week.• If you choose vigorous activities, do atleast 1.25 hours a week.These are minimum recommendations; itis suggested you aim for twice the amountof exercise listed above. You will want togradually increase your activity, but don’toverdo it! And remember, before beginningany exercise program, be sure to consult yourhealthcare provider.How hard should you work?Forget the old adage, “no pain, no gain.” Painis actually your body’s way of telling you totake it easy. One way to determine the properexertion level is your target heart rate. Tocalculate your target heart rate:1. Find your maximum heart rate:220 – ______=_____beats per minute (bpm)(your age)2. Choose your intensity level:• Moderate intensity: 50 to 70% of yourmaximum heart rate• Vigorous intensity: 70 to 85% of yourmaximum heart rate3. determine your target heart rate bymultiplying your maximum heart rate by yourdesired intensity level. The calculations belowreflect the target heart rates for a 50-year-old.220 – 50= 170 bpm50% level: 170 x 0.50=85 bpm70% level: 170 x 0.70=119 bpm85% level: 170 x 0.85=144.5 bpmHowever, if you ever feel like you’reoverexerting yourself, take it down a notch.What should you do?Don’t know which exercises fall undermoderate versus vigorous? Try any of thefollowing exercises recommended by the U.S.Department of Health and Human Services:Moderate Activities• Ballroom and line dancing• Biking on level ground or with few hills• Canoeing• General gardening(raking, trimming shrubs)• Sports where you catch and throw(baseball, softball, volleyball)• Tennis (doubles)• Walking briskly• Water aerobicsVigorous Activities• Aerobic dance• Biking faster than 10 miles per hour• Fast dancing• Heavy gardening (digging, hoeing)• Hiking uphill• Jumping rope• Martial arts• Race walking, jogging or running• Sports with a lot of running(basketball, hockey, soccer)Benefits you can feelAlthough you may not necessarily feel thebenefits to your heart, after a while you willnotice that you can go up that flight of stairsand not be out of breath at the top. You’llhave more energy and feel less tired at theend of the day. The more you do, the moreenergy you will have. And that means you’llbe better equipped to enjoy life. So, get yourheart pumping today!Nourish your heart, brain, skin, jointsand glands with Essential Fatty Acids!OmegaPrime®: Your PRIME source for Essential Fatty AcidsPremier blend of Essential Fatty Acids from four sources –fish, flaxseed, evening primrose and perilla seed oilsRight balance of Omega-3s and Omega-6sInflammation-fighting formulaMercury/contaminant-free fish oilEvening primrose and perilla seed oils – the most potent EFAs for inflammationGive your body the support it needs with TriVita OmegaPrime!OmegaPrime®#30520Non-Member $24.99Member $19.99Redeem with 200 VitaPointsBuy Oneget second one50% OFFgood through 2-28-10Heart HealthySavings!
  11. 11. 1-800-991-7116 February 2010  l  11CirculationEducationHow your heart and blood vesselshelp keep you pumpingThis special feature is part of the VitaJournal’smulti-part series on the major systems of the body.Body Systems 101–Part1Our life’s blood is exactlythat: vital to our lives,and certainly to ourhealth. Keeping that bloodcirculating throughout our bodiesis the important work done bythe circulation system. It needsnutrients and nourishment tokeep it going.First, a look at just what’sinvolved in this amazing bodysystem ruled by the heart and theblood vessels.The heart. This remarkable organ beats foran entire lifetime without stopping for a break.With every heart beat, about a third of a cup ofoxygen-rich blood is pumped out to your body.The human body contains about five quarts ofblood that is circulated and re-circulated overand over. Every day, your heart pumps some2,000 gallons of blood to supply oxygen andnutrients, remove waste and fight infection.Arteries. Arteries are blood vessels that carryblood away from your heart. Healthy arteriesare strong and elastic. They become narrowbetween beats of the heart, and they help keepyour blood pressure consistent. This helpsblood circulate efficiently through your body.Arteries branch into smaller blood vessels calledarterioles (ar-TEER-e-ols). Arteries and arterioleshave strong, flexible walls that allow them toadjust the amount and rate of blood flowingto various parts of your body.Veins. Veins, like the pulmonary veins in yourlungs, are blood vessels that carry blood to yourheart. Veins have thinner walls than arteries.Veins can widen as the amount of blood passingthrough them increases.Capillaries. Capillaries are very small bloodvessels that connect arteries and veins. This iswhere oxygen, nutrients, and waste pass betweenyour blood and parts of your body. Unlike arteriesand veins, capillary walls are thin enough thatoxygen and nutrients in your blood can passthrough the walls to the parts of your body thatneed them to work normally. And, waste likecarbon dioxide can pass from organs and tissuesto the blood, where it’s taken away to your lungs.Pulmonary circulation. This is the move-ment of blood from the heart to the lungs andback to the heart again. Pulmonary circulationincludes both artery and vein circulation.Guard against inflammation,supplement wisely. Good health requiresgood circulation, and that means doing all youcan to support your circulatory system.Many nutrients protect your heart andcirculatory system. Some, like CoEnzyme Q-10,are specific for heart health. CoQ-10 providesenergy so your heart can beat efficiently withoutstruggling. It works well with plants liketurmeric and vitamins like B-12 to help yourbody reduce inflammation in your heart.Inflammation in the heart causes high levels ofC-Reactive Protein, or CRP (see story on pages4-5 for more details on this important healthissue). Reducing inflammation, of course, wasone of the major reasons that TriVita developedNopalea™, the astonishing wellness drink thatis helping so many people. See page 5 for detailson how Nopalea might benefit you, too.Another important factor for heart health isVitamin B-12: your heart needs this and otherspecial nutrients to help your body reducehomocysteine, a toxic protein that shreds theinside of your blood vessels.Finally, healthy lipids (good fats) are also keyto a healthy heart. These include Vitamin E,Omega-3 fatty acids, and plants such as garlic.With so much of life depending on a healthyheart and circulation system, be sure togive them all the support you can: eat right,enjoy physical activity, and take qualityTriVita supplements.
  12. 12. 12  l  VITAJOURNAL trivita.comThe Ever-Changing Stir-FryEasy Quinoa with Veggie orChicken SoupTasty, easy and fast:mealideastoloveBy Christa Orecchio, Clinical Nutritionist and Holistic Health CounselorChickpea Salad over Leafy GreensTake ½ can organic garbanzo beans (or white,navy, black beans, etc.) and mix with a fewtablespoons of salsa (the flavored ones aregreat, too) and apple cider vinegar. Add saltand pepper to taste. Add in chopped celery,carrots and string beans if you have them.Serve over fresh spinach/kale/chard/collardgreens (rip leaves off the stems). Put theleaves in a steamer or pot with ½ inch waterand steam for a few minutes until color turnsbrighter. Season greens with lemon pepperand salt. You can serve with a side of brownrice pasta.Tips to remember:• When you have a good variety of sauces,salsas, dips, salad dressings and spices onhand, any simple food can come to lifeover and over again in new tasty ways.Thekey is to always have these things stocked.• Tomato/pasta sauce makes everythingtaste good.• Don’t combine too much. Simplicitywill keep you feeling lighter and optimizedigestion throughout the night.• How will you have your veggies? Decideif you want to keep fresh or frozen in thehouse and always have them around. If you lovedeliciousmeals,but don’t lovehunting downspecialtyingredients, trythese easy recipeideas. Each one can be ready inless than 15 minutes – when youkeep some basic ingredients onhand from your local grocery store.Even better: these meals are healthy and low incalories. To cut more calories, keep the proportionof veggies to any other ingredient to half-half. Andto cut prep time, you can use frozen food choices(but remember that fresh is always best.)The “extras” sections are special ingredients that youmay not have on hand as part of your basic stockedkitchen, but why not start keeping them on handfor extra taste and interest? To keep things quickand easy, I haven’t specified quantities for manyingredients: improvise!Christa OrecchioExtras: Chicken, chicken sausage(organic free range), shrimp (wild)Place a combo of any of the followingin a skillet with 1 tablespoon coconut oil:• Thawed frozen veggies like corn/pea/carrot mixes, Brussels sprouts,broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, Asianstir fry blends (or use fresh)• Fresh onions, chopped• Chopped garlic from a jar(or chop your own, if you have time)• Chicken, chicken sausage or shrimp• Canned water chestnuts• Fresh baby bok choy (white and green parts)On medium-high heat, heat up garlic andonions until they are translucent. Next addchicken/shrimp for about 5 minutes beforeadding other veggies. Once all is cooked,flavor with sauces or spices below to taste.My favorites:• Tamari or shoyu(healthier versions of soy sauce)• Bottled salad dressings like miso-ginger,carrot, yogurt-dill, sesame-mushroom• Bottled teriyaki sauce(without added sugar)• Chinese 5 spice with jarred pickled ginger• Salt, pepper, garlic flakes and onion powder• Tomato sauce with lots of dried basilServe over a fist-sized portion of brown rice(Ask your local grocer if they sell alreadycooked brown rice)Extras: Hard-shelled blue corn tacos, guacamoleTake a hard-shelled blue corn taco and layer thebottom with organic canned black beans mixedwith salsa. Then layer with chopped romainelettuce, tomatoes and onions. Top with guacamole(store bought or homemade), more salsa and 1teaspoon 2% Greek yogurt (inplaceofsourcream).Pair with a large green salad.Fiesta TacosQuinoa is a nutty and nutritious grain thatcooks in about 12 minutes. Cook it using twocups of water to one cup of grain, and thenseason with spices/sauces of choice. For asimple and delicious flavor, sauté some onionsin a skillet for a few minutes with a touch ofolive oil. For extra sweetness add 1 tablespoondark agave nectar or honey; add to quinoa.For the soup, open a container of organicveggie or free-range chicken broth and put ina pot. Add in whatever fresh veggies you haveon hand. Add salt, pepper, garlic and a soupbouillon cube (no msg!). Bring to a boil andthen simmer. Add leftover canned beans ifyou have them. You can also put the quinoaright in there to make a one-pot meal.
  13. 13. Lose the Weight YouWant – in 3 Easy Steps!STEP 1:Fat burning capsules for“losing the bulge”Leanology®WeightLoss Capsules (180 ct.)#30615Non-Member $74.99Member $59.99Redeem with 600 VitaPointsSTEP 2:Tasty chews for snack replacementand appetite controlLeanology®Appetite ControlChews (60 soft chews)Flavor: Chocolate Mocha#30690Non-Member $37.99Member $9.99Redeem with 300 VitaPointsSTEP 3:Delicious shakes for low caloriemeal substitutionLeanology®Nutritional Shake(2 lbs – 30 servings)Flavors: Chocolate and VanillaNon-Member $68.99Member $54.99Redeem with 550 VitaPointsVALUE PACKThe Value Pack includes:• 1bottleofWeightLossCapsules• 1container(30servings)ofNutritionalShake(chooseflavor)• 2bags(1FREE)ofAppetiteControlChewsLeanology®3-Step Value PackMember $139.99Redeem with 1400 VitaPointsSAVE $34.97!OneFReeBag ofChewsThese days, most peopleknow that carrying extraweight can spell trouble forheart health. Add the continuingincrease in overweight and obesity,and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.According to recent statisticsin Circulation, the journal ofthe American Heart Association,fewer than 8% of Americans areconsidered at low risk for heartdisease! So how can you helpyourself be in the low risk category?First things first:how much is too much?Two common guidelines of overweight andobesity are waist circumference and body massindex (BMI). A waist larger than 40 inches formen and larger than 35 inches for women isconsidered high-risk.BMI takes your height and weight intoconsideration to determine if you areunderweight, normal, overweight or obese.Check the chart below to see where you stand.If you are in the overweight or obese category,you may want to consider making somelifestyle changes. The bottom line is this:carry around too much weight, and you carryaround some serious risks to your heart health.10 pounds can makea differenceIt may sound hard to believe but it’s true: Losingas little as 10 extra pounds can cut your risk ofdisease – even death. With so much at stake,why not take action today for lasting weight loss?The National Heart, Lung and Blood Instituteoffers these key reasons and recommendationsfor reaching a healthy weight:• To lower elevated blood pressure.• To lower elevated levels of totalcholesterol, LDL (“bad”) cholesterol, andtriglycerides, and to raise low levels ofHDL (“good”) cholesterol.• To lower elevated blood glucose levels.• Weight loss should be about one to twopounds per week for a period of six months;after that, base a weight loss plan on theamount of weight lost.• The combination of a reduced caloriediet and increased physical activity isrecommended since it produces weightloss that may also result in decreasesin abdominal fat and increases incardiorespiratory fitness.This may also be the perfect time to tryLeanology, the Smart Weight Loss System.Leanology Weight Loss Capsules can helpyou “lose the bulge,” the delicious NutritionalShakes are perfect as a low-calorie mealsubstitution, and the Leanology AppetiteControl Chews are a great snack substitute atonly 25 calories per chew.HEALTHYWEIGHT=HEALTHY HEART1-800-991-7116 February 2010  l  13Body Mass Index (BMI) ChartBMI is a measurement of body fat based on height and weight. The BMI chartis simply a guide and may be inaccurate for athletes or individuals with aboveaverage muscle mass.ResultUnderweight below18.5Normal 18.5–24.9Overweight 25–29.5Obese above30BMI = __________x 703 ÷ __________÷ __________= __________YourWeight(pounds) YourHeight(inches) YourHeight(inches) YourBMIRemember, a healthy weight equals a healthy heart!BMIformulaandchartadaptedfromtheNationalInstitutesofHealth.IfyourBMIputsyouintheoverweightorobesecategory,it’stimeforsomelifestylechanges.Consult with your healthcare provider before beginning any exercise program.
  14. 14. 14  l  VITAJOURNAL trivita.comBlack History MonthBlack History Month is anannual remembrance ofimportant people and eventsin the history of the African-American people. Both theUnited States and Canada observethis holiday during the monthof February. The remembranceoriginated in 1926 by historianCarter G. Woodson who chosethe second week of Februarybecause it marked the birthdaysof two Americans who greatlyinfluenced the lives and socialcondition of African Americans:former President Abraham Lincolnand abolitionist and former slaveFrederick Douglass.In addition to honoring achievements, BlackHistory Month is also an apt time to lookat some of the healthcare challenges thatface African-Americans specifically. Withawareness and preventive measures, thesechallenges can be better faced in the yearsto come. Happily, the rates for heart disease,breast cancer, infant mortality and teenagepregnancy are down for this group. However,African-Americans are still more likely todevelop cancer than other racial or ethnicgroups and AIDS and kidney disease remainmajor killers.It’s true for African-Americans and forall people: “An ounce of prevention isworth a pound of cure.” Seeing yourhealthcare provider regularly and gettingproper screenings reduce the health risksfor people of all ethnic backgrounds.At risk for several illnessesSeveral diseases and health issues continueto challenge African-Americans specifically:• African-Americans have a 50% higherprevalence of hypertension (high bloodpressure) than the overall population.• The diabetes-related death rate hasincreased for the total population andeven more so, for African-Americans.• African-Americans develop kidneyfailure about four times more frequentlythan Caucasians. Both high blood pressureand diabetes are the major culprits.• The elderly African-American populationstill lags behind the total elderly populationin immunization rates.• The rate of coronary artery disease amongAfrican-Americans has decreased in recentyears. However, because this group hashigher blood pressure than other ethnicgroups, the risk of coronary heart diseaseremains higher.Here’s how you can take control of yourhealthcare destiny – regardless of yourethnic background:• Make sure your healthcare provider discussesyour health with you and that you form apartnership to maintain your good health.• Looking for a healthcare provider? Studiesshow that healthcare providers with racialand ethnic background similar to theirpatients are more likely to have a partneringrelationship with their patients.• Don’t be passive. If you don’t understandor agree with your healthcare provider’srecommendations, then don’t be afraidto ask questions.• Follow the 10 Essentials for Healthand Wellness – found on page 2 of theVitaJournal. These rules for building healthallow every one of us to take advantage ofour genetic strengths.We all require the same things for health andhappiness, no matter where our ancestors camefrom. The “10 Essentials” are universal. Thesecherished guidelines apply to men and womeneverywhere in the world, regardless of theirethnic origin.A special time for African-Americans,a great time to address health challengesAfrican-Americans have a 50% higherprevalence of hypertension (high bloodpressure) than the overall population.
  15. 15. 1-800-991-7116 February 2010  l  15Self-esteem is an importantpart of total health andvibrant living, and helpsus function fully. If you’d like tobe healthier and more confidentmentally as well as physically,there are things you can do everyday to raise and maintain a strong,positive self-image.If your self-esteem could use a little work,mental health experts suggest the followingways to nurture yourself every day. You may bepracticing some of these techniques already, butthere are certainly some new ones you can try.10 ways to be good to yourselfDo something you enjoy. Make a list ofthings you enjoy doing, such as playingan instrument, working on a craft projector tending to plants. Then do somethingfrom that list every day. Add to the listanything new that you discover youenjoy doing.Get something done that you’ve beenputting off. Clean out that drawer. Washthat window. Pay that bill.Do things that use your special talents andabilities. Have a flair for baking, or singing,or fixing things? Then make yourself a pie,join a choir, or repair something fora friend.Wear clothes that make you feel goodabout yourself. If money for new clothes istight, scour the thrift shops, or get out thesewing machine and maybe discovera special talent.Reward yourself. Go ahead: take timeto listen to a CD, or take a bubble bath,or enjoy a walk. You deserve it.Be with “up” people who treat you well,around whom you feel good about yourself.Avoid those who treat you badly. Makeyour home a reflection of you. Whetheryou live in a single room or a large home,make it comfortable and attractive for you.If you share your home with others, reservesome space that is just for you – a placethat you can decorate any way you choose.Display items that appeal to you or thatremind you of your achievements or ofspecial times or people in your life.Make meals a special time. Turn off theTV and the computer. Set the table, evenif you are eating alone. Light a candle orput some flowers in the center of the table.Learn something new. Take a class orgo to a seminar. Many adult educationprograms are free or very inexpensive.Show kindness to someone. Smile ata person who looks sad. Chat a bitwith a store cashier. Take a meal toa friend who is sick. Volunteer for aworthy organization.Make it a point to treat yourself well everyday. Before you go to bed each night, writeabout how you treated yourself well duringthe day.DON’T FORGeT THeBODy BASICSBoosting your self-esteem meanstaking care of your physical self,too. So along with the “daily dozen”techniques on this page, practicethese body basics, as well:• eat healthy. Avoid junk foods(foods containing a lot of sugar,salt or fat). Eat lots of fresh fruitsand vegetables, whole grainsand lean meats, drink plenty ofwater, and be sure to use qualitynutritional supplements.• exercise. Physical activity isone of the most positive thingsyou can do for yourself. A dailywalk, bike ride, playing a sport,dancing… what do you like todo? Be sure to check with yourhealthcare professional beforebeginning or changing yourexercise habits.• Take time to groom yourself.Sometimes, the little things cando a lot to improve outlook andself-image. So, make sure thatalong with your daily bath orshower, you wash and combyour hair, trim your nails, brushand floss your teeth.12378109456Healthy ways to build yourself-esteemBecause you’reworth it!
  16. 16. 16  l  VITAJOURNAL trivita.comThanks to SonoranBloom™ Nopalea™,Melissa’s chronic skincondition is finallyunder controlOne fuchsia bottle dramaticallyimproved Melissa’s healthFrom the depths of despair, Melissa M. has finally found renewed joy in life. This Prescott,Arizona native has suffered for many years from a severe skin condition causing itchy and sorepatches of red skin. “I had it all over my body,” she explains. “It hurt and itched horribly andI was miserable with the pain and suffering.” This condition was especially bad on her scalpand she was afraid she would eventually lose all her hair. There were times whenit was difficult to lay her back on anything hard because it would hurt so bad, andher skin would actually crack and bleed. Even something as simple as handwashing became a painful ritual for Melissa.However, even worse than the physical pain was the emotional pain causedby thoughtless people. Melissa works in the food service industry and isvery much in the public eye. “It made me feel very self-conscious about myappearance,” Melissa recalls. “Although this skin condition is completelynon-contagious, people thought I was diseased and some even asked whatwas wrong with me. They often made very cruel comments, or asked ifI had been burned or in an accident. One lady gave me a very disgustedlook and acted like she was afraid to touch her food because she wasgoing to get whatever I had. I can’t begin to explain how distressingthose looks and comments were.” On the outside, people still saw Melissa’sbubbly, vivacious personality, but on the inside, she was really hurting.
  17. 17. 1-800-991-7116 February 2010  l  17Failed treatments led to heartbreakMelissa tried just about everything to get ridof her problem. She took steroids from age12 with little success. Plus, Melissa and herdoctors were concerned about the long-termside effects from these steroids. “They thin andage your skin,” Melissa notes. “They’re also badfor your inner health if you use too much. Yet,if I stopped using the steroids, the conditionwould come back with a vengeance.”She also unsuccessfully tried a variety ofover-the-counter treatments. Melissa wouldcontinually put on different ointments andcreams during the day, but nothing easedthe pain and unsightly spots. “I spent a lot ofmoney for nothing,” Melissa remembers. “Ifelt like I was running out of options and thatthere was no hope on the horizon.”A chance meeting led to nearmiraculous resultsJust when it seemed like Melissa would have toresign herself to a misery-filled life, good fortunestruck. One of the “regulars” at the restaurantshe worked at was Cody, a TriVita AffiliateMember. He could clearly see that Melissawas suffering and gently suggested that she tryNopalea for her skin condition. Naturally, afterall the failed “remedies,” she was skeptical. “Ihad nothing to lose and everything to gain bytrying Nopalea,” Melissa says. So, she took thefirst bottle, but only used it occasionally. Theresults were inconclusive, so Cody gave her asecond bottle of Nopalea and strongly suggestedthat she take the loading dose of three to sixounces every day for the entire bottle.This time Melissa closely followed Cody’srecommendation and was thrilled by the results.“It’s been working great and I am so excitedby how much it’s helped improve my skin,” sheexclaims. “I’ve been taking it continuously forabout two to three months and it’s changed mywhole body. My skin is getting so much better,my scalp is almost all cleared up and many ofthe lesions all over my body have gone away.Nopalea also gives me more energy during theday and I sleep better at night.”Now that she’s been taking Nopalea steadily forseveral months, Melissa’s condition continuesto improve and her hopes for a healthy futureseem better than ever. “I’m so grateful thatCody introduced me to TriVita and Nopalea.It’s dramatically changed my health andappearance, and I now have a much betteroutlook on life.“I’ll be drinking Nopalea every day for the restof my life,” she adds, “and so will my family.We love it and it tastes fantastic. Even kidslove it, and you know if they don’t like the waysomething tastes, they’ll let you know. I wouldhighly recommend Nopalea to anyone who hasinflammation; it’s worked for me, it’s worked forothers and it can work for you too.”Melissa has also added Sublingual B-12 andEnergy Now!®to her nutritional regimen. “Bothproducts give me a lot more energy and focus,”she says. “They’re also a lot healthier than sodaor coffee.”Profiting from her love of NopaleaNo one is more “sold” on Nopalea than Melissa.That’s why she’s decided to become an AffiliateMember. The whole idea of TriVita’s Programis so exciting to her because it helps pay for herproduct purchases and ultimately will lead togreater financial independence. “I know so manypeople who can benefit from Nopalea becauseit’s worked so well for me,” she states. “All theyneed to do is look at me to see the difference ithas made in my own life. This is one productI can enthusiastically recommend. I also lookforward to earning extra money to fulfill my lifepurposes. Now that I have my skin conditionunder control, I’m so excited about my future.”You should not stop taking any medication withoutfirst consulting with your healthcare provider.“I know so manypeople who sufferfrom a variety ofinflammation-relatedhealth issues whocan benefit fromNopalea…this is one productI can get behind.”Melissa enjoying time with friends and family
  18. 18. 18  l  VITAJOURNAL trivita.comExercise your brain, delay memory lossBronx, New YorkPeople who do crossword puzzles, play card games and take part in other “brain” activities may help delay theonset of rapid memory loss associated with Alzheimer’s and other dementias, according to a study in the August2009 journal Neurology.The study followed 488 healthy people (age 75 to 85), who had enrolled in the Bronx Aging Study between1980 and 1983. At the beginning of the study, participants reported how often they participated in sixactivities: reading, writing, doing crossword puzzles, playing board or card games, having group discussionsand playing music.Researchers found that each additional day of activity delayed memory loss by .18 years, roughly 1 to 2 months.“The point of accelerated decline was delayed by 1.29 years for the person who participated in 11 activities perweek compared to the person who participated in only 4 activities per week,” said study author Charles B. Hall,Ph.D., of Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University.Live near a noisy road? It could be bad for your heartLund, SwedenThose who live near noisy roads could be at increased risk for high blood pressure, say researchers from LundUniversity in Sweden.The study, from a public survey of 24,238 Swedish adults between the ages of 18 and 80, showed that people betweenthe ages of 40 and 59 who were exposed to constant noise over 64 decibels were twice as likely to report high bloodpressure as others. Younger adults also reported hypertension but the elderly experienced negligible effects.The results were published in the online journal Environmental Health. Researchers said that the study doesn’tprove the noise caused the blood pressure increases, but still could have played a part in it. Poor physical fitness increases death riskIndianapolis, IndianaPhysically unfit people have twice the mortality risk of even those in slightly better shape, according to a recentstudy in Medicine Science in Sports and Exercise.Researchers followed 4,300 people over a period of 20 years, assessing fitness and physical activity throughtreadmill tests and questionnaires, and tracking mortality rates.The least fit of the subjects had a mortality rate twice that of the group only in slightly better shape and amortality rate four times that of the most-fit group.“Given the considerable survival benefit associated with improving fitness in the least-fit group, increasing fitnessthrough regular physical activity should be a priority in unfit individuals,” said Sandra Mandic, Ph.D., a memberof the research team. “Health professionals should consider a sedentary lifestyle and poor fitness as treatable andmajor risk factors.”TheResearch DeskNew findings in health and wellness
  19. 19. 1-800-991-7116 February 2010  l  19What is CoQ-10?CoEnzyme Q-10 (CoQ-10) is a vitamin-likesubstance found throughout the body, includingthe heart, brain, liver and kidneys. Many expertsbelieve that CoQ-10 is the key nutrient forgenerating 95% of the total energy required byyour body. It can also act as an antioxidant.Additionally, CoQ-10 has been used in Japanas a treatment for congestive heart failure since1974. And one study found that CoQ-10 helpedslow functional decline in Parkinson’sdisease patients.So, CoQ-10 at its most basic level keeps youhealthy, active and alive. Most people’s bodiesproduce approximately 500 mg of CoQ-10 everyday until about age 21. Between ages 21 and 30,levels of CoQ-10 start to drop. This causes cellsto break down, which may contribute to manyage-related diseases and conditions.After age 50, you are basically “running onempty” when it comes to CoQ-10. You can’tget CoQ-10 from food or anything other thansupplements. That’s why CoQ-10 supplementa-tion is a must for anyone 50 or older.Studies show that CoQ-10 may beef up yourdefenses against the following:• Stroke• Cardiovascular Disease• High blood pressure• Parkinson’s Disease• Kidney Disease• AsthmaIn addition, CoQ-10 may help in:• Migraine headaches• Promoting youthful skin• Improving glucose control in type 2 diabeticsStatins and CoQ-10Several studies have confirmed that many statindrugs interfere with CoQ-10 production, causingblood levels of CoQ-10 to drop. Those withhigh cholesterol already have reduced levelsof CoQ-10, so statins can cause further reducedblood levels of the nutrient. There are now ahigh amount of children taking statin drugs.If you take statins, talk to your healthcareprovider to find out if you’re a good candidatefor CoQ-10 supplementation. Your continuedgood health may depend on it.Nourish your heart and brain!CoQ-10 provides essential fuel for your body•Soft gels are fat-soluble and easily absorbed•Helps your body protect against a widevariety of illnesses and enhances heart health•Creates the perfect nutritional balancefor your body’s daily needsSoft gel capsules offer up to 10 times the absorption rate!TRY IT TODAY! CALL 1-800-991-7116 or visit us at trivita.comTheconnectionbetweenCoQ-10 StatinsCholesterol-lowering drugs can deplete your bodyof this vital nutrientHAVe A MIGRAINe?CoQ-10 might helpIf you suffer from migraine headaches, youknow how debilitating they can be. The severityof the headaches can vary, but many people arecompletely incapacitated – sometimes for severaldays at a time. Migraines can be preceded bypulses of light, blind spots or tingling in thearms or legs. They can be accompanied bynausea and vomiting. Migraines can affect yourhome life, as well as your job.Now there’s good news from researchers inSwitzerland: Taking CoQ-10 daily may helpyour body reduce migraines.In the study, participants were given 100 mgof CoQ-10 three times a day for three months.Nearly half of those taking CoQ-10 saw areduction in migraine frequency. The CoQ-10also helped reduce the length of headaches andaccompanying nausea.CoEnzyme Q-10#31160Non-Member $19.99Member $15.99Redeem with 240 VitaPointsWhat’s the best CoQ-10supplement for you?There are many CoQ-10 supplements onthe market, but they are not all made alike.Remember: it’s not how much CoQ-10 youswallow – but how much you absorb – that counts.That’s what makes TriVita’s CoQ-10 so effective.TriVita’s CoQ-10 is similar to the kind ofCoQ-10 the body produces on its own. It isformulated to be in perfect balance for yourbody’s nutritional needs.TriVita’s CoQ-10 is fat soluble and is moreeasily absorbed when taken in TriVita’s oil-basedsoft gel capsule. Studies show TriVita’s CoQ-10has up to 10 times better absorption with softgel caps than the lower quality dry form foundon many drugstore shelves. Delivering thesegreater amounts is vital: scientific studies showthat higher CoQ-10 blood levels produce muchgreater benefits. This high absorption rate meansthat TriVita’s CoQ-10 goes directly to the areaswhere your body needs it most – heart, brain,muscles, bones, teeth and gums.CoQ-10 nourishes your heart and brain andprovides power to your entire body. If you wantgreater stamina, if you are over 50, if you havedental issues or any of the health concernslisted above, or if you are taking a statin drug,*you owe it to yourself to see how CoQ-10 canchange your life.*If you take statins, consult with your health care professional to findout whether you’re a good candidate for CoQ-10 supplementation.
  20. 20. Do you recognize your co-workersor employees’ contributions? Doyou encourage your children on adaily basis?A little encouragement can go a longway. At home or at work, you canfoster feelings of accomplishmentin those around you. So go ahead:accentuate the positive!encouragement at the workplaceThink about this: You work hard and long ona work project and when you finish it, you hearnothing. Not from your boss, your client, or evenfrom your co-workers. How does that make youfeel? Underappreciated? Like nothing you domeans anything?Lack of recognition and encouragementcan lower morale, increase turnover ratesand reduce productivity. The Gallup pollorganization estimates that more than 22million American workers are extremelynegative or “actively disengaged.”Conversely, when efforts are recognized andappreciated, the opposite is true. According toa Gallup survey, workers who receive regularrecognition and praise:• Increase their personal productivity• Stay at their jobs longer• Have fewer accidents on the job• Increase engagement with theirco-workersMake a differenceYou don’t have to wait around for your bossto encourage or appreciate you. You can be thebearer of encouragement each and every day.• Recognize your colleagues’ effortsand talents.• Encourage co-workers when they facea setback or something goes wrong.• Be a positive influence; don’t be a“Negative Nelly.”• Look for special ways to encourageco-workers: a hand-written note, emailmessage or even a quick phone call.If you’re an employer, apply the same principles.Let your employees know that you value andappreciate them. In these unsettling economictimes, it can help reduce uncertainty and fear.encouragement at homeChildren need encouragement in order to:• Develop confidence and feelingsof self-worth• Build up the courage to try new thingsand take risks• Feel appreciated and noticedYou can encourage your family by writing notesand slipping them into their lunches, backpacks,briefcases, under their door, etc. These can belove notes, notes of encouragement or thanks,or even just something fun and silly. Althoughsome people may not say it (especiallyteenagers), these notes will help them feelsecure and loved.The dark side of praise:praise effort, not abilityBeginning in the 1980s, parents were told thatthey needed to praise their children in orderto build their self-esteem. But researchers havediscovered that this parental advice may bebackfiring. It seems that we have a praise-happysociety that is actually contributing to lowerself-esteem.Researchers at Columbia University found thatchildren who were praised for their intellectwere more likely to worry about failure and thusavoided taking risks. When allowed to choosean activity, they chose tasks they knew theywould do well on, while children praised fortheir efforts chose tasks that would require themto work harder.The rewards of encouragementThrough encouragement, children can learn totake risks, accept and learn from setbacks, anddevelop self-sufficiency and independence.As you go to work, or spend time withyour family, remember: one small word ofencouragement can go a long way.Do you build people up– or tear them down?Encouragement at work and at home: it paysValentine’sDay FunFacts♥ Over 192 million Valentine’s Daycards are exchanged each year.♥ More flowers are sent forValentine’s Day and Mother’s Daythan for any other holiday.♥ Men buy most of the candyand flowers purchased forValentine’s Day.♥ It’s considered lucky to be wokenby a kiss on Valentine’s Day.♥ The oldest known love notewas written around 3500 B.C.on a clay tablet.♥ Valentine’s Day is celebrated inthe U.S., Canada, United Kingdom,Italy, Mexico, Denmark, Franceand Australia.♥ More than 36 million heart-shapedboxes of chocolates will be soldin the U.S.For your Valentines, say “I love you”in a different language!♥ Spanish: Te quiero♥ Italian: Ti amo♥ German: Ich liebe dich♥ French: Je t’aime0  l  VITAJOURNAL
  21. 21. Article from Michael Ellisoncontinued from page 2...sense or even as it pertains to relationships. Dr. Judy sharesher many years of professional experience on the subject ofmending a broken heart on page 22.At TriVita we care for your overall wellness – physically,emotionally and spiritually. It’s important to us to provide notonly high quality supplements, but credible information thatwill help you live a life of purpose.Here’s to a healthy heart!Pam Knox, Editor of PublicationsTriVita’s House of Giving and Life Outreach International have partneredto provide pure, fresh water for children and their families:• Over 1 billion people throughout the world do not haveaccess to pure, fresh water.• Waterborne illnesses run rampant in these areas.• Just a $4.80 donation can save one person’s life.• With your donation, you can leave a legacy by givingthe gift of life.Your tax-deductible gift can be combined with others to create newwells – providing water to thousands of people for a lifetime! Last year,we saved 21,000 lives. This year, our goal is to save even more!Want to make a difference?Call 1-800-991-7116 and a Wellness Consultant will be happy to takeyour tax-deductible donation along with your can mail your donation to:House of Giving16100 N. Greenway Hayden LoopSuite 950Scottsdale, AZ 85260you can make aLASTING DIFFeReNCeYour contribution will touch countless livesdrug. It satiates, medicates and stimulates emotionally. So the ruleto help me is to eat the fuel my body needs to optimize my healthrather than to console my emotions and satisfy my appetites. It isa simple rule (not necessarily simple to practice) but very effectiveover time.You can easily research the nutrient values of foods and how theyoptimize the functions of particular body systems. It can be fun toapply this knowledge and experiment with different recipes in thekitchen. Why not try eating foods that are heart healthy?A healthy heart is reflective of a healthy life.Additionally, quality supplements like TriVita’s OmegaPrime®,Vital C, HCY Guard®and Nopalea™are great products thatcan help enhance your heart health. I depend on these productsto greatly contribute to my heart health. They are outstandingproducts that I simply would not live without.In this VitaJournal there are many outstanding recommendationsto help you live with a healthy heart and a healthy life. At TriVita,we believe that each person has important life purposes to fulfillwhile they are here on earth. Health and wellness are a crucial partof our ability to fulfill them.May you pursue wellness with purpose and passion.Michael R. EllisonON MY MIND continued from page 3...1-800-991-7116 February 2010  l  1You could earn a$25 TRIVITA GIFT CARDwhen you share your wellness story!Send your product success story or call us at1-800-693-4083. If we use it, we willsend you a $25 TriVita Gift Card as a thank you.ThisGiftCardisgoodforanyTriVitaproduct.ThisGiftCardisnon-refundableandnotredeemableforcash.Thevalueofthiscardwillnotbereplacedifthecardislostorstolen.ThisGiftCardissubjecttolocal,governmentalandTriVitacurrentterms.$25 TRIVITA GIFT CARDGiftCard$25We value your feedback.Please send your comments or mail to Editor,c/o TriVita, Inc., 16100 N. Greenway HaydenLoop, Suite 950, Scottsdale, AZ 85260
  22. 22.   l  VITAJOURNAL trivita.comPeople sayyou can’tdie from abroken heart, butwhen you are sufferingfrom one, it suredoesn’t feel that way.You may be wondering how long itwill be before you can get through a daywithout feeling the wrenching pain in theheart, the knot in the pit of your stomach,and the tears ready to spill down your cheekat any moment. How long will the mind keepruminating over what went wrong? If theseare some of the questions you are askingyourself, you are not alone.Here’s the reality of it: broken hearts hurt – alot. You may feel like you’ve lost the meaningin your life or that you may never get overthis pain. The good news is that I can tell youthat you will heal. Not because time heals thewounds, but because you can actively healyour own wounds. That’s right, you don’t haveto wait for time to heal your heartache if youdo the can’t run away from a brokenheart. The way out of the pain isthrough it.I discovered out of my work with clients whowere suffering the loss of a significant relation-ship that there are five stages they generally gothrough in their grief recovery: shock, anger,depression, the work, and acceptance.When a significant relationship ends, we eachhave work to do if we want to get our life backon track in the quickest and healthiest waypossible. Here are a few suggestions:• Develop and repeat a helpful saying to get youthrough the initial shock and pain, such as“This too shall pass” or “I will survive.”• Reach out to a friend or family member whowill just listen. It’s important to share yourthoughts with someone you can trust.• Cry when you need to. It’s OK to cry over aloss. Don’t hold back, let the tears roll, just doit in a private and safe place. The purpose oftears is to cleanse you of your pain.• Begin the work by journaling. Go into yourpain and feel your emotions. Understand theyare just feelings, not necessarily facts. Sowrite, write, write.• Develop a spiritual relationship that will helpyou to forgive, accept and move on.Remember that healing is a process. Expectwaves of sadness, anger, guilt or fear even afteryou think you are over it. Give your heart timeto will surviveAccording to North Carolina therapist AlanKonell, MSW, in his book Partnership Tools:Transforming the Way We Live Together, thereare generally two responses after having gonethrough a broken heart. The first is, “Oh, I’llnever go through that again.” The second is,“I survived that so I can relax... I know I cansurvive it again.”I recommend the second response. By doing thework, your broken heart will mend and you willenjoy life again.Mending a brokenheart – dealing withemotional pain,heartache and griefby Dr. JudyJudy ellison, Ph.D.“The good news is that you will heal…you can actively heal yourown wounds.”“Tears are the safety valve of theheart when too much pressure islaid on.” – Albert SmitJudy Ellison, Ph.D., is a psychologist, author andmotivational speaker. She has inspired people aroundthe world to reach within and find their passionatepurpose to live a more meaningful life.
  23. 23. Gene Henderson“…if you have faith assmall as a mustardseed, you can say tothis mountain, ‘Movefrom here to there’and it will move.”—Matthew 17:20Have you moved any mountains lately? I haven’t,but my faith has moved mountains in my life.Over the years, I’ve seen time and again thepower of faith when we trust in God to fulfillour life’s purpose.But let me be clear: I’m not talking about asilent, passive faith that sits in the corner andwaits for a miracle. I’m talking about active,demonstrated faith. Our part of the bargainis to live our faith… to act as if our dreams,our purpose, are already unfolding. Here’s apersonal example:Early in my work life, when I was married withyoung children and little money, I yearned for acar. Financially, that was out of reach, but thecompany I worked for had an incentive programfor salesmen like me: If I sold enoughmerchandise, I could win a yellow Ford stationwagon with wood trim and a tan interior. Theimage of that car is as fresh as yesterday; I canstill smell the upholstery.I announced at a sales meeting that I would winthe car. I put up a picture of that yellow beautyon my wall, and also in my samples case. I toldeveryone in the company I was going to get thatcar. Once a week, I even went to the dealershipto sit in it. That car was very real to me, andso was my knowledge that I needed to actaccordingly: I sold like crazy and yes, I wonthe car.Living the “Law of expression”Positive thinking can take us only so far. Weneed to act, and that’s just what TriVita CEOMichael Ellison writes about in his bookThe 10 Keys to Wealth and Wellness. Michaeltalks about “the Law of Expression” and itssimple formula:Think it, speak it and act on it correspondingly.That’s so powerful. As Michael writes, “If youcan think it, speak it and then act on it, you willhave tapped into the creative process that bringsforth the visible from the invisible.” To put it invery mundane terms, you can think aboutgetting a loaf of bread all day long, but if youdon’t let people know you need bread, and youdon’t get away from the TV and down to thestore, God’s not going to provide that loaf.Getting back to our mustard seed, the questionisn’t whether or not it will grow, or how much itwill grow. It’s knowing that the seed will growand flourish, possibly into something quite large.A farmer doesn’t dig up the soil every day andlook at his seeds, wondering, “Did they growyet?” He knows they’ll grow if he takes the rightactions about water, soil and time of year.Walking the walkIt’s one thing to have an idea, to talk about itclearly and consistently with others. But it’s quiteanother to take the final step that really affirmswhat you know in your heart: God will provide,all will unfold according to His will, and whatHe has planned is prosperity and purpose.Michael puts it well in his book: “How manypeople do you know who can talk a good talk butdon’t walk the walk? They don’t put action totheir rhetoric, so their words ring hollow… Whatis voiced from the invisible does not becomevisible if there are no consistent and clear actionsrelated to what is spoken and thought.”In Michael’s case, walking the walk led to thecreation of TriVita, and to spreading the messageof wellness far and wide. That’s faith in action,like seeds sprouting into giant trees.What will grow from the seeds of your faith?Putting faith into action:think it, speak it, act on itby Chaplain Gene Hendersonyour body, His Temple – 1 Cor. 6:19-20“If you can think it, speak itand then act on it, you willhave tapped into the creativeprocess that brings forth thevisible from the invisible.”1-800-991-7116 February 2010  l  3
  24. 24. 4  l  VITAJOURNAL“…nothing has worked likeAdaptogen 10 Plus.”“Wow! Adaptogen 10 Plus hasbeen a great complement to myTriVita regimen each day. I havehad hypertension for several years.My blood pressure shoots up even more whenI go to the doctor. The doctor calls it ‘white coatsyndrome.’ After adding Adaptogen 10 Plus daily,my blood pressure has normalized and the ‘whitecoat syndrome’ is gone. I have tried many differentsupplements to keep my blood pressure balancedand nothing has worked like Adaptogen 10 Plus. Mystress and anxiety from my job has also subsided. Ieven give a shot of Adaptogen 10 Plus to others atwork when they are having a stressful day. I usuallytake 1 oz in the morning and 1 oz after lunch. I amon automatic order for a case. I am just thrilledwith it.”JacKie M., affiliate MeMBer – saiNt Peters, Mo“Sublingual B-12 has givenme an immediate boostin energy, clear focus andcompletely removed mybrain fog!”“I would whole-heartedlyrecommend Sublingual Vitamin B-12 to any youngerwoman. I was experiencing very low energy,brain fog and having difficulty focusing on tasks.Sublingual B-12 has given me a quick boost inenergy, clear focus and completely removed mybrain fog. I also have had great success with Super Sublingual B-12!”JeaN s., MeMBer – gleNDale, aZ“I now recommendNopalea with completeconfidence.”“You cannot imagine how pleasedI was when the doctor told memy blood pressure was 128/64.Nopalea has made all the difference. Eight monthsago and for several years, my blood pressure wasfrom 160-180 over 90-105. I have been on severalprescriptions for this, and had adverse reactions to acouple of them.* High blood pressure is deadly andtruly a ‘silent killer’.In addition, my husband had elevated blood sugarlevels and had been on prescription drugs for a fewmonths. I asked if he would give Nopalea a chanceand see what happened. He agreed, and one monthlater he came home very happy and said his bloodsugar levels were well within normal, and they’vestayed that way ever since he started on Nopalea.So I am thrilled and very thankful. I nowrecommend Nopalea with complete confidence,knowing I am spreading the word about a wellnessproduct that can truly make a difference in quality oflife for so many.”laura M., affiliate MeMBer – loNe Butte, Bc“I began taking TriVitaSuper Sublingual B-12,and within several weeksI started to notice adifference.”“For years I have struggled withextremely low energy. I always felt as though I wasdragging myself around, and people would oftencomment to me about how tired and exhausted Ilooked. My energy issue became an even greaterproblem over the past four years, and in February2007, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Haveyou ever been so tired that it was all you coulddo to pull yourself out of bed? Some days I was intears when I woke up because of how exhaustedI felt. Living life with a lack of energy damagesyour spirit. In January 2009 I began taking TriVitaSuper Sublingual B-12, and within severalweeks I started to notice a difference.I now get through my days with great energy andfeel like I have a new lease on life. I recentlysaw my doctor, and she asked me what I wasdoing because I looked so different. This issomething I have been hearing more of, and Ihave to say it feels great!”gloria c., affiliate MeMBer – coQuitlaM, Bc“…my total cholesterol wasunder 200…”“When I saw my doctor, he saidmy cholesterol was a little highand that he wanted me to takeprescription medicines. I did, andafter 30-40 days I went in for a follow-up test. Mytotal cholesterol did go down, but so did the goodcholesterol, and my triglycerides didn’t change atall. So I stopped taking the medicine. When it wastime for my next test, I found that my cholesterolwent back up, and that my triglycerides were upover 300. That’s when I tried OmegaPrime. I tookit religiously for 30-40 days before my follow-uptest. When I got my results back, I learned thatmy total cholesterol was under 200, my goodcholesterol was over 80 and my triglycerides werecut in half. I was thrilled with the results, and sowas my doctor.*”alice h., MeMBer – DeNtoN, tX“Leanology helped me lose 34 pounds inthree months.”“I’ve tried different weight loss products for so long.They would work for a week or so and then quit. Ihad bypass surgery and started Leanology shortlyafter I got out of the hospital. I also needed both ofmy knees replaced, so I had good reasons to get theweight off. I didn’t realize before how lethargic I feltuntil after Leanology helped me lose 34 pounds inthree months. I found I had more energy and I feltbetter about myself.The weight loss shakes really helped me. I enjoyedthe taste and wasn’t hungry after drinking one. If Ihad it in the morning I’d drink just the shake, but I’dadd fruit to it if it was my evening meal. SometimesI’d even drink two a day. It was just easier. Chocolateis my favorite flavor!I’ve implemented some of the 10 Essentials. I havethe energy to be active, but I’ll be able to do morewhen my knees are better. However, I do watchclosely what I eat, and I cut out sugar and flour. It’swhat works for me.I didn’t hit a plateau with my weight loss. It reallywent smoothly; I was very impressed! I’m excited toget started again on the program and give you anupdate. I have 50 more pounds to lose!”JeaN s., affiliate MeMBer – raytoWN, MoYoushouldconsultwithahealthcareproviderbeforestartinganydiet,exerciseorsupplementationprogram,beforetakinganymedicationorifyoususpectyoumighthaveaheartproblem.Youshouldnotstoptakinganymedicationwithoutfirstconsultingyourhealthcareprovider.See what Members like you have to say about TriVita®products!Real Storiesfrom real people
  25. 25. 1-800-991-7116 February 2010  l  5September 17, 2009 was anespecially momentous dayfor Christine S. That’s whenshe attended her first Nopaleapresentation at the invitation ofTriVita’s retired co-founder, BarryBorthistle. This White Rock, BritishColumbia real estate agent walkedinto the meeting feeling dispiritedand very low on energy. “I had lots ofaches and pains,” Christine recalls. “Iwas also feeling sorry for myself andknew that I should be feeling a wholelot better.”Christine’s fantastic timingOnly weeks before, she had her blood tested andthe news wasn’t good. Christine was alarmedto find that she had allowed inflammation toget out of control and her C-reactive protein(CRP) level was extremely high. CRP is acommon measure of cardiovascular risk. So,she was pleasantly surprised to find out thatthe guest speaker at this meeting explained theconnection between Nopalea and lowerCRP levels.“I sat there in amazement as I heard him relatestory after story of people who had helpedtheir body reduce their CRP levels with thiswonderful product called Nopalea,” Christinesays. “I knew right then that I was at the rightplace at the right time and that God was lookingafter me. I left that meeting with hope in myheart that maybe, just maybe, this wellnessdrink would be an answer to the inflammationproblem that had plagued me for many years.”Her CRP levels nose-divedAfter the meeting, Christine signed on tobecome a TriVita Affiliate Member, and orderedher first case of Nopalea. She was excited aboutbeginning her Nopalea wellness journey andimmediately put Nopalea to the test by nottaking any other products that would influenceher CRP levels. Just four weeks later, after takingthe loading dose of Nopalea every day, shewent in for another blood test. “I was overjoyedwith the results,” Christine exclaims. “Mostimportantly, my CRP levels had plunged from 13to 6.7. I was getting close to the ideal level. Theblood test also showed that other key areas hadstabilized, especially my uric acid levels. I wasjust thrilled by these improved readings.”She received another pleasant surprise with herimproved blood pressure readings. They usedto be consistently high, even on medications.After taking Nopalea, Christine’s blood pressurewas much improved and her doctor commentedfavorably about that and asked what she wasdoing differently. She was happy to relate herNopalea experience and he was curious to findout more about the product.A natural energy boostNow that Christine takes Nopalea regularly, shecan actually feel the difference if she misses adaily dose. However, there were some additionalhealth issues she wanted to address with thehelp of TriVita products. Christine suffers fromjoint problems and recently started takingTriVita Joint Complex to keep her joints strong.She also enjoys a nice, smooth energy boostwith the help of Sublingual B-12, B-6 FolicAcid and Energy Now!®Christine’s next healthproject is to lose 40-50 pounds with the help ofLeanology®weight loss products.“I now feel so much better and so grateful toTriVita for such wonderful products,” Christinesays. “Every morning as I drink my heavenlynectar, as I call it, I am so grateful for whatNopalea and the good Lord have done for meand my health. I am feeling so much betterand have great faith in this wonderfulwellness drink.”She doesn’t hesitate to share her “before andafter” CRP and blood pressure readings withpeople who are considering purchasing Nopalea.“My improved health makes a powerful casefor Nopalea,” Christine remarks. “Now, I’m aTriVita Affiliate Member who’s on a missionof wellness to share my fantastic Nopaleaexperience with others.”Christine’s C-reactiveprotein levels have showntremendous improvementShe credits Sonoran Bloom™ Nopalea™for thisdramatic turnaroundMember Spotlight“MyCRPlevelshadplungedfrom13to6.7.Iwasgettingclosetotheideallevel.”– Christine S., Affiliate Membertaking any other products that would influenceher CRP levels. Just four weeks later, after takingtremendous improvement“MyCRPlevelshadplungedfrom13to6.7.
  26. 26. 6  l  VITAJOURNAL trivita.comFeel a little too tired tobrush your teeth somenights? Whatever youdo, don’t skip this importantpart of oral hygiene – andheart health. That’s right;it has been well-establishedthat poor dental health,specifically gum disease, islinked to heart disease.Inflammation –it’s a vicious cycleThe problems with gum health startwith inflammation. Where doesinflammation begin? It mostly stemsfrom any of these four areas: (1) trauma,(2) toxins, (3) stress, and (4) nutrient deficiency.Once inflammation begins, it feeds upon itselfin a vicious cycle:1. Inflammation causes the release of a protein(histamine), which causes potential allergicreactions and even more inflammation.2. More inflammation kills off gum and bonecells prematurely. These dead cells feedbacteria, which start an infection, and causeeven more inflammation.3. To try to overcome this growing problem,your immune system sends white blood cellsto the site. But the chemicals secreted bythe white blood cells to kill infection arethemselves inflammatory and continue theinflammation cycle.Treat the cycle and treat the causeOnce inflammation begins, you have to breakits cycle to reverse the process. TriVita’s Nopaleawas developed to help address the problem ofinflammation. Learn more on page 8.You can also treat dental inflammation’s causesto help keep them from even starting.• Trauma – This could be caused by bruxism,an abnormal grinding of your teeth, especiallyduring your sleep.• Toxins – These may come from such thingsas tobacco use and foods that stick to yourdental surfaces, such as hard candy.• Stress – The roots of your teeth need a richblood supply to remain healthy. But stresssteals blood circulation destined for the gumsand teeth and diverts it to other body systems.Prolonged stress literally starves your teethof food and oxygen.• Nutrient deficiencies – There aretwo categories:• Vitamin C serves as the foundation forcollagen. Without healthy collagen, yourteeth become loose and your gums may bleedwhen brushing. A Vitamin C deficiency cannegatively affect your heart, your brain, yourimmune system and your skin.• CoEnzyme Q-10 is the key element of life inevery cell. When CoQ-10 levels drop in yourcells, you begin to age, and the faster it drops,the faster you age. This is seen primarily inyour gums, so your gum health is the mostobvious sign of how fast you are aging. Buttaking CoQ-10 can help your body slow downthe aging process in your gums and in yourwhole body. (Learn more about CoQ-10on page 19.)If your dental health is less than perfect, yourheart health may also be less than perfect. Andvice versa. So, add the oral hygiene suggestionsbelow to your list of healthy-heart lifestylechoices (balanced diet, exercise, not smoking):• Brush at least twice a day• Floss daily• Limit between-meal snacks• Schedule dental check-ups twice a yearImprove your heart health today!BrushuponyourhearthealthThe link between gum disease and heart diseaseFamily HealthDr. Libby’s Vital C standsabovetherest!Powerful immune system support and much more! It helps:• Fight free radicals that contribute to illness• Assist in normalizing blood pressure and cholesterol• Speed wound recovery and aid in healing• Support production and use of antibodies that fight illness• Detoxify alcohol, pesticides, smoke and pollutionVital C Crystals #30170Non-Member $31.99Member $4.99Redeem with 200 VitaPointsTake Crystal Tablets andPowdered Crystals for24-hour protection.Vital C Tablets #30230Non-member $24.99Member $19.99Redeem with 150 VitaPointsBuy Oneget second same one at50% OFFgood through 2-28-10Heart HealthySavings!