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Vita journal v0209


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Vita journal v0209

  1. 1. VITAfebruary 2009 triVita.ComCaROlYnliBBYPaYStRiBUtetOHeRlateHUSBanD:DR. ALFRED LIBBYSUPERSUBLINGUAL B-12has three timesthe Vitamin B-12DONNIEis a “natural”at sharingTriVita productsCELEBRATE HEART HEALTH MONTHLook For Great Savings on Three Products
  2. 2. 10 essentialsfor health and wellnessthe 10 essentials were created to suitevery Wellness seeker. taking even smallsteps in each one will improve your life andwellness in wonderful ways.PHYSICAL1. Breathe DeeplyDeep breathing expels body toxinsfaster than any other means.2. Drink WaterGetting enough water provides an instantenergy boost – and you may even eat less.3. Sleep PeacefullyEstablishing a bedtime routine will helpyou sleep longer and more soundly.4. Eat NutritiouslyChoosing healthy, whole foods minimizesblood sugar swings.5. Enjoy ActivityAn active lifestyle enables everysystem in your body to work better.EMOTIONAL6. Give and Receive LoveHeart-focused, sincere and positivefeelings boost the immune system.7. Be ForgivingAs you let go of negative feelings towardothers, you will find greater peace and optimism.8. Practice GratitudeGratitude brings instant joy, buildsphysical defenses and reduces stress.9. Develop AcceptancePracticing acceptance clears your mind ofneedless anxiety, freeing you to enjoy life.SPIRITUAL10. Develop a Relationship with GodAs your relationship grows, you will enjoyall the blessings of unconditional love.Taking Care of Your Heartby michael r. ellison, Ceo & founder of triVita, inc.February is Heart Health Month. Because of the significant rise inheart disease, Congress passed a resolution on December 30, 1963that each year the President would declare February our NationalHeart Health Awareness Month.Heart disease is still the number one killer in 2009. With 64 millionAmericans, plus millions more in Canada being affected by cardiovasculardisease, we want to inspire you to take action to create a lifestyle that willgive you a healthy heart. Your heart health is also crucial to your overallhealth and well-being.While your heart is a small organ about the size of your fist, it has major responsibilities. Every 60seconds it must pump two gallons of blood through an entire cycle: from the heart, through the arteries,veins and capillaries, and back to the heart. Every cell in your body relies on the blood to carry oxygenand the nutrients your body needs to function properly as well as resist disease.With us being so dependent on our heart functioning properly, isn’t it wonderful that the decisions wemake can determine if we have a healthy heart. Some people act as if their heart is a machine that eitherworks or doesn’t work – and there is nothing they can do about its health. Well, there is good news for allof you who care about your heart and want better health.The American Heart Association and the world-renowned Mayo Clinic have much to say aboutimproving heart health by choosing a lifestyle that promotes heart health. Basically, it comes downto three things you can do:1. Think smart2. Eat well3. Move moreThat provides a simple guideline to the daily decisions we must make.I would like to add that thinking smart is being aware of what we are thinking; many people do notrealize the thoughts and feelings they dwell on are also a part of their daily diet for heart health. Everythought and emotion triggers a chemical reaction that is either good or bad for the heart. For example,when you have an angry thought or a fearful, anxious thought, your body releases significant adrenalineto help stimulate the muscles and mind for the fight or flight response needed.That was great for our ancient ancestors when faced with a saber-toothed tiger, but where I live inScottsdale, Arizona that is not likely to happen. However, there are plenty of opportunities for adrenalinerushes from rude drivers, snarled traffic, construction delays, or the fear of a poor economy that seems tobe impacting many people. Thoughts and feelings from all kinds of issues we face create chemicals thatare not healthy for the heart when they bombard us on a daily basis.I would encourage you to read the article by Dr. Lundell on pages 4 and 5. Here is a viewpoint of oneof the most outstanding heart surgeons who spent much of his career performing thousands of heartsurgeries and consulting with his patients about heart health. We are pleased to bring this informationto you as it gives another view as to what really will bring healthy hearts to those of us in the U.S. andCanada.Article from Michael Ellison continued on page 11...trivita.comI would like to add that thinking smart is being aware of what we arethinking; many people do not realize the thoughts and feelings theydwell on are also a part of their daily diet for heart health.2 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and Wellness
  3. 3. 10 foundationalValuesOurnaturalproductsarefoodbased.Ifyouhaveanyfoodbasedallergies,pleasereadthelabels.StatementsorclaimsinthispublicationhavenotbeenevaluatedbytheFoodandDrugAdministration.Theseproductsarenotintendedtodiagnose,treat,cureorpreventanydisease.4 a famed specialiston the “heart” truthVitaJournal exclusive!Dwight Lundell, M.D., speaks out.6 dr. libby’s b-12 researchbreakthroughsScott Conard, M.D., praisesDr. Libby’s pioneering work.9 let your mouthprotect your healthHeart-healthy choicesfrom our food expert.11 Click for supportin tough timesInternet resources canhelp with many crises.12 lower your Weight,lower your riskWhy excess poundsweigh down your heart.In thisissue16 tribute to alfred f. libby, m.d.His widow, Carolyn, reflectson a great man’s legacy.25 donnie is a sharingand earning dynamoShe has over 23 referralsin a few short months.30 triVita’s spectacular30 City tourMichael R. Ellison and BrazosMinshew will take you to a wholenew level of wealth and wellness.10 foundationalValues1. Physician-approved FormulasOur medical board uses their extensive health andnutrition knowledge to approve proprietary TriVitasupplements based on the latest scientific research andthe health and wellness concerns of our Members.2. Unique Delivery SystemsUnlike other supplements that can be difficult toabsorb, TriVita supplements are developed formaximum absorption and effect.3. Controlled laboratory StudiesSignature products from TriVita undergo medicalstudies and trials at accredited universities andmedical centers to ensure their effectiveness.4. Purest Natural ingredientsTriVita uses the highest-quality essential nutrientsavailable to create effective, body-friendly formulaswithout mood altering stimulantsor harmful chemicals.5. Pharmaceutical-Grade QualityWe voluntarily adhere to the strict manufacturingguidelines of the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).6. Third-Party Testing and CertificationIn addition to our own quality control, wecommission third-party testing and research toguarantee that our products are full potency andmeet all regulatory standards.7. Quality-ControlledPackaging and ProductionSafety is a top priority in our packaging and manufacturing;we inspect each product at least 10 times and use twosafety seals per package on all ingestible products toguarantee safety, freshness and product potency.8. Dedicated to Product innovationTriVita’s commitment to science is a driving forcebehind our superior quality products, from formulationto production. Led by our Chief Science Officer andrenowned nutraceutical pioneers, we put the utmostcare into creating products that deliver positive andlifelong wellness experiences for our Members.9. Medical advisory BoardTriVita’s advisory panel of Board Certified physiciansprovide us with the latest information on scientificdevelopments and testing methods.10. Complete CustomerSatisfaction GuaranteeWe promise to provide the best customer experiencepossible and offer a 60-Day Money BackGuarantee on all of our products.Fataroundtheheartmayincreaseheartattackrisk.12February 2009 l 3FataroundtheheartmayincreaseheartattackriskCarolynLibbyandherlatehusbandDr.AlfredLibby. 16Don’tbemisledbyB-12bloodtests.10
  4. 4. trivita.com4 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and WellnessDwight Lundell, M.D., is arenowned cardiovascularsurgeon and a pioneer in“off-pump” heart surgery. A formerchief resident at Yale UniversityHospital, where he served as chiefof staff and chief of surgery, he hasperformed over 5,000 coronarybypass surgeries. Dr. Lundell wasone of the founding partners of theLutheran Heart Hospital, whichbecame the second largest in the U.S.Dr. Lundell joins with TriVita®topromote nutrients and nurturing asthe best path to wellness. Dr. Lundellpractices what he preaches andcompetes in triathlons to maintainhis health. He recently won his agegroup at Ironman Arizona and hasqualified to compete in the worldchampionship of an upcomingtriathlon in Kona, Hawaii.The cholesterol connectionWhen doctors prescribe cholesterol-loweringmedication, they usually are doing what theythink is best. But they don’t tell the patient(possibly because they don’t know) that thereis less than a one in 100 chance that thepatient will benefit in any way from thecholesterol-lowering medication. Less than50% of people who have a heart attack haveelevated cholesterol. So, why are we stillchasing the cholesterol theory?I’ll tell you why: marketing has trumpedmedicine. Strong marketing forces haveunduly influenced doctors in North America,the FDA (Food and Drug Administration)and NCEP (National Cholesterol EducationProgram), ignoring better solutions andreal statistics.What are better solutions?In the last few years, massive amounts ofevidence are proving that inflammation isthe root cause of heart disease as well asmany other chronic diseases. It’s time tofocus on ways to eliminate and correct theinflammation that is reducing the qualityand quantity of our lives.Weight Control: Overloaded fat cells producechemicals that directly cause inflammationin our arteries. As little as a 10% reductionin weight can correct the problem. Insulin isan inflammatory hormone. Obesity is oftenaccompanied by insulin resistance with largeamounts of inflammatory insulin remaining inthe bloodstream.Baby Aspirin: The original anti-inflammatoryhas been proven to be more effective thandrugs to protect against heart attack.Avoid Bad Oils: Stay away from soybeanand corn oil. These oils, which are in everyprepared food, and which we often consumeinstead of animal oils, contain fatty acidswhich we need, but excessive amounts cancause inflammation and heart disease.Good Oils: Take a fish oil supplement.Omega-3 from fish oil is nature’s mosteffective anti-inflammatory – demonstratedin large studies to help drastically reduceheart attacks. Most of us do not eat enoughfatty fish and need to supplement. Flax oilsupplements have likewise proven to begood sources of Omega-3 fatty acids.These also reduce inflammation in thecells that line the arteries. Perilla seedoil and evening primrose oil likewise helpreduce inflammation.Physical Activity: Recent studies haveshown that the active muscle cell producesanti-inflammatory compounds and releasesthem into the bloodstream. Exercise alsoreduces inflammatory levels of insulin andstabilizes blood sugar.Proof positiveIn November 2008, the Jupiter Studywas published where 17,802 people withnormal cholesterol and elevated CRP (ablood test indication of inflammation) tooka cholesterol-lowering drug. Half of the studyparticipants were given a placebo and halfwere given 20 mg of a statin, daily.INFLAMEDBY MEDICALMARKETINGBy Dr. Dwight LundellHeart surgeon and author of the book,“The Cure for Heart Disease”
  5. 5. Nourish your heart, brain, skin, joints and glandswith Essential Fatty Acids!OmegaPrime: Your PRIME source for Essential Fatty AcidsPremier blend of essential fatty acids from four sources –fish, flaxseed, evening primrose and perilla seed oilsRight balance of Omega-3s and Omega-6sInflammation-fighting formulaMercury/contaminant free fish oilEvening primrose and perilla seed oils – the most potent EFAs for inflammationGive your body the support it needs with TriVita OmegaPrime!OmegaPrime: Your PRIME source for Essential Fatty AcidsOmegaPrime®#30520Non-Member $22.99Member $17.99Redeem with 180 VitaPointsAfter two years there was a reduction inrisk of less than ½ percent per year at a costof $3.95 per day.And, what’s more interesting – andmore alarming – is that the reduction ofinflammation, not cholesterol, is most likelyresponsible for the small benefit.For real heart health benefits we need toachieve and maintain a healthy weight. Weneed daily activity and the right balance ofOmega-3s and Omega-6s. We need to takeresponsibility for our own health and becomean expert about our own body. Informationat the right time can be as effective as anymedication if we focus on the truth and rejectbad lifestyle choices.The american Heartassociation recommends...Taking EPA and DHA Omega-3 fatty acidsto benefit heart health. Studies show Omega-3helps people at risk for coronary heart disease.Studies show .5 to 1.8 grams of Omega-3 fattyacids ingested daily, significantly reduces heartdisease. The AHA recommends healthy peopleand those at risk for, or who have heart disease,take .5 to 1.8 grams of Omega-3 daily.NOTE: 1 capsule of OmegaPrime® contains .5grams (500 milligrams) of Omega-3 fatty acids.SUCCESS STORIES“I was thrilled with the results,and so was my doctor.”“When I saw my doctorhe said my cholesterolwas a little high and thathe wanted me to take aprescribed drug to lowermy cholesterol. I did, andafter 30-40 days I wentin for a follow-up test.My total cholesterol didgo down, but so did the good cholesterol, andmy triglycerides didn’t change at all. So, I did alittle research online and decided that I wasn’tcomfortable taking what he had given to me.*My doctor finally asked me if I’d try taking fishoil to help control my cholesterol. So that’swhen I tried the OmegaPrime.I took OmegaPrime religiously for 30-40 daysbefore my follow-up test. When I got my resultsback, I learned that my total cholesterol wasunder 200, my good cholesterol was over 80, andmy triglycerides were cut in half. I was thrilledwith the results, and so was my doctor. He hasn’tmentioned a prescription drug since!If I hadn’t researched statins and talked to mydoctor about my concerns with them, I wouldn’thave known that TriVita’s OmegaPrime wouldhave worked for me. It’s sad that so many peopleare taking statins and spending so much money,when they may be able to achieve success byusing a natural alternative that is not harmful toyour body. I tell everyone about OmegaPrime!”– aliCe H. DenTon, TX*You should not stop taking any medicationwithout first consulting your healthcare provider.Exercise reducesinflammatorylevels of insulinand stabilizesblood sugar.Heart HealthySavings!Buy OneOmegaPrimeget the second one50% oFFgood through 2-28-09
  6. 6. trivita.comScott Conard, M.D., is the founder of TienaHealth,an organization of medical doctors in primarycare practice who emphasize healthy lifestylesto maintain wellness. Dr. Conard is considereda national expert on disease prevention.TienaHealth also conducts clinical trials.Scott Conard, M.D.Founder, TienaHealth“To ‘B’ or not to ‘B’” – that was the titleof an address I gave at a wellness conferencein Scottsdale, Arizona recently. I wasspeaking, of course, about Vitamin B-12, andthe event gave me the chance to review itsgrowth from an undervalued vitamin to arecognized powerhouse in health. It also gaveme the chance to recall my early involvementwith TriVita®and respect for the work ofAlfred Libby, M.D., the inventor of TriVitaSublingual B-12, B-6 and Folic Acid.As you may know, Dr. Libby was a pioneerin nutrients and health, and an associateof Linus Pauling, Ph.D., the two-time NobelLaureate and “Father of Vitamin C.” Early inhis career, Dr. Libby discovered the dramatichealth changes that B-12 could make, andworked for decades to raise awareness.“We’ve given peopleback their lives”Along with B-12, Dr. Libby was the “star”of the original TriVita TV infomercialsbeginning in 2000. It is still his original,patented formula (contained in over 11million boxes of Sublingual B-12 sold) thathas helped so many. Here, I’ve selected someof his memorable thoughts:“We’ve given people back their lives,” Dr.Libby said. At the time, painful and expensiveinjections were the only way to supplementeffectively with B-12. And, undiagnosed B-12deficiency caused untold damage.“B-12 deficiency, undiagnosed and untreated,wreaks havoc,” he declared. This “havoc”took many forms:• Moodiness• Low energy• A heart-damaging buildupof homocysteine• High cholesterolHe would talk about patients who, withSublingual B-12, went from moodiness andlethargy to enthusiasm and energy... olderpeople, sent to nursing homes because theywere disruptive and difficult, becoming“functional human beings again”... heartpatients having their blood pressure andcholesterol levels stabilized.A key element in Dr. Libby’s SublingualB-12 is its unique delivery system: “sublingual”means under the tongue, where the tabletsdissolve and get quickly into the bloodstream.This is crucial to maximum absorption andmaximum benefit.Dramatic effects,and a change of careerIn my own medical practice, I found thesame kinds of patient results that Dr. Libbywitnessed years before. In fact, that’s howI came to be associated with TriVita andSublingual B-12. For years, my medicalpractice specialized in treating the elderly.Patients would come into my officecomplaining that they had no energy, felt“low” and depressed and they would beg forB-12 “shots.” After their shots they became somuch more alive, so much more well, that Ichanged course in my career.B-12 updateby Dr. Scott Conarddr. libby’s legacy of pioneering continuesHow Vitamin B-12 becamea mainstay of wellness6 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and WellnessDr.LibbybroughthisdepthofknowledgetoTriVita’searlyTVprogramming.
  7. 7. 1-800-991-7116Call toll-free to order 1-800-991-7116or visit us at trivita.comFaster-acting, longer-lasting andmore potent than ever beforeTriVita Super Sublingual B-12 helps you achieve:• Sustained mental energy, stamina and alertness• Improved mood with a more positive outlook on life• Greater mental focus, clarity and concentration• Sharper memory with less forgetfulness.Plus, Super Sublingual B-12 gives your brainand nerves the essential nutrients they need tohelp replenish brain fuel and help repair damaged nerves.And all this is yours with a convenient, once-a-day tablet.Alfred Libby, M.D. – Inventor of TriVita Sublingual B-12, B-6 & Folic AcidDr. Libby, a renowned nutraceutical pioneer, worked to help hundreds of patients feel betterevery day. An associate of Dr. Linus Pauling (Nobel Prize Laureate), Dr. Libby developed thisunique, sublingual delivery system for his own patients. It was known to give similarmental energy results as B-12 shots, but without the shots’ added pain and expense. Alfred Libby, M.D.SUPER SUBLINGUALB-12AVAILABLEEXCLUSIVELY FROMTRIVITAI founded TienaHealth to focus on preventivemedicine, convinced that the way to make adifference in people’s lives was to help themget the vitamins and nutrients they needbefore health issues arise. After the world lostDr. Libby in 2002, I began speaking up aboutSublingual B-12 for TriVita, and am proud tocontinue today.My own experience has shown me the truthof Dr. Libby’s statement: “It’s so fulfilling, sogratifying to be involved with this (SublingualB-12)... and with the right company, TriVita.”On his original infomercial, Dr. Libby wouldgesture toward the phone banks and say,“When I see the phones light up it remindsme of the song, ‘You Light Up My Life.’ That’show I feel when I see those lights; people’slives are lighting up.”Having seen so many lives “light up” withSublingual B-12, I can only say I whole-heartedly agree.TriVita SuperSublingual B-12#33356Non-Member $28.99Member $22.99Redeem with 230 VitaPointsTriVita SuperSPECIALPRICESUCCESS STORIES“ mood had changed, my thinkingwas clearer and my energy level hadincreased tremendously.”“I had an opportunity to attend TriVita’s Galaxyof Stars event. That first morning my team leadersaw me and he noticed my facial tension. Hegave me a sample of TriVita’s Super SublingualB-12, and encouraged me to try it.I began to feel a quick change in my mood.Later I took another Super B-12 during theafternoon session, and I was acutely awareof an even greater change in my mental clarity,mood and energy. When I came back for theGalaxy of Stars the following day, my friendmarveled at how much more relaxed I looked.She also noticed that my mood had changed,my thinking was clearer and my energy level hadincreased tremendously. When my team leadersaw me again, he noticed the difference too.Later that week I went to church, and severalpeople noticed that I looked more relaxed andcomfortable. Now I really realize that I mustmake this product a priority. Thank you, TriVita!”– maRJoRie H. pHoeniX, aZFor maximumsustained mentalenergy takeTriVita’SuperSublingual B-12For maximumsustained mentalenergy takeTriVita SuperSublingual B-12
  8. 8. trivita.comCounting too many sheep? Poor sleep can lead to heart troubleTochigi, JapanIf you have high blood pressure and don’t get a lot of sleep, you may be at increased risk for heart disease andstroke. Researchers in Japan discovered that people with high blood pressure who slept less than 7.5 hours pernight had a higher risk of having a heart attack or stroke – 68% higher.The study, which appeared in the November 2008 Archives of Internal Medicine, followed 1,255 adults for anaverage of four years, monitoring their blood pressure as well as sleep patterns. Participants were between 33and 97 years old, with an average age of 70.Typically, blood pressure drops during the night. However, those who experienced no drop in blood pressure –in addition to short sleep – had four times the risk of cardiovascular problems.Researchers suggest that a lack of sleep contributes to increased nervous system activity during the day, whichcan stress the cardiovascular system. Blood pressure that doesn’t drop during the night can have a similar effecton the nervous system.Tune in to this: joyful music can make your heart happyBaltimore, MarylandListening to music that makes you happy can be good for your cardiovascular system, according to researchers fromthe Center for Preventive Cardiology at the University of Maryland Center in Baltimore. In the study, the emotionsaroused by joyful music caused tissue in the inner lining of blood vessels to expand, which helps increase blood flow.Participants were asked to choose music that brought them joy and music that made them feel anxious.After listening to the joyful music, participants experienced an average 26% increase in blood vesseldiameter. After listening to music that made them anxious, blood vessels narrowed an average of six percent.The results of the study were presented at the Scientific Sessions of the American Heart Association inNovember 2008.Fat around the heart may increase heart attack riskWinston-Salem, North CarolinaHaving excess fat around your heart may increase your risk of heart attack, researchers reported in the August2008 issue of the journal Obesity. The study investigated whether a link exists between fat deposits around theheart (pericardial fat) and calcified coronary plaque in the arteries. Although calcified plaque isn’t a risk factor initself, it is associated with fatty deposits that can lead to heart attack and stroke.Researchers studied 159 people (55 to 74 years old), measuring the amount of fat around their hearts. Those withthe highest levels of fat were over four times more likely to have calcified coronary plaque. Body mass index andwaist circumference were unrelated to levels of calcified coronary plaque.“Our findings suggest that local fat deposits, rather than total body fat, are most related to calcified coronaryplaque,” said Jingzhong Ding, M.D., lead researcher and assistant professor of gerontology at Wake ForestUniversity Baptist Medical Center.Further research is needed to learn how to prevent buildup of fat around the heart. See page 12 for informationon how to drop excess weight. 8 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and WellnessTheResearch DeskNew findings in health and wellness
  9. 9. Eat your way toa healthier heartBy Christa Orecchio, Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Holistic Health CounselorNothing matters more thantaking good care of yourheart. We can keep ourselvesin shape by getting regular exercise,not smoking and controlling stress.Just as important: eating a variety ofnutritious, heart-healthy foods thatmake up a healthy diet.Where to start? Increase these “super foods”to eat your way to a healthier heart.Blueberries: They top the list as one ofthe most powerful disease-fighting foods.That’s because they contain anthocyanins,the antioxidant responsible for their dark bluecolor. These delicious jewels are packed withfiber, Vitamin C and heart-healthy potassium.Regularly add them into your diet in yogurt,trail mix, salads, cereal, in your favoriteLeanology®shake or just by themselves.Salmon: This cold-water fish is a great sourceof protein and is also packed with heart-healthyOmega-3 fatty acids. The American HeartAssociation advises eating salmon and otherOmega-3 rich foods twice a week for benefitsthat go beyond heart health. Make sureyour salmon is wild caught to avoid toxicheavy metals and lack of nutrients thatcan be found in farm-raised salmon.Recipe Idea: Marinate salmon in a lime,onion, garlic and soy sauce mixture for 15minutes before grilling for a delicious fishtaco or grilled fish sandwich.oatmeal: Oats arenourishing whole grainsand a great source ofvitamins, minerals andcholesterol-loweringfiber. Researchshows that oats lowercholesterol levels, keepyou regular and mayhelp protect againstcertain cancers.Recipe Ideas: Add oats wheneveryou bake. Substitute oat flour forwhite or wheat flour in pancakes, muffins,quick breads, cookies and coffee cakes for anadded dose of fiber. Or try oats in place of breadcrumbs in dishes such as meatloaf, meatballsor breading on poultry.Kale: Even mightier than spinach, kale isthe powerhouse of the vegetable kingdom.Its rich, dark color comes from the multiplephytochemicals, vitamins and minerals(especially folate and iron) it contains thatfight disease, protect the heart and preserveyour eyesight. To top it off, kale is also the “kingof calcium” – it delivers the highest absorbableform of calcium possible.Recipe Idea: Mix kale with pinenuts and raisins, then stuff intowinter squash and bake for acolorful, delicious main or sidedish. Even easier – sauté withgarlic and olive oil.Flaxseed: Rich inOmega-3 fatty acids, lignans,phytoestrogens and fiber, thispowerful seed is most effective whenit is ground up and stored away fromlight, heat and air. Studies suggest thatflaxseed lowers the risk of blood clots, strokeand irregular heartbeat. It may also help lowerLDL (bad) cholesterol and triglycerides.Menu Idea: Ground flaxseed works easily inall sorts of foods – on top of salads or soup, inyogurt parfaits, smoothies or morning cereal.almonds and walnuts: These nuts arehigh in plant Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin E,magnesium, folate, fiber, heart-favorable mono-and polyunsaturated fats and phytosterols.Menu Idea: Mix a few almonds (and berries)into low-fat yogurt, trail mix or fruit salads, andadd walnuts to salads, pastas, cookies, muffinsand even pancakes for a flavorful crunch.Brown rice: Contains high levels ofB-complex vitamins and magnesium, whichnourish our central nervous system. VitaminB-12 (folate) and Vitamin B-6 protect againstChrista orecchioThe American HeartAssociation advises eatingsalmon and other Omega-3rich foods twice a week forbenefits that go beyondheart health.Add oats wheneveryou bake. Substitute oat flour forRecipe Idea:nuts and raisins, then stuff intoFlaxseed:Omega-3 fatty acids, lignans,phytoestrogens and fiber, thispowerful seed is most effective whenit is ground up and stored away fromlight, heat and air. Studies suggest thatflaxseed lowers the risk of blood clots, strokeArticle continued on page 23...February 2009 l 9
  10. 10. trivita.comHCY Guard®#30460Non-Member $29.99Member $23.99Redeem with 240 VitaPointsCall toll-free to order 1-800-991-7116.High homocysteine levels canwreak havoc!• HCY Guard has been clinically-proven to lower dangerous homocysteinelevels 30-40% in just 42 days• Taken daily, HCY Guard ensures that you continue tomaintain healthy homocysteine levels• HCY Guard has an exclusive blend of nutrients, specifically chosenfor their ability to protect against homocysteine escaping intoyour bloodstreamDo you have a regular bloodtest for homocysteine (HCY)levels? Many healthcareproviders believe that homocysteinelevels are a more accurate indicatorof Vitamin B-12 blood levels than aB-12 blood test. Here’s why:The blood level of Vitamin B-12 is discoveredby taking a number of people (usually fewerthan 100) and testing their blood levels.These people are chosen at random and arereasonably healthy, showing no obvious signsof disease. All of their blood test results areadded together and an average from the entiregroup serves as a midline. Usually, both thelowest and highest numbers of respondingpeople are eliminated. The next lowestnumber and the next highest number are usedas the lower and upper limits for that test atthat lab. That is one reason why different labsmay have different “normal” values.That is the simplified version of how highsand lows are discovered for nutrients like B-12.Can you see the flaws in this kind of thinking?First, I do not want to be compared to theaverage person on the street. I want to becompared to the healthiest people around. Mygoal is to have abundant energy and be diseaseresistant. Therefore, I want to be compared tothe people who have already achieved thosebenchmarks. Second, we know that peoplewith “normal” levels of B-12 often have highlevels of homocysteine and low moods.Both mood and HCY levels improve when wesupplement with the right kind of B-12. Thatmeans that the lab values for what shouldbe considered “low” are too low. It also tellsus that what is considered “high” is likewiseerroneous. High lab values for B-12 are basedon the survey of “normal” people. We knowthat normal in our culture does not reflect ourhealth aspirations!ideal B-12 levelsIf you have read our Weekly WellnessReports regularly you know that thereare different types of B-12 that do differentjobs. For instance, cyanocobalamin is acomplete form of B-12 that nourishes thebrain and nerves. Methylcobalamin is aB-12 enzyme that detoxifies homocysteinein the liver and kidneys.The best way to tell if you need cyanoco-balamin is if you have “brain fog” that liftswhen you take TriVita®Sublingual B-12.The best way to tell if you need methylco-balamin is to have your blood tested forhomocysteine levels. The normal value forhomocysteine is between 4 and 8, with theideal number being 6.3. Any value higherthan 8 indicates that you need the methylco-balamin and other methylation cycle nutrientsfound in TriVita’s HCY Guard®– regardlessof what your actual B-12 blood test says.Dr. Dwight Lundell’s excellent articleon medical marketing in this issue of theVitaJournal speaks directly to the nature ofthis controversy. According to Dr. Lundell,it’s not how much cholesterol you have inyour blood that matters, it is how inflamedthe arteries are and how oxidized the LDL(bad) cholesterol is that gives people heartattacks. Similarly, it is not how much B-12you have in your blood test that tells you ifyou have enough. Instead, it is how effectivethe type of B-12 is at reducing the harmful,deadly levels of elevated homocysteine.HCY updateBrazos Minshew’s experience as TriVita’s Chief ScienceOfficer makes him uniquely suited to not only adviseVitaJournal readers on the dangers of homocysteine,but how the B vitamins can lower HCY.Don’t bemisled byB-12 blood testshomocysteine levels area more reliable indicator of disease riskBy Brazos Minshew, TriVita Chief Science OfficerBrazos MinshewChiefScienceOfficerHeart HealthySavings!Buy OneHCY Guardget the second one50% oFFgood through 2-28-09
  11. 11. 1-800-991-7116Article from Michael Ellison continued from page 2...I am very excited about the development and introduction ofour new product line Sonoran Bloom™, which we have beenworking on for the last two years. In fact, I am so enthusiasticabout the wellness benefits of these products, that we are goingto 30 cities in a pre-launch campaign to introduce the productto our Members. We will be giving a 32-ounce bottle of thedelicious Opuntia liquid concentrate FREE to each personwho attends. We want to hear about the amazing results ourMembers will experience from the product. This product hashelped people with arthritis, joint and back pain, foot pain,muscle soreness, and overall aches and pains that are causedby inflammation.This product addresses the hottest issue in medical researchtoday: inflammation. Inflammation is being linked to manydiseases. It weakens the body and enables disease to set in.You will learn a lot about what you can do to reduce andmonitor inflammation. Our mission is to inspire people toexperience wellness and create wealth for their life purposes!Helping people live a vibrant and healthy life is why TriVitawas founded. Let us help you!There will also be a brief introduction of the incomeopportunity for Affiliates who want to share information withthose they know and care about. TriVita is proud of the way wedo business with our customers in that we provide opportunitiesbased on the desires of each Member: opportunities to simplypurchase products for their own wellness as well as the chanceto be involved with the sharing opportunity. It is simple andrewarding to help someone enjoy and experience greaterwellness with TriVita products.If you want to know more about this product in our pre-launch campaign and our mission of helping people experiencewellness, please plan to join us in a city near you. On page 30,you will find a listing of some of the cities we will be visiting.Make 2009 your year of experiencing greaterwellness and take someone with you on yourwellness journey!Our mission is to inspire people toexperience wellness and create wealthfor their life purposes! Helping people livea vibrant and healthy life is why TriVitawas founded. Let us help you!February 2009 l 11In the midst of a family crisis, it can be difficult to keep relatives andfriends informed. With trips to the hospital, fatigue and the accompanyingemotional stress, calling everyone in your address book can be a challenge.Fortunately, free online resources are available to help you easily keepeveryone up-to-date.CaringBridgeOne online resource dedicated to providing free websites for people goingthrough health crises is Founded in 1997, CaringBridgeis a nonprofit Web service that helps keep families and friends connectedduring difficult times. Over 150,000 families have created personal websites– and over half a billion people have visited the site. You can create a sitefor yourself or a loved one. Some of the health crises that have promptedpeople to create CaringBridge websites include:• Cancer treatment • Long-term illness• Hospice care • War injury• Premature birth • Stroke• Car accidents • International adoption• RehabilitationThe site was created to be user-friendly, so that everyone in the family –even those new to the Internet – won’t have problems accessing theinformation. The personal websites are private; they can’t be found viasearch engines and you control your privacy settings.Website featuresThe website offers ways for you to inform others of the latest developments,as well as allowing them to offer words of support and encouragement.There is also a photo gallery option available.How you can helpEven if you’re not experiencing a crisis, you can help spread the wordabout this free service.• Tell everyone you know about this resource; they may know someonewho could use it• Go online and download brochures to hand out; you canalso request that materials be sent to you• If you have a website or blog, link to• If you’ve benefited from CaringBridge, share it with otherstiPS FOR HealtHY CaReGivinGIf you are a caregiver, it can be easy to lose sight of your own personal needs.Take care of yourself, as well as the person in your care.• take time for yourself – it’s easy to get burned out and lose sight of yourown needs. Reserve some time each day for yourself. One option is respitecare; someone comes to your house and takes care of the patient for a fewhours while you are away.• Share the load – many caregivers internalize all their stress and conflictingemotions. Don’t be afraid to reach out to others; support groups are available.Have a HeartCommunicating in times of crisis
  12. 12. trivita.com12 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and WellnessAs you probably know,a big risk for heart diseaseis excessive weight. Not onlydoes it increase the strain on the heartbut it also contributes to high bloodpressure, high cholesterol and diabetes.A high-fat diet combined with little orno exercise is a major factor in risingcholesterol levels and heart disease.In the United States, approximatelyone-third of the adult populationweighs 20% or more over theirideal weight.Can losing weight lower yourcholesterol levels?Being overweight has been shown to increasetotal cholesterol levels. It can also cause yourcholesterol levels to get out of balance, raisinglevels of LDL (bad) cholesterol that clogs bloodvessels and lowering levels of HDL (good)cholesterol by raising blood pressure andstraining the heart.Do you weigh more than you should?Most of us have done the simple “mirror test” –we simply look in the mirror and see if we areoverweight. If you can pinch an inch at yourwaist, chances are you need to lose weight. Also,if you weigh 10 to 15 pounds more than you didwhen you were 20, you may need to drop someweight with the help of the Leanology® WeightLoss System and lifestyle changes.What is your ideal weight?Your ideal weight is determined by lean body mass(everything but fat) plus the amount of fat youneed for good health. This ranges from 10%-18%of total body weight for men and 18%-25% oftotal body weight for women. A health profes-sional can estimate your own percentage bymeasuring your body fat with a skinfold caliper.How body shape impacts heart healthRecent research suggests that heart health can beaffected as much by body shape as by weight. Forexample, people whose waists are nearly as largeas or larger than their hips have a higher rate ofheart disease.To determine your waist-to-hip ratio, measureyour waist just above the navel. Measure yourhips at their widest. Divide your waist measure-ment by your hip measurement. A waist-to-hipratio greater than 0.8 for women and 0.95 formen indicates higher heart disease risk.The different kinds of body fat –and their importanceSome of us carry excess weight in the hips andthighs while others carry it in the abdominalarea. Several studies have indicated that excessfat in the abdominal area is more likely to causehealth problems such as high cholesterol levels.Since the measurement around your waistlinereflects your level of abdominal fat, a waistmeasurement can provide a good clue to whetheryou have too much upper body fat. You may havetoo much abdominal fat if your waist measure-ment exceeds:• 40 inches for men • 35 inches for womenFat aroundthe heart mayincrease heartattack riskA recent study fromWake Forest Universityindicates that havingexcess fat around theheart may also be ahealth risk. Even a thinperson can have fataround the heart.Pericardial fat, or storesof fat around the heart,is known to cause higher secretion of inflamma-tory substances, which may accelerate thedevelopment of heart disease.Weight control tips• Eat more high-fiber foods, includingfruits and grains.• Use non-fat or low-fat dairy products.• Eat only lean meats, fish, skinless poultryand low-fat vegetable proteins such as tofu.• Eat a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.• Keep serving sizes moderate and avoidsecond helpings.• Get regular physical activity. Even abrisk walk is great exercise.• Limit sugary desserts and soft drinks.• Limit alcohol consumption.• Celebrate your successes with non-foodtreats, such as a weekend getaway, amassage or a new look or hairstyle.Since February is Heart Health Month, there’snever been a better time to get your weight andyour health under control.lose weight,lighten help your heart!dropping excess fat is an important first step to reducing your heart disease risk
  13. 13. 1-800-991-7116lose the Weight YouWant – in 3 easy Steps!STEP 1:Fat burning capsulesfor “losing the bulge”Leanology® WeightLoss Capsules (180 ct.)#30615Non-Member $74.99Member $59.99Redeem with 600 VitaPointsSTEP 2:Tasty chews forsnack replacementand appetite controlLeanology®Appetite ControlChews (60 soft chews)Flavor: Chocolate Mocha#30690Non-Member $37.99Member $29.99Redeem with 300 VitaPointsSTEP 3:Delicious shakesfor low caloriemeal substitutionLeanology®Nutritional Shakes(15 shakes per 2 lb bag)Flavors: Creamy Vanilla, DutchChocolate and Mixed BerryNon-Member $56.99Member $44.99Redeem with 450 VitaPointsVALUE PACKThe Value Pack includes:•WeightLossCapsules(1bottle)•NutritionalShakes(1bag)•AppetiteControlChews(2bags)oneFreeBag ofChewsLeanology® 3-Step Value PackMember $129.99Redeem with 1300 VitaPointsSAVE $34.97!Wendy lives in Towson, MD with her husband,David, and owns a tea room called The CasualCup. She started preparing for bariatric bypassweight loss surgery in the fall of 2007. “I’vefought weight issues most of my adult life,”Wendy says. “Having tipped the scales atjust over 220 pounds and getting less-than-favorable news from the doctor about mycholesterol, blood glucose and triglycerides, heand I knew that something had to be done.”In addition to reaching her 50th birthdayand dealing with the effects of menopause,she felt like she was losing control of herbody and mind. A 70 pound weight losswas Wendy’s ultimate goal.Then fate took a turn for the better whenshe confided in a local TriVita®Member,who frequented Wendy’s tea room. “WhenI mentioned to her that I was preparing forweight loss surgery, she asked me to pleasewait and consider using a new product thatTriVita would be introducing in the fall of2007,” Wendy recalls. “I agreed to look at theinformation about Leanology, since I knew thatthe earliest I would be having surgery wouldbe March of 2008.”By that point she had already taken justabout every diet pill around, counted thepoints, shaken the shake and disco boogiedwith Richard Simmons. Says Wendy, “I waswilling to try something else since I knew thatthe final victory in this weight battle wouldbe at the hands of the bariatric surgeon, justmonths away.”She tried Leanology shakes and capsulesand was immediately pleased. The shakeswere filling and left no unpleasant aftertastefound in so many other shake products.Leanology Chews helped curb cravings andtasted great. Wendy’s energy level also startedimproving – an absolute necessity to keepup with her busy tea room.“I started losing some weight – 10 pounds orso and the next thing I knew, I was gettingbetter reports from the doctor about mycholesterol and other important levels,” shenotes. “I then added Energy Now!®to mydaily Leanology regimen. More weightstarted coming off and I’ve now lost 30pounds. Admittedly, it’s been a slow processwhich I know would speed up if I exercisedmore. However, my cholesterol numbersand blood pressure numbers are all in thegood range.“I would encourage anyone to try Leanologyproducts whether you need to lose a little ora lot of weight,” she concludes. “I’m well onmy way to my ultimate weight loss goal... 70pounds and I’m just thrilled by my progress!”After taking Leanology®Wendy stopped her plansfor weight loss surgeryWendyhas lost30pounds!SUCCESS STORIES
  14. 14. trivita.com14 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and WellnessQuick: What’s your blood pressure (BP)? If you have no idea, you mightalso be in the dark about some serious effects of unmanaged high bloodpressure (HBP), also called hypertension. Grave conditions like heartdisease, heart failure, stroke and kidney failure can be caused by HBP,so it’s important to know where you stand.Just what is blood pressure? It’s the force of blood pushing against ourartery walls as our heart pumps out blood. If this pressure is too highfor too long, it can damage our arteries, over-work our heart and damageother major organs. What’s worse: HBP usually has no symptoms, so youmight be unaware of the damage it’s doing.Get to know your numbersWhen a blood pressure measurement is taken, two things are measured:systolic pressure and diastolic pressure. This is then expressed as anumber, such as 120/70 (120 over 70). The first number, systolic, is thepressure when the heart is pumping blood; the second number, diastolic,is the pressure when the heart rests between beats.This table from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute showsnormal numbers for adults (18 and over), and which numbers put youat greater risk for health problems.Categories for blood pressure levels in adultsNote: If you have diabetes or chronic kidney disease, HBP is definedas 130/80 or higher. HBP numbers also differ for children and teens.Age does make a difference: blood pressure tends to rise as we get older,making it even more important to keep it under control. If you’re a maleolder than 45 or a female older than 55, your risk for HBP is higher.About one-third of U.S. adults have HBP.“White coat hypertension”: truth or myth?There is a real health syndrome called “white coat hypertension” thathas to do with medical checkups. Some people’s blood pressure readingsare high only when they visit their healthcare provider’s office becausethey’re nervous or anxious. In these cases, the person might be asked tomonitor their blood pressure at home, or to wear a device for a short timethat takes blood pressure every 30 minutes. If you’re familiar enough withyour numbers to know that your first reading is high (you may have toask), request another reading at the end of your visit.Taking the pressure offIf you have HBP, your healthcare provider may recommend lifestylechanges to help keep it under control, including:• Following a healthy eating plan• Getting enough physical activity• Maintaining a healthy weight• Quitting smoking• Managing and learning to cope with stressAs research continues into HBP, science is also discovering some “tasty”ways to help take the pressure off, including these fascinating findings:• Steering clear of table salt? Don’t pass on the potassium ormagnesium at the same time. A recent review in the Journalof Clinical Hypertension found that the numbers go downwhen we boost our intake of fruits and vegetables like squash,bananas, dates and spinach.• Chocolate-lovers, rejoice: Yale University researchers havefound more evidence that antioxidants in dark chocolatecan help lower BP.If you don’t know your blood pressure, February’s Heart Health Month isthe perfect time to give your heart a “valentine”: find out and, if needed,take action. Category Systolic(top number)Diastolic(bottom number)Normal Less than 120 And Less than 80Prehypertension 120–139 Or 80–89High blood pressureStage 1 140–159 Or 90–99Stage 2 160 or higher Or 100 or higherGive your heart avalentineManage blood pressure to helpmanage your health
  15. 15. improve and Protect your eyesight!VisionGuard is formulated using the latest science.Each serving of TriVita’s VisionGuard has20 milligrams of lutein, the most importantnutrient for healthy eyesight.Plus, we’ve added other eye-specific antioxidantsto help your eyes defend themselves againsttime and damaging pollutants.TRY IT TODAY! CALL 1-800-991-7116 or visit us at trivita.comVisionGuard#30570Non-Member $34.99Member $27.99Redeem with 280 VitaPointsThis month is AMD/Low Vision AwarenessMonth, a good time to keep an eye on your eyehealth. Certainly, loss of vision can be one ofthe most debilitating conditions you face. Bytaking care of your eyes and recognizing thesymptoms of certain eye conditions, you canhelp preserve the precious gift of sight.age-related macular degenerationAge-related macular degeneration (AMD) is theleading cause of vision loss in people over 60,according to the National Eye Institute. It maycome on quickly, but typically, it progresses slowly.AMD affects the macula (located in the retina),which allows you to see sharp detail. There aretwo forms of AMD: dry and wet.• Dry AMD – cells in the macula breakdown, blurring vision.• Wet AMD – abnormal blood vessels growunder the macula and leak blood andother fluids, which move the macula fromits normal place. Damage occurs quickly;wet AMD is also called advanced AMD.Signs of aMDDry AMD starts with blurred vision andcan eventually progress to a blind spot inthe center of the field of vision. The mostcommon symptom of wet AMD is straight linesappearing wavy. Those with wet AMD may alsoexperience a small blind spot.low visionDo you have a hard time doing everyday tasks –even with glasses, contact lenses, medicineor surgery? The problem may be what theNational Eye Institute describes as “low vision.”Low vision can be caused by birth defectsor injury, or result from eye disorders andconditions such as macular degeneration,glaucoma, cataracts and diabetes.Signs of low visionIf you or someone you know experiences any ofthe following, it could be a sign of low vision:• Trouble reading street signs• Trouble doing things at home or workbecause the lights seem dimmer• Trouble recognizing the faces of friendsand family• Trouble with close work such as reading,sewing or picking out matching clothesIf any of the symptoms of AMD or low visionoccur, it’s time to make an appointment withan eye care professional. Encourage friends andfamily with these symptoms to do the same. It’simportant that these eye conditions be identifiedearly; it can mean the difference betweensuccessful treatment and lost vision.Protect your eye health nowEven if you don’t have these conditions, you cannever be too careful when it comes to visionhealth; don’t wait for blurry or impaired visionbefore taking steps to protect your eyesight.• Get your eyes checked. The AmericanOptometric Association recommendseye exams according to the followingschedule:• 18-60 years: every 2 years• 61+ years: every year• Those who wear glasses orcontacts: every year• Good eats for good eyes. Studies haveshown that nutrients found in colorfulfruits and vegetables may help reduceyour risk of eye problems.• Supplement with eye-protectivenutrients. TriVita’s VisionGuard wasformulated with important nutrientsthat have been shown to nourish theeyes and help keep eyesight strong.Keep an Eyeon Your VisionWatch for the signs of these life-changing conditionsSUCCESS STORIES“ vision had actually improved...”“I have glaucoma. I noticed my vision was not asgood as it had been. Just after seeing my doctor,I ordered VisionGuard. After taking it for threemonths, I went back to see him, and he was goingto check my cataracts. Well, at this visit, he saidthat my vision had actually improved, and that hedidn’t need to do anything about the cataractsat this time. Plus, I could see the vision chartsbetter. The only change I made was adding theVisionGuard to my daily routine.”– Jan b. Due wesT, sC
  16. 16. With his white hair andhalf-smile, Alfred F. Libby,M.D., Ph.D., nutraceuticalpioneer, looks like a gentle soul. Thatkind, grandfatherly face (you’ve seenhis photos in the VitaJournal andTriVita’s®catalogs) could be deceptive,though: it hid a spirit so strong, sofierce, that he defied the medicalestablishment – and triumphed.Dr. Libby, of course, is famed for his work withtwo-time Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling, Ph.D.,who was often called “The Father of VitaminC.” Dr. Libby earned five doctorates and isrecognized as one of the world’s pioneeringauthorities on therapeutic nutrition. Thanks tohim, through TriVita, the world has SublingualB-12, Non-Acidic Vitamin C (now Vital C in theU.S.), Balanced Woman®, VitaCal-Mag D™andDigestive Complex. And in large part becauseof him, the world also has a more compassionateunderstanding of substance abusers. Dr. Libbywas awarded a Doctor of Humanities Degree bythe World Congress on Health for hisresearch into using Vitamin Cagainst drug addiction.Dr. Libby “stood up forwhat he believed wasright, and openlyopposed what hebelieved was wrong,”recalls CarolynLibby, his widow.One example: Inthe early 1970sthe U.S. Congresswas in the processof restricting the saleof over-the-counternutrients. After hearingtestimony by Dr. Libby andDr. Pauling, Congress eased up.About the same time, Dr. Libby encountered ayoung man on methadone, a drug used to treatdrug addictions. He wanted to help, and soonopened a door into research on substance abusethat would become his life quest.In that era, Carolyn recalls, “The prevailingattitude was ‘us against them.’ Nowhere inmedicine were patients treated with suchdisregard as people struggling with drugs oralcohol,” she says. But Dr. Libby, believing thatevery person deserved to be treated withrespect, followed his passion to findanswers. The treatment protocolshe developed through study,research and “practice”were truly revolutionaryand are in use today.Dr. Libby’s decadesof research madehim “absolutelyconvinced that God,in His infinite loveand mercy, left thehealing herbs, vitamins,minerals and amino acidsfor our... good health.” Forthose who knew him onlythrough his TriVita infomer-cials, which began in 2000, it’s“I am absolutely convinced thatGod, in His infinite love andmercy, left the healing herbs,vitamins, minerals and aminoacids for our use in order tomaintain good health.”– Alfred F. Libby, M.D.Carolyn Libby salutes her“warrior for the sick“trivita.com16 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and WellnessDr. Alfred Libbyin 1978Dr. Alfred Libby: The fierce heart of a great man
  17. 17. reaffirming to knowthat he also saidthis: “Following theconcepts outlinedand so wonderfullyexpressed by TriVita,your pathway tomaintaining, orregaining, your goodhealth is assured.”“I saw him as the bestdoctor on the planet,” saysCarolyn, a view that was sharedby many. “Early in our life together hesaid to me, ‘You will say of your husband, he wasfierce.’ And he was. He was a warrior for the sickand for those bound by addictions. He fought fortheir well-being.”(Editor’s note: After Dr. Libby’s death in 2002,Scott Conard, M.D., stepped into the SublingualB-12 infomercials. A champion of preventive health,Dr. Conard has a monthly column about B-12in the VitaJournal; see page 6).Carolyn Libby starts a newchapter of sharing wellnessFor years, Carolyn Libby’s mission was to standby her late husband, Dr. Alfred Libby, as hepioneered the use of nutrients for health (hewas the inventor of TriVita Sublingual B-12; seepage 7). When he died in 2002 she found a newmission, serving the poor and sick in Africa.Now, she’s adding a new chapter to her life ofcommitment and purpose: she’s among TriVita’snewest Business Affiliates.Soon she’ll return from one of her semi-annualtrips to Uganda, comforting those stricken withHIV/AIDS, and she’ll pick right up spreadingthe TriVita message of health and wellnessfrom her California home. “Countless peopleI know have been using TriVita products foryears,” she says. “It’s an honor for me to nowbe representing TriVita.”As you might expect, Carolyn has been along-time advocate of exercise, healthy eating andsupplementation. Her daily list of health-boostersis topped by Sublingual B-12 and Vitamin C(in the formulas created by her late husband),along with hisother formulations:VitaCal-Mag D™,Balanced Womanand DigestiveComplex. Shealso takesCoEnzyme Q-10 andAdaptogen 10 Plus®.“Nutrientshave been mylife. They’re theheart of everything.”Asked to single out one mostimportant product, Carolyn responds “TheVitamin C crystals, hands down. Alfred alwayssaid that Vitamin C is life itself.” Also, she addswith a laugh, “If he is looking down from heavenat this moment, I had just better say Vitamin C!”She’s serious about the message of health, though.“TriVita’s emphasis on wellness and faith areexactly parallel with my beliefs and, indeed, mylife experiences with Alfred,” she notes. As onewho started her own wellness journey decadesago, Carolyn says, “Nutrients have been my life.They’re the heart of everything.”Like Dr. Libby, Carolyn has a heart for those inneed. Just two days after Dr. Libby died, Carolynmet a missionary, and the work of helping others“scooped me up... it took over. A new seasonbegan in my life.” Now she visits the villages,hospitals and prisons in Uganda, traveling solo,praying for hours with people who desperatelyneed hope and providing HIV/AIDS education.When Carolyn visits, Ugandan villagers “line upfor prayer, even though many don’t understandmy language.” Better than most, Carolyn knowshow blessed many people in Western nationstruly are. “It is shocking to learn that only asmall minority of the people on this earth havesufficient food to eat each day, clean water todrink and a sheltered place to sleep in safety.God blesses us so that we can share it withothers. That’s what life is really about, isn’t it?”Sharing a vision, beginning a missionWhen she returns home, Carolyn will embraceher new mission as an Affiliate with the sameconviction. She and Dr. Libby became involvedwith TriVita not long after the company began,and she has high praise for CEO Michael Ellison.“Michael’s vision has built a magnificent company,dedicated to building healthy lives through cutting-edge products and a strong foundation of integ-rity,” she says. “Today, I am thankful to be a partof this God-ordained company.”To those who are more recent members ofthe TriVita family, this “new” Business Affiliatehas spirited words: “You are now part of amost extraordinary mission. You can trust theleadership of this company to present the truthand provide the very finest quality nutrients.”If you think that sounds like a woman on amission, you’re right. 1-800-991-7116 February 2009 l 17Dr. Alfred &Carolyn Libby in 2001“You are now part of a mostextraordinary mission.You can trust the leadershipof this company to presentthe truth and provide the veryfinest quality nutrients.”
  18. 18. Falling in love... sucha powerful emotionthat has inspiredcountless artists to paintmasterpieces, composersto create unforgettablemusic and authors towrite best-selling novels.Love in other languagesLanguages from around the world have aphrase of their own that expresses this intenseemotion called love. Here is a small samplingof phrases that express I love you in otherlanguages: Chinese, Wo ai ni; Hawaiian,Aloha wau la oe; Romanian, Te iubesc; andHebrew, Ani ohev otakh, to mention just a few.No matter which language is spoken, I love youis the most beautiful phrase anyone could sayto another person.However, falling in love is assisted by thehormone, oxytocin, sometimes referred to asthe “love hormone” by social scientists. Thisnormally stable hormone is released in excessduring hugging and pleasant physical touch,which helps humans bond and attach. But,don’t count on the “love hormone” to be therefor the long haul. You become immune to it inabout 18 months. After the love hormonetapers off, love becomes a matter of choice andmaintenance. It takes more than falling in loveto establish a lasting relationship.In North America, February 14 has been setaside to express our love for others. In honor ofthis day, I have chosen the top 14 attributes ofenduring relationships that consistently appearin scientific research studies. And you willnotice love is not at the top of the list.14 attributes of lasting relationships1. Communication2. Trust3. Commitment4. Love5. Intimacy6. Acceptance7. Shared values8. Selflessness9. Consideration10. Kindness11. Mutual understanding12. Reciprocal respect13. Laughter14. ForgivenessCommunication: #1 key to a long-lasting friendship and marriageWhen both people get their needs met in arelationship, then that relationship is going tobe successful. Each partner needs tocommunicate his or her needs. If you thinkthat you shouldn’t have to tell your partner, heor she should just know, then think again.Most people are not mind readers.Everyone needs to feel valued and important.Lack of attention and neglect can make yourpartner feel as if you no longer care, which willthen allow your partner to hold things in andnot discuss issues. This will lead to an unhappymarriage and unresolved concerns.Take time each year foran annual relationship checkupI would suggest going away for a weekendonce a year for a “relationship checkup” toassess the status of your relationship. Goover the 14 attributes and see how well youare doing in each of the categories. Givetime for each person to talk about whatmakes him or her feel valued and important,as well as to talk freely about any concerns.Marriage is about imperfect people doingtheir best to nurture and care for oneanother in love. This includes all theessentials we’ve been talking about. Trust,commitment, intimacy, reciprocal respect,togetherness and maintaining a positivefocus are attributes that cultivate lastinglove – a truly, forever relationship. Attributes ofLastingRelationshipsby Dr. Judy“Well,itseemstomethatthebestrelationships–theonesthatlast–arefrequentlytheonesthatarerootedinfriendship.Youknow,onedayyoulookatthepersonandyouseesomethingmorethanyoudidthenightbefore.Likeaswitchhasbeenflickedsomewhere.Andthepersonwhowasjustafriendis...suddenlytheonlypersonyoucaneverimagineyourselfwith.” – Gillian AndersonJudy Ellison, Ph.D., is a success coach, author,motivational speaker and psychologist. She has inspiredpeople around the world to reach within and find theirpassionate purpose to live a more meaningful life.trivita.com18 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and WellnessJudy Ellison, Ph.D.
  19. 19. At this time ofyear, the signsof romantic loveare everywhere. We’re urgedto give Valentine’s Day giftsof flowers, chocolates,perfume, jewelry, and, ofcourse, cards. Even my granddaughter, in herfirst year of school, got caught up in the funof exchanging Valentines with her classmates.But I must admit that she made me pause whenshe looked at all the cards ready for her to signand said, “Granddad, these all say ‘I love you.’What is love, really?”And isn’t that the question of the ages? What islove, really? The Bible talks about four kinds oflove: parental, brother-sister, husband-wife andagape love. Agape love is that pure, uncondi-tional love that has no expectation of return.God’s love for us is real agape love. Scripturetells us that He loves us forever... no conditions:“Give thanks to the God of gods. His love enduresforever” – Psalm 136:2. So, I told my grand-daughter that love is wanting the very best forsomeone without getting anything in return.“If God was giving out Valentine cards in yourclass,” I said, “He would give them all withoutexpecting any in return.”What is love? The Bible describes it in detailfor us, in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8:“Love is patient, love is kind. It does notenvy, it does not boast, it is not proud.It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is noteasily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.Love does not delight in evil but rejoiceswith the truth.It always protects, always trusts, alwayshopes, always perseveres.Love never fails.”your body, His Temple1 Cor. 6:19-20“Love never fails.” – 1 Corinthians 13:8Walking with God, seeing through the eyes of loveby Chaplain Gene HendersonThat’s quite a list, and most of us will comeup short sometimes – even with those whoare most precious to us. With our loved ones,and with people not so close to us, God istelling us that when others don’t motivate usto walk in love, when we find them downrightunloveable, that the way to find grace isthrough God’s eyes.We can choose how we see others (andourselves). When we see through our humaneyes, with all our shortcomings, biases,judgments and faults, that’s what we see inothers: shortcomings, biases, judgments andfaults. But when we look through God’s eyes,and not our own, we can see with love.look through His loving eyesBy walking with God and looking through Hisloving eyes, we can see the truth of ourselvesand others with all our imperfections, but wecan also see the reasons why we act as we do.I’m not suggesting that we turn a blind eye tobad behaviors and pretend that things arefine when they aren’t.While it may be difficult, I am suggesting thatwe try to rise above our own flawed selves andlet our Creator’s goodness direct our eyes.In a way, it’s like looking through differentfilters. With our everyday human filters, wecolor our vision of the world with all of ourown attitudes, assumptions and perspectives.But when we see through God’s eyes, theeyes of love look with compassion, patience,kindness... all those wonderful attributes weread in 1 Corinthians.During this month of celebrating love, andalways, remember that God’s love never fails.We can strive to love ourselves and otherswith that same unconditional, agape love.When we see through God’seyes, the eyes of love lookwith compassion,patience, kindness...1-800-991-7116By walking with God and looking through His loving eyes, we cansee the truth of ourselves and others with all our imperfections...February 2009 l 19
  20. 20. trivita.com20 l February 2009Promotehearthealthwith Vital C!• Vital C helps protect the body against heartdisease. It also helps build collagen to fostercardiovascular health• Time-Release Crystal Tablets are idealin the evening to help protect your heartwhile you sleep• Powdered Crystals are easy to take –simply mix into your favorite beverage• Maximum absorption and potency• Easy to digest and gentle on the body(non-acidic/neutral pH)Take Crystal Tablets and PowderedCrystals for 24-hour protection.Call toll-free to order1-800-991-7116.are you prepared for aheart attack emergency?Check your knowledge with this fact sheet from thenational heart, lung and blood instituteDiscomfort or a heavy feeling in thechest can signal a heart attack.TRUE: Chest pain is the most commonly reportedheart attack symptom. But the pain may not feel severeor “stabbing.” It may feel more like a discomfort. Chestdiscomfort may be accompanied by or follow shortnessof breath. Discomfort or pain may be felt in other areasof the upper body, such as one or both arms, the back,neck, jaw or stomach. Other symptoms that can occurinclude breaking out in a “cold sweat,” nausea orlight-headedness.Women do not frequently experienceheart attacks.FALSE: Heart disease is the number one killerof American women, and nearly half of all heartattack deaths happen to women. Furthermore, womenare less likely to survive a heart attack than are men.(Women are less likely than men to believe they’rehaving a heart attack and more likely to delay inseeking emergency treatment.)Some people who are experiencingthe symptoms of a heart attack maywait hours or even days before seekingneeded medical care.TRUE: Many people do not recognize their symptomsas life-threatening. That’s why it’s important to knowthe warning signs and take action quickly. (See warningsigns below.)Being treated within about anhour of the first symptoms canmake a significant difference.TRUE: Heart attack deaths and heart damage canoften be avoided when treatment begins within anhour of when the symptoms started.Many heart attack victims say their heartattack wasn’t what they’d expected.TRUE: Most people expect a heart attack to be asudden intense pain, but often heart attacks startslowly as a mild pain.Most heart attacks occur in people over 65.TRUE: However, 45% of all heart attacks occur in peopleunder age 65. And 5% occur in people under age 40.The major issue in delay is how long ittakes for emergency medical personnelto find the address and deliver the patientto the hospital.FALSE: The most significant portion of delay time isdue to patient delay, the time it takes for an individual todecide to ask for help. Sometimes a patient does not wantto believe anything bad is happening and dismisses theseriousness of the symptoms. Sometimes people do notknow the symptoms of heart attack.1234567Vital C Crystals#30170Non-Member $24.99Member $19.99Redeem with 200 VitaPointsVital C Tablets#30230Non-Member $18.99Member $14.99Redeem with 150 VitaPointsHeart HealthySavings!Buy Onevital Cget the second same one50% oFFgood through 2-28-09Heart HealthySavings!Heart attack Warning Signs• Chest discomfort: Most heart attacks involve discomfort in the center of the chest that lasts for more thana few minutes, or goes away and comes back. The discomfort can feel like uncomfortable pressure, squeezing,fullness or pain.• Discomfort in other areas of the upper body: Can include pain or discomfort in one or both arms, the back,neck, jaw or stomach.• Shortness of breath: Often comes along with chest discomfort. But it can also occur before chest discomfort.• Other symptoms: May include breaking out in a cold sweat, nausea or light-headedness.note to women: As with men, women’s most common heart attack symptom is chest pain or discomfort. But womenare somewhat more likely than men to experience some of the other common symptoms, particularly shortness of breath,nausea/vomiting and back or jaw pain.even if you’re not sure it’s a heart attack, you should still have it checked out.Fast action can save lives – maybe your own.
  21. 21. 1-800-991-7116Black History Month is anannual remembrance ofimportant people and eventsin the history of the African-American people. It is observedin the United States and Canadaduring the month of February, andreminds us all of the many significantcontributions and advances madeby African-Americans. This year’sobservance of Black History Monthhas a special resonance becausethe United States’ first African-American president, BarackObama, was inaugurated in January.In addition to honoring achievements, BlackHistory Month is also an apt time to lookat some of the healthcare challenges thatface African-Americans specifically. Withawareness and preventive measures, thesechallenges can be better faced in the yearsto come. Happily, the rates for heart disease,breast cancer, infant mortality and teenagepregnancy are down for this group. However,African-Americans are still more likely todevelop cancer than other racial or ethnicgroups and AIDS and kidney disease remainmajor killers.It’s true for African-Americans and forall people: “An ounce of prevention isworth a pound of cure.” Seeing yourhealthcare provider regularly and gettingproper screenings reduce the health risksfor people of all ethnic risk for several illnessesSeveral diseases and health issues continueto challenge African-Americans specifically:• African-Americans have a 50% higherprevalence of hypertension (high bloodpressure) than the overall population.• The diabetes-related death rate hasincreased for the total population andeven more so, for African-Americans.• African-Americans develop kidneyfailure about four times more frequentlythan Caucasians. Both high blood pres-sure and diabetes are the major culprits.• The elderly African-Americanpopulation still lags behind the totalelderly population in immunization rates.• The rate of coronary artery diseaseamong African-Americans has decreasedin recent years. However, because thisgroup has higher blood pressure thanother ethnic groups, the risk of coronaryheart disease remains higher.Here’s how you can take control of yourhealthcare destiny – regardless of yourethnic background:• Make sure your healthcare providerdiscusses your health with you andthat you form a partnership to maintainyour good health.• Looking for a healthcare provider?Studies show that healthcare providerswith racial and ethnic backgroundsimilar to their patients are more likelyto have a partnering relationship withtheir patients.• Don’t be passive. If you don’t understandor agree with your healthcare provider’srecommendations, then don’t be afraidto ask questions.• Follow the 10 Essentials for Healthand Wellness – found on page 2 of theVitaJournal. These rules for buildinghealth allow every one of us to takeadvantage of our genetic strengths.We all require the same things for health andhappiness, no matter where our ancestors camefrom. The “10 Essentials” are universal. Thesecherished guidelines apply to men and womeneverywhere in the world, regardless of theirethnic origin.February 2009 l 21a special time for african-americans,a great time to address health challengesAfrican-Americans have a 50% higherprevalence of hypertension (high bloodpressure) than the overall population.BLACK HISTORY Month
  22. 22. What keeps you feelinghealthy, happy and blessed?Your answer could earn you a $25 Gift Card!Do you have a tip that enhances your life? Tell us! If we select yours to feature in the VitaJournal, you’ll earn a $25 TriVita® Gift Card!Whether it’s about exercise, eating, TriVita products (which ones stand out?) or The 10 Essentials, tell us about it. Just email us, or write to: VitaJournal, 16100 N. Greenway Hayden Loop, Ste. 950, Scottsdale, AZ 85260. Please includeyour Member ID, your address and daytime phone number (along with email address, if you have one).Note: When you submit a letter or email, you are also giving TriVita full rights to it, including the right to publish it in future publications and to edit it as needed.GiftCard$25Have your New Year’s goals fallen by the wayside? Maybeyou’ve even had trouble getting started. Breathe newlife into your goals with these tips to help put an end toprocrastination – and a beginning to reaching your goals.PrioritizePerhaps you bit off more goals and resolutions than you can chew. Havingtoo many goals can be discouraging – and an easy way to keep you fromaccomplishing any of them. Review your goals and prioritize them. What’smost important to you? Pick the top one or two and go from there.1. First things first: commit. Write down your goals.2. Read them out loud each morning to reinforce your commitment.Take baby stepsDidn’t lose 25 pounds in a month? Unrealistic (and unhealthy!)expectations can lead to disappointment, discouragement – and anearly end to your goals. Break your objectives down into manageable(healthy) pieces. Here’s an example:• Goal: Fit into last year’s jeans by the end of June• Lose 25 pounds in 4 months• Lose 6 pounds per month• Lose 1.5 pounds per weekMake – and meet – deadlinesSet timelines so you can track your progress – and reward yourself for yourpersonal victories. Decide which steps you need to take to reach your goalsand add them to your daily to-do list.Perhaps your goal is to clean out the attic. Clean in sections, giving yourselfa designated amount of time for each section. As you finish each area, markit off your to-do list. Nothing is more encouraging than checked-off items!Visualize your successDon’t tell yourself, “I’d like to,” say, “I will!” Picture yourself reaching yourgoals. Write down a list of benefits you’ll gain from reaching your goals.• I will lose the weight by June!• I will be healthier.• I will feel better about myself.Tell a friendTake it a step further than merely telling friends and family aboutyour goals. Set up a time each week for them to check up on you –and encourage you. This will keep you accountable and spur you on.Don’t get discouragedJust because you may have already strayed from your goal, it doesn’tmean you can’t refocus. You can get started on a goal anytime. It doesn’thave to be on January 1. Don’t wait until next year. Each new day is agreat day to get started!Get your New Year’s goals back on track... you’ll be happy you did.Not only will you reach your goals, but you’ll also feel a great senseof accomplishment just for sticking to your guns. Don’t put it off anylonger; get started today!How are youdoing with yournew Year’s goals?tips for keeping your resolutions on track
  23. 23. When you call to place your next order, ask a Wellness Consultantto include your TriVita All-Occasion Cards and envelopes (12 pack).Call 1-800-991-7116 to order!One package per household. Not available with Web orders. While supplies last.This gift set includes 12 All-Occasion Cards (blank inside) with envelopes, perfect for:• Sending thank-you notes • Wishing a loved one a happy birthday• Saying “I’m thinking about you” • Each card features a different nature shotto brighten up someone’s day with an inspiring quote on the backAsk for your FREE TriVita®All-Occasion Cards!All photos by Bruce W. Heinemannworld-renowned photographera$7.99ValUe!blood clots and atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries.Niacin (Vitamin B-3) helps increase HDL (good) cholesterol.What about when eating out?Many restaurants do not yet offer things like kale, flaxseedor brown rice. However, there are many choices you canmake to support your heart and your health. When diningout, ask that your food be steamed, poached or baked insteadof sautéed or fried. Ask for a side of olive oil and lemon todress it yourself with the “good” fat. When eating salads,request your dressing on the side and choose oil and vinegarwhenever possible. Get an extra serving of veggies (broccoli,carrots, spinach) and forego the white rice or potato. Chooselighter sauces vs. cream-based sauces. Also, it’s important tothink outside the box. If there is nothing on the menu thatspeaks to you, make up your own meal from the appetizersand sides that are offered.By choosing heart-healthy foods, the “bad” fats naturally findtheir way out of our diet and life. Steer clear of margarine oranything labeled trans-fats or fractionated palm kernel oil.Moderate other high cholesterol foods like butter, cheese, icecream, red meat and other highly dense animal foods. Withonly a few simple changes, you will be well on your way tolowering your cholesterol, having more energy and takingcare of that amazing heart that beats for you, every secondof every single day.the american Heart association Recommends...Taking EPA and DHA Omega-3 fatty acids to benefit heart health. Studiesshow Omega-3 helps people at risk for coronary heart disease. Studiesshow .5 to 1.8 grams of Omega-3 fatty acids ingested daily, significantlyreduce heart disease. The AHA recommends healthy people and those atrisk for, or who have heart disease, take .5 to 1.8 grams of Omega-3 daily.Note:1capsulesofOmegaPrime® contains.5grams(500milligrams)ofOmega-3fattyacids.Please go to page 5 for more information aboutTriVita OmegaPrime.continued from page 9...Eat your way toa healthier heartA O W O I J S S K A E C I D ZB E N N D R O F E I L F B R GB A J M R E O H N I G T G O NT N A A Y W D R N J S R L O IY A C D S O N T E S N T A S DU M K I R H O F D V O R F F RQ U S S R N F L Y B O N L G AA R O O S E V E L T U O E R HM T N N R S A D A M S S H G EA W A S H I N G T O N L H R EB J O O R E T R A C S I E A AO N L O C N I L N N O W N N NZ S S R N F L T M A G A A T QT I C E G D I L O O C H L S RR D E O R N O M S D O O X C TY R Z T F A T K J I P U Y A Shere’s a fun presidents’ day activity to engage your mind.see how many of the u.s. presidents’ names you can findbelow. search diagonally, across, down and backwards tocomplete this brain-teaser.adamsbushCarterClintonCoolidgeeisenhowerfordgranthardinghooverjacksonjeffersonjohnsonkennedylincolnmadisonmonroeobamareaganroosevelttafttrumanWashingtonWilsonPresidents’Day WorD JUMBle
  24. 24.“I’m feeling very happy with theresults I’ve gotten from TriVita’sVitamin C products.”“I work in childcare, taking careof 10 babies aged three monthsto one year. I was really tired andnervous. I’ve found that whenI take Vital C, I don’t get sick,even when the babies do! Peopletell me it’s expensive to buy all of the things theyneed, but I still tell them they should do it, to dosomething good for themselves. I’m feeling veryhappy with the results I’ve gotten from TriVita’sVitamin C products.”– Rosy H. Copperas Cove, TX“I had more energy and seemedto be able to concentrate better.”“I am a mother of two young boys. I also teachfifth grade and I am an independent beautyconsultant for a national franchise. As you canimagine, I am very busy, always exhausted, andunfortunately forgetful. During my last pregnancy,I was diagnosed as having protein S deficiencyand the gene, MTHFR, mutation, which affects myhomocysteine levels. When I got the opportunityto try TriVita’s HCY Guard, I was hopeful. Abouthalfway into my first box of the HCY Guard, I beganto notice that I had more energy and seemed to beable to concentrate better. I just know that if HCYGuard can do this for me, then it must be helpingmy homocysteine levels as well! I am now anxiousto have my levels tested. Thank you, TriVita.”– Krissi F. Gilbert, AZ“The headaches were gone andthe sinus problems were disappearing.”“Since our move, my wife has suffered fromallergies, sinus problems and headaches. She hasnever dealt with this before, so we tried manydifferent solutions, but nothing was working. Iordered TriVita’s Non-Acidic Vitamin C Time-Release Tablets and within a few weeks, webegan to notice that the headaches were goneand the sinus problems were disappearing. Thiswas a great surprise! What she loves best is thespeed at which it dissolves and how quickly itworks. Thank you, TriVita.” – David H. Porter, TX“It helped to ease the pain.”“I have osteoarthritis and when I first began takingTriVita’s OmegaPrime it helped to ease the pain.I still work two jobs and my overnight shift cansometimes be difficult when my arthritis kicks in.I can climb up and down the ladder all night longstocking the shelves and not be in the pain thatI was before. Thank you, TriVita, for a fantasticproduct.” – Jerrie T. Oklahoma City, OK“I now realize more than ever howOmegaPrime has been helping me.”“I was diagnosed with mitral valveprolapse when I was about 16 andwas told to avoid caffeine andalcoholic beverages because theycould increase the palpitations andpain in my chest. I recently addedOmegaPrime to my vitaminbecause I heard there were specific heart benefitsassociated with Omega-3s and 6s. The OmegaPrimehelped my skin clear up and also seemed to helpwith the mitral valve prolapse symptoms. On a recentweekend trip I forgot to bring my vitamins withme. I now realize more than ever how OmegaPrimehas been helping me – try taking somethingaway and you’ll notice what benefits you’ve beenreceiving. Thank you TriVita for creating such qualitysupplements.” – Brittany S. New York, NYReal Stories from real peopleSee what Members like you have to say about TriVita®products!“I had a PERFECT score; I never lost my focus.”“I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis about 17years ago. Over the past couple years my neurologisthas had me take a cognitive test which measuresmy ability to focus and have clarity of mind. The firsttime he did it was to set a baseline for my cognitiveabilities. Every time after that is to make sure my abilityis not diminishing or at least not diminishing at anabnormal rate. The few times I have taken it I did well;I lost my focus a couple times and got about threeor four things wrong. Over the past couple monthsI have been taking TriVita Super Sublingual B-12. I went to my neurologistyesterday and he had me take the cognitive test again. This time, I had a PERFECTscore; I never lost my focus. The woman who administered the test was amazedand very impressed; they don’t normally see a perfect score and especially withsomeone with my condition.”– Angelyn F. Largo, FL“The first day I took your product I felt a mental clarityI had not enjoyed in a while.”“I am a Woman’s Health Nurse Practitioner who leadsa very busy life. Between the mental fatigue of seeingnumerous patients to planning a wedding and travelingout of state at least twice a month, I was running onempty! Even with exercising regularly, eating properly,and taking vitamin supplements every day, I wasfeeling worn out. I also had my thyroid examined tosee if there was a physical problem. However, afterwatching your infomercials for over a year, I decidedto order Sublingual B-12 and give it a try. The firstmorning I took your product I felt a mental clarity I had not enjoyed in a while.When I took the second dose at noon I began to feel even more energy and I felt Icould go on for another eight hours. Since then (I am on the second box) I have somuch energy. I have been referring my patients to your website and encouragingother staff members to try it. So, all I have to say is thank you. I would not havebelieved it if I had not tried it myself.” – Cheryl C. Port Arthur, TXYoushouldconsultwithahealthcareproviderbeforestartinganydiet,exerciseorsupplementationprogram,beforetakinganymedication,orifyoususpectyoumighthaveaheartproblem.Youshouldnotstoptakinganymedicationwithoutfirstconsultingyourhealthcareprovider.24 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and Wellness
  25. 25. Donnie is filled with anoverwhelming love for life.She’s also an enthusiasticdevotee of TriVita®nutritionalsupplements – and it has paid offin sizable referral rewards. “I’m notan Affiliate Member just to makemoney,” Donnie emphasizes. “I wantto help other people – especiallythose who are less fortunate thanme.” Her giving nature is exemplifiedby the care she gives to those inneed and the meals she makes forthem through the Miracle AboundsOutreach Program.Donnie first heard about TriVita from hersister who raved about her fantastic productexperience. She immediately started samplinga wide variety of TriVita products andnoticed a big change in her overall health.“I can’t even begin to describe how greatI feel now,” Donnie exclaims. Her favoriteproducts include VitaCal-Mag D™,Sublingual B-12, CoEnzyme Q-10 and DailyWomen. She has since added OmegaPrime®,Green Foods and NutraFruits to her nutritionregimen. “Taking Sublingual B-12 has givenme an enormous energy and stamina boost,”she states. “VitaCal-Mag D has helped withmy bones, muscles and joints and aided myrecovery from a work-related injury.”“i’m so grateful for what TriVitahas done for my own health.”Donnie’s spiritual beliefs are always close tothe surface. “I give praise to the Lord andalso pray for TriVita every day,” she says. “I’mso grateful for what TriVita has done for myown health and feel an urgent needto share my experience with others.”So, Donnie was a “natural” for the AffiliateMember Referral Program. She signed uplast July and she has set a torrid pace forreferrals – with over 23 sign-ups in just afew short months. Donnie says, “I was soexcited about this program that I startedreferring even before I received theintroductory packet.”Calling herself a real “people person,”as she always finds ways to meet people.Donnie has handed out catalogs and theVitaJournal at churches, stores andcommunity centers. Everyone respondsto her effervescent personality, her genuineinterest in the welfare of others and herpositive attitude. “I’m not judgmental,”Donnie remarks. “I let people know aboutmy own positive experience with TriVitaproducts and gently suggest theygive TriVita products a try.”Now she’s taken her referral business to awhole new level by sponsoring meetings atrestaurants and her church where she showsproduct samples and hands out TriVitapublications. “These meetings have gonereally well,” she remarks. “The Lord hasprompted me to reach out to people in anyway possible.” She considers referring animportant part of her mission to help othersin need.The financial rewards have also beenimpressive. To date, Donnie has earnedhundreds and hundreds of dollars incompensation which she has reinvestedin her favorite TriVita products. Shecertainly enjoys the compensation butalways emphasizes her true calling. “TriVitais a blessing to me,” Donnie exults. “I’m soexcited by the opportunity to help otherpeople. My greatest reward is helpingsomeone else enjoy greater wellness.” Andalthough Donnie has had her ups and downsthroughout life she always stays upbeat andever optimistic.Donnie’s devotion to greater wellness andreferring remains as strong as ever. “I loveto talk to people. I really feel that TriVitaproducts are life changers,” she observes. “Ialso believe that people really enjoy feelingthe power of the Lord. My purpose is to helppeople enjoy both better health and a strongspiritual presence in their lives.”Donnie is a sharingand earning dynamoshe already has 23 referrals in just a few monthsAffiliate Member SpotlightSo, Donnie was a “natural” for the AffiliateFebruary 2009 l 25“I’msoexcitedbytheopportunitytohelpotherpeople.Mygreatestrewardishelpingsomeoneelseenjoygreaterwellness.” –Donnie“Taking SublingualB-12 has given me anenormous energyand stamina boost.”Donnie has earnedhundreds andhundreds of dollarsin compensation whichshe has reinvested in herfavorite TriVita products.DONNIE’S FAVORITE TRIVITAPRODUCTS INCLUDE:• sublingual b-12• nutrafruits• VitaCal-mag d• Coenzyme Q-10• daily Women• omegaprime• green foods
  26. 26. TriVita® has bundled your favoritenutrient-rich products at fantastic savings!BEST VALUESAVE 30%Over individualnon-memberpricing.Stress Protection PackCombining nature’s most powerfulstress-fighting nutrientsDon’t let stress rob you of your quality of life –protect yourself from the damages of stress withthe Stress Protection Pack.Adaptogen 10 Plus® helps your body balance itselfwhen it’s under stress. It’s antioxidant-rich and helpsto neutralize damaging free radicals that can hurtyour immune system.Sublingual B-12, B-6 & Folic Acid supports brainand nervous system health; its sublingual deliverysystem ensures fast B vitamin absorption.FREE CDFirst-timebuyers of theStress ProtectionPack get aFREE StressAudiobook!(A $9.99 value!)Stress ProtectionPack™#33236Non-Member $88.97Member $59.99Substitute Original B-12with Super B-12 andadd $3.00 #33342Substitute Original B-12with HCY Guard® andadd $4.00 #33340Healthy Aging PackNutrients to strengthen yourbody’s ability to combat illnessTriVita’s Healthy Aging Pack gives you the essentialnutrients you will need to help combat changesthat occur with age, like increased inflammationand a weakened immune system.The B vitamins in Sublingual B-12, B-6 & FolicAcid help keep your brain and nervous systemhealthy. Avoid becoming nutrient deficient andlow in energy with VitaDaily™ AM/PM. Vital CTablets provide powerful immune protection.Help reduce inflammation in your joints andthroughout your body with OmegaPrime®.Take daily, or more as needed.FREE CDFirst-timebuyers of theHealthy AgePack get a FREEHealthy AgingAudiobook!(A $9.99 value!)Adaptogen 10 Plus:1 bottle (32 servings)Sublingual B-12:1 box (30 count)Take daily, or moreas needed.Member $59.99throughout your body with OmegaPrime®.Healthy AgingPack™ #32272Non-Member $104.96Member $72.99Substitute Original B-12with Super B-12 andadd $3.00 #32278Substitute Original B-12with HCY Guard® andadd $4.00 #32273Member $72.99
  27. 27. 1-800-991-71161. SHARE YOUR PRODUCT EXPERIENCEWhen you’ve had a positive experience with a product, it feels good to share it.Let others know how they too, may benefit from similar products and experiencegreater wellness. When they place their first product order, they’ll receive 10%off just for being referred by you!2. EARN REWARDSYou’ll start receiving a $25 TriVita Gift Card for each referral’s first purchase.Then, you’ll receive 21% cash rewards for the remainder of each referral’spurchases... for life!3. SIGN UP TODAY!It’s free to sign up for an Affiliate Membership. Simply go to trivita.comand click on the Affiliate Members tab on the home page to sign up onlineor callPlus, when you sign up, you’ll receive a free copy ofMichael Ellison’s book, 10 Keys to Create Wealth and Wellness.Thousands of Members have already referred their friendsand family to quality TriVita®products and are earningrewards for doing so. It’s so easy...SHARE your product experience and EARN rewardsSHare and earN your way to greaterwealth and wellness.1-800-991-7116.February 2009 l 27“i have referred over16 people already...”“I just love getting my TriVita checks.I deposit them into a special ‘vitaminfund’ and then use the money from thefund to buy products I haven’t tried yet.I have referred over 16 people alreadyand love being able to give them a 10%discount on their first purchase. I workas a flight attendant and people alwaysinquire about my cheerfulness andenergy. I’m quick to tell them aboutTriVita’s Sublingual B-12 and Adaptogen10 Plus. My husband takes theseproducts too and loves them. Leading ahealthy lifestyle really makes me feelgood about myself, and TriVita allowsme to do that.”– LYNN H. CLEAR LAKES, TX