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  1. 1. dEcEmbEr 2009 trivita.comVITAVITAJOHN’SPAIN-FREE,JOYFUL LIFEINTRODUCING WELLAVOH™–THE ULTIMATE DAILYmulti-nutrient complexSEASON’SGREETINGSfrom trivitaSpecial Holiday Savings!SAVEUPTO$40
  2. 2. trivita.comGifts of the heart are theones that glow the mostby michael r. Ellison, cEo & founder of trivita, inc.The Christmas season is here, bringing with it the spirit of cheer andgiving. Giving and Receiving Love is one of TriVita’s 10 Essentials and is atthe heart and soul of the Christmas season. The gifts we value most are notmaterial, but the ones given of love, respect, kindness and hope. TriVita®is a company where the whole person matters. Health is more than theabsence of disease, but it is the feeling of wellness that comes from havingexperienced the 10 Essentials for Health and Wellness in our lives.One of the fondest memories I have of Christmas, and of any gift that has ever been given me, was whenour family went to our ranch in Colorado. Our second grandson, Chase, was only a couple of monthsold, and we were so excited about spending a couple days with our growing family. The night we arrivedit began to snow, and it continued throughout the next day, putting down over a foot of snow. Thelights on the tree twinkled, the fire danced and glowed in the fireplace, but it was the glow of the heartsI remember most. Oh, we had gifts, but I cannot remember one of them. We had a fabulous dinner,although I do not remember the entrée. We even had a sleigh ride with horses and bells. But it waslittle Chase, buried under the blankets, unable to see or speak of the beauty of a white world, that gaveus a special glow. It was our three-year-old grandson Parker, gazing with wide-eyed wonder at the littlesnowmen casting their different shapes and shadows of the dark forest, who caused our hearts to be filledwith cheer. It was the family together – forgetting the daily grind of a busy schedule – creating memorieswith picture taking and sharing the moment, that created the gift that will last a lifetime for me.That was six years ago, and last year we had the joy of doing it all over again, but this time with our three-year-old granddaughter, Emmaline. The sleigh was filled with holiday cheer as we sang our Christmascarols and watched our nine-year-old, Parker, take the reins to the team of horses and guide us home.Giving is also something that is not seasonal and is wonderful for both the receiver and the giver.Almost every day I receive a phone call or an email from one of our Affiliates sharing their excitementafter hearing the results of someone who has taken the Nopalea™ Wellness Challenge. This Challengeis simply a gift of a free bottle of Nopalea offered by an Affiliate to someone who has agreed to try thisamazing product to see if it will help with their inflammatory issues. Yes, TriVita is a very differentcompany – our Affiliates are not selling but telling the Nopalea story. We are also unique in that ourProduct Team won’t even consider bringing a product to market that does not have high efficacy andcreate a wellness experience when taken as recommended.This month we’re excited to introduce the latest product from our Sonoran Bloom™ line. Wellavoh™is a new multi-nutrient complex rooted in the healing plants of the Sonoran Desert. This uniquelyformulated men’s and women’s formula may have no peers in the market as it is formulated with fourexclusive blends of rare and beneficial nutrients that help target the different needs of both menand women. Please read about this fabulous product on pages 4-5 and 13, and what a perfect time topurchase when you can receive additional tiered savings.Our dream in the pursuit of wellness at TriVita is found in this quote, “One generation opens the roadupon which another generation travels.” May our children and grandchildren find the joy and wellnessfor traveling the road lined with the signs of the 10 Essentials for Health and Wellness.May you have a Blessed, Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah.Giving is also something that is not seasonal and is wonderfulfor both the receiver and the giver.10Essentialsfor health and wellnessJoin with TriVita as we begin our seconddecade of health and wellness for all. Weencourage you to experience wellness™through these 10 Essentials, created toenhance life in wonderful ways.Physical1. Breathe DeeplyInhale life fully, cleanse your bodyof toxins and feel calm.2. Drink WaterAs you quench your thirst for water,you also boost your energy.3. Sleep PeacefullyRest, repair, rejuvenate: a regular sleeproutine lets your body do its work.4. Eat NutritiouslyChoose healthy, wholesome foodsto fuel a healthy body and mind.5. Enjoy ActivityMove it to improve it! Your whole beingbenefits from an active lifestyle.Emotional6. Give and Receive LoveFeel the power of positive emotions whileyou strengthen your immune system.7. Be ForgivingTo be at peace, unburden yourself ofhostility and resentment towards others.8. Practice GratitudeGratitude brings gratification: less stress,more joy, greater well-being.9. Develop AcceptanceReleasing what you can’t change freesyou from worry and enriches your life.Spiritual10. Develop a Relationship with GodNourish your spirituality to nourishpersonal growth and happiness.Give andReceive LoveSee page 122 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and Wellness
  3. 3. 4 A Harvest of HealthNew multi-nutrient complex!Wellavoh™offers a bounty ofwellness for men and women.8 Season’s GreetingsFrom Everyone at TriVita®Holiday wishes to all of youfrom all of us.14 Four Easy Steps to StayBalanced During the HolidaysHealthy dining tips to keepyou on track this season.16 “I Feel Better at 41Than I Did at 28”John’s amazinghealth transformationwith TriVita products.20 Lose with Leanology®For Your Health’s SakeResearch uncovers big dangersfrom excess weight.DECEMBER2009Inside21 ‘Tis the Season for GivingYour contribution to theHouse of Giving will touchcountless lives.25 Tula’s Freedomfrom Pain and IllnessTriVita products have givenher a new lease on life.27 Is Your “Self-Talk”Helping or Hurting?Make 2010 your year ofpositive living.ON MY MINDEDITOR’S NOTEChristmas is one of my favoriteholidays, and this year it will beespecially wonderful. The newestmember of the family, my six-month-oldgrandson, Harper, will be filling my homewith extra joy and laughter. I can hardly waitto have all three of my daughters at home tocelebrate this special season.It’s hard to believe that my daughter Brittany isa mother herself. It seems like just a few yearsago that my girls were very young, and I’ll alwaystreasure Christmas 1989 in particular. My girlswere two, six and nine at the time. I had onefavorite book I read them from the time theywere old enough to sit still and listen. It wasa book about the true meaning of Christmassurrounding the story of St. Nicholas. Thebook focused on how much St. Nicholas trulyloved God and how he gave secretly to others,wanting no recognition. You see, I shared withmy daughters how God is their Provider andeverything we have comes from Him.They loved the story, enjoying everythingabout Christmas – even going to the mall andsitting on Santa’s lap and getting their picturestaken. They knew the truth and recognizedthat the celebration where we gatheredtogether family and friends and exchanged giftswas for one reason only – to honor God andcelebrate the birth of His Son.My daughters all have sensitive, giving heartsand have always been more concerned withwhat they could give others, rather thanfocusing on what they wanted for themselves.They would often wrap up some of theirfavorite personal treasures and give themto each other – what a sacrifice!All families have their traditions and onethat I grew up with was opening a fewpresents on Christmas Eve, then findingspecial gifts sitting under the tree Christmasmorning, along with meaningful little giftsin our homemade stockings. This particularChristmas Eve, we had drawn names withour extended family for a gift exchange,On My Mind is continued on page 21...The information in this VitaJournal may contain errors or inaccuracies. We reserve the rightto change prices, selections, update information and limit quantities without prior notice. December 2009 l 3Season’s greetings fromall the TriVita departments.8Wellavoh is designed with whole-foodcomplexes containing virtually everynutrient known to science.13Make a lasting difference bydonating to the House of Giving.21
  4. 4. a daily multi-nutrient complex that provides superior day and night health supportBy Brazos Minshew, Chief Science OfficerNo matterwhereyou live,your core health,or foundationalhealth, can nowdraw its strongestsupport from theextreme conditions of the SonoranDesert. Altogether 17 different tribesthrive in the Southwestern region ofNorth America, and the people whoprosper in this environment havelessons for the rest of the world. Itwas here that we at TriVita® foundthe inspiration for Nopalea™, theastonishing wellness drink, and nowwe draw on the secrets of this regionagain to bring you Wellavoh™.Wellavoh (wel-lah vo¯h) is derived from theNative American language of the SonoranDesert. It means “Wellness Harvest.” Thesepeople regard the Sonoran Desert as a wellspringof wellness. Their concept of wellness is a beliefthat individuals can be healthy only within ahealthy community. The skills and wisdom theyhave developed over many generations haveproduced a nearly illness-free society.We have included many plants indigenous tothe Sonoran Desert in our Sonoran Bloom™multi-nutrient complex, Wellavoh. Thesesame plants are used as health-promotingfoods by the people of the region.Vitamins and minerals –essential for human healthIf we have the nutrients we need at the momentwe need them, we will thrive! Conversely, ifwe do not have the proper nutrient base in oursystem every day, we will suffer loss of energy,poor mental performance and increased risk fordisease. All experts agree that the best way toget the nutrients we need is from whole foods.Most experts agree that the best way to ensurethat you absorb your vitamin supplements is totake them with food.Wellavoh is designed with whole-foodcomplexes containing virtually every nutrientknown to science. This exceptional formulafeeds your body the nutrients it desires andlacks, every day, to avoid any potential gapsin nutrition. It provides you with hard-to-find healthful nutrients that go far beyondan ordinary multi-vitamin. Wellavoh is amulti-nutrient complex that offers completenutrition both day and night.Different needs for different timesHave you ever looked at a restaurantmenu and wondered why certain foods are“breakfast” foods while others are preferredat supper? Well, restaurant owners followedthe requests of their customers; customersfollowed the cravings of their body. Ourbody craves certain nutrients in the morningto support energy throughout the day. Themorning serving of Wellavoh concentratesenergy-producing nutrients for greater vitality.Now, think of the foods we crave for supper.Typically, heavier, more mineral-rich foodsare preferred in the evening. The eveningserving of Wellavoh supports what you needmost – rest, repair and rejuvenation. Theseeasy-to-swallow soft-gel capsules provideimproved absorption for maximum benefit.Wellavoh vitamins are also individuallypackaged for easy on the go use.Targeted nutritionfor men and womenThe nutrient needs for men and women aredifferent. For example, the men’s formulasupports optimal prostate, cholesterol andblood sugar health. The Wellavoh women’sformula supports optimal bone, skin, hormoneand breast health.trivita.com4 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and WellnessBrazos MinshewWellavoh is designed with whole-foodcomplexes containing virtually everynutrient known to science.wellavohwellavohINTRODUCING
  5. 5. What’s more, Wellavoh™contains fourexclusive blends of rare nutrients from herbs,plants, fruits, oils and more – combined todeliver essential health benefits using softgels. These blends include the SonoranBlend (with healing plants from the SonoranDesert); Heart Healthy Oil Complex;Digestive Blend and Whole Food Blend.Wellavoh also includes six essentialnutrient classes that make it acomplete multi-nutrient complex:• Vitamins (for vitality and health)• Macro and trace minerals (to maintainhealthy bones, muscles and heart)• Phytonutrients (whole foodconcentrates for better absorption)• Enzymes (to support metabolism atthe cellular level)• Essential Fatty Acids (for heart andbrain health)The importance of supplementsThe word supplement means an addition tosomething to make up for a deficiency. Allsupplements are in addition to a healthydiet. They make up for the deficiency we facebecause of poor nutrient density in our foods.They also help out when we miss the mark ofdiet perfection.Supplements won’t make up for bad dietarychoices. We created Wellavoh to fill in thegaps of a healthy diet. As you review your dietfor the past week, ask yourself, “Did I eat theright amount of fruits and vegetables everyday?” (5 servings for children, 7 servings forwomen and 9 servings for men.) If you can say“yes” – congratulations! If you are like mostpeople you did not reach that goal. And, if youare like most of us, you did not eat all of yourfruits and vegetables from an organic source;so, the fruits and vegetables may have been oflow nutrient value.Staying on top of our nutrient reserve isimportant. Our body makes millions of newcells every day – heart cells, brain cells, boneand blood cells. Every time a cell dies, it shouldbe replaced. If you do not have the rightamount of nutrients to construct a new cell youwill either make an incomplete cell or none atall. The outcome is bad in either case; so, wereally need to keep all nutrients on board at alltimes. This is why we suggest Sonoran Bloom™Wellavoh – because it gives you the nutrientsyou need at the moment you need them.Feed your body the nutrients it may lack from an average diet: take SonoranBloom Wellavoh, the complete multi-nutrient complex. Wellavoh’s customizedmen’s and women’s formulas give you 22 different vitamins and minerals.• The MEN’S FORMULA supports optimal prostate, cholesterol and bloodsugar health.• The WOMEN’S FORMULA supports optimal bone, skin, hormone andbreast health.• AM and PM formula keeps you energized during the day, helps your bodyrepair and rejuvenate during the night.• Easy-to-swallow, individually-packaged soft-gel capsules for improvedabsorption, maximum benefit.Wellavoh gives your body powerful support in these key areas:• Cardiovascular health• Skin health• Immune function• Bone health• Cognitive health• Hormonal health• Digestive health• Reproductive healthCall toll-free to order 1-800-991-7116 or visit us at trivita.comWellavoh™Women #30740Men #30750Non-Member $62.99Member $49.99Redeem with 500 VitaPointsA daily multi-nutrientcomplex for optimal healthUnique men’s and women’s formulas supportwellness, strength and vitalityScientificallyformulated forMENScientificallyformulated forWOMENAMPM AMPMFor a full list of ingredients visit trivita.com.NEW!wellavoh™(wel-lah voh)Scientificallyformulated forMEN(wel-lah voh)Scientificallyformulated forWOMEN(wel-lah voh)(wel-lah voh)¯
  6. 6. trivita.com6 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and WellnessScott Conard, M.D., is the founder of TienaHealth,an organization of medical doctors in primarycare practice who emphasize healthy lifestylesto maintain wellness. Dr. Conard is considereda national expert on disease prevention.TienaHealth also conducts clinical trials.Scott Conard, M.D.Founder, TienaHealthIf you’re a regular reader of theVitaJournal, you probably knowhow crucial Vitamin B-12 is tobrain health. As I’ve written here,study after study shows B-12’s rolein fighting brain erosion, dementia(including Alzheimer’s disease),attention deficit hyperactivity disorder(ADHD), bipolar disorder and otherinflammatory brain conditions.As a practicing physician, I can tell you aboutsomething even more remarkable: when youtake TriVita® Sublingual B-12 with thenew wellness drink Nopalea™, the uniquecombination can help both your brain and yourbody achieve optimal health. I recommendSublingual B-12 with anti-inflammatory Nopaleafor a range of inflammatory brain disorders, andfor inflammatory artery disorders such as highblood pressure and hardening of the arteries.The science behindthe powerhouse pairFor a scientific look at why B-12 and Nopaleawork so well together, I’ve asked TriVita ChiefScience Officer Brazos Minshew to explain.“This is a story about fat: good fat, properlymetabolized fat. Two-thirds of the humanbrain is fat. When people have Alzheimer’s,or ADHD, the big thing they’re missing isgood fat that gets where it needs to go tohelp the brain and body work well.”“The truth is – most of us don’t eat enoughof the right kinds of fats. But even when we do,there are toxins in our environment that keepus from metabolizing them properly (using themfor energy). The soil that most food is grown inthat most of us eat is contaminated with lead andother heavy metals that block metabolism of fat.”“So what can detoxify the lead that blocksthe good fat from getting through? TriVita’sSublingual B-12. One of the most importantthings that Sublingual B-12 does for us is tounblock our metabolism so that the fats can getto where we need them. These fats repair ournerves, keep our brains from being erodedand produce the energy we need to live fulland healthy lives.”Meet taurine, the “pilot”of our fat transport system“Once the good fats have been unblocked byB-12, they need to get to all the places in thebrain and body where they do their good work.They need a transport ‘specialist’ (actually atransport molecule), and it’s an amino acidcalled taurine. However, we don’t get taurinein our diet. Our bodies have to manufactureit, and almost anything (such as toxic lead,emotional distress, injury or trauma or nutrientdeficiencies) can interrupt the process. Here’sthe exciting part where Nopalea comes in:Nopalea is loaded with taurine!”“That’s right, Nopalea, which is so beneficial inhelping our bodies fight inflammation and toxins,also helps feed our brains and bodies with taurine.”“Now, you may have heard that a little taurineis contained in beef and fish, and that’s true.However, taurine is what we call ‘heat-fragile’and is destroyed by cooking. So a supplementalsource of taurine must be found if we are tohave optimum fat metabolism. This is whereNopalea comes in: Nopalea is the only maturefruit source of taurine in all of nature!”B-12 Updateby Dr. Scott ConardB-12 and Nopalea –The perfect combination for your brainthis powerful duo helps feed both mind and body with a hard-to-get amino acid
  7. 7. Faster-acting, longer-lastingand more potent than ever beforewith three times the Vitamin B-12TriVita Super Sublingual B-12 helps you achieve:• Sustained mental energy, stamina and alertness• Improved mood with a more positive outlook on life• Greater mental focus, clarity and concentration• Sharper memory with less forgetfulnessPlus, Super Sublingual B-12 gives your brainand nerves the essential nutrients they need tohelp replenish brain fuel and help repair damaged nerves.And all this is yours with a convenient, once-a-day tablet.Alfred Libby, M.D. – Inventor of TriVita Sublingual B-12, B-6 & Folic AcidDr. Libby, a renowned nutraceutical pioneer, worked to help hundreds of patients feel betterevery day. An associate of Dr. Linus Pauling (Nobel Prize Laureate), Dr. Libby developed thisunique, sublingual delivery system for his own patients. It was known to give similarmental energy results as B-12 shots, but without the shots’ added pain and expense. Alfred Libby, M.D.SUPER SUBLINGUALB-12AVAILABLEEXCLUSIVELY FROMTRIVITATriVita SuperSublingual B-12#33356Non-Member $28.99Member $22.99Redeem with 230 VitaPointsTriVita SuperSPECIALPRICEFor maximum sustainedmental energy takeTriVita SuperSublingual B-12Call toll-free to order 1-800-991-7116or visit us at trivita.comSUCCESS STORIES“I have been taking SublingualB-12 for many years... addingNopalea has been a real blessing.”“I have been taking TriVita Sublingual B-12for many years and adding Nopalea hasbeen a real blessing. The B-12 gives me aboost and I am getting to the age wherepeople get dementia. I take this to protectagainst it. Right now, I don’t seem to haveany issues, but I do want to take preventativemeasures. I am going to start my husbandon Sublingual B-12 as well, so he can feel thebenefits. I am thoroughly sold. I take it morefor the mental clarity and energy, along withprotection from dementia and memory loss.”NORMA S. – CHEROKEE VILLAGE, AR“I take TriVita’s Super SublingualB-12 and it is working great!”“At the age of 35 my doctor diagnosed thepain in the middle of my back as a rib nervecondition. I started with Vitamin B injections.However, I didn’t like the side effects. TriVitaSublingual B-12 greatly improved my lifebecause I don’t have that nasty vitamintaste in my mouth. Now I take TriVita’s SuperSublingual B-12 and it is working great!”NORMA H. – DOWNEY, CA1-800-991-7116Get what you need withSublingual B-12 & Nopalea“So that’s another reason why Nopalea is sucha breakthrough. Not only does it help fightthe inflammation of allergies, arthritis, auto-immune disorders and more, but in partnershipwith Sublingual B-12 it’s a ‘must’ to help usthink, feel and function at our best. Here’s ananalogy that may help you remember: think ofa gondola on a canal in Venice. Taurine is thegondola, Sublingual B-12 is the gondolier, andthe good fats are the happy couple sitting thereenjoying the ride to their destination.”My thanks to Brazos for that clear and colorfulexplanation. I hope he’s helped you betterunderstand the science behind Nopalea and itsremarkable benefits.These statements have not been evaluated by the Foodand Drug Administration. This product is not intendedto diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
  8. 8. trivita.comAs fast as trivita is growing, it makes itdifficult to feature photographs of all of ouremployees, so this year’s photos are solelyfrom our carE center and affiliate member services.these are the men and women who enjoy speakingwith you regularly and helping you create wellness inyour life and in the lives of others.Season’s Greetings8 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and WellnessBlessings from the CEO’s OfficeDuring this Christmas season, we want to thank you,not only for this year, but for 10 wonderful years ofletting us be a part of your Wellness Journey. We havebeen very blessed by our relationship with you. Ourdesire will always be to help you live a healthier, moreprosperous and joyful life. Have a Blessed Christmasand a healthy and Happy New Year.Blessings from the Legal DepartmentWith sincere gratitude we want to thank you for yourdedication to health and wellness. Your health andrelationship with God is important to us and we partnertogether with you for physical and spiritual well-being.We wish you a Merry Christmas.Blessings from the Canadian OfficeHoliday wishes from TriVita Canada as we expressto all our loyal Members and Affiliates a very MerryChristmas. Enjoy the season; we wish you a very healthyand prosperous New Year.Blessings from Human Resources, Operationsand Information TechnologyMay your health, wellness and your personal walkwith God find you filled with gratitude and peace thisChristmas season. We are grateful you have partneredwith TriVita and pray for you as you continue on yourjourney towards your physical, emotional and spiritualwellness into 2010!Blessings from Creative ServicesThe Creative Services Department sends the warmestof holiday greetings to everyone in the TriVita wellnesscommunity. We wish you health, happiness andprosperity, now and through all the joyful seasonsto come.Blessings from Sales and MarketingFrom all of us on the Sales and Marketing team, wethank you for your commitment to your own healthand inspiring others to experience greater wellness.Wishing you a joyous holiday season and a New Yearfilled with health, wellness and happiness.Blessings from the Finance DepartmentOur Finance Department wishes you and your loved onesa blessed, joyful holiday season. We hope that 2010 is theyear for everyone to experience wellness and abundance!Blessings from Order FulfillmentSeason’s Greetings from the staff at GDF. It has been ourpleasure serving you in 2009. We wish you and your lovedones a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
  9. 9. from all of us at TriVitaDecember 2009 l 9Blessings from the CARE Centerand Affiliate Member ServicesThe most rewarding aspect of beinga part of the CARE Center is havingthe opportunity to speak with you, ourvalued Members and Affiliates, aboutyour wellness experiences. As 2009 comesto an end, we would like to thank you forenriching our lives each time you call us!Your stories of triumph touch our hearts,and you bring us a greater sense ofachievement at the end of the day know-ing we helped you come one step closerto fulfilling your life purpose. As a partof our TriVita family, we CARE aboutyou and look forward to hearingabout your accomplishments in2010. On behalf of all of us, wewish you and your loved onesa blessed holiday season anda safe, happy, healthy andpeaceful New Year!1-800-991-7116 To find out how to SAVE $40, see back cover.
  10. 10. So many astonishing benefits in a bottleNopalea, the latest breakthrough in wellness drinksTry this delicious wellness drink, with an exclusive blendof rare antioxidants called Betalains and other healthfulnutrients. A daily dose of Nopalea can help your body:So many astonishing benefits in a bottleNopalea™#30710Non-Member $49.99Member $39.99Nopalea™4 bottle pack#33400Non-Member $199.96Member $139.99Special – 4 Pack Savings!Drink it and thrive!Call toll-free to order 1-800-991-7116.• Lessen inflammationwhich causes pain• Cleanse itselfof daily toxins• Promote optimal healthright down to your cells• Protect againstpremature agingShareyourstory,getgreatrewards!What’s your amazing Nopalea story? Share it and enjoy even more benefits: a $25 TriVitaGift Card, PLUS an exclusive Nopalea t-shirt – a $14.99 value! Just email your Nopaleastory to story@trivita.com, or call 1-800-693-4083. Please include your Member ID, youraddress and daytime phone number (along with email address, if you have one).Whenyousubmitaletteroremail,youarealsogivingTriVitafullrightstoit,includingtherighttopublishitinfuturepublicationsandtoedititasneeded.™FRONT BACKGiftCard$25There are plenty of reasons to love Nopalea,but don’t just take our word for it.“My husband and I were in awe overhow effectively Nopalea worked...”“One of the loves of my life istime spent with my beautifullittle six-year-old goddaughterwho is very active to say theleast. While getting ready to goto a church event, I picked herup awkwardly with my left handinstead of both hands, and herweight shifted, injuring my left hand. The pain wasexcruciating and I had to put her down immediately.When I looked at my hand, there was immediateswelling, redness and pain. It got increasingly worseas the day progressed and I thought I would haveto go to the emergency room. I booked a next-day appointment with my healthcare providerand decided to endure the pain until morning.After reading the testimonies of Nopalea, I told myhusband that I would put Nopalea to the test andtake eight ounces before bed and hope for the best.When I awoke the next morning, I was totally blownaway by the results. Not only was there no painbut there was no noticeable swelling or redness inmy hand. My husband and I were in awe over howeffectively Nopalea worked with eliminating theswelling and the pain so quickly. Nevertheless, Ikept my doctor’s appointment and told my Air Forceprimary care provider what happened and howwell Nopalea worked. After examining my hand,she validated my results and wanted to know moreabout the ingredients in Nopalea. When I gave herthe Nopalea flyer, she became very interested andwanted me to send her more information becauseshe was going into private practice. Thanks toNopalea, I can once again hold my goddaughterin my arms and feel her sweet kisses on my face.After that experience, the words of Brazos Minshewresonated with my wellness experience and myheart, ‘If inflammation is the problem, Nopaleais a solution.’”TYNEKIA T. – FREDERICK, MD“I have been using TriVitaproducts for at least nine years...”“In 1996, my left foot suffered second and thirddegree burns. It took eight years for my foot toheal completely, leaving me with three toes thatwere stiff and unmovable. My doctors prescribedinflammatory drugs throughout the years, butnothing helped. I have been using TriVita productsfor at least nine years, so when Nopalea wasintroduced, I tried it. Three weeks after taking itI began to feel a tingling in my toes and after sixweeks I had some movement in my toes. They areno longer stiff and I have complete flexibility inall three toes. I have high blood pressure and I amdiabetic. Two months after taking Nopalea I wentfrom taking three pills for high blood pressure tohalf a pill daily, and cut my diabetic medicine inhalf. I feel blessed.”MARVA H. – DAYTONA BEACH, FL“Within minutes, I felt calm, and theinflammation in my sinuses decreased...”“Sometimes my sinusesget so blocked, I can hardlybreathe, and it wakes meup at night. Recently, I tooka prescribed nasal spray,which hardly gave me anyrelief. Then, I decided totake my Nopalea. Withinminutes, I felt calm and the inflammation in mysinuses decreased to the point where I could restcomfortably. When I finally got up to start myday, I felt rested, refreshed and was breathingfreely again. Thank you, TriVita, for Nopalea!”JEAN S. – GLENDALE, AZ“...my hands are no longer going numb.”“I am a certified nurse’s aid and work with peopleevery day. I often wake up at night with my handsnumb. They go numb when I drive and oftenthroughout the day. I was introduced to Nopaleaabout two months ago and my hands are no longergoing numb. This is great and I love it! Have ablessed day and thank you TriVita!”DEBBIE F. – BONHAM, TXResults may vary. Do not stop taking any medicationwithout first consulting your healthcare provider.
  11. 11. Dr. Libby’s Vital Cstandsabovetherest!Powerful immune system supportand much more! It helps:• Fight free radicals thatcontribute to illness• Assist in normalizing bloodpressure and cholesterol• Speed wound recoveryand aid in healing• Support production and useof antibodies that fight illness• Detoxify alcohol, pesticides,smoke and pollutionTake Crystal Tablets and PowderedCrystals for 24-hour protection.Vital C Crystals#30170Non-Member $24.99Member $19.99Redeem with 200 VitaPointsVital C Tablets#30230Non-member $18.99Member $14.99Redeem with 150 VitaPointsVital C Pack#326611 bottle Crystals1 bottle TabletsNon-member $43.98Member $29.98Redeem with 300 VitaPointsDecember 2009 l 11This feature continues a new VitaJournal seriesabout toxins around us: in our food, air and waterand in our daily environments.Do you have hay fever that seems unrelatedto the season? Is there an asthma sufferer inyour home with unexplained attacks? Is apersistent skin rash a mystery? The culprit inall these cases could be lurking right insideyour home: mold.Mold is a growing organism, a fungus foundeverywhere. Outdoors, it’s part of the naturalcycle, breaking down dead matter such asfallen leaves and dead trees. Indoors, though,mold can be a problem. Take a wet or dampspot, add mold’s reproductive spores and youcan have a full-blown health crisis.Mold is a well-known allergen (something thatcauses allergic reactions), and can trigger allthese symptoms:• Sneezing • Runny nose• Red eyes • Skin rash• Asthma attacksYour home may be spotless and seeminglydry, but mold can lurk in hidden areas:where pipes leak, where appliances don’t ventproperly or where a rain gutter drips waterinto a foundation.There are many types of mold, and they canvary in color from black to green to white. Ifyou suspect mold in your home, how to handleit will depend on the size of the problem,according to the Environmental ProtectionAgency (EPA). If the moldy area is less thanabout 10 square feet (less than roughly 3feet by 3 feet), you can probably handle thejob yourself. First, fix the leak or other waterproblem that nurtured the mold. Then scrubmold off hard surfaces with detergent andwater, and dry completely. Soft materials likeceiling tiles or carpet may have to be replaced.To handle a bigger problem, check yourphone book for cleaners who specialize inwater damage or water restoration. Be sureto check references, and look for companiesaffiliated with professional organizations.Keeping mold under controlThe EPA advises these steps to prevent andcontrol mold in the home:• Fix water leaks or spills fast.• Clean and repair roof gutters regularly.• Be sure the ground slopes away fromthe foundation so water doesn’t enter orcollect around it.• Keep air conditioning drip pans clean,and drain lines flowing freely.• Keep indoor humidity between30 and 50 percent.For more details on mold and how to control it,visit the EPA website at epa.gov/mold/index.html.Do all you can to help your body protectitself against the dangers of mold and otherdamaging substances in the environment:drink Nopalea™, the astonishing new wellnessdrink. Packed with rare, powerful antioxidantscalled Betalains, Nopalea is formulated tohelp the body cleanse itself of toxins and fightinflammation (see page 10).Your home may be spotlessand seemingly dry, but moldcan lurk in hidden areas...Buy both andSAVE!Agency (EPA). If the moldy area is less thanseries1-800-991-7116Fight back against theindoor mold menaceTHE TOXIC TRUTH:To find out how to SAVE $40, see back cover.
  12. 12. In this five-part series, we’re taking an in-depth look at the 10 Essentials forhealth and Wellness. this month, discover more about Essentials #4 and #6:Eat nutritiously and Give and receive love.Exploring TriVita’s 10 EssentialsEatNutritiouslyEssential #4Pies, cookies and other delectable treatscan make it difficult to eat nutritiously thistime of year. However, with a few strategiesunder your belt, you can partake of some holidayfare – while still maintaining a balanced diet.Plan ahead1. Don’t go to parties hungry. Eat a healthy snack or have adelicious Leanology® shake before leaving home so you won’tbe as tempted by holiday delicacies.2. Think about the parties and gatherings you will be attendingand decide which treats you will enjoy (the must-have pumpkinpie) and which ones you can forgo (green bean casserole).3. Don’t plan on starting a diet January 1; thinking about it canlead to binge eating during the holidays.ControlHere are some tips for controlling your food intake during this mosttempting of seasons:1. Cut corners where you can: If you skip the whipped cream onthe pumpkin pie, you can save yourself about 100 calories. Lookfor low-fat dips and sauces.2. Don’t linger by the table holding the food; you may eat severalmore cookies than you planned!3. Prepare one plate of food, keep the portions small and eat slowly.After you’ve eaten, chew gum or sip on a tall glass of water therest of the evening.4. Avoid alcohol as it is high in calories. Choose water or anotherlow-calorie beverage. Sparkling water is another option; add awedge of lemon or lime to give it a little more flavor.5. Focus on people, not on the platters! Try to spend more timechatting with friends and family – and less time eating.This year, with some simple planning and determination, you canhave your cake – and eat it, too!GiveandReceiveLoveEssential #6During the holiday season, people tend togive love more freely than any other timeof year. But you can give and receive loveyear-round in simple, heartfelt ways:• Reach out and hug someone – Make it a goal to give at leastfive hugs a day; you can hug your spouse, members of your familyand your friends. You never know when you can make someone’sday with this easy way to show affection. A simple pat on theback or a squeeze of the hand can also show someone you care.• Call a friend – You probably know someone who could use alistening ear; take a few minutes to call someone and spend a fewminutes asking them about their day.• Practice kindness – A simple act of kindness can really makesomeone’s day! Hold open the door for someone or ask if theyneed help carrying groceries. Keep an eye out: Opportunities forkindness abound.• Make complimenting a habit – If you notice someone looksgood in a certain color or they did a good job on a work project,compliment them. It will make them feel good and their pleasurewill make you happy as well.Did you know that giving and receiving love can also improve yourheart health?Hug your way to healthResearchers from the University of North Carolina found that huggingyour partner can help reduce heart rate and blood pressure. Womenwho regularly hugged their significant other had increased levels of thehormone oxytocin, which in turn helped lower their blood pressure.Another study found that women in happy marriages had fewer riskfactors for cardiovascular disease than single women or women inunhappy marriages.Part V of Vunder your belt, you can partake of some holidayfare – while still maintaining a balanced diet.trivita.com12 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and Wellness
  13. 13. Wellavoh provides four exclusive,rare nutrient blendsBy Brazos Minshew, Chief Science OfficerAs I lookover thescientificdiscoveries in thepast year I am struckwith wonder. Wehave learned so muchin such a brief time. And yet, reallywhat we have validated with testtubes, lab rats and population-basedscientific studies has merely confirmedwhat our ancestors have known forthousands of years: a healthy diet isthe foundation for wellness!Wellavoh is designed with whole-foodcomplexes containing virtually everynutrient known to science. Many ofthese foods have known health values,such as pomegranate for the heart,cranberry for the kidneys and bilberryfor the eyes. However, all of these superfoods belong in a healthy diet.Sonoran BlendContains two healingplants from the SonoranDesert that were used bynative peoples for food: thenopal cactus, which helpsthe body stabilize bloodsugar and support healthycholesterol, and sage seed,which provides daily energy.Heart Healthy Oil ComplexContains fish oil, flaxseed oil, sesame seed oil,pumpkin seed oil (men’sonly) and sage seed oil.These oils contain Omega-3fatty acids as well as lignans– oil-based plant chemicalsthat help reduce cholesteroland inflammation.Digestive BlendIncludes ginger extract,an anti-inflammatoryspice that helps improveappetite, reduce nauseaand inflammation, andlong pepper extract whichhelps reduce crampingand indigestion.Whole Food BlendIncludes 24 whole foodconcentrates: pomegranate,grape seed, bilberry, greentea, nopal cactus fruit andmany other antioxidant-richfruits and vegetables.Wellavoh meansa harvest of wellnessLet the gentle, profound wisdom of theSonoran Desert guide you to increased vitalityand sustained energy. Let the strength of thisextreme environment provide you with thenutrients you need every day. The right nutrientshelp your body do what it does best: THRIVE!Please see the story on pages 4-5 for moreinformation about Wellavoh.THRIVEwith a daily multi-nutrientcomplex for optimal healthDecember 2009 l 13Brazos MinshewWellavoh™is designed with whole-food complexes containing virtuallyevery nutrient known to science.December 2009 l 13Soft-gel capsules are simply the best way to combineall the heart-healthy oils, blends, vitamins and mineralstogether in one formula to give your body powerpacked nutrients 24/7! Soft gels also ensure exceptionalabsorbency for maximum health benefits.And, they areeasy to swallow!WHY SOFT-GEL DELIVERY?AM PM1-800-991-7116 To find out how to SAVE $40, see back cover.
  14. 14. trivita.com14 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and WellnessStaying balanced during the holidays:FOUR EASY STEPSby Christa Orecchio, Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Holistic Health CounselorWhile theholidays canbe a magicaltime of connection, sharingand love, they can also be atime when we throw cautionto the wind with our diets,leading to an imbalancein our health, weight andmoods. Celebratory treatslike alcohol, sugar and rich meals are everywhereduring this time of year. Many of us eat out moreoften and attend many parties. So what can wedo to enjoy all the fun and beauty of the seasonwithout taxing our health?You can start by following my four easy tips foreating out during the holidays.1: Have a glass of room tempera-ture water with lemon beforeyour meal arrives. The water willhydrate you so you don’t mistake excessthirst for hunger. The lemon will alkalizeyour system, ensuring less probability forheartburn. The room temperature waterwill pass through you quicker than coldwater, which impedes digestion.2: Choose protein-basedappetizers/hors d’oeuvres.This can be anything from chicken satayor shrimp cocktail, to a piece of cheese,edamame or nuts. The protein will satisfyyou so you do not start the carbohydratecraving cycle that happens when webegin our meals with bread.3. If you are drinking alcohol,drink it with food. By waiting untilyou eat to drink alcohol, your blood sugarwill not spike as high, and thus you areless likely to fall prey to the carbohydrate/dessert craving.4: Follow my “Whole Journey80/20 Rule.” This means that what youeat 80% of the time makes up your healthand you can be lenient with the other20%. Consider all of the following assugar: alcohol, bread, starch (whitepotatoes/white rice) and dessert. Chooseonly one of those when you are diningout as your “sugar” for the night.The food that we eat is very important forhealth and balance, but what really feedsus – a full and fulfilling life – doesn’t comeon a plate. These are things like honest andopen relationships, creative outlets, exerciseand spirituality. I encourage you also to feedyourself an abundance of these throughout theholidays to ensure you stay balanced and getthe most out of the season.making gifts for your friendsand family is a great creative outlet.i love giving healthy, homemadesweet treats. try my no sugar (buttasty!) recipes below. they areguilt-free, good for you, easy andfun to make!Christa OrecchioRaw Chocolate TrufflesINGREDIENTS• ½ cup raw cacaobutter, melted• ½ cup raw cashews• ½ cup rawagave nectar• 1 cup raw cacao powder(or ½ cup carob and ½ cup cacao powder)• 2 tsp. vanilla extract (alcohol-free)or ½ vanilla bean seed• Pinch sea salt (preferably HimalayanPink or Real Salt Sea Salt)DIRECTIONSIn a food processor fitted with the S-blade,process cashews, melted cacao butter andagave until smooth. Add the remainingingredients and process until well mixedand smooth.Chill in freezer for 20-40 minutes. The morechilled the mixture is, the easier it will beto roll into truffles. Once chilled, roll withyour hands into balls and then roll into yourchoice of shredded coconut, raw cacao nibsor raw cacao powder. Store in refrigerator!Be creative! Add goji berries, driedmulberries, mint extract, nuts, whateveryou like with chocolate!1234Almond Torte CookiesINGREDIENTS• 1 cup rolled oats• 1 cup almonds,ground• 1 cup spelt orbrown rice flour• ½ cup canola orsafflower oil• ½ cup agave nectar• Fruit-sweetenedjam of your choiceDIRECTIONSPreheat oven to 350 degrees F. Combine oatsand almonds in a blender or food processorand blend until they have the consistency offlour. Put the mix in a large bowl with speltflour. In a small bowl mix together the oil andagave nectar. Combine wet and dry ingredientsand mix well. Make 1-inch balls with your handsand press flat onto a cookie sheet. Make anindentation with your thumb into the center ofeach cookie. Fill each cookie with a teaspoon ofjam. Bake 15 minutes. Cool and enjoy!
  15. 15. Bad posture can affect everything from yourmuscles, joints and lung capacity to yourvital organs and even your self-esteem.Poor posture can put undue stress on muscles,joints and ligaments, potentially leading to fatigue,muscle strain and pain. A lifetime of poor posturecan even result in structural changes to your body;your bones can remodel into a permanent slouch.Good posture, on the other hand, can helpreduce stress on those areas of your body as wellas make you appear taller – not to mention helpyou exude an air of confidence!Get it straight: check your postureEnlist a friend to assess your posture from a sideview. Your ear, shoulder, hip, knee and ankleshould be aligned. Your back should have threenatural curves to it: curve in the neck (cervicalcurve), upper back (thoracic curve) and low back(lumbar curve).These curves should be in balanced alignment.If you’re like most people, there is probably roomfor improvement. If you feel you have a postureproblem that requires professional intervention,consult your healthcare provider.Exercises for improvingand maintaining postureTry these tips from the American PhysicalTherapy Association to help improve or maintainposture. Even if you have a permanent stoopor slouch, these exercises can help protect yourposture from getting worse.Standing position• Stand with your back against a wall,heels about three inches from the walland feet about six inches apart; weightshould be evenly distributed.• Place arms at your sides, palms forward.• Keep ankles straight and kneecapsfacing front.• Keep your low back close to the wall.• Straighten the upper back, liftingthe chest and bringing shouldersback against the wall.• Bring your head back to touch the wallwhile keeping the chin tucked in as if astring is attached to the middle of theback of your head, pulling it back.• Pull up and in with the muscles inthe lower abdomen, trying to flattenthe abdomen.• Hold position for about 10 seconds,breathing normally.• Relax and repeat three to four times.• Repeat entire exercise at least threetimes a day for best results.Sitting position• Sit in a straight-backed armless chair,with both feet flat on the floor and backresting against the chair.• Place arms at your sides, palms forward.• Straighten the upper back, lifting the chest.• Bring shoulders back against the chair.• Hold head erect.• Pull up and in with the muscles inthe lower abdomen, trying to flattenthe abdomen.• Hold position for about 10 seconds,breathing normally and keeping therest of the body relaxed.• Relax your abdominal muscles andrepeat three to four times.• Repeat entire exercise at least threetimes a day.So straighten up and start enjoying the benefitsof good posture!With savings of up to $40, now is the perfect time to order all of the productsyou love, including those you’ve been thinking about trying. Just phone in yourTriVita order, and get:•$10 OFF your $100 order•$20 OFF your $150 order•$40 OFF your $200 or more orderto receive your discount, CALL 18009917116Good through 12-31-09. Savings offer applies to products only; does not apply to Gifts of Health orGift Card purchases, taxes or shipping fees. This promotional offer is not available on website orders.improve your posture, improve your healthOrder more, save more... up to $40!SPECIALHOLIDAYSAVINGS!
  16. 16. trivita.com16 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and WellnessOn the surface everythingseemed to be going greatfor John. He was asuccessful entrepreneur, livinga dream life in the suburbs ofSpokane, Washington. John andhis wife, Nancy, were the proudparents of two daughters and ason. The entire family was alsoinvolved in church activities.However, this picture-perfect family wasbeing quietly undermined by John’s serioushealth crisis. He discovered that he had avery rare inherited condition, a debilitatingform of soft tissue arthritis that causes extremefragility and joint pain. John was also bornwith scoliosis and suffered from fibromyalgia.Because of the toxins in his system andinability to exercise, he was wracked withpain and his weight eventually balloonedto 330 pounds.John was resigned to a lifetime of prescriptionpills. However, these very powerful medica-tions not only failed to help ease the pain, butalso caused unwanted side effects, includingdiverculitis, a colon disorder.John’s dramatic change“I felt I was at a crossroads when I made aconscious decision to regain my quality of life,”John recalls. “My quest for better health beganwith the basics – by eating much healthierfoods, including fresh fruit and vegetables,drinking more fresh water and exercisingregularly. However, the most dramaticimprovement in my health came when Idiscovered TriVita and its excellent selectionof high quality supplements.”He started regularly taking a “core package”of TriVita® products and soon realized a nearmiraculous improvement in his health. Theseproducts include:• VitaDaily AM/PM™–this premier multi-vitamin gives him allthe important nutrients he needs. TheAM formula helps promote natural energyand vitality and the PM formula helpssupport repair, rejuvenation and a morerestful sleep.• Super Sublingual B-12 –helps greatly with John’schronic fatigue, andimproved mental functionand concentration. It also provides keynutrients to keep his nerves healthy.Adds John, “Super Sublingual B-12helps me sleep better at night.”• Vital C Crystals –“Vital C is crucialto my good health becauseit helps lower toxicity in mysystem,” says John. “It alsosupports my immune systemwhen I’m under stress, helps myheart health and is easy to digest.”• OptimaFlex® –“This top-qualityblend is tremendousfor my joints,” Johnsays. “OptimaFlex’santioxidants also keep inflammationunder control and other vital nutrientshave greatly improved my flexibility.”John reserves his strongest praise for Nopalea™.“I can’t even begin to explain how muchthis wonderful product has helped me,” Johnexclaims. “First and foremost, it has helpedmy body dramatically reduce inflammationand my extreme pain. I really feel that Nopaleahas helped save my life.”trivita products have helped him replace pain and illness with joyThanksto TriVita,John feels better at41 than he did at 28
  17. 17. 1-800-991-7116 December 2009 l 17“After three weeks and three dayson Nopalea™, I realized I wasn’tcomplaining about how bad I felt,”John continues. “My wife startednoticing these positive changes, too.Nopalea does so much for me; it’s atonic for my entire body and I knowI’m doing something good for myselfwhen I take it.”No longer a slave toprescription medicationsHe has also weaned himself off the prescriptionpain medicines that were wreaking havoc onhis body. Now John is enjoying a new lease onlife and no one is more thrilled than his doctorsabout his renewed good health. “They’re amazedat my dramatic improvement,” John states.“They’re also very pleased that I’ve lostmuch of the weight that I packed onas a result of my chronic pain andinactivity.” He credits Leanology®capsules for helping him lose 20pounds in 30 days.Benefiting the entire familyJohn has shared his enthusiasm for TriVitaproducts with his entire family. For example,his sister is a registered nurse who often worksthe night shift. She was prepared to undergo ahip replacement operation when she decidedto give a “last ditch” try with Nopalea andOptimaFlex®. She is now thrilled to reportthat the vast majority of her hip pain is goneand she doesn’t need the hip replacementsurgery after all.John’s 78-year-old mother suffers from badknees and a variety of other age-relatedconditions. Once she started taking Nopalea,many of these aches and pains disappeared.“My mother is a testament to wanting to bewell,” John proudly notes. “She’s never beenone to take prescription drugs for aches andpains, but rather has always believed thatGod gave us in nature all that we need to bewell. In fact, my mom has told me that thedifference in her situation is like night andday. Inflammation is no longer a problem andshe says, ‘I feel alive and hopeful once again.’”The importance of the 10 EssentialsJohn also appreciates that TriVita encouragespositive lifestyle changes with the 10 Essentials forHealth and Wellness. He knows that TriVita goesthe extra mile to ensure high quality with its 10Foundational Values, including physician-approvedformulas, natural ingredients in all its supplementsand third-party testing and certification.In fact, John was so “sold” on TriVita productsthat he decided to become an Affiliate Member.It allows him to get his products for free andenjoy a sizeable residual income.“When I began taking TriVita products, Ichallenged myself to change,” John remembers.“Now I feel better at 41 than I did at 28. BringingTriVita products into my life has been nothingless than a life-changing experience.”You should not stop taking any medication withoutfirst consulting with your healthcare provider.“When I began taking TriVitaproducts, I challenged myself tochange... bringing TriVita productsinto my life has been nothing lessthan a life-changing experience.”John enjoys quality time with his family.
  18. 18. trivita.com18 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and WellnessHolidays areusuallycelebrationsor remembrances ofevents in history thathave been importantfor one reason oranother. They pointto ways that we, asdiverse human beings, celebrate, passon and remember our highest values.December hosts many festivities for thesebeloved traditions to be honored year after year;a time of hope for the future and reminiscingabout the past. The holiday season is a timefor family and friends to come together andcelebrate the joy of the season.This year is especially meaningful for me. Myson, Kelly, and his wife, Melissa, have movedback to my home state of Arizona, with theiridentical one-year-old twin daughters, Isa andZoe, after living in Boston for four years. I amlooking forward to sharing the holiday seasonwith family – but not everyone feels so positive.Stressful relationshipsFor many people the holidays not only bring thejoy of celebrating with family and friends, butalso the occasion for tension and strife to surfacebetween certain individuals. Relationships cancause turmoil, conflict or stress at any time, butare often heightened during the holidays.Family misunderstandings and conflicts canintensify, especially if you are together forseveral days. A common family issue is when aholiday gathering turns into a competitive arenafor adult sibling rivalry. There are a host offeelings that show up when one sibling thinksthe parents favor one child over the other.It’s natural for some people to be more drawntogether due to geographical proximity (yoursister lives closer to your parents), shared person-ality features (your brother and your dad thinkthe same way so they understand each othermore easily). Whatever the reason, if you feelyour parents are favoring another sibling it canmake for a stressful family gathering.Set aside differencesTry to accept family members and friends asthey are, even if they don’t live up to yourexpectations. If you usually have conflict whenyou get together with your family, be preparedfor it. Perhaps your mother always critiques yourappearance, or your brother tells crude jokes.Don’t expect them to change. Have a senseof humor about it and remind yourself of whatyou love about them.Be forgivingMany times we say and do things that offendour loved ones and vice versa. None of us areperfect in maintaining family relationships.The seventh essential in TriVita’s 10 Essentialsfor Health and Wellness is Be Forgiving. It isimportant to set aside grievances and forgive.Forgiveness is an essential aspect of strongfamily relationships.Maybe at this holiday season you have someoneyou need to forgive, or you need someone’sforgiveness. A sincere apology goes a long wayin bringing reconciliation. “I’m sorry, I waswrong, please forgive me” is one of the mosthealing things said between two people. Mostpeople who have forgiven others will testify tothe great joy they experience as the emotionalburden they carry has been released.During this season of love, remembranceand sometimes turmoil, I hope that thepower of forgiveness brings you peace inyour relationships. Celebrateand reconcile:finish out the yearmaking peace inyour relationshipsby Dr. JudyJudy Ellison, Ph.D.Judy Ellison, Ph.D., is a psychologist, author and motivationalspeaker. She has inspired people around the world to reachwithin and find their passionate purpose to live a moremeaningful life.Try to accept family members andfriends as they are, even if they don’tlive up to your expectations.
  19. 19. 1-800-991-7116“Be still and knowthat I am God.”– Psalm 46:10The best Christmas myfamily ever had was theworst, financially. Bankruptand about to have our houseforeclosed, we had no moneyto buy material gifts. Wewere too embarrassed to share our situation,and so decided to celebrate the season withjust us: my wife Sharon and I and our 11 and12-year-old kids.Using scrap wood, I made a doll stand for mydaughter, and a sword for my son. Those werethe sum total of the tangible gifts exchangedthat year – but oh, how I remember thatChristmas. We visited an old folks’ home downthe street and sang carols. We wrote letters toeach other about how much we appreciated eachother, and what the Lord meant to us at thisspecial time of year. We prayed for each other.Since then our worldly goods have increasedconsiderably, but I’m hard-pressed to recall asingle Christmas as memorable as that one.It had nothing to do with money, shopping,planning elaborate dinners or fretting over whatto bring to which holiday party. It hadeverything to do, though, with what I considerthe shining gift of the season: peace.Lighter and brighter,or pressured and stressed?The glorious gift that we celebrate at this timeof year was intended to lift our burden, not addto it with going and doing and buying and allthe rest. We’re supposed to be lighter andbrighter, taking comfort in “the reason forthe season.” Instead, especially in thecurrent tough times, so many of us feelpressured and stressed that the rates ofcrime and suicide go up.Let’s stop. Let’s stop and remember that giftsdon’t have to cost money, and that thereal gift of Christmas cannot be bought.Wouldn’t you love to feel the serenity,the peace of this special time, instead ofthe commercial mania? Instead of feelingobligated to buy a pile of needless gifts, wouldn’tyour spirit be lifted by giving something fromthe heart?Here’s my holiday suggestion: Take the pressureoff yourself this year and do something kind forothers. You’ll get a spiritual benefit, too, fromideas like these:• Take time each day to pray or meditate.Give thanks for your blessings.• Read from Scripture to your lovedones (the Christmas story in Matthewand Luke is the perfect choice).• Pay a visit to your houseboundneighbor (and see if you might run anerrand for them while you’re there).• Shovel someone else’s drivewayanonymously.• Volunteer a little time to a homeless shelter.• Replace one shopping expedition with avisit to a hospital ward, or an assistedliving center – maybe to sing carols?Give to yourself by giving to othersIf you just look around your community, I knowyou can find more ways to give (and get back)true joy and peace by helping others.With so many people struggling through hardtimes, it may be the best time to, as Psalm 46:10tells us, “Be still and know that I am God.”Here, being still doesn’t literally mean to bemotionless; it means to recognize that the powerto overcome, the power to triumph, is God’s andnot ours. God will defend and protect us; Godwill keep us in His heart always.Are you feeling a financial pinch, but also anobligation to make this holiday filled withmaterial things? Then do yourself and your lovedones a real favor: Sit down and talk with yourfamily about the economic realities. Then, sharethe joy of planning an old-fashioned Christmas.Fill it with simple ways to share the love andpeace that He bestows on us all.I wish you and yours the peace of the season,every blessed season of the year.Finding true peacein a frenzied seasonby Chaplain Gene HendersonGene Hendersonyour body, His Temple – 1 Cor. 6:19-20Take the pressure offyourself this year anddo something kindfor others.December 2009 l 19
  20. 20. trivita.comLose the Weight YouWant – in 3 Easy Steps!STEP 1:Fat burning capsulesfor “losing the bulge”Leanology®WeightLoss Capsules (180 ct.)#30615Non-Member $74.99Member $59.99Redeem with 600 VitaPointsSTEP 2:Tasty chews forsnack replacementand appetite controlLeanology®Appetite ControlChews (60 soft chews)Flavor: Chocolate Mocha#30690Non-Member $37.99Member $29.99Redeem with 300 VitaPointsSTEP 3:Delicious shakesfor low caloriemeal substitutionLeanology®Nutritional Shake(2 lbs – 30 servings)Flavors: Chocolate and VanillaNon-Member $68.99Member $54.99Redeem with 550 VitaPointsVALUE PACKThe Value Pack includes:• 1bottleofWeightLossCapsules• 1container(30servings)ofNutritionalShake(chooseflavor)• 2bags(1FREE)ofAppetiteControlChewsLeanology®3-Step Value PackMember $139.99Redeem with 1400 VitaPointsSAVE $34.97!OneFREEBag ofChewsYou know that excess weight can result inheart disease, diabetes and many more seriousconditions. But did you know that those extrapounds also weigh down your brain, your lungsand (more and more) your children’s health, too?If you need one more reason to try Leanology®here are three, backed by the newest findingsabout health and weight:Adding pounds subtracts from brainsWant to lose your skills in memory and decision-making? Gain weight. That’s the message froma study that followed almost 100 people intheir 70s for five years. “The brains of obesepeople looked 16 years older than their healthycounterparts while (those of) overweight peoplelooked 8 years older,” said UCLA neuroscientistPaul Thompson, senior author of a studypublished online in Human Brain Mapping.The aging differences were figured on the basisof lost brain tissue. Much of the lost tissue wasin the parts of the brain that handle decision-making and memory, among other things.The findings seem to explain why heavier peopleare more prone to such disorders as Alzheimer’sdisease and other cognitive (brain) problems.Big bellies bad for breathingIf there’s too much “you” around your middle,there might not be enough breathing powerin your lungs. No matter what your body massindex (BMI, a standardized measurement ofweight), research suggests that abdominal fatmeans reduced lung function.The study, conducted by the French NationalInstitute for Health and Medical Research,looked at lung function among some 122,000people, average age 45. Conclusion: womenwith waistlines of 35 inches or more, and menwith 40 inches or more, were about twice aslikely to have below-normal lung power asslimmer people.Severe childhood obesityjumps threefoldAs many as 2.7 million children in the U.S.may be severely obese, according to researchinto national health statistics. Medically, severeobesity means a BMI that’s in the top 1% of allthose measured. The number of children classedas severely obese has tripled in the last 25 years.Researchers looked at National Health andNutrition Survey data on 12,384 youths, ages2 to 19 years. The researchers, publishing inAcademic Pediatrics, also found that a third ofseverely obese children had metabolic syndrome,a group of risk factors for diabetes, stroke andheart attack. The risk factors include high bloodpressure, cholesterol and insulin levels.Try Leanology’s 3-step weight loss system todayto lose unwanted pounds.Lose with Leanology for yourhealth’s sakeresearch uncovers new dangers of extra pounds“This is an easy system... the productdoes what it says it can do.”“A month ago I ordered myLeanology capsules and shakes.I lost 10 pounds the first month,and am working on losinganother 15 pounds before theholidays. I love the capsules!I hardly get hungry. In fact, Ihave to remind myself to eat.I love the chocolate shake. It is great for a quickbreakfast in the morning or a quick snack later inthe day, which helps get me the protein I need.The capsules are convenient and they workso well. I take two twice a day or three twice aday, depending on how I feel. They keep mefrom craving food. For those times that I needsomething to hold me over, the chews are justthe thing. I feel very confident that I will reachmy goal. This is an easy system and the productdoes what it says it can do.”MELODY C. – DENVER, CO“I have lost over 30 poundsand am down 4 dress sizes.”“I have tried many of the faddiets out there – but found theyjust didn’t work. My attempts tolose weight were also hinderedby a variety of ailments,including fibromyalgia, degen-erative disk disease and chronicfatigue syndrome. I was readySUCCESS STORIES
  21. 21. ON MY MIND continued from page 3...and I had hosted the evening with the traditional Mexicanfood spread (El Paso tamales – yum!). After everyone left, Iwas walking through the house picking up empty boxes andwrapping paper when I walked by my daughter Brittany’s room.She was six at the time. There she was in her bedroom with allof her gifts around her laid out perfectly. Her back was to theopen door and I caught a glimpse of her standing there withher arms and head lifted high, eyes closed, and in her sweetlittle voice saying, “Thank You God for all my gifts – You gaveme everything I wanted!”That night I knew that the foundation their father and Ihad instilled in them would be one that would support themforever. Today my girls are in their twenties, and although theyare all living away from home, we always come together fora wonderful Christmas with each other – sharing the love offamily, celebrating the birth of our Savior, and giving thanksto God, our Provider.Whatever your beliefs or traditions, it is our hope that you areopen to giving and receiving the grace of the season: to friends,family, co-workers... and especially the person who delivers yourVitaJournal! Please enjoy the articles throughout this month’sissue as we cover life-changing stories from our Members, helpfulways to survive the season, healthy comfort foods and greatproduct information.Together, let’s believe that 2010 will be the greatest year ofyour life. Make sure you read the article on Uncovering YourVision, page 29, as this will help you set positive things inmotion. To our extended TriVita family, may your holidayseason be filled with peace, joy, love and most of all healthand wellness!Pam Knox, Editor of PublicationsTriVita’s House of Giving and Life Outreach International have partneredto provide pure, fresh water for children and their families:• Over 1 billion people throughout the world do not haveaccess to pure, fresh water• Waterborne illnesses run rampant in these areas• Just a $4.80 donation can save one person’s life• With your donation, you can leave a legacy by givingthe gift of lifeYour tax-deductible gift can be combined with others to create newwells – providing water to thousands of people for a lifetime! Last year,we saved 21,000 lives. This year, our goal is to save even more!Want to make a difference?Call 1-800-991-7116 and a Wellness Consultant will be happy to takeyour tax-deductible donation along with your order.You can mail your donation to:House of Giving16100 N. Greenway Hayden LoopSte. 950Scottsdale, AZ 85260You can make aLASTING DIFFERENCEYour contribution will touch countless livesWe value your feedback.Please send your comments to:editor@vitajournal.com or mail to Editor,c/o TriVita, Inc., 16100 N. Greenway HaydenLoop, Suite 950, Scottsdale, AZ 85260December 2009 l 21To our extended TriVita family,may your holiday season be filled withpeace, joy, love and most of allhealth and wellness!to make a life change and felt that Leanology was the healthiest choice available.This time I was realistic and decided to make both short- and long-term goals.My strategy was successful... and my weight loss with Leanology has beenastounding. I have lost over 30 pounds and lost 4 dress sizes. I look andfeel younger.With the capsules and shakes, I no longer have the cravings that used to makeother weight loss programs so difficult. I’m a ‘chocoholic’ and I especially lovethe creamy chocolate Leanology shakes. Sometimes I’ll add a little non-fat milkfor extra calcium, and I add fruit to the vanilla shakes to get more vitamins andminerals. After drinking a shake, I feel like I’ve had a balanced meal. To furtherhelp with my weight loss effort, I gave up diet sodas, started eating healthiermeals and learned how to make some great-tasting sugar-free desserts to satisfymy sweet tooth.”BRENDA N. – NEW BERN, NC1-800-991-7116 To find out how to SAVE $40, see back cover.
  22. 22. trivita.com22 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and WellnessExercise your brain, delay memory lossBronx, New YorkPeople who do crossword puzzles, play card games and take part in other “brain” activities may help delay theonset of rapid memory loss associated with Alzheimer’s and other dementias, according to a study in the August2009 journal Neurology.The study followed 488 healthy people (age 75 to 85), who had enrolled in the Bronx Aging Study between1980 and 1983. At the beginning of the study, participants reported how often they participated in sixactivities: reading, writing, doing crossword puzzles, playing board or card games, having group discussionsand playing music.Researchers found that each additional day of activity delayed memory loss by .18 years, roughly 1 to 2 months.“The point of accelerated decline was delayed by 1.29 years for the person who participated in 11 activities perweek compared to the person who participated in only 4 activities per week,” said study author Charles B. Hall,Ph.D., of Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University.Live near a noisy road? It could be bad for your heartLund, SwedenThose who live near noisy roads could be at increased risk for high blood pressure, say researchers from LundUniversity in Sweden.The study, from a public survey of 24,238 Swedish adults between the ages of 18 and 80, showed that people betweenthe ages of 40 and 59 who were exposed to constant noise over 64 decibels were twice as likely to report high bloodpressure as others. Younger adults also reported hypertension but the elderly experienced negligible effects.The results were published in the online journal Environmental Health. Researchers said that the study doesn’tprove the noise caused the blood pressure increases, but still could have played a part in it. Poor physical fitness increases death riskIndianapolis, IndianaPhysically unfit people have twice the mortality risk of even those in slightly better shape, according to a recentstudy in Medicine & Science in Sports and Exercise.Researchers followed 4,300 people over a period of 20 years, assessing fitness and physical activity throughtreadmill tests and questionnaires, and tracking mortality rates.The least fit of the subjects had a mortality rate twice that of the group only in slightly better shape and amortality rate four times that of the most-fit group.“Given the considerable survival benefit associated with improving fitness in the least-fit group, increasing fitnessthrough regular physical activity should be a priority in unfit individuals,” said Sandra Mandic, Ph.D., a memberof the research team. “Health professionals should consider a sedentary lifestyle and poor fitness as treatable andmajor risk factors.” TheResearch DeskNew findings in health and wellness
  23. 23. December 2009 l 23Sally Campbell,affiliate member“Christmastime was alwaysso very exciting, as I grew upin the 1940s in a very smalltown in Northern California(population 300). I thinkthat we were poor, but wedidn’t know it. We began singing Christmascarols at our little Methodist Mission churchprobably around Halloween.On Christmas morning it was exciting to findunder the tree all that Santa had brought...the used bike my dad had fixed and paintedlike new, the old wicker doll buggy that wasrefurbished for my little sister and the woodenWorld War II airplanes for my brother. My dollalways received a new wardrobe, thanks toMother’s hours at the sewing machine. Therewere only two stores in town and it was alwayssuch a thrill to walk down the road, cross therailroad tracks and look in the store windowsand wish. Times were simpler then.”Dana Maxwell,trivita Employee“I love the month ofDecember, because itmeans the weather isfinally cold, family andfriends gather for holidaytraditions and it’s the last month to reflect onthe past and make goals for the New Year.My favorite holiday memory was a few yearsback when I visited my friends and family inIsrael, where I grew up. My closest friends cameover to my childhood home and together, welit the menorah for Hanukkah. We gatheredaround the living room and sang traditionalsongs. We ate yummy treats and just spent theevening talking and laughing, as the candlesburned out. We didn’t exchange any gifts orunwrap any presents – spending time togetherwas all we wanted. Since I no longer live inIsrael, being able to visit my friends and familymembers is always a treat. No matter whatholiday I celebrate, it is the people around mewho make it special.”Janine Theiss,trivita Employee“Having a fairly large-sizeHungarian family, I havegreat holiday memories whereall the cousins, aunts, unclesand grandparents would cometogether and celebrate on Christmas day with atraditional Hungarian dinner. Being raised closewith my cousins brought our family even closertogether. Now that we are all older and havestarted our own families, it is more difficult to geteveryone together. However, we keep in touchby sending photos via email and other socialnetworks. We also try to get together for smallreunions. I have now started my own family,with my dog, Harley.”Melona Anderson,member“My favorite December holidays are Christmasand Boxing Day. I am from the CaribbeanIslands, and that is the time when everyfamily member gathers together. Any familymember who lives in another country or inanother part of the Island comes home. Wecelebrate by eating our traditional Caribbeanfeast. Then we play some good old familygames. The men play dominoes or cricket; thewomen tell the children stories. Boxing Day(December 26) is when we all take a trip tothe beach.”in this column, membersof the trivita®wellnesscommunity share theirinsights on health, wellnessand more.This feature creates an openforum to respond to a varietyof provocative questions abouta wide range of subjects.Since the holiday season is nowupon us, we’ve asked Members ofTriVita’s wellness community toshare their favorite memories. Wehope you enjoy their personal,heartwarming stories.What’s your favorite holiday memory or tradition?EmbracingWELLNESSYour TriVita purchase is backed by our 60-daymoney back guarantee, no-questions-asked.T R I V I T A P R O M I S EYou could earn a$25 GIFT CARDwhen you share yourwellness story!Send your product successstory to story@trivita.com orcall us at 1-800-693-4083. Ifwe use it, we will send you a$25 Gift Card as a thank you.ThisGiftCardisgoodforanyTriVitaproductorservice.ThisGiftCardisnon-refundableandnotredeemableforcash.Thevalueofthiscardwillnotbereplacedifthecardislostorstolen.ThisGiftCardissubjecttolocal,governmentalandTriVitacurrentterms.$25 GIFT CARDGiftCard$251-800-991-7116 To find out how to SAVE $40, see back cover.
  24. 24. trivita.comAdaptogen 10 PlusYour Everyday Stress Solutiontrivita’s powerful, stress relieving formula:• Helps counteract damage caused byvarious types of stress: mental, physical,emotional, environmental• Contains all 10 adaptogens that have beenproven to help the body “adapt” to stress• Fights free radical damage and helps boostyour immune systemadaptogen 10 Plus’ unique three-partformula includes:• Adaptogens – herbal extracts chosenspecifically for their natural ability to helpthe body cope with stress• Antioxidants – immune boosters that helpfight the damage caused by stress• Aloe Vera – helps improve digestionand nutrient absorptionTRY IT TODAY!1-800-991-7116or visit trivita.comDiscover theamazing effectsof Adaptogen10 Plus®Adaptogen10 Plus®#30660Non-Member $62.99Member $49.99Redeem with 500 VitaPointsDeliciousBERRYFlavorFor advice on feeling great all year ‘round,nothing beats TriVita’s 10 Essentials forHealth and Wellness. Breathing deeply,eating well, practicing gratitude... all thesepositive habits are recognized as effective ways tobring peace and joy into our lives. The holidayseason, however, can call for extra steps.When all the demands of the season seemoverwhelming, it’s tough to get through theday (let alone sleep in heavenly peace). So,experts in the mental health fields offer these10 tips on coping with holiday stress.1. Be realisticCan you really shop for seven people on yourlunch hour? Do you have to out-do the neighbors’outdoor display? Try to keep your expectationsreasonable. Make a list of the things you’d like toaccomplish, and do the most important ones first.2. Think “season,” not “day”It’s the holiday season... a time of special joyand remembrance. It isn’t just a single day thathas to hold all the importance and events youcan cram into it. You can spread activities outto reduce stress.3. Permit your feelingsOkay, so maybe sometime during the holidaysyou don’t feel very festive. Let it be ok for youand others to feel sad or lonely.4. Avoid the “good ol’ days” trapIf you view the holidays through the mist ofnostalgia, what’s happening now can nevermeasure up to the past. Enjoy and embrace allthe changes and differences that are makingthis holiday time unique.5. Do unto othersThere are lots of people who have less andneed more than you. Why not share someof your own blessings (time, money, skill)with a volunteer group?6. Pay nothing for funSeek out seasonal activities that don’t cost adime. This will help avoid the financial stressthat can hit so hard this time of year. Strollaround the neighborhood to admire holidaydecorations; go window-shopping; make asnowman with a child (or a grown-up!).7. Don’t over-doIt’s easy during the holidays to eat and drinktoo much. If food and alcohol are your “escape”from feeling tense or sad, know that neither willreally help you feel happier or more calm.8. Go for newTry something different to celebrate the holidays.Dinner out when it’s usually at home, or vice versa?Making a list of all the blessings to be grateful for?Inviting someone who’s alone or separated fromloved ones to share an outing? Get creative!9. Build your networkGet in touch with someone you haven’t heard fromin a while, or reach out to make a new friend. Tryto spend time with supportive, caring people.10. Honor yourselfSometimes, in order to be loving andgenerous with others, it’s important to takecare of yourself. Reserve some time to do what-ever will recharge your batteries. Let othersshare in planning activities or running errands.You may find that they jump at the chance.10how to cope when all is not calm, all is not brightStress-busting tips
  25. 25. Tula was searching online for a high-quality B vitamin, when she struckgold. This British Columbia residentwas convinced to try TriVita® Sublingual B-12when she discovered that it utilized Dr. AlfredLibby’s original, patented formula. Doctors toldTula she was B-12 deficient and she startedtaking B-12 injections when she was recoveringfrom hepatitis. “Although I felt really good aftertaking the injections, the shots themselves wereincredibly painful and inconvenient,” she recalls.“I also felt an inevitable letdown about threedays after each shot.”Since taking Sublingual B-12, both Tula andher husband have felt a big difference in theirenergy levels and mood. “I used to get crankyin the past,” she says. “Now, with SublingualB-12 my life seems to be a lot easier.”Tula’s success with Sublingual B-12 made herwant to check out a variety of other TriVitaproducts, including:• OmegaPrime® – She says, “I takeOmegaPrime because I know I need it andit supports my body in so many ways.”• VitaCal-Mag D™– Tula’s nails and boneswere brittle and her hair was falling out.Since she started taking VitaCal-Mag Dher bones are better nourished and herhair loss has been drastically reduced.• Digestive Complex™ – Tula takes it tomake sure she has enough probiotics inher diet. She now notices an improvementin her candida and psoriasis conditions.• Vital C Crystals and Tablets – “Many ofmy friends have gotten sick with colds orflu,” Tula observes. “I credit Vital C Crystalsand Tablets for keeping me healthy.”• VitaDaily AM/PM™– Tula says this productis so much better than most daily vitaminsbecause it packs so much more nutritionalpower, including 13 vitamins, 6 mineralsand 25 whole food concentrates.• NutraFruits™ – She has a hard timeeating fruits and vegetables, so Tulatakes NutraFruits to make sure she’sgetting enough antioxidants. “I lovethe taste and often mix NutraFruitswith Vital C Crystals to get evenmore nutrition.”• Adaptogen 10 Plus® – Both Tulaand her husband love it and she’s seena remarkable difference in her husband’sdemeanor. Tula says, “He has a verystressful job and often didn’t sleepwell. One week after he started takingAdaptogen 10 Plus he realized it wasworking and he now swears by the stuff.”Even his co-workers have noticed abig difference.Tula’s incredibleNopalea™ experienceTula saves the best for last, because she hasnothing but rave reviews for Nopalea. She wasa teenage athlete and Tula’s body has paid theprice ever since. She’s had lots of accidents,injuries, an inflamed Achilles tendon anddeveloped arthritis in her fingers. Tula alsosuffers from sinusitis. “I started out taking oneounce of Nopalea per day and realized it wasn’tenough for my many aches and pains,” she says.“However, once I increased my daily dosage tofour ounces per day I noticed a big differencein pain within two days and it really helpedmy Achilles tendon.”Now, when Tula does strenuous landscapingwork, including moving heavy boulders, she hasmuch less inflammation and pain. Tula exclaims,“Nopalea has given me a new lease on life.”Her husband also had a nagging shoulder injuryand recently reinjured it after a fall. Nothingseemed to ease the pain... until he started takingNopalea. He was thrilled to discover that hecould put his arms over his head and enjoycomplete free range of shoulder movement.Another friend – a former football player witha knee injury – was able to fully extend his legstraight after taking Nopalea.“I tell people that if Nopalea isn’t working thenthey probably aren’t taking enough,” Tula states.“Usually, a modest increase in dosage can makea major difference in results.”Spreading the word to the worldIn fact, Tula and her husband are so thrilled bytheir personal experience with TriVita products,that they’ve signed up as Affiliate Members.“We gain tremendous satisfaction helping othersenjoy better health,” Tula says. “When peoplesee our own improvement, we can clearly say weowe it all to TriVita.”Tula’s freedomfrom pain and illnessnopalea – and many other trivita products –have given her a new lease on lifeMember Spotlight“Wegaintremendoussatisfactionhelpingothersenjoybetterhealth...whenpeopleseeourownimprovement,wecanclearlysayweoweitalltoTriVita.”– TulaTula’s favoriteTriVita products include:• sublingual b-12• omegaPrime• vital c crystals and tablets• vitacal-mag d• digestive complex• vitadaily am/Pm• nutrafruits• adaptogen 10 Plus• nopaleaDecember 2009 l 251-800-991-7116 To find out how to SAVE $40, see back cover.“Wegaintremendoussatisfactionhelping
  26. 26. trivita.com26 l VITAJOURNAL Celebrating 10 Years of Health and WellnessPut the ho-ho-ho in the holidayswith these ideas for joyfulmerrymaking with family andfriends. At little or no cost, theseactivities will help everyone savorthe spirit of the season.Progressive dinnersShow off your festive décor while minimizingthe cooking workload: organize a progressivedinner. If you’ve never been involved in aprogressive dinner, you’re in for a treat. Familyand/or friends pick a designated night to travelto several homes for a single course of food (youcan also have progressive appetizers, holidaytreats, etc.). It will take a little pre-planning butthe result will be fun for the whole family.• Send out invitations, requesting an RSVPthat includes the number of participantsas well as the dish to be provided.• Schedule the order of the dinner and giveeach stop a designated time allotment. (Thisis also a good time to organize carpools.)• At the first house, give everyone a plasticbeverage cup labeled with their namethat they can take from house to house;have extras on hand – someone’s bound toforget theirs somewhere along the way.• Consider having a White Elephantgift exchange at one of the stops (readmore below).White Elephant gift exchangePrepare for holiday amusement of elephantineproportions when you plan a White Elephantgift exchange. Nothing gets the laughter goinglike some of the crazy gifts that are sure to beunveiled. Each participant finds somethingaround their house that they no longer want –or never wanted – and wraps it up. Everyonedraws a number which determines their placein the gift-picking line.Decide in advance if people can “steal” giftsfrom others and how often a gift can be “stolen.”Hilarity will ensue as people vie for the creepymonkey coin bank or the coveted paper macheteddy bear. Get creative; the more creative the“gifts,” the more fun you’ll have!Make a wish list for othersInstill generosity and goodwill in your childrenby writing a family wish list for those in need.Each family member comes up with their wishesfor a better world (e.g., no more homelessness, anend to war, that every child would have a happyholiday). Then, take it a step further by planninghow you as a family will help make one of thesewishes come true: saving money throughoutthe year to participate in a toy drive, writing tosoldiers overseas, doing volunteer work, etc.Read a holiday story each nightSharpen kids’ reading skills while enjoying qualityfamily time by taking turns reading a holiday storyeach night through the end of December. Time-tested classics as well as more recent offerings canprovide you a variety of material – as well as easy-to-read books for the children.Another option is volunteeringto read to children at your locallibrary or bookstore.Caroling, carolingWhat would the holidays be without singing?Plan a family and/or community caroling event.Print out copies of popular and traditional tunes,head out and make a joyful noise! Afterward,take the chill off with some spicy hot cider andhealthful treats.Family talent showShowcase each family member’s special talentby featuring a family talent show as part ofyour festivities. If someone complains aboutnot having a talent, point out their strengths;encourage them to do something different andunique. You’ll discover all sorts of hidden talentsand have a great time in the process!GamesBoard, card and other parlor games such aschess, backgammon and dominoes can create aspirit of fun at any gathering. For larger groups,try a rousing game of charades – see how longyou can go without laughing.Funandfestivefamily timehow to spend less and enjoy theholidays moreFamily HealthHere’s to a happyand healthy holiday!
  27. 27. Nourish your heart, brain, skin, joints andglands with Essential Fatty Acids!OmegaPrime®: Your PRIME source for Essential Fatty AcidsPremier blend of Essential Fatty Acids from four sources –fish, flaxseed, evening primrose and perilla seed oilsRight balance of Omega-3s and Omega-6sInflammation-fighting formulaMercury/contaminant-free fish oilEvening primrose and perilla seed oils – the most potent EFAs for inflammationGive your body the support it needs with TriVita OmegaPrime!OmegaPrime®#30520Non-Member $22.99Member $17.99Redeem with 180 VitaPointsOnce upon a time, a littlesteam engine chugged herway into history with foursimple words, repeated over and over:“I think I can, I think I can, I thinkI can.” She was the star of the classicchildren’s book “The Little EngineThat Could,” and she not only could,but did: she pulled the big trainover the hill when none of the biglocomotives could.In a way, that plucky engine was one of the firstpopular icons of “self-talk,” or affirmations: themessages we give ourselves every day, silently or outloud. As Henry Ford once said, “If you think youcan or think you can’t, you’re right.” Unfortunately,most self-talk is negative. However, if you’re readyto climb out of an unhappy rut, you can start todayto make 2010 your year of living positively.What are positive affirmations?Positive affirmations are statements you makeabout yourself to feel better about yourself.They might describe ways you’d like to feelabout your work, your health, your happiness...almost anything important, even if they don’tdescribe how you do feel right now.When you repeat a positive affirmation severaltimes a day, it helps break down the negativebeliefs and thoughts. In the process, you replacethose negative messages with positive ones thathelp you instead of holding you down. Beloware some examples of positive affirmations thatmight start you on your way. (If you suspect thatpositive affirmations are some sort of New Agehooey, maybe you won’t discount the source ofthese suggestions: the U.S. National MentalHealth Information Center.)• I feel good about myself• I take good care of myself. I eat right, getplenty of exercise, do things I enjoy• I spend my time with people who are niceto me and make me feel good about myself• I am a good person• I deserve to be alive• Many people like meThese are the basics: solid, concrete, positivethoughts that you can practice to help youchange and let go of the past.Once you start affirming positive change in yourlife, you may want to focus on specific issues thatmatter most to you, such as health or self-esteem.These examples may point you toward the short,simple statements that apply most to your life:healthEnergy and health radiate from every cellin my body.My body heals quickly and easily.loveI deserve love and I accept it now.I am showered with love every day.abundanceProsperity fills my life.The more I feel gratitude, the more I haveto be grateful for.PeaceI am at peace with myself and my world.I find peace in the process of life.Your life, your affirmationsWhat area of life would you like to turn around,to change from negative to positive? Your answerwill tell you what your personal affirmation(s)might sound like and feel like.Once you’ve settled on the affirmations right foryou, it’s helpful to recite them, to yourself and/oraloud, whenever you can. Don’t stop there,though: make a list and keep it handy. Considermaking copies, so you don’t forget; you mightshare them with people you trust, too.Remember: I think I can, I think I can,I think I can.Isyour“self-talk”helpingorhurting?make 2010 your year of positive living