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  1. 1. ReadpowerfulNopaleaWellnessStoriesInsideonpages14-15OCTOBER 2010 trivita.comCelebratingWomensHealthGreatsavingsonfeaturedwomensproductsBONES:Strengthening bones for lifeMenopause:It can be a promising new phaseBuy Oneget samefeatured product50% OFFgood through 10-31-10
  2. 2. 2  l  VITAJOURNAL trivita.com10Essentialsfor health and wellnessGood health is a gift to be treasured andnurtured every day. TriVita joyfully sharesthese keys to helping you experiencewellness®: the 10 Essentials of physical,emotional and spiritual health. Physical 1. Breathe DeeplyLet your lungs fill deep down, hold,then exhale toxins and stress. 2. Drink WaterNature’s best beverage not only quenchesthirst, but also enhances energy. 3. Sleep PeacefullyEvery body needs the rest and repairthat comes with a regular sleep routine. 4. Eat NutritiouslyFeed both body and mind withhealthy, nourishing food for life. 5. Enjoy ActivityLet an active lifestyle move you toimproved health and wellness in all ways.Emotional 6. Give and Receive LoveOffer and accept the greatest gift, and youcan enhance your immune system. 7. Be ForgivingWhen you let go of old grudges, your handsare open to accept feelings of peace. 8. Practice GratitudeA thankful heart releases stress, makingroom for greater happiness and health. 9. Develop AcceptanceIf you can’t change it, accept it and moveon. Worry will shrink, serenity will grow.Spiritual10. Develop a Relationship with GodNurture the spiritual aspect of your lifeto achieve complete well-being.This October VitaJournal is filled with great health information to helpyou create greater health and wellness. Be sure to take some time toenjoy the articles and reflect on how you can apply these wonderful ideasand information to your daily life.We are proud to join with many other organizations in making OctoberWomen’s Health Awareness Month. Dr. Pon, who graciously andpassionately serves on our Medical Advisory Board, shares her knowledgeand experience in an article about helping women understand theirbodies and what they can do to improve and enhance their health.Each of the articles in the VitaJournal expresses a way in which one of the 10 Essentials can bepracticed in your life. See the 10 Essentials for Health and Wellness listed on this page. As Dr. ScottConard once said to me, “If my patients would practice the 10 Essentials, nearly 75% would not haveto see me except for their medical check-ups!”This has been so true in my own wellness journey. I just returned home from a trip near the ArcticCircle. It was very physically demanding at 64 years of age but what a great opportunity for me tochallenge my degree of health and fitness. I remember when I lost my health at age 50, I could notwalk a half mile without excruciating pain. On this trip, I was loaded with a backpack that sometimesweighed half my body weight. When we landed by helicopter in the vast wilderness of the McKenzieMountains, the place appeared as if it was the moon, with lots of rock and no trees. I soon learnedhow to enjoy God’s rock garden as I boulder-hopped and climbed the mountains made up of cliffs androck slides.It was so gratifying to know that the wellness journey I embraced 14 years ago had led me to robusthealth and fitness that I could enjoy in a remote wilderness area. TriVita products and practice of the10 Essentials have totally changed my life. I want to encourage you that no matter what your currentstate of health, you can experience greater wellness. The body has an amazing ability to heal andstrengthen itself if given the right nutrients and nurturing.One wonderful thing about October and the fall season is the opportunity to be outdoors in thebeautiful weather. I know my 83-year-old mother will be up at dawn and out walking – enjoying thebird life and beautiful Arizona sunrises. When I make an early morning call and she has just returnedfrom a walk, her voice is full of vitality and energized by the many benefits of walking. Walking for 30minutes a day is one of the greatest things you can do for your health, helping with everything frommood enhancement and detoxification to the strengthening of bones and muscles.But even a gentle stroll will create wellness benefits as it gives opportunity for reflection and gratitude.Strolling is not about fitness or exercise but about meandering, pausing, and even taking time forprayer and praise to our Creator. I especially love to stroll down by the creek when I am at my ranchas it gives time for tranquility and quietness of the soul.In your pursuit of wellness don’t forget the inner you. Complete your days by letting go of all lingeringresentment. There is a Bible verse that says to not let the sun go down on your wrath. Daily forgivenessand letting go of all the offenses and hurts in your life can contribute to a healthier you.May you pursue health and wellness with passion and purpose.Michael Ellison, CEO & FounderP.S. Check out my blog at as I feature amazing stories of Affiliates who are sharing thewellness benefits of Nopalea with others.Experiencing robusthealth at any ageby Michael R. Ellison, CEO & Founder"The body has an amazing ability to heal and strengthen itselfif given the right nutrients and nurturing."
  3. 3. ON MY MINDEDITOR’s NOTEEach October the VitaJournal focuses onwomen’s health, and once again we’refeaturing articles surrounding topics thatwomen deal with. Dr. Pon shares an informative,positive article about menopause on pages 4-5.I remember growing up and hearing my momvaguely talk about it, and it was all so “hush-hush,”as though it was taboo. How could something thatwas all part of our make-up be looked upon sonegatively and as something to dread?Being of “that age” today, I can attest thatthis time of my life is glorious. Would I ratherbe younger and not have to randomly fanmyself in the middle of an air-conditionedroom where everyone else seems to be quitecool? Perhaps… but there’s no question thatknowledge is power. Knowing what is goingon in your body and then responding to itnaturally makes all the difference in theworld. Thanks to my 10 years with TriVita,I’ve learned how to respond to my body’schanges and needs, and it certainly haspaid off!Also in this issue, Dr. Judy speaks to the“empty nest syndrome.” Having gone throughthis myself a few years ago, I can say it wasdifficult, but also exciting. Although it did feelodd, I had a great support system of friendswho kept me busy, which continues on today.I’ve never enjoyed my life more than I doright now, and I am very grateful for my goodhealth, family, career and incredible friends.Being 50(ish) is definitely fabulous for me!I encourage each of you to take advantageof the special savings offered this month bycalling one of our Wellness Consultants at1-800-991-7116. They’re not just there to takeyour order, but to listen and offer solutionsto your particular health concerns.   22 The Empty Nest SyndromeHandling the highs and heart-aches when children leave. 24 How to Give Yourself aCareer MakeoverStop dreaming andstart planning. 25 “Isn’t Wellness aWonderful Thing?”Nopalea is helping Bob andSheryl enjoy newfoundgood health.OCTOBER2010Inside1-800-991-7116 October 2010  l  3Vitamin B-12’semotionalbenefits 6Protect your eyes fromserious threats 10Prices listed in this VitaJournal are current as of the date of printing. The information in this VitaJournal may contain errors or inaccuracies. We reserve theright to change prices, selections, update information and limit quantities without prior notice. Experience Wellness is a registered trademark of TriVita Inc.These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or preventany disease. If pregnant, nursing or allergic to any foods/ingredients, consult a healthcare provider before using any nutritional supplements. To report aserious adverse event or obtain product information, contact 1-800-991-7116. 4 How to Live WellThrough MenopauseIt can open a door into a new,positive phase. 8 Taking the “Flame”Out of InflammationCurb runaway inflammationand improve health. 11 Healthy Harvest FoodsTime to savor pumpkins, squashand other seasonal favorites.14 Will Nopalea™ Help YouLive a Pain-Free Life?Take the Nopalea WellnessChallenge and find outfor yourself.Kathy and Mike’s pain-freebackpacking trips 17 Pam Knox, Editor of PublicationsWe value your feedback.Please send your comments to: editor@vitajournal.comor mail to Editor, c/o TriVita, Inc., 16100 N. GreenwayHayden Loop, Suite 950, Scottsdale, AZ 85260
  4. 4. 4  l  VITAJOURNAL trivita.comMaking the most ofa natural phaseNight sweats, hot flashes,weight gain – it seems thatmost of what we hear aboutmenopause focuses on the downsideof this natural part of a woman’s life.But as a physician with specialtytraining in healthy aging, I’d like topoint out some of the positive aspects.Compared to previous generations,women today entering or pastmenopause generally:• Are healthier• Feel younger than their years• Lead more active lives• Are pursuing (or taking up) challenging,rewarding careersOf course, there are the hot flashes, etc., butthis transition period out of the reproductiveyears can be a door into a new andpositive phase.The decades aheadMost of todays women will live 25 to 30 years— one-third of their lives — after menopause.An understanding of the bodys changes duringthis phase of life can better prepare you tosafeguard your health during your later years.There are many different considerations awoman needs to take as she approaches ormoves through “the change.”To help control the symptoms of menopause,some women can take hormones, calledmenopausal hormone therapy (MHT). The useof MHT has been debated a great deal since thelandmark Womens Health Initiative (WHI)Hormone Study findings were released in 2002.Before this study, it was thought that MHTcould ward off heart disease, osteoporosis andcancer, while improving womens quality of life.Findings from clinical trials showed that thiswas not so. In fact, long-term use of MHT hassome serious risks. New results from the WHIconfirmed that using MHT does not protectagainst coronary heart disease.There is good news, however: The results alsosuggest that short-term use of MHT does notincrease heart disease risk in women who beginMHT within 10 years of onset of menopause.But, it appears that the longer a woman waitsto begin MHT after the onset of menopause,the greater her risk of developing heart disease.More research is needed to fully understandthis issue.A woman whose uterus has been removed canuse estrogen alone to control her symptoms.But a woman who still has a uterus must takeprogesterone or a progestin (a man-madeprogesterone) along with the estrogen. Thesehormones will probably help with menopausesymptoms and protect against the bone lossthat can happen at menopause. However, thereis a chance your symptoms will come backwhen you stop MHT.Once a woman reaches menopause, MHTcurrently is recommended only as a short-termtreatment of moderate to severe symptomssuch as hot flashes or night sweats. Long-termuse of MHT is no longer advised, and doctorsvery rarely prescribe MHT to prevent certainchronic diseases, like osteoporosis. A womanshould talk about the benefits and risks ofusing MHT with her doctor to decide if MHTis right for her.Minimize the “menopot”Weight gain around the middle, sometimescalled the “menopot,” is a common issue forwomen around the time of menopause. Theexact cause has been blamed on a number ofthings, including genetics, fluctuating hormonesand reduced physical activity. It’s important torealize that metabolism naturally slows downwith age, so fewer calories are needed to sustainyour current weight. But if you continue to eatBy Tammy Pon, M.D.Livingwellthroughmenopause
  5. 5. 1-800-991-7116 October 2010  l  5the same amount of food, you’ll gain weight.Reduced physical activity can also contributeto increased weight in the menopause years. Aswe age we lose lean muscle tissue, which burnscalories. By maintaining or increasing youractivity level, you can help keep the menopotunder control.Of course, healthy eating, exercise and gettingall the nutrients we need are vital to wellness atany stage of life. Around menopause, a womanshould be especially careful to get enoughcalcium and Vitamin D to help protect againstthe bone loss that can accompany falling levelsof estrogen. Women under 50 years old needat least 1,000 milligrams of calcium each day,and at least 200 International Units (IU) ofVitamin D. Women over 50 need at least 1,200milligrams of calcium and at least 400 IU ofVitamin D.Many women find relief from menopausesymptoms through nutraceutical supplements.To find out which TriVita products may helpaddress your health concerns, call a WellnessConsultant at 1-800-991-7116.Finally, following the 10 Essentials for Healthand Wellness (see page 2) can help us all makethe most of any phase of life.Tammy Pon, M.D., is a member of TriVita’s MedicalAdvisory Board. A Functional Medicine physician, shereceived her medical degree from the University ofTexas in Houston. Dr. Pon completed specialty trainingin Healthy Aging.When hormones – estrogen, progesterone and testosterone – are unbalanced, theycan lead to the adverse reactions many women have to menopause. Using thechart below, rate your symptoms on a scale of 0 to 5, 5 being the most severe.Add up the points you scored in each section. If your scores total:0-8: This hormone is probably not an issue for you.9-18: This hormone could be causing symptoms for you.19-25: This hormone is probably at the heart of your symptoms.See your healthcare provider to have your hormones tested.Menopause SymptomsRate your menopause symptoms on a scale of 0 to 5 with 5 being the most severe.Signs of low estrogenHot Flashes 0 1 2 3 4 5Night Sweats 0 1 2 3 4 5Low Energy 0 1 2 3 4 5(Mental/physical)Low Moods 0 1 2 3 4 5(No emotional energy)Bladder Urgency 0 1 2 3 4 5(Including incontinence when you cough or sneeze)Signs of low progesteroneAche in joints 0 1 2 3 4 5(Hips, low back, knees, fingers, etc.)Allergies getting worse 0 1 2 3 4 5Wide mood swings 0 1 2 3 4 5(Anxious, tense, irritable)Brain fog 0 1 2 3 4 5(Often unable to think clearly)General inflammation 0 1 2 3 4 5Signs of low testosteroneLow motivation/increased apathy 0 1 2 3 4 5Low libido 0 1 2 3 4 5(Sexual interest)Reduced strength/muscle tone 0 1 2 3 4 5Shorter attention span 0 1 2 3 4 5More unsure of yourself/frightened 0 1 2 3 4 5Balancing hormones: Test yourself
  6. 6. As the TriVita wellnesscommunity knows, healthis more than just a physicalissue. Our emotional health plays animportant role, too, and getting enoughof the right nutrients can affect ourmoods and feelings. As we celebratewomen’s health this month, I’d like tolook at some of the emotional aspectsof health, hormones and Vitamin B-12.We know that all living things have cycles, andmen as well as women are subject to fluctuationsin hormones and emotions. For women especially,though, the ebb and flow of hormones before, duringand after menopause can have real, troublesomeemotional symptoms. These can include feelingsof sadness, irritability and anger, fatigue and moodswings. In some cases, I’d say that the problem maybe at least partly due to a B-12 deficiency (of course,your own healthcare professional is the best source formedical guidance).B-12 and mood: a strong connectionThanks to rigorous studies by my colleagues inmedical research, we know that people who have aB-12 deficiency can suffer from a range of emotional/mental symptoms, including mood swings, mentalconfusion and forgetfulness. That’s why one of thefirst things I do when people complain of theseproblems is make sure they are getting enough of theessential vitamins like B-12.If you’re over 40, a strict vegetarian or have thyroid,liver or kidney problems, you’re at risk for B-12deficiency. As we age, our bodies may become lessable to absorb some vitamins efficiently, especiallyin the case of Vitamin B-12. Without enough B-12,other vitamins like folate and B-6 cannot functionnormally within the body.Youth is not a protector against B-12 deficiencyIt’s important to note that older adults aren’t theonly ones who are at risk of B-12 deficiencies. Whileit’s true that the body’s ability to absorb B vitaminsfrom food decreases with age, younger people can bedeficient, too. One study looked at three age groups,ages 26 to 65 plus, and found that a consistentnumber of people in all three groups had B-12deficiencies. Even more interesting: Regardless of age,those who didn’t take a B-12 supplement were twiceas likely to be B-12 deficient as those who did.So even if you’re a woman years away frommenopause, it’s possible that you’re not gettingenough B-12. Because of the known link betweenB-12 and mood, it’s also possible that this gap isworsening the symptoms of fluctuating hormones.If you or someone in your life is struggling with moodissues, low energy and related symptoms, I urge youto consider making healthy changes. It’s important toexercise, eat right, and do all you can to promote yourown physical and emotional health. For maximumresults from supplementation, I recommend TriVita’sB-12 products, which offer maximum absorption.From mental confusion to mood swingsFor years, clinical evidence has been building toshow that those who have a B-12 deficiency canexperience symptoms caused by decreased mentaland nerve functioning. These symptoms can includemental confusion and forgetfulness, mood swings andeven psychotic behavior like seeing and/or hearing6  l  VITAJOURNAL trivita.comScott Conard, M.D., is the founder of TienaHealth,an organization of medical doctors in primarycare practice who emphasize healthy lifestylesto maintain wellness. Dr. Conard is considereda national expert on disease prevention.TienaHealth also conducts clinical trials.Scott Conard, M.D.Founder, TienaHealthB-12 UpdateBy Dr. Scott ConardThe emotional benefits of Vitamin B-12Theres special meaning for womens health
  7. 7. things. Because of these associations, one of the firstthings I do when people complain of these problemsis make sure they are getting enough of the essentialvitamins like B-12.As a doctor, I know the importance of maintainingappropriate levels of these essential vitamins,especially Vitamin B-12. That’s why I applaud thosewho supplement their healthy diets with TriVitaSublingual B-12 products, and encourage others tosee how they might benefit, too.Unlike injections, or pills that you swallow,Sublingual B-12 dissolves under the tongue formaximum absorption and maximum benefit. Forwomen especially, this could make a positivedifference in mental clarity, mood and overallemotional health.1-800-991-7116 October 2010  l  7Faster-acting, longer-lasting and more potentthan ever before with three times the Vitamin B-12TriVita Super Sublingual B-12 helps you achieve:• Sustained mental energy, stamina and alertness• Improved mood with a more positive outlook on life• Greater mental focus, clarity and concentration• Sharper memory with less forgetfulnessPlus, Super Sublingual B-12 gives your brain and nervesthe essential nutrients they need to help replenish brainfuel and help repair damaged nerves. And all this is yourswith a convenient, once-a-day tablet.Alfred Libby, M.D. – Inventor of TriVita Sublingual B-12, B-6 Folic AcidDr. Libby, a renowned nutraceutical pioneer, worked to help hundreds of patients feelbetter every day. An associate of Dr. Linus Pauling (Nobel Prize Laureate), Dr. Libbydeveloped this unique, sublingual delivery system for his own patients. It wasknown to give similar mental energy results as B-12 shots, but without theshots’ added pain and expense.Alfred Libby, M.D.SUPER SUBLINGUALB-12AVAILABLEEXCLUSIVELY FROMTRIVITAFor maximum sustainedmental energy takeTriVita SuperSublingual B-12Call toll-free to order 1-800-991-7116or visit us at trivita.comTriVita SuperSublingual B-12#33356Non-Member $28.99Member $22.99Redeem with 230 VitaPointsSPECIALPRICE“I started taking Super B… and itwas like renewing my mind.”“I am 72 and walk several miles a week; I alsouse a stationary bike, and I try to do someweight work regularly. I see people my ageand they are crippled and can’t walk, orthey’re overweight. I started with TriVita’sSublingual B-12, then switched to Super B-12.In the past I’ve tried other brands of B-12, butthey don’t give me the energy that Super Bdoes. With Super B, I have more awarenessand energy.Recently I had some digestive issues andstopped taking Super B to try to identify theproblem. It wasn’t the Super B, but I addednew problems: my stress level was higherand my memory was a little off. I startedtaking Super B again, and it was likerenewing my mind.The energy I get from Super B helps me bevery active at our church: I work as a volunteerat conferences, and also take part in prayermeetings twice a week. I am not on anymedication. So many people ask me what Iuse and where I get my products, and I referthem to TriVita. My gift is to share what I find.I am energetic, and plan to stay that way until Igo to my eternal home.”Louise R., Member – Fort Mill, SCsuccess stories
  8. 8. 8  l  VITAJOURNAL trivita.comNopalea,abreakthroughinwellnessdrinksTry this delicious wellness drink, with an exclusive blendof rare antioxidants called Betalains and other healthfulnutrients. Taking Nopalea daily can help your body:• Lessen inflammation • Promote optimal healthwhich causes pain right down to your cells• Cleanse itself • Protect againstof daily toxins premature agingDrink it and thrive!Call toll-free to order 1-800-991-7116.Why a Nopalea Loading Phase?WhentakingNopaleaforthefirsttime,drink3to6ounceseachday,for30days.ThisLoadingPhaseissuggestedtohelpyourbodycontainandcontroltheinflammationithasaccrued.Afterall,yourbody’sstateofinflammationdidnothappenovernight.Imaginethatexcessinflammationisspreadinglikeaforestfireinyourbody,andit’soutofcontrol.BycompletingaLoadingPhaseofNopalea,youcanhelpeasethefireofinflammationmorequicklybyacceleratingthecleansinganddetoxificationprocess,thereforehelpingtocontaintheinflammation.Formaintenance,drink1to3ounceseachday,butagain,thisdependsuponyourbody’sinflammation-fightingneeds.Nopaleaisfoodbased,sotakingmorecanbebeneficialtoyou,asyouarefeedingyourbodythenutrientsitneedstohelpreducerunawayinflammation.How to Tame RunawayInflammationNopalea™#30710Non-Member $49.99Member $39.994-Pack SavingsNopalea™4-Pack#33400Non-Member $199.96Member $139.99Inflammation resembles a dominoeffect: A single event may trigger adomino effect of inflammatoryreactions. While many of the reactionsare fairly predictable, many others arenot. They seem to involve amazinglycomplicated patterns unique to theindividual. Still, all inflammation iscaused by four basic triggers.Inflammation triggersInflammation is the response to four basic triggers– all of which cause tissue injury. Our bodyresponds to injury with inflammation.• TraumaWe usually think of trauma as a direct injurythat causes pain and distress. However, asedentary lifestyle can also be a serious cause oftrauma because our body was made to move!The more we move, the more we are able tomove – and the more we want to move. Theless we move, the less we are able to move. Ourmuscles and other tissues shorten and atrophy.Then, any movement causes injury. So, the lesswe move, the less we want to move.• ToxinsToxicity causes cells to rupture in the sameway that a needle causes a balloon to pop. It’sestimated that humans create 700,000 tonsof pollution and waste every day! Betweentoxins created outside and inside our body,we are constantly bathed in inflammation-producing poison.• Deficiency Deficiencies also cause inflammation. Forexample, an Omega-3 essential fatty acid (EFA)deficiency leaves the cell walls weak and unableto function normally. If the cell wall is too thin,even normal cell activity will cause the cell topop and trigger the domino effect of inflamma-tion. Similarly, deficiency of other nutrients canhave a catastrophic effect on cells within yourbody. (A deficiency in oxygen, water, sleep andcirculation can also trigger inflammation.)• Stress When we assess a situation as stressful, ourbrain releases chemicals called catecholaminesthat trigger the release of many inflammatoryprocesses. For example, stress causes the releaseof insulin – a pro-inflammatory hormone. Toomuch stress over too long a period of time willcause insulin resistance (IR). Other stress-related chemicals reduce circulation to ourdigestive and reproductive systems and triggerinflammation from blood deficiency.Take the “flame” out of inflammationOnce runaway inflammation is triggered, itfollows an amazingly intricate course leading tocatastrophe. It is as if tens of thousands ofdominoes are falling in an extremely complexdesign. Many of the steps are known to medicalscience, but many are not. One thing we knowand have known for years: stop the runawayinflammation and health will improve!Betalains in Nopalea™ are anti-inflammatorynutrients. They help your body do what it doesbest: heal itself with controlled inflammationwhile neutralizing the flames of runaway inflam-mation. So, we can say with confidence that ifrunaway inflammation is the problem, reducingthat inflammation is part of the solution!Have you taken the Nopalea Wellnes Challenge?See page 14.By Brazos Minshew,Chief Science Officer
  9. 9. 1-800-991-7116 October 2010  l  9Like so many people, TriVita employeeshave experienced remarkable resultswith Nopalea. This month, GinnySchoonaert in the PublicationsDepartment shares the story of herwellness challenges, and how Nopaleahas helped her thrive.For many people, surgical removal of abunion (a deformed joint at the base ofthe big toe) creates extreme pain that cango on for days or weeks. Powerful pain pills areoften prescribed to ease the impact of havingpart of your foot cut off, re-aligned and pinnedor screwed back together. But that kind of paindidn’t happen for Ginny, and she thinksNopalea is the reason.Seeking relief from long-term foot pain (asouvenir of years of ballet dancing and wearinguncomfortable high-heeled shoes), Ginny wasamong the first to try Nopalea when it wasintroduced. After just one week, she found that“I didn’t have to go home and rub my toes andfeet that used to hurt so badly at the end of aday.” But she realized the relief wasn’t a cure,and that if she stopped taking Nopalea, the painwould come aching back.“By the second day, I was donewith the pain pills”So, after delaying surgery for almost three years,she had the operation done in the summer of2010. “Everyone told me beforehand that I’d bein so much pain afterward, but I can honestlysay that on a scale of 1-10, it was maybe a 6 –and that was just the first day after surgery. Bythe second day, I was done with the pain pills; Ijust didn’t need them. A few days later, my footsurgeon asked me if I had enough pain pills. Itold him I hardly took any, and he said ‘Whatare you going to do with the extras? Sell themon eBay?’” Could inflammation-fighting Nopaleahave built up a reservoir of pain relief for Ginny?She certainly thinks so.As a member of the TriVita team that producesthe VitaJournal, catalogs and other materials,Ginny wears many hats, and is often underdeadline pressure to do three or four things atonce. “Nopalea helps me feel more energized; Ican do more in my job and around the house,”she reports.“We’re the Nopalea family”That house is also home to her husband Gary, anAffiliate Member, and their six cats. Gary has abad back, and in the past when his back “wentout,” he’d be sidelined for a week. Now that hetakes Nopalea, though, when he feels a twinge,“He increases his Nopalea, and by the end of theday, he’s fine,” says Ginny. One of their cats,Sherpa, also takes Nopalea. (Note: Nopalea wasdeveloped for human consumption.) Sherpa’sspinal disc troubles were so acute that she gotaround by dragging her hind legs – until Ginnystarted giving her Nopalea. “Now she runsthrough the house, and I tell her ‘Slow down! Youdo have a back problem!’”“We’re the Nopalea family,” she sums up. WhileGinny trusts her wellness to several otherTriVita products as well, if she could take onlyone it would be Nopalea, simply because “I don’twant to be in pain.”To those who have yet to try this amazinganti-inflammatory wellness drink, Ginny hassome plain advice: “Try it! Just try it. It’s naturaland it works.”To find out more about Nopalea, see page 8.Experiencing Wellness within TriVitaSurgery removed the bunion,Nopalea™ eased the painWhyGinnygotbackonherfeetsofastafteratroublesomeoperationGinny SchoonaertExecutive AssistantWith TriVita since 2003
  10. 10. 10  l  VITAJOURNAL trivita.comVISIONProtect your eyes fromthe “big three” threatsBy C. Maxwell Phillips, LDOHow a lack of knowledge erodesLoss of vision is not a normalpart of aging. It is a conditionto be vigorously treated andmeticulously prevented.The most destructive disorder thataffects our vision is a lack of knowl-edge. We need to know how to protectour eyes as we go through life. Youshould visit a doctor that specializes inthe health of your eyes for regular eyeexaminations.The “Big Three”The three most common diseases that causeblindness are cataracts, macular degenerationand glaucoma.Cataracts: Cataracts are an opaque buildup ofdamaged proteins in the lens of the eye. Theyare the leading cause of visual decline in thoseover 65. In fact, most people in that age grouphave at least the beginnings of cataract forma-tion. Many factors contribute to thedevelopment of cataracts, but damage by freeradicals (unstable, damaging molecules in thebody) is believed to play a major role.Cataracts can be removed surgically; however,surgery does not result in completely normalvision. Clearly, preventing cataracts would bepreferable. Vision-specific antioxidants as well asvitamins and minerals are indispensable inprotecting your eyes from cataracts.Macular degeneration: The lens of the eyefocuses an image of the world on a portion ofthe retina called the macula, the area of finestvisual perception. After cataracts, damage to themacula is the second most common cause ofvisual impairment (but not blindness) in thoseover 65. Smoking, high blood pressure, andatherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) areassociated with macular degeneration. Brightlight also appears to play a role by creatingdamaging free radicals. Gradual deterioration ofthe macula is called macular degeneration.In the most common form of macular degenera-tion – dry macular degeneration – a substanceknown as lipofuscin accumulates in the lining ofthe retina. A much less common form ofmacular degeneration involves the abnormalgrowth of blood vessels (wet macular degenera-tion). This can be treated very successfully, ifattended to soon enough, but may lead toirreversible blindness if left untreated. For thisreason, medical consultation in all cases ofmacular degeneration (or any other type ofvision loss) is essential.Glaucoma: Glaucoma is the third mostcommon eye disorder, the second leading causeof legal blindness in the U.S., and the firstleading cause of blindness in African-Americans. Unfortunately, most of the timeglaucoma presents no symptoms until perma-nent damage has been done. It is estimated that2.5 million Americans have glaucoma – and halfof these people do not know they have it. Forthis reason, regular checkups are advisable.What can we do?Eyes are exposed to free radicals the same as therest of our body. So, our first intervention toprotect against blindness is to protect your eyesfrom free radicals. External protection fromexcessive light as well as damage from objectssuch as dust particles or larger debris is availableby wearing UV-protective sunglasses. Vision-specific antioxidants such as lutein, zeaxanthineand omega-3 essential fatty acids, and antioxi-dant nutrients such as zinc, copper and VitaminsC and E are proven to be beneficial. Theseantioxidants can help protect your eyes today forhealthy vision tomorrow.Based in Knoxville, Tennessee, C. Maxwell Phillips, LDO, hasa private Opthalmology practice specializing in Retina andVitreous Detachment.
  11. 11. 1-800-991-7116 October 2010  l  11Healthy FallHarvestFoodsFall is my favorite time of year.The leaves change, the air getscrisp and brand new produceabounds, giving us the opportunity toconnect deeper with life and nature,weaving ourselves in as part of thegrand design. We live in a plentifultime and place where we can buyvirtually any fruit or vegetable at anytime of year because they are shippedin from all over the world. However, itis this abundance that has led to agrand disconnection from our food.Local and seasonal eating helps regulate ourinternal rhythm, connects us to both nature andour community and nourishes us on many levels.An apple that has traveled thousands of miles toreach you will not be nearly as nutrient-rich ortasty as an apple grown within a few hundredmiles of where you live. Plus, doesn’t waiting forthese foods to come into season make them thatmuch more enticing?Fall foods are not only delicious but also incred-ibly calming and grounding. Our bodies needdifferent nutrients at different times of the year,which is why seasonal eating is such a useful toolto provide a graceful transition into winter.Head out to your local farmer’s market in searchof the foods here, so you can heat up the kitchenon cool nights in a delicious, nutrient-dense way.Acorn squash and butternut squash: Unlikesummer squash, winter squash has a fine textureand a sweeter flavor. They are sturdier and canbe stored for months. They contain omega-3fatty acids and are an excellent source ofVitamin A, a powerful antioxidant and onewe need more of as natural daylight diminishes.They are high in fiber and help to balanceblood glucose levels. Any winter squash tastesgood sprinkled with salt, pepper, grape seed oiland a dash of cinnamon. Bake at 375 degreesfor 40 minutes.Parsnips: This fall veggie resembles a carrot,but is white in color. It has a bit of a nutty flavorand is a great substitute for white potatoes.Roast them in the oven, boil them to make“mock mashed potatoes” or puree them intosoups. They are rich in potassium and a greatsource of fiber.Pumpkin: Perhaps the signature vegetable ofthe fall season, pumpkins can be used for muchmore than jack-o-lanterns. Packing more than20% of your daily recommendation for fiber anda great source of B vitamins, add fresh orunsweetened canned pumpkin to soups, pies,cakes, waffles or pudding.Sweet potatoes and yams: More nutritionallydense than their white potato counterparts,sweet potatoes are one of my favorite foods.They are high in the antioxidant beta-caroteneand help the body to secrete pancreatic enzymes.They also have great anti-inflammatory benefits.Slice them thin and roast them in the oven withfresh rosemary and sage.Brussels sprouts: A great food to increaseflexibility because of the sulfur compounds theycontain. Brussels sprouts aren’t popular, butmade properly, they taste wonderful – mild andslightly bitter, they are good roasted with garlicand olive oil or great to combine as part of a fallsalad with nuts and balsamic vinegar. They’re agood source of iron, Vitamin K and folate, whicheases menstrual cramps, helps boost mood andhelps prevent birth defects.By Christa Orecchio,Clinical Nutritionist and Holistic Health CounselorFor some tastyfall recipes, seepage 21.
  12. 12. 12  l  VITAJOURNAL trivita.comThe disease that saps bonestrength – osteoporosis – is aparticular danger for women.This disease slowly weakens bones andputs people at risk for broken bones. Asa result, about one out of two womenwill have a fracture due to osteoporosisduring her lifetime.The results can be devastating. Spinal fracturesmay lead to stooped posture, loss of height,chronic pain and disability, and compression ofthe stomach or lungs. Hip fractures are even moredangerous; annually they result in 40,000 deaths.Each year osteoporosis causes 1.5 million fracturesof the spine, hip and wrist, causing pain,suffering, depression, difficulty functioning andlower quality of life.But, given early warning of thinning bones, manyof these problems might be avoided. To find out ifbones are weakening, healthcare professionals canorder a bone mineral density (BMD) test. Thoughit may not be appropriate for everyone, it can bean important part of preventing brittle bones.Since October 20 marks World Osteoporosis Day,it’s a good time to test your bone smarts, and seeif you (or someone you care for) should look into aBMD test. Overall, experts recommend it forwomen who are postmenopausal and under age65, with at least one risk factor for osteoporosisbesides menopause.Quiz yourself: Who’s at risk?See if you can correctly choose which of theseitems are risk factors for getting osteoporosis(answers at bottom of page): ❑ 1. Personal or family history of a fracture asan adult ❑ 2. White race ❑ 3. Smoking ❑ 4. Heavy drinking ❑ 5. Overweight ❑ 6. Sedentary lifestyle ❑ 7. Poor health ❑ 8. Impaired memory or eyesight ❑ 9. Repeated falls ❑ 10. Late menopause ❑ 11. Age 55 or older ❑ 12. Showing thin bones on x-rays ❑ 13. Considering or receiving treatment for osteoporosis ❑ 14. Taking, or having taken, long- term hormone replacement or cortisone therapyHow bone density testing worksMachines that measure your bone density canhelp predict your future risk of fractures. And, thenew tests can detect osteoporosis far earlier thanin the past, while preventive measures may stillhelp. Most devices that measure bone mineraldensity rely on x-rays to take pictures of yourbones. A computer then calculates the testresults. The procedure generally takes less than 15minutes to complete, and exposes you to aboutone-tenth of the radiation used in a standardchest x-ray.Most experts say that women should be evaluatedindividually to determine the need for BMDtesting. Some premenopausal women withmultiple factors that place them at high risk forosteoporosis may benefit from early testing.____________________________________Answers: Everything on the quiz is a risk factorfor osteoporosis except these items:5. Overweight. (Low body weight is a risk factor.)10. Late menopause. (Early menopause is a risk factor.)11. Age 55 or older. (Being age 65 or older is a risk factor.)Who needs bone strength testing?Testyourbonesmarts
  13. 13. 1-800-991-7116 October 2010  l  13TRY IT TODAY!Call 1-800-991-7116 orvisit us at trivita.comTriVita BoneGrowth Factor#30600Non-Member $43.99Member $34.99Redeem with 350 VitaPointsTriVita BoneGrowth Factor™helps avoidfractures fromweakened bones• Clinically proven to rebuild bone• Physician-approved formula• Highly-absorbable calciumSimply put: Female study participants gainedan average of 6% bone mass after taking TriVitaBone Growth Factor for three to six months. Ifyou are concerned about bone loss or have afamily history of bone fragility, get TriVita BoneGrowth Factor!Bone is living, growing tissue. It is mademostly of collagen (a protein that providesa soft framework) and calcium phosphate,a mineral that adds strength and hardens thisframework. This combination of collagen andcalcium makes bone strong, yet flexible to with-stand stress.Throughout your lifetime, old bone is removed(resorption) by osteoclast cells and new bone isadded to the skeleton (formation) by osteoblastcells. During childhood and teenage years, newbone is added faster than old bone is removed. Asa result, bones become larger, heavier and denser.Bone formation continues at a pace faster thanresorption until peak bone mass (maximum bonedensity and strength) is reached around age 30.After 30, bone resorption slowly begins to exceedbone formation. For women, the rate of bone lossdramatically increases during the first few yearsafter menopause.Aggressive help for bonesNutrients are essential for all animal and plantlife. Ideally, the foods we eat contain the variety ofimportant nutrients needed to help keep ourbones healthy. Protein, minerals such as calcium,and vitamins such as Vitamin D are especiallyneeded in a balanced proportion to provide thesupport we need for strong bones. We should eatup to nine servings of fruits and vegetables daily tohelp get enough calcium and other minerals.However, oftentimes we don’t get everything weneed from our diet – and that’s where TriVita’sBone Growth Factor™ comes in.TriVita’s Bone Growth Factor is designed toprovide extra, balanced nutritional support: itsproprietary blend of nutrients facilitates healthy,new bone growth while strengthening existingbones. TriVita Bone Growth Factor includes a“whole foods” source of calcium, minerals andprotein called MCHC as the foundation forbuilding healthy, strong bones.Bone Growth Factor also uses bone-buildingmessengers from plants called “flavones” that tellosteoblasts to make new bone when we go tosleep. A hormone called NAMOT (related tomelatonin) is created by sunshine with Vitamin Dto signal when this building work should begin.We add NAMOT to encourage bone repair dayand night – it’s like adding three shifts to yourbone repair crew!Strong bones at any ageBone is living tissue. It should be healthy tissue.Proper diet and exercise can lay a foundation forhealthy bones. With proper supplementation,specifically with TriVita Bone Growth Factor, wecan help strengthen bones for a lifetime!What is bone?By Brazos Minshew,Chief Science OfficerBuy OneBoneGrowthFactorget the second one50% OFFgood through 10-31-10Strengthening bones for life
  14. 14. 14  l  VITAJOURNAL trivita.com14  l  VITAJOURNAL trivita.com14  l  VITAJOURNAL trivita.comThe Nopalea Wellness ChallengeWill Nopalea™ help you live a painTake the Nopalea WellnessChallenge and find outfor yourself!What is the Nopalea Wellness Challenge?The Nopalea Wellness Challenge was createdto show the power of Nopalea in helping thebody reduce chronic inflammation quickly.Completing a Nopalea Loading Phase canhelp ease the “fire” raging in our bodies. Putyourself to the Challenge today!• Drink 3 to 6 ounces of chilled Nopaleaeach day for 30 days.• Fill out the Nopalea Challenge Form,which will be included in your firstNopalea order, to track your progressduring the Challenge.• Read The Secret Killer Health Alert, alsoincluded in your first Nopalea order.• Experience incredible wellness. Shareyour story with us by emailing H. – Avon, NY Victoria W. – Clinton, OH“I truly believe that Nopalea hassaved my life.”“I was diagnosed with a disorder of the immunesystem and was referred to a rheumatologist fortreatment. An inflammatory condition of thejoints had caused bones to fuse in my neck.Prescription medication left me with a compro-mised immune system.Then, I had a simple spider bite that became amajor infection, so I had to see a plastic surgeonfor further treatment. A small cut that became avery bad infection sent me to the surgeon again; Iended up seeing him three times. He informedme that my body’s immune system was so weakthat it could be a life-threatening infection. I hadto be admitted to the hospital to get intravenousantibiotic treatment to get rid of the infection.My friend introduced me to Nopalea andexplained that my body might benefit from thenutrients which could help fight inflammation. Istarted taking the Loading Phase and now I feellike my body is becoming stronger and healthier.I feel very blessed to have better health. I havebeen able to give the Nopalea Gift of Health toseveral people, and I plan to continue to share theNopalea Wellness Challenge.I truly believe that Nopalea has saved my life.”*Jackie H., Affiliate Member – Avon, NYStories pour into TriVita dailyfrom scores of people whoexperienced major healthtransformations after taking theNopalea Wellness Challenge. Take theNopalea Wellness Challenge yourself,and see if you, too, could join theranks of the many thousands whohave enjoyed big benefits from thisremarkable product.“I felt a difference within the first two daysof taking Nopalea.”“I wanted to let you know how much I haveenjoyed my experience with TriVita’s Nopalea. Ifelt a difference within the first two days of takingit. People have told me my skin looks great! Ismile a lot, knowing it’s because I’m feeling better,and sleeping and breathing better. I love Nopalea– especially the taste. But, most importantly, Ilove the relief I have been getting from it reducingmy overall inflammation, especially the swellingin my knee and ankle. My overall energy levelhas also improved greatly.I just reordered four more bottles, and can tell youthat I will always use Nopalea. I wish I hadknown about it sooner, because it would havehelped me enjoy a much more active life. Isuffered a fall 10 years ago and injured my backand both knees. I have had four arthroscopicknee surgeries and two back surgeries. I sufferedfrom lack of energy due to chronic pain, inflam-mation and not getting restful sleep.Now I am able to be on my feet for a longerperiod of time, because the swelling has decreasedin both my knees and ankles. Nopalea just makesme feel better overall. I also have fewer headachesand much more energy. When I talk to peopleabout Nopalea, I tell them that they have abso-lutely nothing to lose and everything to gain bytrying this product. Thank you, TriVita. You havea fan for life in me!”Victoria W., Member – Clinton, OH
  15. 15. 1-800-991-7116 October 2010  l  15-free life? Robert L. – Phoenix, AZ Ogi C. – Prescott Valley, AZ Tommy G. – San Diego, CA“WOW! Nopalea put my pain to rest ina few short days.”“’Hello, my name is Bobby and I will be takinggreat care of you today.’ Imagine saying that allday while your throat is in pain. I am a server andbartender at a very busy restaurant. All day long, Itake orders and get to know my guests. In late2005, I was suffering from severe throat pain. Itgot so bad, my customers could not understandme. I knew something was wrong, and this wasconfirmed when I visited my doctor, who diag-nosed vocal cord polyps. This is a very painfulcondition that slowly weakens the vocal cords tothe point where you cannot talk. Basically, Isounded like I had smoked cigarettes for 40 years.Fortunately, I had a very good doctor and mycondition improved with an outpatient procedure.However, two years later I developed another boutof vocal cord polyps. This time I was not so luckyand I needed surgery.A number of years went by with no recurrence.However, in January of 2010 while at work, Ibegan to feel pain and discomfort in my throat.The polyps were back and the inflammation wasunbearable. Fortunately, I became friends withtwo guests who told me about Nopalea. Theyrecommended Nopalea for my condition and evengave me a sample bottle. Wow! Nopalea put mypain to rest in a few short days. It has workedbeautifully. I cannot thank you enough, becauseNopalea is a great product.”Robert L., Member – Phoenix, AZ“After only two weeks on the Nopalea,I’m back in the game.”“I’m a 50-year-old man who led an active lifestyleas a master woodworker. I am also a single dadwith two special needs children. I had to slowdown because of wicked joint pain and veryserious blood sugar level problems.I even gave away roughly $30,000 of woodworkingand construction tools because it had becomedangerous for me to hold my power tools. I wasnot able to do physical work, and had to give upcoaching a Special Olympics sailing team becauseof joint pain.After only two weeks on Nopalea, I’m backin the game. I helped my sister with a roofingproject and even went sailing. I feel so goodthat I am exercising again and just did over400 sit-ups… something I haven’t done sinceI was in my twenties!So I love Nopalea, but words alone don’t reflectthe true greatness of this product. Thank youso much; I will be spreading the word aboutthis life-enhancing TriVita product to everyoneI know.”Tommy G., Affiliate Member – San Diego, CA*You should not stop taking any medication without firstconsulting your healthcare provider.“I absolutely love this productand this company.”“I had been suffering for years with pain and highblood pressure. Within the first week of taking myfirst bottle of Nopalea, I did not notice muchchange. However, by the time I started on thesecond bottle, I followed the Loading Phasesuggestions, and halfway through, I said the mostbeautiful words I could ever say to my husband...‘Honey, I dont have any more pain.’After three months on the product, I also noticedmy blood pressure went back to a nearly normalrange. I absolutely love this product and thiscompany. Thank you so much for bringingNopalea into my life. I am very excited about theopportunity to make TriVita my career path aswell and to build an income based on deliveringwellness to thousands.”Ogi C., Affiliate Member – Prescott Valley, AZ
  16. 16. 16  l  VITAJOURNAL“I am now beginningto enjoy my life’spurpose again.”“AfterlisteningtosomeofthetestimoniesaboutSublingualB-12inaninfomercial,IlearnedthatIwassufferingfromdespondencyandanxiety.SoIorderedTriVitaSublingualB-12.Meanwhilemydoctorsuggestedprescriptiondrugs.However,IdecidedtouseSublingualB-12instead.Withintwodays,Istartedfeelingbetterandhadmoreenergy.Thefeelingofthedespondencyandanxietyhasfadedaway.Iamnowbeginningtoenjoymylife’spurposeagainandamactivelypursuingmydreamsanddesiresinlife.”*Franklin M., Affiliate Member – Fulton, NY“My latest bone density scan showeda 4% improvement.”“I had my first bone density scan when I was 60years old, and repeated the test every two yearssince that time. At first I took prescription medicineand vitamin supplements. My physician said thatthese measures would slow the bone loss, but theydidn’t help. Since I started taking Bone GrowthFactor, my latest bone density scan showed a4% improvement. The person who did the scansaw the improvement and asked what I had beendoing, and I told her. Since then, Ive shared myresults with friends. Thank you for helping tocontribute to a better quality of life for me.”*Loralyn L., Affiliate Member – Surrey, BC“Im just happy that Im losing weightrather than packing it on.”“After having a miscarriage 15 years ago, mythyroid went haywire, and I more than doubled myweight (from 110 to 235). I also had three childrenright in a row and started getting my period onlyonce per year, sometimes every other year. I waseventually diagnosed with an autoimmune thyroiddisorder and was told that my menopause might bebeginning at the age of 35. I exercised just to try tokeep the weight from ballooning, but I couldnt losea single pound.After combining TriVitas Balanced Woman andGlucoBalance, I got my period three times in a row,and lost 25 pounds, which Ive kept off for the pasttwo years. Ive since lost another 10 pounds andhave had my period four times so far just this year.I also dont have the PMS symptoms like before. Iguess 35 pounds doesnt sound like much to somepeople, but Im just happy that Im losing weightrather than packing it on. I feel like I finally havesome hope.”Marie D., Affiliate Member –Bow, WA“The vision in botheyes improved.”“My mother was told by herdoctor that she might havemacular degeneration. I hadordered her VisionGuardbecause the ingredients init are fantastic for eyesight. After she started takingit, the vision in both eyes improved so much that sheasked me to get her more of it.I am very loyal to Sublingual B-12 and the kids loveit, too. Also, our family members have added TriVitasCoQ-10 and Vital C Crystal Tablets to their nutritionalregimen.”Ann R., Affiliate Member – Prospect Heights, ILSee what Members like you have to say about TriVita® products!Real Stories from real people*You should consult with a healthcare provider before starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program, before taking any medication or if you suspect you might have a heartproblem. You should not stop taking any medication without first consulting your healthcare provider.“I noticed that the pain and inflammation inmy neck and shoulders subsided greatly.”“Wow! I love TriVita’s Sonoran Bloom Nopalea… it’sfantastic! Two days after beginning the Nopalea LoadingPhase, I noticed that the pain and inflammation in my neckand shoulders subsided greatly. By the fourth day, I wasalmost completely free of inflammation and neck pain. Ihave now been taking Nopalea each day for over a month.I sleep better, my neck feels good and my constant fatigue and body ache symp-toms have all subsided. I am so grateful to be pain-free and feeling better.I started out by taking three ounces, and after just three days I went to two ouncesa day. I have already shared Nopalea with two friends and they love the taste. Thankyou for making such a wonderful product that can help so many different peoplewith health issues.”Andrea Souris, San Diego, CA“Now, with Nopalea, I notice thebig difference!”Nopalea has been a blessing for me. I havebeen suffering from chronically stiff, swollen andpainful joints for years now. I would get that throbbingpain in my knees several times a month. Now, withNopalea, I notice the big difference! My knees are moreflexible, and I feel a lot less pain.I really recommend Nopalea to anyone who deals with inflammation and pain.It has been a blessing to me.”Carmelo R., Affiliate Member – Brawley, CA
  17. 17. 1-800-991-7116 October 2010  l  17Kathy G. loves hiking inAmerica’s most spectacularparks. Yet, it was gettingincreasingly difficult for her to keepup the pace. The Arlington, Texasresident and her husband, Mike, havemade four-day backpacking trips toZion National Park, YosemiteNational Park and the Santa Fewilderness area.Prior to each trip she used to have tovisit her doctor to get a cortisone shotfor an inflammatory condition in herhip. In addition, Kathy made sure tostock up on over-the-counter painrelievers. She also had a chronicallystiff, swollen and painful thumb joint.She says, “Nothing seemed to helpwith this pain except shots, over-the-counter pills and a brace.”Super B for super energyKathy has been a TriVita Member for 10 years.She first heard about the company from heraunt, who took Sublingual B-12. “I trust myaunt because she does lots of research,” saysKathy. “If it’s good enough for her, it’s goodenough for me. My aunt has more energy thanmany much younger people. I started usingSublingual B-12, then Super Sublingual B-12myself and noticed a big improvement in myenergy. In fact, I pop a Super B tablet rightbefore I start exercising on the ellipticalmachine.” Kathy and other members of herfamily have also benefited from the Two-StepEnergy System and VitaCal-Mag D™.Kathy was intrigued byNopalea when TriVitastarted offering theproduct… and she orderedher first bottle about fourmonths ago. She wasimpressed by the manytestimonials for theproduct, but still wonderedif it would really helpwith her hip andthumb problems.Nopalea lowers the painKathy attributes her success to completing theNopalea Wellness Challenge and making sureshe followed the full Loading Phase for 30 days.After one week on Nopalea, Kathy admits shedidn’t feel much of a change. However, after thesecond week she could easily move her thumbwithout pain. “It was such a blessing to have thepain go down drastically. I felt so fortunate thatI didn’t even notice that my right hip was alsofeeling so much better.”Nopalea’s effectiveness really showed when shehad to suddenly leave home for four days to takecare of her sick mother. “Much to my regret, Ihad forgotten to take my Nopalea with me,” sheremembers. “While I was with my mom, I coulddefinitely feel some of that old pain comingback. As soon as I returned home, I rushed tothe refrigerator to drink my Nopalea, andwithin 30 minutes the pain had diminished.”Sharing wellness with friendsKathy was so convinced of Nopalea’s value thatshe decided to become a TriVita AffiliateMember. She had been approached severaltimes with various business propositions.However, Kathy didn’t feel strongly enoughabout any of them to invest her own timeand effort.All that changed with TriVita and Nopalea. “Sofar, my new life as an Affiliate Member is goinggreat,” Kathy remarks. “I can go along at myown pace and I have many friends with similarhealth issues. I consider it my duty to share myfantastic wellness experience with them. Peopleknow that I would not offer anything to myfriends that I did not believe in 100%.”So, now Kathy is looking forward to lots ofpain-free hikes with the help of Nopalea,and without any long needles. Better yet,she can share good health with friends whohave also gotten relief from this deliciouswellness drink.*  *You should not stop taking any medication withoutfirst consulting your healthcare provider.There are no guarantees regarding income. Like anyother business, success or failure depends on partici-pants own skills and effort.She no longer needs to visit herdoctor for a “pre-hike” shotHave you taken the Nopalea Wellness Challenge?See page 14.Kathy finally enjoys pain-freebackpacking thanks to Nopalea™Member Spotlight
  18. 18. 18  l  VITAJOURNAL trivita.comWhen lovehurtsFamily HealthThe painful reality ofdomestic violenceDomestic violence, particularlyintimate partner violence,isn’t a pleasant subject tothink about. But without publicdiscussion and awareness (Octoberis National Domestic ViolenceAwareness Month), this problemwill not go away. Each year in theUnited States alone, women experi-ence about 4.8 million intimatepartner-related physical assaultsand rapes. Men experience about2.9 million physical assaults. Andthose are just the reported incidents.In 2004, over 1,544 deaths resultedfrom intimate partner violence:75% female, 25% male.Domestic violence can be perpetrated andexperienced by anyone, regardless of gender,age, race, color, socioeconomic status or sexualorientation. It is defined as abusive behavior ina relationship that is used by one partner togain control and power over the other partner.Types of abuseThere are multiple forms of domesticviolence: physical, sexual, emotional, economicor psychological. It often begins as emotionalabuse, and can progress to physical orsexual assault. It can also involve severaltypes of abuse.• Physical abuse: Hitting, slapping, shoving,kicking, biting, etc. It can also includedenying a partner medical care or forcingalcohol and/or drug use.• Sexual abuse: Forcing a partner to take partin any sexual contact or behavior withoutconsent. Can also include treating someonein a sexually demeaning manner.• Emotional abuse: Undermining a partner’sself-esteem and self-worth. Constant criti-cism, name-calling, damaging one’srelationship with his or her children, etc.• Economic abuse: Forcing economic depen-dence by controlling financial resources,withholding money or forbidding a partnerfrom attending school or work.• Psychological abuse: Fear by intimidation.Threatening harm to self, partner, family andfriends, pets, and forced isolation from familyand friends.Elderly abuseAbusive relationships aren’t restricted to theyoung: Research indicates that more than 1 in10 elders may experience some kind of abuse,but only one in five cases are even reported.According to the National Center on ElderAbuse, no one really knows how big theproblem is because relatively few cases areidentified. Thus, victims of elder abuse seldomget the help they need.Although spouses are the most commonperpetrators, abusers can include familymembers, friends or even professionalcaregivers.Warning signs of abusePeople who are being abused may:• Seem afraid of their partner, and go out oftheir way to keep the partner from gettingangry• Be frequently injured in “accidents”• Wear clothing inappropriate to the situation(e.g., long sleeves in summer, sunglassesindoors)• Rarely see friends and family• Have limited access to money• Show major personality changes• Have low self-esteem• Be depressed, anxious or suicidalIf you know or suspect someone you know isbeing abused, set a time to talk and let themknow you’re concerned about their safety.Remember that only they can decide to leavethe situation; let them know you’re there forthem no matter what.  If you’re a victim of abuse or violence, callthe National Domestic Violence Hotline at1-800-799-SAFE (7233), a local domesticviolence agency or shelter. Call 911 if youare in immediate danger.When loveHURTS
  19. 19. Are yourshoes madefor walking?The average person walks morethan 115,000 miles in alifetime. Each step you takeexerts pressure up to three times yourbody weight on your feet. Runningexerts up to 10 times your bodyweight. We cram our feet into tight-fitting, stiff shoes, subject them tothe unnatural angles of high heels,pound them on pavement andasphalt, smother them in airless socksand shoes, or simply stand on themfor hours on end. Its no wonder thatthe skin, 26 bones, and intricatewebbing of muscles and ligaments ineach of our feet sometimes cantstand up to the pressure.That makes choosing the right shoes veryimportant. Footwear that is too tight, tooloose, excessively airtight, or shaped in unnat-ural ways can cause or aggravate foot problems.What’s your shoe-buying IQ?Check all shoes for these four factors beforetaking them home with you. It will make allthe difference!1. Air flow – Remember to check shoes for airflow: do they have porous fabric or air holesso that your feet wont swelter inside?2. Shape – The toe should be more roundedthan pointed, approximating the naturalshape of the foot.3. Flexibility – With one hand on the heel andthe other on the toe, try to bend the shoe –does it give? If it doesnt flex, its probablytoo stiff.4. Tread – Place the shoe on the floor andpush it forward: is there any resistance?Shoes with poor tread design or smoothbottoms can lead to slips and falls.If the shoe fits…Although shoe construction certainly matters,fit is really the key element in keeping yourfeet healthy.• Be sure to shop for shoes at the end of theday, when your feet are 5%-8% larger thanin the morning.• Measure both feet, since they are oftendifferent sizes, and always fit to thelarger size.• Allow 1/2 of room between your longest toeand the end of the shoe.• Feel along the sides of the shoe while its onyour foot to check that the widest part ofyour foot corresponds with the widest partof the shoe.• Take a test stroll across the store to verifythat the shoe flexes when you walk, and thatyour heel doesnt slip in and out.• Wear the socks or hosiery you expect towear with the shoes.The most important test of all is completelysubjective: Are they comfortable? A particularpair of shoes may look great, but if theyregoing to leave you sore or limping, leave themin the store. Be kind to your feet: theyve got tocarry you a long way.  Avoid foot problems bychoosing proper footwearDr. Libby’s Vital Cstands above the rest!Powerful immune system support and much more!• Pharmaceutical-grade Vitamin C• Scientifically formulated and physician-approved• Composed of Sodium Ascorbate, the optimal C for maximum absorption• Superior potency with crystalline structure• Helps repair damage by high homocysteine levelsVital C Crystals#30170Non-Member $31.99Member $24.99Redeem with 250 VitaPointsVital C Tablets#30230Non-Member $24.99Member $19.99Redeem with 200 VitaPointsTakeCrystal Tabletsand PowderedCrystals for24-hourprotection.
  20. 20. As serving sizes of everything from coffee to pizzahave grown, so have the calories we take in.Take this quiz from the U.S. National Heart,Lung and Blood Institute to test your calorie smarts,and find out how much exercise is needed to burn offthe extra calories.Leanology®3-Step Value PackMember $139.99Redeem with 1400 VitaPointsSAVE $34.97!OneFREEBag ofChews20  l  VITAJOURNAL trivita.comLosetheWeightYouWant–in3EasyStepsSTEP 1:Fat burning capsules for“losing the bulge”Leanology®WeightLoss Capsules (180 ct.)#30615Non-Member $74.99Member $59.99Redeem with 600 VitaPointsSTEP 2:Tasty chews for snack replacementand appetite controlLeanology®Appetite ControlChews (60 soft chews)Flavor: Chocolate Mocha#30690Non-Member $37.99Member $29.99Redeem with 300 VitaPointsSTEP 3:Delicious shakes for low caloriemeal substitutionLeanology®Nutritional Shake(2 lbs – 30 servings)Flavors: Chocolate and VanillaNon-Member $68.99Member $54.99Redeem with 550 VitaPointsVALUE PACKThe Value Pack includes:• 1bottleofWeightLossCapsules• 1container(30servings)ofNutritionalShake(chooseflavor)• 2bags(1FREE)ofAppetiteControlChewsWhycaloriescountmorethaneverLook how servingshave grown!1. A standard cup of coffee 20 years ago was 8ounces and had 45 calories. How many caloriesdo you think are in today’s coffee?❑ 100 ❑ 350 ❑ 4502. A muffin 20 years ago was 1.5 ounces andhad 210 calories. How many calories do youthink are in a muffin today?❑ 320 ❑ 400 ❑ 5003. Two slices of pepperoni pizza 20 years agohad 500 calories. How many calories do youthink are in today’s large pizza slices?❑ 1,200 ❑ 850 ❑ 1,0004. A chicken Caesar salad had 390 calories 20years ago. How many calories do you thinkare in today’s chicken Caesar salad?❑ 790 ❑ 520 ❑ 6505. A box of popcorn had 270 calories 20 yearsago. How many calories do you think are intoday’s tub of popcorn?❑ 520 ❑ 820 ❑ 6306. A slice of cheesecake was 260 calories 20years ago. How many calories do you thinkare in today’s large portion of cheesecake?❑ 830 ❑ 640 ❑ 900Answers1. 350 calories.This is 305 calories more than a cup of coffee 20years ago. To burn those extra 305 calories, you’dhave to walk for about 1 hour and 20 minutes.2. 500 calories.This is 310 calories more than a muffin 20 yearsago. To burn those extra 310 calories, you’d haveto vacuum for about 1 hour and 30 minutes.3. 850 calories.This is 350 calories more than pizza 20 years ago.To burn those extra 350 calories, you’d have toplay golf (walking and carrying clubs) forabout 1 hour.4. 790 calories.This is 400 more calories than Caesar salads 20years ago. To burn those extra 400 calories, you’dhave to walk the dog for about 1 hour and20 minutes.5. 630 calories.This is 360 more calories than a portion 20 yearsago. To burn those extra 360 calories, you’d haveto do water aerobics for about 1 hour and15 minutes.6. 640 calories.This is 380 more calories than a regular slice ofcheesecake 20 years ago. To burn those extra 380calories, you’d have to play tennis for about55 minutes.
  21. 21. TriVita’s House of Giving and Life Outreach International have partneredto provide pure, fresh water for children and their families:• Over 1 billion people throughout the world do not haveaccess to pure, fresh water.• Waterborne illnesses run rampant in these areas.• Just a $4.80 donation can save one person’s life.• With your donation, you can leave a legacy by givingthe gift of life.Your tax-deductible gift can be combined with others to create newwells – providing water to thousands of people for a lifetime! Last year,we saved 21,000 lives. This year, our goal is to save even more!Want to make a difference?Call 1-800-991-7116 and a Wellness Consultant will be happy to takeyour tax-deductible donation along with your order.You can mail your donation to:House of Giving16100 N. Greenway Hayden LoopSuite 950Scottsdale, AZ 85260You can make alasting differenceYour contribution will touch countless livesYourTriVitaproductsuccesscouldbringyouupto $125inTriVitaGiftCards!*Which TriVita products have helped you enjoy greater wellness? Perhaps now you’re livinghealthier, with more energy, less pain, increased vitality… in short, living better. Tell us about it, andhelp others enjoy greater wellness, too! Share your success story about any of TriVitas quality prod-ucts and you could receive a $25 TriVita Gift Card.*Beginning August 15, 2010, just email your product success story to:, or mail to:TriVita Inc., Attn: Story, 16100 N. Greenway Hayden Loop, Suite 950, Scottsdale, AZ 85260. Once weget your signed release, well send you a $25 TriVita Gift Card as a thank you.As a double bonus - If we feature your newly submitted story by February 28, 2011, youllreceive an additional one-time $100 in TriVita Gift Cards. Thats $125 in TriVita Gift Cards!Dont miss out on this limited time opportunity!TriVita Gift Cards are good for any TriVita products. Gift Cards are non-refundable and not redeemable for cash. The value ofthe card will not be replaced if the card is lost or stolen. Gift Cards are subject to local, governmental and TriVita current terms.Limited time offer!Christa’s harvest recipes continued from page 11...Recipes to “fall” for Enjoy seasonal produce these delicious waysGreek CaponataIngredients1 (14.5-ounce) can diced tomatoes with their juice2 zucchini, cut into 1-inch rounds2 summer squash, cut into 1-inch rounds2 tomatoes, cut into wedges1 large Japanese eggplant, cut into 1-inch rounds1 small pumpkin (size of 2 potatoes), peeled and cut into 1-inch cubes1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil1 ½ tsp salt1 tsp freshly-ground black pepper1 tsp dried oreganoDirections: Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F. Pour the canned toma-toes into a 3 ½-quart baking dish and spread to cover the bottom. In alarge bowl combine the remaining ingredients. Toss to coat. Pour thevegetables over the canned tomatoes in an even layer. Cover the bakingdish with foil and bake for 20 minutes. Remove the foil and bake untilthe edges of the vegetables are golden, about 30 to 40 minutes.Serve alone as a side, or over meat, fish or poultry for a main dish.Brussels Sprouts with ChestnutsIngredients2 cups Brussels sprouts, ends cut off½ tsp salt½ pound shelled chestnuts1 cup chicken or vegetable stock1 T olive oilDirectionsPre-heat oven to 350 degrees. In a medium-sized sauce pan boil 2 inchesof water. Add Brussels sprouts to boiling water with a pinch of sea salt.Boil for 5 minutes. Drain Brussels sprouts and add to a baking dishwith chestnuts and stock. Sprinkle olive oil and salt on top. Bake uncov-ered for 20 minutes. Note: Try this with pecans.
  22. 22. Judy Ellison, Ph.D., is a psychologist, author andmotivational speaker. She has inspired people aroundthe world to reach within and find their passionatepurpose to live a more meaningful life.22  l  VITAJOURNAL trivita.comAfter 18 yearsor so ofnurturing,coddling, feeding,clothing andworrying about yourchildren, the timecomes when you have to send themout into the world on their own. It’san exciting time of passage for thechild leaving home, whether he orshe is going off to college, gettingmarried or moving out to live anindependent life.The “empty nest” syndrome andother reactionsFor many parents, however, having the lastchild leave the family home is a time of deepsadness that can develop into feelings ofloneliness and depression, experiencing whatis often referred to as the “empty nest”syndrome. This syndrome can happen toeither parent, but has been more commonlyassociated with women.A stay-at-home mom often feels like her life isover; that she has no purpose for living whenher last child leaves the nest. A singleworking mom, who, overnight, is faced withliving solo, can find the loneliness particularlydifficult. In severe cases of depression, coun-seling may be necessary.On the other hand, some parents welcomethis freedom with open arms, relishingtheir newly-found free time that used to bespent hauling kids to soccer practice, pianolessons, gymnastics and all the other extra-curricular activities.But for most parents the empty nest brings abittersweet range of emotions, somewhere inbetween these two extremes. It is perfectlynatural to go through the initial feelings ofsadness, loneliness and even regret for thingsyou wished you had done or not done. If,however, you realize you are enjoying theextra time you have now to do the things youwant to do, you might experience some guilt.Rest assured this emotional roller-coaster ridewill eventually come to an end and thingswill stabilize.A time of new things, new happinessWhen Sara Gorchoff, Ph.D., of the Universityof California at Berkeley, and colleagues,tracked marital changes in 123 women fromtheir 40s to their early 60s, they found some-thing positive: The empty nesters reportedgreater satisfaction with their partners thanthe mothers with children still at home. Thewomen explained that they weren’t enjoyingjust having more time together with theirspouses, but how they spent that time. Theyhad time to participate in activities togethersuch as hiking and golf, and then go out todinner for two, which led to more romance.The empty nest can also be a time for rear-ranging your life… perhaps a time to explorecareer changes, a time to take romanticvacations that you have always dreamed oftaking, or finding volunteer opportunities thatwould provide you with a sense of renewedpurpose and deep fulfillment.But when it’s all said and done, the job of aparent is never really over. No matter whereyour children are in their lives right now,the need for their parents’ love will alwaysbe there.To read more from Dr. Judy, check out her EmotionalWellness Blog at Ellison, Ph.D.By Dr. JudyThe empty nest:How to managethe emotionalroller coasterIn a recent magazine article, actress Kyra Sedgwick musesabout her rapidly approaching empty nest: “It’s like, you’ve hadthis job forever, it’s the job you always wanted to do, and youwere pretty good at it … then you get fired for no reason!”
  23. 23. Since our VitaJournal themeis women’s health thismonth, I’m pleased towelcome back Pastor JudithCrist to my column. Here sheshares her perspective on thechallenges for women inbalancing spiritual needswith work, home and family.Judith Crist has servedalongside her husband, Dr.Terry Crist, as one of theExecutive Pastors of City ofGrace Church in Arizonasince it was founded.Chaplain Gene: Does ourculture really expect womento be everything to everyone?Pastor Judith: We do have subtle pressure toperform and compare ourselves with others inmost, if not all, areas of our lives. It is not allbad; many times we need to be encouraged togive our best in a legitimate area of responsibility.However, no one is meant to be and do every-thing. The guilt that we feel for coming up shortin any area of life, such as money, marriage,motherhood or ministry, is often the signal thatwe do not understand the rhythm and seasonaldynamics associated with a balanced life.Chaplain Gene: Do men feel this same pressure?Pastor Judith: I think insecurity is a humancondition and men feel the pressure to performand compete. However, women often give in tothe “guilt-driven life” in work and social settings,as well as continuing to carry the primaryrelational and home responsibility.Chaplain Gene: What is the harm in trying todo everything?Pastor Judith: When we take on the role thatothers were meant to share in, we are blinded tothe value in others around us. Stress, depletedadrenal glands and a weakened immune systemwill make the “do it all” kind of life short-lived.We can harm our spiritual purpose by notprioritizing our life.Chaplain Gene: What hazards are therespiritually for a woman who is spreading herselftoo thin?Pastor Judith: I think she loses her perspectiveon what is really important. I remember aparticularly busy time a few years ago when Ididn’t think I could slow down. I became ill andthen, of course, I slowed down. On top of beingsick, I also had become irritable and distant fromsome of my closest friends. If a woman is spreadtoo thin, she risks losing herself in the tasks. It islike the person who doesn’t cultivate the soil orsow seed in her garden and then curses theground for not providing nourishment.Chaplain Gene: Do you sometimes try to beeverything to everyone?Pastor Judith: Yes, full stop. And when I do, Iget out of balance in most, if not all, areas of life.I have found it often stems from fear or pride.Fear that if I fail I am defined forever by thatfailure. Or I’m deceived by the thought that I amthe only one who can do something or do it well.Much of the time it is a lack of patience due tonot wanting to put up with someone who is justlearning. And oh, how we rob them andourselves of the joy of life!Chaplain Gene: How do you get your ownbalance back?Pastor Judith: Often I do something relaxinglike walking, or taking a bubble bath. If I feelbetter physically, I can handle the stress of life.But most importantly, my balance comes fromworship: Time alone with God when I acknowl-edge His greatness, my smallness and mywillingness to be used for His purposes, His way.I remind myself that He said I am loved before Iaccomplish anything and I must believe in myvalue before I will know how to value othersaround me. When I surrender to His favorableguidance I come to peace.  your body, His Temple – 1 Cor. 6:19-20By Chaplain Gene HendersonStaying balanced:Gene Henderson October 2010  l  23“If I feel better physically, I canhandle the stress of life.”trying to be everything to everyone“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” - Matthew 11:28Judith Crist
  24. 24. 24  l  VITAJOURNAL trivita.comWhy are so many peopleembarking on second careers?The most obvious reason istoday’s uncertain economy. In the not-so-distant past many of us could expectfairly secure long-term employment withlots of “perks,” including pension and401(k) plans. That was yesterday; today,many people have been forced to head ina new direction after facing a layoff orother job loss.Others have decided to change careers voluntarily.The idea of getting a fresh start is something thatmost people dream about at some point in theirlives. Everyone has something they wish couldbe different – and careers are often at the topof the list.Some people want to do work that is more mean-ingful or makes better use of their skills. Others areacting on a long-deferred dream or pursuing a newinterest. Regardless of the reason, there are certainstrategies that will increase the success of yourcareer change.Evaluate your strengthsFirst, assess your strengths and weaknesses. This canbe difficult, because it involves identifying personalflaws as well as strengths. However, evaluatingvalues, skills and interests is an important first step.Your career change motiveIdentify what you like about your current career.For example, if you enjoy personal interaction youmight want to choose a new career that includessimilar interaction.FinancesChanging careers can be costly, so it’s important toevaluate your financial situation. You might have tostart a new career at an entry level, so you should beprepared to accept lower wages. More trainingrequires a strong commitment. Therefore, make sureyou understand all of your financial obligationsbefore you start a new career.SkillsDetermine the skills you have and identify skill gaps.This is an important step in choosing and preparinga new career.InterestsYou may be considering a career change that bettermatches your interests with your work. Studies haveshown that people who are satisfied with theiroccupation share many interests with others in thesame career. Identifying the interests that havethe most potential for you could lead to a satisfyingnew career.Get more information and supportYour local library or career center is a good resourcefor planning and making a career change. There isalso a wealth of online resources, including:• The Occupations Outlook Handbook, whichprovides detailed information on hundreds ofoccupations: available online at• For wage and employment statistics for morethan 800 occupations by industry andgeographic area, visit the OccupationalEmployment Statistics Web site at• The US Departments of Labor and Educationoffer online resources for unemployed job seekersat• Canadian career changers can access onlineinformation at career change is a dramatic life change, and itssuccess depends on the support of your family andfriends, as well as your community. Don’t be afraidto ask for help when considering this major move inyour life.  “...My prescription hasn’t changedin two years.”“Before I started taking VisionGuard, small bloodvessels would burst in my eyes, causing redness.While it wasn’t painful, it looked really bad andeveryone would comment on it. Sometimesit would be accompanied by blurriness, too.After just one month on VisionGuard, theproblem stopped. I was thrilled! I recently hadan appointment with my eye doctor and waspleased to find out that my prescription hasnot changed in two years. The doctor was soimpressed with VisionGuard that she was goingto look it up online!”Janet P., Member – Fayetteville, GAVisionGuard contains nutrients that havebeen proven to protect eye health• Lutein, proven to slow the onset andsymptoms of cataracts• Bilberry, important for people withdiabetes, may help reduce retinal scarring• Gingko, which may help improveblood circulation to eyesKeep your sight so you can continueto live a full and active lifeTriVitaVisionGuard™#30570Non-Member $34.99Member $27.99Redeem with 280 VitaPointsHowtogiveyourselfacareermakeoverIt may be time to stop dreaming and start planning
  25. 25. 1-800-991-7116 October 2010  l  25“Isn’t wellness awonderful thing?”One “out of the blue” phonecall made all the difference inthe world for Bob C. Hisfriend called to tell him about his owntremendous experience with Nopalea.This Lincoln, California resident wasinterested, yet a bit skeptical. Afterall, Bob had been in severe pain for13 years with a neurological conditionthat caused headaches and muscle andjoint pain. Neither endless doctorconsultations, other nutraceuticalproducts or heavy duty medicationsseemed to work.“To be honest, I let my first bottle of Nopalea siton the shelf for awhile before I opened it,” Bobrecalls. “But then I decided I had nothing to loseby giving it a try. I’m pleased to report thatNopalea completely took me by surprise. Istarted with the Loading Phase and after twomonths, practically all my pain went away.” Bobwarns that some people may not see immediateresults with Nopalea. “After all,” he says, “ittakes 10-15 years for most people to get to theircurrent condition, so rebuilding good health maytake some time.”Becoming avid messengers for TriVitaThe positive experience that Bob and his wife,Sheryl, had with Nopalea and other TriVitaproducts, including Adaptogen 10 Plus®, SuperSublingual B-12, Leanology®, Peaceful Sleep™and Energy Now!®, reinforced their decision tobecome Affiliate Members. Taking a slow, steadyapproach has paid off, because in a little over ayear they have advanced their TriVita business.So, how does Bob “break the ice” with people? Itall begins with his own product experience, andBob simply points to himself and how Nopaleasucceeded when everything else failed.A wealth of toolsBob and Sheryl also don’t hesitate totap into the many resources availableto them. “I am truly amazed byeverything we have at our disposal tomake our business successful,” Bobenthuses. “TriVita’s products areamazing. Nopalea is definitely theattention grabber, but don’t discount all the otherproducts. TriVita Chief Science Officer, BrazosMinshew, is a tremendous resource. I especiallyenjoy the emailed Weekly Wellness Reports and hisaudio talks. Brazos’s Wellness Talks are precise,concise and to the point.”Bob believes the Wellness Talks are a “hiddentreasure” that more people in the TriVitaWellness Community should be discovering.He says, “The epidemic of chronic inflammation,nutrition deficiencies and diseases that lead toobesity, auto-immune diseases, chronic breathingproblems, cardiovascular issues and other condi-tions is a staggering problem. The Wellness Talkshelp people realize there is a way out, and TriVitahas a sensible solution and blueprint for the sickand hurting. I look forward to listening todifferent ways I can improve my health andquality of life. I know that lots of other peopleare looking for the same capability.”Bob is quick to praise Brazos’s ability todescribe health issues and problems in simple,easily understandable terms. He also offersreasonable steps to put people back on theright track. As Bob notes, Brazos alwaysreminds everyone that they still need to seetheir healthcare provider.Steady residual incomeBoth Bob and Sheryl are sold on TriVita as asource of income that will help ensure acomfortable retirement. “TriVita is the realthing,” he exclaims. “TriVita truly cares aboutpeople, and their products and the companyoffers a lot of integrity. People quickly realizethat there is no other nutraceutical providerwho will go the extra mile to help them.Also, with the phenomenal success of Nopalea,TriVita’s health and wellness message has evenmore credibility.”“Isn’t wellness a wonderful thing?” Bob asks.“TriVita has helped restore my good health, andnow as an Affiliate Member, I’m in the enviableposition of doing the same for people who aresuffering from pain, inflammation and otherserious health issues.”*  * You should not stop taking any medicationwithout first consulting your healthcare provider.Check out the Wellness Talks coming soonon to Nopalea™ and otherTriVita products, Boband Sheryl are experiencing newfound good healthDid You Know?By referring others to TriVita products, youwill be rewarded financially and it canhelp offset the cost of your own products.Plus, you will experience wellness, helpothers and earn valuable rewards. Seepage 30 for more information about theShare and Earn Program.There are no guarantees regarding income. Likeany other business success or failure depends onparticipants own skills and effort.Affiliate Spotlight
  26. 26. 26  l  VITAJOURNAL trivita.comNourish your bodywith EssentialFatty Acids!OmegaPrime®: Your PRIMEsource for Essential Fatty AcidsPremier blend of EssentialFatty Acids from four sources– fish, flaxseed, eveningprimrose and perilla seed oilsRight balance of Omega-3sand Omega-6sInflammation-fightingformulaMercury/contaminant-freefish oilEvening primrose and perillaseed oils – the most potentEFAs for inflammationGive your body the supportit needs with TriVitaOmegaPrime!OmegaPrime®#30520Non-Member $24.99Member $19.99Redeem with 200 VitaPointsDo you ever feel like you coulduse more brain power? Expertsoften recommend keepingyour mind sharp with puzzles, bylearning new things and meeting newpeople. But now there’s something elseyou can add to your brain-buildingarsenal: exercise.Exercise and your brainFor many years, it was believed that the bodycould not produce new brain cells (neurons). Butin the late 1990s, that idea was put to rest. Whatresearchers discovered – and continue to study– was that human and animal brains couldproduce new brain cells, a process called neuro-genesis. And even better news: exercise increasesneurogenesis.Add years to your brainKnowing that age can slow down the productionof new brain cells, researchers from the The SalkInstitute for Biological Studies in La Jolla,California, set out to discover if exercise couldreverse the trend. Their results strongly suggestthat even those who start exercising late in lifecan reap plenty of brain benefits.Researchers found that older, sedentary micewere able to reverse the decline of neurogenesisafter using a running wheel for a month. And infact, they added up to 50% as many new braincells as young, sedentary mice. Although a groupof young, active mice in the study showed thegreatest increase in new brain cells, there was nodifference in function between new cells gener-ated by the young and aged runners.How does it work?As with most brain activity, exercise-inducedneurogenesis is complex and not well under-stood; scientists are still working out theparticulars. But what they have found so far isthat we all have adult stem cells in our brain,which can divide into new stem cells or newneurons. This stem-cell activity can be slowed bybone-morphogenetic protein (BMP), which isfound throughout the body.As we age, BMP has a tendency to increase,which makes stem cells less active. However,researchers at Northwestern University’sFeinberg School of Medicine discovered thatmice given running wheels showed 50% lessBMP activity within a week. Plus, they showedincreased amounts of a fittingly named protein,Noggin, which counteracts the effects of BMP.The relationship between these two proteins isstill being researched, but it’s known thatexercise, in conjunction with BMP and Noggin,helps ensure the production of new brain cells.Next steps: get movingThe good news is that we don’t need to wait forfurther studies. We don’t really even need toknow the exact mechanisms behind neurogenesis.If you’re ready to boost your brain power – not tomention help improve your cardiovascular health,help reduce stress and help improve your mood– it’s time to get moving. That treadmill isstarting to look better and better!  Boost yourbrain power…on atreadmillThe exercise and brain cell connection
  27. 27. Although it is no substitute for a clinical exam,breast self-exams can be performed at homeeach month. Cut out this Breast Self-Exam (BSE)information and put it up where you will see it(e.g., bathroom, bedroom). Perform the examwhen your breasts are not tender or swollen,at least two days after the end of your period.1. Lie down and placeyour right handbehind your head.With the 3 pads ofthe middle fingersof your left hand,use small circularmotions to feel for lumps in the right breast.A firm ridge in the lower curve of your breastis normal.2. Use light, medium and firm pressure on allbreast tissue.3. Next, examine the breast using an up-and-down pattern. Imagine a straight line drawnfrom your armpit down to the top of your ribs.Start there and move across the breast to thebreastbone. Be sure to check all breast tissue.4. Repeat steps 1-3 on your left breast.5. Stand in front of themirror and pressyour hands firmlydown on your hips.Look for dimpling,redness, scaliness ofthe nipple or breastskin, or any changesin your breasts.6. Examine yourunderarms from aseated or standingposition. Only raiseyour arms slightlyso you can betterfeel the area.If you notice any changes in your breasts,contact your healthcare provider. Remember,women under 40 should get a clinical breast examevery 3 years and women over 40 should get themyearly. If you are over 40, talk to your healthcareprovider about scheduling a mammogram.Steps 1-4Step 6Step 5123456Breast Self-Exam1-800-991-7116 October 2010  l  27Give your arms and shoulders agreat workout with theseexercises from the NationalInstitute on Aging. You can do allthe exercises below while standingor sitting in a sturdy, armless chair.For optimal results, incorporatethese exercises into your full-bodyexercise regimen.Biceps curlStrengthens upper-arm muscles.1. Keep feet flat on the floor, even withyour shoulders.2. Hold hand weights straight down at yoursides, with palms facing inward.3. Slowly bend one elbow, lifting weighttoward chest.4. Hold position for 1 second, slowly lower arm,repeat with other arm.5. Alternate arms until you have done 8 to 15repetitions with each arm.6. Rest; then do another set of 8 to 15alternating repetitions.Triceps extensionStrengthens muscles in back of upper arm.1. Keep feet flat on the floor, even withyour shoulders.2. Hold a weight in one hand. Raise that armstraight toward ceiling, palm facing in.3. Support this arm, below elbow, with otherhand, throughout the exercise.4. Slowly bend raised arm at elbow, bringinghand weight toward same shoulder.5. Slowly straighten arm toward ceiling.6. Hold position for 1 second.7. Slowly bend arm toward shoulder again.Pause.8. Repeat the bending and straightening 8 to15 times.9. Repeat 8 to 15 times with your other arm.10. Rest; then do another set of 8 to 15alternating repetitions.Overheard arm raiseStrengthens shoulders and arms1. Keep your feet flat on the floor, shoulder-width apart.2. Hold weights at your sides at shoulder heightwith palms facing forward. Inhale slowly.3. Slowly exhale as you raise both arms up overyour head keeping your elbows slightly bent.4. Hold the position for 1 second. Slowly loweryour arms.5. Repeat 10-15 times; rest; repeat 10-15 moretimes.Front arm raiseStrengthens shoulder muscles.1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.2. Hold weights straight down at your sides,with palms facing backward.3. Keeping them straight, breathe out as youraise both arms in front of you to shoulderheight.4. Hold the position for 1 second. Slowly loweryour arms.5. Repeat 10-15 times.6. Rest; then repeat 10-15 more times.Side arm raiseStrengthens shoulder muscles.1. Keep your feet flat on the floor, shoulder-width apart.2. Hold hand weights straight down at your sides with palms facing inward. Inhale slowly.3. Slowly exhale as you raise both arms to theside, shoulder height.4. Hold the position for 1 second, then slowlylower arms.5. Repeat 10-15 times; rest; repeat 10-15 more times.Remember to warm up before exercising, and toconsult a healthcare provider before beginning thisor any other exercise program.  5 GreatWays toTone YourArmsOctober is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.We want to remind all women to regularlydo breast self-exams.