ReadtheirpowerfulNopaleaWellnessStoriesInsideonpage16-17apRIl 2010 TRIVITa.COMNopaleachangedtheirlives:Whynotyours?WHY WE ...
10Essentialsfor health and wellnessGood health is a gift to be treasured andnurtured every day. TriVita joyfully sharesthe...
ON MY MINDEDITOR’S NOTEThinking back to the year 2000 whenTriVita aired its first infomercial onSublingual B-12, I remembe...
4  l  VITAJOURNAL“Where does it hurt?”This is often the first questioncaregivers ask. (A caregiver maybe a do...
The lesson of painDedicated physicians spend decades learning theantecedents, triggers and inflammatory pathwaysassociated...
Blood sugar treatment and Vitamin B-12:Watch out for a possible deficiencyby Dr. Scott ConardDo you have a blood sugarcond...
“Thanks to all whotook the time toshare somethingthat changed mylife forever!”“A few years ago I wasintroduced to TriVita’...
  l  VITAJOURNAL	 trivita.comFamily HealthHow childhoodpressure impactslife-long healthChildhood stress can lead to a vari...
1-800-991-7116	 April 2010  l  According to the World HealthOrganization, health is morethan the absence of disease.Illnes...
TriVita had its own Nopalea™Wellness Challenge among itsemployees to demonstrate howcompleting a Loading Phase ofNopalea c...
1-00-991-711  March 2010  l  11If you have yet to experience theincredible benefits Nopalea canhave on your health, you ma...
1  l  VITAJOURNAL  trivita.comThough laughter and tears mayboth help alleviate tension,research shows that in termsof conc...
1-00-991-711  April 2010  l  13Do you often feel stressed outat work? If you answeredyes, you are not alone.Approximately ...
14  l  VITAJOURNAL	 trivita.comMen and women respond differently to stressBoston, MassachusettsA study in the Journal of N...
1-800-991-7116	 April 2010  l  15TurningfoodintofuelHow the digestion system“feeds” our whole bodyThis special feature is ...
1  l  VITAJOURNAL  trivita.comThese are just some of theinspiring testimonials fromWellness Challengeparticipants. We invi...
1-00-991-711  April 2010  l  17“Much to my surprise I was able to removemy knee brace only a few days aftertaking Nopalea....
Nourish your heart, brain, skin, joints and glandswith Essential Fatty Acids!OmegaPrime®: Your PRIME source for Essential ...
1-00-991-711  April 2010  l  19Curbing allergies beforethey harm youIn recent years, we have seen anexplosion in allergy s...
20  l  VITAJOURNAL	 trivita.comGet diagnosed fastWhat to do when your doctor doesn’t listenBy Dr. Eric Michael Grief, M.D....
Article from Michael Ellisoncontinued from page 2...products like Nopalea. One such person is Harold Widmer wholives in No...
It was one ofthose nights.I tossed andturned all nightlong as I struggledwith a big decisionI had to make. Mymind was jumb...
your body, His Temple – 1 Cor. 6:19-20When you’re fearful, be faith-filledby Chaplain Gene HendersonGene HendersonThings ar...
4  l  VITAJOURNAL  trivita.comsee what Members like you have to say about TriVita®products!Real Storiesfrom real people*Yo...
1-00-991-711  April 2010  l  5Monica N. from Vancouver,British Columbia is a whirl-wind of energy with athriving career. S...
26  l  VITAJOURNAL	 trivita.comWhen eating tobeat stress andboost mood,you must focus on foods’macronutrient profile.This ...
V0410 nopalea-changed-their-lives-why-not-yours
V0410 nopalea-changed-their-lives-why-not-yours
V0410 nopalea-changed-their-lives-why-not-yours
V0410 nopalea-changed-their-lives-why-not-yours
V0410 nopalea-changed-their-lives-why-not-yours
V0410 nopalea-changed-their-lives-why-not-yours
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V0410 nopalea-changed-their-lives-why-not-yours


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V0410 nopalea-changed-their-lives-why-not-yours

  1. 1. ReadtheirpowerfulNopaleaWellnessStoriesInsideonpage16-17apRIl 2010 TRIVITa.COMNopaleachangedtheirlives:Whynotyours?WHY WE HURTa “must read” forpain sufferersCREATING WELLNESSMeans more than justtreating diseaseSuper Savings on the Nopalea 4-Pack
  2. 2. 10Essentialsfor health and wellnessGood health is a gift to be treasured andnurtured every day. TriVita joyfully sharesthese keys to helping you experiencewellness™: the 10 Essentials of physical,emotional and spiritual health. Physical 1. Breathe Deeply Let your lungs fill deep down, hold,then exhale toxins and stress. 2. Drink Water Nature’s best beverage not only quenchesthirst, but also enhances energy. 3. Sleep Peacefully Every body needs the rest and repairthat comes with a regular sleep routine. 4. Eat Nutritiously Feed both body and mind withhealthy, nourishing food for life. 5. Enjoy Activity Let an active lifestyle move you toimproved health and wellness in all ways.Emotional 6. Give and Receive Love Offer and accept the greatest gift, and youcan enhance your immune system. 7. Be Forgiving When you let go of old grudges, your handsare open to accept feelings of peace. 8. Practice Gratitude A thankful heart releases stress, makingroom for greater happiness and health. 9. Develop Acceptance If you can’t change it, accept it and moveon. Worry will shrink, serenity will grow.Spiritual10. Develop a Relationship with God Nurture the spiritual aspect of your lifeto achieve complete well-being.  l  VITAJOURNAL trivita.comArticle from Michael Ellison continued on page 21...I just recently returned from Mexico where I had gone to explore thepossibilities of expanding the harvesting of the Nopal cactus to includefarming. As I was flying back over the Sonoran Desert, I rememberedthat it was just three years ago when flying over the desert that I hadan inspired thought of the possibility of a plant that would help peopleexperience greater wellness. I had been on a wilderness adventure deep in the Sonoran Desert inMexico and was sitting around the campfire one night with the Sonoran natives. They talked aboutthe desert and its wellness plants with such reverence. They spoke about their people, who forhundreds of years had relied upon the healing plants of the Sonoran Desert to help them live withoptimal health.Now, three years after discovering the scientifically proven benefits of the Nopal cactus, I am morethan amazed at what has happened since producing Nopalea. The astonishing wellness experiencespeople are receiving from Nopalea are so gratifying and exciting to all of us here at TriVita. Everyday we hear of these testimonials. This is not just an ordinary antioxidant juice drink; this hasanti-inflammatory benefits that exceed our wildest imaginations. It is in a category all of its own.Nopalea is delivering a diversity of wellness experiences: from reduced joint and muscle pain toimproved breathing and skin conditions. Some people are experiencing better sleep and arenow getting the amount of rest they need. Others are experiencing relief from high amounts ofC-reactive protein (CRP) in the body, which medical science now confirms as a leading medicalmarker for cardiovascular inflammation. The next time you have a physical examination or do anyblood work, please ask for your CRP number so you know where you stand with this leading cardiohealth indicator. We call inflammation the silent killer because you don’t feel it, but it is extremelydangerous to one’s health over a long period of time.The variety of results people are experiencing with Nopalea demonstrates the impact of chronicinflammation on the body. It allows disease to set in, along with the conditions and symptoms thatnegatively impact a person’s life. Inflammation is a very serious issue. It normally attacks the areasof the body weakened by injury, genetic weakness, long-term nutritional deficiencies, chronic stressand other reasons too numerous to mention. Science still has much to learn about inflammationand its devastating effects, but I am so grateful that we have a product that has a potency factor toreduce chronic inflammation and help the body do what is normal – heal itself.The stories you read about in the VitaJournal are most inspiring and confirm to all of us that whenwellness is present in one’s life, the quality of life improves. Here is a question that each of us shouldalways be asking ourselves: If my health continues in the direction it has for the past five years andcontinues in that direction over the next five years, what will be my quality of life? If your healthtrends include increased pain, weight gain, and less exercise and mobility, then the next five yearscan look pretty bleak. But here is the good news if you happen to be in that position: your body hasa way to reverse the outcome just by getting proper nutrients and nurturing. That is why I am sopassionate about helping people pursue wellness. I have lived without wellness for a few years of mylife, and I know there is no comparison to the joy of life when wellness is present.One of the reasons we have an Affiliate Program is because there are thousands of people like myselfwho simply enjoy spreading the wellness message and seeing people experience greater wellness from“Here is a question that each of us should always be asking ourselves: If my healthcontinues in the direction it has for the past five years and continues in thatdirection over the next five years, what will be my quality of life?”Gratifying and exciting Nopaleawellness storiesby Michael R. Ellison, CEO Founder of TriVita, Inc.
  3. 3. ON MY MINDEDITOR’S NOTEThinking back to the year 2000 whenTriVita aired its first infomercial onSublingual B-12, I remember theexcitement in the air as each day wewould bring in new Members whose lives werebeing changed. There were people who weregetting their minds back to a sense of clarity andfocus and were given a whole new lease on life.Believe me, the office was buzzing daily as we’dhear from more and more people who couldn’tget enough of Dr. Libby’s original patented B-12formula! It was truly confirmation that we hadtapped into something good.Fast forward 10 years later to 2010 and the buzzcontinues stronger than ever – not only becauseof Sublingual B-12, but also with our great-tastingwellness drink, Nopalea. Talk about a dynamicduo! These two products are definitely giving ourMembers something to talk about!There isn’t a day that goes by that someonedoesn’t ask me (in light of the economy) howTriVita is doing, almost as if they’re expectingmy answer to be negative. I can’t respond withenough wonderful comments. I tell them that ourNopalea drink is creating a wellness experiencelike I never would have imagined. Then, ofcourse, they want to know more about it and howthey can get their hands on it!As editor of our publications, I have access toour “story” inbox and witness it filling up dailywith people sharing their results after taking theNopalea Wellness Challenge. Whenever I havea moment, I review them and it never ceasesto amaze me how Nopalea has generated suchamazing results and people are now living pain-free lives. Who can put a price on that? You’llbe able to read some of these powerful stories foryourself on pages 16-17.To help our Members continue with theirNopalea Loading Phase (drinking 3 to 6 ouncesa day for 30 days), you’ll find an even greatersavings this month on the Nopalea 4-PackWe want everyone to have an opportunity tocomplete the Nopalea Loading Phase. (See page 11).On My Mind is continued on page 21...15 Turning Food Into FuelHow the digestion system “feeds”the whole body.16 Scores of People areDrinking Nopalea™and ThrivingRead about their fantastic results.20 Don’t Feel Rushed ByYour DoctorLearn how to make the most ofyour visit.25 “I’m Feeling the Best I’veEver Felt in My Life”TriVita has enhanced Monica’sphysical and financial health.APRIL2010Inside1-00-991-711  April 2010  l  3Getting the right nutrients to beat stressand boost mood. 26Do your part to protectMother Earth. 184The information in this VitaJournal may containerrors or inaccuracies. We reserve the right tochange prices, selections, update informationand limit quantities without prior notice.4 What’s the Purposeof Pain?It’s your body’s way of telling yousomething is wrong.8 How Childhood StressAffects HealthThis stress can lead to adulthealth problems.9 Health Through theGenerationsA noted physician looks at whatwellness really means.12 Don’t Know Whether toLaugh or Cry?Pick laughter – it’s thebest medicine.Understanding
  4. 4. 4  l  VITAJOURNAL“Where does it hurt?”This is often the first questioncaregivers ask. (A caregiver maybe a doctor or nurse, a friend ormommy!) We ask because we care;people often – though not always– tell us where it hurts becausethey are searching for a solution totheir pain.Why we hurtPain is a messenger system designed to tell usthat something is wrong. As my grandfatherused to say: “If your hand hurts, take it off thehot stove!” Pain is often designed to trigger a“withdrawal” response. We withdraw from painbecause the pain tells us that we are beinginjured. This interpretation of pain may seemoverly simplistic, especially in our world, whereit is not always easy to take your hand off thehot stove, so to speak.There are a number of different pain sensations.The feeling may seem sharp (superficial painreceptors) or dull (deeper pain receptors). It mayseem to throb with your heartbeat or beconstant. It may be fixed in one location ormigratory – moving around from place to place.The main distinction of pain basically boilsdown to acute pain versus chronic pain.• Acute pain begins to go away as soon as youremove the trigger. Take your hand off the hotstove, repair the broken tooth or drink purewater to rehydrate the dehydrated brain, andacute pain goes away. The message of pain hasbeen received, interpreted and the correctiveaction taken.• Chronic pain persists after the cause has beenremoved or because the cause is itself a chroniccondition. It is often related to inflammation –inflammation in the tissues of your body, orinflammation in the nervous system, or both.We used to have a saying to help us defineinflammation: rubor, tumor, calor and dolor.These four Latin words mean redness, swelling,heat and pain.Your brain eventually interprets the signals in away that motivates you to confront the cause ofpain. Interestingly, the brain doesn’t feel pain; itmerely interprets the nerve and chemical signalsas painful.Understanding the signalsIt is important for us to understand why we hurtso that we can take the proper action. The fourbasic pain triggers are:1. Trauma or injury2. Toxins or poisons3. Emotional distress4. DeficiencyAs mentioned above, an example of a deficiencythat causes pain may be a water deficiency(dehydration) causing a headache. Anotherextremely common form of painful dehydrationis osteoarthritis (OA). In OA the soft tissue ofthe joint capsule loses water and withers. Thismay be due to a number of causes, includingsimply not drinking enough water. More often,joint dehydration associated with OA occursbecause there are not enough minerals to holdthe water in its proper place and quantity.An example of toxins creating pain may be theway toxins from inside your intestines triggerrheumatoid arthritis and many other “autoim-mune” disorders. Typically, a toxin from insideyour system escapes into the bloodstream andrelocates to the soft tissue of your organs oraround your joints. Your immune system attacksboth the toxins and the soft tissues. In anattempt to remove the toxin or poison, yoursystem may destroy the tissue in which thetoxin resides.Part I of 2 / PainBy Brazos Minshew,TriVita Chief Science OfficerUnderstandingUnderstandingPainPainPainPainPain
  5. 5. The lesson of painDedicated physicians spend decades learning theantecedents, triggers and inflammatory pathwaysassociated with acute and chronic pain. There issimply no way to address all of the particulars ofpain in one article; however, it is my sincere wishthat you now have a little more insight into thepossible causes for acute and chronic pain.Pain: a common complaintAccording to the American Pain Foundation,pain affects more Americans than diabetes, heartdisease and cancer combined. A 2006 NationalCenter for Health Statistics special feature onpain breaks it down:• More than one-quarter of adults inter-viewed said they had experienced low backpain in the past three months.• One-fifth of adults 65 years and oldersaid they had experienced pain in thepast month that persisted for more than24 hours.• Almost three-fifths of adults 65 and olderwith pain said it had lasted for one yearor more.• Fifteen percent of adults experiencedmigraine or severe headache in the pastthree months. Adults ages 18-44 werealmost three times as likely as adults 65and older to report migraines orsevere headaches.• Reports of severe joint pain increasedwith age, and women reported severelypainful joints more often than men (10%versus 7%).• Between the periods 1988-1994 and 1999-2002, the percentage of adults who took anarcotic drug to alleviate pain in the pastmonth rose from 3.2% to 4.2%.THE HISTORY OF PAINAncient civilizations recorded on stone tabletsaccounts of pain and the treatments used:pressure, heat, water and sun. Early humansrelated pain to evil, magic and demons. It wasthe Greeks and Romans who theorized thatthe brain and nervous system had a role inproducing the perception of pain. In the MiddleAges and Renaissance period (1400s and 1500s),evidence began to accumulate that supportedthese theories.In the 17th and 18th centuries, the study of thebody and the senses continued to be a source ofwonder for the world’s philosophers. In 1664,the French philosopher René Descartesdescribed what is still called a “pain pathway.”Descartes illustrated how particles of fire, incontact with the foot, travel to the brain.In the 19th century, pain moved into the arenaof science, paving the way for advances in paintherapy. Physician-scientists discovered thatopium, morphine, codeine and cocaine couldbe used to treat pain. These drugs led to thedevelopment of aspirin, still the mostcommonly used pain reliever. Eventually,general and local anesthesia was refined andapplied during surgery.Today, as scientists continue to develop abetter understanding of pain, treatment optionscontinue to be fine-tuned, bringing hope tothose who suffer from its debilitating effects.Source: National Institute of NeurologicalDisorders and StrokesLook for Part 2 in next month’s VitaJournal.Have you taken the Nopalea Wellness Challenge?Find out how on page 11.1-00-991-711  April 2010  l  5
  6. 6. Blood sugar treatment and Vitamin B-12:Watch out for a possible deficiencyby Dr. Scott ConardDo you have a blood sugarcondition, or do you knowsomeone who does? Sinceabout 24 million people in the U.S.alone have this serious disorder,there’s a very good chance that it’stouching your life. The Centers forDisease Control offers somedisturbing statistics:• Excess blood sugar will affect one in threepeople born in 2000.• By the year 2050, the number of peoplediagnosed with this condition will increaseby 165%.There are three types of this condition: The firstis an autoimmune disease that occurs most oftenin children and young adults. The second is byfar the most common, affecting up to 95% ofpeople diagnosed. About 80% of people withthe second type are overweight. The third typeaffects women late in pregnancy.A medicine that may reduce B-12I’m discussing this topic because one of the mostfrequently-used medications by people withblood sugar conditions is something that mayactually deplete the body of the Vitamin B-12it needs. As I’ve mentioned many times in thiscolumn, when patients come to me with certaincomplaints, one of the first things I investigateis the possibility that they might not be gettingenough Vitamin B-12. People who often feeltired, or in low moods, or lack mental clarity arefrequently suffering from inadequate supplies ofB-12. Even when people eat the healthiest ofdiets and exercise regularly, they might not beabsorbing all the B-12 they need due to age or amedical condition. So, that’s why it’s so vital toget enough Vitamin B-12.The medication in question is called“metformin;” it helps lower the amount ofsugar in the blood. There have been severalstudies indicating that metformin also maylower the amount of B-12 available to the body.Up to 30% with reduced B-12absorption?In one study, for example, researchers set outto find out just how widespread a B-12 deficiencyis among people with blood sugar conditionswho take metformin. They examined 203patients at a large military clinic, and theirresults were fairly dramatic: Fully 22% of thepatients studied had deficient levels of B-12 intheir bloodstreams.The researchers, who published their findings inthe Journal of the American Board of FamilyMedicine last year, concluded that “Althoughfurther research needs to be performed todetermine the clinical implications of ourfindings, B-12 deficiency should be considered”among patients with blood sugar disorders.This is just one of several studies that havelooked at B-12 and metformin. The workconducted so far suggests that 10-30% ofpatients who take metformin are absorbing toolittle B-12. In some cases, they absorb so littleB-12 that it can have potentially major effectson health. Researchers aren’t sure exactly whythis happens, but they seem certain of thepossible effects: too much homocysteine inthe blood can add to the risk of heartproblems for people with blood sugar disorders.Homocysteine, as you may know, is an aminoacid in the blood. Excessively high levels ofhomocysteine are associated with possibleproblems with the heart and blood vessels.Supplementation may helpThe research into B-12 and metformin is byno means suggesting that people stop takingScott Conard, M.D., is the founder of TienaHealth,an organization of medical doctors in primarycare practice who emphasize healthy lifestylesto maintain wellness. Dr. Conard is considereda national expert on disease prevention.TienaHealth also conducts clinical trials.Scott Conard, M.D.Founder, TienaHealthB-12 Update  l  VITAJOURNAL
  7. 7. “Thanks to all whotook the time toshare somethingthat changed mylife forever!”“A few years ago I wasintroduced to TriVita’s Sublingual B-12, andnow I take Super B-12: both productsare wonderful!When I was first introduced to B-12, I hadbeen taking medication for several years totreat prolonged despondency. Before then,I was extremely sad most days, not happydoing things that would normally make aperson happy. I knew I needed to make achange in my life, but I thought that my onlyhope was some sort of medication.That’s when I heard of TriVita and SublingualB-12. Within a couple of weeks after startingto take B-12, under my doctor’s supervision,I was weaned off from the medicationaltogether. I have not had to go back toit at all. I could think clearer. While on themedication, I didn’t realize that I wasn’tmaking decisions properly and promptly. Ithought it was just me. After taking B-12, I wasable to make decisions and plan my days withconfidence and clarity. I didn’t know what Ihad been missing.I thank God for this product, for TriVita, andfor our friends who took the time to sharewith me something that changed my life andthose around me, forever!”*bArb t., AffiliAte MeMber – Gilbert, AZSUCCESS STORIES*You should not stop taking any medication withoutfirst consulting with your healthcare provider.Faster-acting, longer-lasting and more potentthan ever before with three times the Vitamin B-12TriVita Super Sublingual B-12 helps you achieve:• Sustained mental energy, stamina and alertness• Improved mood with a more positive outlook on life• Greater mental focus, clarity and concentration• Sharper memory with less forgetfulnessplus, super sublingual b-12 gives your brain and nervesthe essential nutrients they need to help replenish brainfuel and help repair damaged nerves. and all this is yourswith a convenient, once-a-day tablet.Alfred Libby, M.D. – Inventor of TriVita Sublingual B-12, B-6 Folic AcidDr. Libby, a renowned nutraceutical pioneer, worked to help hundreds of patients feelbetter every day. An associate of Dr. Linus Pauling (Nobel Prize Laureate), Dr. Libbydeveloped this unique, sublingual delivery system for his own patients. It wasknown to give similar mental energy results as B-12 shots, but without theshots’ added pain and expense.Alfred Libby, M.D.SUPER SUBLINGUALB-12AVAILABLEEXCLUSIVELY FROMTRIVITAFor maximum sustainedmental energy takeTriVita Super Sublingual B-12Call toll-free to order 1-800-991-7116or visit us at trivita.comTriVita SuperSublingual B-1#33356Non-Member $28.99Member $.99Redeem with 230 VitaPointsTriVita SuperSPECIALPRICEmedication advised by their doctors. What manyexperts do suggest, though, is that the B-12deficiency can be corrected with supplementation,even while people continue to take metformin.Naturally, your healthcare professional is yourbest source for guidance on just how to manageexcessive blood sugar. If you or someone you carefor is dealing with this condition, you probablyalready know that healthy eating, exercise andweight control are important ways to stay healthy.But I also urge you to consider a quality B-12supplement as a potential ally in achieving andmaintaining optimal health.1-00-991-711  April 2010  l  7Did you know? When the pressures of work, familyor health issues make you feel over-stressed, that’s a timeto make sure you get enough Vitamin B-12. Excess stressdepletes your B vitamins.
  8. 8.   l  VITAJOURNAL trivita.comFamily HealthHow childhoodpressure impactslife-long healthChildhood stress can lead to a variety ofadult health problemsStress is an inevitable part of life.However, many parents andcaregivers tend to view theworld of children as happy and care-free. After all, kids don’t have to workor pay bills, so what do they have toworry about?The answer is plenty! Kids today have to deal withmuch more stress than previous generations. Evenvery young children have worries and stress. Forexample, preschoolers can become anxiety-riddenfrom being separated from parents. As kids getolder, academic and social pressures – especiallytrying to fit in with peers – create stress.A certain amount of stress is normal and necessaryfor survival. Stress helps children develop the skillsthey need to cope with and adapt to new andpotentially threatening situations throughout life.However, intensive and prolonged stress can leadto a variety of short- and long-term negative healtheffects. It can disrupt early brain development andhamper the nervous and immune systems.Childhood stress can also lead to a variety ofhealth problems later in life, including alcoholism,depression, eating disorders, heart disease, cancerand other chronic diseases.Study proves the connection between stressand autoimmune disordersA recent study examined whether childhoodtraumatic stress increased the risk of developingautoimmune diseases as an adult. This comprehen-sive study included over 15,000 HMO membersenrolled in an Adverse Childhood Experiences(ACE) Study. Each participant completed aquestionnaire that asked for detailed informationabout their past history of abuse, neglect andfamily dysfunction, as well as current behaviorsand health status. Survey respondents whoadmitted suffering from childhood physical,emotional or sexual abuse, or having grown upwith a household member with similar problemswere much more likely to suffer from a diagnosedautoimmune disease as an adult.Look for the signs of unresolved stressin childrenChildren may not even know that they arestressed. That’s why it’s important for parents tobe aware of the following warning signs ofexcessive stress:Physical symptoms• Decreased appetite, changes in eating habits• Headache• New or recurrent bed-wetting• Nightmares• Sleep disturbances• Stuttering• Upset stomach or vague stomach pain• Other physical symptoms with no physical illnessEmotional or behavioral symptoms• Anxiety• Worries• Inability to relax• New or recurring fears (fear of the dark or being alone)• Clinging, unwilling to let you out of sight• Anger• Crying• Whining• Inability to control emotions• Aggressive behavior• Regression to behaviors at an earlier developmental stage• Unwillingness to participate in family or school activitiesHow parents can help ease stressParents can encourage children to respond tostress in a variety of healthy ways by:• Providing a safe, secure and dependable home• Spending calm, relaxed time with your children• Encouraging expressions of concerns, worries or fears• Building your child’s feelings of self-worth• Seeking professional help or advice if signs of stress donot decrease or disappearKids’ stress may be intensified by what’s happeningin your lives. Do your kids hear you talking abouttroubles at work or arguing about financial matters?Parents should be careful about discussing stressfulissues when their kids are around, because childrenwill pick up on their parents’ anxieties and startworrying themselves.What children can do for themselves torelieve stressEncourage your children to discuss emotions tochange their stressful situation or their response toit. Here are some tips that children can use to helpreduce stress:• Talk about your problems. If you can’t talk openly withyour parents, try someone else that you can trust.• Try to relax. Listen to calm music, close your eyes andtake slow, deep breaths.• Exercise; physical activity reduces stress.• Set realistic expectations for yourself. Do your best andremember that nobody is perfect.• Learn to love yourself and be with people who accept and respect you.• Recognize that drugs and alcohol won’t solve your problems.• If you are having problems managing your stress, ask for help.Remember, if you feel your child needs professionalhelp resolving stress-related issues, consult yourdoctor or the counselors and teachers at school. 
  9. 9. 1-800-991-7116 April 2010  l  According to the World HealthOrganization, health is morethan the absence of disease.Illness and wellness are things in whichwe participate as individuals, as aculture, within communities and acrossgenerations. Viewed this way we mustseek both social and medical answers tothe question, “Why do we get sick?”Pathology or social pathology?The word “pathology” means the study of disease,including the origin or cause of disease. Think ofillness as a tree bearing poisonous fruit. In thisillustration, pathology would be like the study ofthe fruit, as well as the tree. Usually, a patientseeks the help of a healthcare provider when thefruits appear – that is, when disease strikes. It isthe job of the physician to form a relationshipwith the patient as we both try to understand thefruits and roots of disease as well as the entirecontext of the tree.Creating wellness means more than just treatingdisease. Health is optimum functioning physically,emotionally, socially and spiritually. Wellness is ahealthy interaction between mind and body. It isalso the healthy interaction between a person andtheir environment. Wellness requires us to addresssocial barriers such as poverty and literacy. It alsorequires participation of the individual, theirfamily and community, the organizations theyserve and the policy of the government thatserves them.If poisonous fruits are the problem, merely pickingthem is no solution! We must address the entiretree, including the roots. We need to consider thecomplete environment or context of illness andwellness if we are to understand “Why do weget sick?”The illusion of “choice”William Shakespeare once said we are all like“actors in their roles.” In our pursuit of wellness wemust realize and accept the truth of his observa-tion: Many of our roles were written for us beforewe were even born. This speaks to the geneticsour parents blessed us with. It also includes thenutrients in our food and the pollution in our airand water.The poverty or wealth of the region where welive will often seriously impact our long-termhealth prospects. For example, people in areasof greater poverty experience more obesity (andmore severe consequences of obesity) than thosein wealthier regions.Another “role” written for us before we were bornconsiders how much stress our parents experi-enced. The stress level in parents – especiallymom – affects the health and lifelong wellness ofthe baby. So does the nutritional status of theparents, grandparents and possibly even great-grandparents of the newborn.It is true: We all have choices to make every day.And better choices will typically lead to betterhealth outcomes. Still, we need to recognize manychoices were made for us generations before wewere born. Understanding this context helps uscreate better strategies as we move from “Why dowe get sick?” to “How do we get well?”Solutions: local and globalTraditional medicine teaches us that there arethree types of healers: those who treat the symp-toms of disease; those who treat the cause ofdisease; those who treat the person with thedisease. In order for us to completely address thewellness of the person, we need to consider thehealth of the people (ethnicity, gender, nutrition,exposure to toxins, etc.) as well as the context oftheir development (stress, education, poverty,housing, etc.) and develop policies that enddisparity and improve social safety.As this happens, our attention turns from thequestion, “Why do we get sick?” and centersinstead on the question, “How can I improve mypersonal wellness and contribute to the health ofgenerations to come?”Kawika Liu, MD, Ph.D, JD.University of HawaiiContributingtothehealthofgenerationstocomeCreating wellness means more than just treating diseaseBy Kawika Liu, MD, Ph.D, JDDr. Liu’s particular interest and focus includes cancerprevention, obesity, asthma and chronic disease. He isan internist and a member of the Clinical Faculty atUniversity of Hawaii Department of Pediatrics and theAdjunct Faculty, Office of Public Health Studies, John A.Burns School of Medicine.
  10. 10. TriVita had its own Nopalea™Wellness Challenge among itsemployees to demonstrate howcompleting a Loading Phase ofNopalea could truly deliver benefits.The results our employees had wereso incredible that we wanted to sharethem with you. This Challenge storycomes from Cheryl Romano inCreative Services.As a senior writer on the VitaJournal, CherylRomano is well-versed in the background andbenefits of Nopalea. So she wasn’t surprised lastyear as people all over North America started toreport their amazing results with the break-through wellness drink. After all, she hadwritten extensively on the science behind theproduct, and was happy to hear others’ successstories. What did surprise her, though, were herown results.“I’ve been blessed with good health my wholelife, and just didn’t feel I needed Nopalea whenwe first launched,” she says. But all that startedto change in late 2009.“For over 10 years, I’ve occasionally had minorjoint pain and swelling in my hands, but italways went away and I never paid muchattention. A few months ago, though, I noticedsomething disturbing about my right hand: oneof my fingers gradually started swelling, and itached almost constantly. The base of my thumbhurt, too. Sometimes the pain would wakeme up at night. I started taking an over-the-counterpain reliever every day. I was reallyconcerned when tying a shoe became a littletricky, and I couldn’t make a closed fist. Therewas just too much inflammation.“Since I make my living working on a computerkeyboard all day, every day, the prospect oflosing some dexterity was scary. At about thesame time, my husband noticed something elseabout my health. Despite walking two miles aday in my hilly neighborhood for over a year,when I reached the top of one particular hill I’dstill be panting like a racehorse. My husbandwould be breathing normally, though, and oneday he asked me if I’d ever been tested forbreathing problems. I knew that exercise andcold air can trigger these problems, but did notwant to get a prescription for an inhaler.”For months, Cheryl had been writing about theanti-inflammatory pain relief that so manypeople are experiencing with Nopalea. So, notwanting to be tethered to daily pain relievers ora prescription medicine for breathing, she startedon a Nopalea Loading Phase (three to six ouncesdaily) on the first Saturday of the new year.“Frankly, I was stunned by the results,” sherelates. Two days later, “I had only half as muchpain and swelling in my hand!” By day three,she wasn’t breathing as hard on her walk, andshe did not have to stop at the top of thattroublesome hill. And by day four, theinflammation and pain in her hand hadalmost disappeared.Cheryl reports that she hasn’t taken a singlepain-relieving pill since starting on Nopalea.And now, “I can make a fist without any pain ordiscomfort whatsoever. My keyboard work isback where I need it to be, and my husband isthrilled that we no longerhave to stop for a ‘breather’on our walks.”Her advice for others?Nothing snappy or clever,just four simple words: “TryNopalea. It works.”Experiencing Wellness within TriVitacounterpain reliever every day. I was reallyThe “write” solution for Cherylwas NopaleaTriumphoveradecadeofpain,inflammationandbreathingtroublesCheryl RomanoSenior Writer,Creative Servicessince 200710  l  VITAJOURNAL
  11. 11. 1-00-991-711  March 2010  l  11If you have yet to experience theincredible benefits Nopalea canhave on your health, you may wantto step up to the Nopalea WellnessChallenge! We’ve received so manypowerful stories about people who havetaken the Challenge and experiencedamazing results.Nopalea, of course, is the astonishing wellnessdrink that has helped many people get relief fromthe damaging effects of chronic inflammation. Ifyou haven’t tried it yet, consider these importantquestions:• Do you deal with pain on a constant basis?• Does anyone in your family or group of friendscomplain of chronic pain?• Do you, or anyone you know, have allergy-related breathing problems?• Are you concerned about premature aging?• Are daily toxins wreaking havoc on your body?These symptoms can all be linked to chronicinflammation – precisely the problem thatNopalea was developed to help address.Put out the “fire” of inflammationIf you haven’t yet tried Nopalea for yourself,there’s no time like the present. The NopaleaWellness Challenge was created to show thepower of Nopalea in helping the body reducechronic inflammation quickly. One of the mostexciting ingredients in Nopalea is Betalains, arare and potent class of natural antioxidants.They’re found in only a few of the world’s plants,including the Nopal cactus. The Nopal fruit,from which Nopalea is made, contains one of thehighest amounts of Betalains in all of nature.The “secret” damage of chronic inflammationWhen you start your Challenge, be sure to readThe Secret Killer Health Alert. You’ll find outabout chronic inflammation – what happenswhen our bodies get “stuck” in defense modeagainst injury or infection – and how this kindof inflammation is on the increase. The SecretKiller details the sad results: chronic pain,discomfort and poor health that may lead toserious conditions.One million lives pain-free?Take 4 easy steps and find outTriVita wants to help you and a million othersenjoy the benefits of greater wellness. That’s whywe encourage everyone to take the NopaleaWellness Challenge and tell others about it, too.Here’s how the Challenge works:1. Drink 3 to 6 ounces of chilledNopalea each day for 30 days.2. Fill out the Nopalea Challenge Form,which will be included in your firstNopalea order, to track yourprogress during the Challenge.3. Read The Secret Killer Health Alert,also included in your first order.4. Share your Nopalea experienceby emailing to: story@trivita.comor calling 1-800-693-4083.Take the Nopalea™Wellness Challengeand thrive!Health Alert,2. Fill out the Nopalea Challenge Form,Why a Nopalea Loading Phase?WhentakingNopaleaforthefirsttime,drink3to6ounceseachday,for30days.ThisLoadingPhaseissuggestedtohelpyourbodycontainandcontroltheinflammationithasaccrued.Afterall,yourbody’sstateofinflammationdidnothappenovernight.Imaginethatexcessinflammationisspreadinglikeaforestfireinyourbody,andit’soutofcontrol.BycompletingaLoadingPhaseofNopalea,youcanhelpeasethefireofinflammationmorequicklybyacceleratingthecleansinganddetoxificationprocess,thereforehelpingtocontaintheinflammation.Formaintenance,drink1to3ounceseachday,butagain,thisdependsuponyourbody’sinflammation-fightingneeds.Nopaleaisfoodbased,sotakingmorecanbebeneficialtoyou,asyouarefeedingyourbodythenutrientsitneedstohelpreducerunawayinflammation.Nopalea,abreakthroughinwellnessdrinksNopalea™#30710Non-Member $49.99Member $39.99Nopalea™4-Pack#33446Non-Member $199.96Member $139.99Now $119.99Nopalea,abreakthroughinwellnessdrinksSPECIALSAVINGSNopalea 4-Packonly $119.99Was $139.99Offergoodthrough4-30-10Member $39.99Nopalea#33446Non-Member $199.96Member $139.99Try this delicious wellness drink, with an exclusive blend of rareantioxidants called Betalains and other healthfulnutrients. Taking Nopalea daily can help your body:• Lessen inflammation • Promote optimal healthwhich causes pain right down to your cells• Cleanse itself • Protect againstof daily toxins premature agingDrink it and thrive!Call toll-free to order 1-00-991-711.
  12. 12. 1  l  VITAJOURNAL  trivita.comThough laughter and tears mayboth help alleviate tension,research shows that in termsof concrete benefits, laughter is king.Laughter, the new Dr. FeelgoodLaughter offers a host of health benefits,including stress reduction. In a study at IndianaState University Sycamore Nursing Center,laughter not only helped reduce stress in patientsthere, it also resulted in improved immunesystem function. A laughter study at AthensMedical School in Greece revealed that laughterdecreased the stress hormone, cortisol.While mental stress has been linked to vasocon-striction (narrowing of blood vessels), laughterhas been shown to increase blood flow throughvasodilatation (relaxation of blood vessels).Volunteers in a University of Maryland studywere shown two movie clips: a violent battlescene on one day and a comedic scene onanother day. After watching the violent movieclip, 70% of the participants experiencedconstricted blood flow in their arteries. Afterwatching the comedy, 95% of the same partici-pants experienced increased blood flow.But humor doesn’t just help reduce stress. Afteradding 30 minutes of laughter to their day,participants in a study out of Loma LindaUniversity experienced an increase in HDL“good” cholesterol and an amazing decrease inC-reactive protein (a marker for inflammation).The jury’s still out on cryingThe benefits of crying are more difficult toprove. This is due in part to the very nature ofcrying. Most people prefer to cry alone, or atleast not in a cold laboratory in front of abunch of doctors. While there is some evidencethat tears contain stress chemicals and thatcrying releases endorphins (feel-good chemi-cals), studying crying remains a difficult task.Researchers from the University of Floridaand Tilburg University analyzed more than3,000 detailed reports of crying experiences(outside the laboratory) and discovered thatalthough the majority of people reported amood lift after crying, one-third felt no changein mood and one-tenth actually felt worseafter crying. What were the mechanics behindthis disparity?Those who received social support during theircrying episode were more likely to report amood improvement. Mood improvements werealso seen when the situation that caused thecrying was resolved, versus an unresolvedsituation. Those who felt embarrassed orashamed by their tears were less likely to reportimprovements in mood.You don’t have to rely on study results to knowwhat’s best for you. However, if humor islacking in your life, add some extra laughter toyour days and see the results for yourself!• Visit a comedy club – Invite somefriends to join you in a night of good fun.• Join a laughter club – They reallydo exist!• Watch a funny movie – Pop in a comedyDVD for two hours of mirth.• Spend time with fun people –Surround yourself with family or friendswhom you enjoy reminiscing with aboutfunny things that happened in thepast. That’s bound to bring about someguttural laughter!Don’t know whether to laugh or cry?Pick laughter; it’s the better medicine
  13. 13. 1-00-991-711  April 2010  l  13Do you often feel stressed outat work? If you answeredyes, you are not alone.Approximately three out of fourNorth Americans describe their workas stressful. In fact, occupationalstress has been defined as a “globalepidemic” by the United Nations’International Labor Organization.This epidemic is costly. Workplacestress costs U.S. employers about$200 billion per year in absenteeism,lower productivity, staff turnover andother stress-related expenses. That’swhy stress management is probablyone of the biggest challenges facingbusinesses today.Of course, stress is ever-present in mostpeople’s lives, particularly when it comes to suchmajor events as marriage, divorce, financialproblems or buying a home. However, manyof the most stressful events happen at theworkplace, including:• Hirings and firings• Business readjustments• Altered responsibilities• Switching to a different line of work• Trouble with the boss• Changing work hours or poorworking conditions• Retirement and vacationsStress isn’t always a bad thing, because itcan stimulate creativity and productivity.However, stress becomes a problem when it is sooverwhelming or constant that you are rarely ina normal, relaxed state.Stress has become an even bigger problemin recent years for a variety of reasons. Manyemployees work longer days than they did 25years ago. Staff may be getting downsized, butthe work remains, so workloads are actuallyincreasing. Also, changes in office proceduresare happening more rapidly than ever. Fiftyyears ago, the nature of a person’s job didn’tchange much during their career. In today’s fast-paced “information age” everything moves fasterand job expectations often change rapidly.Read below for some positive suggestions onhow to brighten your work environment. Andfor some proven techniques to help you de-stressand relax, see page 27.Five simple ways to de-stressyour work spaceTurn your work zone into a more desirable workspace filled with optimism, confidence and anall-around good feeling. Here are several ways tolighten your mental load, and help make yourprofessional space feel more like a safe haventhan a hotbed of anxiety.åCreate a brighter workplace. Studiesshow that colors and textures in yoursurroundings can impact your mood. Thebrighter and more cheerful the colors, themore joyful they can make you feel. Usebrighter shades, such as yellows, oranges,reds and lime greens on your office walls.If you’re not able to paint, a framed printor poster with the same shades can alsodo the trick.çPersonalize the space. The more youmake your office feel like you, the morecomfortable and secure you’ll feel. Youmay also want to have items from placesyou’ve traveled or want to go. You canalso create a “dream board” by usingpictures from magazines of objects orplaces that represent goals or inspiration.éSurround yourself with plants. Createa peaceful, energetic environment byadding live plants, flowers or fish.èRemove bad memories. Don’t havepictures of ex-spouses that bring up badmemories. Keep fake or dead thingslike silk or dried flowers and twigs to aminimum. Stay positive and surroundyourself with things that make you happyand will lead you in the direction youwant to go.êDe-clutter. Nothing can lower yourenergy or make an office feel morechaotic than piles of papers, files andjunk all over the place. Keep disorder outof sight and you’ll be free to think morepositive thoughts.Stress in the workplaceis a costly epidemicWhat you can do to cope
  14. 14. 14  l  VITAJOURNAL trivita.comMen and women respond differently to stressBoston, MassachusettsA study in the Journal of Neuroscience found that men and women’s brains handle stress differently.Using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), researchers observed the brain activity of men and women when theywere exposed to stressful images. The women were observed once at the beginning of their menstrual cycle, andagain during ovulation. The brain activity of men looked similar to women’s at the beginning of their menstrualcycle. But when compared to the women’s brain activity during ovulation, the men’s response was much higher.“We found that women have been endowed with a natural hormonal capacity to regulate the stress response inthe brain that differs from men,” said lead author Jill Goldstein, PhD. “The results were striking given that themen and women reported experiencing the stressful stimuli similarly even though their brains wereactivating differently.”“Diseases that are affected by stress often present differently in men and women,” said Dr. Goldstein. “Therefore,understanding sex differences in stress regulation in the brain can provide clues to understanding the nature ofthese chronic medical disorders. Mapping out sex-specific physiology in the brain will also provide the basis for thedevelopment of sex-specific treatments for these diseases.”Social drinking affects older adults more than younger ones –but they don’t know itPiscataway, New JerseyOlder adults may be more affected by light drinking than younger adults, although they may not be aware of it,according to a recent study in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs.In the study, 42 adults between the ages of 50 and 74, and 26 adults ages 25 to 35 were divided into twogroups: one group was asked to drink a moderate amount of alcohol while the other group was given anon-alcoholic beverage.Afterward, all the participants were given a test that evaluated visual-motor coordination, planning and the abilityto move from one thought to another. They were given the test both 25 minutes after drinking and 75 minutesafter drinking.The older adults in the alcohol group scored worse on the test than the younger alcohol drinkers; this did notoccur in the non-alcoholic beverage group.Researchers say that while they do not understand why this occurred, they speculate that alcohol may affect thebrains of older adults differently.Yoga may help reduce inflammationColumbus, OhioRegular yoga may help lower compounds in the blood that promote inflammation, according to a study in theFebruary 2010 Psychosomatic Medicine.Researchers at Ohio State University found that women who regularly practiced yoga had lower amounts of thecytokine interleukin-6 (IL-6) in their blood. IL-6 plays a key role in the body’s inflammatory response.“We know that inflammation plays a major role in many diseases. Yoga appears to be a simple and enjoyable way toadd an intervention that might reduce risks for developing heart disease, diabetes and other age-related diseases,”said Ron Glaser, co-author of the study.  TheResearch DeskNew findings in health and wellness
  15. 15. 1-800-991-7116 April 2010  l  15TurningfoodintofuelHow the digestion system“feeds” our whole bodyThis special feature is Part 3 of the VitaJournal’s5-part series on the major systems of the body.By Glenn Anderson, M.D., CCFP, FCFPBody Systems 101–Part3Are youlookingforward toa tasty dinner?Thinking about afresh fruit snack?Then your body hasalready begun theprocess of digestion – it really beginswith anticipation.Our brain triggers the feeling ofhunger. Hunger, in turn, isassociated with a family of hormonesthat “turn on” when our blood sugardrops and “turn off” when ourstomachs expand… especially whenwhat we eat or drink has somethickness to it. That’s one reasonwater will lessen our appetite, butnot for long. It just doesn’t have thethickness from fiber that we need toturn off the hunger signal.What gets our juices flowingWhen we see and smell food we want, digestivejuices start flowing to get ready. Our mouthmight water, too, because that’s where thesystem kicks into action, mixing our food withsaliva as we chew.Chewing isn’t just a way to make food smallenough to swallow: It’s an important step inneutralizing the starch, or carbohydrates, ineverything we eat. This is one reason that somepeople gain excess weight – they just don’t chewtheir food well enough to neutralize the “carbs.”So it’s good advice for everyone to eat moreslowly. You’ll enjoy your meal more, and digestit better.Stomach: ready to go to workWhen we swallow, our stomach is ready withsubstances that digest most proteins, andVitamin B-12. Any imbalance here can causeindigestion, and as a result you may not get thefull benefit of the protein and B-12 you take in.After about 30 minutes, food continues on to itsnext stop, the small intestine, which usesenzymes from the pancreas to handle the food.Most of the magic of digestion occurs in the firstpart of the small intestine, called the duodenum.This is also where fats meet with bile salts andrecycled fiber from the liver and gall bladder andbegin getting digested.A long and winding roadFood’s journey through the intestines is a longone, accompanied by trillions of bacteria thathelp our bodies use vitamins and minerals.For example, your small intestine is about aslong as four times your height! So a person sixfeet tall has about 24 feet of small intestine. Addon the large intestine, which is about as long aswe are tall, and you see how much territory isneeded to properly digest and use food formaximum benefit.Since vitamins and minerals from food oftenaren’t in the form we can use, we count on ourdigestive system to do that important work forus. Sometimes, though, an imbalance in thesystem can keep us from getting all the nutrientswe need.What can go wrong: stressFor example, consider Vitamin B-12, soessential for mental energy, clarity andstamina. This vitamin must be processedseveral times to be able to be absorbed andused. But if your system isn’t functioning welldue to stress, you won’t get the benefit of B-12.Consider these signs of indigestion as redflags: bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation andbad breath. Any of these conditions can bewarnings that you’re not digesting yourvitamins, especially B-12.So do yourself and your digestive system afavor: Eat nutritiously, get ample water andfiber, Vitamin B-12, protein, healthycarbohydrates and healthy fats. Consider waysto reduce your stress, and supplement yourdiet with adaptogens to help protect yourdigestive system. Dr. Anderson is a Clinical Instructor at the University ofBritish Columbia faculty of medicine, and Senior Associateat White Rock Medical Associates.Glenn Anderson,M.D., CCFP, FCFP
  16. 16. 1  l  VITAJOURNAL  trivita.comThese are just some of theinspiring testimonials fromWellness Challengeparticipants. We invite you to takethe Challenge and make a majordifference in your own life.“My body wouldn’t have rebuilt that quicklyif it weren’t for that wonderful Nopalea!”“I am 58 years old and a retired plumber. Back in1982 I was working as a plumbing contractorwhen I ruptured 2 discs while trying to move arefrigerator. I had many back surgeries until Ifound another doctor who specialized in repairingfailed back surgeries. He found that the originalsurgery had actually broken one of the vertebrae,so he did a radical double surgery and patchedthings up.I was OK until several years later when I startedhaving back problems again. The only way todeal with this was to mask the pain with painmedication or to have another operation.I scheduled another surgery. In the meantime Iwas taking more pain medication as the nervesgot more and more compressed between thevertebrae. My sister is a TriVita Affiliate Memberand recommended that I try Nopalea. I startedwith 2 oz. per day and quickly felt relief. I waseven able to work long hours on repairing mymotor scooter with no problems. Nopalea madeall the difference in the world.Then I had back surgery again. As soon as Igot home from the hospital, I started with theNopalea Loading Phase and within a few daysI was starting to feel noticeably better. I knowfor a fact that I was doing so well because of thisfantastic wellness drink. I’m not a kid anymoreand my body wouldn’t have rebuilt that quicklyif it weren’t for that wonderful Nopalea!”Pete t., AffiliAte MeMber – MAnHAttAn, ks“Nopalea has helped me so much… it’s alife-changing product.”“I used to do marathons and walking is one of thethings I love to do. I had been having problemswith deep breathing, and my doctor told me thatI had scarring of the lungs. Well, I began takingNopalea a little while ago and I really liked it.The taste is great and it really makes me feelgood. One day, while walking, I took a deepbreath – a really deep breath and I thought tomyself, ‘Oh my goodness!’ All of a sudden, mylungs were open and I realized I was breathingdeep and it felt great!Nopalea has helped me so much… it’s a life-changing product. I do not take any prescriptionmedications at all. Nopalea is the perfect start tomy day. My mom is now on it and has shared itwith my sisters. I know so many people who havehealth issues that Nopalea will help with, and Iintend to continue sharing my success with allof them.”*bArbArA b., AffiliAte MeMber –los AnGeles, cA“I’m going, going, going all the time, insteadof being a bump on a log!”“I’ve suffered with an autoimmune conditionfor 38 years. I also had chronic joint pain anddaily headaches, muscle cramping and bloodynoses. My leg cramps were so bad that I wouldliterally jump in my sleep. All these healthproblems were due to inflammation, and Nopaleahas definitely helped ease the fires ofinflammation in my body.Within six weeks of being on Nopalea, I noticed atremendous difference. My first change wasimproved breathing. In recent years I also hadbeen suffering with chest pain and shortness ofbreath, which affected how much I could do onevery level. For example, I could only go to thebeach with my grandson for a half hour at a time.After a few months on Nopalea, I stayed at thebeach for THREE hours and enjoyed everyminute of it!So, now my pains have gone away and I’m going,going, going all the time, instead of being a bumpon a log! My husband and I recently went toFlorida for winter vacation. In the past I couldn’twalk very far without making frequent stops.During my previous visit I had to stop threetimes just going from the gate to the airplane.Well, things are much different after being onNopalea. I am now able to take long walks on theFlorida boardwalks. That would have neverhappened before I started taking Nopalea. I’malso thrilled to have lost some weight due to myincreased activity.I tried every natural juice and product that’s hitthe market since I became ill many years ago.Nothing has ever come close to doing whatNopalea is doing for my condition. In fact, I ranout of Nopalea once for five or six days, and thesymptoms started coming back before my ordercame in and all was well again.My husband has also reported remarkable resultssince he’s been drinking Nopalea.”PHYllis AnD DAVe k., AffiliAte MeMbers –riMbeY, AbThe Nopalea Wellness ChallengeScores of people are drinkingRead about their fantastic resultsPete t. – MAnHAttAn, ks bArbArA b. – los AnGeles, cA
  17. 17. 1-00-991-711  April 2010  l  17“Much to my surprise I was able to removemy knee brace only a few days aftertaking Nopalea.”“I recently had a major operation on my kneewhere they removed a piece of ligament andreplaced it in my knee. I was given a bottle ofNopalea by someone who knew me at churchand had seen me on crutches. So, I decided thiswas the perfect time to take the NopaleaWellness Challenge.Up until the time I tried Nopalea, I spent twoweeks with my leg elevated, and still there was alot of swelling. It looked like a balloon on myknee – very swollen and you could not see myknee-cap at all. The doctors had given me somenon-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, butthe swelling got worse after I started taking them.I was still using a knee brace and crutches when Istarted my first bottle of Nopalea.Much to my surprise, I was able to remove myknee brace only a few days after taking Nopalea.I could even see my kneecap! I couldn’t believeit. I called my wife in the room to see it as I wastotally shocked. I know for sure that it was theNopalea because the swelling returned after Iran out of my first bottle. I was finally able to getanother bottle of Nopalea, and this time it onlytook a day or two before the swelling was downand I could see my kneecap again. It’s justamazing how wonderful this stuff is, and it’snatural. So, I feel good that I’m not puttingsomething artificial in my body.I’m also happy to report that Nopalea has reallyhelped with my severe breathing problems. Icontinue to be amazed by this awesome productand recommend it to everyone.”*JosH o., MeMber – sPokAne, wA“I plan on taking this God-given Nopaleadrink daily to keep the inflammation away.”“My story after being on Nopalea for just overthree weeks is incredible. When I first startedtaking Nopalea, I was still suffering the conse-quences of a badly sprained ankle that took manyweeks to heal. In fact, when I started on Nopaleamy right ankle was still severely swollen. TheNopalea definitely helped my ankle go back downto normal size.Then a few days later another old injury hadresurfaced. I fell hard on my right hip on cementand I suffered periodically from flare-ups. Onceagain, a few days after taking Nopalea I alsonoticed no more hip pain.I also have periodic flare-ups on certain musclesfrom my work as a massage therapist. With thehelp of Nopalea, these muscles healed muchquicker than normal.Meanwhile, I also noticed that my sinuses havegreatly improved. I plan on taking this God-givenNopalea drink daily to keep the inflammationaway. Thanks TriVita for your ability to help somany people with pain and inflammation.”MAree P., AffiliAte MeMber – MoorPArk, cASee page 11 for more details.Nopalea™ and thriving* You should not stop takingany medication withoutfirst consulting yourhealthcare provider.What is the Nopalea Wellness Challenge?The Nopalea Wellness Challenge was createdto show the power of Nopalea in helping thebody reduce chronic inflammation quickly.Completing a Nopalea Loading Phase canhelp ease the “fire” raging in our bodies. Putyourself to the Challenge today!• Drink 3 to 6 ounces of chilled Nopaleaeach day for 30 days.• Fill out the Nopalea Challenge Form,which will be included in your order, totrack your progress during the Challenge.• Read The Secret Killer Health Alert, alsoincluded in your first Nopalea order.• Experience incredible wellness. Calland share your success story with usby emailing it to: orcall 1-800-693-4083.DAVe AnD PHYllis k. – riMbeY, Ab JosH o. – sPokAne, wA MAree P. – MoorPArk, cA
  18. 18. Nourish your heart, brain, skin, joints and glandswith Essential Fatty Acids!OmegaPrime®: Your PRIME source for Essential Fatty AcidsPremier blend of Essential Fatty Acids from four sources –fish, flaxseed, evening primrose and perilla seed oilsRight balance of Omega-3s and Omega-6sInflammation-fighting formulaMercury/contaminant-free fish oilEvening primrose and perilla seed oils – the most potent EFAs for inflammationGive your body the support it needs with TriVita OmegaPrime!OmegaPrime®#30520Non-Member $24.99Member $19.99Redeem with 200 VitaPoints1  l  VITAJOURNAL By now, “go green” has becomea household phrase. It’s amessage we should all considereach day, not just when we celebratethe 40th anniversary of Earth Dayon April 22.But you don’t have to live in a tree house or giveup all modern conveniences in order to make adifference. Try incorporating some of thesesimple steps into your daily life to help improvethe environment for everyone.Put litter where it belongsThe non-profit Keep America Beautifulorganization recently announced the results ofthe largest litter study in 40 years: although theamount of litter in America has decreased by61% since 1968, litter still costs the nationapproximately $11.5 billion per year. And, atleast 51.2 billion pieces of litter are left on U.Sroadways each year!Do your part to help reduce litter:• Teach children at an early age aboutpicking up litter• If you’re a smoker, properly dispose ofcigarette butts• Always carry a litterbag in your automobile• When walking pets, properlydispose of pet waste• If you see litter – even if it’s not yours –pick it upConserve waterDespite all the bodies of water on this planet,only 1% of all water is available for humans.That’s why it’s so important to conserve waterwhenever possible. Try implementing thesesimple water-saving tips from the EnvironmentalProtection Agency (EPA):• Repair dripping faucets and showerheads.A drip rate of one drop per second canwaste more than 3,000 gallons per year.• Take showers instead of baths.• Turn off the water while brushing yourteeth; it can save eight gallons per day.• Only run full loads in washing machinesand dishwashers.Use compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs)By using CFLs instead of incandescent lightbulbs, you use up to 75% less energy – and thebulbs last up to 10 times longer. If every home inAmerica replaced just one incandescent bulbwith aCFL, itwould saveenough energy ina year to light morethan three million homes,according to, reuse, recycleAccording to the latest EPA statistics, eachperson in the U.S. generates 4.5 pounds ofgarbage each day. In 2008, 250 million tons oftrash (that’s 700,000,000,000 pounds!) wasgenerated in the U.S. By reducing, reusing andrecycling, we can help reduce that number.• Compost food scraps, kitchen waste andyard trimmings. For more information oncomposting, visit• Take a cloth bag for your groceries or reuseplastic grocery bags.• Recycle plastic, glass, paper and any otheritems accepted at recycling centers.As we celebrate Earth Day, let’s all remember todo our part to take care of our planet. After all,it’s the only one we’ve got!Love your mother;Mother Earth,that is!Do your part to protect the planet
  19. 19. 1-00-991-711  April 2010  l  19Curbing allergies beforethey harm youIn recent years, we have seen anexplosion in allergy suffering. Since1991 several studies in Allergy Newshave cited the following increases amongchildren and adults worldwide:Hay fever increased from9.8% to 10.1%Eczema increased from13% to 16%Asthma increased from18.4% to 20.9%These increases were global: from NorthAmerica to Western Europe; from SouthAfrica to Iran; from the United Kingdomto New Zealand. People everywhere arebecoming allergic, sensitive or reactive toalmost everything.What are allergies?At first, allergies may just seem like an annoy-ance. However, over time this irritation becomeschronic inflammation; inflammation may turn toinfection. People who suffer from respiratoryallergies have an increased tendency for earinfections, sinus infections, frequent sore throats,lung infections and bronchitis. Allergy sufferersalso often have increased headaches, fatigue andirritability. Similar outcomes affect people withskin reactions, food allergies and intolerance, andchemical sensitivity.Allergies occur when a plant or animal protein ora synthetic substance contacts your mucousmembrane, and your immune system reacts toreject this irritant. These irritants can include:• Mold• Pollen• Dust• Animal dander• Many other irritantsA normal, healthy immune system may react verylittle when exposed to these irritants. A form ofbarrier protection called “passive immunity”prevents irritants from getting inside of you andtriggering your active immune system.There are small hair-like structures called ciliathat form the protective aspect of passive immu-nity. These move the irritant away from thecontact area. Imagine tall stalks of wheat blowingin the wind. This gives you a mental picture ofthe gentle way your body should deal withirritants. Allergy problems begin when this ciliaryaction fails and the irritant requires a morepersuasive approach to leave the area. Your activeimmune system is summoned and an allergicreaction results.When your immune system senses one of theseirritants, it creates an antibody. The antibodyprotein is rushed to the site of irritation by yourbloodstream and lymph system. It immediately“pops” a balloon-like mast cell in the region ofthis irritation. Mast cells contain histamines thatcause your body to flood the area with liquid.This excessive liquid attempts to wash the irritantfrom the area. This is why you get watery eyesand a runny nose and other symptoms; your bodyis attempting to wash away an irritant.Educate your immune system to helpreduce allergiesMany medications exist to block histamines andthe irritation, discomfort and damage they cause.But, think about this: Is it the histamines thatneed to be corrected or your immune system? Putanother way, the histamines are like the fruit on atree. You will never get rid of the tree by simplypicking the fruit. You must attack the tree at theroots if you are to rid yourself of the fruit. In thesame way, you must address allergies at the levelof the immune system if you are to be successfulin resolving the problem of seasonal allergies.Health only comes from healthy habits. One ofthe choices you make is the food you eat. If youeat healthy foods, such as fruits, vegetables andlow-fat sources of protein, you will build a healthyimmune system. The same goes for the rest of the10 Essentials for Health and Wellness (found onpage 2). For instance:• Breathing deeply reduces stress andstrengthens your immunity.• Drinking pure water flushes your system oftoxins and encourages the delivery of nutrientsto your cells.• Peaceful sleep is very important in correctingallergies, as the kind of immune cells thatinappropriately trigger allergies are higher inpeople that do not get enough sleep.To have a healthier immune system and fewerallergies, make better health choices. Also avoidoutside activities during the springtime whentrees, grasses, weeds or molds are blooming.Brazos MinshewTriVita’s Chief Science OfficerHow to handle springtimesniffles and sneezes
  20. 20. 20  l  VITAJOURNAL trivita.comGet diagnosed fastWhat to do when your doctor doesn’t listenBy Dr. Eric Michael Grief, M.D., CCFPIf you feel rushed every time you seeyour doctor, you’re not alone. Manypatients report that they don’t feelthey get the time to voice their concernsand get their problems diagnosed quickly.You can, however, make the most of yourvisit if you follow these three steps:Step #1: Set the agendaStart by rehearsing your agenda: Talk to a trustedperson, write down a few notes or record yourmain points on a tape recorder. When you go tosee your doctor, be ready to state your top threeconcerns. I also advise bringing a friend orpartner, along with a personal health resume.The health resume is a summary. On it you listyour current symptoms, relevant past medicalhistory (yourself and family), all medicationsyou’ve been taking for the last three months,allergies and lifestyle factors such as smoking andwork/marriage issues.When you’re in the doctor’s office, clearly stateyour agenda: “I am here for three reasons.” Thenemphasize your main concern – “My mainconcern is…” As you list the three reasons foryour visit, add your thoughts. Here’s an example:SYMPTOMS THOUGHTSLow-back pain Am I doing too much lifting?Fatigue Do I have anemia?Insomnia I have been feeling tense lately.Step #2: Discuss your problemsOrganize your symptoms from most to leastimportant; state the remedies you’ve tried; suggestpossible causes, and relate your concerns. Youmight approach it this way:“Thank you for seeing me today, doctor. I’d like todiscuss my low-back pain, fatigue and insomnia.My low-back pain is my main concern. I wonderif it comes from overuse while at work.”Now add your concerns and anxieties about yourhealth problem:“Doctor, I’ve slept badly for the last two weeks dueto this severe low-back pain. I find it hard tofunction at work and feel more irritable. My painmoves down my right leg and each day it feelsworse. I am worried that I won’t be able to tend tomy elderly mother or perform my usual tasks.”By expressing your concerns to your doctor, yougive your story the power that it needs.Step #3: Confirm understandingHere you end the medical visit to youradvantage. You want to be clear on a plan ofaction, give feedback to your doctor and make afollow-up appointment.Before your doctor leaves the exam room, here’smy advice:First off, if you disrobed for any physical examina-tion, then get dressed! It’s best to ask your doctorany remaining questions before he exits the room.Start with, “Doctor, once I am dressed, I’d like toclarify one or two points, is that okay?”Speaking to your doctor when you are undressedor in a paper wrap sends the decision-makingpower heavily over to his side. If he leaves theexam room before you have the chance tomention anything, make notes about what youwanted to ask. Then, ask to speak with himbefore you leave his office. Don’t forget tothank your doctor for his time and attention toyour health.These three steps can help you make the most ofyour medical visit, and help your doctor help you.Dr. Grief is a board certified family physician, astaff physician at Bramlea Health Center in Ontario,Canada and author of “Get Diagnosed Fast,” whichcan be purchased at Eric Michael Grief,M.D., CCFP
  21. 21. Article from Michael Ellisoncontinued from page 2...products like Nopalea. One such person is Harold Widmer wholives in Northern Alberta. I have spoken many times to Haroldthroughout the years, and his passion for wellness is unwavering.Harold lives out what he is excited to share with others. BecauseHarold shared the wonderful benefits of Nopalea, we have anotherexciting feature story this month. Harold encouraged Dave andPhyllis Karrol to complete a Nopalea Loading Phase to addressthe extreme chronic inflammatory condition that Phyllis wasexperiencing. Be sure to read their story on page 16, as it is veryremarkable and inspirational.When you see Harold, you would never believe his chronologicalage, as he just appears so much younger and his movement is soyouthful. Wellness does present a wonderful quality of life! Haroldhas been an Affiliate Member with TriVita for several years andreceives a nice income from his referring activities. In fact, it justkeeps going up. And yet, Harold has never been excited to tellme about his income; his excitement always stems from someoneexperiencing wellness as a result of taking the TriVita productshe recommended. Harold is a true example of how the AffiliateProgram can help TriVita reach more people with wellnessproducts. Plus, it rewards the Affiliate who referred the productswith money and – perhaps most importantly – the satisfaction ofhelping others find greater wellness. I encourage you to participatein this wonderful opportunity. It can not only pay for yourproducts, but also allow you to earn part-time or even full-timeincome as many are enjoying today.The pursuit of wellness is worth every effort, as it enhances thequality of life. When wellness is present in one’s life, it alsoenhances the quality of life for others. When wellness is present,it helps a person fulfill their life purposes. Wellness is not simply agift of genetics; it is the benefit from many important life choices.May you pursue wellness with passion!!Michael R. EllisonIn this month’s issue, you’ll find many articles on stress. If you think stressdoesn’t apply to you, or your children, then think again. Daily stresses areeverywhere, starting with that alarm clock that shocks you into an uprightposition before the sun even comes up! And often, what can stress lead to?You name it – stress is associated with countless illnesses and conditions,many of which lead to inflammation, creating redness and that painfulthrobbing, achy feeling throughout your body. On pages 4-5, our ChiefScience Officer, Brazos Minshew, takes us through understanding pain andwhy your body hurts.Also, if the spring season is triggering allergies or allergy-related breathingproblems, Nopalea may help address the situation. Countless Membersare experiencing relief from their allergy-related inflammation issues aftertaking Nopalea. Read about how to ease allergies before they get the best ofyou on page 19.I’m very excited to see what the next few months bring as more and moreNopalea infomercials air and you, our valued Members and Affiliate Memberscontinue to share the Nopalea Challenge with others. You are all a big part ofthis life-changing movement. Hold on to your hats; it’s just gonna get bigger!PamP.S. If you’d like learn how you can earn extra income by sharing Nopaleaand get paid weekly, or simply offset the cost of your TriVita products, readabout our free Affiliate Member Program on page 30. This product makes iteasy to Share and Earn!TriVita’s House of Giving and Life Outreach International have partneredto provide pure, fresh water for children and their families:• Over 1 billion people throughout the world do not haveaccess to pure, fresh water.• Waterborne illnesses run rampant in these areas.• Just a $4.80 donation can save one person’s life.• With your donation, you can leave a legacy by givingthe gift of life.Your tax-deductible gift can be combined with others to create newwells – providing water to thousands of people for a lifetime! Last year,we saved 21,000 lives. This year, our goal is to save even more!Want to make a difference?Call 1-800-991-7116 and a Wellness Consultant will be happy to takeyour tax-deductible donation along with your order.You can mail your donation to:House of Giving16100 N. Greenway Hayden LoopSuite 950Scottsdale, AZ 85260You can make aLASTING DIFFERENCEYour contribution will touch countless livesON MY MIND continued from page 3...1-00-991-711  April 2010  l  1We value your feedback.Please send your comments to: editor@vitajournal.comor mail to Editor, c/o TriVita, Inc., 16100 N. GreenwayHayden Loop, Suite 950, Scottsdale, AZ 85260
  22. 22. It was one ofthose nights.I tossed andturned all nightlong as I struggledwith a big decisionI had to make. Mymind was jumbled with the prosand cons of the situation and Icould not get clarity on how tohandle it.I wrestled with the decision untildawn. My eyelids had not shut formore than just a few minutes allnight long. It just couldn’t bemorning! My stress level was at apeak and I knew I had to dosomething to calm my innerturmoil. I had to change myperception and in a hurry.Chronic stress can be damagingIn addition to psychological suffering, stress canhave a profound impact on our overall health,leading to physical maladies and disease. I knewthat the key to coping with stress is perception.Stress researcher and psychologist Dr. RichardLazarus says, “Stress resides neither in thesituation nor in the person, it depends on atransaction between the two.”When a stressful event or situation occurs, themind quickly assesses its significance and sendsphysiological messages throughout the body.The pituitary gland starts a cascade of eventsleading to the release of several hormones:epinephrine, adrenocorticotropic and cortisol.These hormones create a surge of energy thatincreases breathing, heart rate and blood pressure.The body’s resources are mobilized to defenditself against the perceived threat or undesirablesituation. We know this as the fight-or-flight response.If this physiological state is sustained for very longit can be very damaging.The key to managing stress is perceptionWhile contemplating my stressful situation, Ibegan to recite the Serenity Prayer (see above).As I quoted each line to myself, I knew that Icould change my undesirable situation but I alsoknew that in my present state of mind I lackedthe courage to do it.I prayed the prayer with deep sincerity and thendecided to redirect my energy for a while by goingto the gym and working out.After I came back from the gym, my excessenergy had abated and I could see my problemmore clearly. I realized I had been focusing onthe losses that would happen if I changed thesituation. However, by reframing it, I could seethat there would be new opportunities that thischange would provide.There are times when something happens that isout of your control, and the only thing you cando is control how you perceive it and how youreact to it. As part of your coping process, it isimportant to redefine the situation or reframe it.A key to stress management is to do somethingpositive, to engage in active coping rather thanletting stress run rampant in your mind. So thenext time something stressful comes your way,change your perception and look for the opportu-nities within the problem.Remember, stress has a lot to do with yourpersonal perception and beliefs – and the goodnews is you have the ability to change them.Take controlby alteringyourperceptionby Dr. JudyGod grant me the serenityto accept the things I cannot change;courage to change the things I can;and wisdom to know the difference– Reinhold NiebuhrJudy Ellison, Ph.D.Judy Ellison, Ph.D., is a psychologist, author andmotivational speaker. She has inspired people aroundthe world to reach within and find their passionatepurpose to live a more meaningful life.22  l  VITAJOURNAL
  23. 23. your body, His Temple – 1 Cor. 6:19-20When you’re fearful, be faith-filledby Chaplain Gene HendersonGene HendersonThings are still tough allover. Too many peopleare out of work, out of theirhomes, maybe even out ofhope that they’ll ever getback on track with theirlives. Too many peopleare living in fear, and notin faith.Don’t get me wrong: I understand how real thepain is when you can’t pay your bills, feed yourfamily or find a job. I’ve been there myself. WhatI also know in my heart is that when I’ve beenfearful, it’s because I haven’t been “faith-filled”:I haven’t been living my faith, trusting in God’sWord that He will provide.Whose word are you “understanding?”Proverbs advises us to “lean not on your ownunderstanding,” and this is old wisdom ascurrent as today’s headlines. Our worldly “under-standing” often seems mostly negative, as ourfrenzy of media technology brings us everycrumb of bad news from around the globe, 24/7.Here’s the problem: it’s easy to think that thisriver of doom and gloom is what the world reallyis. And in such a situation, who can be hopeful?We can, because God’s Word says He willprovide, and His children will not go withoutfood. Fear is focusing on a situation and notseeing the solution. Faith is knowing that Hehas the solution, and then walking in that faith.Here’s what I mean:Let’s say that you lost your job, and your pros-pects for finding another one don’t seem good.You scour the want ads, you scan the online jobboards, maybe you tell some friends to keep youin mind for whatever they might hear. Now’s thetime to really get busy. You need to work yourfaith as hard as you’re working to find a job. Youmust do two things:1. Believe that God has a job for you.2. Actively pursue that job.“But I’m already doing everything I can,” youmight protest. “What else is there?” Here’s astatistic from the business world: Up to 70% ofjobs are filled by referral. This means networkingwith everyone you know, getting on the phone,working your email contacts, and literallyspreading the word to the people in your world.Don’t listen to the noise of the worldIf you really believe that God will provide,then before you go to bed at night, ask yourself:“Did I really do everything I could today to geta job?” If the answer is yes, go to bed in faith.If the answer is no, plan what you’ll dodifferently tomorrow.I submit that when you live in expectation ofsuccess, in trusting God to keep His Word,success will come whether it’s about a job or apersonal situation. Don’t listen to the noise ofthe world. Listen to God. Again in Proverbs(4:26, 27), we’re counseled to “Make level pathsfor your feet and take only ways that are firm.Do not swerve to the right or the left; keepyour foot from evil.”The firm, level path is built on faith.If you let the noise of the world misdirect yourfeet, you’ll slip into fear. Ask yourself: Do Iwant to be another grim statistic related to theeconomy? That’s where worldly “under-standing” will lead. Or, do you want to be whoGod says you can be? Living in faith, being anactive agent of God, means not sitting by intimidity or fear when the world seems dark andhopeless. This is perhaps the most importanttime to stand up boldly and ask the Lord togive you the strength to take Him at His Word.He does have a purpose and a plan for us, andwe must live as though we believe.We have choices about what we allow toinfluence our thoughts and behaviors. If youreally feel you’ve done all you can in faith toimprove a situation, some fear might remain. Inthat case, ask someone you trust to pray withyou. What might you pray for? The strength to“trust in the Lord with all your heart.”“Faith is knowing that He has the solution,and then walking in that faith.”1-00-991-711  April 2010  l  3“Trust in the Lord with all yourheart and leannot on your own understanding.”– proverbs 3:5
  24. 24. 4  l  VITAJOURNAL  trivita.comsee what Members like you have to say about TriVita®products!Real Storiesfrom real people*You should consult with a healthcare provider before starting any diet, exercise or supplementation program, before taking any medication or if you suspect you might have a heartproblem. You should not stop taking any medication without first consulting your healthcare provider.“I have lost a lot ofbody fat and feelmore energetic.”“I decided to try Leanologyafter attempting other dietswhich didn’t work for me. Iwasn’t focused enough tofollow any one diet. I foundthat Leanology Shakes keep me fully satisfied for 3½ to 4 hours. I also like the taste of the LeanologyShakes and spice them up with frozen strawberriesand other fruits. I take the Leanology Capsules alongwith my meal or snack. My body shape is moredefined and my clothes fit better. I have lost a lot ofbody fat and feel more energetic. My wife has alsohad a lot of success with Leanology.”norf. f., AffiliAte MeMber – Pointe clAire, QUebec“I can’t say enough about how Nopaleahas helped with my allergies.”“I’ve had some very bad allergies the past threeyears since moving to a heavily-wooded area ineast Texas. In May of this year, I became quite ill andwas unable to breathe. Just getting dressed in themorning was a chore and I would have to stop andrest before walking to the next room. My doctor toldme I had developed chronic breathing problemsand prescribed several medications includinginhalers. I began taking Nopalea six weeks agoand for the past three weeks, I have only usedthe inhalers twice. I can’t say enough about howNopalea has helped with my allergies. I am 66 yearsold and now I’m enjoying the outdoors again.”*norMA M., MeMber – biVins, tX“Sublingual B-12 hasgiven me lots moreget up and go.”“I’ve been taking theSublingual B-12 for abouta year. Before I started it Ifelt terrible and didn’t haveany pep. Now I can go outand walk without trouble. I use my treadmill all thetime... Sublingual B-12 has given me lots more getup and go. I was taking medicine for despondencybefore; now I don’t take them. I also used to take anap every day and I don’t have to do that anymore.I even gave TriVita’s Sublingual B-12 to a friend.Since he started taking it, he has a lotmore energy.”*Vicki r., MeMber – MoUnt wolf, PA“I personally feelthat Adaptogen 10Plus helped mestop smoking.”“I am generally a prettystressed out person. If I ameven two minutes late, Ican feel my face get hot. Iam ALSO an ex-smoker. I quit smoking about thetime I tried Adaptogen 10 Plus for the first time.I really liked the taste. I figured I’d give it a shot.I personally feel that Adaptogen 10 Plus helpedme stop smoking, or at least helped my body dealwith the stress of withdrawal. It was definitely apersonal victory for me. I still take Adaptogen 10Plus two to three times a week, and still love thetaste. I FEEL GREAT (and my lungs are doing a LOTbetter too)! Now I am suggesting the product tomy friends.”JoHnAtHAn c., AffiliAte MeMber – York, on“Within five days I noticedsignificant improvement in myoverall pain level.”“I am 36 years old, and have had chronic backpain my entire life. Even after back surgery, I stillhave significant pain in both my back and legs.My career requires me to be barefoot all day,constantly moving, climbing and crawling withtoddlers. I took the Nopalea Wellness Challenge,and within five days I noticed significant improvement in my overall painlevel. I am no longer hunched over at the end of the day, am walking moreupright, and don’t have the constant sciatic pain that I had grown to livewith on a daily basis. Nopalea has increased my mobility, relieved pain andallows me to maintain my physically active lifestyle.”cHris s., MeMber – scottsDAle, AZ“The first morning I took your productI felt a mental clarity I had not enjoyedin a while. ““I am a Woman’s Health Nurse Practitioner wholeads a very busy life. Between the mental fatigueof seeing numerous patients to planning awedding and traveling out-of-state at least twicea month, I was running on empty! Even withexercising regularly, eating properly and takingvitamin supplements every day, I was feeling worn out. I also had my thyroidexamined to see if there was a physical problem. However, after watching yourinfomercials for over a year, I decided to order Super Sublingual B-12 andgive it a try. The first morning I took your product I felt a mental clarity I hadnot enjoyed in a while. I have been referring my patients to your website andencouraging other staff members to try it. So, all I have to say is thank you. Iwould not have believed it if I had not tried it myself.”cHerYl c., AffiliAte MeMber – lonG beAcH, cA
  25. 25. 1-00-991-711  April 2010  l  5Monica N. from Vancouver,British Columbia is a whirl-wind of energy with athriving career. She needs to be ontop of her game at all times. So, whenMonica started noticing various achesand pains and that she was becomingmore forgetful, she was concerned.“At first, I noticed that my arm washurting,” she recalls. “I tried variouscreams and ointments, and even wentto a naturopath. He told me I wasn’tcorrectly absorbing my B vitamins.So, I started taking TriVita SublingualB-12 and VitaDaily AM/PM™ andsaw a difference right away. Not onlydid I feel so much better, but I noticedgreater mental clarity and my memorywas better.” Monica wanted to shareher positive results with others so shesuggested Sublingual B-12 to severalfriends. They reported back to Monicathat they were feeling more energeticand alert than ever.Feeling great with Nopalea™Next on Monica’s “to do” list was Nopalea. She triedit herself and loved it. She also knew it would helpreduce the inflammation that was starting to happenin her body and was excited to find a product thatwould help prevent bigger problems. One of Monica’sfriends also noticed a major improvement in neckpain after trying Nopalea.Now, Monica and her husband havesuccessfully added a variety of TriVita productsto their nutritional regimen, including:• VitaCal-Mag D™ – Filled with nutrients thathelp nourish healthy bones and help protectagainst bone loss.• VitaDaily AM/PM™ – It supports her goodhealth around the clock. Monica claims that,“The PM formula really helps me sleep better.”• Energy Now!® – Both she and her husbandlike to take Energy Now! for a pre-workoutgentle “lift.”• CoEnzyme Q-10 – Monica knows thatCoEnzyme Q-10 is an absolute “must” forpeople in her age group.• Vital C Crystals – Monica mixes the crystalswith water and juice to help maintain herstrong immunity at all times.• OmegaPrime® – The essential fatty acids inOmegaPrime help Monica and her husbandfight inflammation, improve heart health andnourish the brain.Monica has other impressive results to report. “Abouttwo years ago I started getting a tremor in my hand,”she recalls. “Now, I’m pleased to report that once Icombined Sublingual B-12 and Nopalea, thesetremors went away.”So, what’s the end result from her TriVita productexperience? “My skin looks good and I feel like I’vediscovered the fountain of youth. I’m 50, over-the-topexcited and feeling the best I’ve ever felt in my life.I feel so amazing… I don’t ever remember beingthis healthy.”The perfect complement to her healthy lifestyleMonica was so impressed by her improved healththat she decided to become an Affiliate Member.“TriVita’s products worked for me,” she emphasizes,“and that’s why I can easily recommend them toothers.” Monica’s approach is simple. “Be honest andshare what you know. I run my TriVita business bythe same golden rule.”“There’s bedrock integrity to TriVita that makes thiscompany truly unique,” she adds. “They stand behindtheir products 100% with a 60-day no-questions-asked money back guarantee. TriVita really seems tocare about people. And that’s why I’m so excited toproudly say I’m a TriVita Affiliate Member.”There are no guarantees regarding income. Likeany other business, success or failure depends onparticipants’ own skill and effort.“I’m 50, over-the-topexcited and feelingthe best I’ve everfelt in my life.”TriVita has enhanced Monica’s physicaland financial healthMember Spotlight“So,IstartedtakingTriVitaSublingualB-12andVitaDailyAM/PM™andsawadifferencerightaway.”– Monicasuccessfully added a variety of TriVita productsto their nutritional regimen, including:
  26. 26. 26  l  VITAJOURNAL trivita.comWhen eating tobeat stress andboost mood,you must focus on foods’macronutrient profile.This means eatingprotein, a complexcarbohydrate and healthyfat at each meal andsnack. Animal protein is extremely benefi-cial for delivering essential amino acidswhich support and balance the stresshormones. Make sure you eat clean animalprotein like wild fish, hormone and antibi-otic-free organic chicken, grass-fed beef,raw cheese and organic eggs to make it aseasy on your body to process as possible.Combine your protein with a nutrient-packedcomplex carbohydrate which will balance yourblood glucose levels, regulate moods and energylevels as well as deliver vital B vitamins, neededfor energy production. Examples of complexcarbohydrates are beans, sweet potatoes, yams,fall and winter squash, brown rice, buckwheat,oats, quinoa and millet. The third part of thisequation is to eat healthy fats. They will regulatemetabolism and keep you satisfied longer.Avocados, flax oil, raw cheeses, olive oil, coconutor coconut oil, fish oils, nuts and seeds are allhigh-mileage foods packed with the healthy fatsthat will combat stress.Under times of increased stress, the body needsmore minerals, especially essential trace mineralsfound in sea salt. It’s a good idea to trade in youriodized salt for either Celtic sea salt or Himalayanpink salt and use as much as you like. When youare eating a healthy diet and craving salt, it is asupportive craving for minerals. Feed your bodysea salt and help fill in a nutritional deficiency.Kelp is another extremely healthy way to get yourminerals through your diet. You can a buy a kelpshaker in the Asian section of your health foodstore and start shaking it on your food. It doesn’ttaste fishy, just salty – start including it on eggs,salads, in dressings and soups.Adaptogenic herbs can be incredibly helpfulduring times of extreme stress. They increase yourbody’s resistance to physical, biological, emotionaland environmental stressors by helping you adjustto imbalances related to immunity, hormones andstress. Examples of these kinds of herbs aremaca root, rhodiola rosea (as found in TriVita’sAdaptogen 10 Plus), Siberian ginseng, ashwaganda,and licorice root. Try a few of these diet andlifestyle tips to get you started:• Move your body and breathe deeply• Do something pleasurable every day• Eliminate energy robbers (things in your lifethat drain your energy)• Get plenty of sleep• Use your mind as a powerful healing tool• Always eat breakfast• Eat an abundance of whole foods – thosefoods which are eaten as nature grows them,such as leafy greens, other vegetables,organic fruits, whole grains, raw dairyproducts and raw nuts and seeds• Eat lots of colored vegetables• Chew your food well• Laugh several times every day• Take the power and responsibility of yourhealth into your own hands• Avoid caffeine, sugar, alcohol and whiteflour products• Avoid fruit in the morning• Never eat starchy carbohydratesby themselves• Nurture your body with quality nutrientsfrom TriVita. By Christa Orecchio, Clinical Nutritionist andHolistic Health CounselorChrista OrecchioDirectionsHeat oil in a large pan over medium heat. Addturkey, salt, mustard, Kelp flakes, oregano andblack pepper. Combine well and stir frequently.Cook for 4-5 minutes. Add the onion and stir inthe meat. You may add more oil if too dry. Coverand cook until turkey turns white, approximately10 minutes.Add oregano (dried or fresh), kelp, cumin, corianderand a few pieces of garlic (thinly sliced). Next addthe chopped jalapenos.Add to basic turkey mixture and drizzle with extravirgin olive oil. Serve with a whole grain tortilla,brown rice and a large green salad with avocado salsa..Ingredients1/2 lb ground turkey breast (free-range/organic)1 medium yellow onionSea Salt2 T grapeseed oil1 T cumin1 T coriander1 T chopped jalapeno peppers1 tsp stone ground mustard or mustard powder1/2 tsp Kelp flakes1 tsp dried or fresh oreganoblack pepper (optional)Recipe of the monthMexican Flavored Turkey with Tomato and GarlicFoods, lifestylestrategies and nutrientsto boost your mood