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History of slasher films


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History of slasher films

  1. 1. History of Slasher Films By Todd Vines
  2. 2. First Slasher Film The first Slasher film was possibly ‘Thirteen Women’ this was made in 1932, this is a movie of sorority girls who’s dead peer come back to kill them, this is a very used them in lots of horror films.
  3. 3. Later Slashers Slashers that where made further on such as ‘Blood Feast’ made in 1963 and ‘Colour me Blood red’ where a sub genre of Slasher films known as ‘Splatter’ films this is where there is more blood that splatters onto the screen giving the effect of the blood from the victim hitting the screen. This could be helpful because I could give the effect of blood hitting the audience through the screen, this can make the audience more involved in the film.
  4. 4. Slasher Films at its prime This era of Slasher films was made, it was known as Slasher films prime. This era involved ‘Friday the 13th’ and ‘Slumber Party Massacre’ these Slashers involve more detail in the gore and a bit of psychological horror in them. This is useful as if I can make my intro psychological as well as a gory Slasher it will make the killer even scarier than just someone who wants to kill for fun.
  5. 5. Modern Day Slashers Modern Day movies are much more bloody and detailed than movies before 2000, these films have close, gruesome detail on the killing and torture. My film intro will as close as I can get in detail wise in the gore.
  6. 6. Chain Saw Massacre Chain Saw Massacre was one of the only Slasher films to be made more than once, Chain Saw Massacre also has other versions of the original film, like Chain Saw Massacre: The beginning, each version is based in a different place.