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Messaging for Free Software Groups and Projects


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Big picture ideas for doing the best possible job of presenting your small free software project to the world.

Published in: Self Improvement
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Messaging for Free Software Groups and Projects

  1. 1. Messaging Free Software Hello FOSDEM! Deb Nicholson   
  2. 2. R-e-s-p-e-c-t!   
  3. 3.   Tell a positive story!  
  4. 4. Teach people to fish   
  5. 5. Neutral examples are tasty and good  for you!  
  6. 6.    
  7. 7. I love interruptions!   
  8. 8. Why?   
  9. 9. Why? What?   
  10. 10. Why? What?  Who?  
  11. 11.   Just contact us through this box.    
  12. 12. Its an onion and an orange.   
  13. 13. CC-BY-SA: CC-BY: Fruits by plumandjello Laptop Guy by andronicusmax Welcome by Rameshng Sand by Phillie Casablanca Orange and Onion by quinn.anya Hockey Fans by Lululemon Athletica Owl with Attitude by Mark Fishing by USFWS Mountain Prairie Coleman Puzzle Box by Bryan Alexander Sandcastle by eVo Photo Wikimedia Commons: Aretha by Ryan Arrowsmith