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Legion fisl 2013


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FISL14 talk on decentralizing the web.

Published in: Technology, Design
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Legion fisl 2013

  1. 1. We are Legion: Decentralizing the Web Deb Nicholson Community Liaison for MediaGoblin FISL14, July 3rd 2013
  2. 2. Photo courtesy of Dan Murphy all rights reserved
  3. 3. Consolidation: also bad for the diversity of the web
  4. 4. Women: 5.87% African Americans: 0.6% Latinos: 1.25% Asian Americans: 0.95 % White (non-Latino): 81.9% Source: Out of The Picture from Free Press US Television Station Ownership
  5. 5. Last name: Death
  6. 6. Some Existing Projects ● → ● MediaGoblin ● Diaspora ● Friendica ● Buddy Cloud
  7. 7. Easy?
  8. 8. Join the legion!
  9. 9. Email me: Further reading and exploration
  10. 10. Obrigada! CC.BY.SA From MediaGoblin: Balloondog by Rob Myers Cat Spider Finger by Chris Webber Healthy and sick internet animations by Chris Webber Emailing by Chris Webber Northern Lights by un:Varjisakka from Wikipedia GFDL Porsbjer Northern Light by Jerry Magnum from Wikipedia CC.BY The Smile of a Man with a Wild Fan Base by Ibrahim Iujaz from Wikipedia The first email! All rights reserved. Courtesy of Dan Murphy